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The Creative Guide to Selling Your Art - Confidently

teacher avatar Sonya Paz, Creative services, art marketing & branding

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Are you ready to sell more art?

    • 2. The Creative Guide to Sell Your Art with Confidence - Intro

    • 3. Step 1 - Who is Sonya Paz?

    • 4. Step 2 - What's it all About?

    • 5. Step 3 - What will I Learn?

    • 6. Step 4 - Getting Started

    • 7. Step 5 - Understanding Goals

    • 8. Step 6 -Building Trust and Confidence

    • 9. Step 7 - The Conversation

    • 10. Step 8 - Tell Your Story

    • 11. Step 9 - Qualifying Customers

    • 12. Step 10 - Be Your Favorite Customer

    • 13. Step 11 - Power of the Handshake

    • 14. Step 12 - Homework

    • 15. Connect with me!

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About This Class

Welcome to my online course on selling your artwork in person and being confident in the sales process.

Be better with engaging with your customers with more confidence, authority, and comfort!

Do you get nervous when talking to customers?

Do you wish you felt more confident while making the sale?

Do you end up saying the wrong things and talking yourself out of a sale?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is the perfect course for you. This mini-course will help you feel more confident, build relationships, foster trust and set goals for yourself.

Who is this course for? This is for YOU – you are an amazing artist and creator, but perhaps you need a boost to get the confidence to talk directly to your customers. No matter what your skill level is or experience whether you are a crafter, maker, designer, quilter, photographer, etc.… This is for all you artists and creative people that desire to sell more art and gain more customers and sales as a respected business person.

Learn from ME, an artist who has been selling their art for a living for over to 20 years.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sonya Paz

Creative services, art marketing & branding


My passion is teaching and mentoring creative people through personal, online resources and courses.

My name is Sonya Paz and I am a full time professional artist, designer and entrepreneur who loves to help businesses thrive and I am proud to teach this course on my creative approach on selling and promoting your work. I've been helping other creatives and small business people like you for several years. Welcome to my new online course series to help you be amazingly successful in your business! Let's go through your journey together!

