The Magical Experience: Learn how to Perform Sleight of Hand Magic | Tim Domsky | Skillshare

The Magical Experience: Learn how to Perform Sleight of Hand Magic

Tim Domsky, Close Up Magician / Filmographer

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19 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Necessary Tools

    • 3. Basic Card Handling

    • 4. Basic Card Principle: The Key Card

    • 5. Card Effect: The Pulse Trick

    • 6. Explanation: The Pulse Trick

    • 7. Coin Sleight 1) Finger Palm

    • 8. Coin Sleight 2) Tenkai Pinch

    • 9. Coin Sleight 3) Retention Vanish

    • 10. Coin Effect 1: Appear & Travel

    • 11. Explanation: Appear & Travel

    • 12. Coin Effect 2: Transformation

    • 13. Explanation: Transformation

    • 14. Effect: The Changing Lighter

    • 15. Explanation: The Changing Lighter

    • 16. Effect: The Gypsy Thread

    • 17. Explanation: The Gypsy Thread

    • 18. Book Recommendations

    • 19. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hi! Welcome to my Skillshare Class on how to perform sleight of hand magic. In this course I will teach you 5 basic effects with everyday objects that require a small amount of practice and will create an unforgettable experience for your friends, family and everyone you choose to perform for. You will learn how to vanish and tranform objects, destroy and restore them in addition to knowing what the spectator is thinking of.

I've been doing magic for 10 years and had the pleasure to share my passion for the art of magic with everyone I performed for . I got booked in all kinds of venues, met many different people and got to entertain them and made them remember what it's like to experience the feeling of wonder and astonishment.

However, rather than experiencing this, it is also very fullfilling to give that experience to someone. That is what i'm trying to achieve with this course. I want to give you the ability to do that as well and go out there and bring joy to other people.

That is why I've also prepared a class project to get you started.

This Class is suited for everybody who is interested in learning the sleights and principles that make magic work. It is ideal for beginners who want to perform and practice.

The magical Experience is divided into 19 individual lessons that showcase the sleights, the performance of the effect in front of a spectator and the explanation of how the magic effect is achieved. It is simple and easy to follow with multiple angles so that you will learn it in the best way possible!

there is no prior knowledge required! Everything you learn will be used to perform the effects I’m teaching. There is no age restriction whatsoever. Everyone can join this class even if your 10 or 80 years old.

I hope you will enjoy this class and start performing these effects!

Affiliate links to the Books I talked about:

The Magic Book by Harry Lorayne :

Royal Road To Card Magic: