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Ultimate MATLAB Simulink Class For Electrical Engineering

teacher avatar Ahmed Mahdy, Electrical Power Engineer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (4h 59m)
    • 1. Introduction To Matlab Simulations Using Simulink

    • 2. Simulation Of Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Using Simulink In Matlab

    • 3. Simulation Of Bridge Controlled Rectifier

    • 4. Simulation Of AC Chopper With R And Rl Loads

    • 5. Simulation Of Buck Regulator

    • 6. Simulation Of Boost Regulator

    • 7. Simulation Of Buck boost Regulator

    • 8. Simulation Of Single Phase Half Bridge Inverter

    • 9. Simulation Of Single Phase Bridge Inverter

    • 10. Simulation Of Three Phase Inverter

    • 11. Simulation Of PV Cell In MATLAB And Obtaining V I Characteristics

    • 12. DC Motor Modelling At No Load In MATLAB

    • 13. DC Motor Modelling At Load Using Simulink

    • 14. DC Motor Simulation Using Simscape In MATLAB

    • 15. Simulation Of Induction Motor Or Asynchronous Motor Using Simulink

    • 16. Simulation Of Synchronous Machine Connected To Small Power System

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About This Class

  • This is a practicing class for MATLAB Simulink.

     As an example you will learn the simulation using MATLAB of:

  • Single phase half wave controlled rectifier.

  • Single phase bridge controlled rectifier.

  • Single phase AC chopper with R and RL load.

  • DC-DC converter as buck regulator.

  • Boost regulator.

  • Buck-Boost regulator.

  • Single phase half bridge inverter.

  • Single phase bridge inverter.

  • Three Phase Inverter.

  • You will learn simulation of PV cell in solar energy using Simulink tool in MATLAB.

  •  Model the DC machine in no load case using Simulink in MATLAB.
  • Model the DC machine in presence of load torque using Simulink in MATLAB.
  • Simulating the DC machine using power library from Simulink in MATLAB.
  • Simulation of induction motor using simulink in MATLAB.

Thank you and hope to see you in my class for MATLAB :)

Who this course is for:

  • Electrical engineering students who wants to learn about MATLAB Simulink.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ahmed Mahdy

Electrical Power Engineer


I am Ahmed Mahdy an electrical power engineer, I am also an instructor at Skillshare and other platforms with 10 courses, I am also an author on Amazon Kindle having 6 books about YouTube, science fiction, and electrical engineering. In 2018 I have been awarded of being from the top 10% of most engaging instructors on another platform. 

In every one of my courses, you'll see that I am always available and always offer you support through each course. I will join your success and help you through any obstacles.  In the many positive course reviews, my courses get most people like the Way I Explain everything and the encouraging teaching style that I convey as well as how I get right to the point and walk yo... See full profile

