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The Great Affiliate Program List Course

Szabi Kisded, WordPress plugin developer

The Great Affiliate Program List Course

Szabi Kisded, WordPress plugin developer

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10 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basics of Affiliate Marketing

    • 3. More on Affiliate Programs

    • 4. The Great Affiliate List

    • 5. How to choose an Affiliate Network?

    • 6. Do you want even more Affiliate Programs to promote?

    • 7. How to promote as a real affiliate?

    • 8. How to join the Course's Facebook Group?

    • 9. If you have ideas to make this course better, please let me know

    • 10. A personal "Thank You!"

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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to start Affiliate Marketing?

In this case, I have a proposition for you.

Join this course, and learn how to create a passive income stream for yourself, by promoting affiliate products.

Learning to use strategic online methods to promote products that have an affiliate program in place, is an incredibly powerful assets that anyone with a commitment to learn can create for themselves. The idea behind this is to learn affiliate marketing once, and gather revenues from it, for a life time! This course, besides teaching you about affiliate marketing, will also give you a huge list of affiliate programs that I gathered over the years, which you can join today (755+ affiliate programs included).

You're probably reading this because you're either:

1) Someone who wants to start earning a passive income from affiliate marketing.

2) Someone who has tried to create a passive income stream online but did not managed to do so.

3) Someone who has the desire to break out of the 9 to 5 pattern, and start being your own boss.

The hard truth is: Most people will fail to earn even a single dollar from affiliate marketing. And let's not even think of the number of those who earn enough to make their dreams come true, using just income from affiliate marketing.

Here are the two main reasons why this is happening:

1) People are confused and don't know which affiliate program they should join, which will fit them the best.

2) They don't have a strategic method of promotion products, that will start earning for them an affiliate income.

I know that starting affiliate marketing can be extremely hard (believe me, starting is the hardest step of them all). I've been there myself, I know this better than anyone else... Because of this, I wanted to create a course I wish I had back when I started.

But what if I would hand you a "done for you" list of affiliate programs, organized by categories (niches), that you could literally just check and get a great understanding on which affiliate program fits you the best?

Well, that's exactly what you are going to find in this course. I added to it a huge list of affiliate programs, which you can join today, and start promoting them, to make your dreams come true!

No more confusion when thinking about which affiliate program to select.

No more frustration when you find out that the affiliate program you selected is not fitting you at all.

Just an in-depth list of affiliate programs, joined with a course that will provide you insights about how to select some affiliate programs from the provided list that will match you the best, and how to get started promoting them!

I basically done the first steps of starting up with affiliate marketing for you. You just need to check on what I have to present to you.


#1: Understand the main principles of how affiliate marketing works

#2: Understand what you need to look for, when you are searching for an affiliate program to promote

#3: You will get a huge list of affiliate programs you can join today

#4: Learn how to select the affiliate program that fits you the best, and what to check when joining any affiliate program in the future

#5: What you need to know when you join an Affiliate Network

#6: How to search for even more affiliate programs (yes, even more than this course will provide)

#7: How to join the affiliate program, what you will need for this

#8: How to start promoting the affiliate programs you joined, how to start earning a revenue

#9: How to drive tons of free traffic on autopilot to your affiliate promotions

#11: What are sales funnels and how to use them for best results

#12: How to make maximize your results and make the most of affiliate marketing

Now is the right time to get started with affiliate marketing.

Don't wait for people to get a head start over you, take action today and gain the advantage! Many affiliate programs found in the list that this course will provide have a very low competition from other affiliates, so you will be able to promote them with more ease.

Earning money with affiliate marketing is not a myth:

Millions of people are doing it every day and so can you. All you need is to know where and how to start.

I'm confident that you will find that this is a great courses to learn how to create a passive online income stream using affiliate marketing and that you won't find the unique insights gathered in this course anywhere else.

I'm excited to watch you take your first steps in affiliate marketing and I hope to see you also in the Facebook support group, where you can ask questions and share your results!

Now go and start earning your first dollars (as passive income) from affiliate marketing!

Let's meet again, inside the course!

To your success,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Szabi Kisded

WordPress plugin developer


Szabi here, founder and WordPress plugin developer at CodeRevolution.


