The Documentary 3D Photo Effect | Benjamin M. Keller | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Step1

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About This Class


Welcome to "The Documentary 3D Photo Effect"

In this class we are going to learn how to make simple animated pictures that are commonly used in documentary films or biographies. 

I will show you in 4 easy steps how to set and convert your flat pictures in 3D layers to animate them inside After Effects using simple integrated tools, you don't need advance knowledge or experience using the software to achieve the results.

This is a very simple way to give dynamic and movement to pictures and add some interesting details, you can check my project "Neruda" in order to get some reference of the posibilites of this technique, you can also check different Documentaries on Netflix where you can find different animated pictures in order to get more inspired.

Resources - Free stock Photography sites: // //

*Remember read the licence terms and conditions in order to know if you can use a photo for you project and publish in the class project or the web.