Train the Trainer 101: For Beginners Only! | Jason Teteak | Skillshare

Train the Trainer 101: For Beginners Only!

Jason Teteak

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10 Lessons (3h 24m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course

    • 2. Session 1 Hook Trainess

    • 3. Session 2 Build Credibility & Rapport

    • 4. Session 3 Understand Trainees

    • 5. Session 4 Use Visual Aids Well

    • 6. Session 5 Part I Ask Questions Effectively

    • 7. Session 5 Part II Ask Questions Effectively

    • 8. Session 6 Use Effective Non Verbal Communication

    • 9. Session 7 Answer Questions Well

    • 10. Session 8 Pace, "Got it", Close, and Prepare Well


About This Class

What Is "Train the Trainer 101"?

A Proven System that Teaches You How to Train Anything to Anyone

Immediately implement these training techniques and instantly see the profound impact they have on your audience.  Instantly learn how to train, teach or facilitate any short class.  In this 4 hour program you will see Jason model exactly how to show confidence, build rapport, motivate and teach adult learners, and feel comfortable doing it. 

  • powerful preparation toolkit you can use to look knowledgeable and make sure you’re ready to take on any classroom environment

  • A no-nonsense practical learning styles theory you can immediately use to target every learner in your classroom

  • Techniques to capture attention even if you have never done it before

  • The 5 critical elements you should include in your training opener, and how to hook your audience for maximum attention

  • Our “Get them to trust you Strategy”, just follow this strategy to show more credibility and build rapport right from the start of class

  • What “objectives and tasks” are, and how to deliver what they want (with immediate value in less time)

  • How to effectively employ expert questioning to elicit interaction, follow along, and understanding from your audience

  • Powerful body language and tone techniques to instantly connect with your trainees and keep them connected all class long

  • How to get your participants laughing and enjoying themselves while they learn so they retain and apply more when it’s over

  • An easy step-by-step method to answer questions so you always look like you know the answer even when you don’t

  • Effective techniques to hold the attention and manage the pace in your class, even for “slow and fast” learners

  • A simple tool to easily determine if they “got it” so you can feel confident about what you’ve taught

Train the Trainer 101 Course Details

You’ll get our tried and true method for delivering stellar training to your employees by preparing, delivering and assessing training that employees want to attend.  Specifically, you'll experience 11 modules to engage the class with Your training including...

     Module 1: Learn about the “Hook”

     Module 2: Credibility & Rapport

     Module 3: Understanding Trainees

     Module 4: Visual Aids

     Module 5: Questioning Techniques

     Module 6: Effective Non-Verbal Communication

     Module 7: Answering Questions Well

     Module 8: Setting Pace

     Module 9: Determining if Trainees “Got it”

     Module 10: Closing Well

     Module 11: Preparing Effectively.

Train the Trainer 101 Course Reviews: 

  "I think this program is something you're going to want to look into. I've been blown away by it…Rule the Room identifies some needs in Education that are being very much neglected by instructors who are very well intentioned, who desperately want their students to learn, but they just don't know what they're missing and I've been one of these instructors." 

  - Paul OlsonUniversity of Michigan TA 

  “This is one of the best classes I have taken – it focuses on simple concepts that are crucial to engagement and retention of material.  The class focused on a variety of presentation techniques for conveying messages clearly to a broad spectrum of learners." 

  - Rachel Lawson - Corporate Trainer and Project Manager 

  “Jason helped me to realize that The Golden Rule cannot clumsily be applied to teaching. If I teach others the exact way that I want to be taught, it could very well be that only a quarter of my students get what I'm trying to say!  Jason explains the scientific reasoning behind each of his techniques. This has made it easy for me to adapt his suggestions over time to meet the unique needs of my students, according to the subject material." 

  - Ben Llewellyn- Quality Assurance Trainer 

What You'll Get With This Course: 

  • 4 Hours of video training

  • 68-page learner workbook guide

  • Oral Review

  • Learning style assessment tracker

  • 7 Best Questioning techniques system and answer key

About Your Instructor

Jason Teteak is the Founder and CEO of Rule the Room Train the Trainer. Jason first made a reputation in the medical training industry, where he was known as “the Epic trainer of trainers.” In response to many requests, he began to offer personalized services and quickly developed a following as a private training coach and training consultant whose clientele includes elite institutions, universities, and top corporations.

In 20 years of working as a trainer and a trainer coach, he has helped more than 15,000 training professionals to “Rule the Room” and has appeared before more than 200,000 people. He’s won praise and a wide following for his original methods, his engaging style, and his knack for transferring training skills via practical, simple, universal and immediately actionable techniques. Or as he puts it “No theoretical fluff”.

He founded Rule the Room Train the Trainer with a mission to DOUBLE the impact of 10,000 training professionals in the next 5 years. The Rule the Room Train the Trainer team, under Jason’s management, has flipped the model and changed the approach to great training and instruction for even the most seasoned veterans.