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The Five Elements Mudra & Mantra

teacher avatar Nick Gent, Sound Healer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Lesson 1 How to activate the Heart Essence

    • 3. Lesson 2 Part 1 Working with and feeling the Elements

    • 4. Lesson 2 Part II Working with and feeling the Elements

    • 5. Lesson 3 Space Element A

    • 6. Lesson 4 Air Element YAM

    • 7. Lesson 5 Fire Element RAM

    • 8. Lesson 6 Water Element MAM

    • 9. Lesson 7 Earth Element KHAM

    • 10. Lesson 8 Five Elements Mantra

    • 11. Class Conclusion

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About This Class


In this class we look in detail at how we can use and work with the Five elements Mudra & Mantra practise taken from the Tibetan Bon Tradition, for self development, healing and personal transformation.

Each lesson will guide you through how I teach the practises with some detailed visualisations to accompany the process and to enhance the meditations and movements. Working with the five elements we work with 5 seed sounds, and five corresponding gestures or hand movements that form to create a simple but life changing practise that is with practice quick to use, fun and has a fast positive impact on your life.

Beneficial for anyone at any stage or process within their spiritual life - or perhaps you are just curious or interested to try something new. So step into your becoming and you will unlock new levels of healing and self arising wisdom.

So you will :

  • Learn the Five elements seed syllable sounds
  • Learn the Five elements Mudra hand gestures
  • Learn how to integrate healing visualisation techniques powerful as a stand alone regime.
  • Learn the simple and effective practise of Inner Alchemy, transmuting elements.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nick Gent

Sound Healer


Hello, I'm Nick. I am a teacher of sacred sound and mantra & also shamanic healing. As a practicing Druid healer I want to share my love of working with sound and chant as a means to facilitate the well-being and transformation of all sentient beings.

In particular i wish to help people to find the power and beauty of their finest instrument of healing and transformation - their voice, their sound. To empower people to use their voice to be heard but also to listen. You might want to find your voice to grow your confidence, get that job or improve your communication skills at work, or perhaps even to transform your awareness and help others too. There are many applications.

I have been a musician, and producer of music for over 25 years and been involved in magic and sacre... See full profile

