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The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Blueprint

teacher avatar Juan E. Galvan, Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

25 Lessons (1h 53m)
    • 1. Affiliate Marketing Course Sales Video

    • 2. Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Intro

    • 3. 5 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy

    • 4. How To Use Google Trends To Find Hot Niches

    • 5. Clickbank for Beginners

    • 6. How To Find Up and Coming Clickbank Products

    • 7. Commission Junction Walkthrough

    • 8. JVZoo Walkthough

    • 9. Offervault Walkthrough

    • 10. Rakuten Walkthrough

    • 11. Ringpartner Walkthrough

    • 12. Thrive Marketplace Walkthrough

    • 13. What is CPA Marketing?

    • 14. Credit Repair CPA Example

    • 15. Facebook Ads Credit Repair CPA Walkthrough

    • 16. How To Find Lead Magnets

    • 17. How To Get FREE Traffic

    • 18. Clickfunnels Landing Page Builder Walkthrough

    • 19. Woodworking Facebook Page Example

    • 20. Woodworking Facebook Ads Creation

    • 21. Facebook Ads Solar Example

    • 22. Using Facebook Groups To Get Free Traffic

    • 23. How To Get Traffic From Youtube

    • 24. How To Get FREE Traffic With Quora

    • 25. Secret Paid Traffic Source

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About This Class

Are you read y to start making money online with Affiliate Marketing? With Affiliate Marketing, you simply sell other people's products and services without the hassle of inventory, customer complaints or the risk of upfront capital for commissions of 30-90%.

Learn how to get started in Affiliate Marketing with this step-by-step blueprint, where to find companies in every possible niche that are begging to give you money to affiliate market their products, and how to beat out the competition with killer internet marketing techniques.

The Affiliate Marketing Step-by-Step Blueprint solves the following common yet fatal problems hounding both newbie and veteran affiliate marketers:

  • How to pick a highly profitable niche

  • How to pick a conversion platform that will produce the most money with the least effort

  • How to create content your niche audience will actually want to read and share

  • How to select affiliate offers the smart and efficient way

  • How to build an affiliate marketing business that will stand the test of time and fickle consumer trends

  • How to trouble shoot and optimize your affiliate marketing business for increased income

    ... and a LOT MORE!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Juan E. Galvan

Digital Entrepreneur | Marketer


Hi I'm Juan. I've been an entrepreneur since grade school. My background is in the tech space from Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Web Development to Programming. I believe in continuous education with the best of a University Degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods. I look forward to helping you expand your skillsets.