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1. Introduction To Matlab Simulations Using Simulink : hi and welcome everyone. Tothis section four the course off Matlin and this part we are going toe dough Some simulations using Z simulating toll inside the math lab. So first, I'm a mad Maddy and electrical power engineer and off course I love teaching electrical engineering topics. You will find that I teach electrical machines, power electron, ICS, electric circuits, electrical substations, a solar energy and so on. Lots off course is a powered electrical power engineer. So in this part, off the course, I'm going toe teach you some simulations using the power electronics. So in this part off that content for this section is number one. We are going toe simulates the half wave control Director. Fire is the rectifier which converts from a C to D. C. But have with as we will see how it looks and off course is the bridge or Z full wave controlled rectifier. We will also simulate the A C shopper, which is used to control the A. C voltage and the A C shopper was a resistive load and are illicit. Is load also in this part off, or the section for the course were wrong. Toe discusses the park regulator, which is considered as a D c toe DC converter use the tow stepped down there D c voltage. For example. If we have a 12 a vault and I would like to decrease it 10 volts or mine volt or vault or whatever, we will use the park regulator and all, sees a circuit and simulated inside that simmering program and obtains that graphical results. Also, we're going to use the poster regulator or supposed converter. This type is used toe a step up or increase that DeSean would voltage also are going to discuss Z Bach boast regulator, which is used to step up voltage or step down the vault depending on the value off the duty cycle as well. See inside that simulation part. Then we're going to discuss the single face half bridge inverter, which is yours. The toe converted I d. C toe a c and dizzy full bridge inverter, and the finally we are going toe simulate as three phase invert converters. An MBA DC voltage toe a three phase. Our supply shifted by 120 degree. All of this who are going to discuss inside this part for secours 2. Simulation Of Half Wave Controlled Rectifier Using Simulink In Matlab: Hi, everyone. In this video we would like toa simulate the have wave controlled rectifier with an R and r eludes. So we have years he have wave controlled rectifier As remember from our course for our electron ICS. We said that the Rectifier assembly converted the A C input voltage A to D c R would walked it. So in orderto does this, we have two types off seconds number one a single face circuit such as he have wave controlled Rectifier and dizzy bridge Rectifier. So in this video we'll see how we can simulate this circuit. Okay, with on a resistive load or with on our little world inside Z simulating. So first, you will have to see that the import voltage here is an A C. As you see here is a sine wave and dizzy outward 40 halfway of controlled will operate from our firing angle alpha until pie Then again from a to pry plus Alfa until two bios for pie and so on or until three price and so on. So here, starting from alfa toe by here from a top I plus Alfa toe three pie and so on. So we need toe draws this circuit and get this way forms inside the same mewling. So now we opened our Matt Lab and would like to at use or simulate our circuits. This one which is you. Half wave controlled rectifier, consistent go fire, etc. Supply as I restore and Dizzy Albert or zero. So how we can do this assembly First, we're going to use our library called Dizzy Power Library. Then we'll click on Enter and wait for the program toe load our library. So here our library for Z power. It contains the Power Electron ICS and there's on us a library for the power system components. So first we have here the electrical sources such as the A, C, D. C. And we have years of elements such as the resistance in Doctrines, Cab, Aston's and so on and Power Electron ICS elements. Here we have the machines, the front types off the machines, electrical machines. Here we have the measurements, toe measures, the voltages, the current and so on. And we have here some interface elements and we have here power go anywhere we have where it's used. Itto does some tasks, such as finding the active reactor power on used toe Find some measurements used to get Z embiid us for the network ABC de Parameters and so on. So what we're going toe first to do we are going to first dough a new model. Okay, a new model. So we have here is an, you know, singling model and would like Toa Ada's The components toe form our circuit. So first, let's see our circuit. Our circuit consisting often easy supply. So the first thing we're going toe electrical sources double click then we have and a sea of all source since it is a rectifier. So it converted the ACM with Walters toe d c r would walked it. So we'll take the easy volt supply and right click like this and we can add it to the block or we can just drag it like this. So we have here our a c voltages horse like this is this one. Let's maximize its size a little bit. Now we need to add seem as these I restaurant lets you. Where is the circuit? This I restore here, which is just there to control the outward Walter or the firing angle. So we'll get back to the power library, then powered electron ICS, then siders to drag it like this. So we have here our Cyrus Stone. It's increase its size now is this I restore itself, contained as reports. Number one is he get which contains easy. Or where we provide the firing angle which started decir esto from year. Does he get signal? And we have Here is the adult and Z castle for the Cyrus store, the animal which is representing the post of parts for the Cy Restaurant and the castle, which representing the negative part for this I restore. So first of all, take see supply, of course, is the positive healed? Representing busy, most of cycle. Okay, direction. So will connect it, does he not? And a Z Cassatt should be connected to zeroed. Okay, So before we does this, we need to measure off or Suzie Voltage and we need to measure the current. So for the current, we will goto the measurements. DoubleClick Then you will find your current measurement. Okay, We need toe measure the our current from this circuit. So we'll find years that this current consisting off plus minus and I the postive representing the import or the entering current. Okay, So wanted toe measures the current flowing here from the supply. So Rosa Cyrus store, then going, it does dilute. So in orderto this, we will add the current measurement in Syria's with zeroed. Okay, as remembers at the A meter, for example, which is used to measure Z and beer is both in Syria's with the circuit and dizzy voltage or the vaulted meter, which is yours at all. Measure The voltage is put in parallel with the source or a parent with a Z required the device Toby measured okay or that required the component to be measured. So here we have the current then in serious Was it zeroed? Zeroed in this case is ah resistive load. So get back to the power library. Then we go toe z elements. Then we will choose at resistive load. OK, so I'm going to choose a series. Are Ellis elude? If you drag it like this, we will have our load. Now we can rotate it hell by simply Brick selecting it then control and are ok each of control and our will rotate the component. So we have here are what interment. Okay. And we have here our current. This is the out like this. So the current dizzy current goes from the supply. So Rosa Cyrus store then through our meter or the measurement device, then so rosy load and the back to the supply. So it takes this part and connected So the other terminal off the road now our load You will see that it is our policy. So you will see that here you can add the parameters of four zeroed as an example z inductive or the reactive power. We can say that it is zero which representing the l or the inducts so we can build it as as zero likes us. Okay. And the capacitance sit at the bar, you can put it. I zero. Then apply. He will find that our lord becomes only a resistive load. OK, Only our existence senses e U or that active power postive reactive power would chase absorbent by the inductive zero and director power ups of supplied Boise Capacitance is also zero. So we have only ze resistance and you can simulate this resistance by an active power off them bore e both three then he poor three means that 10,000. What? Okay, since people three representing 10 porn Porcari okay or 30 So we'll click on OK, this is an example of the resistance Now another thing would like to do is that we can add the measurement for the voltage so we can get back toe, dip our library, then goto the measurements then then the voltage measurement So drag it like here. Okay, now we have the voltage measurement. We would like Toa measure the voltage across the road and the measures voltage off the supply Okay to see the difference so we can take this one like the year and control and drank in orderto make another copy for Z have all did you measurement now the first terminal or the postive? Is this one okay? Like here Let's drag it like this. And the other terminal is here for the load itself. The postive will be here and this Innegative will be here like this. So now we have the voltage across Z supply voltage across zeroed and dizzy Current Now we need in order to see what will happen. We need the scoop. Okay, So how we can get Z scope simply by going toe Z Samuel Inc library from here and go toe Z. We would like the school. OK, so we can type scoop my Justin enter, You will have your own scoop, select and drag my exists. Okay, so we have our school. Now we need 12 and three Alberts or a three measurement here toe appear on the school. So are we can do this simply. We are goingto double click on the school. Then maximize it a little bit like this. Then click on settings then how many axes you would like? We have one voted resources and or two voltage measurement and one kara. So we have We need three graphs so we can buy three is in a ploy is in. OK, so we have 123 graphs and we can selected this one double click on it or right collegues and axes, properties or access properties. Then we can chose him maximum and the minimum values which can appear here. Toby, for example, a 600 the maximum off six Sanford. Okay, so we can also click here then 600. Okay. And here 600. 600 apply. Okay, so now we have the three scopes of forces. Three measurement. Now we need to connect is a city measurement. Does this one? So we'll take the current toe the 1st 1 or make it disease served one z vaulted to source the 1st 1 And is he all Did you source here connected to this one? So we have is easily two measurements toe voltage measurement and one current emissions. Now the value of the supply double click on it. You will find that What is the big voltage? For example, if I am talking about at 220 a vault 220 world as on RMS or a root, mean square value we are going to use and maximum value for us 300. You know that Z maximum or big is the voltage or the RMS multiplied by roto. So roto Monta blood by 220 give us or 111 that frequency off the supply. For example, 50 hearts. Then we'll click on OK, so have your our supply. We have the resistive loot and we have the current voltage and so on now this I restore. So the Cyrus store, we need the gate or defining signal. Okay, If you look and see circuit itself, you'll find that the alpha which initiates the operation off this diet or this side restaurant. Okay, so we need Z fighting signal here. Give appalls at a subsistence alphas where we can do this simply by going to z similar Lincoln library. Then pipe here, balls off sources or policy generate case horses, for example. The sources we have double click. They find here at the front types off sources the one which you in it is that as the ball's generate okay, this one, like here, like this. Now we have our pulse generator. Now what we're going to do, we are simply connecting. Is this pulses in Rachel to our Cyrus store Gate gate, which initiates Z starting off the side of store. Okay, now is the balsa generator. Here we will double click on it, and you will find here something. Number one. What is the amplitude signal for the Cyrus stop as an example. This depends on the type off the Cyrus store. But for example, we are going to make it 50. Okay. And what is the prelude? Very good. Representing ziti or the periodic time. Okay, so the balls, you will find that it generates our parts. Okay, You have on Very good. Then. A small off billiard, then on then off. Okay, so from year to hear from one balls toe the next balls between them. The time it's called the tea or separate. Okay, we need this one tohave this pulse for each cycle for this voltage source. Okay, We need to give it get if you look at the circuit again, we need here, Alfa. Then after two pi gives the next Alfa. Okay, so between here from Alpha Tau Alpha plus Tau pi, the distance between them is top. I I hope I, which is one cycle off the source and one cycle off the source is one over the frequency. Okay, so the buried here will be won over 50. Since it's a supply here, it's 50 Hurtis 50 artists. So the period or the periodic time will be one of our 50. Okay. And this balls will be radiated each each periodic time, okay. Or each one of our 50 seconds. Now, what is the winds off the Paul's. Okay, The parts or that percentage off city burial. Okay, we'll make it a five or 10 or whatever. Very small value. Okay, Because we need our parts is then stop just up. Also for a very small time. Now, the Z delay angle here is equal to zero. So what does it represent away? We'll see now. Okay, We will make it zero for now to understand what was happening then. Okay, Now, the next step is that we would like to start simulating the circuit. Okay, so we have here our time for the simulation system. Seconds. I would like to make it, for example, 0.5 2nd Okay. Very small time to see the signal. Well, okay, then we will start our simulation. Click on run. Now, After running, you will find here a small errors. Okay, A lot off Eros that mean error here is that we did not add power going. Okay. The Barlow is very important toe. Add it in the block. You have to add it. Okay, so you may have this problem because he did not add it. Let's go tos ee library, then goto seapower libraries in It was the power going then added here. Okay. So just by adding it and click and go on a run, you'll find that no errors or cared okay? Because we added the one which is really important. And you will find that it is really important toe. Add it when you are dealing in power, Telectronics Then DoubleClick wants the school to see what will happen and I will find out is this is our signal. So in order to see it well, we will write like then also sell old scale. Now let's see. So we have here our circuit. Okay, you will find that here's a supply and this is our supply. Okay? Like exists. And this is the Albert Voltage. You'll find that it is from zeal then going toe The peak from zero to the big is in Darwin . Do it because it is a have wave Have wave means it passes only half of the wave. Okay, we'll find that off and on other half. So it boss only is he a post of half Okay, since it is ah have with but z full wave also bridge A, which will seems an extra video will plus Z whole wave balls, then on other parts and other parts and so on. We explained all of this circuits about power electronics such as director fires, Z and voters E D C. Show parts is the shoppers all of circuits which are going to do in simulations. We already discussed in my own course four power electronics. Now, so we have here is the post of cycle end is the negative zero, then on other postings and zeros and as opposed of and zero answer and z current. Similarly, tow it okay, since it is a pure resistive load. So the current wave form will be the same as the voltage way for and the biggest 111 and years rounded. Okay. Now, Z, that phase delay is equal to zero. Which means that the firing angle zero What does it mean? It means that at a time equal to zero, we will start our our signal. Okay? Our time equals zero will start our signal. Now. If would like to delay it, for example, starting at here at a 30 degree. What will happen? Okay, so first we are going toe passes generator is inches change their daily angle we have our time is 1/50 which is all point or tomb okay. Or 20 milliseconds. Most the blind boy. We would like the delay angle. Toby a 30 degree. Okay, for example. So 30 over 760 Certain over. Ceron six representing zero issue between the angle which would like to start. So the total ANC OK, all of this multiplied by the time will give us the time. Which representing a 30 degree Okay, 360 representing the whole cycle and certain degree representing apart off the psych. So multiplying is a total video time. Martyr Blood by 30 over. Surrounded 60 will give us the time required for producing. Asserting degree. Now we will click on apply then. Okay, now again. Then we will go to school and see what will happen. You will find that now Our signal started from here. Okay, you will find here it started from 30 degree now would like toa make it more clear how? By changing Zach symbol of sometime, for example. I would like it for one cycle is a start. Then go to the scope and that's key Now what will happen? This is more accurate and it looks more ham helpful or clear for you. Now we'll find that starting from this zero, then toe the big toe the negatives n zero and finds in the AL. But at a certain degree here it will starts to conduct, then continues to conduct until 180 degree. Then it becomes ill and it repeat itself. The current is same as a vaulter since it is resistive load. So is this one Is that have wave Rectifier wizard resistive loot. Now I would like to change the resistive load with our inductive Lord. Okay, so if we look at Z circuit here we're Aziz irk it. Where is the circuit in Z Matt lab here. So this we simulated Okay, the output voltage Anzi out cat. Now we need to find dizzy r l Which means that it will continue to conduct for a small amount of time then becomes you And this is the our current I would like to see this in simulating so first we will change our Lord from a resistive load to an inductive lord are a lute. So we have here the inductive reactor power as an example would make it 100 or 1000. OK, and see what will happen. A ploy. And okay, now we will start running, then won't see what will happen. Oh, to scale. Okay, now we will find that this is the import supply. Voltage. Okay, Same as this one. Same as this one. And there we will find sorts from 30 degree or the Alfa going toe A very small time in the negative part, depending on the value of the in doctors l then becomes zero Postive is in a small part in the negative part. Then become zero. You will find that the current is the front from the voltage way. For why? Because it is an r elude. So the current does not have the same look as the voltage. So in this video we simulated See, I have wave rectifier with an R and R elude and we so how we can simulate it. And we saw Z how to change the values how to use the Baltic generator and so on now is an extended. You were going toe ads e a full wave or C bridge Rectifier 3. Simulation Of Bridge Controlled Rectifier: Now, in this video, we would like Toa simulate Zee Bridge or the single face Full wave controlled the Rectifier . So we have here our circuit for the full wave controlled Rectifier really breakfasting in the previous video weight over the powered Z have we have rectifier as they have wave only workers for the heart of the wave. Now we would like Toa draws this circuit which, consisting off force I restores and zeroed and connected toe the supply voltage and we'll find the year that this is the import supply which is a sine wave. And this is the abbot way for okay, This one is the I would wait for and dizzy fighting anger 41 the one you want nt to which works in the post of cycle is this signal and shifted from it. Boy, A boy between here and the year for the negative part is T three and t four. So would like to draw this circuit with this Paul's firing signals. So let's go to our say mewling. So we have here our previous block which contains an easy supply policy generator and so on . Now, at first we would like toa add a force, I restores. So let's move all of this, like just toe. Make some space blank This. Okay, now we need foresight. It's also we were routed this one by right click and then rotate and anti clockwise or counterclockwise. Okay, then control and drag toe form four off the Cyrus stores like this. So now we have our four sided stores. So we will connected the castle here with the out Zanzi castled with the an old then the castle music assault and a New Jersey An art like this. Then we will take the supply from here and connected like this. Okay. And take this one here, then the other part. Or see negative for this one connected here and connected here. So we have the post of science off the supply or the positive during the post of off cycle will be connected to the first part. And then if the WTO z us apart, let's move it like this and move it exists. Okay, So the most of supply connected here and the negative connected here off course is the positive and the native. It changes with time. But as the most of year means easy. During the post of half cycles, the current will flow from this direction. So have the foresight. So now we need to connect it. So the load So it takes a postive year toe measures the current like here. So the outward here going towards the load then the other part which is this one connected to this part. Okay, so we can delete this. The implemented system here on big is this one the eggs. This woman from year to the negative part? Yes, the elite is in connecting this one to here. OK, so let's revise a came what we did. We have the supply connected to the 1st 2 sides storms and the other polarity connected to the other two Cyrus stores. Then see our load is connected. Here we have the current measurement or the current source a measurement or the current a meter measurement for the Albert. And this is a positive negative going to Z loot. Then the other terminal connected to the other Cyrus store and we have the voltage measurement. We have the negative polarity and you postive connected to this point. OK, and we have our school, the 1st 1 Which is he? Here is the voltage the current and we need Here is the other voltage this one like this now, as they lost single are going to do. Is that sleep? Also generator. So we need 1 41 entity too. And another on 42 43 t four. So you can see that this one is one. This one is three. This one is stool and this one is fourth. Okay, so we need to add on. Has a bowel surgeon it or sold? Selected is in control and drank. So we have the first balsa generator 41 anti too. And second, the position rate of 43 anti four. So if we get back, you'll see that we have here our circuit the first time the supply connected through the toast Cyrus stores, second term Natuzzi other to Cyrus stores. And here we have our lord connected between this terminal and sister for t one entity to we have a pulse here and after 180 degree, we have the second the bolts. So let's see. So for the 1st 1 we will connect it. Does he get number one and this. Get this one connected Toe this ball. So generate. Okay, so we have here the first, a pulse going toe for bosses. Genital number one, Connected toe, t two and t one. Similarly, the 2nd 1 44 and t three like this t three and two year for Okay, Now we need toe edit Z wants to generate So double click. Then we have for example zip it. It is one of our 15 as well. Said senses, frequency off the supplies 50 artists and we need toe. See the delay here. We assumed that deferring angle is served a degree. Let's make it going to the green. I understand. The more okay is this one is 90 degree and the other one shifted. Boy boy. Okay, boy. 180 degree. So senses The alpha here is 90 degree. So this Alfa will be 90 plus 180 degree. Which means that we will have a 270 degree. Okay, 270 then click on. Ok, so why did we don't want the shift? Because here in orderto produces its parts. We need that I g one and Ojito or the gate carrot Or they get parts for this one and this one all being at a 30 degree, for example. Then the other one would be at a 30 Blust 180 degree. Or the phase shift between these two signals is a boy or 100 and 80 degree soul exists. So we have the phase shift now 00 will make it only app. Your resistive load is in OK, okay. So they can run. Now let's see. Owns a school. What would happen then? What? Scared. So find that the outward here is that we have our supply and you'll find that we have toe waves now toe our signals. Why, since it is a bridge rectifier. So the 1st 1 operates at a 90 degree, so from zero reaching at 90 degree at 90 degree, it starts to conduct the Boston part and the other wave. The negative part is starting from 270 degree, 107 degree giving us Amal's our signal. So find that our consenting off two waves or two parts now if we change is easy finding angle. For example, at zero to see that the fronts at zero. Okay, is in, um zero at 180 degree. Uh, okay. Zen Ron, Then openings the scoop, then scale, and you'll find here it is a bridge Rectifier starting from zero as if it is uncontrolled. The bridge from zero until 108 degree. And this is the buried off conduction off T one and t two dentistry anti for conductors and so on. Okay, so we rectify this wave Two pulses. Now, we would like to see if we add a our loot. Okay, So I'm going to show you another thing, OK? When you double click e, you will find that the values, the act of power, the inductive rector power and capacitive reactor par. So if I have divided over the resistance or the value of the induct INTs or the value of the capacitance and I would like it toe added here, instead of providing the values off Q and A Q and Z actor party. So what? We can do somebody. We can go toe the single link the library off seapower libraries in elements. Then you will find here a serious are illicit branch previously, we chose the load. Now we want to try the branch and right click is in rotate and flips in clockwise or control R We can't let this one is in Addis here. And And this one here doing this like this. Okay, so what is the difference? If I double click on this, you'll find that we have the resistance in arms Easy induct on Suzie Capacitance. And we can chose it up off the branch r l C R L R c and so on and so on. So, for example, I need our include is in. OK, now we click on run in order to see what will happen to the out. So what? It sees a school Zen What scale Then you will find years that this is e voltage and this is he can't. OK, so this one see current is different from before. Okay, because off course we have on our inland would so is the way form will be the front. Now what is the difference in here? You'll find that there is no difference. So let's changes the firing angle alpha and see what will happen As an example, I'm going to choose as 30 degree here. Okay? And it was here after 180 degree. 