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1. Introduction: congratulations for joining this course. I say this because I know that starting affiliate marketing can be really, really hard because I actually was there in the beginning. For me, it was also really hard to start affiliate marketing because I had a really mental barrier in front of me that did not allowed me toe get out to people toe help other people by showing them which products would help make their lives better. So this is the main part that an affiliate market or does helps other people by showing them which products would help their lives and make their lives better or so in the process , he aren't a revenue, but the affiliate marketer should not put the revenue in the first place. But in the first place in the affiliate, marketers mind should be helping people. And the side effect for this should be the affiliate cut that he receives for his sales that he generates. Okay, so this is the course I created for you guys. That will help you start a few that marketing by showing you exactly which affiliate programs toe join and which metrics to check for each of the program. So each of flip program has some specific things you need to know about them. And by knowing these things, you will learn how to choose the right one that you should promote and for which you will start getting your affiliate earnings. Also, for the sake of helping you start your journey. An affiliate marketing I created a huge least of affiliate programs that you can join today . I'm also part in some of these affiliate programs. However, I'm I selected the Filic programs I joined only from those that resonated with me that are in the category that I work in. So you should also do similar Don't select, for example, affiliate programs about cars if you don't have a car. If you don't like driving and yet so on. This is the most important thing. I see that you should select affiliate programs that resonate with you so you can help people by promoting it. Okay, so we thought for dirt. Do Let's start our first course and let's get right into it. 2. Basics of Affiliate Marketing: Welcome back to the first lecture in discourse. Intro to affiliate marketing. If you are not new to affiliate marketing, you can go ahead and skip this lecture. However, I recommend that you check through it to see if you know everything that I present in this lecture. If you are new to affiliate marketing, we can go ahead and start learning. So what is really off yet? Marketing. It is a innovative way of promoting products that allows you and me to join in and start promoting other people's products, and they will pay us for doing so. So this is a were good alternative toe modern paid. But what ties Months, like Edwards or Facebook ads or anything else similar because it allows, uh, normal people to jump in and to start helping businesses to promote their products. And the businesses will pay them as, ah, compensation for their efforts. So this is the main thing. You should know that affiliate marketing will pay you for promoting other people's product . Other terms that are used a synonyms for affiliate marketing. Our associate program, Internet affiliate, Marketing, direct marketing partner marketing Referral program. This is one worry worry often used and paper performance marketing. So who are the most important players in the Philip game? The 1st 1 is the merchant who created the product and who started the affiliate program. The second is the affiliate who joined the Fill IT program and started promoting the products of the march in the Ford. One is the buyer who clicked on a link off the affiliate on an affiliate link and bought the product. So these free are the main players of the Philip Game. There can be also one additional optional player, the affiliate network, which acts as an intermediary between the merchant and affiliate. Let's see more on affiliate networks right now. So what is an affiliate network? It is a four party that allows more chins toe create their own affiliate programs without having the required tours for this. So if you have created a product and you have a website, you can join an affiliate network and use their tours toe, start your own affiliate program and have your own affiliates. Joining this is were very important for some, because a few that networks usually provide tracking, reporting and also payment tours for their margins. That put their products on the affiliate network, and it also makes very easy for Marchionne's to connect with affiliates. So these are the main parts of the what spread nous of affiliate networks because it connects Marchionne's with affiliates, and it makes easy for Marchionne's to start the their own affiliate program. Also, affiliate networks should be free to join, so this is a new, important thing that it should be free to join, especially for affiliates. For merchants, they usually have us feed. They have to pay for each affiliate that it is, that's promoting their products. But if you are an affiliate, it should be free to join any affiliate network out there. So you started affiliate marketing What to do next? After you joined your first affiliate program, you should get your affiliate link. This is a special ng that would allow the margins to know that you sent the people who click on that league. It has a special tracking i d in it, which will be unique for you and which will allow the march in to recognize you as the affiliate who sent people toe. The products of the merchant is selling or so you should start putting out this link, toe your site or tow social networks and allow people toe uh, click on it and to buy the products that it is promoting. Afterwards, you will see that affiliate warnings were start flowing in. So how do our FitLinxx work? First thing forced, a visitor comes and click an affiliate link you generated, and the small cookie file is set in his browser, which were remembered that you are the affiliate who sent him toe the merchant assed. Long as this cookie file is in his browser and it is active, the merchant were no that the customer was sent by you. So if the customer is not making the purchase today, but he returns to the site after five days, the merchant will know that you are the fill it with sent him because of this cookie files , which tastes on his computer. So if the visitor makes a porches during the cookie lifetime period, you will be granted on affiliate commission. Also, other occasions when you can be granted affiliate commissions without you actually sending new customers to the margin is if the merchant has a Rick Uring affiliate program Rick Uring affiliate programs mean that you are not paid just the first time the customer makes a payment, But each time he is making these payments Rick uring least. So, for example, hosting providers have similar Fleer programs because they cost addict, their customers have toe pay them monthly or yearly, and each time a customer you refer paid for the hosting. The hosting provider will also pay affiliates Um affiliate Kat, also another way toe earn affiliate commissions without you sending new customers is joining tiered affiliate programs. If you join a tiered affiliate program, you can reach very for other people who will start and promote the product as a affiliate, you will have these people your asses, your super affiliates, and you will earn affiliate commissions each time your super affiliates will were promote the product, and we re for someone as a customer for the march in so your soup affiliate makes a sale. You also get a small cut of that safe or so you can retract your money that accumulates in your affiliate account in usually at the end of month, which marks the point off affiliate payments or other Marchionne's allow manual retraction off your affiliate commissions, and but this is specific to each merchant, and you should check for each how payments are done. So how are your affiliate commissions calculated? Usually, merchants pay you by results so they don't pay you just because you're an affiliate. You they pay you by your results. If you send more customers, your payments will be larger. And these are the main categories on how your payments are calculated. First thing is revenue sharing. Revenue sharing means that the merchant will share with you a percentage of his revenue. This means that your commission might not be exactly the amount off the payment, which the customer makes on the march in sight, but it's a percentage of the merchants revenue. So as an example, if T shirt costs the merchant, the production of the T shirt costs the merchant $10 for example, and the T shirt is sold for $15. The revenue of the merchant is $5 if the merchant uses a revenue sharing method, he will share with you a percentage of that $5 which is his revenue. Okay, The second, uh, method is poor purchase. This is usually four online products in for which their production costs is zero. So the fortune can share with you the whole cost of the product, the whole price of the product. So if a customer goes to a page and buys a $10 were passed, Blufgan, the more chin can share with you 50% of the $10 he received, because his production costs for the plugging are zero. Another way of hardening this paper Sign up. If you re for customers and they actually sign up to the mark toe the merchant page, then you will earn a fixed amount of money. This is usually used for online casinos. Were, uh uh huh. People are, uh, putting in money after they sign up usually. So this is why merchants pay you for Leeds for sign ups of people. Another way of calculating your fill it commissions is poor action. If a customer makes an action in the merchant site, if he puts in some money to the march inside, if he clicks on something, if he fears a form, each margin can create its own