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1. Class Intro: Welcome to the class Is lovely taffy here. So this just a quick introduction to what we're gonna be learning back together. Gonna be working with him, practicing, focusing our energy on the five elements Mood roar, energetic gestures or hand dances. However you want to call, call them or think of them on the five sacred seed syllable sounds that helped balance on bringing into harmony the five elements within this and outside of us. We're also gonna be learning various different visualization or meditation techniques shamanic techniques that we can use together with the sacred sounds and we're also going to be working with. And I'll teach you ways in which you can activate the quality, the heart centered essence quality of unconditional love and compassion. And it's Wendy. And through this practice that when we allow the diffusion, the synchronization of this heart centered love and compassion, unconditional love and compassion to be voiced through to be carried forth on sacred sound , planting sacred syllable seeds and working with that with actual physical movements of the body, energetic movements of the body principles in a law all in alignment heart centered a lineman, Sonika linemen, mental visualization, all alignment. All of these principles that we're gonna be working with together is one helps create a profoundly simple but incredibly powerful and effective tool for self healing and transformation. So I really hope you enjoy the class and all the different lessons and teachings on and let's get to work. 2. Lesson 1 How to activate the Heart Essence: sigh this next step. So before we start making ends creating the seed syllable sounds on before we start making in creating the murderer gestures, I want us Teoh quickly think about a really effective way in which we can before we. The very first part of this process is to activate the quality on the healing potential off heart, the heart essence of unconditional love and compassion flowing from the heart. The heart is the great electro magnetic generator of the body, even more so than the mind in many respects and the hearts and the open heart, open hearted love and compassion. The unconditional love and compassion season should be at the at the center of every spiritual practice that there is irrespective of what tradition it's from, or where you know, the origins of it or the purpose of it. But certainly for the purposes of our of our work, together with the Five elements mood right mantra, Yeah, unconditional love and compassion is at the heart of the matter the matter of the heart. So how do we do that? Ah, world, A really simple and effective way of generating and activating this quality is using memory is using moments from your life or in your life. It could be two minutes ago, 2020 hours ago, 200 years ago, whenever it might have been. This is how we can do it. So think about and try and recall and bring forth a memory or a moment in your mind. Use your imagination. Use your minds and recall a time where you witnessed you were given or you gave that quality of unconditional laps. It could be when you received it from a special person in your life when you gave it to a special person. Well, being in your life that forget it could be any being. It doesn't have to be a human being. Any being moody could be a plant pet. Anything tree, your favorite tree. A favorite landscape, a favor element. Oh, I love I love that winds and you know when it rings true when it when it gen genuinely activates that complete love and compassion with no conditions. Yeah, with no obstacles, this total free and open hearted love. So when you are the received that from someone, or recall a time where you gave that to someone or If you can't do either of those things, you must surely be able to witness a moment. Where, uh, you yet where you witnessed someone else or another being, uh, generating and giving or receiving that quality. So you hold the memory in your minds, recalled that moment. You try and included all of the senses. So were there any smells? What was the weather like? Was it beautiful? Was it Sonny was windy. You know, the more detail that you can answer your visualization, your memory recall, the more powerfully you can activate an embody that same essence in the here and now. So just take a few moments with me. Teoh recall finds that memory that makes the most beautiful sense to you and then no to yourself and say to yourself, yes, this every time I recall this at mental imagery of oneness, of beauty and of love. Every time I recall this, I'm activating that same quality of unconditional love and compassion right now in the here and now in myself, in complete balance on wholeness. So you take a few moments to recall that memory and activity into field to notice gently listening, feeling, knowing understanding Allow that quality to manifest like a seed and to grow in your heart and feel it well up in you And put a smile on your face and you feel that love You feel that compassion and now we're ready to begin with the Madre on mantra. 