210 then. Okay. Now click on run and see if there were formally change or not. Then scale like this. So we'll find that Zewe form. It changes then before. So let's make it for several cycles to see the difference. For example, on 4.5 seconds, okay. Is and run. Then opening the school, then scale. And you'll find that here it goes like this, Then Dow in downs and up. So, um, let's make it what? Or point or for why did I decrease? I would like you to see is the way for better. Okay, scale. Now we find that here starting from here. This is the first psych. Okay, zero voltage, then at the roaring angle. Certainly green. It starts to conduct. Then at 180 degree or at zero, it will continue to conduct. Why do toe the braces off induct its Then after some time, it will stop conduction and I would become zero. Then again increases Then continue toe conduct, then zero. Then again. And so on this way for a similar towards this way for going at first conducting his aim. Continue to conduct, then stopped for a several part or a very small part or continue to conduct. Okay, this is depending on Z firing Angle Alpha and its relation with Z extinction angle beat. Okay, this is depending on it can be like this, or it can be like this one, depending on defining ankle. So let's try to change this deferring angle and see what will happen as an example I will chose are finding angle often degree like this. Okay. And here after 10 degree 100 under 90 degree. Okay, then K run and see it again. What scale? Okay, you will find here it continues to conduct, then here at the fighting angle, back toe conduct again. Then frying angle comes before it ends us. Then it continue. And so on. Okay. So, depending one defining anger can be like this, or what it can be as the previous one. And you'll find here that the voltage is different from the current since we have and are a little So in this video we discussed Dizzy, a bridge rectifier and with controlled of course, it to five for the single face. He was Zynga's, e r and R. A little 4. Simulation Of AC Chopper With R And Rl Loads: now in this video, we would like Toa does he is he shopper with on our Lord and the A C shopper was on our so as you remember that the A C shopper consisting off to Cyrus stores in Barry okay, there are controlled one and is the uncontrolled once off to diet reverse it and parallel to each other. So we need toe those the circuit inside that same your link and obtained the are would vote So we have here our simulant and would like toa first add the supply So have the from CPA library We have the electrical sources is in the a c voltage my exists and we need to also stores in Paris. So we're going to chose the power Tektronix then Cyrus store exist one here and another one by control and dragging. Then we're going toe flip it flubs a flock. Does he left and right like this Then we have our source They are embarrassed like this. Now we're going to take the 1st 1 toes the Donald and take Zika Sudhir And then we're going to add our Lord. So going back to zero very going toe the elements Zen's here is our jealousy branch like this is in our day It clockwise or selected a Zen control are selected control are my exists. Then we'll take the castle by exists and dizzy. Also, terminal toe the other terminals of supply And this one here like this. So we have the tools Iris tow opposite to each other and parallel to each other. Now we need to add the theme. The policies in rating for each off this side of stores. Okay, so going back tothe easy mewling hclibrary, then going to Z policy generator from the sources. Okay, type sources and enter and you'll find years IPAs generator as before like this, then control and drank toe. Copy it. Then This one does the first to Cyrus store and this one does the second scientist and of course, is the are shifted boy 100 and 80 degree. So going like this and choosing the period or point or two or one of our 50 Hurtis Zen Z delay for example, 1/50 over, or point or two, which is a total time. And for example, I would like, um 30 degree. Okay. Certain degree like this So this is representing Z time equivalent to toes that's sorted. Agree? Then apply. That's copy All of this controlled. Seeing okay. Over in the 2nd 1 he had best. Then choose the time After 180 degree, it will be 210 and the period or point. 0 1/50 Applying. Okay, so we bought a Z generator signals he posicion It'll signal forces First Cyrus store and 40 seconds I restore. Now we would like Toa adds a measurement. The measurement from here our library, then measurements, then current measurement and the voltage measurement taken dreck. Then we need to ride it in Syria. So we'll get this branch and take this one here. Connected this year and the negative year. Okay, And voltage Zia Postive z negative. I exists because just one like this. Okay? And we need another voltage for the supply itself. So we'll click it and control drag like this zingy boast of year and dizzy Negative z negative here. Then we would like toa add in the end the scoop. So the school is from some Newlink library then go to school and are so here are our school . Where? Where? Where? Okay, we did not click on search like this school. Then we have one toe string, then double click settings. Then choose as three axes. Okay, close. We have a three input signals. First want is a supply. 2nd 1 is the vaulted and the last one is the current. Now we have the simulation time One cycle which is open toe. So get back for like, very sent power going now before we start going the toes e Rambo says we need toe. Identify our supply voltage. So our voltage will be as 100 30 volt as a big or 711 as a beak and a 50 Hard to supply. As you said before, also, we need toe identify our Lord DoubleClick Konzi Branch. Then we need only a resistive load. For example five All. Okay, Then click and go Run. Then opening the school, you'll find that our away form is at all for starts to conduct in the post of cycle. Then becomes zero is enduring the negative cycle it conducts at Alfa. Okay, Somewhere here, Alfa To buy them from Alpha plus by +22 point alpha to pry them from Alpha plus by +22 By OK, one cycle is a postive and other one is negative, and you'll find that the current is similar to it. Now, in case off the are reloaded. Let's see it. Our Ellis here is note. So double click, then choosing R l and OK, then run opening the school. Then it is old scale already. Now let's see. You will find that Z Z Voltage itself starts from Alfa conductors. Then it continues to conduct for a small extinction angle or this angry speeder. Then it becomes zero. Then it conducts us at Alpha plus Boy. But you will find that we can't wait for it starts from Alfa here until for a pita or the extension angle Peter, which is equivalent to this point now if we would like Toe Jam Jersey value, for example, to make several cycles, for example, let's make it a point or eight, then run, then openings a school scale. Now we'll see several ones Now. This is the first cycle at zeros and assaults to conduct A from at Alfa until Peter zero. Then alpha plus spy conductors is in continues to conduct toe a small, very good then becomes zero and repeat itself. So funds that this way for is equivalent With this one you will find that the voltage Where is the voltage here? V out. It becomes zero then conductors or starts to conduct from Alfa until extension angle Peter then stops to conducting is an Alfa plus boy Conductors Zinzi. Let's see it. Ah, here. We'll find that here at zero. Then it continues to conduct. Then it becomes zero. Then Alpha plus by continues to conduct on their extension angle Peter and so on. So, in order to see it, let's aided the axes. For example, for this one right click access program Tous minus five and plus OK, let's change it for example, to 50 okay and sees a difference apply. Okay, so find years that it becomes here more clear. It here at this instant should be zero at 180 degree, but it is extended for a small time. Then it's back to zero k and so on. Okay, so this is a simulation for the A C shopper with a resistive and R l series loot 5. Simulation Of Buck Regulator: in this video, we would like toa simulate the buck regulator. So the back regulator is simply at DC to DC converter. It is used, the toe takes the input voltage and step it down toe a lower value. So we have our import, which is that D c voltage and our our what would be also a d. C. But with a lower value. It's a value would depend on the duties I couldn T o k or K The Rendon Gonzi reference you are talking about. So we have here our D c supply then a switch such as RGB t almost wait or any other switching device. And we have here our diet induct ins capacitance and finally, our are will voltage. You will find that the thesis which year will operate for example from zero to Katie Katie representing Z duty cycle multiplied by T or the duty cycle D or K is equal toe de on in the barrio at which is e as the switch or the most fit or the activity is on over the total bill. Okay, so we will operate our switch for a several time or a specific time and another time will be off. Then it will repeat itself. Remember that Here, the balls, weeds depends on the duty cycle. Okay. It is not just our balls or a moment off parts such as this. I rest or no, it is our longer parts. So we need to simulate. Is this circuit inside the hour program? Which is he, Samuel Ink in order to see the output voltage and the current. So let's go and see how it will work. So now we have our program, which is a similar link. At first, we need toe get our d c source. So first will goto. The power library is an electrical sources then a D c. Voltage supply. Okay, so this is our d. C supply. Now, the second thing, we need a switch. So go to is the power library than Power electron ICS? Then we will chose. We have are mostly to have LGBT and so on. So we can choose, for example, Z longevity or theology. BT we have the collector in matter and the G or C a get signal. Now we are going toe rotate This one by exists broke wise. So the current going out from here and entering from here. So connect it like this, then we'll add our next elements. The next one is the Diet and the inducted. Its we have toe ads, right? Z diet like this. The diet is connected in here. Okay, so we have toe rotate it anti clockwise like this. Now we have the, uh, z castled and the animals were zika sort. Okay, let's see, just this is the an old and this is zika. Okay, so we have toe put it like this. This is e Z cas aren't no. This one is for use the 40 measurements, so let's delete it. Apply. Okay then takes this one does ik Assad and take this one toe the an aunt. Okay. And from here, we're going to add the inducted. Its so we need power libraries in going toe elements z inducted. So Siris are really see branch only induct ins. Okay. And we need a capacitance and we need a load. Okay, so we will use at two a czar loads. Okay, so we need toe control and drag. So we have now at two elements will take this one here and then we have our in doctors. Let's get back in. Doctors connected to a capacitance and zeroed. So you take this one clockwise or control? R Okay. Like this clinic is this one here and connected this one here this one year and this one here. Okay, so first let's see each off this elements. Zaidi Seewald Supply for example 100 volt. Okay, 100 watt z are ok. It is only our or an inductive. Is this one? We needed a capacitance only. And this one for example and resistance only. Ok, then we have all of our elements now we need toe adds the pulse generator using it. Okay, then we need the current. Okay. We need the current to measure what Tom is our zeal would current. Okay, so we'll add this one. Move this one here and this one toe z negative. And this one was a postive z current interest here to see a meter and goes toe the resistance or zero the voltage we needed toe measures the supply voltage like this and like this Okay, and would like to measure the load voltage. So before we continue, I'm going toe use actual values from my own course off Power Electron ICS. So, as an example, we have here Z in the park regulator. We had the supply voltage off a 12 volt average, our voltage or five old resistance five home and the vulnerable 20 million volt frequency 25 kilometers and the current 250.8. Okay, So what we need is that the values off the resistance in doctors and so on. So first, what you are going to do We have the frequency here. 25 keywords. So what does this frequency represent? This represent Is the frequency off switching? OK, if we would hear the time open toe auto, it will be a very long time. Okay, so what you are going to do in this case, we need very short of time in orderto operate Ziploc regulate. So we are going toe, but one over. They're 25 kilohertz. Okay. Usually we use e most fit with the high frequency or high switching device. OK, It is a high switching device used in high frequency application. So and we lose a temper. Three okay. Or a 25 kilohertz. Okay, whatever. So 1/25 kilometers representing Z buried one over this frequency gives us Z period and zip . Also, it is 50 for example. Okay, now the second thing, we need Z resistance or the induct INSEE in victims of, for example, 58 million micro greenery. Okay. Mike Rice, Inc 58 Microsoft. Let's goto the inducted. As we said, here's in doctors. 58 Mike. Okay, so we can make it 58 or weekend increase insolence. Whatever. Okay, I suggested toe make it. Ah, large value. Okay. Not a small venue like here. Um, the capacitance 200 micro. Far out. OK, where is the capacitance? Here. One micro Farhod. Let's make it a large one. More practical. 200 micro, far out. Okay. And the, um, resistance off the road. 54 Okay, let's make this 15 on. Okay, So we bought here the violence and the supply voltage, it will revolt. Okay, so we bought all of the values nearly as this example, and increase the simulation time. 10 seconds and see what will happen when we increase the time. Okay, you will find that the simulation time is increasing slowly. Okay? After this simulation and this, I will continue the venue Now, let's this easy. Our but off 30 program finished. Let's see. Easy out. Four wins the scope We have Vera 12 world as an import. And we have here you will find the 5.1027 nearly close toes half off the 12. Okay, remember that we bought the duty cycle as a 50% so this will step down the voltage toe. Nearly half of the voltage. Okay, Half of the voltage off seem supply. So if we look at Z wave here, you will find that it is increasing and decreasing very fast. Okay, If we would like Toa zoom in like this, for example, like exists, you will find years at the time heat between this instant and this innocently. Very small. Okay, it decreases. For example, here's the current wasa maximums and decreases in, goes up, is in decreasing, goes up and so on. And same for the voltage. Okay, increases very fast and decrease very fast. Do dozy frequency switching. Now. If we look at the girls which we obtained in the course of funds that it is increasing, then decreasing grazing decreasing. Okay, so we have an average hour off my average ally exist. This is the average okay, not the actual and Sylvia with averages like this and the V out off, the combustion is increasing, decreasing and so on. So in order to decrease variables, we will start to using or increasing Zika pastors. Now let's a change. Is the balsa generator the periodic time or t own toe another time? Or the duties like for example, Way said that 50% obtained the 5.1, which was nearly half of the a voltage. So if we increase for example, toe 90% then okay and click on run and see, for example, for one second off courses so that we make it a small time and also to see what will happen . So the problem, as the program itself is now increasing okay, then vanishes in opens a school is an auto scale and you'll find that Z 12 volt. Let's make it like this. Is that Well, the vault is imbued DC voltage and they are what is Nearly 9.8 will find that here it is a changing very fast do toes a switching, OK, but the output is nearly equal to mine. point it toe and the changes by a very small value. Okay, Very small value which does not appear here. So the average output voltage is 9.8 to 01 and the outward average average our current is 1.296 Now, for example, to see this as a d. C, we can change the axes, okay? And make it from zero to maximum friends and apply. Okay. And here access properties and a ploy. OK, so find that when you look at it here from zero toe a 10 volt will find that it is nearly at D C value. So that buck regulator is used the toe step down the voltage we stopped. The sounds evolves from a 12 volt toe. A d c. 10 vote. Okay, when you look it at, like exists will find that the vaulted year, the fronts or the variation involved is very small, which you cannot notes. Okay, but when we zoom in, you'll find that there is a very small difference spot in a very large dismal please. OK, you can find that 000 one, for example, And this 10005 Okay, a very small difference. Okay, Which You cannot appear here in taxis. So this is considered as a nearly DC Albert or a D. C. I would use the four A. D. C. Load, and this is a day seeker. So let's this easy post regulator is an investor video and see how it looks a lot. 6. Simulation Of Boost Regulator: now in this video we would like to discuss is the post Regulate. So the pasta regulator assembly at DC to DC converter, which increases the voltage increases that D C in both voltage. So if we have RVs as a supply voltage, then the Abbott will be ves over one minus D or one minus K, where K or D is a duty psych. So we need toe, take the circuit and about it in our simulator and see how it looks like. Okay, so let's go and simulate this sucked. So we opened our simulating, and we have the elements of the D. C source the dialled theon, Djibouti or most fit, the policy generator and current measurement Dizzy capacitance in doctors and resistance. So let's see the circuit itself or we have adverse is that this is supply connected in series with it? Zeon doctors. So the inductions here its series with the D. C supply. So we will move this exists and take this exists and but is this here? And after this we will have the thesis which Okay, where the current entering here Okay, enters from this direction. Okay, so we have here our switch. That's very tous and going like this. OK, so it enters here and goes out from here to the negative off the supply. Okay. Like this. So the D C supply in CDs was It is the induct ins. Then the Auggie Beatty ordered a switching device. Okay, now let's disease circuit. We have the diet. OK? Is in the capacitance Z. The riot. Let's rotate it clockwise or control are my existing. This one here and the exit. Castle toes, the capacitance and ticket here. Okay. With the negative off the supply, let's make a chore. Okay, this is a positive and the negative, and finally is air resistance. This is our resistance. Okay, So, religious. Or take this one here on and they exist. One here, then connected this year. And there's this one. Okay, So that resistance battle Lizzie capacitance is your diet. Okay? LGBT is induct aunts and so on. Ok, the voltage measurement between the postive and Z necked. Okay. And here's the voltage, the negative and the post office supply the current we need to measure the current. Okay, which a current we will choose. For example, Z Lord current so removes this and connect Dizzy Negative here and connect dizzy postive here. So the current flows here. Strozier meter, then going this rose are resistive loot. Now we need the values. So let's see here an example from our course off course for the power electron ICS. We have us a blade. Voltage off. Five volt. Okay, supply voltage. If I vote okay and we have ah ah, frequency off 25 kilo artists. Okay, 25 killer too. So that period or the periodic time for the switch itself, is one of ours e frequency and will make this 50% as an example. So it's the 50% they can give us double the value off the supply. Okay. We bought a five volt off the supply, and we'll see how the output will change. The inductive 115. My granary. Ok, we can take it as a micro can make it, Millie, as we did before. 115. Let's make it Millie. Okay. Or we can make it micro as example. Okay. To see if we'll make any difference as a capacitance. 220 micro for out. 120. Okay. Around around the 20. Okay, um then so we have the capacity as the resistance if it's given or not. Okay, we don't have the resistance. Okay? We will make it as it is when we get five or more. Give it five. OK, now we would like toa simulate the circuit and see what will happen. So we'll use for one second. Then we will see that here it is starting to simulate or result. We will start waiting for it, and then we'll see Easy voltage across the road, Z vaulters a supply and Zini current flowing here. So opening the scope right click is in your skin and Sesay Voltage and Sesay current. So it finds that the duty cycle waas 50%. So finds that the voltage here Okay, Is it changing from 8.26 and eight point wealth between them nearly equal to 8.2 as an average and you'll find years at the Albert. Current is 1.6. Now we'll find that the MBA DC voltage waas five vault and the our D C voltage was nearly involved. So we increased disease our voltage, and let's see it more clear by access properties and make it like it's OK. So it finds that the outward voltage is eight, but with a small amount off ripples by increasing Zika Boston's the Rebels show decrease. So let's try it goingto the capacitor and make it for example. Three. Okay, this is a very large value. Okay, Millie, Millie Ferrara is very, very large value. Okay, not a small value, but we'll see. Is the effect off increasing the capacitance on Z scope or Jonesy outweigh fourth. So it is nearly done and you'll see that it was a vault and the import supply was five old . So it is a step up or supposed regulator is a step up D C convert. So lets you will find that here, that is the rebels. Okay. Or to scale. Okay, you'll find that the rebels okay, it is increasing. So let's show it how. Okay, let's again makes it. I am then Okay. So that to see the effect off the in doctors azi capacitance change at the end after the simulation inside will continues. Even so, the simulation ends and let's open the scope and or skill, and you will find that the I would hear is changing fast. Let's changes. He axes to see that we're for your funds. That it is an ad vault with a lower rebels. Then before. Okay, So by making the Duits like 50% we increases the vaulted from 5 to 8. Okay, Now we would like toa change it again. For example, by going here, toe the pulse generator and makes a duty cycle, for example And 30% then OK, then starved. Okay. All we can to stop and makes us immigration one second. OK, start. So we need to see that on the voltage Here in boat is a theoretically, it's why vote okay. And the Albert is not involved, or it is a vault. When we make that duty cycle 50%. The reason for the difference a year due to the voltage drop across the diet and identity both off them Indo voltage drop inside the circuit. So the voltage year decreased. Okay, so theoretically, we said that the voltage across here should be supply voltage over one minus a duty psych or one minus diorama minus k. So let's see what will happen so scared now. Five. Okay, so five volt. Give us five. So, by increasing Z as a is decreasing that duty cycle, the value here also decreased. Okay? It wasa evolved about it became six volt. So let's change it back. See if we increase the duty cycle to 60 70%. Okay, then run. Now let's see the results off their simulation. Then scale your funds at the voltage increased. Now toe nearly 13 vault. Okay, so by increasing or by increasing the duty cycle, Z value here starts toe increase. Okay, that reason for this By increasing duty cycle, the, uh, one minus D starts to increase. Okay, so to make it easy for you, we have the output. Voltage. The out is equal toe resupply over one minus, Dean. Okay, this is a V out in relation with the supply. So as we increase the duty cycle, dozens of the fronts year becomes a small OK. All of this as the increase is all of this, some mission off them will start to decrease. So we supply off our small value will cause the via Alberto increase so increasing duty cycle will increase. Evie out okay and decreasing. Is that you to cycle when decree is the out. So in this video we learn it a powered see the poster regulator and how to simulate it in the same dwelling off metal. 7. Simulation Of Buck boost Regulator: in this video, we would like toa simulate the back opposed regulator. The park bolster regulator is a DC to DC converter. Use the tow a step, observe voltage or step down the vault. It is a park and a booster regulator at the same time. So how we can make it a buck or a step down or opposed a step up inside Z D. C. Shopper, we can make it a park or a post according toe the value off K or the value of the duties like So, by controlling the duty cycle, we can choose either to work as a park converter or to work as opposed to regulate. And this is a circuit for the buckboard story. Great. So let's Goto Samuel Inc and simulate this circuit. So now we go back to our similar link. Let's see the circuit we have. We have a D C supplies in Syria's Was it Z switch or the LGBT, for example? So in series was eight, let's still exists and read this one like this and did this okay in series with that d c source. So at stake, see collector here and series with that, these evil source, then Z Our what? It's connected to the induct ins and a reversal. Right. So is the outward here. This one connected toe in doctrines. Okay, where is the induct ins? Here, Control are in serious. Okay, control are again my exists. Okay. Interiors with Z in barrel. Okay. Embarrassed control are again. My exists, then with the negative off the supply. Okay, lie exists. Okay, so we have here our d c supply connected towards the activity over the supply source or the most fit or the switching device. Zinzi in doctrines. Then we have a reverse of Ayotte. So where is he? Right. This one Phillip Bloch removes this. Okay, is in content. Is this one toe here and then connected to a capacitor Parenteau zeroed connected toe the capacitor, which is barrel, toe zero. Okay, uh, the executive ear. And they exit postive here. So we have the resistance parent with the capacitance and the reverse of Ayotte in Syria's with the A combination off all of this DC's also LGBT and the inductive. Okay, so now lettuce easy component is this is another example from my own course. The supply voltage. 12 volt, 12 Volt and Z at your side. K called 0.5 living now Frequent Sequel 25 Killer Hurtis. Okay, 25 kilohertz. And for example, dude, cycle 250.5. Okay, Zinzi in Doctors 150 end the Cabestan Strong 150. Okay, in nocturnes. 115 Micro and combustion is 220 A micro. Okay, Mike, more negative six, then. Okay. And the load resistance and not given. Okay, in a way, Way about it as a five or a 10 or whatever. Now, we need to see what will happen when we simulate it. Okay, So start now. We are using Z the's circuit at a dude cycle off 50% and we have the input voltage off at will. Revolt. Let's see, at 500.5 duty cycle, will it increases the Albert all decrease it. So let's see our scoop. What scale? Okay, Now, when we look at the circuit here, you will find that that the output voltage increased. Okay, so let's, um it did the X es and make it from zero to negative 20. Okay, I'm until you now why? Okay, Okay. See? Minimum Negative. 