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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro to Memes as NFTs

    • 2. Is it legal to sell memes?

    • 3. Let’s generate memes!

    • 4. Turn your meme into GIF

    • 5. Free tools to create your memes from Scratch

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About This Class

Hello everyone and welcome to a very straightforward, short, and easy class.

This class is for absolute beginners who want to dip their toe in the NFT market and are looking for an easy non-tech way.

I’m new to the world of NFTs, but I wanted to share what I learned so far.

  • In this class, I will walk you through how to create your own memes and sell them as NFTs.
  • We will also delve deeper into the fine line between what is legally yours to build upon and sell and famous memes that have clear owners.
  • I will show you two different ways to create memes and how to animate them.

To learn everything about how to list and sell these designs at ZERO cost, check out my other class titled “Sell your 1st NFT: Basics guide to minting NFT”

In this exercise, we will use free tools including Canva, EZGIF, and IMGflip.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nadine Abou el Atta

Storyteller | Editor | Content Creator


Hi, I'm Nadine and I've been writing something since I could remember. I am an editor by trade and a storyteller by hobby. 

I have been leading newsrooms and publications for almost 10 years now, and have covered many industries including: economy, finance, real estate, finance, culture, and travel

Throughout my career, I had to learn everything the hard way. There weren't really any manuals or simple guidelines. It was all random advice and following what the greats seem to be doing. Needless to say, I've gone through a lot of trial-and-error phases in my life.  That's why my role here is to boil down what I've learned into simple, straightforward guides.


Storytelling is a wonderful journey of growth, so don't shy aw... See full profile