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1. Affiliate Marketing Course Sales Video: alone. Welcome to the ultimate affiliate marketing step by step blueprint course where you're gonna learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing, even if you have no prior experience. So with this course, you're gonna learn exactly how to set up a Facebook ad campaigns so you can generate affiliate commissions for different products, different services. I'm gonna show you exactly where to find the best affiliate network platforms, which affiliate networks are going to be the best to sign up for. I'm gonna walk you step by step. How to get free traffic to your affiliate offers how to build a landing page so you can start directing traffic there and start building your email list. And I'm gonna walk you through the crucial five step process that all successful affiliate marketers used to identify the best Michu's to ensure the best returns for the least amount of efforts. So let's go ahead and get started, and I'll see you on the other side 2. Affiliate Marketing Blueprint Intro: Hey, guys. One here. I'm gonna walk you through how to start an affiliate marketing business from scratch. So affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make an online income. If you are new to affiliate marketing, really? All you're doing is you are referring different products and services to people and you're making a commission. I'm going to show you several different ways that you can go about earning different affiliate commissions, making money with this strategy without really investing any of your own money. 3. 5 Step Affiliate Marketing Strategy: Hey, guys, 20 year, and in this video, I'm gonna share with you the five step formula to making money with affiliate marketing. So one of the first things that I want to share with you is if you don't really understand affiliate marketing or if you're new to it, Philia marketing is essentially where you are promoting other people's products and services. Okay, let's say you have a website. You have a particular blawg and maybe talking about a particular service, a product. You recommend that product of services and you have a link on there that is in tracked back to you. And so any time somebody cooks on that link, it makes a purchase. You get a commission, right? Same thing with YouTube video. If you're on their anger promoting a product, you're doing a review or whatever it may be. Any time somebody clicks and buys off of your affiliate link, that's where you're gonna get a commission. So the first step in the five step formula is having the right mindset. Now, a lot of people that I know that are trying to get into affiliate marketing or in the how to make money online world think that making money online is super easy, like it's a push button kind of solution. Hey, everybody is doing and it's gonna be super simple. I just gotta click this click bad and Boom, I got an automated revenue generating machine. Well, unfortunately, that's not how it works. You wanna have an understanding that this is not going to be easy? It's actually gonna be quite difficult because you think about it. If it was super easy, everybody would be doing it right. People would not have regular jobs. They would be making money online. Yeah, there are a lot of people that are, but you don't know. We don't know that back story, right? How many years did they spend actually going through different course materials, learning from mentors, spending thousands of dollars on their education to get to where they are right now? So that's when one of the biggest things that I really want to point out is once you're starting into this online marketing world, it's not going to be easy. And if you go into it with that understanding with that kind of might said that Hey, okay, things are going for wrong my website may be down for a day. My website may mess up. Whatever it may be, right. All the things that could go wrong well typically go wrong. But when you're really prepared for that mentally and that time comes and you have an issue , you're like, man, that sucks. But, hey, you know what? It's just all part of the process sometimes. So having the right mindset is the first thing that you need to understand if you want to start making money online with affiliate marketing is really making money online with anything. Okay, so number two, this is a niche selection. So if you're just starting out, I would recommend that you go into a niche that you are passionate about because with a niece that you're passionate about, if and when it's not, really if it's when things start getting tough, right, you're not gonna be is likely to quit, Okay? Because let's say that you want to go after a specific needs that you're not even passion about. You don't really care about your son. Make money at the first point of anything going wrong. You're gonna want to give up because it's too hard. It's not fun, right? But if you're going into a niche that is, you know something that you're passionate about, you like it, you understand it, you know you have a background in it. It's gonna be easier for you once you get that first mission kind of product or service or whatever it is that you're looking to promote kind of out of the way that is really resonating with you. Then you can start going and looking at different natures because you already have a system down. You know that you can make money by promoting X y Z product that you like that you're familiar with. Then you can start going branching off into different types of nature's that you're not necessarily that passionate about. But you know that there's a market for it. So I'll give you an example here, right? If you're going to be going into a beach, think about let's say, if you're interested in outdoors, okay, you want to get a lot more specific just outdoors. Let's say you like hiking so we would go into the hiking beach, but that's even get a little bit more specific. Okay, so hiking backpacks. Let's say you were to go and create a website around hiking equipment. Okay, you can have different pages where you're promoting hiking backpacks, hiking boots, right, camping gear, you know, whatever it is that has to do with Hank ing. So Number three. This is affiliate network selection, so there's a lot of networks out there that you can join and start promoting their products . But it's really important to look at all the different networks and understand what it is that you're gonna be promoting from the get go. OK, so, for example, click bank Clint bank is typically just informational products. So let's say you wanted to promote help products, right? Fitness products. They have a lot of parts of how to lose weight, how to cure diabetes. You know, a lot of software programs as well, so those are going to be typically more of informational plaudits. But they actually have one of the highest commissions in the market, So typically, if you're promoting a could big offer right product, you're going to get anywhere between 50 to 75% of the sale. Typically, the pricing on click make is going to be anywhere between 25 to $75. Okay, so you're gonna get 75% of that now. Some actual products have a monthly recurring charge that you're also going to be making a commissioner. And so that's a really great benefit as well. With Click Bank, it just really any product is gonna have, like, a monthly description. So then we have Commission Junction. Our commission junction is more of like software products. So let's say that you wanted to promote, like, email, auto responders, a Weber Mel champ. Constant contact, eye contact, right. You're gonna need a joint commission junction in order to start promoting those types of software products. But again, right, Those kind of products are really great because they have re occurring rather than coming in each month and essentially passive income. So then we have a unit. Me and you, to me, is more of a marketplace of courses, and you're gonna need a joint. I believe it's up rocking 10 which is the actual affiliate network. Right where you can start promoting, like, let's say courses on. You know me, you got a unity. You do search. I mean, you can look and find somebody different courses on so many different subjects. And they actually have a really good commission program as well. And then we have Amazon. And, as you know, Amazon essentially sells everything so you can start promoting so many different products, right? But the only downfall with Amazon is that the commission structures really, really low. Typically, you know where between 3 to 5% depending on the category of products that you're promoting and then we have a market. So Mark, a health is more of a health conscious type of platform where you can start promoting vitamins and supplements and start actually getting higher commissions than Amazon. Okay, so these were some of the top affiliate networks research these. Find out which one of these is going to be the best for you, right? And that's all going to be depending on what product or service that you want to promote. Okay, so then we have number four, which is choosing the right platform. So one of the quickest ways you start earning affiliate commissions is by creating a YouTube account, and that you took account is free. It's very, very simple to set up a lot of the actual traffic that you're gonna be getting is gonna be through the related videos section. Okay, so let's say that you are watching, for example, of video on health and fitness or how to lose weigh a lot of times, what's gonna happen is you're gonna have recommended videos on the right hand side of your screen that are similar to what you're currently looking at. Right? So that's where from What I found is where a lot of your traffic is going to be coming from so you can start getting traffic immediately by just creating a quick YouTube video and promoting a particular product service may be doing a review on Okay, so then we have instagram, right? Instagram is so huge right now, Instagram is one of those things where you really just have to understand the hashtag game because every time that's how you make a post, you want to make sure you have the right hashtags that are associated with that particular niche. But it's super easy to start gaining followers and start promoting other people's product. So then we have a website or block. This is my favorite method of generating affiliate commissions because you're gonna have your own websites where you're essentially reviewing different products like, let's say, if you wanted to review particular software, they say, if you wanted to review a particular hosting service, right, so there's so many different things that you can actually start promoting through your own block, right? And that's where I go back to making sure that your very first niche is something that you enjoy that you're passionate about. So there content will come very quickly and easily to you. Then we have Facebook guides. Now Facebook ads is a bit more complex, but I definitely feel that Facebook ads is a great way to start generating traffic to a blawg, you know, to a website, whatever, maybe, and start bringing people to actually engage with your content, because have you think about it right? You could easily create a add that you made a review on the best or the top five hiking boots, right, and you created a Facebook guy, and you're targeting people who like hiking right, who have the interests of hiking there within a certain age, right, and you would get this data by going into the Facebook audience insights and really digging deep into your actual customer avatar. But let's just say that you were able to find a target. The exact people that like Tiki. Okay, you could put together that article, right? And then put together a Facebook ad targeting those people and say, Hey, you know, I created this quick article on the find best or top hiking boots, you know, take a look, whatever. Right? And then start driving traffic to their. So what you're doing there is you're providing value to use it, right? That person that is interested in banking is cooking on your ad. They're going to your website and then there, reading the article, right? And then at the end, there, you're gonna have some sort of call to action saying, Hey, if you want to buy either one of these boots right click here to purchase to the way that I would go about it is I would have an affiliate link under each particular boot that I would be reviewing. Okay, so it's very important that you select the right type of platform from the get go. So if you're just starting out, I would recommend you start on YouTube or even Instagram right there, both free. All you need to do is start creating content on and then you have a website which is a little bit more of an investment in a little bit more of a learning curve. But once you build that asset, write that website, it's gonna be there, and it's gonna be if you're actually doing S CEO on your ranking in Google has the ability to start generating passive income for you. So the last thing that I want to talk about is laying out your strategy step by step. Now, a lot of people go into the Internet marketing world or how to make money world in there like Okay, there's so many different things that I could do to make money to get this shiny object syndrome. And I really struggled with this when I first started out right. I wanted to do this. I want to do that. And there are so many different ways that you're just like all over the place versus saying OK, I'm going to start making money and doing affiliate through mod block and once I know that , I understand that, Okay, What are the steps that I need to do in order to get started? Ok. And I laid him out right here. For example, if you wanted to start promoting products right to your