action for which he wants to pay affiliates. Also, another thing is cost poor impression. If you send 1000 people toe an affiliate site or if 1000 people view actually a banner of the few that site, you will get a payment. Or so there is another way. Cost per click, which in which merchants will pay you for each click you generate for their sites. So if a visitor comes and clicks on your link, you will get a small commission. However, the five and six points listed here are not so usual, and merchants do not use this worry. Often you will see 12 free and for mainly because this is the most loved affiliate programs that more chance use. So what types can be the commission's that you get paid? They can be single for purchase. Rick uring, Poor mom or Poor year or bonuses. The single commission is when a customer purchases product and you get paid for it. Rick Uring Commission is when the customer pays Rick your INGLEY month after month or year after year for a product and you will get Rick uring commissions for it and bonuses is when you hit my stones and merchant rewards you for my stone. You just it or just got to. So let me talk about multitiered affiliate program. So these affiliate programs are really great because they allow us toe earn passive income . Eso how these work is that they allow you to refer other people, which, if they sign up and become the merchants affiliates themselves, then you will be granted an affiliate commission each time these newly formed affiliates will make a sale. So if one off your sub affiliates will create a sale will generate a sale, you will also be granted an affiliate commission, even though these affiliate commissions usually are smaller than the regular Tier One affiliate commissions they can. Or so step up because you can reform any affiliates under you and which will become your sub affiliates. So many people confused the multitude affiliate programs with M L EMs or with fire amid schemes. So let me show you the difference between these I have created here a table showing the difference between single tiered affiliate programs, more titty a definite programs ml, EMS and fire amid schemes. So are you getting paid for commissions in single tiered affiliate programs, Immortality aired affiliate programs and for Emma lambs? Yes. In the viral mean schemes, you are not getting paid for commissions because environments in permit schemes there are no products that are actually getting promoted. The products are only fictional, paid for recruiting in single tiered affiliate programs. You're not paid for recruiting in all other programs. You are paid for recruiting, pay toe. Get in into the Philip program. You don't have to pay to get in in the single theater affiliate program for in the multitude Lafayette programs, but in Emma, Lambs and fire amid schemes you have to pay to get it. Product exists here. Yes, yes, yes and no. This is the big no for pyre amid schemes, and this is why they are not legal because they don't actually promote a product. They just promote the possibility off earning. If you are a super affiliate, if you generate sub Ophelia. Sorry. So they promote the fact that you can start earn after you spread the work off. This of the possibility of other people to join this program. And they also have toe pay to get him. So remember, you get paid commission off, other people paying toe get in this program So this is why pyramid schemes are not illegal . I am a lambs are in the gray zone off llegan mess. However, usually they they are legal. Well, let me show you hear some ways toe earn affiliate income. I will be back on these in the in some of the future lectures, however, let me list this right now, and I will be back soon. On them content sites. You can create websites with provide, which provide information to visitors and also have some feed it links in them. You can use paid marketing to promote your affiliate links. These are Google ads or Facebook ads or INSTAGRAM ads or any other marketing network that you can use and great paid ads for promoting your affiliate links. You can use blog's or forums, toe post comments in them and add your affiliate links to the comments. You can use comparison websites and create your own comparison websites and put affiliate links in the product links. For the listed products, you can create coupon websites which offer discounts for products and put in some affiliate links in the content. You can use social media to share your affiliate links you can use email marketing toe Get out, toe your subscribers and put in the content of the emails Summer FitLinxx and you can come up with your innovative ways. Toe spread the FitLinxx toe people who are in need of the products which you are promoting . Okay, so this is all for this lecture. I see you in the next one. 3. More on Affiliate Programs: Hey, guys, welcome back to the course in this lecture, I will give you some more details about affiliate programs and some hints on what to watch for each of them. So let's get started. First of all, you will need to go to the website of the merchant you wish to promote and searching there for an affiliate sign Appling or for a page which provides additional information for a feel. Yet Let me exemplify this on my own website. So let us which to the website. And to find the affiliate link, let us hit control F in the browser and enter of feet the at and enter until you find a link which will provide additional information about the Philip program. Usually it is at the bottom of the page, but this is not a rule. The affiliate sign a plane can be anywhere. So let this click here, and this page will provide additional information on how toe sign up as an affiliate. Okay, let us go back to the slide. Now, if you don't find the word affiliate in the page Now, I've got to search also for referral program and other alternatives. I've showed you a while ago. You should also know that some affiliate programs require approval before they allow you to actively promote them. So this means that after you submit your application, they would review your profile and your website, and they might approve or reject you for their affiliate program. However, this is not. The case of all affiliate programs becomes because some will allow you to promote them from the start. However, if you have affiliate program that requires review and they reject, you don't get this courage because you can re apply for them. You can change your website or you can check the the reason why you they rejected you and you can fix the issues, they pointed out. Rarely. You will also find some affiliate programs that provide you an affiliate manager that will guide you in the process of promoting their product. This is honestly not very often found, but some affiliate programs have also this feature that will help you and aid you in the promotional process. So what are the requirements for joining on affiliate program? Toby Honest. Each affiliate program will have its own requirements. So before joining an affiliate program, you should check exactly the requirements they were leased under affiliate Sign up page if there is no requirement listed there, probably you will be good to go as you are, and you don't have to make any changes toe what you have already, However, there are some basic requirements for almost all affiliate programs you need tohave away, Toby paid and the way to promote their products. So these two are the basics. They need to have a way to pay you, and you will need tohave away toe. Get Tau customers. A payment method that is used by almost all affiliate programs is paper. This is because they have a worry, easy to use, method for making the payment and also low commissions. So if you don't have a paper account already, go ahead and create one. Another possible payment method is direct transfer of the money to your bank account or using a check mailed directly to address that you enter in the affiliate program set up for the promotional method, you will need your website, social media or any other channel you can think off that will allow you to reach out to possible customers of the product you're promoting. So my recommendation is that you build your own website using https. So this is very important nowadays because Google will rank higher websites that have http s protocol because they are encrypted and more secure or so. You should go ahead and create your own bank PayPal account if you don't have one, or you should link your bank account toe the affiliate program. This is also accepted. And okay, if you can do this in the affiliate program you are joining, so what to look out for when you are searching for affiliate programs that you wish to promote? First of all, you should check their commission rate. This is very important because this would define the amount of money you were received after a successful sale that you generate. So the commission can be up to 90% or even higher, So this is a very, very high example. However, some affiliate programs will give you only 12 or 5% of the coming off the syriza generate. Another important thing to check is the average order value. So this is the average amount of money a customer spends for a purchase that is made on the specific shop you promote, so if they have $10 product only, then the average order value for the shop will be $10. However, if they have $500 product, $1000 product than the average order value for the shop will be the average off the products. The average price of the product, for example, 750. So this should be combined with the commission rate because it is not the same if you promote a $1000 product with one percent commission rate, which will give you $10 or if you promote a $1 product, which with a 50% commission rate, which will give you 50 cents for each purchase you generate. Another thing to check is