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1. Intro to Memes as NFTs: Hello everyone. This isn't a dean and we'll come to a quick, simple and very easy. And if the class, if you haven't checked my previous and a C classes, I basically help absolute beginners venture into the NFC market. By the way, I am by no means an expert on basically taking you with me on my journey as a non designer and not tech savvy person. So let's get started. 2. Is it legal to sell memes?: Hello everyone and welcome to the first video in this class. So I'm sitting here with my lovely laptop. And this class is about turning memes into sellable LFTs. And before we begin this, we need to address a very important issue, which is, is it legal to sell NFC memes as LFTs or not? So disclaimer before I begin this video, you may get confused and that is perfectly normal because the gray area when it comes to copyright issues, when selling NFC is way too great, way to huge weight, large. And I'm hoping in the near future things will have a little bit clear parameters so we know what to specifically legal and what is not. But what we're going to explore in this class essentially are tools that will help you sell legal memes as LFTs. So let's begin. The first thing in this video I want to show you is actually I want to tell you a little bit of story before we begin is why am I creating this class? I saw a couple of days right up to the Will Smith famous slap a video saying that the guy who sold the NFC of Will Smith's flap made let me just check it. It's a huge number. Yeah, he made 54 thousand in one day. And that's brilliant. He just created a meme based on that and solve it as an NFC. So I checked around and technically if you add a little bit of your own spice, a little bit of your own creativity, a little bit of viewer of here and there it is technically yours. So when you sell someone, the famous Will Smith slob pure, actually showing it's in a different light. Let me actually show you some of them and we'll do this together. So after I discovered the world Smith thing, I check the news and found so many other people capturing the moment, adding a little bit of their own creativity to it and selling it as LFTs, which brings up an important question, is it legal to sell memes as LFTs at face value? Not really. You can just take a moment, someone else captured and sell it, but you can create your own referencing checklist tweets from William Shatner, the famous actor who has an issue with an account stealing his tweets and selling them without his consent as LFTs. The gray area here, I know this and this, but the gray area here when it comes, copyright and NFC is huge, which is a very bad thing. So I did some digging to understand this better and where the line clearly lies between legal areas and long story short, I got more confused, but let me show you a summary of what I found out so far. So for example, let's check together different Will Smith memes. If we check open sea and we just write Will Smith's lab, you'll find a lot of accounts actually with that name. And you'll see here that some just pixelated it, just turned it into drawing. Added emotions at a colours, turns it into cartoon edit text. Everyone just added their creativity and sold it somehow. Some didn't do well, but really some made a good amount of money from just a moment. And I think it all had to do with who sold it first, who managed to jump on top of the trends. And I think this is where you, your value as an NFT creator comes in, you see the opportunity jump on it and so well, okay, so that's n, that is the difference between creating your own mean based on common jokes and relatable references and copying something else, something that's owned by someone else. So let's check this article by NFT now that has a couple of good references of famous relatable memes that are actually sold by their owners. So the first one is the famous neon cat NFC. It's actually sold for $587 thousand. So yeah, the troll face, we all know that holds for $69 thousand. Bad luck Brian. I loved him and he's sold for $37 thousand. The Grumpy Cat sold by its owner for $78 thousand. He pads card, Keyboard Cat. I did not know him. Come back, see, of course we all know him. Creepy Chan and if t, it's sold for 80 thousand. Actually price one was 70 thousand to 80 thousand. Well done. Over a attached girlfriends. I followed her, I loved her. And this one's sold for 404 thousand. Success kids. Nft also did well, It's holds for 32 thousand. Leave. Britney alone sold for 42.9 thousand. Disaster girl, very famous. And it's sold for 417 thousand. Charlie bit my finger. And if Team sold for 760 thousand and dodge NFC, of course we all know it sold for three Milvian side. I'm Chloe. We all know her sold for 73 thousand. And why always lying and FTE sold for 93 thousand. We all know these memes. You can just take them and create them. All of them were sold by their owners. The person in the photo, the person capturing the photo, the owner of the cat, the person who drew the tool, and so on. So the concept here is that all these have clear owners who listed them in the market to benefit from how famous the memes were and from the NFC boom. 3. Let’s generate memes!: Let's start by creating your own mean. There are two ways to do this. So you either use royalty-free images as a base or an image that you captured and owned as a base, or use images that obviously have no copyright issues and maybe do a quick search to make sure that they obviously don't have an owner and they are perfectly okay to use. To generate means. There are several ways, so we'll go through them. The first one, we will use a meme generator and then turn it into edge. If so, what is a meme generator? You'll find like tens of tens, maybe hundreds of websites that generate memes. I'm going with this one, IMG flipped.com. It's a very nice one. It has a nice collection because we plan on selling these images, NFT, as you'll see on the website, but a lot of options, but I think not all of them are copyright free. So I'm going to pick something super, super safe. So let's just do a quick scan to see what others have created and maybe gets a little bit of info. I picked something completely benign, this famous image of streets, roads and the blue car taking a sharp, bright and now empty sign to use. So let's click on it and check the ideas. Others created also for a little bit of n spoon. And then when you're ready, we'll click Caption this mean, and we'll start creating one. Okay, and here you'll see that you have option text one, text to text three for the first one for the left side of the sign, the right side of the sign. And then just X3 is under the car, which is the person making the decision or the animal making the decision. So a little bit of a disclaimer, I'm just doing this to show you how to do it. I didn't spend a lot of time thinking of ideas or anything. So I'm not, none of these are to inspire you or I'm not saying that any of these are good. I'm just creating something to show you how this works and to later be able to create a GIF and meme and show you how to list them as a collection. So I created here started IN next Monday and me taking a sharp right here, just to download it, you'll click Share on your device or image link and then download it. It's very simple. So what I did here next is that I created five means using the same process. And now we'll start generating them into edge if that's simple. 