website, here's the steps that I would go through to start creating a website number one, right register domain. That name chief dot com whatever it is that you want to call your domain, right, Maybe it's, you know, hiking gear reviews or whatever, right? Then you would go and get hosted. You can get hosting from named chief as well. Okay, you said of your hosting, then you would install WordPress underside. WordPress is one of the top actual CMS systems out there, and probably one of the best for Seo. In my opinion, I build on my sites on WordPress, and they worked extremely well as Faras ranking on Google that you want to select a word precedent. Now WordPress has a tone of free deems that you don't even need a purchase that they have for free within their platform. Once you install on the WordPress software onto your site. Okay, so then you have final step would just create content, right? So if you wanted to get ideas. Faras Okay, How do I need to go about creating website? These would be your 1st 5 steps, right? The content you already gonna have, because if you're just starting out, it's gonna be something that you're passionate about anyways, So you already gonna have content. So I just really wanted to share with you these five steps. And if you follow this five step formula for getting into affiliate marketing and start to make money, you're really gonna have a tremendous amount of success. Others who are just going into it and thinking that it's going to be a push button solution . It's gonna be super easy. Everybody's doing it. If you go into making money online or going to get marketing with that kind of mindset, you're going to fail very quickly and you're gonna give up, right? That's really what sets a lot of entrepreneurs people who making money online apart from the rest of the pack, right, is understanding that you know what? I may not get it this time or that time. I mean, lose a little bit of money here and there, but you know, I know other people are having a lot of success with this. I can do this as well. Is just maybe gonna take me a little bit of time. So I just wanted to share this with you here and look forward to seeing you on the next one . Thanks. 4. How To Use Google Trends To Find Hot Niches: Hey, guys, on here in this video, I'm gonna share with you how to use Google trends to do market research for a product or service that you're looking to promote. So first things first. Here. I want to kind of give you an idea as far as what Google trends is really about. So this is really good tool here for if maybe you have a product, you have a service, you have a website you're looking to promote on. You're looking to kind of figure out what are people searching? What are the latest trends? What are what are people really interested in kind of woods popular, which what's really trending right now in and the actual, you know, search West, you know, searches through Google like, for example, here, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift are like one of the most search terms. But, you know, in all actuality, it's really about typing in specific he words that you feel gonna think that your customers may be typing in and kind of the trend over time. So, for example, one popular term that I know has just really kind of skyrocketed in the last kind of three or four years is, uh, the influencer marketing. And like, Shopify, those air things that are kind of not very new but you know, have been going on for the last few years. And if you and when we look at the numbers here, I'll show you that it's very, very trending as faras high searches because it's kind of kind of new and almost untapped. So let me just going to go in here and show you some example. So let's say that we wanted to look at a popular term that I know right now is really popping in like the digital marketing space. So, Social Media Marketing Agency. Okay, now Ah, while back ago high, Lopez created a course talking about S M M A or social media marketing agency how to start an agency. And, um, that's when, like, the whole Facebook, I believe kind of marketing agency started to really kind of pick up steam and really skyrocket. When I remember I was doing kind of digital marketing selling S e o. And what not a few years back and the whole estimate many term social media marketing agency term wasn't really even talked about. So It's interesting that kind of look at the trend here we can look at, um, the past five years, and we can see a significant growth here. Right? Okay. So, um 15 16 17 17 Here we can see the significant growth here. Rain appear at the peak, we had 69 uh, take a little bit of a dick, but then it's coming back up. One of the most, I guess lucrative ways to make money online nowadays is starting your own agency and looking at how you can help local businesses generate new leads and sales. But that's beside the point here. This tool here, Google trends. It's really to kind of figure out what your customers are searching for. Some of the search intense behind the keywords and really trying to stay on top of trends. That's one of the best way. Is it really beyond top your market and be, you know, ahead of your competition is staying on top of kind of what's training or what's being talked about in your market so that you can stay ahead of the curb. You can look around corners and see kind of the, you know, the path before it's even. It's even there. So, uh, with this one here, the great thing about is that we can use this tool to really dig deep into what states are actually searching the most, and this can be broken down by country. But we're gonna go here and just look at the United States first, and we can actually even look at this worldwide. Let's look at this Worldwide here now on this should Yet. Okay, so this is a significant growth here because of the fact that you know, you can start a social media marketing agency anywhere in the world. The significant jump here is just I just insane, right? It's a huge, huge growth there. So, Saint Helen, I don't really know what that is. That's weird. Tai Lopez. Let's go back to the U. S. Significant growth there. But the data seems to be a bit off. Let's just go to United States, okay? And then let's look down here. Okay. So, Kansas, New York, Florida, California, Colorado seem to be the best, um, kind of most search states. And then if you want to look at, uh, even similar keywords here Tai Lopez and social media marketing to say how to start Social Media Marketing Agency. Let's click on that. And then we can look at the individual keyword terms here. Um, so there's a little bit of search volume. Not too much. Let's go back. Okay, so let's go to this even type in sm A That's kind of Ah, the short version there. Abbreviated. Okay. Yeah. Look at this huge jump up here February of this year. Okay? Massive jump there. And so now we get some different data. Missouri, Massachusetts, Rhode Island. And so this is interesting here. This is the related topics. So really, tie Lopezes course is about SME, and, you know, he's really it's really just education course, right? And so they're they're looking at this year and saying, OK, so this course and education, this this is what really this course is about and it is right. It's teaching people how to start a local marketing agency local marketing business. So if we wanted to kind of go look deeper here and look at Tai Lopez s m A. And some of the additional related cures we can look at that here is well, it looks like there's not very many. Here's faras thes subregion, and not very much as faras cures there. So let's look at even break this data a little bit down further. Um, school of the past 12 months. Okay, so there's been a significant growth there. Um, and then we can look at different keywords. Okay, so we can actually do different searches in here through image news, Google shopping, YouTube. We can look at different categories. If you want to look at specific categories and here and kind of get let's say you want to kind of get a more general kind of broad scope of a category here, like of a marketplace. We can look at that. It's, Let's say we wanted to get, uh, kind of an understanding, or, I think, a better, better gauge of the computer now that tronics market can. We wanted to go to the past five years. Okay, so, uh, this keyword up there should not be there. OK, let's look at that Books. Okay, air, we go. So now it's it's given us an overview of kind of some of the most trending type of I guess items here in search queries. So the fortnight online game is, I guess, really, really popular right now. I have never played it, but I guess it's really popular right now. The Samsung phone on a tendo switch. Google slides. Google had classroom. So it's really pulling up kind of some of the most, uh, I guess up to date, um, search queries that make the most sense and the kind of the most popular. So then that in the last 12 months, past 12 months, we can look at here kind of different things that are being searched Galaxy s 10. So this is good if we wanted to, like, have a SE We were doing research for, like, a Elektronik product that we had, Um and we wanted to kind of get some ideas to see what people are searching. Right? What is their intent behind this? Okay, so a lot of people are searching for the galaxy as nine plus boy, you race. I'm not really sure what that is. UK. So this tour really is to give you an idea of, like, what is out there currently being searched on what's popular than me even going here. And I want to see I want to show you also like, uh, type an influencer marketing. Okay, so let's look at the five years. It should be a significant growth here because this is pretty, pretty recent pretty brand new. Hi. How you so we can just even look at this trend Here is just massive growth right on dso that's the big thing is allowing us to come in here and really look at kind of different top level subjects and topics and then be able to kind of break them down even further on We can even also compare, like, let's say, influencer marketing into, like, s m m a. Okay. And we could look at the data on and kind of look at OK, you know, this this growth and then this growth. So influencer marketing has had a significant growth in comparison, sm in May, right? I know we can look at the differences between the searches in different areas by subregion , different related queries here. So again, this tool is just to really give you a general overview and outlook of a particular market on particular search queries. It's really find out what your audience what your customer base is searching what they're looking for so that you can essentially give him You know what they want, right? What they're looking for, but for really more in depth. So this is kind of let me kind of give you an example of how I really use this and the best way to utilize this in conjunction with, like, a keyword research tool. So I would start with this tool here if I was doing like, I national like a national campaign, Okay for S e O, for example, or even AdWords campaign. So let's say for S e o. Okay, And I was doing like, in a national campaign, I would kind of come in here, look at some kind of the top level search terms, get an idea of the market on what are the most popular searches and what are people looking for was what's really, you know, trending right now, okay. And then I get a better understanding of Okay, These are the kind of keywords that people are searching thes or what? People are really more interested in it. And then I'm going to take that info and then go into the keyword research tool through Google and other tools, and then I'm going to dig deeper and find out. Okay, what are the other search terms that people are searching that are related with ones that we found here? So this is kind of your first stop and really any kind of market research? A lot of people don't utilize this enough. I don't believe because, uh, I guess it's not as sexy is like a keyword planner tool where you could just deep dive into keywords. This kind of gives you the 50 50,000 foot view of a market and the kind of trend of it. And then going into the Q and research tool is really that that, you know, up front kind of 1000 foot view where it's a little bit more close and it's more in depth. But this is This is what I really wanted to show you guys here as far as the Google trends , great tool to get a general overview of a market. And if you're not utilizing this, I definitely recommend you do because you're gonna gonna be ahead of your market. They're your competition because very few people are using this. So that's it for this video. Go ahead and let this video describe, and we'll see on the next one 5. Clickbank for Beginners: Hey, guys, one here and in this video, I'm gonna walk you through the clip bank website here and show you exactly how you can start earning affiliate commissions through the click bank platform. So if you're unfamiliar with Click Bank, it's essentially a platform in marketplace where people will create products and certain issues in certain categories, and then they'll invite affiliates toe actually promote these products and at times will even give away 100% of the commission's because of the fact that these individuals have these products not only with the front and offers, but also the back and offer. So let's say that you're able to, ah, sell a product for $67. Oftentimes these individuals will give you 100% of those commissions, so $67 because they know they have a customer that they can sell on the back, end additional products and make money that way. So on this platform here is really, really good to affiliate. I think the average commission is about 75% of the sale, so I really hook you up, and ah, lot of these different vendors in here will provide a lot of affiliate tools that you can use, such