20. And the maximum is here okay from zero. Okay. Now we'll find that the voltage here is nearly negative. 10. Is he in? Would voltage loss 12 A vault and the output voltage became 10 volts. Okay, lowers and the import. But you'll find here a negative sign this negative time because the back post regulator reverses e r would voltage. If the input voltages postive, then the Abbott will be negative. So the park poster regulator can help us reverses the polarity off the import. Okay, Now let's destroy again about a duty cycle off, for example point and 90%. OK, 90%. And we'll see that when we increases a duty cycle. Okay. At a 50% or 500.5. Do the cycle. It waas a step down. Okay, step down in D. C. Shopper. Now, if we increase is a dude cycle toe, 90% will it be a buck or it will be opposed. So let's see, Year would scale. You will find that it became a poster. Regulate. Okay, let's access properties. Let's make it the minimum as ah 100. Okay, So finds that it became a negative 100. Okay, Nearly negative 100. And the import wa stole votes So we stepped the upsy voltage by higher value. Okay, by increasing the duty cycle. So for you. In order to understand this, if you have no joined the my own course yet for Seapower Telectronics You know that developed out would here be our voltage? Inside the back post is a resupply multiplied buys a duty Seiken over one minus d So as the duty cycle increases, okay, this value this lower value will started to decrease and this upper value will increase resulting toe a total voltage increase if we decrease the dude cycles and the output will decrease. Now let's try another one here, for example 20%. This is should be a park. Regulate. Okay, Should step down the voltage because we decreased as the duty cycle. Okay, as we decrease acute cycles and the output will decrease as we increase that you'd cycle, then it will be increased and there is a here. You will find that by changing that you're taiking it can be a park regulator or it can be I opposed regulate, so that's easy out with. Now we expect that it will be lower than a 12 volt off course, so it finds that the Abbott now becomes nearly negative to vote Okay, so negative to vault. It means that it is very low. Okay, Why? Because we change it z they had to make it 20 because we decreases the duty cycle. So the imbued waas told the vault and the abbot waas to vote. So by decreasing the duty cycle we will decrease the output voltage By increasing za duty cycle, the output will increase. So in this video wins cause dizzy circuit foresee park boast regulate 8. Simulation Of Single Phase Half Bridge Inverter: Hi. In this video, we would like toa simulate the single face half bridge inverter with an R and R So as we're much from our course for power Tektronix that the inverter is simply a power electronic circuit. Use the to convert Izzy. These he imports a ploy in tow. An easy out. So this time off inverter, which is a single face half bridge inverter the supply voltage is V s, but we takes the out as an easy with a V s over two and negative es over to the post apart . And the negative part is ves over to but in the full bridge or Shepridge inverter in this time. But we instead of having VSO verte, we will have the complete voltage off the supply. You see here that in this circuit for the single fees have bridge, you will find that supply voltage is divided in tow to supplies. We s over toe NVs over to but in Z bridge Rectifier, we can take the total V s and convert it to a square wave or a on a C wave. So we need to simulate this. Is this consistent off a supply resistance diehards. And finally, easy, Most fit or DBT. So let's goto Our program is the meth lab and try toe seem real ages. So we opened our math lab as we remember that power like Berry. Then enter. Okay, Then you will find that we need at first Dizzy supply. Let's see, we need toward easy supplies are resistance and so on. So at the beginning, let's open it then on you. Okay, see mewling model like this. Okay, now, at first we need toe d. C supply. So opening our electrical sources DC voltage source like this and control and drag like this. So we have that to d c supply second thing. We need ze resistance and to light. So let's see the diets The light. OK, z power electron ICS is in diets. Okay, drag then control are toe rotate like this. Then control and drag. So we have here our to die. It's the d c supply and we need the resistance. So power, like Perry then going toe elements then as here is already see branch Okay, like this then connected This one here and this one. Here, take this here. Okay. Then connected The diets toe the source and this Dahlia tool. And between them, Zika Sotos the an it So we have the two diet. Easy Siris are DC Branch like this. Let's take the resistance. Make it I resistive load only for now and the resistance sell it to make it for example 10 . Okay, so we have the supplies, the coyotes and the resistance. Now, finally, we needs that switch or Z two most fit or tour activity. So previously we use dizzy activity as I remember. So Goto Power Electron ICS again. Then go down. And the chores, the agility. Or you can choose Z most fit. Okay, we can it choose the most fit like this. Okay, we need to off this. Okay? Control and drag. Then we have to almost with Let's look at the circuit again. We have a two almost went in this direction. So the Z diet itself, or look at this one, you will find that delight will be if the current moving like this since the light will be in off the direction. Okay, because in the post of cycle or in a positive direction goes like this and in negative direction. The diet Will, boss, is the negative current from here. So we would put it like this. Okay, rotate or control R rotate and flip. Look wise. Rotate and flip clockwise or control are, of course, then connected the drain with this wars as they drain here with Z diet. Take the source here, and we have our two most fits. Okay, so between them, let's look and circuit. Well, okay, let's see it again. Okay. We have to die. It's okay. This one by it. And most were died and the most fit. Okay, All of them here in the program are together. Okay. All finds out the light and the most of it. So we don't need these two diets. That's what he needs them because each most fit or each activity have its own diet. Okay, The configuration all off it together in the program. So, like this. And delete this one. Deletes one then connected. This here. Okay, so we have that d c. Supply the resistive load, and that almost fits. So the first thing we're going to do is that we chose I d. C supply. For example, this is a V s over two Okay. As an example, we will make it a involved. Okay? And this one is also 10 vote. Okay, so this is a 10 vault, and this is a 10 volt, the resistance washed in warm and the most fit. Now we will add the measurement, so get back toes IPA libraries in measurements. Then we will. It'll Zia vaulted your measurement and dizzy current measurement and will drag and make a copy for this one like this. So the input is considered as this one. They exist here and dig this one here. And the Albert is a vaulted across here in the post of cycle. It goes here, so the most food thing goes from here. So this is considered the as he posted terminal. So take this one and what it here and take this one and put it here, then see current. Okay. We need to measure the load count so that it just and they here. Okay, the current entering from here. Okay, So this is the positive here and is inactive going here? Why? Because the current goes here. So the load. So they would so the positive then going out from the A meter going to was a load. OK, now we need to add the school. So we will open our and meth lab, then open our singling like, very Then let's a chores. We need to school. OK, so let's type school enter. We have our scoops, right click and the ad dozy block. You'll find your ab toh a new model. Okay? So instead of doing exists, we will just drag it, like, exists like this. And we have 1233 school or the three parameters would like to see double click sittings. Then George as three axes, it wasn't okay, then we can make that simulation time. For example, two seconds. Okay. Now what is Ah, remaining thing? Okay, we have put Okay. Let's connectivity Voltage Year Z in boat here and dizzy current here. Now. What is the single meaning? We did not ads, idiot. Yet they get signal. So we need a ballsy generator, K Paul's or sources. You can type sources instead off Paul's generator. Pay sources. Then Paul's generate where Izzy balls here. Okay, take it and drag. We need toe. Ballsy generate. Also control and wreck like this. So what is the next step we need toe gives the par stores the gate. So take this one here. Does this get and they exposed with this gate Now is the first most fit. If we look at the circuit, we need the abbot. Okay, the voltage here. BVs over toe for the half off the psych. Okay, when this one conductors, the Abbott will be equal to V s over toe. And when this one conductors, the Abbott will be negative es over toe. So we need VSO Photo for the house was a cycle and the other half negative es over toe. So what we are going to do, we are simply going toe the policy generator. Then we are going toe make the period game as we would like. What is the frequency? Is the burial representing the frequency? Okay, One of our the frequency. So the better it is from zero to t here. So what? This is value depends on Depends on what is the frequency would like. Okay, if I would like 50 Hertz is as an Albert frequency. Then zt will be won over 50. Okay, if I would like a 60 Hurtis, I have parlance is, Then I will may exit time one of our 60. So, as an example, I would like the a c ab toh being 50 artists. So they bury Arctic time in this case for the hour, it will be won over 50. And what is the woods off the parts? We need it for 50%. Okay, then. Okay. Now, the second. The pulse. Here. We need it also. For how many time we need it for, um, One of what? 15. Okay, 1/50. Okay, this is a beauty time. What is the winds off the parts? We need the weeds off the parlous Toby. 50%. Okay, this one representing half of the wave, This one representing half the wave. So the Paul Sweets this weeds, it's 50% off the total periodic time. Now the second thing, What is the face daily? The 1st 1 or Brits at zero. The 2nd 1 operates at T over to. So this one operates at you over to. So the tea itself is 1/50. And the multiplied boy too. Okay, because it over it's at z have with this hike. Then we'll click on OK, so we have the politician right off for this one of alternative for this one and is out now , before starting the simulation, we need to add the power going, as always. Let's go to it for libraries in Addis. Simple. Okay, as always. Don't forget, because it will give you ours. Now, let's start our simulation and see what will happen. Run. Okay, so the simulation finished. Now let's see the results opening the school like this and you'll find that the input wasa 20 volt from year to here is at 20 volt. This one is a 10 vault. A blast in vote to give us a total in boat off a 20 foot. They are what is expected Toby at, Involved into positive and the negative. 10 volt. Okay, since we said here, V s over to NVs over to bs over to $1 RVs over toe. Now, let's seem if we, um let's make it more, let it access properties, they make it negative 10 and then a ploy to seize an extra portion. And okay, now, if we look at the simulation here, you're finds that zero Okay. At zero time, it increases store 10 vault is in. After half of this Aikin, let's zoom in like this. You will find that at the beginning from zero increased with involved before half of the period since the period is 1/50. So half of it is open. Toto, the second half it is off. Then it repeats again. So why not? Why did this happen? Okay, what is the reason for this? Why did not we have here a negative 10? If we look ads e most with number two. Okay, The problem is here. So let's look at it's a politician and it should operate at half of the periodic time. So the periodic time is 1/51 over 50 and half of the period. So it is not like this. It should be divided by two G overtone like this and a small packet here. Or make it 100 directly like this, then Okay, then run again and see what will happen. Okay, Now opening the scope and see if the problem is fix it or north. Okay, So auto scale and you'll find here that we have that involved as a postive, then negative 10 Walt Wall Stiffed involved in a different world and so on. Now let's zoom in like this. You will find you that postive. Okay, let's or to skill. And it like this. Okay, we can go. Something else we can make it for or point or four for just it'll cycles open the scoop and or skill you'll find here that we have a post. If then they're negative. 10 most if then negative 10 and the import watts 20 volt. So we converted the D c and good here toe and a c out okay and easy square with annual fund Your that The current is also a square wave because it is a resistive loot, so it will have the same way form as a voltage. And do you find that the amplitude here is one and there because that is a sense wa stain on. Now if we change is a load toe are any loot then? OK, then start again. Openings A scoop. Okay, Now we will find that Z voltage itself a similar to or to scale. You'll find that the voltage here in what is 20 volt and there would vaulted similar 10 volt negativity involved and so on. But the current wave form it change. Okay. You'll find your a small covers appear. Why do toe the presents off Z induct ance. Okay, The inductive is here. It changes that way for off the current. So in this video, wits cause dizzy single fears half bridge involved. 9. Simulation Of Single Phase Bridge Inverter: now in this video we would like to discuss is the single phase bridge inverter with on our and our little so that single face bridge inverter assembly converted C d c in What if it is a V s will find that the voltage between here and the year is we SVS over two plus ves over toe. Give us a total V s. So if the M one V s isn't the Abbott will be a square wave off V s and V s negative. Yes, but in the half bridge, we had ves over two and a negative es over toe. So this five scalable off converting NVs to the s and the negative es But the harbour bridge converted CVS toe ves over toe and the negative es over to So this type of bridges consisting off a four LGBT off or foremost lids and we have here our load and the supply. So let's go to our senior link and start simulating all of this. So now we have here our circuit for the half bridge involved now would like toa ended the circuit toe being like this one. Okay, so we will have instead off to weekend. Simply replace the to buy one V s. Okay, so we can lead this one like this. Delete, select and delete Licked this line and did the same connected This one here lives is so this is considered as the embodies the voltage. Let's make it that when devolved as before. So the Walter dear, is that when devote. Now, the second thing is that we need for most fits or four agility. Okay, So we will selected this one, for example, and copy it. Toe toe off. This okay by, of course, a control and dragging. Okay, control and drink. Toe. Copy it. Like this. Okay, let's move. This one here, this one here and so on. Now, the second step is that let's look at the circuit between them. Zero Tomas fits connected together. Two most fit, connected together. And between them, zero or to our duty or different. So connected swan to this one when Nexus one here and connected this one here, then the Lord okay, connected here. Okay, so it takes this one here exists and take this here and them exists a resistive loot off a 10 on. Okay, So you will see that here we have the most fit. The foremost fits. Okay, this one. And this one will operate in the post of cycle toe Boss V s. And this one Wouldn't. This one would operating the negative cycle toe boss. And negative. Yes. Now let's ZZ current toe. Make sure we have the line. Here is the current goes here and to go to the post ups and negatives. And 20 Okay, the voltage is the positive terminal. He'll negative term. And here, Okay, so as the last thing we need Z balls generate. Oh, So this one is for the post of cycle And this one for the negative psych this tool will operate. Foresee? How was a cycle is the first half cycle. So we will. Did this connected? This one here does this one and religious and connected to this one here. So this most fit and this most fit will operate for a zero delay at the first half of this hike. This one and this one will go great for the second half. Was a psychic OK, so connected this one here and connected this gate here. So the second opponents okay, Let's move like this drag. So is this one winning? Does this one And this one shifted by 50. Or how those? It's like one of 100 or one over a t over toe. Okay, t over to or have of the psych. Now, let's start simulating. Now, let's see Z out. How it looks like we have the school bloods scale. Okay? It's already or scared about anyway. Double kick. You'll find that here we have the 20 volt in boat and we have the Albert and negative 20 volt, then to inter vault is the native 20 volt toe and devote. And so on. The current negative to positive to negative to boast of two and so on. So we find that and the beginning is the voltage here, starting from zero becomes innegative Zambo step. Okay, so the wave as if it is shifted. Okay, so, um, now I would like toa change this. I would like to make the positives, that 1st 1 So let's see the second. Okay, we have This is the first, most wit which wants a CDC vaulted going toe the supply, This one. Okay, so let's see, when this one operates. Okay, The winds This one operates like exists Z postive. Most of off the supplies. This one will go lie exists, does the loot. Okay, so this is considered as the post of terminal. So simply measure mental will be Change it like this This one and this one will be replaced since during the post of cycle This one and this one will operate. So the postive is here and this is the negative terminal. So it's a postive this one like this and is the other terminal Is innegative similar for to force the current. Okay, Z current in the post of cycle is coming from this direction. Then goes how it does the current. So we will replace system. Take the Boston Here is the current entering from here Going to with the negative part. So what did I do? Oh, I simply change the connection off the voltage measurement and the current emission it. Why? Because in the post of cycle the most What number one this one this most fit And this mostly it operates so they can't will go here like this. This is considered as the post if terminal then going to tow the current measurement, then to most fit number one. OK, so when I run a lot like this, you will find that Dina was the positives and negative. Okay, you will find a year. Most of 20 is in negative. All steps and necked. And this one. So whilst of negative, positive, negative and so on, you'll find a very small voltage year. Vultures drop. This is your toe. What do toe the presence off the most fit. Okay, The most with itself does since it is a power electronics device, it has a water drop. So let's try. And the changes he on the load from irresistible Oto on our loot. Double click, then our load, then OK, then starting then going Okay, opening the school. So find that here. The voltage reform. It changed. Okay, you'll find that year, as is this one representing a charging is in this a charging and so like same as this one. Okay, this one increases. Then decrees increases and decrease. Okay, But here in this circuit you'll find that winning 10 threes, then it becomes a constant dividing. Then it decrease back again, then increases. Why does this happen due to the presence off Z inductions. Okay, If you look at here is the current WAAS toe on there. Then it changed down towards the negative direction from toe Umberto Negative 20. And there And you know that the induct ance limit that the Aib oddity or the variation in the current? Okay, so the current the chain does not a change from here were instantaneously. It takes some time to change from this point. So this point OK, so the doctors limits that derive quantity or the variation off the current with time. So in this video we discuss dizzy single face bridge invert 10. Simulation Of Three Phase Inverter : Now, in this video, we would like Toa discusses the three phase inverter that three phase inverter assembly convert is that D c in blood supply door as serene. Phase out Okay, you will find that the Albert, for example, Z lyinto line Voltage V A B would be a square wave off visa ploy and the negative resupply and V B C would be shifted. Boy, an angle off. 60 very between them, OK, or not a sexist. Agree about 120 degree. Okay, this is a sacristy and honor of 60. So shifted boy, 120 degree. And they see you will be shifted from Z A also prior 100 by 240 degrees and b boy 120 degree. So anyway, we will have a three phase lewd supply it by this invert. So we need to simulate this circuit inside the same mewling. Okay, so let's go to our program now. We opened our simulating model in Matt Lab. That first thing would like to do is that we would like to draw the circuit. So let's see the circuit first. We have I d c supply. So we will go to see the power electronics library. Then it was electrical sources. Zenit chose that DC voltages source. So let's would Zeidi's evil did your source like this? Okay. And we need in this case we need How many switch or how many? Most fit or LGBT we have 123456 We have six most fit or a six all activity. So we will goto the library then Goto z on our electron ICS. Then we will choose the activity or the most fit. Okay, We will chose the most fit for now. Now we need from the most fit we need. How many we need six almost fit. Okay, so we will rotate this one. Gaillot sees a circuit. Okay, I rotate clockwise over control are and we need from this most fit six. So we will control and drag. So now we have six. Most fit. Okay, Okay. Like this. So let's see the circuit again. The first almost fits connected 2nd 1 And this one This one This one This one. Okay, then this terminal to the negative. And this one does he posted. Okay, so we will connect. We need them side by side. We need how many we need six. Okay, so we take this one here like this the eggs One here. And this one here. Okay. Then we will connected this one with this one source with the rain like this source was Iranian and the negative off the supply with the source or the lower most fits my exists and dizzy postive with the upper apart. Which is that rain like this. So we have the city mostly now we need a three phase out. So goto the library then chose the elements there will choose as here is our illicit branch . Okay, we need a pure resistive load for now. Then we'll take a three face control and drag. So double click and they make it of your resistive load off. Attend home, for example, then Okay, this one also we can delete this one and this one and the control and drag again. Then we need a star connection. Okay, this load is a star connected star connected load. Okay, We can make it on our l as our motor, but we're now will use a resistive load as an example. This is phase a phase number being like this. And the fear is number. See? Okay, A and B and C, the voltage here is V A B voltage here. BBC on voltage. Between the census, we see a So now we draws a circuit. That second thing would like to do is that we need to provide that gate signal. So let's look at Z circuit itself. So for the gate number one most with number one, it will be like this second the most. It will be like this. Answer the one like this. But will first numbers this most fits. Okay, a sua necessary. It's five. Okay, one iss one to make it capital. This one this re It's five. OK, And it's four this six and s to A s city. Now we need for each off this most fits or it's off. This our govt, we need for them the pulse generator We have 1234566 different Baltar's So we will need six appalls a generator. We will goto Samuel Inc like very then Paul See generator. We need six Paulse generators. Okay, So control and wreck like this Then we were connected to each off he is our govt or the most fit gay on gate does the gate does e eight. Okay, so we connected all of them. The 1st 1 it starts conducting from zero to pi. So the complete cycle is from zero to pi, which is the complete e. Okay, so it conductors for how the billiard each off this waves is conducting for by I means t over toe. So Z Paul's with here is 50% off the total time, and this one starts at a physically off zero. Okay, so this 13 period or the periodic time is 1/50 assuming that the aboot voltage have a frequency off 50 hertz, the ball sweets 50%. Okay, 50% and the physical equal to zero. Okay, so this is the 1st 1 for the 2nd 1 is set to Okay, You will find that it's shifted by an angle off 60 degree each off. This pulses are shifted from each other by an angle off 60 degree, so Ojito will have a delay angle off 60 degree. Just three will have a delay. Anglo 420 j four will have on a delay angle off 180 so on. So this one would be 60 degree g to this one. So 50%. 1/50 and fears the layoff. A 60 degree. Okay, remember that sickest degree and we year Z face daily is in seconds. OK, so we need toe body equivalent to time. So the time is one of our 50 multiplied Boise time 16 Over. 760. Degree. This is on a packet. Okay. Like this. So this is representing the time equivalent to toe 60 degree. Let's go possess. Okay, then, as the next one is shifted, boys, this one shifted by 60 degree. So the next one is shifted by 100 at 20 degree. Okay, 60 degree after it. So, like this, this one instead off 60. It will be 100 and 20. Okay. And shifted after it. 1/50 then. Okay, then it's a four. After this, it will be 180 degree. Okay. Senses that previous one wants 120. So the next one after 60 degree will be 108 ze ball. So it's 50% Roddick time. 1/51 over. Z frequents. Okay, Next one is five. So it will be 240 degree. Okay. After 382 140. And the winds off the balls is 50%. Is the periodic time one of our 50. Okay, as this is non poorer, kill it. Seizes number five. Okay, number five. So if you look again at the circuit, number five starts from here shifted by 100 the 80 plus 60 degree. OK, so all of this give us 240 now. The next 16 Okay, take this one. It will be several 100. Okay, because that last one waas 240. So this one will be 750% from one of our 15 then. Okay, so now we prepared our circuit with its appalls generators. Now is the next step. Would like toa obtains a voltage here. So how we can do this First, we are going to use the machine guns, then voltage measurement. We will need 1233 measurements. OK, so we have one and control and drag. So we have now city measurement. The 1st 1 is between a and being 2nd 1 between B and C. Okay, we need to see Is the ally in tow line voltage. And between sea and the like this, Then we need to add the scope. So DoubleClick school. Then enter digs. This one. Ah, double click. Okay, the thick this sittings, then we have 123 Toby measured. So it will be three axes. Okay, General. Connected to one here like this. So now we prepared everything. But don't forget has always z power. Goey toe have toe Add it inside. Zing power electronics spoke. Okay, so let's simulate it for instead of one second. Let's decrease the time to see it. Well, have, for example, point going to Okay, turn, Sykes. Okay. Senses are one cycle is all point or total sense as the time will be open to toe. So we'll have 10 psych. So run. Let's see the results Openings. A scoop is in control and auto scale. Now, let's see. Easy way of itself. Look at this ad. This one, for example. Starting from the next cycle, for example, from here. Okay, so this is the beginning. Zero until or point or 21 cycle then from our point auto open toe for next Seiken and so on . So let's see the psych. Okay, for example, or 0.0.0, auto at open Toto, we will have here. See, as the voltage V A B will start Toby maximum V s. They're voltage off the supplies. 