4. Turn your meme into GIF: Okay, so in this lesson we're going to compile the images we created into a looping GIF. There are several ways to list your images you created into NFC is you can list them each on their own as an image, as part of a collection representing one unified theme or lists them each individually. If they each represent a different theme or pixelate them, the list is endless. You can also use different images and create your own jokes, which we will do next. But in this video, I'm going to show you now how to create a div. There are many free websites that can help you create gifts. And for this video we're going to use easy Jeff. So first thing you'll see when you open the website is select images. I uploaded all five of them and in one go and then just upload to create a div. As you'll see here, we uploaded the images. I have the ability to delay each of them differently, but I'm going to give them all the same exact time. We can toggle the range of frames and delay 20. It's not 20 seconds, it's 0.2 of a second. So I'm going to try first to have them add the speed and then we're just going to loop them five times. But then you'll see me in the later stages increase the duration little bit so it's easy to read and I'll leave it empty to be to loop infinity, infinity. Now as you see, it's a little bit fast and it just stops at the end. So we're going to go back and increase the delay to 100, reduce the loop, and make JIF, and we're ready. That is here. You can play a little bit with the diff. There are a lot of tools. So you can, after UK budget, you can increase the time, you can crop, you can resize, you can rotate, and then simply you can add text of course, and then simply save and you're done. It's very easy to do. 5. Free tools to create your memes from Scratch: So what if you don't want to base your design on an existing known image or a common mean. You want to create your own. That is easy and we're going to do that together. The best way to do it is to use royalty-free images. There are lots of good websites or less than below in the resources. But Canva is a one-stop solution, so we'll use it to both find the goods royalty-free image and create a good image and video together. So go to Canvas or calm register if you don't have an account or login to your account and click on Create design. We'll use for ease, instagram post design because it's a perfect square, but you can use any size you want. So all I did here is go to photos and type memes. That's all I did. And I remember seeing a really nice photo and I wanted to use it here because it's just a lot of random sentences. Turn it automatically into a joke itself. This guy who's completely sunburns and having a miserable, miserable time. So we'll just click on it to fit it. I flipped it, then it didn't work that way, so I flipped it back. One thing we will do to adjust the proportions is that I will actually remove it, replace it, and merge it with the background because it's the sky's light blue and it's easy for us to create this color. So I'll just, yeah, it looks a lot better. Write that like that. And we'll just add sentences that we see fit here. The more you add to the image, the more it is safer for you to use. So other than the sentence, I will also add a border. You can add emojis to it. You can add glitter. You can play a little bit with the color tone. You can add Halo, you can add filters, gradient, whatever you want. It's very simple. What I'm doing here is finding a suitable border. Give it a little bit of a nicer, cleaner, more contained finish. And then I really like this sentence. This was supposed to be my year as a 3D suits his face. And of course now I'll change it to create other means. So the next one I'm going with is forever single. And then we're changing it to I want to go home and then I'm ready to go home now. I'm fine. I'm totally fine. Yes, I know this is a friend's thing. Also. This was supposed to be my nearest friends thing. You will see here that I played a little bit with the line spacing. You can also play with the letter spacing, whatever you need. I will do a Canvas tutorial if you guys wanted. Canva is beyond amazing. So here we'll do several things together. I will download them all as individual images. Png usually aim for PNG, it's easier to amend later and it's more digital friendly. The next thing I'm going to do is that I'm going to download them as a GIF on their own. Or we're going to do something very nice, which is to an inmate each title, so they change in a loop. And then we're going to download that into both a video and a deaf. So to animate, all you have to do is click on the text and then at the top menu just click Animate and you'll find a lot of options. I wanted something to suit the image, so I wanted something to be a little bit fast. Let's go back to you with exaggerate. And let's find, I think it was called stomp, stomp, and it will work better. I'm just showing you here the different options. And we'll make it on both ends, on enter and exit. So that way, it looks a little bit smoother when it changes from one sentence to the next. That is, it will do that to all of them. And then we'll change the duration from the top. As you can see, there is one that shows that each one of them has five seconds. We'll just change that to less than a second. We went with 0.6 and now it's all down to, I think, three seconds. And that is it. You can download it both as a video, as a JIF. It's so easy. And here they are. That's the video and that's the JIF. You can barely see any difference between them. The next step is that we will list them on either open see it edible or any marketplace, NFT marketplace that you'd like. I already went to in detail, going through how to choose a suitable marketplace, how to create a Wallet, how to link it to our accounts, how to list items. So I'm going to link that or add this class and the resources, or you'll find it, this is a discovery. You'll find this in my on my profile. It will walk you through it. It would be nice to play a little bit with listing. You can list them individually, you can list them in as, as videos or as gifts. Or you can list them as a collection. Nice thing is that you can offer the videos or the gifts, or maybe create a little bit more wow, virgin and add it as a lockable item where when someone buys an NFC, he gets access to other locked options. This gives it a little bit of an added value. That was it. I hope you benefited from this class. Thank you and see you in the next one.