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1. Are you ready to sell more art?: Hey everyone, thank you so much for checking out my cool course. My name is Sonya paths and I am the owner of sonya paths Art and Design. I have created my own brand. I have marketed the heck out of myself. I have been on, I've had my own galleries and I have done it all. And with all of this experience and everything, it has really gained me the competence years ago to sell my artwork and not be fearful. This course is to help you kind of overcome all of the fears that you might have with trying to talk to customers. Everything from engaging, talking from price to your process. And there's so much to learn in this course, I am so excited that you have decided to check it out. This is called the creative guide to selling your art confidently. And it doesn't matter if you have, if you're a painter, a jeweler, a wood maker, if you're doing crafts, if you're doing any other type of, you know, any kind of creative medium, this is perfect for you if you even have a small business that is somewhat in the creative realm or even not in the creative realm. There's so much action-packed, amazing goodness in this course that I hope that it will help you everything from the handshake to hanging the painting. We'll give you the confidence and get you to overcome a lot of fears that a lot of artists have when presenting their artwork to the public. So I hope this course will be great for you. If you love it, please leave me a little review at the end. This tells other folks on this platform of what you thought and hopefully it will bring value to other people. And then I will know also what other kind of courses that you'd like and how I can further assist you in your creative journey. So let's do this together. Check out my course and hopefully we can connect and I appreciate all of your support. Take care. Bye. 2. The Creative Guide to Sell Your Art with Confidence - Intro: Welcome to the creative guide to selling your art with confidence. This online course is written and presented by me professional artist, designer and brand expert Sonia Paths. Who is this course for? Well, if you have signed up for this course, then you know that this is for you. You are an amazing artist, and you are at the stage when you want to finally start selling your creations. Or maybe you're an artist who is already selling your creations, and you just need that extra boost to make it happen. Bigger, better, faster, stronger. It doesn't matter if you're an artist, a crafter, a maker. If you are a photographer, a jewelry maker, a woodworker, it doesn't matter. This course is designed to have you in mind so you can take your art creation and your business to the next level. I have worked with so many artists in the past few years on helping them get their marketing routine going, help them build their brand and have helped them with starting an art business that is sure to make you money and has transformed so many people into making this their full time job. So if you're ready to quit that 9 to 5 and do what your passion is to do what it is that you were sought out to dio on a full time basis or maybe even part time. Then this is the course that is going to get you there with confidence. I am creating a whole series of these many courses for you, and this segment is going to be focusing on the stage is that you need to do in order to get to the final result. So this course is going to be about gaining your confidence and going about it the right way so that you can believe in yourself so that others can believe in you as well. So let's get started. 3. Step 1 - Who is Sonya Paz?: So who am I? Well, my name is Sonya passed, and I am a professional artist and designer who has been creating my art full time for close to 20 years. I make a living doing what I love, and I make a living selling my artwork. I have owned my own art galleries under my own name, and I have personally sold my artworks and products and through my art I have made a name for myself. With my own product brand line of retail products. I have created wearable art, home furnishings, jewelry, magnets, ceramics, textiles, pillows, Ah, matted prints and the list goes on. I have found that the magic of getting my art out there is all about marketing and the confidence of the relationship building process. There is so much for you to learn, and so much for me to tell you. I have been successful in doing this, and I can't wait to teach you the right way of getting it out there and how to get on the right track with confidence which will equal more sales. And the more that you sell, the more you create. And I would love to go through this journey together with you 4. Step 2 - What's it all About?: What is this course all about? Well, like I'd mentioned, this course is all about how you can overcome fears in your own business and how you can be completely confident with selling direct selling and having great communication strategies with your customer. I'm going to teach you and show you the right approach on how to have these conversations. You know that you make amazing works of art, and you know that what you're doing in your craft is a gift, and it's truly amazing. But sometimes we might need just a little bit of permission to make it all happen so that you can have successful sales. I am here to give you that permission, and I am here to give you the kickstart that you need to just do it. But doing it the right way is essential. I have been selling my own art for decades, and I love the selling process. I love talking with my customers. There's just something really, really rewarding and having that engagement and with the right way of talking and not getting choked up or not saying the wrong thing, that you seriously can't backtrack and take away. This will get you on the right path and get you completely organized. And I can tell you what really works. Great. And what doesn't? I didn't have a course like this when I started. So I am here for you. And I am opening at my giant suitcase full of knowledge so that you can completely rock this and you will be so impressed with yourself. Once you get through this course that just what we're talking about for this lesson is going to make you really aware. And you will listen to yourself. You will have the opportunity to be one on one with a customer. And there's nothing wrong about getting choked up. I'm not expecting you to be a pro from just outside the gate, but you will practice and you will have lessons that you're going to be following so that you can make sure that you are on top of everything. Writing yourself down, notes doing some of the lesson homework and moving forward 5. Step 3 - What will I Learn?: What will you learn in this course? Well, first of all, you have me, and learning from someone who has done it all is always a benefit. There's nothing more frustrating than to get really choked up on questions at a customer will approach you with. And when you get asked questions, you really only have the first time to make a really great impression. It's really hard to backtrack and try to correct mistakes that you make, so why not try to get it right the first time? I'm going to teach you on how to craft the conversation, how to be on top of it and never let them see you sweat. You will be completely confident with your selling of your creations, your direct to customer conversation, because you and I both know it. Selling and talking to clients is super scary, and it's always going to be scary from the get go. But I'm here and I will help soften the blow because this course was designed especially for you, for those who can't really think of what to say or how to craft the conversation without being intimidated, and you want to be that person on the top. You want to be that leader, and I cannot express enough that selling is sexy. Having a savvy business is sexy and you can rocket. It doesn't matter your age. It doesn't matter your gender. It doesn't matter as long as you are confident, because when you can capture and captivate your customer with exactly what it is that your goal will be, I can guarantee you your sales will improve. So if you're ready to learn and you're ready to get going, then we are going to go ahead and get started. 