Ultimate Excel Course #11 - Master PivotTables for Powerful Analysis and Reporting | Alan Murray | Skillshare

Ultimate Excel Course #11 - Master PivotTables for Powerful Analysis and Reporting

Alan Murray, IT Trainer, Coffee Lover and Lifelong learner

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14 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating a PivotTable

    • 3. Changing the Values Function

    • 4. Formatting Values the Efficient Way

    • 5. Creating a PivotTable Style

    • 6. Sorting PivotTable Fields

    • 7. Grouping Data in a PivotTable

    • 8. Show Values as Percentage, Difference and Ranking

    • 9. Conditional Formatting with PivotTables

    • 10. Filtering PivotTable Data

    • 11. Refreshing a PivotTable

    • 12. Creating a PivotChart

    • 13. Using Slicers for Interactive PivotTables

    • 14. Using the Timeline Slicer


About This Class


This class is #11 in a series called the Ultimate Excel Course.

In this class you will learn how to use PivotTables in Excel. PivotTables are one of the most sought after skills in Excel, so learning to master their use will make you in-demand.

PivotTables are a built-in reporting tool. They allow us to simple, quickly and effectively summarise large quantities of data. It always amazes people how easy they are to use, when they use them for the first time.

We will show you how simple it is to create a PivotTable and get immediate insights into your data..

We will look at how to sort, filter, group and perform different calculations on your data in a PivotTable. We will also see how to apply rankings and compare data to other fields such as previous years.

Slicers are also covered in the course to allow users to interact easily with the PivotTables and charts to see what they want.

The Excel files used during the class are provided so that you can follow along. You can then take on the project exercises to test your skills in action.

Please post any questions in the discussion area and I will get back to you.

Grab a coffee, enrol and let's do this.

Please note that this is class #11 in a series called the Ultimate Excel Course.

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Class #11 - Master PivotTables for Powerful Analysis and Reporting

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