The Magic of the INDIRECT Function of Excel - Five Examples of how to Use it

Alan Murray, IT Trainer, Coffee Lover and Lifelong learner

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6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using INDIRECT with Named Ranges

    • 3. Referencing other Sheets with INDIRECT

    • 4. Return the Last Value from a Row

    • 5. Using INDIRECT with VLOOKUP

    • 6. Create Dependent Drop Down Lists


About This Class


In this class, we will uncover the magic of the INDIRECT function of Excel.

This lookup and reference function of Excel can be very useful when creating dynamic spreadsheets that can update when users change values or add new data.

In the class, we cover 5 useful examples of the INDIRECT function.

These include using it to dynamically reference worksheet names and named ranges from cells values. We will use it with the VLOOKUP function. To return the last value from a row and also for creating dependent drop down lists.

This function is a great one to get your teeth into and will make you a better Excel user.

All the files I use in the class are available to download, and there is a project to tackle at the end.

Enrol now. I'll see you in the class.