3. Lesson 2 Part 1 Working with and feeling the Elements: welcome to lessen, too. So just as a quick recap in the first lesson, we talked about a practice and effective practice for cultivating and generating and utilising as laying the groundwork for the foundations of this practice. The heart centered qualities of unconditional love and universal compassion for all beings which are seen clues yourself. But one last thing before we embark on the journey of doing moved around mantra together is thinking about the elements themselves. It's a bit like we imagined and used the quality of the mind, the imagination, the visualization, the recollection of memory in all of the senses and all of the powerful information that comes with that here again, we're wanting to fit. Just take a little bit of time before we engage in the practice. To think about, embody and reflects upon the five elements those five elements that exist within us and outside of us with no separation. And the no separation part is is integral, you know, when we are in harmony and balance, the five elements are in harmony and balance. When were out of step out of synchronisation. We don't feel great. We feel negative. We feel anger or some, uh, suffering of some kinds somewhere in the mix there almost always if no, always there is a form or or type of in balance off the elements. We're not quite in harmony with one or or perhaps more, perhaps even all of them. And obviously we as part of this practice, we're not looking to cultivate the qualities of 1/1 element over the other. We're looking to work with all five of them in unison, in harmony with integrity, with purity of heart. But the more that we can, the more that we can answer into a direct relationship with those elements that exist inside of us and all around us with no sense of separation, the more that we can activate and actively use those archetypes, those principles, those memories, those visions it just makes When we add, then sounds an energetic posture or gesture into the equation. When we put all that together with that quality of heart centered love and compassion, that's what really brings this practice into its into the very depths of healing that you should and will. I'm sure experience and again, the more that you practice these things all of these things, the better you get. It's that simple. And the name of the game with energetic practices and with mantra, seed syllables, sacred words, sacred sound. Of course, like any instrument in this case, we are the instrument that more practice we do, that better we get, the more powerful, the more deep, the more that we can deepen our connective ity to the to the essence of of all nature, of our nature. So we start with the space element. This is talk through these relatively briefly. The first in the five elements practices space. Okay, to think about what is space represent when we feel there are many, many different kinds of space are the no this space in the heart the emotional space, the head space, the thinking space, the room space, the workspace, the love space there a friend to see space This is an infinite array of space to reflect upon and that in itself embodies the principle of space that everything and the nothing, the emptiness, the space in between everything the space inside things, all of the different dimensions that that space pervades, surround off of silence out of the voids are the sounds Are the elements born the other four elements? You know, when we talk about think about how we use the elements in everyday communication in every day sounds that we make to one another in conversation. Oh, yeah, We say things like he or she they were in a really good space today. They just flew with it. They just killed it, you know, they he did a brilliant job. She did great. She was in such a good space. We use this a lot, and that's just one phrase. So it is really good to think about the practicalities. And that's what I'm interested in Sharing in teaching with you is the actual practicalities and applications off the elements in our everyday life. On our every moment, a moment, thought this isn't just a practice to do once and then forget about will make a few sounds and make a few moves. It's about really becoming and embodying that being the practice. That's how this enters into an alchemical, uh, manifestation. We're learning well, skill. This is how we can use it to show manically journey. And we'll discuss that in greater detail, perhaps in other classes. But for the purposes of this, feel that space when you arrive on holiday and you're in that beautiful kind of zone headspace, you know what does it feel like? It feels, uh, free, open space to think when you have space, to think you can come up with great ideas. You can come out with nice things to say to people when you're in a good space, when you have a good harmonic relationship with your sense of inner space or your emotional space, you can relate better to other people. Sometimes we even say, Are she or he invaded my space. So you know, that's the space in between electromagnetic fields between all beings and the way that they overlap and mixed together in fused together. So not dis recalling a memory. But can we, you know, coming include how much information coming, please? Space when we look up at the sky and we think, Wow, that is absolutely beautiful. So it could be a moment when we look to the stars. Yeah, so that's the quality of space it creates. Visualized the element. Think about it, recalls the memories. Feel it. Yeah, get in touch with it in yourself. Listen to the space that's within you. Listen to the space all around you. And by working with this, the more we practiced. The more that we can help create space, how? Weaken, balance and harmonize that sense of space. So the next element is air again. Think about