as banners, email templates, just different material that you can use to use for your promotion. But I want to go to the affiliate marketplace here, and I want to show you essentially how to set this up so that you can look at what are the top selling products on clipping. So the way that you can look at this is essentially by clicking this magnifying glass here , and you don't even need to go through all the average sale average initial sale, all these different filters. If you want to find what are the top, most highest selling products on click bank, all you got to do is come up here and click on this little magnifying glass and boom, you're going to get all the top selling products here from start to finish so we can see here flat belly fix teds Woodworking. This'll looks like a dating kind of product here, and what you'll find is a lot of these have affiliate pages here where no provide different marketing and promotional material that you can use to promote these products. So with the woodworking here, looks like we have, ah, $125 per sale commission. Okay. And then some of these have received Have any affiliate type of tools here. Okay, so you need to end up signing up your information. Here, let me go here to take me to the resource page. Okay, so this is great. So we have Landers. Let me see this. What is this? Okay, so these guys provide custom landing pages. That's interesting. Okay, so this is great. So what we can do is essentially have these custom landing pages that we can send people and they'll be able to go to the exact offer, but it's different hook. So this one is for the main affiliate link highest converting. This is for, like, Facebook. If you want to advertise, do there on, then the video with text landing. So they have a lot of graphics here that you can use as well. Now, I'm gonna show you some free ways that you can promote these products and get commissions. But there's also a lot of different ways that you can use paid promotions and paid promotions are probably gonna be the best to be able to get that large amount of volume of sales. But you want to show you here. Ah, lot of these different vendors will provide a lot of tools to help you in promoting their products. Let's see here, this one. I hear these guys have a lot of different products as well and a lot of these different tools in here. Um OK, so let's go to this one here, see what they have. Okay, so this is an email swipe. Okay, so it looks like these guys are providing email swipes and then banners here. That's great. So I essentially wanted to walk you through this entire platform, right to give you an idea as far as how to start making affiliate commissions. And what I want to do now is show you some freeways that you can actually start getting affiliate commissions. So let's say that we were wanting to promote, you know, any kind of offer here That's a lean belly breakthrough and thistles like more for, like, females that are looking to lose weight on and looks like it's a via cell here. Okay, 6. How To Find Up and Coming Clickbank Products: finally here. I want to share with you kind of this secret site that is specifically for Click Bank. And what it does, is it post all of the new products that air kind of currently being released and then also some of the top products that are actually being sold right now. So this is a CB engineer, and you can find a lot of the top seven products on here as well. And it says your products we highly recommend promoting because these are top offers. One of the things that I love about Click Bank is their affiliate commission percentage. Sometimes the affiliate commissions can be up to 100% so 75 to 100% we're talking about. If somebody buys the products for $67 you're going to be able to keep $67 right? The entire product value, because winds up happening is these guys are really smart and really good at what they do as far as their marketing, right? And so they're paying $75 for that customer. But then they know that they have additional products and services that they can sell to that customer right because they're in now, their customer network right there in their email list. And so they get to continue to market to them with different products and services and make money on the back end. So that's why I love Click Bank. If you reach out to these sellers, ah, lot of them will work with you. They will. I want to give you higher commissions because they know that the more products that you so right, everybody is going to make money. They're gonna make money, you're gonna make money, but more importantly, for them, because they're going to get a customer that they can continue marketing to for life. Okay, so coming in here, we can see some of the top click bank vendors. We can look at the clip pink Insider reviews, re occurring products, right? A lot of the statistics and so really, this platform here, c b engine dot com is great to look at. What other click bank sellers air doing? What are people recommending? What are the hot kind of brand new products that are just being released, that nobody is with the even knowing about Ryan so you can kind of get in there before. Everybody else kind of starts promoting these products on. Be able to get kind of that firsthand experience and be people because you're on here and you're looking at for these noone upcoming products that you can get in at an early stage and be promoting their in making your affiliate commissions. So that's it for this video here. 7. Commission Junction Walkthrough: Now this is a network here where they have a bunch of different advertisers that you can essentially come in here and just type in whatever kind of knee sure industry category and you'll have a bunch of different offers, and you can promote just looking. At this year, we have 2700 results from different types of products and services that we can promote. Here's Web hosting on servers, health and wellness junk removal. We got 24 hour fitness, all these different products and services that we can essentially click on here, get the links and be able to start promoting these products very quickly. And again, This is all free All of these platforms in these programs here that I'm recommending Teoh, they're all free to sign up. All you got to do is, you know, feel not some information there to sign up and then start promoting news products. And so you could come here. You get your special link, and then you can use your means of either pay traffic free traffic to drive traffic to those offers and be able to collect a commission there. As I mentioned the whole intent of this video is to share with you where to go out and find your high paying affiliate offers that you can promote. 8. JVZoo Walkthough: the next platform that I want to share with you is JV Zoo. Now, this is essentially similar to click bank. Okay, on essentially what you're doing here is promoting different types of like, entrepreneur type products. These are more like Softwares. You can see here Magic Video, FX 4.0 Matic or Matic Press Agency Social Video suite. So these air mawr kind of e commerce make money online business. There are some health and fitness and self improvement. There's a lot of software here, but it's the same kind of concept, right? You get a special affiliate link, and you can promote thes through several different, you know, advertising methods to like Facebook or YouTube or different blocks on several different ways. And I'm going to share with you several different ways that you can start promoting these different products without spending any of your own money. 9. Offervault Walkthrough: So the next platform that I want to share with you is offer vault and this is a C p A platform and the kind of difference there with C p A. And like just typical affiliate marketing is okay, affiliate marketing. You are sending somebody toe a link to buy a product, and when they buy that product, you're going to get a commission on that a c p a means cost per action. And what that means is, when you send somebody to a specific website or, you know, a product or whatever that maybe you're going to get paid for a lead whenever somebody submits their information, okay? And they actually are looking to either buy a product or they're interested. That doesn't necessarily mean that they have bought the product. You can see here 3 15 per lead to 99 per lead. And this is like a an investment here, like a looks like it's four x. Okay, so these people are willing Teoh payout $299 per lead. Right that they get for you submitting having somebody come in and submit their information so we can see here. This is paying $6 per lead for some kind of game. $55 per lead. So you're you're able to see this one in here. Now, I don't want to pull that up here. I think this is some kind of diet or something. Okay, so this is great. So, essentially, you're going to send people here to this landing page and look at it. It's very compelling, right? Very compelling to somebody that is a female that is looking to lose weight. And they're looking for a way to burn fat. And so literally, somebody's coming here and they are getting I think this is Ah, this is a deal here to get a sample or something like that. But essentially, you're sending people to hear to this landing page. Okay? People are submitting their information, and if they're buying it, where do we send this package to? Okay, so I think it's one of those, like, free plus shipping kind of deals. So you're getting paid for every person that comes in here and Simmons their information. So for a lead, right? And so that's kind of the difference. There are really the biggest difference there between like Simple affiliate marketing and C P A. Marketing. So cost per action you're getting paid for people that are taking a specific action, typically in putting their name, email and phone number or whatever information that this particular in landing pages requiring. 10. Rakuten Walkthrough: And so the next one that I want to share with you is Racket tune. This is a platform as well, and what these guys do is essentially kind of like Commission Junction. They have a bunch of advertisers, and you could select different advertisers and different categories industries right niches and be able to promote their products as well. So let me show you how there's looks. OK, so here we can see we have several different categories that we can also use to promote different products. In we have financial services, food and drink, game and toys that say, over here we wanted to do hosting Let's see what kind of options we have for hosting. So we have pure VPN ultra services. And so all you gotta do is go to apply, and most likely you'll get accept it right there on the spot. And then here we can see what the commission is. So $13 flat fee on our goods This one is 70% last click commission on all goods, and this one is 42% Last quick, commissioner, not goods 11. Ringpartner Walkthrough: ring partner. Now ring partner is a paper lead marketplace. So this is for if you want to set up, let's say like a Google, my business listing in your area. Or you want to set up some paid ads and actually get phone calls coming in to businesses, right? Let's do you have a lead generation business, and you don't want to start working with clients you want to send cause to. This network here will deliver those calls to businesses and then pay you on a pearly basis . So if you're a marketer, if you're someone that is really good about generating leads online for businesses, then you can come in here and sign up with these guys. It's free, and what they'll do is they'll record the calls. The calls will come in and you'll get paid on a per lead basis. So it's essentially an alternative to working with clients. If you like working with clients. Hey, that's a great avenue actually run a marketing agency, but if you want to focus more on kind of just sending the leads to a paper called Network like this one here, Rick Partner, then you can do that as well, and the cost per lead is going to be a bit lower because you're not working with clients. But it's still automated revenue, right passive income that you can start generating by essentially referring these calls to these businesses. 