100 vault until it becomes at this point, at this point, is nearly the point at which is that VB seeing start store? Let's see, we have V A B. And at this point, V. B C starts to conduct. Then after this point, we see a starts to conduct. Then after this point V, A bee starts to conduct. So let's see this pattern. We have the A B source collect and then is here at this innocent V B C should conduct V B C conductors. Then at this innocent V c A conducts okay. And you'll find here that there is a part hero postive and another part negative 100. Okay, postive, negative, postive nicked. And you'll find that this waves are shifted from each other by 120 degree. So how you can make sure off this Okay, look at this for example, you will see that this is a maximum. Okay, at this instant, And at this instant, we will have, boy. Okay, let's see at this instant here where we switches, boy. Okay. And this point is 120 degree. So at this 0.120 degree is a start off this one. So the first shift from here. So this point from here to here is 100 and 20 degree. Okay, So this Paul's this Paul's is shifted from this one by 120 agree similarly from here to here, 120. And to find that it starts from here. So it's a phase shift from here to here. This one shifted boy 120 degree. Okay, so the waves are shifted from each other. Forget about the first. Seiken is the most important thing. Is that the next A psych? Okay, this is a steady state cycles. Forget about the 1st 1 will find that this one postive nick the post evening and he posted nicked. And this one this one shifted by 120 from this one. And this one shifted 120 from this one. So we obtained a three phase output voltage shifted boy 120 degree a square pulses. So in this video will earn it how to generate city If is our would voltage circuit itself. And we saw as the output voltage off the line voltages for ourselves. 11. Simulation Of PV Cell In MATLAB And Obtaining V I Characteristics: Hi, everyone. In this video, we would like toa simulate the Beav easel and obtained the V i characteristics of four system using Z Matlack. So we're going to get their voltage current and power characteristics according to the variation inside their radiation. So the first thing you are going toe create a new Samuel Inc so new Zen Similar Inc model. Now we need to add some components. So the first thing we would like to add is that solar cell itself. So we're going toe that same you link or the library, browser or simmering library. Then we are going toe types all ourselves in the search ter solar cell. So now we have the solar cell, which is inside there, seem escape library Really inside the simmering. Okay, so this is a library inside the meth lab itself, So double correct and added toe that model untitled. Okay. Is this model you'll see here having is that Solar said like this. Okay, so we have here our solar cell and that two terminals off the sort of seven people step as you see here, there is a positive and the negative. And here the radiation is going toe their solar cell. So we need toe adds the constant which representing the radiation going through is a cell. So how we can do this simply by going toe the simulator library, then piping Afghanistan, then going that went toe that seem escape. Okay, where were this constant? Ok, since this one is from the US library off that same escape, this one. Therefore, we will have to get a constant, which is with from the same library. Okay, this is from some escape library. Therefore, this constant will be from that same scape library. Some scape library, assembly deals with physical components. Okay, Physical components we would like to simulate inside the meth lab. So right, click And after the model Untitled. So now we have our constant this constant representing the radiation from the sun. OK, radiation from the sun going is through ourselves. So we'll take Here's the hour, but like this and connect it toe the solar cell as if it is the Roddy. So what is the value of variation? We are going to draw the voltage current characteristics with a different radiations. So we'll assume that the radiation here is 1000. What about meter square. Okay, apply then. Okay, So this is the 1000. Is the amount off radiation falling on the solar cells now? The second step is that we would like to add an a meter in orderto measures the current here and would like to add of all two meter in order to measure the voltage across zeroed. But we would need to add a variable resistance. Okay, which is representing our load. So if we look at the library, 40 seems cape, you will find that we had a variable resistance. Okay, we're is the viral resistance. Okay, let's time it resistance. Enter then search for the same escape. And here we have our valuable resistance. Why? We're using a variable resistance because we would like to get a variable loop. We would like toa Jonuz. Load itself is a resistance off the road and see how it will affect the voltage and current off the solar cell. Okay, because the variation off the Lord will it change the VR characteristics? So let's see what will happen if we adds a lot of resistance at a Ziploc model arm tighten . This one is called the Entitled Model in Matlin, then control are toe rotate this symbol or this component. Then we're going to take the post of connected toe this variable resistor and the negative to it. But before this, we need toe adds a meter in order to measure the current. Remember that this one is B s same escape this one Esteem escape This one seem escape. All of them are can be connected together because there are from the same section Z sim escape part. Okay, now I would like to add and I meet him so that a meter inside the same you link here is can be considered the fourth the same escape school. Dizzy current sense. Okay, current sends off, then enter. Okay. Current should be here E current. Okay. This one is also from Sim Escape Library. So we're going to the one current sense. Right? Click and add toe model. Untitled at block does the model untitled. Now we have our current source. So not current sources. The current sensor or the A meter. Now we would like to connect Izzy. The current goes out from the cell so rosy current sensor then throws the variable resistor . So we will take this terminal and the connected here and the second eternal here and connected here. Remember that the value of the A meter can be taken out from here from our here. Okay, Now we need also a voltage censored because it would like toa measure the voltage across zeroed. So going here and typing vaulted your sense Voltage sense Ok, enter. So we have our voltage since or right click the air to Z had blocked Oh, the model arm fighting Now we have our voltage like this. Now our voltage have a two term it's one which is this one like this which is measuring this part And this the other tenants to measure this second part. Okay, And this is the hour off the vault a meter This is the abbot off the meter now our solar cell will be connected towards the other tenor like this. So we have solar seuin providing power through a current sensor Does the variable resistor which is considered as our load and then toe the voltage sensor measures the voltage across zero Now the next step is that we would like to add the grounding for this part so going to the library and driving ground, then going down to Z seem escape again. You'll find here electrical reference. Right click is an ad block toe. The model are entitled. So we have here our electrical er thing then connected this terminal toe this part like this. So we, er sit or provided and er thinking node toe ourselves because this one is the highest voltage wizards, Victor, toe the ground or zero voltage. Now, the next step is that we would like to add a bloke called Z sold over configuration because we are dealing here with the same escape. So we will need to add a solver conflagration toe this morning. So let's add Z silver, then going toe escape. My exists sold for configuration added toe the model are entitled. Then we'll take this one. Okay, is in connected here. So this part on double click on it then use local silver is in a ploy. And okay, now the second step is that we would like to add the power sensor. Okay, We would like we have the current we have the voltage and we need also to add the power. So we need a broader. Okay, Because the power Z power produced from a solar cell is equal to the voltage voltage here across zeroed martyr, blood by sea, Current going through zeroed. So we'll go here toe the product product in orderto multiplies E voltage. And current is an ad toes e block. Now, you're not something here that we have the product here like this and we have a problem here now if we connected the current here, you'll see that it is not be ableto connected to it. Why or even the water. If we take the voltage like this and added does this book, it can not be added. Why? Because this to our from seven escape library. But this one is from Samuel Inc library. So we did this and they exist. So we need something. Toe changes the signal off z three, the current source or the current sensor from being a seem escape to a simulated. So how we can do this So we'll go to the singling library again. Then type convert. Okay. And converters reason here. Okay, then goto the same escape you will find here is the same escape that we have a similar link toe seem escape converter or seem escaped to simulate converters. So we have two types of converting. One can change a from Z signal off. That's him. Escape toe s a mewling. And this one it changes from that same you link signal in tow as him escape or are physical signal. So what we have here? We have a physical signal, which is that from the solar cell Physical signal from the current and physical single from the sense or the vault sensor. So we need to convert this physical signal toe a simmering signal. So physical, which is thesis escape in tow s a mewling. So at two z model untitled, we have this one here, then connected this one z current toe This part then from the Samuel Ankle toes the product . So we converted the same escape or the physical signal into a simulating four simulation signal. Now we need to do the same force the vaulted your source So we will just right click. OK? And copy isn't right. Click and based Now we have the voltage converted toe a simulating signal. So now we have the output off. This one is the power and our it off This one. This work is the current as a singling signal this one as a voltage singling signal. Now we need to add a working space in order to store the values. OK, so workspace for the voltage work is waste for the current work is based for the product or the power. So going like this to the simulate again and diving workspace enter goingto the Samuel Link you will find here at two workspace. So ad block does the model. This bloke and we need one. Foresee current one for the voltage and one for the product or the power. So we will just select it is in control and the drag toe doublet. Kate, it double click. They named it as he current, then, Okay. DoubleClick Voltage. Okay, power. Okay, so we have power. Which is the Albert from here. So here current from here to here, which is the Albert off the convert is the voltage from year to here. The vault ege. Okay, let's religious the Albert here. This is after converting from a physical signal or from some escape toe Aceh mewling signal . So we have the current voltage and dizzy power. Now what is the thing remaining? That last thing remaining is two things. Number one, we need toe store, these values. So whatever the change in the current wins, a load changes. I would like to save the valleys off the current voltage and power for the corresponding value off resistant. So how we can does this same bullyboy double frequency current, we will click on say, format as an array. Okay, save this one also, as an array, we would like to store all this. There are a lot of the values. When's that is the story changes and array. Okay, now what we need to add, we need toe changes. The variable resistance. We need to change it. So how we can change it by adding a ramp in boat ramp ramp like this soul finds it is as a mewling so air toe the model untitled. So we have our ramp now. Zero. And here I would like to change. Is he from 0 to 1? Okay. Start time. Zero. And the slope equal one. Okay. Now is the When we connected toe the resistance in order to change its value will see that it cannot be added. Why? Because the Ram here is a simulating. But this one is a physical load or seem scape lewd. So when did this one? So we need to add Z converter. So converter, in order to change it from same escape to physical or from the similar link, it'll physical. So from Samuel Inc. It'll physical air to model entitled. So this one is a simulating going here, Samuel in converted to a physical value. Then through Sarah, system will find disconnected now toe the resistor. So what does that mean? It means that it changes from zero to the maximum value we are changing. Get okay. We are increasing our lord gradually and storing is his values. So we have first zem the radiation at 1000. Is the solar city feel publicly conceptual or so you will find? Here's a different characteristics Z temperature and everything would like toa ad about this This cell OK, your fund short circuit open circuit Z radiance and so and so on. Every single like to add you can add it here in order to on simulate your own solar said. And your funding is the equivalent equation for this block diagram, then click and going. Okay. Now we can simulate this one by just clicking or run. So we simulated at 1000. Now, if we would like toa change it at my own 100 Zen would love click here and make it mine. Hundreds in. Okay, then after resists. Okay, we have current voltage power. Okay, This are the barometers at 1000. What? Burr Meter square or at a radiance? 1000. Now, if I change it 900 then I need to change. This parameter is the storage of variable Gunter number one. Voltage number one, our number one. Okay, so this are the sea variables. Which will the store, It's equivalent values at 900. What? Very meter square run again. Change it. Toe 100. Okay, current number two Voltage a number two. I'm power number two. Then run. Now we have it on. Let's make it 700. Okay. Number three. Voltage in number. Syria. Okay, our number three. Ok, as in run 600. We are going to do this until 500. Okay? And you'll see the results. And when we blow them inside the meth lab, okay. Each erogenous or each variation inside the See what? Burr Meter square. We are giving it at the front of variable for the voltage and different value for variable for the power run. Lost. 1 500 Okay. Going here. Toronto number five. Okay, vaulted the number five. Okay. Power number five. Okay, run. So now we often for 1000 for mine? 108 107 100. 605 100. So we have six different values for voltage current and power at a different origins. Now we need toe draws, the voltage current the characteristics and Izzy vaulted with the power. So how we can does assembly, we goto the Matlack itself back again and you'll find here inside the workspace current, current. 12345 Bauer, Bauer 12345 And voltage. 12345 This is the values which we would like to store inside our Matt Let okay, We stored by simulating at the front Iranians Now I would like to blow them so we will pipe in the command. The window blood, the bracket. We need toe bloat. Ze uh, current. Okay. Or Z? Let's make it the voltage voltage current then the voltage A number one voltage One current one voltage do God! Aunt dual Ah, voltage Cering Current three voltage four Current four Voltage five Current five Okay, so we have the five different values. Then we will close the pact, then enter and you'll find what will happen here. You'll find years at five The front of values we say vaulted You can't means that the X is voltage and dizzy. Why is current voltages X y x Y x y So fund here. 123456 This is six the front values for the voltage across the current. Okay, this is that voltage and the current and it's a variation with respected toe time. Okay, Now the question is how I can name this figure name here and another name Here is the X and y and the window itself. So we can go toe the math lab again and type x label explainable. Crack it then one colon on. Then we would like the extra busy voltage Give Aldige Okay then close It cracked. Enter Why? Lia ble Then bracket Colon. Then make it easy. Current and finally title bracket. I would like to name it as V I, um characteristics, Characteristics. Okay, on the i characteristics of four BV in self, then close the bracket. But at the beginning, we have to end this one and this one. Okay, then enter. Now let's look at see figure. Now you will find your VR characteristics for B visa, which is he title here. And there's the X axis is named as the vaulted. The Y axis is named as a current very simple and very professional in looking. Okay, so now we need toe block Z voltage and current. So I plot is a voltage with power. Voltage one Power one a voltage to power do voltage three Power three Voltage four power For now, we are just a We would like to blot Z voltage and Zika as the vaulted with respect A to Z power at a different loads. Okay. To see the variation off the load or the vaulted with the maximum power Voltage e five, Power five. Okay, we have five. Then enter. Okay, that's easy. Blotting. You'll find yours applauding will find here here the variation off the voltage and the equivalent of power. You will find that at a different radiance. As the radiation increases, you will find that the equivalent of power increase okay at the same voltage as the same voltage ear. The maximum power increases as the irradiation in priests. So you can also add here the fighter excel able again. Let's limit as voltage and why label as power and title name it as, ah her being being characteristics, Characteristics four BV cell like this enter and see again You will find your VB characteristics for a B vessel is the power and voltage. So in this video, will you learn it? How I can take a solar cell and they get their V I characteristics and the VB characteristic using Z Mettler program. So I hope you'll benefit from this video and see you in another lecture. 12. DC Motor Modelling At No Load In MATLAB: Hi, everyone. In this video, we would like toa learn how to model our days immortal inside the metal. So here we are, talking about the modeling off the DC Motor not obtaining the DC motor block from the meth lab itself. We are here getting the equations of 40 motor and in orderto model it inside the metal. So what is the first step? You will see that here we have here the equivalent circuit for our motor. Our motor is consisting off electric circuit. We have the voltage in boot inside the motor. Remember that DC Motor It converted Z electrical energy and toe a mechanical energy. But the D C generator converted Easy mechanical energy, end toe electrical energy. So our DC Motor here converted the electrical to mechanical. So we have the electric circuit and is a mechanical circuit. So the electric circuit is consistent off the supply voltage is the armature circuit, which is consisting off resistance and in doctors off course. If you don't know anything about the motors such as he d c machines, A C machines, as in Chronos induction machines and so on, You can go to my own course for machines. They will find all the types off the machines and their deep analysis. Now we have the resistance inductive off the DC Motor. The inductive is due. Does a transient state off the motor? And we have here the back in May generated at its terminals. This banking myth will cause the production off at work inside Simone and the circuit. Of course, the electric service have also that a fix it field or the field the circuit, which provides the flux in orderto produced is it work in the disease? Now this part is a mechanical part, as which is rotor itself. Now the DC Motor produces a torque, for example, in this direction. So they're auto rotate in the same direction in the same direction off Sita and the Omega, or the rotational speed is also in the same direction. Now the motor itself will have some elements which prevented states rotation number one. We have the inertia off the motor J That inertia is opposing. Is the rotation off the motor for example? In there and take a look west direction. So we have Jay. Okay, A J Sita. Okay, double dot or c tomato blood by Alfa or the Acceleration A rotational acceleration. So J Monta Blood Balfa Orgy Motor blood by the differentiation off Sita times give us the inertia equivalent torque, which opposes the median Tourky, and we have be multiplied by Sita. What? You're presenting dizzy coefficient off the friction which prevented the rotation off the motor. Okay, be much blood by seat. I don't see the lot, which is the Omega. Okay. And sit audible. Dot is omega dot or al. Okay, Omega Dog or all four, which is the acceleration or rotational acceleration. And Omega is the rotational is beat. So we have here J c trouble dot and the BC it adult is opposing the man talk. So we have year. Is that mechanical equations? And we have years, the electrical equations and so we have electrical, we have mechanical and we need toe get the electromechanical equations or the relation between electrical and the mechanic. So let's delete all of this like this. Now, at the beginning, we know that in science a DC motor, we know that the torque generated by a DC motor the talk itself is proportional to Z armature current by a constant factor Katie. Okay, so we know that the torque is equal to Afghanistan to factor. Gaity Motto. Blood, Bisi current. Where did we get this? I will, I remind you. Now, remember that the talk inside the electrical motor physical toe a certain constant decay multiplied by the flux about the blood Boise current or the armature current. Okay, Z armature current, which is the current of blowing here. So as this current increases as current increases in the torque produced will increase. Okay, so they talk equals K boy. So as the IAEA increases armature current increases that orca will increase now is the flux or that field comes from the field winding. We assume that this field winding is a constant. Okay, this one is a cornice stacked. Go honest. Okay. Anyway, so this value is a constant a value. So K is also a constant. So we can say, hey, multiplied by another constant value, give us Afghanistan to call the Katie and the armature current will be okay. So finally is the talk will be quite toe Katie oil. So they talk directly proportional with the current with the constant the value called Katie the back in meth is also proportional. Toe the angler velocity off the shaft so easy or the back image here, produced at the terminals off the rotor. Okay, is proportional. Does the angular velocity or omega by Afghanistan to call the K. So is he backing? Method produced is a direct and proportional with the Omega Sita vote is a force omega or the traditionally speed most of blood bar salting constant to call the K. Now I have to remind you that e or the e news they met at determinants off the rotor is equal to k certain constant What the blood by end multiplied by flux. Okay, and is as we had in our B m. Or how many revolutions per minute. So this is equivalent toes the omega, but multiplied by two pi over 60. Okay, anyway, And representing that traditionally sweet. Okay, but this omega is anglers beat angler velocity. So, anyway, is that tradition busy, are proportional to each other and is proportional to omega about. Omega is equal to toe by toe by end and over six. Okay, so it finds that omega similar to end but multiplied by a certain constant. Oh, by over 60. So anyway, we have e equals toe a certain Afghanistan tick a lot of blood by speed multiplied by the flux. And it was said that the flux itself is a constant. Okay, we fix it. That feed we did not change the current off the feed or we did not change is in flux at all . So OK, which is a constant multiplied by flux, which is a constant will give us another constant. OK, Kay. What? The blood by five, multiplied by two y over 60 will give us a certain constant, which is Katie multiplied by make So okay, assembly A constant which it takes gay and flux and secretary over to buy. Okay, since it is here and so 60 or for toe prime out the blood by omega, give us and again so some Afghanistan together give us k a lot of blood busy omega or their additional is meat. Now, in this case, senses E flux it's gonna stand is the constant. Here is flux. Flux is constant and at the same time we're using the SA units. Therefore, G A equals Katie. If you can create these values, the values off the constant. You will find that they are equal to each other so we can replace Katie Katie by equal to a certain constant equal key. So I can say that the torque is equal toe K I. Andy is equal to Ko make. Okay, so now we first to get the equation. What does this equations that represent this equations Representing is that electromechanical conversion the relation between the electrical circuit and mechanical circuit? Why? Because you will find the year torque, which is that mechanical to work. And we have a Z current, which is electrical from electrical circuit, and this from Z mechanical circuit Andy from Electrical circuit and Omega from mechanical sex. So this two equations relates, is the electrical to mechanical circuits. Now what's the next step? We have mechanical equations here from senior Orton's Secondo and the electrical equation from the curves off the voltage alone or that gave e L. So where did you get this? Ok, so first we said that we have here from Newton's second law forced the rotation. We know that these are mission off the torque equal to J Alba OK or J C, the double dot So the talks here for yours is the torque initial torque torque developed on the rotor minus B c that out. Okay. Be data dot equal to J sita double dot Remember that in this video, we are discussing at no load. OK, so there is no torque l or the low torque which opposes the mean talk. Okay, here. No, Lord, which is a