the air. What does it represent? Air represents the circulator equality. It's provides ventilation. It's It's clearing, isn't it? What do we do when we want Oh, excuse me. What did we do want to do when we wanna clear a room? What we did we open the windows, We cleansed the air. We clear out We replaced the stale energy with fresh movement Circulation winds breeze the breeze of oneness the way on a hot day you're in the shade and you look up And the beautiful sound of the winds rustling through leaves. You could be on the moors or by the sea and listening to the to the way that the wind whips up the waves that crashed on the beach using the water element. And so on the earth The air represents the breath in your lungs. It is the breath, after all, isn't it? In all energetic practices, which creates energy, be it the Bronner in yoga practice, for example, or the breath in June, any of these practices we utilize the breath. The Tibetans have a saying. The minds rides on the wind, the window also what is referred to as the energy channels in the body or long in Tibet, in which sounds like lungs. So think about your lungs. Think about the beautiful air that we are so grateful to breathe. Think about the qualities of movement, off circulation, ventilation, the way that we live. In a world filled with oxygen trees, breathe the animals breathe breath of life, the breath of life giving energy. 4. Lesson 2 Part II Working with and feeling the Elements: said. Next we have fire. There is no fire without the air, right? See the way they will flow into each other and become each other and blends and cross over and loop said the air creates fire. What about firewood? Has fire represent fire is the transformational quality, is it? No. If we bone a piece of paper, it turns into ash to heat energy smug. So when we add fire to something in the out in alchemy, this is what we used to transform one material into many others or one other. So it has this very active, almost quite masculine. But we we don't need to get into a gender archetypes. But it has this thing, this action like transformative component so we can use the fire element to transform suffering, imbalance within us negative emotions. We can transform them with the heart centered intentionality through the power of sounds on energetic movement, postures or gestures? Yeah, that's the fire. But also think about the heat, the love, the beautiful blessing that the heat brings on a cold day and you're sat around the fire with friends and family at home and every human beings the world over love sitting round fire The wonderful discovery that we had a fire the fire, the heat from the sun without which there would be no life on earth The radiation of the sun That photo synthesizes all the plants that are very sales Taken this phone on this light energy constantly giving and receiving finance. So, yeah, I think about the fire Think about the qualities, feel it feel the warmth filled the joy of its blessing And next you can probably hear it in the background Water What do we have here? We have the flowing principle nourishing, rehydrating purifying, doesn't it? What do we do to cleanse ourselves? We wash ourselves with water. What do we do to clear cleanse and clear out our bodies We drink water were made of water We live in a world filled with water The flowing principle peer ACY So think of you could think of the most beautiful clear running stream flowing full of life and energy or perhaps beautiful turquoise waters of the Caribbean Some beautiful lake that's near where you live for a ponds or whatever or drips of rain on your window sill as you look out dream. Millions, the world receive the blessings of the water. Feel it within you. See it outside of you. I see no separation between the two. That's just simply how to effectively instantly commune yourself with the water element. As with all the other ones that we just talked about feel it's purification. And now, chemically, you can use this and we'll we will work with this and I'll show you some more. But you can understand quite you that this is how you can al chemically use even just thinking about the elements as a healing practice without even doing anything you ads unconditional love and compassion. As it is, an energetic generator is a catalyst as an intentionality to those, uh, perspectives positions, you know, perceptions. Then again, you can understand how things developed very beautifully out of full of this. Last but not least, we have the earth element. The water's like the waters here. They feed the lands solidity. What is earth represent? Being grounded, solid, stable, grounded, rooted. These are the active principles of the earth, the beautiful roots of your being. You know, we are walking boy, a magnet, something. So just like a home the plug socket, you know, in in a elect, you know, in the electrical world, we say a plug. It's safe when it's Earth. Our electricity is not safe and and balanced. If it's no earth and like a plug socket, you know we are no different. So when we are with and balanced with the earth element, you can see how it helps finish the cycle. The loop, the spiral dance. It creates the efficient and harmonious energy leap when all five elements are fully balanced. When from the space we now have grounded on Earth and rooted off circuitry, it gives us a sense of presence in the world. You know, we stand on the land on this work, see, but there is land underneath the sea. The wrist solidity