12. Thrive Marketplace Walkthrough: now, Another platform that I want to share with you is that thrive market. Now, this is a more of a help in wellness. A lot of supplements, nutritional type of products where people can come in here. You can actually find these different types of products that are hot sellers and be able to promote these as well. And let me show you kind of how this works here so you could earn commissions on all the different sales. And then this is kind of giving you an ideas. Faras. You have 10 new customers. That's gonna be $200.50 new customers, $1000. So it's really easy to sign up right here. Click on that and then you'll be able tohave Ah, very unique type of products that to promote that not a lot of people are promoting. And so there's not very much competition. If you got a click bank right, it's a fantastic platform, But there's a lot of competition within a lot of those different nations. Those categories. So when you have a really unique products here, like herbs and homeopathy, I think that's how you pronounce that Colijn minerals. I know probiotics all these different kind of unique products, you're going to be kind of unique in the market place, and you're not been a face a lot of competition, so 13. What is CPA Marketing?: Hey, guys. One here, in this video, I'm gonna walk you through. What exactly is C p? A marketing, And how can you make money with it? So what, exactly A C p A. Marketing. So C p A stands for cost per action. And this, essentially where you're sending traffic to a particular landing page, a sales page, whatever offering, maybe. And you're getting people to fill out their information. So name, email and phone number essentially eight lead is a lead offer, and you're getting people to, you know, submit their information because they want to learn more about how to get a mortgage or how to repair their credit. How do you get auto loan? Whatever that may be. Right? You're having companies. Affiliate networks give you a commission every time somebody submitting their information. So what's kind of the steps here? Right? So there's two steps. Number one is finding offers. Okay, The best type of C P offers are, as I mentioned, Lee Generation offers where people are submitting their information. You're getting a commission every time somebody puts in their name, email, phone number and whatever other information that is required. So what are some examples of these so credit repair companies, insurance type of companies, loans, auto loans, mortgages for real estate. And then there's three main affiliate networks that you can sign up with and its offer vault Max bounding and then the cash network. And some of these are actually going to require that you fill out an application and then approved through a simple interview. Now it's very, very easy and simple with these guys. All you got to do is tell them Hey, I'm looking to promote offers through Facebook through a funnel through landing pages, right? And just let him know what you're looking to do and how you're going to go about promoting these offers, and you should easily get accepted. It's not anything difficult. I think they'll have a quick call with your over Skype, and then you should be good to go. So what is the process then that we use to actually drive traffic in the process that I'm gonna share with you here is through Facebook ads. So what we're essentially doing is we're running a Facebook ad to a specific offer, and in this one here, it's gonna be for a credit repair offer. So we're gonna create an ad about credit repair. And then we're gonna send people toe a landing page that we're going to set up because what we want to do is we want to collect people's emails before they go to the actual offer and submit their information again because we want to continue to market to them. We want to build an email list because if we're just sending people directly from the add to the offer page right, we're going to get a commission. We're going to get paid for that. But now that particular company has a new customer that they can continue to market to. But if we're sending actual traffic from the add to the landing page that we're creating, where we're giving people a lead magnet, right, maybe a free offer, a free e book on how to fix your credit, how to repair the credit on, then we email them with on actual offer. Right then that's going to be a better scenario for us because even on the thank you page, they can actually get taken to that particular offer by clicking on a little box that takes them to that desired offer page 14. Credit Repair CPA Example: let me go ahead and give you an example here of a particular Facebook fan page that is set up specifically for this kind of offer. So here is this Facebook page here, which is the consumer protector and what this page is about, if you think about it, it's really about kind of making sure and trying to educate the consumers right so that they're not taken advantage of by the government by all these different laws. It just really looking out for that consumer. Okay? And so what they're doing here is they're promoting a credit repair products sometime. And if we open this up here once you go here, you're going to get a story going on. That's talking about some girl who raised her credit score from 5 88 to 7 81 and it talks about some big loophole. And this is essentially the landing page. Now there's really two different ways that we can go about this. You can either send people toe a landing page to download some lead, offer or leave magnet, and then have them input their information. Or you can send them to this page here and then you can have a link down here like this. That actually goes to the offer. But the problem with this kind of set up here is that you're not collecting this lead information, right? You're affiliate network that you're actually promoting that particular offer with, They're going to get the customer lead information, and then you're gonna get a commission. But you won't have that customer that you can continue to market to. So I'm not a big fan of this particular model here, But these guys were doing it, and obviously it works. You just will not have access to that particular customer. So let me show you here kind of how this landing pitch looks for the offer. So go down credit secret dot org's. And so what I would do over here as far as the lead magnet, I'm gonna show you how to set this up, and I'm gonna show you how I would go about it by providing somebody a believe magnet that they can download that is free value, right? And then how they can go to the thank you page and then automatically have that essentially forward over to the offer or you may not even need a thank you page. You can have somebody submit their information here, right? And then have it go directly to the offer so we can essentially even excel the thank you page. It's there if you wanna have it. But if you're looking to collect information, right, lead information for yourself, then you can actually just have it go directly to the offer. Let me go ahead and show you how I would set this up. Okay, so here is the click funnels platform are highly recommended. I believe it's free for 30 days. It's just a super easy landing page builder. So here we have this lead magnet funnel here. And what this could be is five tips to fixing your credit and then have an e book here that you can actually send people right and provide and then have them fill in their information here and then go to my free video. And once they clicked this here, right, you can have the next page go directly to here. So instead of going to the thank you page to go back over here instead of going to this Thank you. Pay your train. We can have people go from here once they submit their information and then go directly to here for kind of like an up sell, because down here we're not really selling anything. We're just providing value, but we're getting that valuable piece of email, right? So once they download the free e book, they'll get automatically taking to hear toe buy this book, and then you will get a commission. 15. Facebook Ads Credit Repair CPA Walkthrough: Let's go over here and I'm gonna walk through it. Quick. Ad that I would set up for this particular offer. So let's go to free stock images. And I would go with each happy family so you wouldn't get a picture of that. So that looks good right there. And then let's go to desktop newsfeed. Okay, so I would say, um so just kind of think I've talked my head here. I'm trying to think about some copy that we would use. So, uh, let's go back over here. You see here. So now let me go back. Okay. So are you or I would say, hey, who could be target on this so we could target people very specifically, or we can leave it broad. So are you wanting or are you looking to make a significant purchase? Um, in your life? Are you Are you looking to buy a new car or maybe eight new home? Right? Something like that. Because we were trying to get people that are in the buying market. So they're looking to buy a new car. Maybe a significant purchase, maybe, you know, house, whatever. That may be because these kind of people are the ones that need credit repair fairly quickly because, you know, obviously the fact that they're making a purchase or want to make a purchase, a lot of it's used. You know, a lot of it's based on credit and the different type of a PR that they can get right the interest they want to be able to get that as low as possible and be able to qualify for as much money as possible. So we want to target these type of people that are already kind of looking to make a significant purchase. So, are you looking to make a significant purchase in your life? I would even put change Is this Are you looking divine? You buy a new car more, Maybe a new home having a low credit score can significantly, uh, let's see here. Significantly increase your monthly payments and interest rates. Okay. Um, what if you could raise your credit score, uh, up to, you know, 200 points? Um, within 30 to 60 days, Write something just like that. Where we're talking to, you know, somebody who has a family. But in this particular example, we're talking to the mail the head of the household, and we want to talk to them so that if they're making a significant purchase, such as a car, a new home, they have a little credit score, right? We want to make sure that we're talking to them in that we can let them know that we have a solution to their problem. Okay, so what if you could raise your credit score up to 200 points? I learned how. Learn more here or learn how to increase your credit. Score up to 200 points here. Okay. They don't have the 50 link there, and then this link would go to our landing page, which is over here, and then they would download this e book. It would be a do it yourselfer. We can even use, uh, the either this one or this one. Here, do it yourself, because what is happening with a lot of this Do it yourself stuff is people would download these e books. But it's so long and there's so much work to be done that they're like, Yeah, you know, I'd rather not do it and rather pay somebody to do it for me. And so that's you know, the benefit on your end is that you're providing value. People are figuring out what needs to be done, but they don't want to do it at the another day because they would rather pay somebody to do it for them. So let's go back over here. I have the link here. And then I would put a headline. Um, let's see here, learn how to raise your credit up to 200 points. Something like that, Um, or raise your credit score up to 200 points. Nice and simple like that are called to action here, but this bit Lee link learn more is gonna take them to the landing page. Right. We're gonna download the e book here. Okay? And when we go, t o get our free video Now we can change that too. Kit, your free e book. Put e books. Now grab and then we want to set it action here. And this action would be go to a website and then we would get this. You are all here. Go to copy and then put that into the funnel. And so now, as soon as they're done here they put in their information automatically. It's going forward here, and this landing page is gonna do the selling for you. Okay? And whenever somebody orders his book or puts in their information for a lead, you know, C p A. That you're going to get a commission. So that's essentially how I would set this up Super, super simple, nice and easy. 16. How To Find Lead Magnets: How would I find then, like e book or a dock? Some kind of guide out there that I could provide for free? Well, that's super simple. So I essentially went to Google here, and I looked up free credit repair guy. And so I found a couple here. This one here pdf this one here, pdf or I would even go dot pdf and look for pdf credit repair guides that we can essentially download and give people for free for opting in. I mean, it's that simple. We don't need to go and look up anything crazy or create a whole new e book. Nothing like that. Take something that is already working out there. So this one year is a do it yourself credit repair kit. And I think this has about so 77 pages. Think about how valuable this is. Okay. And then this is a samaritan credit. This is about 30 pages here. So you can turn any of these into a free guy, right? I mean, this is one here from Upturn. Not really sure what this is. So my intention with this video is that give you some ideas of how you can create your own lead magnet, your own landing page, right, and then be able to drive traffic from Facebook to that landing page so you can collect information. Right. Collect that lead delivering your e book for free, right, provide value and then have it automatically forwarded to the offer where you can get people to submit their information and then you'll get paid per lead, or if you're selling some kind of product as well, whatever that may be. But for this situation in this example, this is for a C p. A offer and where you can easily set this up and start making C p A commissions. Now I want to show you how to set up a quick and easy Facebook at that I will use to drive people to this particular landing page over here where people can download our free e book . So I would even put let's say, um, learn how to repair for fix your credits. Uh, you know, just nice and simple like that, right? Not anything crazy. And then here I would even if you wanted to get a whole new kind of let me even go back over Here's but fiber. I mean, I would have somebody even if you wanted to create a simple, able graphic. Okay, lets go. People graphics. I think it's like 5 $10. Okay, right. Create Amazon e book. Okay, Boom. Right here. Hey, somebody $5 to design an e book cover. And then you have an e book here, here or here that you can essentially have as your own. And they would give people for free and then be able to collect that information. 