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15 Videos (34m)
    • How I ended up playing the ukulele

    • Uke's anathomy

    • String theory: mechanics of sound and tuning

    • Advanced tuning... or sort of

    • Really, really, really basic strumming

    • Happy chords :) Sad chords :(

    • The plot thickens: more chords, more fingers

    • Four chord songs: class assigment first pitch

    • Yet another minor chord

    • Advanced strumming (sh*t just got serious)

    • Keys, bars and more ukebabble

    • Oh, the dreaded assignment

    • Bonus track #1: Arpeggio

    • Bonus track #2: Just Google it

    • Bonus track #3: 12 bar blues


About This Class


UKULELE –also known as ukelele, or hawaiian guitar, or the happiest musical instrument ever made– is just so much fun. Inexpensive, portable, great for singing along your favorite songs or even joining a band. This class is an introduction to the basics of the instrument, the begginer's strumming tecnique and a set of chords that will enable you to play quite a few songs... and explore even more. 

You do not need previous music knowledge to take this course, though you will certainly need an instrument for practice and for the class project. For those with experience with guitar, bass, banjo, violin, viola, cello, citar, cuatro, cavaquinho, balalaika –well, pretty much with anything that has a few strings– this will certainly be a funny experience.

The class project will consist of playing and uploading a video of a specific song. For those willing to go a little further, we will set tuning and tempo so that different videos can be edited into one.

So enroll and enjoy. Welcome to ukeland.

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This is a very easy to follow intro to Ukulele
Lovely intro to the uke and fun - and some nuggets... just add a 6th and 7th! Thanks Diego.
Fantastic basics class. I came in knowing almost all of the chords you taught (my husband plays guitar), but I learned a lot about strumming! Your personality is wonderful! Keep teaching, and if you ever put out that Advanced Class, you should let me know! I'd be there in a second!
Jacie Wiebe

nerd with a lot to learn





Diego Gualda

Music, stories and comedy

My name is Diego and I'm mostly a guy who gets paid for telling stories. Journalist, novelist, comedian, composer willing to share a few things I've learnt out there.