the earnings per click. This is a metric you will have only after you started actively promoting on affiliate products, so you should check how many clicks he generated for the specific product and how many customers actually purchased it or signed up for the press specific product you're promoting. This is important for you because these provides information about how valuable is the product in the eye of the customer. So if you're generating thousands of clicks for an affiliate website and no customers buying actually the product, then it should be assigned a warning sign for you. That the affiliate product does not generate value for the customer or their sales page is not good enough for the customers to buy. And you should move on toe another alternative affiliate program to promote. Or so. If you generate only a few clicks on the affiliate website and customers are actively buying the product, you should know that you are doing a good job and affiliate product you're promoting is good quality. This is also very important if you are running paid as work Heismans for your affiliate links. This will provide information about how much money you can spend on paid ads, so you can also get a cut of each refer you send a tow the affiliate products. Another thing to check in affiliate programs is the cookie duration. So this is the amount of time the customer can purchase the product after clicking on your affiliate link and in which time you will be granted affiliate commission. So, for example, if an affiliate program has a cookie duration off one day, and a customer comes and clicks on off an affiliate link you have and purchases in one day Max. Then you will grant bail granted or commission. If he purchases after two days, it will not be granted the fill IT commission. However, if the cookie duration of the fill IT program is set to infinite and you refer a customer, then if the customer uses the same browser and he's not clearing his cookies in the browser and he makes the porches. After five years, for example, you were still be granted affiliate commission. If the affiliate program is still up and running for most affiliate programs, this would be set toe 40 days. However, you should check this on the page where the affiliate program is dated. So, to sum things up, these are the metrics you should be looking for when we are searching for affiliate programs to promote high payout, high average order value and long cookie duration. So now let me give you some tips on how to succeed as an affiliate forced the wall you need to promote products that you love and understand. So if you don't really understand the product. Then customers will spot fake recommendations and will know that you are making affiliate recommendations only for the money. Also, if you don't really use the product and love it, then this will also be filled in your affiliate recommendation. I know that this is not the most for affiliate programs. However, if the product you are promoting is that the reason a book price, I recommend that you purchase it before you start promoting it and you try it out. This will give you a feel off how customers feel after they purchase the product. This is also good because it will actually drive real fruit the process of purchasing the product. And you will know if the customers have a hard time purchasing the product or the method is easy and simple, and customers only have to click on feel out some fields and they already purchased the product. This is important because if purchasing is heavy and it is hard for customers, money will drop out before purchasing, and your affiliate commissions will be lower because of this or so. Another important thing to check is if the merchant allows more people payment methods for customers and if the purchasing page is user friendly, so keep in mind that you should promote products that are getting purchased easily and those that you would actually give us a gift to your loved ones. This is were important because if you promote bad products, then your affiliate commissions will be also bad. Another tip I can give you is that you should research emerging categories. These architecture is like VR Internet of things free D printing verbal attack drones might wanna product CBD and other things like this because they have, uh, very, very growing market. So customer number is growing for these, and also, the number of affiliates who already promote these products is lower than for other mainstream product. Other categories are fashion, sports have and wellness. These are also booming currently. Also, don't forget about dating niche because dating is worry worry we'll leverage by affiliates , and it is easy to be recommended toe customers. Another big trend right now is mobile marketing. These are specific mobile push notifications that are cento possible customers, and it will help you drive traffic to your affiliate links. Okay, guys. So this is all for this lecture. I will see you in the next one 4. The Great Affiliate List: Hello, guys. And welcome back to this course in this lecture, I will show you the huge least of affiliate programs that I put together toe allow you guys to start affiliate marketing in a much, much easier way. So if we scroll through this list, we will see that there are many, many categories included and many, many websites from each category, so we can see adult category affiliate networks on affiliate networks. I will come back on the next course. So if you're interested in affiliate networks, check out the next course because I will detail in there everything you need to know about these affiliate networks. Affiliate tours, alcohol analytics, art article spinners, astrology, babies, beauty, bodybuilding business, clothing, coupons, C p, a crowdfunding, crypto and many, many more. So we can scroll for this. And we can find a huge list of affiliate programs that you can use today to start earning with affiliate marketing so we can scroll down and until we find the end of the list. So here it is, or so many WordPress related products. Okay, so let's grow up again and let us check each column. What information will provide us So the first column of the file is the affiliate program category. Here we will find a category that you wish to promote and the niece you wish toe focus on. So you should select a niche on which you wish to focus and select a product from that initial that you wish to promote. The second column is the website. You are here. You will find a Are you are all of the product that you wish to sell, so letters get on example For example, in digital products and Vietto, this is also the marketplace I am selling my plug ins on. So if we click on it, here it is. This is the, uh, main page of em. Beto. Here are some details about it. You can check it. And I created this column So it will be much easier for you to understand the product that you're selling. Also, as I said before, I strongly encourage you to start using the product before you are promoting it. Here is the affiliate sign up for So if we go up and check the fourth column, you will see it is the affiliate sign up form. So if we go toe and Beto again and click on the affiliate. Sign up form you are. You will be redirected toe the place where you can sign up to the affiliate program that you wish to target. So here it is. In Vento, affiliates sign up for each and every affiliate program will have its own sign up form. However, please, no debt. It is not always easy to get the sign up form because it might not be available directly on the main page of the products. So some products don't have listed the link to the sign up form for affiliates directly on the main page of their website. You have to dig a bit toe, find that affiliate sign up for So this will make things much easier for you because I provide directly the sign up form for each and every affiliate program in this column. Now let's check the fourth column, which is product type. This column will give you a brother description about the product so we can search here and find bodybuilding products, hiring, accounting, fashion clothing, C p a affiliate network, Cryptocurrency trading services, digital product, affiliate marketplaces, email, marketing tours, E gaming Gaurav store, more iguana oil, superfoods, Home security and a lot of a lot more jewelry. Lee generation loans, lottery meal prep, musical instruments. And these are only some that I select here that I see more off survival Visa when war press related products. So a lot of lots of products that you can search for and promote. Or so here you will find some info about what products you can sell and what product appeared to you so you can select products base or so on this column. Okay, lets go up now and check the next column. This is the commission rate for the first affiliate here. This is the fear that each of yet network has, and I spoke about the Philia tears a bit earlier in this course. So if we scroll a bit further, we can see that there are more people tears available in this ship. So let's check the first year. So this is the basic here for the affiliate networks. If you directly promote the product, you will get this bonus for this reward so we can check here and see many, many types off rewards for promoting their products. so the main and most important type of reward is poor purchase, so a percentage of the cost of the product you are selling. Another important thing is re curing commissions, as you already know from the previous lectures a percentage of the Rick Uring Commission, the client base each month or each year, or at a recurring basis. Another important thing is the revenue share model, which will grant you a percentage of the revenue the company generates. So this is not based on the purchase price of the product, but on the revenue the company generates