17. How To Get FREE Traffic: how you're really able to, you know, get traffic and send people to these different affiliate sites. Right? Let's even go back over here to flat belly thick. So let's pull this up here. Okay, so this is a landing page. You're right. It's sales page that does all of the selling for you. You don't need to do anything. You could create your own product. Nothing like that, right? This does everything for you and how you're able to get traffic and send it to these different places. Well, there's a variety of different ways that you can go about doing this and really spend no money upfront. Okay, so the first way is by going into core up. And I love quarrel because it's a great place to come in here and answer people's questions , provide value and then be able to provide a helpful link toe a product or service that you can then write. Get a commission from, and that's where these C P a type of products come into play JV zoo as well, on also with Click bank right, you are recommending a product or service based on what you feel would be the best for that particular individual. So let's come in here and let's search for different questions. Let's say there's even like people looking on trying to find out how to build muscle, you know how to have become, how to build muscle. Just type in how to build muscle to see if anybody here has any of these questions here and where this leads to here. So this guy has a picture, and he's interested in how to build muscle. Okay, and typically what you're finding, some people will answer the question that provide value and at the very end will provide a link to a product, right. And then they will get a commission for that. So let's see here to see if anybody here has that strategy. For the most part, a lot of these people will have that strategy where they're providing value. And then there's a link to a product. Okay, so this one is It isn't a good let's see here how to burn fat. Let's see if we can find something here. What is the best way to burn fat? Okay, so this looks like a, um, actual product here to see if we can pull this up. Okay? Yes. This is exactly a So somebody here had a question that said, What is the best way to burn fat when training? Okay. And literally you can come in here and have a response to this question. Right? Go out and look at different. You know, content pieces, different articles on the the Internet, right on Google. And take bits and pieces of it. Maybe rewrite them in your own kind of your own Mannering, and then be able to add a link at the bottom of your response and say, Hey, you know, if you're looking to find, you know, for additional ways to lose weight Hate, try it out. This product, right? How do you recommend this product here? And you could see this one here. These guys are sending them to this program here on, then by now, and see where this takes us. I'm sure this is ah, product here. Okay. Yep. So this is exactly so. This looks to be this even a click. Think product. Okay, long a second. We're like a JB's new product. Yeah. So this is exactly what's happening here. And that's the strategy that I recommend it just takes a little bit of research and some action from your side to come in here. Look at okay, What kind of product? So I want to promote recommend, okay? And then looking at different people of questions and then responding to them in a very nice and precise value packed away and then providing them with the link that they've been going purchase a product that will help them in their journey right there, trying to lose weight or whatever they're trying to do there. 18. Clickfunnels Landing Page Builder Walkthrough: and the landing page I like to use. Here's faras. The builder is click funnels. Now. One of the great things that I love about having a landing page is that you get to collect the email of that individual that is interested in that particular product. Because if you're just sending people to a direct affiliate offer, right, I mean, you're going to get sales. People are going to buy the product. But then once they buy that product now that's the particular products vendors, right? That's their customer. Instead of having you send people here to this landing page first, Okay, collect an email, and then when they go to step two, then it automatically Ford's to a affiliate. Offer right to that affiliate offers sales page landing page. So then you can get an email, right getting e mails, describe ER and then also get a sale on, then continue to market and promote products to that individual. So these landing pages air super simple to set up here. Obviously, you don't want to set this up, depending on what offer you're looking to promote. Click photos is a pay tool. However, I think it's 30 days for free on Ben. $97 per month, but it's super simple. Dragon drop type of lining page builder. You can easily change this up for whatever it is that you're trying to promote and then going here to the next step. You can have this essentially go to set action and then go to a website and in the website here. This is where you would put like your affiliate, you, Earl, that they would give you. Now, let me show you where to get your affiliate You Earl. So let me even go to one of these here, so you can see. Okay, let's go up here. Okay. So, essentially, what's gonna happen is you're going to get a custom affiliate I d through click Bank when you sign up and you would put it in here so it would go like this. It's got a copy and let's go to this year. And then you would put your i d Which could be, you know, um, your I d one. OK, and then click that and it's go. And so they would go to this page and then all of a sudden, now they would get cookie. And I think it's about 30 days that that cookie remains on that individuals browser so that if they come back and that purpose at later time, then you're still going to get credit for that sale. So the best strategy that I recommend I'm gonna show you here kind of draw this out is having traffic. Okay, so let's let's, you know, go about here like this and let's say that we have traffic here. Okay, Uh, let's go. Traffic. And we can put, uh, like, let's say number one is like Cora and we can go to forums. Okay. Facebook groups. Okay, Just put Facebook Group okay. And the other one is paid ads. Now, there's a lot of different kind of paid advertising that you could do out there. Like I mentioned Facebook ads. AdWords 19. Woodworking Facebook Page Example: walk you to real quick here. How I would set up a Facebook, adhere to go to one of these offers. So let's go. And let's even just take one of these. For example, I wanted to show you how simple this is. So let's go over here. This is my Facebook ads manager here for my page and literally So you would set up your campaign objectives, you know, whatever. That maybe if it's leads, you know, traffic conversions, whatever that may be. Depending on where you're at now, One of the things that I recommend you do kind of right out of the gate when you have your new page is run like a traffic four slash likes campaign. So getting people just become aware that you exist, right? And then having people like your page because then what you can do is create separate audiences of people who already like your page. They're already familiar with you. So then when you run ads to them, they already know who you are. They really engage with you, and it's gonna cost less for the ad spend, and you're gonna have a higher probability of converting. So listen for this one here. We've already ran the likes campaign. People already know us. We got a few 1000 fans and we want to run a certain act to them, to get them to want to actually, you know, take up our offer. So let's come over here and let's look at setting up and adhere. It's super simple. Let's go here. And I want to add a free stock images that so we had woodworking mice and simple here, see what we can come up with. Okay, so I would even have something like this. The majority of these guys are going to be men, so we can just go ahead and leave it at that. And OK, so this guy's doing woodworking here, and we could even have Let's go here to text. And our ad could be Are you tired of not having or not knowing how to build the most beautiful would working? I would say products, masterpieces, something. So the whole goal here, right? I'm doing this off time my head, right. And the intention here is just to give you an idea on a strategy that you can use to implement. Right? But I'm not giving you an actual, you know, actual copy here. I'm just giving you a strategy that you can use. So I would have, let's say a woodworking fan page and I would run ads to these people. I would obviously do the research and make sure that I'm unable to find the right kind of people. And you don't make sure that I'm talking to the right audience. So, um, here, 16,000 projects. Okay, that's even put that into the ads. Um, let's go back right here. How would you like to have the plans to over 16,000? 16,000? Um, it was project, uh, 16,000 projects would step by step plans. Um, let's see here. Well, now you can click here to learn more, right? Just nice and simple. The whole goal here, like I'm telling you, is just step give you an idea of what's possible, what you can do, how you confined easily a topic in each that you are either passionate about or not and create a simple business fan page and then run ads to that offer there that you have. You kind of promote. So this is here on, and then we would put a headline here. You see here I would want 16,000 projects as a project plans. Okay, step by step. So literally, this is I've talked my head here. I just want to give you an idea. Okay, So headline is 16. Want 16,000? Project plans would step by step. Uh, let's see here. Actually, this put 16,000 project plans would step by step here. Let's go. Would working plans? Let's go back. 16,000 projects would step by step plan. Matter of fact, that could be our headline right here. Right. So it just takes a little bit of research to find out here what exactly you're going to do and how you're gonna set it up. So here's a headline for you. Make 16,000 projects would step by step plans. Right. So we're talking to the woodworking people right where, you know, we've already ran a likes campaign. We know that people that, like our page, are obviously interested in woodworking. Now it's time for us to run ads to them with the specific offer because we know that they are interested in woodworking. So then we go down here, put it in the news feed this description here. I would have perhaps my own domain or even a bit Lee Link on, then have it forward to the TEDs woodworking here and you would essentially get. I think it's 75% commission. So let's see here. I think it's you see your 67 times 0.75. So I think it's about OK, so $50.25 for every sale. Think about that for a moment, right? You can go on Facebook Cree ads and they say you're getting, you know, an actual sale for 5 10 $15 per sale. I mean and you're making $50 percent. That's a pretty good return on investment there. So it's really that simple. That easy click bank here is just one of the many affiliate networks here. You know, platforms and literally. All you got to do is click this magnifying glass appear and it tells you what are the top selling affiliate offers. There's one here about power and energy. You know, these guys here could actually run. Let me go here and click. This s o. This is about power, efficiency and energy, right? Solar And so these guys, if they wanted to, they could not even run ads too. Dealers or consultants, they can run ads specifically and directly to this offer here and get paid affiliate commissions. Right. So that's the power that you have. You can either run ads, toe work with clients, right? You know, businesses. Or if you want to send them directly to affiliate offers or CPL Furs. You could make commissions that way. So hopefully here would get some value from this video. And we'll see you guys on the next one, Thanks. 20. Woodworking Facebook Ads Creation: So the next one here that I want to show you is this particular fan page about amazing woodworking. Now, woodworking is a very, very unique niche, and not very many people right are going to be interested in woodworking. But those that are interested are very, very loyal fans. So I'm gonna show you a couple pages here, and then I want to show you what these guys are doing and what they can do to increase their affiliate commissions. So amazing woodworking Here. This is a page has just under a 1,000,000 people that, like this and these guys were posting daily here and want to see what this page here is about. Let's see if we go there. Ultimate small shop dot com. Okay. All right. So this is an affiliate offer here. This is exactly what we're looking for. So this page is literally just set up here, okay? To have people like this page engage with it, and their ultimate objective is to get people to click on this link here. Okay, and get taken to this sales page, and we can tell appear that this is an affiliate offer it has u T m e x p i d. And this is the code here and essentially, you know, if you could just tell from this landing page that it's an offer up here, we can see Click Bank. This is a discover the three most common mistakes when setting up your shop and how to avoid them. So this is an offer here. And these guys were doing an amazing job receive their running ads. OK, so they're not running ads. So there, I'm sure taking advantage of their natural gas organic search. So let's see here. Okay, so they have about 10 comments on here. So these guys, you know, they're trying to get some of that organic kind of reach. But if they were, I guess, you know, really wanting to get this to the next level. They could do some real heavy ads going to this link here, right? Just exactly how these guys were doing it. How they're talking to the woodworkers, right? They could talk to the woodworkers and have them go to this landing page over here. But these guys are not doing it. Let me see if we can check out another one. Here s Oh, this is woodworking tips. Okay, this is another Facebook fan page. And again, all these guys are doing is there finding a niche, a particular topic that they may not even be passionate about or they can be passionate about it, and they're creating it for their sole purpose. To make affiliate commissions right to drive traffic to a landing page so that they can get paid for every time somebody either submits their information or buys a product. So this is a bigger one here. This one's about 20 to 32 million. 