Ultimate Excel Course #1 - Excel Formulas Made Easy: Get Up to Speed with Excel Formulas Fast | Alan Murray | Skillshare

Ultimate Excel Course #1 - Excel Formulas Made Easy: Get Up to Speed with Excel Formulas Fast

Alan Murray, IT Trainer, Coffee Lover and Lifelong learner

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10 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to Formulas - Writing your First Excel Formulas

    • 3. The Order of Calculation - BODMAS

    • 4. Formulas for Calculating Percentages

    • 5. Unleash the Power of Excel Functions

    • 6. Referencing other Sheets and Workbooks

    • 7. Calculating Date Difference including Working Days Only

    • 8. Understanding Absolute Cell Addresses

    • 9. The COUNTIF Function - An Incredibly Useful Function

    • 10. Thank you

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About This Class


This is class #1 in a series called the Ultimate Excel Course.

When you first start to learn Excel, the formulas are always the most daunting aspect. This class will break through those barriers as it explains everything you need to know to get started with Excel formulas in plain English.

In just 1 hour you will understand the different parts that make up a formula and will be able to write some typical formulas and functions. This class builds a solid foundation for further learning from other classes, or from your everyday work.

The Excel Formulas for Beginners files are provided in the Projects section of this class to download, so that you may follow me through each lesson.

There are also plenty of project files provided so that you may practice and test the skills that you have learnt.

If you have any questions, please do ask through the discussion area. I am happy to help.

What you will learn;

  • What makes up a formula and how to write them.
  • 8 useful Excel functions.
  • How to reference cells in different worksheets, and even different workbooks.
  • To calculate the difference between two dates including just working days.
  • Calculating percentages for working out discounts, commissions, percentage increase/decrease.
  • What absolute cell references are, why they so important and how to use them.

Please note that this is class #1 in a series called the Ultimate Excel Course.

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