from the purchase, and the company will share a percentage of the revenue A with you. Another important, uh, category is for deposit so custom or goes to the website and makes a deposit to them, and you will get a percentage of the deposit of the customer. So, as you can see, there are many, many types off rewards, or so you can see that this one grant you Amazon gift cards for purchase for new customers , returning customers, new affiliate reforms and other companies will have different commission types for different products they are selling. This is an example so this company provides 20 to 25% for porches and 10 to $20 for porches for decide builder. So all products they are selling except the sideboard there will give you up percentage poor porches, and the site builder will provide you 10 to $20 per porches. And there are many, many commission types. You can scroll through this and check, and you can see or so large commissions poor porches for some of them, so you can look out for these large commissions. You can search for large commissions because they are also included. And you should know that selling a large commission affiliate program is not much harder than selling a low commission affiliate programs. So if you get $1 for sale for a product, and if you get for another 1 $2000 it is not much harder to sell. The 2nd 1 is an affiliate than the 1st 1 I know it is a bit harder, but it is not much harder. You will see with time that it is not much harder to see to sell a large commission product , and it is very worried, doable so we can scroll through this and see many, many. There are also some on this closed ones. You can join the affiliate program for the undisclosed ones and as them directly because these do not provide information. These programs did not provide information on how they pay their affiliates. You can join and as them directly In these cases, however, these are not many, and only some have on this closed affiliate commissions in the rare cases you will find also negotiated affiliate commissions. In this case, you have to sign up and negotiate with them how much they are willing to pay and you can ask for more and they will accept or not. This is a very nice part of signing up for this affiliate program here. Okay, so let's grow up now and let's check our next column. So our next column is commission rate for here, too. This is the commission rate you will get if you re for other people who were sign up as affiliates. So if you re for other affiliates for this ah fled program, you will get a commission for each sale they will generate. The commissioner will see is lower than the commission you will get if you would sell the product directly toe people. However, it is very, very good thing to have, because if you were a for many, many affiliates, you can accumulate their earnings and get a real, real nice share of them. So let's start scrolling for the page and we can see that there are $40.5 to 50% revenue share, 1% 5%. So the payouts are worrying where you don't see ah where it is blank. It is not a multi tiered affiliate program, so we can scroll through this and search for more deteriorate affiliate programs. And here they are, 10% for transaction is usually very often found. Morty Tiered Affiliate Commission. So you can find here like this the more titty our affiliate programs. Okay, so now let's scroll up again and check the next caller. So the next column will be if the affiliate program has also of Fort Tear a rewarding system. So if you re for other people that generate sales, you will get a second tier affiliate cut. And if these people before other affiliates and these Fortier affiliates will generate sale , you will also get a small affiliate cut from these stairs these people generate. So if we scroll down, we can see that there are not many free tiered affiliate programs. However, you can find some to free for. And there are four free tiered affiliate programs in this list, so 0.5% for purchase, 1% from purchase and 10% poor porches. So this is the affiliate cut for this one. Planet traffic. This is a pay traffic service. It was send traffic to websites. Another one is marketing tours that links another One is a dollar per purchase and $50 per purchase. Another marketing tours beer. They're all, and this one is 2% for purchase, which is actually pretty good. Five fortune, 5% for porches and 25% for porches. Is CBD oil? This is a hemp. Brought that Murray Who on a brother. Okay, so let's go to the next column toe the cookie duration. The cookie duration will tell you how much time the customer will have toe actually buy the products that you showed them after they click on links that you provided. So if a customer clicks on a link today and he's not making any purchase until five days later. Then you will still get an affiliate commission from his perch is if the cookie is still active on his browser. So if the cookie duration is not expired, you will still get on affiliate commission from them so you can see that not many affiliate programs are disclosing their cookie duration. However, for those that are disclosing this, I added, In this ship the cookie duration for that specific program, you can see that some programs have definite cookie duration. This means that if the customer is not cleaning cookies on his browser and he's using the same browser for a long period of time, then you will get the affiliate commission for that customer indefinitely. The example of this is India Herbs. This is a nyrb Reddick medicine from in the company. So if we scroll through this, we can see that there are some companies that disclosed their cookie duration. Okay, Now I propose toe make some changes to this list because you can sort the list as you wish . So if you have, um, excel like I have, then you can go ahead and select these columns. For example, select the columns like this until the end until the less product, and go here to sort and filters and select sort A to Z select expanded selection toe sort the fullest. And not only this column and like this you will have the least sorted so and you can check the commission's in an increasing matter. So if you scroll down, we can see that the commission is rising 50% eight on this closed up to varying by products . So, like this, you can search for higher commissions for products you wish to promote. For example, this one you can see that I will grant you 75 to 90% for porches. This is a dating advice service, 85% for subscription. However, you should also check the cost of each product that you are promoting to see how much will actually earn from 75 to 90% of the cost of the product. Another nice thing to do is to sort exactly like I sorted before, but after the second column off the list so we can go ahead and sort a to Z, and we sorted now, after the commission rate for the second year, so we can see that these are or the second tier affiliate programs that are included in this list. You have 15% 10% and the 10% is the most common one. 5% is also very common, 6.25% re curing. This is very nice number and also 25% we curing. This is also very nice number. This is a new investing, a platform where you can buy gold, silver and platinum or so know that these are very large payments usually which customers do on these type of website. So 25% of the customer's payment can grant your really, really nice affiliate commission or so 6.25% is just is good, especially that this can come from with people affiliates that you reform So, um and yeah, so yeah, also, we can sort on cookie duration, so let's scroll down, select here and sort by cookie direction. You can see that the uh, affiliate program that has the shortest cookie duration is Sephora only one day, and if we go down here are the infinite cookie duration programs. You can check or so D's and consider promoting them. Those that appear toe the niche you are using or the niece you are targeting. Or so 90 days Affiliate programs are pretty good. 60 days, 365 days, 180 days, 120 days. You can check also this. Okay, so now you can go ahead and check this huge list of affiliate programs you can join today and select the ones that appear to you the most and which will resonate with you. And with the niche that you are promoting or which you are targeting. Don't forget also to sort the least for better understanding off it. And this is all for this course. I will see you in the next one. 5. How to choose an Affiliate Network?: Hey, guys, welcome back to the course. In this lecture, we will talk about how to choose an affiliate network that matches perfectly your niche and products that you wish to promote. So Domain ting to consider when you are choosing an affiliate network to use our which type of products you wish to promote, because each affiliate network will have a set off niches they are focusing on. So you will find affiliate networks for many, many product categories and other. A few that networks that focus on other product categories for example, adult categories. Ham categories of and many, many niche categories that you can find on in a single feared network. So there are no affiliate. Networks there are focusing on oil niches available and all possible knishes out there. So with almost unlimited options, you have to select the ones that match best. The critter area you want toe focus on and which drives the most revenue for you. Let me give you some tips on how to choose the best affiliate network that matches you. So first of all, you will need to check if the affiliate network has many, many Marchionne's that are joined in the respective affiliate network. So if you're a blogger, make sure you have a large pool off merchants from which you can select, so these margins can be in a specific niche and this is the best category. So if your niche has many more chins available in that specific