underneath so we can feel ourselves a bit like a tree routed into the earth, receiving water, receiving five. The heat energy from the sun, the light surrounded by space, our branches blown by the winds routed into the ground site. That's how to do it. And the more we can practice on focusing and working with those attributes, you may find additional ones of your own that feel right? I would urge you to always follow your instincts and your intuition. Don't just listen to what I'm saying, you know, try it out. Be playful. Experiment. Imagine Activate all of the qualities of your being too really fill. And you know, it's a powerful healing practice, like of saying in itself anyway, forgetting about doing seed, syllable sounds and madre. But yet you do that, coupled with what we learned in lesson one. And you really already for the next lessons where we will teach each of the five elements murderer on the seed syllables and then right at the very end, we're gonna put all of that together, and I will teach you in the final lesson. We will learn off the five elements combined Manta, which effectively puts together a what we've learned all of the seed syllables into one beautiful formula of oneness or mantra. 5. Lesson 3 Space Element A: so like we just did with the the noise there that sounds helping stimulate still point Sigh that is, begin with the first element space, the space element nunca intervention space element. Setting the ground awareness free, allowing us to develop clarity out the stillness out the emptiness of the silence at the emptiness site. Visualizing the qualities of space, embodying the qualities of space. Allowing yourself to blend and become that space with activated, loving, healing, compassionate intentionality to flow in that space for peace and harmony and self love and love for all beings all existences, all of that together helps create Before we even make Mordor or man throat sound. It helps create a wonderful feeling of space. So remember to activate that. So the madre it's a nice, easy star for space is the two forefingers together like this sigh breathing, breathing. And then as we bring the hands together, we exhale feeling a sense of space, releasing any tension or negativity or stagnant energy, releasing that out into the ether out into the space, allowing it to transform beautifully and serenely. Yeah, and we make the sound Ah, a syllable sound for spaces. Uh, okay. se. What do we do with me? Relax. And we feel ourselves deeply relaxed. Bigger. We feel that sense of space developing don't way very, very wanted the u sound all over the world across multiple languages. It's a sound that everyone can understand this relaxing into a sense of a deep space of pace in yourself. Or maybe not the but just some finding some kind of solace, some kind of beauty in a moment of spaciousness in the mind in the body or perhaps the end , hopefully the entire being. So we breathe in lying clarity and awareness to arise out of the space, visualizing the space, activating with the heart and spx hell bringing hands together with the murder of the forefingers together uh ah uh, offering the blessing of that spaciousness in the space element the mind to the speech purifying and bestowing its blessing not on the entirety of our being and then the body. And also this represents all the different aspects of our being all the different levels that subtle level, the very, very subtle ISS level of of energy within the body to the vory grace. The very largest components of that energy and that presence that we are is a being say three times together. I'll do it one more time so you can see So the murderer is to the forefingers together like this. So breathe in. Ah, uh, walls as you make the sound, visualize yourself fully present in our ever developing sense of spaciousness. Three times with me together now Ah, uh, take a moment of silence and peace to feel that what you should feel when she said that a greater sense of the very least of spaciousness and have it offers a window of possibility for clarity and awareness to arise naturally out of the ether. And so we move on to the next element. 6. Lesson 4 Air Element YAM: so welcome to there, Erin. The wind, energy or long in Tibetan. Just take a few moments to recall some of the work that we've done previously in thinking and embodying and visualizing the elements. So we're thinking of the representation of circulation flow clearance using the breath, thinking of a beautiful vision of the wind outside perhaps your window or a walk that you took on your way to work or in the local park or through the forest. Yeah, Ready Feel the winds inside you And outside of you no separation. So very much that using the breath, activating the voice of your sound your inner sound being expressed through the open loving heart with this wonderful flow the circulator re movement this dynamic of movement and shifting and clearing. So for Madre, we have right hand on top of the left like this and we make the sound young or young, Young, young. But this Yeah, so three times circulating feeling that flow that circulation three times the left the young and then three times the right clockwise, anti clockwise and look wise doesn't really matter to be honest and go with the flight with your circulation sorry. Breathing in? Yeah. Ah, um, asking to receive the blessing from the wind element for the mind a speech in the body to purify for the benefit of all sentient beings. So once