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The Lean UX Design Course

Tim Noetzel , Designer

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14 Videos (1h 11m)
    • Welcome

    • Introducing Lean UX Design

    • Identify Your Must Solve Problem

    • Lean User Interviews Part 1: Recruitment

    • Lean User Interviews Part 2: The Perfect Interview

    • Analyzing Your Interviews and Creating Personas

    • Validate Your Solution with Lean UX Tests

    • Grow and Improve with Funnel Analytics

    • Right Metric Right Stage

    • Iterative Testing

    • Using Data In The Wild

    • Supercharge Your Career With Data

    • Moving Forward with Lean UX Design

    • Bonus: Walkthrough


About This Class

Top startups use a Lean UX Design process to uncover exactly what their users need and ensure their products succeed. This course shows you how!

What the Lean UX Design Course Covers:

You’ll learn everything you need to know to implement a  Lean UX Design process from start to finish, including:

  • How to identify implicit product assumptions
  • How to unlock deep user insights with data-driven user interviews
  • How to analyze user behavior with funnel analytics
  • How to use data to increase your salary, land top jobs, and supercharge your career

Who the Lean UX Design Course is For:

If you’re an entrepreneur, UX designer, or product manager looking to take your product to the next level, this is the right ux design course for you. Nothing beyond a passion for creating great products is required.

Why Take the Lean UX Design Course:

95% of products fail within 1 year. The Lean UX Design course shows you how to beat the odds by uncovering exactly what users want and using that knowledge to increase conversion, engagement, and retention.

Tim Noetzel has been leading and teaching design courses like Design Your Own T-Shirt for over a decade.





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Tim Noetzel


Hi, I'm Tim.

I’m a full-stack ux designer passionate about creating products people love through data-driven design.

When I’m not building something, you can find me camping in the mountains, mixing craft cocktails, or reading fiction. I also mentor aspiring ux designers with the team at Springboard.

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