affiliate network, then it is a good and well known affiliate network, and you should consider using it one. Another important thing to check is if the joining of the affiliate network is free or not . So the fact that you wish to join an affiliate network should be 100% free, and they should never charge you money because you want to join their affiliate network as a new affiliate. They will get their money from charging more chins that are promoting their products, using affiliate promotions, using the respective affiliate network tools. So you, as an affiliate, should never be charged any money for promoting other people's products. So if the Fiat network is charging you money to join, turn away fast and select an alternative, another important thing to check if it is. If the affiliate network has good customer support or not, this is also a vital thing because you might need to contact their support in some cases. For example, if you find some issues with the tracking links or with your affiliate links or some links , we return error pages. Then you should contact immediately their support and let them know that their system is not working correctly. And in these cases they should respond as soon as possible and fix the issues that you highlighted. Or so in case when some merchants are not paying in time, which is also the case. Sometimes you should always contact the more chant forced and as them. If there is an issue and if the merchant is not responsive, then you should contact the affiliate network support and let them know that the specific merchant is no longer making payments for affiliates. The next important thing to check when joining an affiliate network is if the margins are high paying or they have low commissions, so commissions can very from 1% for example, toe almost 100% but the most common are between five and 50% commissions, or so you need to check. How expensive are the products sold, so as I mentioned in lectures or there It is not the same if you sell $1000 product with the 1% commission or if you sell a $1 product with a 50% commission. So keep in mind that you should check the percentage of commissions and how expensive art the product that you're selling and this was or for this lecture I will see you in the next one. 6. Do you want even more Affiliate Programs to promote?: Hello, guys. And welcome back to this course. I want to show you how toe get a list of affiliate programs that you can join. Besides that, I already presented in this course. So if you want toe reach out to more affiliate programs and try more of them that are not listed in this course, you can use this method forced the wall you need to join an affiliate network after joining you can least brands that are included in the Affiliate networks promotion. So I will use as an example Impact Radius because I actively used this affiliate network for promotion and I will show you how to least brands insider. So you should log into your impact radius at mean panel, and you should click on Brand after that. Click on old brands toe least all brands that are listed in Impact Radius. There are over 1000 brands right now here so we can scroll through them and check what which brands are available on this affiliate network. We can also search by keyword, So if we search for added this, for example, we will get resorts. As you can see, this is the global a few. That program This is for Australia, Brazil and Canada. We can also search by categories and other features. Let's say I wish to get, uh, some affiliate programs in the CDN service. Let's see if we get some, we should only check this. And here they are. These are CD end of services and products that provide CD and services and so on. You can select the niche you wish toe promote to or so there are other specifications. I recommend that you check the star rating. Still be at least four or five stars rated. So you should target only high liberated affiliate programs. So we can check five star rating affiliate programs so and target them if we click on one, for example, here we can check also payouts and commission rates and how many affiliates were accepted and how many were rejected when they wanted to join the affiliate program. And how well funded is this affiliate program. So absolutely, for example, it is very good affiliate program because they have a high response rate. Hi. Funding rate and on acceptable commission. Okay, so this is all for discourse. I will see you in the next one 7. How to promote as a real affiliate?: Hello, guys. Welcome back to the course. In this lecture, I will teach you how to actually promote the products that you are affiliated with and to start actually earning your affiliate income. So let's get started. So the first and most important step in my vision is that you should search for products that you like and you are passionate about. So this means that you should try the product out first Or in worst case, you should really make a good check online for reviews for the product and see if customers are satisfied or not with the respective product before you start advertising it. So, first of all, you need to find a niche, and only afterwards you can select a product to promote from the least that the discourse offers. For example, so keep in mind, don't select a affiliate promotion forced forced. You need to select a niche, and only afterwards you should select the affiliate program that you wish to promote. There are some free tools out there that can be used to uncover some niches that can be tapped by you that are not so saturated by other affiliates. One of these tours is Google trends. So I recommend using Google trends because it is free and it can provide you insights about niches that you can get in tow pretty easily. Or so you should check two more things before jumping in. You should check if people are spending money on product and if advertisers are spending money on promotion. So if advertised, users are spending money for a paid promotional methods, so these two are the main important things to check before jumping in into an affiliate program. Are people buying this product actively right now? And our other affiliates or marketers? Or the company who says the product our day actually promoting their stuff by paid promotions? If yes, then this means that it is a good way to start and a good starting point for promoting the specified product. The first can be checked if you search Google for reviews, customer reviews of the products so you can check if people are actively buying the product . If you search for customer reviews for the specified product and you will see how many customers bought the product and how many customers left a review for the specified product or so by doing the Google search for the specified product you want to promote. You will see if there are paid ads that promote the brother so you can simply type in the product. Name and paid ads should be popping up on top off search results. And if not, you can switch toe Facebook or instagram or at other, uh, media's that provide paid advertisements and check, or so there. My next tip is that you should search for affiliate programs that have less competition from other affiliates. So if there are many, many affiliates who already jumped in on the product and they are actively promoting it, it will be much harder for you. Toe get an income from that from promoting that product because the other affiliates are already there and are already established US figures who are selling and promoting that brother here. This course will give you a tremendous advantage because the affiliate program listing that is attached to this course will provide your huge least of untapped affiliate programs that are not worry well known and in which you can get in and start earning a revenue. My four tip to you is that you should provide a good service angle. What I mean by a good sales anger is that when you put out the stairs tax for the affiliate promotion that you make, you should really resonate with your customers. Because if you do so, they will be much, much likely toe make the porches that you, uh, suggested them or so not just resonate with customers, but offer a solution for a problem that they have. This is the main main thing toe have in your mind that you should solve problems of customers. If you solve problems of customers, you will shortly generate sales or so in your sales text or page or whatever you need to connect the dots for the customer. So not just tell them how this will help them, but connect the dots for them. Connecting the dots means that you should tell them exactly that this product do is this. You have this issue and this is how this product will serve you and we're solve your issue . Another important thing to do is that you should describe the product well so the customer will understand what you are suggesting them to buy, or so another thing that you can do is describe the Wender, the merchant describe him, and described his story. If he has a story than you can relate it and show customers who created the product and why it is very important or so why he created this product. Another great thing to do is give bonuses to customers so you can give your own bonuses to customers who sign up with your ring. This can be done if the vendor supports your own bonuses. So some affiliate network and some Wenders will allow you toe. Enter your own leagues for your own bonuses. You can provide A B L. R E book software courses, or you can also create your own products that should not be worry large or worry sophisticated. They only need to be some infographics or e books or small things that the customer will get as a bonus if they make the spore ches following your own affiliate league. What you must keep in mind here is that you should not give away bonuses that do