again, breathe in exhale Feeling that flow feeling the breath of life The energy coming in and expelling out stale, stagnant energy Yeah. Um okay, Yeah, By day, three times with me now. Heavy guy. Yeah. Ah, um yeah. Ah, uh, one more time, Um, em So the sound is Yom and we have right hand on top of the left to sit sitting, moving. So don't worry too much about the counting. How many times that I do it. Did I d The main thing, the more that you could just focus on the simple essence and integrating their essence. That's already within you anyway. But just kind of remembering how to integrate into harmony yourself with the element inside and out. Same thing the separation, etcetera, etcetera. So don't worry too much about accounting. I'd rather that you put the time into visualizing really flowing and embodying that element . The principle the active, uh, beautiful healing principal off the element and how you can apply that to your body, your mind, your speech. Every aspect of your being down to the very subtle is parts of you. So that's the most important thing. Keeping it simple and the worrying about too much about this of that, allowing the mind the fear that worried the concern over analysis of self. This is a practice of really just getting to grips with with the element and yourself, therefore, and understanding and feeling in harmony with your world. Just that little bit more we could use. Think of a suffering or a difficulty or problem that we face, particularly in the body or in the mind. You know, it doesn't matter which aspect of ourselves, and we can use that alchemical principle of clearance. Do you want to clear the energy in your body? A great way of doing that is working with the wind energy in Tibetan that the energy channels are called long or so they have a saying. I've mentioned it before. The mind rides on the wind on the breath, breath, giving life wind 7. Lesson 5 Fire Element RAM: do with that, Jenna, because of me goes on nobody really meaning Sorry. Welcome to the fire element Elements of fire The transformational principle that can guide is and facilitate movement in an alchemical movement within our being towards great harmony and change and positive transformation especially when we remember to activate it with that loving heart energy. So the mood ra is the two little fingers together, okay. And then the thumbs together so little finger and thumbs together. But this little finger and thumbs the sound the seed syllable sound for fire element is from from wrong se the movement that we made together We take a deep breath in gathering the energy, visualizing the fire element, activating with the heart. And as we bring the hands together, we exhale with sound wrong bring the hands together, making the sound wrong on I like Teoh have this upward movement this dynamic shifting movement upwards towards opening and flowering and transforming and healing. And you can move the fingers wrong like fingers like flames. But the flames dancing, moving dynamic changing five principal arm towards the head Click the fingers, bring their hands together and offer up the blessings of the fire element to the mind. The speech. It's the body. The heart once again, breathing wrong. Oh, so let's try that property three times together. Big breath in. Oh, um, go way. Sorry. Whenever we want to activate and utilize the fire and the balancing of the fire energy, the inner fire, the outer fire, the warmth, the transformative nature and power of fire we used to send wrong. 8. Lesson 6 Water Element MAM: the water element. The flying principle as bones to the inner fire. The out If I activating those thoughts those feelings those manifestations those parts in which we can relate indirectly experience and be at one with the woods. Breneman, our bodies are made of huge amounts of water. Significant content of our of our physical being is water, including the significant content of the planet in which we live. Our environment is a world of water. Water sustains life, purifies it. We use it to wash ourselves that cleanse so we can activate won a war. Many of these principles, any of them. And the trick is to not get too caught up in analyzing what it is that you're doing. And to read this directly is directly is you can experience. They're open hearted relationship, but the elements in you and outside of you, and to see them without separation as much as possible, because there is no anyway. So the madre for water is the right hand on the outside of the left and you join the thumbs right hand on the outside of the left joined the thumbs a bit like the ancient Egyptians almost site weaken Breathe in. And the sounds right. The sound the seeds edible that we make for this Is Mom in a mom? Sometimes I've heard it pronounced Mom, I I use Mom a bit like mama, but mama saya magics breathing in gathering energy, scooping up the purest of the pure, beautiful, pure clean crystal water Gathering the up almost like cop cupped in you hand scooping up gathering up And then as we exhale will make the sound Mom. So you gathering, gathering the energy gathering this quality of pure purity Gathering up cleansing hydrating , Yeah, invigorating the body washing yourself you can imagine literally washing himself in the blessing of the water element in the positive healing qualities that water brings Gathering Ah, 11 time, right hand on the outside of the left in the sand Is mom so breathing in gathering, uh, three times of mean Uh uh uh way so you