6. Step 4 - Getting Started: getting started being organized and knowing the basics will always get you on the right track for success. I'm gonna list below some of the topics and things that were going to be discussing in this course for you. The first thing being understanding your goal. Having a plan to make sure that you are successful in this process. We're also going to be discussing building trusting confidence. And this is another component that you are going to find is going to come a lot easier than it sounds. But building trust in confidence with your clients is key number one engagement and conversation. Well, who doesn't love talking about their art? I know I dio when I'm having a customer talked to me about my artwork, I want to be sure that I can give them all the details and, of course, telling your story. This is the opportunity that you have to talk about the story and what inspires you qualifying your customer. How do you know that this person is the right customer for you? Become your favorite client? Wouldn't it be great if everyone was just like us? Well, we'll be discussing more on that on that slide. Now one of my favorite things is the power of a handshake, and this is going to be one of the more heavy handed slides, so better get prepared for that one. And a successful course would not be a course. If there wasn't just a little bit of homework, I will be preparing a list of things that I want you to dio that you will need to check back with me on. I'm really happy and I really enjoy answering questions and helping you with some of the things that I am going to have you work on after this course, and they'll be a little bit of Q and A on what you want to see in future courses from me. 7. Step 5 - Understanding Goals: understanding your goal now. I just listed four simple things here to get started. Everyone, I want you to pinpoint on these topics and sort of go and expand from them, one of those being share your creations with the world. Well, when I started, I was selling my artwork out of coffee houses and doing the art and wine festivals. But that was great that I was doing this for my local audience. But I wanted to expand and which better way to expand than to go and hit it worldwide. Now, when I started selling my artwork, websites were kind of a provide sort of a precious commodity. It wasn't something that I could just go out and get you had. There was a lot more details and a lot more work getting involved, but I made it happen, and one of the things that I wanted was I wanted to share my art with the world. So I went ahead and I got myself a website and I started marketing myself. I started selling on eBay way back when eBay waas just pioneering into the whole self represented artist category, and it was a little intimidating at the time, but I figured what the heck I got to get it out there and I started selling my work on eBay , and I really started gathering up in audience. That was, Oh, gosh, I had customers from Italy. I had customers from France. I had customers in the UK and beyond and, of course, across the States, and I got really good at it, and one of the things that really catapulted me was I was selling a lot of artwork. Now I was working in high tech at the time, and I would paint at night after my kids went to bed, I would paint at night and then finish up what I could. And I would spend one day a week that I might come home for lunch and I would photograph all of my artwork while it was still sunny out. Because for me, I found that, um, photographing my artwork in the sunlight in a specific area of my yard that I got that more late afternoon Sun was really, really good for me. That may not work for everyone, but I was able to post my auctions that night or that following weekend and I would get bids and things would get bid up. Sometimes things may not have gotten bid, but I was able to sell a lot of artwork, and I'm talking a lot of artwork. But the key factor being that the more I sold, the more I made and the more I made, the more I got excited, and I really started to garner an amazing audience not only locally but internationally. But I'm not just talking about online sales. I'm also talking about the customers that I was presenting my artwork to locally. And when I say that you, when you end up finding that you will have a long life customer, someone whose lifelong in the pulse of your creation and the evolution of your creating, there's nothing more rewarding than that toe look back and still get orders on the holiday or for somebody's birthday or that kind of thing that they're still contacting you because they love what you do, and also that they've been on the forefront of riding the wave of creativity with you. They've seen the growth and they've seen the patterns of how you've evolved any with your creativity, the confidence that you've expressed not only with your selling and your communication, but the whole gamut and the whole thing, as as a nice little wrapped package. You have been part of that, and they've been there alongside of you now comfort zones. This all kind of comes with all of that. Once you start creating and you've managed to get yourself a customer base, your comfort zone, you start feeling it. It's almost as though you've gotten a couch and it's taken a you know, taking a while for you to sit in the seat for you to get that couch to sort of feel just the right way. Arrange the pillows in such a way that you feel as though it's all part of you and the comfort zone process with all of this is, you'll start to feel it. I can't explain it except for the metaphor of the couch. But once you start getting it and you feel just that right, feeling that will help gain the confidence within you to really, really make you feel like you are on the right path on the road to success 8. Step 6 -Building Trust and Confidence: building trust and confidence. When you appear more confident and genuine, that energy resonates to your customers and really puts them at ease. This not only makes them feel less defensive for your heart cell, but this will also help build that trust factor, this trust factor. Everyone is so huge, and I mean huge. The best thing and the approach that I like is talk to your customers as though they are family or there are lifelong friend. If you are passionate about your art, then you will have no problem carrying on and maintaining a conversation. And again, I can tell you from experience your clients want to know about you and your art. They want to know about your service or products, and they want to know why you're creating what you're creating and how you're representing it. When you get this conversation going, the rest of this is easy. Like I mentioned, if you start out of conversation as if you already know the person, then when you start chit chatting about it a bit, let that conversation flow. You will be truly amazed on