not belong to you or bonuses that you don't have the research rights for or the giveaway rights for so if you purchase some products you are not allowed toe giveaway them as bonuses only. If the Wender specified it expressly, then you can give away this product for free. Another great thing to do is adding a reason why you are making the promotion. So don't let the people see that you are promoting the product just for the money. And this should be not like this in your head, so people should see that you are promoting the product for a reason. The The main reason for promotion can be that the products solved on issue that you had and you wish toe give away this product to other people and to solve also their issue. So this is the main reason that can be used for promoting an affiliate product that that it helped you and you want. Or so we toe help other people toe spread the word about it so it can help, or so other people or so other reasons can be affordable Product price forces, other similar brands, the innovation off the product, its uniqueness and other similar things that may provide you insect itv to promote the product and spread the word about it also to other people. Another tip to you. Tip number five, is that you should use scarcity to increase sales. What I mean by using scarcity is that you should limit the amount of time that your you will promote this product or so by taking away bonuses that you provide after amount, an amount of time will increase scarcity and will make people purchase better. So let me give you an example. If you promote, for example, on a Phillip product and you only add the bonuses for two days, then this will make people buy much better. The product that you're promoting because they know that in two days the bonuses that you will provide will not be there anymore. So this is a very efficient matter to increase sales by limiting the amount of time that you promote and the amount of time you provide the bonuses for the product. So once again, I want to emphasize and this that you should promote only high quality products, so be sure to search for custom or reviews before you start promoting the product, or so be sure toe go through the purchasing process if possible, and get the product for yourself and check if it is easy to purchase the product or if it is hard to purchase the product. And also you should check for other affiliate reviews if there are any so reviews that other affiliates left for the product if they were paid in time. If promoting the product, granted them some commission. If they are satisfied with the promotion they created, if they are satisfied with the payment of the Wender and so on. Also take a closer look at the process of purchasing the product and after you purchase the product, you can also make a video review off it, which will also be a great matter toe generate affiliate sales. Increasing exposure can mean also two things. You can increase exposure and spreading the word to more people and increase exposure and spread the word to the same people in with deepa times. It is said that on average, man will purchase a product if he sees it for seven times, so if he sees it for seven times, then he will purchase it. So let me show you how to increase the exposure of your offer. The first thing is CEO tactics. Second are paid ads, the fort, our social media advertisements and the fourth is content marketing. Here are the most easiest ways to put Seo tactics content marketing paid. Edward Times, months and social media in action. These are YouTube Facebook, especially Facebook groups. So other social platforms they are like instagram email marketing and sales funders. Our first stop on the list is YouTube. So, as I see it, you tube is the most profitable way to monetize your content and to earn an affiliate commission. I say this because you took allows you to get paid for promoting your own products or products that you are affiliate off. So in my wish in this is extremely useful and something very awesome that YouTube. If you have a large enough you took channel. They will pay you toe. Promote your own products so you can put out videos in which you are promoting your products or in which you're promoting products of affiliate programs. And you, too, will actually pay you for this if you enable monetization for your channel. So let's see how to get started with YouTube. You should start your own YouTube channel today If you don't have one upload on affiliate, we dio to it each week. So this is very important. Upload a product review or something that in which you speak about the product, and you should add your affiliate link in the widow's description. Or so this is where important. Upload unaffiliated widows once a week, so people should not see that you sell only affiliate products on your YouTube. General. You should upload, or so with those when you are reviewing reviewing products or where you talk about things which are not affiliate widows. This will boost your YouTube channels credibility and also your subscriber count. Also speaking about subscribers, don't forget to remind each time your viewers that they should scripts subscribe to your channel for more similar widows. And if they want to get more content from you, this is very important to remind them each time because people, if I reminded they are more more likely to subscribe and you need subscribers. We're so you should go ahead and spread the word about your YouTube channel on other social media that you have Facebook, instagram, Twitter and so one spread the word about your YouTube channel and let people know that they should subscribe to you. This is also these are the steps you should follow and you have tow. Repeat them until you have a larger to channel. When you have a larger to channel, you can go ahead and start promoting affiliate products only if you wish, but I recommend that you keep promoting affiliate products and have also unaffiliated with those on your channel. This is important and you should stick to this. The second method that I would present to you is using Facebook. I personally don't like Facebook. I hate Facebook. However, I can't best on Facebook because it is a very, very large entity and there are many people involved there. So there are literally hundreds of millions and billions of people on Facebook, and you can pass cannot pass this opportunity to get out to them. So let me show you a method to use Facebook for promoting your affiliate legs. You should create a new Facebook profile, or you can use your own, but I recommend that you create a new Facebook profile for this. Join at least five Facebook groups that are active and are large by large. I mean that they have 1000 members or more. It is better than if the groups have more members. But you should limit your search for a two least 1000 member groups and also check if the group has active postings. If members posed regularly to the group, the next thing you should do is enter the conversation on these five groups, so you should start liking posts. You should start commenting on posts and where important. You should also put out some posts for yourself. However, this post should not be affiliate post, so no affiliate links should be included in these boats in the first stage of this method, after you start to get in touch with people, you should start friends requesting them. And this is why I suggested that you should start a new Facebook account because you will use your friend pool to start promoting products toe. So you should get around a couple of 100 of friends that are in your niche in the niche that you are promoting toe. It is very important that all friends that you together like this are from groups that are interested in the niece you are promoting so like this, if you put out a post on your profile or friends that you have will see the specific post and they will be much more likely to purchase. So once a week, you should share on your profile some affiliate content and also a recommended to share some non affiliate content. Because if people fear that you are selling or the affiliate content to them, they will. Our friend you. So it is recommended that you keep up the natural wipe off this profile and only put in some affiliate links in strategic points maximum once a week or so. You should create life streams because life streams convert extremely well. So you should go ahead and go life and put in the description some affiliate links that you are promoting and rinse and repeat the process, and you're good to go Now. I want to tell you about how to use social platforms for promoting your affiliate links, so you should pick a social media platform where your niche is strongly represented, So search instagram search Twitter, search Facebook, search YouTube s search all social platforms and get one that you wish to use where your niche is, very worry strongly represented. And the next step issues is that you should select a tiny, tiny area of that niche and focus only on that and create a page or profile that will put out content regularly only on that small, tiny sub nish that you wish to focus on. Starting from here, you should put out content regularly to that page, which provides entertainment and value to the sub niche that you are using. Or so you can put out some affiliate links. But don't put too many affiliate links in your content. Let people feel that the pages natural, and it is not just selling content to them. If the secret is selecting a narrow signage and focus the page extremely until death. So extremely well under some examples are specific dog breeds some, which are the best tense that you can use when you are going outdoors. Lawyer Education Credit cards, which are the best credit cards and so on. Selecting your soup nish is easy, but you should check how many people are