200. Okay. And let's see if these guys were running any ads. OK, so they're not running any ads. But let's go back to the home page here. Okay, so yeah, these guys just posting, like, funny, different types of images. Let's see here woodworkers dot com. Okay, so this website, it's super simple. So it's interesting to me because the number two most selling or highest selling products on Click Bank right now all you gotta do is press this little magnifying glass year, and it will pull up the top selling click bank products, and it just so happens to be that heads would. Working here is number two on Click Bank. So this is a hot product. So, yeah, Looks like these guys over here, The amazing woodworking have taken a landing page and essentially set it up to the point where it's looking like this one here, but perhaps a different offers. Let's look at this one here. Ultimate small shop. So these guys gotta be the same people. They just have perhaps a different mining page. But so the rial kind of strategy behind this, as I mentioned, is set up a Facebook fan page. Okay, set up something that you're either interested in. Or maybe you have a passion around and literally create a Facebook ad and drive traffic to them. 21. Facebook Ads Solar Example: Hey, guys. One here, in this video, I'm gonna walk you through how to do affiliate marketing with Facebook ads, and I'm gonna walk you through this process step by step. So just to kind of give you a little background on this, what this strategy is about is about setting up a business Facebook page and have it centered around a niche, maybe a local community, something around at particular niche that you can actually use to run Facebook ads to and collect leads, maybe some kind of sale. But I want to show you some examples here of exactly how you can go about setting up Facebook ads, four affiliate offers and that kind of pages that you want to create for the fan pages. So the first example here that I want to show you is the solar exclusive. Now, what these guys did here is they set up a business page, right? A fan page for this particular nature, which is solar. And what they're doing is they're running ads to this particular page and they're getting people to opt in and helping people right generate more leads. So let's go ahead and take a look at some of their best performing ads. Now I saved some of these answer because they were going through my newsfeed and I really like them. There was a lot of engagement here. Ah, lot of comments lacks shares, and I think these guys were just doing and are doing an excellent job. So they're going after solar dealers, consultants, really solar companies, and they're selling them lead generation. So just think about if you wanted to set up a fan page about dentist about doctors about Jim's right, inhabit Jim Exclusive so that you can target gyms or a dentist on a national, even worldwide level through these Facebook ads. And what these guys are doing is there talking to specific individuals here. So solar dealers and consultants and they're talking about Hey, are you spinning your wheels are not being it without getting it leads on Ben. They're having a call to action here to get 5 10 deals per month and then book a call with the So essentially you click on here, you go to their website. It's a quick little video here, kind of pre frames the people there, and then the next step is a book of strategy Call. Now, this is a fantastic strategy. If you're wanting to do any kind of lead generation, maybe you have a C p A type of offer here, which is cost for action where you have a Facebook ad like this. And then the link here actually goes for people to fill out an application. And then you would get paid a commission for every person that actually goes and fills out their name email, phone number. So essentially on a per diem basis. So these guys, it looks like they're selling digital marketing. They're selling Lee generation to these businesses, But you can come in here and set this up for really any type of Liege an offer. If you don't wanna work with clients, you don't have to. But if you want to work with clients, then this is a great way toe. Have them come in here and watch a quick video get free framed and then coming here and then book a strategy call eso that these guys can, you know, work their magic and close the deal. Now, this is a great, great strategy here. These guys, you know, really know what they're doing. They have a great funnel. These leads that are coming in here are highly qualified because they're seeing and adhere . It's enticing them. They're interested rights talking to Teoh them specifically. They're clicking on the link. It's going to this via cell. They're getting warmed up, and then they're filling out an application here through the Book of Strategy Call. So this is really a fantastic strategy, right? Essentially, the whole thing is about creating a business page, right? A fan page of a particular niche. Maybe you want to do it around a hobby or whatever that maybe I'm actually going to show you another example here of another type of nature you can target and what these guys are currently doing as well. So real quick. I want to finish off by showing you these other ads here that they have. I mean, they have just great great copy here. Great images here, talking about going slow like a slug. Here's another one where it's talking about more leads equals more glass on roof. So I really, really recommend that you come and check out this solar exclusive page here to really look at what they're doing and then be able to, you know, essentially reverse engineer what they're doing and create a page around something that you're interested in, or perhaps you and you want to go after a different niche. But take this framework right, this strategy they're using and implemented on your own, So it's super easy to go out and create a quick logo. You could do it on camera, take you 5 10 minutes and literally have this page set up and 10 15 minutes and just run ads right to this page so that you can get people to click on you know, whatever offer you have, and then get them to a C P A. Or get them to book of strategy call so that you can sell them your services. 22. Using Facebook Groups To Get Free Traffic: the other strategy that I'm recommending that isn't gonna cost you any money and that you could easily start utilizing right away is through Facebook groups. So we go here and I typed in weight loss into the Facebook search feed over here. And if we go to groups, okay, we can easily see Aton of different weight loss groups, okay? And we can come into these groups, join them and, you know, don't come in and try to spam and add links to hear this in that, come in here at some value, maybe ask some questions, kind of go incognito and maybe even GM. Some people, you know, one of the best strategies that I found to grow your even own Facebook group, which I would also recommend if you want to go that route because that's also free is by coming into, like, one of these are different kind of weight loss groups or groups that are about your niece and coming in there. And maybe you're passionate about fitness coming into these different groups and saying, Hey, you know, d endings and people kind of, you know, Facebook, requesting them as friends and then jamming them and saying, Hey, John Smith, you know, Hey, I'm actually really into fitness, and I'm actually starting a fitness group where I'm looking to help people get back into shape and provide different fitness tips. Hey, I wanted to see if you'd be open to joining the group. You know, something that simple? Okay. And you will get a bunch of people right that will want to join the group, right? They want to get with like minded people, especially for free. Right, And you'll be ableto provide tips in the value and then in the group. That's where you have all the control. And you could start then promoting different products, different things, different tips and tricks, right? Don't go in there and just try to be promoting the different products all day long, right? You wanna have value, value value, and then product placement value, value, value value, and then product place man there. So let me show you an example of what I've been able to do. So I have my own Facebook group here, and I'm I run a digital marketing agency in the marketing consultant, So I helped businesses and then I help, you know other kind of aspiring entrepreneurs and up incoming business owners. Marketing consultants start their online business as well. And what I've done because that created this group and I provide a lot of value, I help people, you know, different questions on then you know, I have the ability because I have, ah course to come in here and then recommend you know, my product to them and not necessarily, you know, different affiliate products, even though I can. If I find a product out there that I know that you know will provide value to my group members, you know, I will recommend it to them. But, you know, for the most part, it's really just centred around my own product. And when you have your own product, you can do that as well. So with this one here, you gotta you gotta look at the people that want to join your group. I got 79 people, okay, that wanna join my group? The problem is, once you get a new group and you're gonna get a lot of people kind of naturally, organically wanting that joined because of the Facebook recommends down here, what's gonna happen is you're gonna get a lot of people that were there. Scammers that air spammers at Villagers drop link so you don't want to accept everybody. So I got about 500 people in here about 4 50 so it's mean. I've spent no money on this, right? But this is naturally grown. And, you know, a lot of people on a daily basis wanted joint. And so it's a real nice, organic way to really grow your own kind of group You don't following recommend different products and services and easily make affiliate commissions without spending any money on any kind of advertising. So So you guys on the next one, Thanks. 23. How To Get Traffic From Youtube: the next way you can go about. You know, actually, getting different traffic to come to your affiliate offers eyes through YouTube. Now, Ah, lot of people here. What they'll do is they will promote products, and a lot of them will have links directly to Amazon. Amazon is the next kind of platform that I also recommend that you go and sign up for the problem with Amazon, though from what I've really notices that their commission structure is really, really low. But, you know, they're going more on volume. So, for example, and well, I'll go here and I'll show you some examples here on YouTube on the click make your We have 76% commission, So 75% commission. So if something is selling for $50 right, you're making 75% of that, I think is like 35 $40. So you mean you're making ah, large commission there? So let's go back to YouTube here. And this type in what is the best? Um, I guess. Ah, video camera. Let's go. Let's go. That video camera and what will find here is very, very simple here. We're gonna find people in here recommending different video cameras, right? Different recording cameras and every single one of these has a link to a the actual product on Amazon. Okay, so that's essentially the intention behind this, right? These guys are on here, and you can make different recommendations as well. Make these kind of videos directly from your phone if you have a smartphone and android and iPhone. I mean, the cameras are such high quality nowadays that you can literally create these kind toe reviews from your phone one and upload them on YouTube and be what it gets. Sales. I mean, with YouTube, it's It's a great platform because you have that natural organic growth and traffic that you'll be getting from people browsing YouTube and recommended videos. So let's go here. The signal. Look at this and we'll see that this guy here is that a nice video? He's promoting the five best camp quarters of 2018 on. Then what they could do here is at the end of this guy. I don't know why he hasn't, but he should have changed this to 2019 now, right? So it could be a different year, and you don't want to do that. You know too often for, like, more than 2 to 3 years, because it can throw people off. But obviously this guy, you know, he put 2018 there. So you can't really have this evergreen. You gotta change videos for every year. So boom, right here. Here are these Amazon links. So when you click on one of these, you're gonna get cookie, which means a piece of code is gonna go on your browser. And now, whenever you go and you click on any of these, I mean, he has his post pen You. When you click on any of these, you're going to automatically go to the product page, and when you buy it, he's going to get a commission, okay. And then if you go and you by other products as well, he's going to get a commission as well. So that's really one of the strategies that these guys are using here, through YouTube. And you know, you don't have to use Amazon. I mean, you could recommend all different kinds of products. Let's say you want to start, you know, doing different reviews and recommendations on how to burn fat, how to lose weight. You can promote a lot of different collecting products 24. How To Get FREE Traffic With Quora: So the first thing that I want to show you here is some stats. Now, here's the website and its Quora dot com. And if you're unfamiliar with Cora, I'm just gonna give you kind of a brief overview to place where people can go and share knowledge and ask questions. OK, so just to give you an