can use that to harmonize with the border 9. Lesson 7 Earth Element KHAM: I way. Welcome to the final element of the earth, the fifth element in our practice together standing grounded but the tree with the roots flying into the ground, The solidity, stability, er thing or circuitry through our feet through our body through a trunk through our roots and also flowing up from the ground through is becoming together with the other elements space. Ah, with the fire of transformation, flowing water is seeping into the earth, feeding the earth, allowing it to grow and be abundant and fertile. The's rule visualizations that we can work with when we're doing the earth because we're when we're doing Each of the elements were not just in one element at a time, also working in harmony with all of them together simultaneously as one beautiful, divine harmonic harmonizing, energetic flow se the murderer for earth is make a fist with your right hand and with your left hand thumbs on top thumbs thumbs up basically on top like this and the sound is calm or come so breathe in. Then, as you exhale with sound, call on bring the hands together on this. Oh, and when they meet, I like toe. Imagine I actually physically do the movement as well. With the final exhale if you time it nicely with bringing the hands together you can kind of sink down into the earth Visualized that rooted nous that grounded nous that earth stability. So I'll give you a quick demonstration, so breathe in. Ah, um, with time. Ah, ah eh Feel that rigidness when we're not making sound And when we are making sound But we're not making sound We can enjoy a few moments of silence to fill into what we've just worked with, allow it to integrate further, allow us to feel deeper into experienced the the element within us and outside of us se three times together now. Ah, uh um uh um uh uh Oh, um uh Hey, you guys. Feminine principle, masculine prince. Join together as one in union in harmony and balance both hemispheres of the brain. Both hemispheres of our of our world. Both archetypes, both energies present an imbalance within us flowing through the five elements. Yeah, you get the picture. That's it. All in divine proportion and harmony synchronized in unison. 10. Lesson 8 Five Elements Mantra: So now we come to the five elements short the short version of the Five Elements mantra, which puts together all of those five seed syllables that we've been working with and that we've learned about. And it kind of creates and puts it in together into one beautiful combines concise formula , if you like, is a nice way of saying it. There are many interpretations, of course, many different meanings, many different layers of meanings, as there are with all month. But for that for the present, for the purpose of simplicity and for the ease of practice, we're thinking about the fact that we're ing in unison and in line and flowing with and through all of the five elements. All together is one. And this is what the mantra is. Since they're just using seed syllables for each element, we're now gonna put them together. The raw out of interest, which I will teach another class, is a specific element for each mantra. So not just a seed syllable, but a mantra. But to end this practice nicely and to round it off and bring it together. Yeah, we're gonna do the five Elements Mountain. So you have space. Ah, Window air. Yum. Fire from water. Mom, Both call or come, Come and then Broom do. So we have, Uh, yeah, broom broom. It is sometimes pronounced room due. Or so. Hey, will pronounce it broom door. So, uh, Yom through new, uh um boom. Do, uh, young mom room. Do you three times with me? Uh, young ro through your ongoing room do? Oh, young. Wrong, Ongoing. 11. Class Conclusion: sigh. I'd be already enjoyed. The lessons in the class is a whole hope you found. It's an inspiration and perhaps even some healing transformation for yourself, or perhaps for your future journey. But just as a recap, What have we learned? Together, we've learned how to integrate and connect with the quality of unconditional love and compassion and how that is important when doing all all types of healing work notice mantra Madre. It's a help generate opening the heart and bringing forth that beautiful quality fun conditional enough We've learned about how we can integrate. Think about visualize, um perceive feel an entrance around direct dialogue with the elements themselves both within this outside of us has one. We've learned five seed syllables for each individual element as well as the Five Madre and how we can use those sounds on those gestures together with some breathing and visualization to engage with this practice and then finally, right at the end, we have learned together how, Teoh, how we can put that together in a simple formula, the shortfall mantra for the five elements. Ah yum. From come due, I, um, come due. You can also practice that um well, with the madre size I young but call. But you do? Uh, yeah. Call from so practices often is You can practice out in nature as often as you can and focus on the quality of connection more so than the quantity counting how many times you do it or any other kind of technical details, the more that you can directly experience and flow with and engage with the elements inside of you and outside of you, with no separation, the better I look forward to you joining me in some of my other classes. Omen that technology or mind. I bet woman and that woman and that woman.