simplified case. So we don't have the low torque now. Submission torque minor speed. That seat about equal jail sita double dot So we find that by replacing each one, we can see it a lot. Of course. Abi s not the blood by Sita and settleable. Dote s the square multiplied by Sita. Okay, this is lob lost transformation for the differentiation which is s Sita and Sita Double Lotus s square seat. Now we will find that here. This circuit is equivalent to this one. Okay. Looking at here this one Okay. No, this one here j settled. Armando, This one Blust be seated out equal does e k I. Why k I? Because the torque is equal. Toe came up blood by I. So this is Z talk, so j settleable dot blood species at all. Equal key I and the 40 electrical circuit. We have the supply voltage, equal toes, The current multiplied by our blasts. L d I buy ditty. Blust says he back in met. So the supply voltage here equal toe l The over titty blasts the voltage drop across the resistance R I plus cases about cases about here is the back in memory from here. Que e Sadat, or case it about assemblies are back in method so the supply voltage is equal. Toe the voltage across the in Doctors Blust voltage across the resistance blood Is he back in math generated with exist here now by using zeal applause we can't change each looked by s and each of double don't buy a square So we have here taking conceit as a common factor seat as a function off s or the frequency domain you will find that s J C s because gs square J s a squared plus b a seater. So here we will have one s being equal Tok I as a function off s K I's function office for this one. The I buy ity is replaced by S I. So l s I and the resistance are Are are you office? So it will be our motto. Blood by all you pests equal Toby as a function off s minus K as I am not a blood by SS eater office. Okay, since seat adult, it will be s seat. So now we have the two equations and we substitute off course here. Was it work and they were backing Met. Okay, remember that this is the talk. And this one is he back in May? So we have here our equations. We will eliminate Z as a function office. So we have here RFs and we have your our interests. So we can take I office from here and a substitute in this equation And in the end the week and get the transfer function what does the transfer function mean? It means that the al but the out over the import. Okay, So what is the outward and what is the m word? Our outward here is the Omega. Okay, See the dot or the O make and our import. It symbolises the supply voltage v sublevel to be so out over the input. So by just simple mathematics will find that by taking this year you will find that the Omega over the office equals K. She s a plus B a lesser plus are plus K square. So this is a relation between the input and the output. Okay, Albert, which is Omega and the M But which is we now? In the case off, I would like toe get or both this transfer function inside the meth lab. We need your symbol. A prizes. So finds that the transfer function is equal. Tok over, um, months of start simplification. Off courses. JLS square J el has square plus B R plus que square. Okay, okay, square. So all of this like this, Plus OK, all of this inside the denominator, plus B l plus r j r j don't order. I'm writing it outside, so I can just about it in Matt. Let s So we have JL square at the square ngl as a square. So this is that certain content? Jealous Issa Square plus b r Belinsky Square. This is with Essabar zero and Biela, blah Sergey about the blood bias. So we have here. This is our transfer function, and we need to put it inside the mat left. So let's goto our math. Let. So we have opened our meth lab first will go to new, Then we'll choose as him your link Modern. Now we will first about our block. So the first thing we have the supply Voltage. Okay, supply voltage year is a constant value. Okay. As an example, it will be at 200 on and 40 volt or 120 volt or whatever. So the first thing we are going toe that singling library then we're going in tow type are constant like this constant since we are talking about a block diagram Ad block, toe the model on Titan. So this representing our supply. Okay, this one representing our air vaulted to supply I exist. Voltage image or the embed vaulted. Whatever. Okay, Now, the second thing is that we need the transfer function. Okay. Is the relation between the Albert and Zimba transfer function? So we'll find here at the front types off the trance function. We need that lob lost function. So tha the club lost function. You will find the years the s, which is the al applause. So we are going toe Add Ziploc toe The model entitled I exist Now someone will tell me that the lob lost function Waas s a square plus s plus a certain constant. But here it is s a plus one. Okay, don't worry, I will just change it now. So double click. You will find that we have the numerator year and denominator So what you are going to do? We remember that the upper one waas z k ok, so we can if you don't know what is the value on the other? And what is the values in the lower such such as, for example to over as early as two square plus toe asked the blast five as an example If you don't know what is this values and you know them by symbols So can I add them towards the meth lab? Yes, you can add them as a simple seen Matt lab and then But is the values for each value as we'll see now. So as a beginning we have eggs animal later we have key as well remember, And here in the denominator we have j l s a square. So what? We're going to do we have one? And it'll so the mat lab translates this to variables as s and one. But if I add one and another one here. So what does it mean? Format? Lap? This story means that s the square plus s plus one. If I added another one here, it will be a secure plus X square plus s plus one. So what Di does I need all What I need is I need to add JL is the square so we can say Jay . Okay, amount of blood by l. Okay, this is the coefficient off square. Plus is equal fish on the four z s being multiplied by l plus R multiplied by J. So this is the coefficient off s and they lost one which is the lost a constant for a spar zero b. What? The blood by our Lusky All square. So we have in the numerator K is a constant decay and the J motto blood by l as this is the constant for Esther Square and this one being much blood by l. A plus Armato Blood by J is the constant four z z s and he lost one which is we mount the blood by our piemonte blubber are plus K square. So let's what? Here's the bracket. Okay for the lost A turn. Now if I click on OK, we have done all of our variables isn't click on OK, your friends at the meth lab giving you some question marks because he doesn't understand what you have Both. Okay, What does Came in? What does j mean? And so Okay, don't worry, I'm going toe Show you how we can add these values now Long Tosa mewling. Then add the school k school at it was the bloke. My exists Maximize. Okay, so we have here our input is the voltage and we have here our output, Which is that is bead or does that make? And here's the MBA Voltage will assume a 12 volt for our example Now how we can add Z values for the transfer function we need toe adds the value of J l B and R And of course, a key. So first thing we're going toe met lab. You will find your invalid arguments about the toe drawn command in block with initial states. And so Okay, so here is a problem is that he doesn't understand what is G. What is l? What is be what is our What's Kate? What is Israel? So we will both here j equal toe or point or one. Then click on Enter. OK, so find that Jay is now stored in math lab as all point or one. Be equal toe or 0.1. Then type enter and the K equal or point or one enter and the resistance equal to one home in doctors, equal toe or 10.5. So booked J B, K R and l. Okay, so this is the values are now stored inside the meth lab. You'll find that be having an equivalent value off 0.1 j equal, open toe one and so on. Now let's go towards the mat. Let now if I click on run, let's see what will happen. You'll find that now, after clicking or run, you will find the Demet lab gives you the value off K, which waas or point or one as we said. And here is this is a value of G. L s A square plus is a valuable Biela bliss or G s plus the Afghanistan torches Br plus K square. Okay, So, Matt, lab now understand, What is the values off K j l A J L b r and so on and substituted here. And they made their simulation now opening our scope to see the Albert, which is the Omega now, looking at our our. But here, this is our out or scale. Right? Click and old scale. You will find that Z Albert becomes one point toe as a speed. So at the beginning, it will take some time until it reaches its a steady state is be. This bit is namely? Listen one point toe. So this is the Albert off the motor. We bought a certain vaulted, which is 12 a vote. And the Abbot Waas 1.21 point two Tau omega or Raber. Ready number second, This is beat representing Z motor at no load. Remember that in our equations, we don't We did not both any type off loads. Now the question is what will happen if we add a load toe our notice how we can model our DC motor. So in the next video, we'll see how we can do this 13. DC Motor Modelling At Load Using Simulink : Hi, everyone. In this video, we would like toa model our DC Motor at load or at the patients off a talk. So we have a DC motor, which converted easy electrical energy into mechanical energy. So before we discuss dizzy modeling off the DC Motor at no load Now if we would like to discuss the motor at the business off mechanical loot so the mechanical load is representing inside our equation boy t ell or load torque. So let's see our equation and the difference between them. So the at the beginning we need the electrical equations, the mechanical equations and the electromechanical conversion. So the electrical equation we know that the equivalent circuit inside the D. C motel is equal toes a supply multiplied by the supply equal toe our a plus l the oil off Arditti Bluff Z back MF is the import DC voltage equal toe a r a. Okay, I r a and dizzy armature. Current model blood buys are Mitchell Resistance, a blast lady oil for deity. The voltage across ASEAN doctors, which is the inducted, the I body or the differentiation off the current plus Z back A meth induced adds Letterman's off zero toe So E back now if we changed our equation from the time domain toes es sort of men using the lab loss, then we'll have the which is that in use the voltage over as the import DC voltage at the s a domain I as a function off s what the blood by our a and l a as this dru afford it is a differentiation is converted toe s so s so multiplied by Oh, yea s somewhat abroad by which means that differentiation one time off the current was respected toe time plus Izzy back in myth. Now we will have the current Finally we need Here's the current and you will understand why later But now we need the current. So the current is equal toe e a minus e b we take this one here e a Mina CB over our a plus l a s l a s a blast are a This will be divided by EA minus f b a minus a B over l. A biss plus are a give us Z armature current. So we have here. This can be equivalent to as a block diagram e a minus TV by using some England. We have e a and A B e A which is the most of A and e b with a negative sign and the multiplied by one over L. A s blah Sorry, which is a transfer function in lab loss. So this will give us Z armature current. So this representing the block diagram for the electrical part. Now, lettuce is a mechanical part for the road or D C machine. Was it before we have the torque? Okay. As an example, here we are rotating clockwise, and we have the torque electrical which is induced, or the torque mechanical with respect to the difference between them. But this talk electrical and opposing it. Number one z frictional force be omega or visit a dot and zero torque and at the same time off course is E j. Okay, Seita double dot or J omega dot or J Alfa Okay. Which, representing the inertia off the road or itself. So we have from Newton's second Law. Is that the submission off the torque equal to J that inertia omega dot torque Here are torque electrical minus torque, lewd minus B o Make torque. Electrical minus torque. L and miners Bulimic. You will find T. Is that mortal talk? Is that torque? Which produced by Zemo minus the load torque. Now you will find that the Imbert torque does. The rotor is divided into low torque. Plus B Omega was a frictional force. And the inertia off Simone. So the difference here inside this modeling at lewd is that we have here at TL. Okay. Or low talk before, inside that no load that e l was equal to zero. And how is he? We need toe get Z Omega alone. So you will find that Omega alone here by converting this to and Esther domain, they don't will have Jay s Omega. Right? This part is J s Omega, and you have here be omega. So we can take this one here. So the other side, So we'll have torque electrical minus tl This part cases part equal toe J as omega plus b o make Js omega plus b omega o k gs omega lost be omega. So it finds that the omega finally or is a traditional is read Is a choir or an angler velocity or the traditional speed or velocity. The Omega is equal to one of our G s plus B one of our G s plus B. What the blood by torque Electrical minus tear. Okay, so we have here. This can be by doing is a block diagram torque, electrical minus tale By using some England and we have one of our G s plus B as a transfer function will give us is the Omega M or the mechanical Our boat anglers velocity. So we have years a block diagram for the mechanical, and we have the block diagram for the electrical. Now we need the electromechanical conversion. Same as before. We know that the torque a questions that the talk is equal. Tok what a blood by for a month the blood bisi current. Or we can say that all of this is a certain constant to call decay. Okay, as we would like in the end of the are constant. Okay and the entity are all constant. So talk electrical K for I'm not a blood by my armature. So the armature current matter blood by K for I give us Z toe work out or the electrical talk and the back MF is equal to okay for Iomega or K envoy, Okay, as the difference between them is off course, the constant. And we said that the Fluxus constant so okay, for I can be considered as a constant or may come out the blood bike if I give us a V or the backing. So we have here is the electro mechanical equation. Now what you are going to do is that we are going to take this equation and this equation toe connected the two block diagrams. So how? By getting the Omega here and adding multiplied by K four, I give us Z back in meth. Let's see, we have the torque electrical plus minus dork loot will give us find anyone over multiplied by one of our G s plus B Give us Omega. Now this omega if it is multiplied by key if I will give us is the back in Memphis which was required the boys there electrical part. Now, if we want a blood by the armature current by K four, I will get to work electrical. So get back. We have all our Mitchell okay multiplied by K for I give us torque electrical. So this is their let's get like this. This is the electrical part. This is that mechanical part and current, not the blood bike. If I give us the required at work inside the D C machine and Omega Monta blood bike, if I will give us is a require the backing meth in the current equation. So that's representing the whole block diagram. In case off the reasons or float, this block diagram is the one which you are goingto both inside the metal. Now, as we remember, Form Z no load. We assume that the Fluxus constant so a constant amount of blood by K will give us a certain constant and they came out the blood. But if I will give us the same constant So in the end we can replace que foi by a certain constant equal to K t as an example. Okay. And this Katie will be equal to go beau in tow one Okay, similar as before, we are going to use the same values at no load in orderto compare between this bloke diagrams. Now, let's go to our meth lab and simulate this block diagram. So now we have opened our Matt Labs, and we're going to click on you and they choose a simulation model in order to simulate our D C. Monday. Okay, so now we have our simulating that first thing. Let's to look Ads in medlab required. So the block diagram is that e which is the import DC voltage and e back. Okay, going toe are summing glowed. So the first thing is that we need a constant representing the thean Would DC voltage and disease some England. So going to Tosa simulating a library first, we're going toe type Afghanistan. Okay, search for it and add it Does the block model untitled then the US I can sing we need at summing gloat so we'll click on some. And we have here our some England and does the block on titled So we have here is this I mean not and we have here are gonna stand This is the import e air okay. And connecting it dozy some England. Now we know that here inside the block, we have plus and minus. So we change this one to minus hell. If you double click on the block, you'll find Here's our list off signs a plus and plus So I will make it plus minus Lexus. And Okay, so we have the plus and we have the minus 40 back in myth now going to Z MetLife again. We have a transfer Fraction one over L A s a plus R a. So we will add a look. Okay, so going into the signalling hclibrary, then transfer function enter then we need one over s so well solutions one end add blocked OSI model entitled, Similar as before. Okay. Like exists Connected this one. So he and as this one, um, we have one of our l A s. The plus are in, so double click and the denominator will have L A l A and Z um, Italy s A plus R a. So are a and OK, so it will give you some question marks. Don't forget that we were going toe Add the values for R E and a later. Now we have noticed that we have give why, which is our certain constant. Okay, so we need a constant We will take this one and add it here. Ok, we need to off them because one here and another one here. So assembly boy control and drag, we can get the certain constant. But remember something years that this one give us a constant. Okay, but we need a look which takes E m boot and provides the hours so this one cannot be used. Okay, So what you are going to do is that we are going toe the library exist and we're going to Z amplifier, for example, or not simplify apart is again a gain. Enter then add it does the block entitled? Okay, this is a certain constant which receives an in boat. Okay, Takes is this AM but which is the abbot from dysfunction and the multiplied. It buys this game giving us z out. So that's why it's called again. Okay, Amplifies or increases he out. Now, this one we need another one. So control and drag then control are toe date like exists. Okay, this constant is off course Z k. Okay. And okay, this one is also ok. And OK, now what is the next step? Let's see what we have. Que voy. Then we have another summing gold. So take this one and drag it. So what are we going to go. We want toe rotate this one here because the post of coming in from this one, okay. And in England from the other side. Or you can leave it like this. So So now we need to add Z low torque. So we will just the selectors. And what is this one and drag it, This one representing the low torque. OK, which we don't know it. It's a value. Then we will connect it. So the negative terminal like this. Okay, so we have here that torque electrical input is the negative. Representing zero torque and going back to the block, we will have a transfer function, one of our G s plus B. So take this one and drag, then double click on it. We have one over J s J s Blust. Be right being, then. Okay, then takes this one here and the out off this one will give us zero make. So take this Omega on, get it here and here. Okay. So the Albert, which is the Omega connected tools again? Same game here, which is carefully, and the back dozy note so has similar here. Takings Omega. Back to here Now we need to add the school. So going toe similar link, then school enter ad block had blocked off the model entitled Then take the scoop here like this and connected toe this note like this Now what is the single meaning? We have to go towards the mat lab and give us the values for our function. Number one G equal or goingto one Enter Be equal 10.1 similar as before the no load case and K equal to or boy in tow one, Our Mitchell Resistance Equal toe care. Remember that it is our a our capital and a small one z l a equals 2.5. So we have all of our values as I think. Now let's see if something is missing Now is the torque load. We will give it as zero value for now. So we are assuming that we have a no load case. Now let's Geronzi program and see what will happen. Now let's see the result or in the school double click on the school, then maximize it. Now we will find that the output waas high value is in going down and the decaying toe nearly zero So what does this mean? This means that the model was not able to provide the no lo talk. Okay, it is nearly equal to zero. So why is this? Let's see our equations. So we have yours Is a torch equal to zero again is okay. This function is okay. Let's see it again. Here We said that the import voltage in the previous case Waas that will revolt So not one . So we'll click on ok and run our case again then Won't see is at school now By opening the scope, you will find that the there was a high value, then going down and then going up to one point toe. So what happened in the biggest case on the in order is a block diagram off No load. We had the initial value or not. The initial value, Their initial value or the starting point was equal to zero and the motor started from zero going to 1.22 So what happened, dear? Why it started from another values in going down and toe the same vinyl value. Okay, I will tell you now. So the first thing you are going to do is that? Number one. You will find that the transfer function here is that which were chosen with initial estates. So what does it mean? Initially? States, it means that the initial value forces blocked is equal to what is equal 2.5. So we need to change this to zero. Okay, We need to start everything from zero. Okay, Now we're on again and opening our scoop or scale. Now we will find that the case is now, as before 1.2 omega as before. Okay, so now the program working perfectly same as before. Or the model walking perfectly. Same as the previous one. Now I need to add a no talk. As an example, I'm going toe add. Let's say five OK, and see what will have any five foot five is the motor will be ableto operate at this voltage. And at this values or not, or winnings a school. What? Scared you will find that the motor going going toe negative. 50. Okay, negativity cannot be ableto operate. So, um, let's change this toe one, okay? And run it again. Double click. So we'll find that here. It means also and negative mind What does this mean? Negative nine. Okay, let's think about this. If we have here a torque, which is electrical, which is used the toe, rotate it in the clockwise direction. Okay, let's assume that look wise. Direction. Okay? And we have the low torque, Which or? Boss, is it? Okay, let's see the diagram. In order to understand this, you'll find that that torque electrical won't distort, rotate in a clockwise direction. So this clockwise is the a postive at direction for us. But the low torque is in negative direction. So that all electrical postive and torque load negative. So when there is beat in this case off one Okay, you will find that the is beat is negative. Mine. So what does it mean? Negative nine means that our motor is operating in the opposite direction. Boys, effect off low tour. Okay, here is a program assumes that the low torque is a constant value. Okay. Or a torque. A blind. Okay. A torque which is obliged him as the electrica talk. But of course, a real life. It is not like this. It is at the front of from the electrical talk. So what happens if we change our and voltage for example Toe 100 walked gay, then starting again. So we increases the voltage off the motor or winnings a school and on a scale So we'll find that it starts from zero Then it goes down and back to zero. So what does this mean? It means that that developed the torque inside the motor is equal toe the low torque. OK, in the end, their rotational his beat was equal toe zero order Omega is equal to zero. So what will happen if we increased for example to 150 and OK, increases our voltage Then simulating the model and openings at school or scared, you'll find that now the as beat was equal to zero going down by the effect off the road, then going up again. Okay, until reaching is a steady state here. So in the end, the motor waas ableto rotate due to the effect off. Adding more voltage, Ato zeroed in this video, we learned how to model the DC Motor inside the mat lab at the reasons off loot 14. DC Motor Simulation Using Simscape In MATLAB: Hi, everyone. In this video, we would like toa learn how to add a DC Motor Dozy Samuel Inc and simulate this d c mode sobre obviously. Or we just the date at D c. Modern four CDC motor or a model force a DC motor inside the similar ankle by obtaining electrical and mechanical equations and electromechanical conversion between them. Now, in this very we are goingto get an actual DC Motor using that power library inside. See, Met lab and at does some simulation on this d C machine. So first we are going toe new is I'm now using that 2019 Matt Lab before I was using that 2015. And I am now using that winter 19. So I saw you the difference between them. Okay, you'll find that the 2019 have more features off course than the 2015 but not a big difference. Okay, so we'll start by clicking on, and you then s a mewling model. Okay, then we're going toe. Choose a blank model, create a model. Okay, So now we opened the window for the model which you are going toe add to it, then we're going to use a smiling library similar as before. Now, when we open our window, now we would like to get Is that d C machine? Okay, D C machine. And so now we have our D c machine. As you see here, this is our D C. Machine in the library off. Same escape. Since it is an actual or physical component now, not the model off the D. C. Machine. So it finds that when we point that it you will find that power library machines DC machine . So this from that power library Now, right, click and add block. Does the model untitled So going here and maximize it like this. So this is our D C machine. You'll find that a plus a minus. Is this representing Z armature? Okay, the positive terminal off the armature and the negative terminal off the armature where we bought our embodies ISA ploy and will find f repulsive and f innegative This representing Z feel the winding off the D C machine and we have toe turn us here. One here for the measurement M means a measurement where we can this bill a our values or measure our varies using the school and we have TL or the low torque where it is important to our machine. Now we need at first is easy embodies the supply. So let's open our simmering library. Then add a voltage source. Now we will find here a lot