The Unofficial Hunting Guide to Steemhunt | Philip 'dm' Campbell | Skillshare

The Unofficial Hunting Guide to Steemhunt

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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18 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. background and intro, welcome to steemhunt

    • 2. so what products can you hunt?

    • 3. you will need to get a steem account

    • 4. basic walk around the interface

    • 5. stepping through steemhunt guidelines

    • 6. what happens after you submit a hunt?

    • 7. prep list for daily posting

    • 8. adding markdown + formatting

    • 9. common delisting issues

    • 10. what's next if i get delisted?

    • 11. Account Based Voting 2.0 Overview

    • 12. [FAQ] how to edit your post on steemhunt after delisting

    • 13. [FAQ] how come other mods verify other mods

    • 14. [FAQ] my post was asked to be changed but not seen my mod

    • 15. [FAQ] when is the best time to post a hunt

    • 16. [FAQ] someone said they were a mod or influencer are they

    • 17. [FAQ] difference between mods and influencers

    • 18. [FAQ] - is there a way i can earn free HUNT tokens?


About This Class


I’ve been waiting for a steem blockchain application like steemhunt since I started on the blockchain, nearly two years ago now — we already have wonderful ways to get started on the steem blockchain with @dlive and @dtube for both video hosting and streaming.

We have a whole raft of other applications that allow you to not only interact with the blockchain but also be incentivised with financial rewards for taking part in the steem platform.

Discover Cool Products and Get Rewards by STEEM

You can surface new products, upvote and comment on them, and most importantly, you will be rewarded with STEEM tokens for your contribution.

Product Hunt was the original inspiration for the development of the platform, a brilliant place on the web where you can find cool new applications — the massive difference between the two? with steemhunt you are incentivized to hunt new products by getting a potential payment of steem for your submission.

What can you expect in this course?

I want to take you from zero knowledge of the platform to pro hunter as fast as possible, i've tried to break this down into the following sections if you already know about product hunt and steem you can probably jump over the background section.

  • background
  • making a hunt
  • account based voting
  • how to interact with the community
  • frequency asked questions

this will be a rolling course in that I'll be adding updates as regularly as possible, feel free to ask me questions here or jump into the steemhunt discord channel and ask in #questions.

if you enjoyed this class, please consider taking a premium subscription for a spin
-- with that link, you get TWO MONTHS totally FREE!

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you can also check out my introduction to steem course below for free!