interested in it. The fourth thing. I want to point out these email marketing, so you should know that email marketing is the cheapest form of traffic. It is also the highest converting form of traffic and also the most reliable form of traffic. So this free are together in emir marketing. I know it sounds pretty awesome and too awesome to be true, but believe me, it is actually really email Marketing is the cheapest, most converting and most reliable form of traffic and sales. If you haven't already, you can go ahead and start building your own image. List off people who are interested in a snitch that you are focusing on. It is very important you to start building your own list. You can provide some bonuses, or you can accept devise people to sign up to your list by other methods. But the most strongest method is toe. Provide the bonus for their email address, please Building can be most often found on websites. However, you can combine this also with social media. If you don't have a website services. For example, merchant is a service that provides the ability toe include on a page that your own our Facebook page that you own, uh, sign up form for, uh, email is so mulching will allow you toe. Include on your own Facebook page, a sign up for for a mil chimp list, or so you can use a Weber for this. It is also a great way toe build your own email marketing list, and the final and most important recipe for success are Sayers Foreigners. These will connect the dots with social media with email marketing with your own website and will provide you AH whole system, which will grow your email list, your subscriber count, your follower count and your sales counter sales that you will generate. So keep in mind this is valued or so if you have your own products so this can be used or so for your own product or for products that you are promoting as UN affiliate. So what are really search wonders? These are a series of interconnected webpages, which are found on your own website or on a domain that you control, which will allow you to send visitors so the Sears funnel instead off sending them directed to the merchant page. This will allow you toe grab the email addresses toe. Explain better why the product will be beneficial for the customer that you are referring and many, many other things on these pages, you can boost their awareness of the product, their interest in the product and their desire for the product. And finally, on the final page of the funnel, you can present them with the affiliate link toe, go directly to the merchant page and make the purchase. So people who passed through a service funnel are much more likely to make purchases. Then people who go directed to march and pages or so the stairs funnel will allow you to grow your email list by providing a small gift toe. People who sign up to your email list gifts can be e books, reports, software membership or anything else you can think of. Just be sure the product waas created by you or it is a P L. Our product, which is okay to give away for free or as a gift to people who sign up for your list. The number of steps from a service funnel can differ from niche to niche and from product to product. However, the most common number of steps that are found in service foreigners is four. Let me present you these steps. So on the first page of the funnel, you should boost awareness of visitors. They should know that the product that you are promoting will help them make their lives easier or solve a problem that they have in their lives. This will boost the willingness of people purchasing the product that you're promoting at the bottom of the awareness page. You should have a link to the next page from the funnel. The next page should boost interest in the affiliate product, so the first page boosted awareness. The next page should boost interest. This stage is where you tell people more details about the product and how exactly it works and how it will help them in their lives and how it was sort of problems for them or so it is important toe tear people how it will fit into into their lifestyle. Here is the place when you can also describe the merchant and tell the merchant story at the bottom of the interest boosting pages should have a link which will go to the next step in the funnel, which is the desire boosting page on this page. You should tell the people who visit your funnel. Why the product you are promoting is better than any other similar products from the market and how it will maximum daily benefit them in their lives. Also, here is the place when you should tell about people about the bonuses that you offer with the sale that you refer. So here you should tell them why they should get the product from you and not from other affiliates or other leagues. You should offer your own, Boehner says, which should be great value for visitors. So be sure toe make visitors want to purchase the product from you. This is the most important thing toe make in this step, and the next step is to go to the action page. So on the bottom of the desire boosting page, you should have a link, which will go to the action page, and the action page will contain your affiliate link. So they're under action page. We will have a button which will link to the affiliate product with your affiliate Link, and the customers who made it until that point will be much, much likely, much more likely to make the purchase, and they will click on the link and go there directly to the buy now button on the merchant page and purchase the product. And afterwards you will get an affiliate commission from this transaction. So this is the usual image off a service funnel. How it looks like it is like a real funnel, because the top part, which is the awareness boosting part, uh, generates the most views. This gets the most visitors, and by layer, people will drop out and we leave. And like this, you will select only the visitors, which are the most interested in the product you're promoting. So boosting awareness, interest, desire and Final Part is providing the action where they can make the purchase I have one more important thing to mention for this lecture is that before starting promoting an affiliate product, you should check the affiliate programs terms. This is very, very important because if you don't check the terms forced, you can you could start promoting the product on a place where the affiliate program is not allowing it. And as a result, if they find out about this, your affiliate account can be banned and your affiliate earnings will be hard, which is not good. An example of this is Amazon's affiliate program, which requires you to promote the products only on pages that you own your own YouTube channel or on your own websites. So this is a basic requirement. You must add the pages where you're making the promotions in the affiliate dashboard on Amazon's affiliate program Dashboard, and you should least each page where we are making the promotion. And if they find a page where you are making promotion, but it is not listed, and in that list your account will be suspended. Or so another requirement off Amazon's affiliate program is that is that you provide on affiliate disclosure each time you promote the product. So you should tell people that the link that you shared is affiliate league or so they have a Philip disclosure example that you can include in the bottom of the page where you are making the flat promotion, or you can provide wheat Ah, small link and on the bottom of the page, where you provide the information about this affiliate disclosure. Okay, so this is or for this lecture. I will see you in the next one 8. How to join the Course's Facebook Group?: welcome back to the course. So the short lecture will be about sharing with you how to join the secret Facebook group I created for this lecture toe help people that take this lecture and help them toe achieve their goals. So you will see a text file attached to this course. And this is the address of the secret group that I created for this course, especially its name is Ophelia yet? Coaching course. So if we click on this, we will see that we find this group and all you have to do is click Join to this group and I will approve you. And you can share your progress or questions or concerns regarding this course, or regarding what you learned. And anything you wish can be shared here, and I will respond. Or so this will be an active group in which members will be able to help each other and go ahead and join. So you don't have anything to lose only toe win by joining this group. Okay, so this is or for this lecture. I see you in the next one 9. If you have ideas to make this course better, please let me know: welcome back to this course. So in this lecture, I just want to tell you that you can get in touch with me and tell me anything that you have in mind in your mind about this course. So if you think that something should be added to it to make it more complete, let me know. And I will work on it and will add it to the course. Or so. If you don't agree with something that I presented in the course, let me know and I will fix it. If it is wrong or so. If you have it might anything that would make this course better, you can let me know. And I will think about it and added to the course. Thank you very much for joining this course are. See you in the next final lecture. 10. A personal "Thank You!": Welcome back to the final lecture. In this course. This is not actually a lecturer, but just me wanting to thank you personally for taking and completing discourse. It is very important to me to know that people who take my courses are actually learning something that will help them in their lives. So, yes. So thank you for joining this course. And next time we meet, we can talk about advanced affiliate stuff, if you wish. Bye bye.