off Walter source. Okay. As an example, you'll find that this one is power library. Electrical sources deceive also. So this one is the one which will be able to add It does the block. Why? Because it is from Seapower Library. Okay, let's maximize. So if you take this one here, it will be connected normally. And if you're connected to the other terminal here, it will be connected normally. Okay. Why? Because this one is from the power library and this one also from zip. Our library sources are from the same section or the same Bart off the library. Now, as an example you will find here when I click vaults resources. Let's see another one such as this one. You'll find that this is from E library. So at the block. Okay, let exists. Okay, this voltage source. Let's see it. If we can add it or not, by taking this terminal here. Does he field? You will find that it is not accepted. Why? Because this one is from a different a library, then as that D C machine itself. So what did this one okay like this going back again? Um, we have another D c. Votes off this one. Okay. And we have another one. We're way where? Ah, okay. Is this battery, for example? Okay, then. Close. So if we selected Zab Battery or this deceive Walter July exists, it will not be accepted. Why? Because it is not from the same library. And if you're connected, this one here, it cannot be accepted. Why? Because this one and this one are from the front libraries. So if we, um, go back, see this one? This is from E library this'll. Swon is from FL Library. Okay. And this one is for, um, Eli Perry. But this one is from the power library. Zip our library. Similar toes, a D C. Machine. So if we get back to the d c machine, Okay. The machine, like, exists you. If we look at it, you will find that it is power library machines day see machine. So we have to select the components from the same library. So we have our d c voltage, lest control and the drag to copy it and control our toward it legs us. Okay, so this is the embody C voltage or supply DC voltage to our machine. And here's a field warning. So connected, this one here by exists and the negative terminal with the negative terminal fund your effort positive And if the negative Okay, so if we double click on the D C machine, you will find that we have can It was our model. Okay, You have a different types off the motors here, available in matte lamp 250 old power 25 so on with a different rated rpm. Or the speed narrated this wheat off the machine. The 500 volt here, representing busy imbued DC voltage and the 700 body representing busy field The voltage So going up here. And as an example, we are going to choose 240. Vote the 150 volt OK, 240 volt as an import. DC voltage or armature voltage and 150 vote before their field right. So selected this one and click on. OK, so we have that in booked 240. And we have the Albert, which is 150. This is not the our body field whining and OK, so what is that remaining thing? Number one Z low torque. So is a low torque. We will assume that it is a step function. We are boating our load from zero upto z maximum value in an instant. Okay, So step going to exist using this one. Let's see, it is this one is simulating sources a step. So is this one is user for every block Diagrams Adblock toe the model entitled. Okay, come here. Solutions one here. Like this. So this is a step in both for our torque load or TL. Okay, this one. Is he in booked day, See? Voltage. Okay, now this one is, uh okay. Uh huh. Here in boot field. Voltage. Okay, so we have the load. Ok, this is a load which is obliged to our motors. This is the embodies, the wattage input field winding. And we need the measurement, so we will need toe things here. Number one. We need that scoop. Okay. School school center. Add Z blocked with the model entitled. And we need also that display. And I would tell you know why Display and add the block to use the model entitled. Okay, so we have that display. So what does that this Bill A do? It shows us the values off the motor during the simulation and after the simulation. As if it was at this Billy in the actual or real life. Okay, you'll see Now is the difference between them. Okay, now adding that school exists And so we have our school, this blaze, the import torque and everything. Now let's around the simulation. You'll find that here and narrow on assurance Comotto cannot be evaluated. Okay. What is the error of this one? Without thinking, you will find that the power go will you block does not exist so we have to go tos ee power We okay? See? Power go. We and our adblock toe the model entitled. Okay, this one's This book is very important hand. Always give me hours. If I didn't put it Okay then rotten again. Now we will find that is the same Your link programme. Okay both lie exist. Our program now for that see mewling So with us is the outward value such as he is beat the current Z omega or as our omega or the angular velocity is the current the torque and so on some values which is related So the D C machine. Now, if we open our school, you'll find that here. Our program so was us Z variation in the value such as here Going from that you'll want, for example, going up and going down until reaching 109 3 As I think K from here. Okay, Another value here. Going up. OK, let's see. Okay, let's zoom in. Plus. Okay. Like this. Now chosing Z hand. Okay. So, fund years, This is that yellow game. I think I zoomed in very much. OK, but anyway, going up and is in reaching its to say state now for the other values here for the blue and green values you will find here starting from high value. Okay, lie exists and going Darwin. Okay. Until reaching that steady state value here for them. Ok, so it finds that weekend. Zoom in and out from here. You'll find your resume on Zomax ism. Why? As on our end zone. So we for collecting out like this, we can choose a zoom out tool. Okay, so you can find the by Graham more clearly. Now, I would like to show you honors or think here inside the program for the math lab. 2019 different from 2015 your funds that when we right click Okay, we can restore view. Okay. And we can Let's just delete this one right click and you'll find here at the front configurations different from before. Okay. Before when I click on right collect it. Rasta selected the auto scale. Okay, But now in this programme, I cannot right click and selecting what scale your friends at the program automatically gives you the most appropriate view for Aziz simulation. Now another saying you if you click here your find years of configuration profits or right click configuration providers. You'll find here that I have the option open adds a simulation of start. So if I click selected this one and a ploy. So by selecting this, you will find that the simulation will start automatically after clicking on the Iran Barton. Another thing that in the display case. Sometimes if you don't see this graph inside the program, you will find that the problem is that I selected that limit that appoints was the lost 5000. Now, if I click on this one, you will find that sometimes the program will give you starting from mine. For example, would find that all of the brave those values does not exist. All needs this part only. Okay, so when you find that this part only exist, you have tow unmarked this one, because it will limit See, that are going through the last 5000. So clicking on OK, now it has no limit. Okay, so I can draw all of the field so they lost. The question is that what is this values this values number one is from the force as beat omega or the traditional is beat in radium bear 2nd 14 motor. The second value is the value of the armature current that serve the value is the value off the field, the current and the lost value is the Alba talk. Okay, so those are the values which are Albert from our December, and we displayed this values on our school. Okay. As an example, all of these values you will find here alot of them. Okay. Except the Z Omega. This is the only single does not show. Here you will find that all of the veil of such as he feel the current armature current and the electromagnetic talk at Beers A here, the last event which is for the as beat or the omega, is on the higher value. So if we don't out, why exists? You'll find years that now this value of which is representing the speed now appear starting from zero going up and reaching the steady state. So in this video, we're learning how to add that DC motor and simulate it using the same link in matter. 15. Simulation Of Induction Motor Or Asynchronous Motor Using Simulink: Hi everyone. In this video we would like toa simulate or boot z synchronous machine as in Chronos machine or the induction motor inside the same your link or using that same escape. So the first thing we are going to click or new then we're going to choose at sea mewling model in orderto simulate our induction motor or the induction machine. So first we are going toe used the blank model Okay, starting is that simulating? So now we have our simulant. Let's maximize it. So the first thing we are going to use that similar link library then the first thing we are going toe search afford is the bar go? We remember that the power going is the one which is necessary in every aspect so far, or go is and enter then add block does the model unlighted Okay, so we added the continuous power going. So now again, does a simmering hclibrary. Then we need to add that as in Cronus machine as in Chronos seeing us go on us. Okay, so let's see that simulating similar links and escape Okay, the same escape. So let's see where the induction machine as in Chronos machine video advantages. Okay, this is the hour synchronous machine. So this is inside the berry unit values. Okay, if you are dealing with the power systems and we're going to lose the power unit or the paragon in their system But since we need an actual values in order to measure Z torque, these beat and state of currents and everything, we need actual values. Okay? We don't need that very on it. So we use That s our units or the standard international units. I reckon it is in right. Correct. And Adblock does the model Untitled. Now we have year our s synchronous machine. Like here, you'll find here it is consisting off three terminals a B and seeing. Okay, this is the state or currents, okay? Or the state or input currents. And ABC that wrote or cards. And we have here z tm or the torque off immortal. Okay, we hear connect our loot, and we have em, which is a measurement. A port. Now what's the first thing we're gonna do? We need toe supply, our motor orderto the motor toe operate. We need a three face supply, so we can simply instead of using. I sit if its supply let's do something different. So let's say evolved the source of all vintage source. Enter and let's see that same escape off course. Okay, let's see what we have here. We have the A c a vaulted to sort this one ad block toe the model on Titan now taking this one here like exists. Maximize. Now connecting it to here. Okay, this is that first vaulted, which is a So let's say here, a voltage source of old a voltage or let's say it V a Okay, the is a voltage off the terminal or Z first a face, which is a Now we will select this one end control and drag in orderto duplicate it like this. So let's move it. Like exists. And this one here. And this one here now connected This one here and one in this one here. So we have VB okay, V b v b And here v c the city of his import supply. And we need to add the grounding. Why? Because we would like toa connected this motor as a star, we can use a star connection or use a delta connection so as an example, we are going to use the store connection. So we need that city terminals here connected toe the ground. So going toe Samuel Inc. And by being a ground enter. So we have that same escape. Okay, we need that same escape browned. Add Brooke to the model entitled Kayla exists. This is our ground, and you'll find that here connecting like this. And this one here and this one here. Okay, I would like toa give you a hint about something going into the Samuel Inc. Look at this one. You'll find the years that this one is in the black, black, black and the ground also here in black. So this ground is suitable for is the, ah, the sources here. So it finds that this ground is from the power library elements ground. Now let's get back. So the voltage source going now in this one is a power library. Electrical sources. Easy. So this one is from the library off the power library and dizzy ground. This one is also from the power library. That's why this one can be connected. Toe this one. Okay? Because this one is from the power library And this one is from the power labour. Now, if we look at this one, for example, FL Library, which is not the same libraries. That's why if we add this one for examine and Ziploc does the model on title that like this okay, and try connecting it here, it will not be connected. Why? Because this one is from a different library. Zandt's this one. So that it this one and did this one now going back? If we look at our synchronous machine, as in Chronos machine, Look at here. It is Power library. Okay, so we have a power library connected toe, an A C water source of power library and the grounding power library. Now, if we double click on the a synchronous machine or the induction motor, you can find here that we can choose their rotor type. Okay, if it is a want or a squirrel cage or double square kids or whatever you would like to simulate. So now, as an example, if I would like to change this rotor type in tow a muzzle types such as the squirrel cage. Okay, for example, now in the square kids, you can add a preset parameters a square cage. Braise it model. So if I click on it, you will find you that we have a different types off that squirrel cage you will find here , for example, Five Force A Power 460 volt remembers that the forensic civil is RMS and lying to line and the frequents here, 60 Hurtis and the R B m is 1750. This is big, is aerated, is meat So we would like toa testes, this motor or this induction motor at a different loading and we would like to see is that state or currents? Is the rotor currents the torque or that's beat and everything. What will happen inside this induction machine? So as an example weekend it's use is this one? For example, 5.4 horsepower, four kill what? 400 volt, 50 Ortiz and 1000 front and 30 rpm. So try to remember this. So we have 400 volt, which is RMS Value line to line. Okay, apply and 50 hertz. Okay, Now we will find that here, the since it is a square cage will find that the three phase here the three phase currents . Albert disappeared, okay? And the all combined in one measurement booked. So let's see what will happen here if we double click here we have a 5.4 horsepower or four kill what? 400 volt and 50 years. Okay, so going toe the face A what is the big value? So as you remember that from as the electric circuits that so in order to change the line to line voltage toe his walt it remember that we divide for that line to line voltage power . You wrote City route three. Okay, Road three is 1.732 OK, 1.732 So we have a 400 volt divided by 1.7 three to equal as this is that fey's voltage. But as an RMS, in order to change this value to, um does the big value we multiplied by wrote two. OK, 230. Let's delete all of this. Okay, I had this calculator. Really? Really. I hit it wrote two Wrote is 1.414 month blood boy 200 searching mine four equal. So 126.59 326. Okay, let's take this one here. Cobby 726.5. Mine. Okay, as I remember, Control. See, now this is a have a zero phase shift and the frequency 50 hertz. Okay, so that big value Okay, we remembers as a 400 volts is lying toe line and RMS So in order to change the line to line toe phase, divide by rote city. And if you would like to change this phase, voltage from armies toe a big value. We multiply by route. So okay, is this is our first supply. 2nd 1 which is beef. Same value off the voltage. Very shift. Minus 120 degrees. Shifted boy. 120. Degree and frequency 50 hertz. Okay. Fears number C. 120 degree plus. 120 degree. 50 hertz. Okay, so now we have our three fears Supply ok is if his beef etc. Phase voltage 226 and we have the connected to our induction motor. Now we need to connect a zeroed and doing needs a measurement. So first, let's sees a measurement in order to get the measurement here It includes Ah, lot of values off the machines such as the state of currents, rotor cans. And so So how can I do this? First, you are goingto select in similar link Library bus. Korean enter. So we have here that seem you link. Okay, boss. A selector and the bus create. So we are going toe selected. This one pass creator adds a model toe. Is the model on Titan and the bus select. Okay, Okay. Let's move them away from each other. Kayla exists. Delete this one and make this one larger. Okay. Like this. And maximize this one and move this one here. So what does this does the bus select assembly connected the measurement toe this bus in orderto reduce on Albert measurement signals. So if we double click on here, we will understand how it is selected signals. Select all of this. Delete. Delete. Now you will find that here. What does the bus select or toe the bus selector assembly takes is a measurement. Okay, which is here? Signals in Iwas. In this measurement, we have zero to measurement a state or measurement and the mechanical measurement. Then we can take the signals and produce our signals. So what does it mean? It means that mechanical selected the rotors beat in Omega AM or in a Z radium birth. Second and click on Select. So we selected first by mechanical rotor speed. This is one which I would like to measure. And the electoral electromagnetic talk Okay, Produced. Select. Okay, so we selected that Omega Orza rotors beat and the torque produced Now, also, I would like to select is a state of currents a ABC select. Okay, instead of current a selected or current tippin select settle can't see. And the fourth the rotor I would like to select is the root of current here Water currently be rotor currency and so on. So we have 12345678 hours Signals sources that here what will happen if I click on? Apply you will find here. 12345678 This one The 1st 1 is representing the 1st 1 which is a mechanical through tora speed. 2nd 1 representing the mechanical electromagnetic torque served one representing the state or measurement state or measurement state permission. And so so Ok, now I would like to measure the air the to see the Alba torque and would like to see at the same time they are. But his wheat so going toe the similar link and typing the, um school. Okay, school. Right click. Add blocked with the modern Untitled. And that display. Okay, this play display Enter. We have the display ads. It looked with the model entitled. Okay, move this one Here. Move this one Here. Now look, this one Mechanical rotary speeds and mechanical tortillas in state or I ii be I see and rotor I I be I see So we can select the 1st 1 which is that mechanical is weed. Okay. And see it here. Okay. Remember is that this wheat is so make em mechanicals beat in radium per second and you feel see Hear that this we'd year in 1000 France or two r b m. So I would like to change the radiant per second to rpm. So how can I do this? Remember that Z is beat itself. The omega is equal toe to try and over 60. Okay, we explains this before to buy end over 60. So, in order to change from omega to end We will multiplies Omega boy 60 over to buy. So going it ozy constant Geordie not seek Understand about is a green. Okay, then, uh, right click ad block to the motor on titled Take this one. Here, take this here on then, Moses When delete this one. Take this one here. And then he then double clicked. Okay, this one toe convert Dizzy home again in tow Z n or the r P m so multiplied by 60 over dual boy. Okay. Okay, so this will convert. Is he wrote or speed, though, z, um, the rpm or they are a revolution. Bare minute. So this one is Ah is beat. Hey, speak. Okay, they exists. Play here to see what will happen to the speed. Now, what is the next step? Okay, is the next step is that we need toe adds electromagnetic torque, seven other as before. So we need a scoop and we need as be a scoop. And we need display so controlled and drank. Then we're going to take this one here and take this one here. Here, Doc. Okay, So we have display torque is this is a three face state or current three phase wrote or current. So what will happen here? Here. Ah Z Okay, lets see like this one and make it like this. Okay, so what does the bus creator do? The bus create assembly combines that signals took it. Okay, Combines is a signal to raise. So double click on this one and that makes a number for him but city. Okay, you will understand in a why. OK by exists and control and drank. Okay, so we have three phase wrote of current I would like to displace them together. And the three face state of current I would like to disbelieve them together. So take this one state or the current I A i bi I see and wrote a current I a rotor current . I be wrote or current eyes. Ok, so we have one toe. Okay? Everything Now the state or cans and the rotor cans. Now I would like toa display all of them in one school, so I will take two scoops here. Okay, control. And right now we will take for each off this scopes. Okay, Current one or the state of current and the rotor Current Current two. Okay, then take this one here. And the day exists. One here. Now we have the display for the electromagnetic talk Rotary speed. And we have the school for each off the current. Now we would like to add our talk. So our talk assembly. Let's easy machine itself. We have a four kill. What? This is the maximum power but power. So let's goto Sickle creator again Then first we would like to see what is the maximum Alba talk. So the power which is a four kill what format? Blood by 1000 which is 4000. Of course A Z power over Z speed, which is Dubai in over 60. Okay, so let's see too. What? The blood by boy, which is three of wind 14. Okay, three multiplied by 3.14 multiplied by Taub. I m ok n which is 1430 over Sacristy. This is the, uh, rated oh, make. So to buy in over 60 and take this one with the blood by 8000. Divided by 14 Mine 140.67 threes. Reason so it will give us Z maximum torque. Toby. 26.7 toe. So 26.7 toe. Okay, remember this? Well, which is the maximum torque? So what? You are going toe dough in this step, So first we are going to use as step. Okay, Step Ines is a step I had blocked. Was the model entitled? OK, it takes this one here. We need toe produce a variable talk. So are going toe boat at the front of torque. It's at a different times. So what? I mean by this led to see, we will take four conditions. Okay, so we need four steps like this. Okay, so is this one step at five seconds. Five seconds. This step at 12th then second, This one at 15 seconds. This one at 20 seconds. Okay, So the 1st 1 which is at five seconds initial value, value zero and final value is doing 6.72 okay, during 6.7 toe. So this one is the initial load, which is a maximum torque. Now we're going to add some England. Okay, So forth. The something good note. We will type some and or then add broke to the motor entitled. Okay, they eggs. This one here. Okay, What I'm doing? I don't know. Delete then maximize. Okay. Come here. Max Wise double click plus minus. Minus minus. Okay, so we have four conditions. The 1st 1 is the maximum work applied, so it is a positive value. So I had this one does this study. Okay, so at five seconds at the time of five seconds, we are applying the maximum torque off 26.7 step time. Okay, Is a step time. Okay, is five seconds and the initial, but it zero and final value is 26.7 toe. OK, so add this innocent is the maximum torque will be applied additon second, I would like toa reduces this talk toe, have its value so in orderto but as he half divided by do 13.36 Okay, sir. Team 13 0.36 icing. 3636 Okay, so at the time off. 10 seconds. So at the time off, 12th we will apply the 13.36 What was a negative value? So we have originally 26 and the war applying 13 with a negative value. So the total off them will be 13. So we are reducing the talk. Okay. Now, at 15 I would like toa reduce a to Z quarter. Okay, so going to the calculator divide by toe again. 6.68 Okay, So what will happen at the time of 15 is that total torque will be the court, and this one will be also six point succeed in order to make the torque becomes Z 6.6. Eat. Okay, So what happens here? Okay, take this one here exists at a time off. Five second. We oblige the flu talk at the time off. 12th. We were reduced this torque by quarter. It's event at the time of 15 2nd we were reduced another quarter. Okay, so we reduce here half of the torque, and he will use the torque toe. It's 1/4 its value, and the year we reduces the torque to zero. Okay, So for lewd full torque, half the torque quarter of Zika Tourk zero talk. So we would like to see the change in size. It work itself. So we need a scoop school school school like this and D l or that Lou toward so We would like to simulate this for 20 seconds. Que or a 25 seconds. Okay, more Zanzi time. Now we have prepared everything. Here We added the measurement for the torque, this bead, the currents and everything. Now we would like to start simulating this and see what will happen when we start simulating the stork. Now, after simulating Z program, you will find that here for the road toll is bead. Finally, we have a zero talk. So as you remember, from the synchronous machine off 1330 rpm is that as this is beat is a rated is beat. Okay, Says beat at full load. So at no load is as beat is neatly Quito's, as in Chronos is wheat. Okay, As remember from our explanation for the induction motor, we said that the as beat at no load and nearly equal to was the same crosses wheat Syncronys. His beat is 1500. So 1000 Freidman line is acceptable. The finance Tourky value is open for 686 which is a very negligible value Off talk. Very small value for talk. Now let's see what happened to zero towards we'd openings. The skill says with at the beginning, at no load that's bid was nearly equal to assisting. Cronus is weed, which is 1500 R B m at five seconds. What happened at this instant? We applied the four low torque. So this big goes down to 1430. Okay, that is weight or the ratings beat off the motor itself. Then at the time off, 12th we radios that load by half of it. So finds us has beat increased again. Then at 15 we redo this. There is V is ah, load toasty quarter. So there's beat increases again. Then at the 20 waiter moved is that order load? So it increases toe the point and you'll see that here there are some transient you does that change or flute Now for the torque itself at 00 hour torque, nearly zero torque. Then we applies the Lord, which is to win six. So it increased to 26. Then we attend. We reduced it toe have with 13 then at 15 would use a to Z quarter, which is 6.6 and dozy 20. We remove the daughter load Going back toe zero now is the current okay is a state of currents you will find here. Is that the state or currents at the beginning? Waas little Then add five seconds when we increased Zach talkto the follow torque Your friends at the state or current increased because we absorb more current in order to produce a talk. Then at 10 we reduced it tohave soc current is reduced toe Have the three faced current reduced tohave then at 15 reduced the toe quarter off the load, then at 20 way removed the daughter total loot. So find years that this is a minimum current maximum current ads for load, then it starts to decrease as the loading decrease. Okay, because we absorb more current when the load increase. Now seeing here's a rotor current at no load zero Correct. Okay, The roto does not have any current because we don't have any load right now at full load, the three face current is produced. Okay. Hi city for its current reduced due to the reasons or flute. When we reduce the load, the torque the current is reduced A from Z four low torque then it reduced again. Adds 1/4 then it zero at no loot. Now, watching that low torque zero at five, it changes to 26.7, then at them reduced toe half, then add 15 reduces toe quarter, then at 20 reduce it to zero. Now, we'll find out if this is that this belief for that ratings with the final rotors beat and this one is the final A dork at no loot. Now, if I would like to see the change in these values during the simulation, what can I do? Somebody will goto this one, which is a step back, okay? Or stepping back option enable slipping back then we can maximum number of safety back steps. 