example here, we can see that they have over 30 million visitors a month. Okay? And you can go down here and see some of the top keywords that they're actually ranking for . So their ranking on the number two position here on Google for the question, How many ounces in a gallon. Okay. And then you here, you can see some volume, but this is more of just kind of give you a gauge of the amount of traffic, right? That's going through Cora each and every month. And the reason why I mentioned that this was an untapped resource, right? A secret website. Because if you go when you look at in comparison Facebook, Okay. Facebook dot com. 678 million monthly. Unique visitors. Okay, so you think about that, and you compare that to Cora. That's why I call it right. An untapped resource. Secret website. Okay, Now let's go ahead and go over to quarrel. Okay? Now, essentially, the way this works is people will ask questions and you could answer these questions, and then the questions could get up, voted or down voted. Okay. Now, what I want you to think about is Quora being a hub where people go to get kind of top layer information, Okay. And then they get taken to the final destination, which is a particular sales page. A product offer, you know, service offer, toe, actually go and make a purchase. And actually, you don't find that solution to their problem, right? And that's how you can start making right $1000 a day by coming on year and researching some of the questions that people are actually asking that you can go in and add some value and then slide in a affiliate link right toe, a particular product of service so you can start earning some commissions. So if you go into Cora, for example, when you typed in, what is the key? It'll die. This is a particular diet that's pretty popular. And it's getting a lot of searches and people are interested in what this is. So if you type this in and I want to show you something here, this is very, very interesting. I went down here and I actually opened one of these pages here. Go ahead and pull this up here. Okay, This one right here. Now, this is the one that I was looking at, and this is super interesting. So what this guy did is he answered this question back in June 19 2017. Okay, Now, what this guy does is, uh I think this is him. I guess he runs turnaround fitness dot com. Or he can also just be a persona account that was created. There is, and maybe an image of somebody who's a bodybuilder. And maybe he just, you know, they created this person to essentially be a persona, right? Kind of a fake person. So you can do that, right? But I just want to give you an example here, kind of what's going on here and how people are making money and how you can make $1000 a day as well. So let's go down over here and Let's see what he put on here. He essentially gave some information, right? Answer this question. As far as what is the key toe diet. OK, but if you go down here, we can see he has over 15,000 views in 19 up votes. But if you look at his post here, it's very, very short. All he did was put an image here of a particular girl before and after, right? Kind of a small snippet here. But then he said for a complete guide, you know, here's the top 10 benefits right now. If you go over here and you open this up, okay, he takes you to turn around fitness dot com. Okay. Best method for burning fat reveals expected. So that's his u r l. But I want to show you this pager. So it took you to this page, right? And has a little article here on what the Kyoto diet is and how to burn fat. But if you go down here right and you see, take this course right. This is interesting, because you can see the actual funnel, right? How he was on quarter people on Cora. They're asking about the key toe die because you're interested in losing weight. Okay, He responded to the question with a little bit of value, but then a link at the bottom saying, Hey, you know, here's more information or for a complete guide right here is this website or this link. So he takes him to this website here and Hasson information here. And then if you click on this, right, because this is ultimately what he's trying to do. You trying to get people to come on here and take this course? So this pulls up a new enemy course now he's probably an affiliate. You care? Let me go back over here. Tim earns. Okay, so it looks like this is a rule guy here and, uh, you know, a real person. So he is actually creating this course, and he's essentially driving traffic from that question and to his website and then driving in to his course. So let's go back to court over here now, just to give you kind of an overview, really, of how their whole algorithm works. So the way that you want to start getting some credibility and authority within Cora is you start responding to questions now. It could be very simple questions like, Hey, how maney like we saw over here, right? Let's say somebody was asking how many ounces in a gallon you can answer those questions, right? Very, very simple. You just want to be able to answer a good amount of questions. I would say anywhere between 5 to 10 questions. So you can start getting some authority and credibility on your account, right? Your profile. And then you also want to start getting some up votes on your actual responses. Okay, So the way that you're going to be able to do that is by going over here two people per hour. And if you go to people per hour and you typing Cora, you can see here that there are, ah lot of gigs here that will actually help you, right? Get some content on your profile. Now that say, if you wanted to go and create a persona, a fake persona, John Smith or something, right? And let's say you wanted to make somebody that was into fitness or whatever, right? You would add some images in there you would go and find on image of somebody essentially on Google or whatever, right? Cause it's very, very simple to create actual quarter profile. Okay, But the way that you're going to get content and get some up votes and get some actual questions that are answered without having to do it manually is by going here two people per hour. Now, you can see here, uh, this particular gig here, what they'll do is see here. They'll right on answer for you for up to 300 words. And here's a different topics. Now, here's another gig here. So this gal here, I've actually used her on a lot of separate kind of gigs, but not this one specifically. But I know that she does some great work. So basically, what they'll do is the answer. 30 questions, plus no. Add a link in there, okay? And so I mean, this is a great way to start actually getting your account season, get some authority, get some trust. So let's go back to quarrel. Okay? And let's say that we wanted to find an article on how to lose weight fast. I mean, get back over here. How to lose weight fast. Okay, so there's so many different questions in here and so many responses. Look at this. One out of 1776 you know, answers there, right? What? What diet can I lose? A lot of weight with? Fast. So let's say that you wanted to create an answer on how to lose weight fast, right? With what kind of diet. So let's say that you wanted to get some content so that you could answer this specific question, okay? And you didn't want to write it. Maybe it's not something that you would be completely interested in. You really don't have enough information on it. But what you can do is you can go and actually by some content. So this website here is constant content. And what you could do is you can actually buy ready made articles, right? Pieces of content that you can use toe, actually answer the questions back over here on Cora, right where you can then have a link to either an affiliate offer. Maybe your website, whatever may be where you're driving them to that next step. And then they're either looking at your content or they're looking at whatever kind of offer maybe to click bank or you to me or one of these other affiliate networks. Your affiliate platforms. Right. So let's go back over here so you can see here. There is ready done for you content here. So let's say we wanted to go to the weight loss, okay? All right. So let's say that you wanted to let people know how to lose weight using a specific diet or product or whatever. Maybe so, how to use green tea for weight loss. This is a perfect one here. So you would buy this article here, I think. Is what, 525 words. Okay. Here you can see the keyword analysis faras the key words they're using, and you would be able to get this article here and essentially go back over here. Okay, Let's see here. All right? And put it in here. Is faras one of the responses. Okay. Right here. How can I lose weight fast and never gain it again? Right? Maybe respond to this question here will respond to a relevant question that makes sense. And then at the end of the article, right, have a link. Hey, if you want more information, Or if you want to lose weight fast and keep it off, here's a recommended source or whatever, right? I recommend you looking at X and then have a link that's going to your particular offers now. The next thing that you want to do after you put your content on here and you answer the question is you want to start getting some up votes right? Those are like credibility points and the more up votes you get right in conjunction with how authoritative and credible your profile is is what's really going to dig. Take kind of where you rank within these questions. So let's go over here. Here's another source that you're going to be able to use right after you post these questions. So this is, ah, boost of votes dot com. So what you can do is once you post your response there, right, you can actually come in here and buy some up votes. Now, I wouldn't recommend you buy 200 up votes right up the back, right? Maybe go 10 25. Try to make it look natural, right? And looking at all the other similar post right, I will try to gauge that and try to go within that and just beat the competition by a little bit. Not by whole lot, because then you just don't want to raise kind of any, uh, right flags within kind of the platform there. So that's the strategy, right? Going on. Quora Looking at what kind of questions people are asking, providing value and answering those questions, but then also leaving a link at the end of those responses to a particular product or service that you are promoting and be able to make thousands of dollars with affiliate commission. 25. Secret Paid Traffic Source: There's a platform called you'd you Demi? I think it is. Are you to me, It's not the course One, it's you, D. I am I think it is. Uh, let me go over here. You d I am I. And this is a platform where you can actually purchase different type of traffic and actually sent have these ads and you can purchase traffic here and send it to different affiliate offers from really kind of high end type of affiliates that already have a large list, a lot of traffic that they have within their own group. So what you're essentially doing here is you're leveraging other people's subscribers other people's traffic, that they're getting their lists and then you're buying some of that traffic and then sending them to your offers. So let's go down here. Number five. It was the U D I Am I Ok, let's go back over here. You d I am I. So this right here is our traffic, okay? And so this traffic is going to go here, so this traffic is in going to all right. Why isn't that drawing here? Just go here. So this is now going to a landing page. Okay. And let's go right here. Like this. OK, so this is our landing page. Okay? And this up here. Okay, So this is our landing page. And so this is what we're collecting. The name email, And that's where the it to go down here. Collecting name less email. Okay, so now we're gonna have a new subscriber that's on our list. Will be able to market to them at a later time with other type of products. Okay, s So this is our landing page here. And then essentially, when they're go here, it's gonna get automatically forwarded to the actual product, OK? Product via cell or page. Okay. Product page. And so this is where you're going to get the sale. But here is really key. Okay? Because this is where you get to keep this customer, and you gotta keep promoting to them different offers. Because if you're just sending traffic to here, OK? To the product page in the affiliate page. You know, whatever it is that the offer that you're promoting, then yeah, you're gonna make some sales. You're gonna make some commissions. But this person here, whoever bought it is going to be their customer now, okay? It's their customer, and you can't market to this person anymore. But if you're going here, right, And then you sent him to a landing page to collect their information right through this here and then the next step here is through actually going to that landing page for the product. Then you get it. You know, start getting an email list and then continue to market to these folks. So click Bank is one of the best platforms out there to, you know, actually find different products to promote. If you want to do things really quickly and actually start making money immediately, I would go with the quarter method going in there and start asking people some questions. I would even join some Facebook groups like I mentioned and started engaging with people asking questions, maybe even start your own group and at some value. But the other way is also going to be through that. You know me where you can buy traffic or even through a Facebook pages that you want to set up about health and fitness. You can set that up and run Facebook ads, but if you want to have a little bit of money to spend Utilize that you to me and you. Some traffic that people already have that are interested in that niece Eso You could start getting some affiliate commissions.