10 steps. Okay, interval between stored simply. We can use five or let's make it three, for example. Okay, now watch. Is that values here? Why doing the simulation? You will find your values. Is it changing during the simulation off the time. So you you see that variation in values during that similar. So this is how toe simulate their induction motor or passing Cronus edge motor or a synchronous machine inside the mat labs in Munich 16. Simulation Of Synchronous Machine Connected To Small Power System : Hi everyone. In this video, we would like toa simulate disease in Chronos generator in our system and having at once Mitchell line having another swing bus or as swing generator. And we have a three phase fault and we need to know what is the effect off happening off the Strief is. And after reaching that steady state conditions So all of this will see now how we can simulate it inside the matter, the first thing we are going to click on you, then simulating modern, we will choose Ah, blank model. Now starting a year with our Samuel Inc model first thing, we need a cinchona generator. So we're going toe that simulate library as always. Then we will type, as in Chronos Cronos Machine. Okay. And And your fund? Here's that scene Cronos machine you will find here Taibo jz silly in the machine and Mance salient machine. So we'll see here that we have a synchronous machine in a very on it values fundamental very on it values. And we have here as in Cronos Machine Berry on its standard and we have a synchronous machine in the I s s all units or the fundamentalist. All units. So in this system we are dealing with a power system. So we need here to use that very on it values. Okay, so So, in order to use that very own advantage really chose that synchronous machine Bayer unit fundament. Okay, so right. Threat and Adblock toe the model on tight. So we have here our s in Chronos machine. Okay, let's maximize it a little bit. So we have here hours in Chronos machine and you know that this thing groans machine will be as generator. So ABC is the out off the generator or the three pace outward off the generator M is the measurement port and we have B m or the mechanical input power toe the machine. And do we have the F or the excitation voltage enter to Z machine. So for the sink announced machine itself, we will need to add here is a mechanical inboard power and that field a vaulted Okay, we can make the field the voltage constant and the makes a mechanical power constant But we're not going to tow those is we're going to do something The front inside this video we are going to use a control system such as, ah, hydraulic turbine for the generator itself or the part mechanical, nimble power and will use for the field. We will news an excitation control system. So we would use here a different thing. We need a closed loop in order to control or controlled the excitation and controls the mechanical in boto that generate. So going back to the simulating First we need the excitation. Okay. Excitation system. Okay. Toe controls that field a voltage and or funded excitation system. OK, so this one or this one Whatever. Right? Click ad block to the model on title. Okay, so this is an excitation system. This one is exhortation system which would provide that field the voltage toe our generator . Now we need that at. Or pine or hydraulic turbine. Okay. Hi. Draw. Lick, draw. Lick daughter buying. Right. Click and add Broke toe the model on tight. OK, so have here our mechanical in power. Okay, which is in photos a generator, Syncronys generator. And we have the control or excitation system which will provide this feel the voltage Ato Zatz in Chronos machine now we're fine here. We need an Omega reference be reference, or McGee, the electrical power or that electrical power generated and d Omega's a variation in the speed or make a is that is beat. There are words. Beat over there generator or there is beat off season it or itself and radium per second. The reference that France voted for that excitation system VD and Vic you and is a voltage for the stabilizer. If we have us a blazer, then we will adhere. There we will have supplies er and connected toe. Zeevi supplies so we don't have one. So use a ground enter, then choose anyone. Which one? Which one is this one? Okay, ad link as a block to the model entitled. Okay, let's see if it will work or not. Okay, Selecting this one likes us and entering here. So if we don't have a voltages stabilizer, okay, which is, you know, if there is something which is called the power system supplies or if you have it, then you will add a block for it and the connected to hear. If you don't have it, then you'll make it zero by connecting it toe the ground. Now we need Vera. France Omega reference and be reference. So we need a constant right click and add block to the model are entitled. Takes this one here and we'll make 123 blocks. Connect this one here. Okay. DoubleClick. Okay, this one here and click on it. This one here, collect one it. Okay, so we have the Omega reference that France's beat in berry on it system be reference in very on it. And we reference this values is used toe makes a control loop or the closed loop to reaches a steady state first. So according to that same mewling program itself, if you look at the meth lab going toe mass works website, you'll find that there be reference default. The value is 0.75 Ok, I will tell you now something if you make it one. If you make it open 75 Whatever. You will find that the value of the Abbott will be the same. Okay, It is just helmet to reaches a steady state. Faster. Now we have we need omega t be mechanical, our mechanical power or the electrical power power and dizzy omega. So how we can get this values and evd and Vicky VD. And the vehicle is a director. Excess voltage and V. Q is Q X is well to remember that this one is Ah, hydraulic turbine. So, since it is a hydraulic turbine, then it is a salient machine. Double click. Here it is a salient type machine. Why? Because the hydraulic system have a low speed. So we use a salient type sink Rama's machine. Okay. And the round or the non salient issues the 40 faster generator, such as he and the diesel generator. Okay, so how we can get this value simply by using the bus selector K Bus selector. Okay, so first, we will add block to the model on title bus selector. Okay, this one. Let's make it bigger like this. Take it here and control, I control you will find that control. Plus, I use the tow flip the block, get the measurement year and but it here toes E bus. Now what is the value is needed? Omega T b d w vdv Q. So double click. Delete the signals, select all and delete. Then first thing, we need Z on Gaby. Okay, so let's choose a lot of our values first we need the dick. You components. Okay, let's see. Is that the EU que components? Which is that VD and Vic. You get going here. VD select State or voltage? Vic, you okay? Component off VD. And the component or vehicle is required before the excitation system in order to reach the state of State for the close The loop. And we need hits a speed so the speed is related to the mechanic. Okay, We need be, which is the electrical power Select. And we need that d w end Omega Omega A, which is rotary speed Select. And we need that variation in S b d w select. So we have one to speed 123 And when in Vdv Q. Okay, we have vdv dick. You okay? We can add another thing for ourselves, which is that load angle. And here we need the being What means that I would act a power. Okay, not here. The electrical power they will find it is B and this be all which means that our but or related toe the Albert active power. So since we need only the act about for this low, so we will select it and selected this one word. Is it mechanic? Electrical power. Delete it. Okay, this is the one which is required for zero B or the maker Electrical. Albert, Active power. And we need that load angle in order to see what Haven't ozy load angle Delta for the generator itself going up here. We need also the state or current. Let's see, where is the state of current Here, Select. Okay to see, for example, Z settled current I What will happen? Tow it. Okay, I do. Does the presence or fault and the teachings? STD State. Okay, so the 1st 1 is state or voltage v d. So take it here. Ved like this. And 2nd 1 is a state or voltage. Vic, you so take here. Is this one here vehicle or you can just go to hear Stand at it with the mouse Your funds. The served one is a mechanical rotors Beat or make em well me. Get him. Okay, this one. And here is the, uh, number core Z D w o k d w Okay, Number five is the Lord angle left. Okay, live it now I would add to the party note. Okay. Takes happy. I would be not here. Okay, now we need toe. See the delta and dizzy current. So we will use a scoop school. Add looked with the model entitled. Okay, then control and drank. Now we will connect is the 1st 1 dozy Delta. This one is the load angle. And this the scope for Z state or current. Okay, so now we provided that feedback over the Albert from the measurement back Does the Z hydraulic turbine controller OK, which is the governor? And here the excitation systems that control for the exhortation system giving. It's a feedback from the measurement port. Now we need that ABC is the outward connected toe at transformer. Okay, we will assume that we have a power system so that power generated here will be connected. Toe transformer. Isn't this transformer connected to our transmission line? Then toe another generator and in barrel. Was it zeroed and Z three phase fault now going back here. We need Z transmission line or the transformer first transformer. Okay, Transform, transform! Now what the type of the transform money do we need as three face transformer? We need our primary and secondary that's all what we need. So it is a two wining primary and second your fund Years three face transformer three wind ings, one primary and secondary and city restaurants former to winding on primary answer. And this one is the one needed Adblock does the model untitled like this takes this one. Here they exist. One here and the final is this one. Okay, so this is the three face transformer. Now, if we double click on the generator itself, your find years are barometers forces in Chronos machine such as the power generated involved and bear Z rated power and the line to line voltage in RMS and lying toe line ends up frequency off operation, which is six starts now. Here's a lyinto line. Voltage off. The power generated is 13.8 kilovolts or 13,800 kilovolts 1300 k Low voltage only okay or certain 13000.8 kilo vote. So this is a vaulted generated and this is a frequency genetic. Okay, so we will make this one okay at Delta. Okay, Delta Star connection. Okay. Decision Very to rule produce delta connections. This one will be a delta, and this one will be the star. Okay, this is a step up transformer. Now the barometers. Okay, We need the input. Voltage. This is anymore. Nominal power frequencies. Exterior. It is. Okay, We need the voltage off the primary. Toby. 13.8 kilovolt. Okay, so we have here a about three, which means a temple three. Okay, we needs a primary toe. Be similar to the generator. So 13.8. So this representing the certain 0.8 multiplied by Temple three. Representing the kilovolt in Boto, the transformer itself and the out off the transformer. We will assume it is 230 kilovolt. Okay, 230 kilovolt came, except this one and 30 kilovolt. And okay, so we have here a Delta Star connection that that start connection transformer and we need now are transmission line. So here transformation. Michelle like, and so is that transmission line. You know that there's a different configuration for the transmission line. For example, we're going to a Z boy model. Okay, So is thereby model, which is similar used the fourth. This library, which is the power library, is a three face. Since we have here a story First system Okay. Like this three phase in butchery Face our So we need as three phase by model This 13 face bisexual Adblock to the model Aren't I told? What exists? Takes this one here. This one here. And there's this one here. Now what is the next step? We need to add the load and we need to add as three phase generate so as the Lord will be OK, load, Enter. So the load. Let's go down and see a three phase note. Okay, three phase serious are listening Control ad block to the model. Untitled. Like this. Okay, so, um, we need also as three faced fault. Okay? Fault, fault. And okay. Why is the fault? In order to see the response off the power system, does he afford having as three phase fault? Right click add. Look to the model. Untitled. Take it here then. Control. I control our first, then control. I toe flip the book like this. Okay, now we need finally air voltages source. Okay, voltages source. Enter now. The voltage source here used is a three phase source. Okay, right click Ad block to the model entitled. Okay, we are here simulating a power system as if you are dealing with about system having a synchronous generator transformer transmission line load. We have another generator inside our great and the three Face Fault caring here and we need to see the response off our system. So take this one here, Control. I like this. Now connect this one here. A tow a me, Toby. See to see like this and one of the B seeing and 3/5 Fault A, B and C. And in addition to this, we will add and would hear control and wreck. Hear, hear Digs This one here a b and C. Ok, now let's see all of our components here. For example, if we look at Z by model your see that here we can see is a frequency used 60 Hurtis And to find here that zero c Kwanza boast of negative as the lion lands in kilometer. All of this values is available here in order to change it as you would like now looking at our loot that load configuration is our why connected load and grounded and the nominal faced off his Walters or line to line voltage is 1000. Okay, here The line to line voltage as we see in the secondary. This is the primary secondary is 230 kilo vote. So we would make this 1 230 Kilovolt. Where is it? Here. 200 certain kilovolt. Okay, we can make it e sitting. Ok. 230 k love one a ploy and we can make that combusted. Reactor power zero. And that after board zero. Assuming air do resistive loot Here we are going to do the same. But the vaulted here is 13.8 the three. Because here the voltage as the primary here is 13.8 kilovolt line tow line. Voltage makes us 10 and this one Z So have you allude at the terminals off the generator and we have another load. I have Tarzi transmission line. Now let's see that three fair school you'll find year there pronto barometers such as default resistance, The ground, the resistance, It's number resistance. It's number contestants and you can change. This varies as you would like. Number two. You can find your that the faulty here short circuit here is oh, caring between phase a phase be facing and the ground. So this is a story face symmetrical fourth with the ground. Okay. If we make it, remove this one and this one, then it will be between 50 a. And the ground, which means are lying toe ground. The fault if it is like this is in between two faces and ground. So it is lying toe line to ground. It will make it like this. Then it will be lying to line to line as three phase photo caring between the three phases Onley without the ground. But the most severe one is a three phase with the ground. Now we will find there another things that switching times. What does this represent? Representing the first innocents off applying default and the innocent off openings default . Okay, so at one of our 62nd the fault will be connected. Toe this line as if we have a city fest fault. And at the time or 5/60 2nd the fault is cleared or removed from our system. So we will assume our 0.1. And that's your mom Buoyant too. Okay. And okay, now what this does This is our swing. Three feet so they faced off his Walter. Let's make it also what is the value of that we choose to under answered as I remember, Right? 200. And, um, Donner and 30 kilovolt. Okay, so 200 search. Okay, so we chose that faced off his world Ege. Okay, apply then. Okay. So what does this door? This is if you look at the load floor. This is a swing degenerate. So what is that swing generator? It means that it is the largest generator in our power system. Okay, It supplies the remaining glowed, and it is the largest generator in the system. So finding is that this one supplies toe supplies the load, this one and this one. And the generator also chairs with a certain power. So now we prepared Our power system is the only thing is remaining. Is the power go we block. Okay. So again, what is the benefit off the power go, we block the bar will be going. Block is used to analyze our system or sold with the equations in our system. Okay? Or the body or the differential equations in our world system. Okay. Linear or nonlinear equations in orderto finally sees the final values in the scoop. Okay, after and before default. Okay. And enduring dizzy, transient conditions. So here, if we apply the continuous okay and starting run. Okay, you will see that year it will take a long time in doing the analysis. Your find year look as the tying itself toe going 55 multiplied by 10.3 seconds and 0%. So it will take a long time in solving our as far system. So in this case, what does he met? Land do. Okay, let's see now what does the metal etc go here. You will find that here you will find that we there is a method called is affairs or simulation message. This message is used itto studies an electro mechanical oscillations off power systems consisting off larger NATO's and the motors. So, as an example of this message is a stimulation off a multi machine in a three faces. So, in order to study their electro mechanical oscillations when a photo care or the variation in the Lord angle delta in a system having large is in a little group of generators and motors. In this case, when use that phase or solution. So let's get back here. So, what is the phase of social and how we can do this same villain by going toe that continue on stopping click and you'll find here. In that go we block, you'll find you're that soul over time is called the that continuous type. Okay, if you click on it, you will find that this great and face off. This is a three. The front messages off solving our system so that this great assembly takes samples off time. So find your sample time if we make it a 0.1. Okay, so what does this dough? It's simply that supply. And okay. And I will see what will happen if we it shows as this option. Okay, Now, if we open any scoop like this one, look what will happen. You will find here at every instance off 0.1 point one 0.1, it will find that after solving it, it will give us Is this value four? Which one load angle. That. Okay, So at zero, it has this value at no 00.1, it goes down toe. Is this value Then at another off after a 0.1, it will goto another value. After all, 0.1 ghost owners their value and so on. So, basically here, what happens? It divides Z system into or the solution in tow. Discreet or steps. Okay. It's always the steps as the it's always the apart system in steps. Okay, It's always at open toe 1.2 point three. Then we connect them together as a step function. So this is not a continual solution. Okay, so in this case, we use the solution, which is called the phase or solution. Okay. And the frequency 60 hertz. Now someone can't may tell me now when I double click on the power go, we I can't change this one from continuous to any other values. OK? It is constant, and I cannot change it. So how can I open this one? Okay, you can goto the sittings, okay? Or right? Click and configuration parameters. Then goto this over here and you'll find here that we have these over. You'll find here we have a different types off silver for the body or the French and equations hear their front methods. Okay. You can t change Joe's any off them and you can read about each off them to understand I went to use them. Or which one which would use so as an example weekend. You was this one, This one which is called Dizzy Bogusky. Champagne. Okay, I think I pronounced it correctly. Okay, this is one of the missiles off solving that Woody is told persons together one and he's a student. Bukowski and champagne. I think I don't know how to pronounce it any way you can choose. For example, this one. Okay. And you'll find that when you select, this one is different from this one and you'll find different solutions. Okay, So for example, which was this one end? Apply. And okay, you will find that when you double click, you can. Now we change it from Clinton. Wants to any value. Okay, I'm talking about previous versions off the mat lab programme. Now click on. OK, now, let's see if we started a simulation. Let's make it 30 for example, and start is a simulation at 60 or to similar to the previous values. You'll find your That simulation is now faster than before. Now is a simulation finished? Let's ZZ values Okay, we obliged Default at 4.1 and clear date at point toe. So the 1st 1 here, let's see this one is the load angle letter double click. This is the Lord angle Delta, and it's a variation was time. Okay, so the load angle at First Express runs into condition and very high frequency oscillations due to the braces or fault. And after the fault is clear, you'll find that the power system is going in tow that steady state conditions. Okay, now let's see another one. This one is a state or current. The click like this you will find here at the beginning. It explores the toe high frequency or solutions and higher value. You will see that 55 means a five per unit, which means five times X rated value. Okay, so find very high currents, very high frequency and high current CEO toe. What do does a business or fault and then clearing this fault? So this will cause high frequency oscillations. Zinzi current starts to going to the state of State and finally becomes steady. Okay, so this is a lewd angle, and this one is the current now, as an example toe show you Is that if I change this one toe, for example, one Okay is in Iran. Okay, let's see what will happen to our system. Opening that load. Angry scoop. Nothing to change. It is the same. And the current is less than one very on it. Lizin 13 on it. Okay, so this is how toe simulate a power system in math lab. Now let's see another thing here. Now, if we change is ill would. For example, this load is then power. Tim Otto. Blood by Timber three. And this one is also 10 multiplied by Tim Varsity. Okay, which is totally 20 kilo. What now? What does that sink Rama's machine parameters? You'll find that the nominal power off the machine itself is 187 multiplied by temper six, which means 108 7 maga vault. And they're okay. 107 mega volt ember. So if I change it for examines that, then kill what? Okay. Thank you. What? Okay. And makes this one evil six. Okay. And this one 100 by timber six. So we have here 200 mega volt amber. Since we have no l and decay and the no capacitance. We can say that the ball timber would be similar toes he kill what? So we have 200 mega vault and beer, and our machine is 107 mega volt ampere. So this machine cannot supply these two loads. Okay, so let's see what will happen. So before that simulation and I will tell you what will happen, what will having is that the values off the current and the load angle will not a change. Let's see why. No guns, this one. For example, you will find that Z sage estate omega, or there's a sensate load angle. Delta is nearly the same as before, and dizzy current itself is less than one berry on it again. So they did. Not a change this bitey changing off the load. Why? Because in the end, this one is the largest, largest generator inside that system. So this one is the swing and is the main generator. So it is our honor to provide is most off the power. So let's see what will happen if we removed it like this. Selected this and select this and late. Okay, so we have 200 mega volt and bear, which is greater. Zanzi capacity off the generator itself. Now run. Now let's easy current and the delta You will find that developed a is going down. Okay, Why? It is going down? Because it cannot supply this power. Okay, like this and see, Let's easy current is the current here absorbent boys. Actually, narrator itself is nearly greater than one very on it. Which means that Z generator now is overloaded by this loot. Overloaded. Okay, more than its capacity. So let's see if we decreased a tow. For example, it's covers to 100 million Walter and Bear. And this one, Let's make it, for example. Um, not 87. I will tell you now why. Let's make it to Christie. Okay. Why? Say, Christie? Because remember that the Trans Z transmission line itself having add active power and active power losses. So the submission off this losses plus this dude blood, this load should be within the range off the capacity off that generator. Now we're on again. Let's see what will happen after this Double click on Z load angle, zeroed angle, and nearly a rigid as steady state value. Okay. And dizzy current. The current is Listen. One berry on it. Okay, so let's make it more. For example, 80. Okay, not 80. Make it 85 and run. Because off course, dizzy power here is not to make a vault and beer the losses here, of course. So let's see again. Nearly equal 20 and the current nearly equal toe one per unit or a little bit over loaded, a little bit overload. Okay, So you will find Is that the values of the current and the angle that changed when we removed the swing generator or the main engine It so And we see now is that effect off the three fierce walk with the bases off a swing generator end without with this genetic. So I hope you benefit from this lecture and a small power system simulation with the President's office in Cronos machine transformer transmission line and finally loot