how your confidence and your perception of everything will accelerate and how relaxed you both will become. And this is one of the things that I like to refer to as fostering friendships. Now, don't think of your customer as a customer. Think of them as somebody that you just met. Maybe put into your minds that this is a friend of a friend. In this way, you won't have to worry about maybe behaving in certain way or being super stiff. If you act as though this is somebody that you are fostering this friendship with, then it kind of takes the weight off of the heaviness of the conversation and just feel like you're getting acquainted with somebody. The point is making sure that you feel really sure of yourself that you stand up tall. You are confident in the way that you are expressing yourself, confident in the way that you've dressed confident in the way that you've prepared for this day or prepared for this conversation of the sale and building that trust factor with all of this will end up being a lot easier because you want to be likeable. You don't want to be the crabby person that is, um, selling your work because you look miserable because you're there. You want people to fill as though they can trust you. And with all of this said and all of these things that I'm telling you will certainly make a huge difference. 9. Step 7 - The Conversation: the conversation. Well, first of all, I'm gonna tell you nothing makes a conversation easier than practice makes perfect. Yes, really? You all should know that. I know that I am not telling you anything that you don't know. But having a conversation with a complete stranger can be quite daunting. And like I mentioned before, quite scary. But when you practice these lessons, you will get better and better about your engagement. And as I had mentioned one of the last lessons talk to your customers as though they are a long time friend. With practice, you will eventually train yourself to be more relaxed and fearless in this process. I always like to tell people. And when I explain this to people that I'm working with is one of the best things to Dio is get somebody that can help advocate for you maybe another family or a friend and someone that could be quite encouraging someone to maybe play the part of the customer. And as much as I hate role play as anybody else, it's I hate watching it, and I'm not really a fan of doing it, But if you confined someone that you can trust that will help you sort of overcome some of the awkward moments and having the conversation. It's always a good thing. Now you are going to encounter this type of interaction. If you're doing Ah trunk show a sidewalk sale, an open market flea market type thing or art and wine festival, it's pretty inevitable. You will need to engage with customers along the way at some point in time. If you want to make sales, trust me, this is going to happen. But one thing I want to mention and I do get a lot of artists that say this to me is, well, I have my sister in law who helps me with finishing up the conversation, or I like to sit in the background and my husband does all the talking for me. Well, that's great. And if they're making sales, then you can shoot, can pass on this information to them. But people want to talk to the artist. You are the celebrity in their eyes. You know you have fans. It's it's one of those things where if you went to a rock concert, you spoke to the manager and you didn't speak to Let's say Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. What fun is that? You don't want to talk to the person that's representing. You want to talk to the person that is creating the person that is the magic behind the madness and the When you start building and having these conversations and you start gaining that rapport with people that are fans of yours, they will be fans for life and for you as a self represented artist, you need to learn and understand, understand the facets of this conversation. And again, practice makes perfect. You're the only one that knows your your stuff. You're the one that knows the technical aspects of what you're creating and be genuine. If you talk to people in an informative way in a way that they can follow and understand, then you will have a customer for life. 10. Step 8 - Tell Your Story: telling your story as someone like myself that buys a lot of original art I love. I absolutely love being the fan of other artists. Artwork and every creation has a story. Well, I want to hear the story of what inspired that piece of work that you created. I want to learn and understand and know the creative process. I want to feel the true and honest experience on how you created it and what your feelings were when you decided how you were going to put this piece together. Your artwork should have a story. Your story with your vision. I want to know what inspires you. And you are the best person to tell that story what inspires it. What brought you to this point? What were you doing? What mindset were you in? What interesting facet of information will you give to me to help really solidify and seal the deal of this rock solid transaction that is about to happen? Well, when you engage with potential clients and customers, they're really gonna love and appreciate your story. They want to know what you can tell them because in their eyes you are the rock star to them be that rock star, Never discount your place as an artist in this world. Once you grasp this concept, you will be truly amazed on the way that your artwork goes from being just collected here and there to becoming, ah, standard collection of artwork in somebody's household. It always goes from being It's always best to have. Your art will go right from the display while onto being sold and being presented and loved by somebody else that they can showcase your artwork in their home or office. 11. Step 9 - Qualifying Customers: qualifying your customer Now. I've mentioned this more times a night than I can remember. But the worst question is the one that you don't ask. I'm sure you've all heard that before, but asking questions in the right format in the right timing is really great information for you to understand and know where your customers are coming from and what their mindset is about how they perceive what art is. And if you're a fit for what their where they're looking for, whether it's wearable art or functional art, or maybe even just visual art, that's they'll be hanging up on their walls. Learn more about your customers. Now, upon your conversation with them, you know there's ways of asking them things. If you let's say they're they're looking at a piece of visual art, a painting that you dio ask them if they have seen your work before. This is a really great Segway into opening up a conversation. It's non threatening, and it's merely just a very innocent question. But the one thing asking these questions, the one thing that I want to tell you is that when you ask a question, stop talking. Let the customer. Answer the question. This is one thing that I have seen so much is that they might ponder for second and the artist quickly insert something else or changes the subject. Stop. You need to listen. Stop, look and listen. You need to listen up to see or to hear what their responses they might have. They might surprise you. They might say that they've seen you at this fair before. They might have seen your artwork in somebody else's home, and this will be the perfect bit of information for you. Toe. Learn about what they know about you now. You know, let's say you're selling jewelry or some other type of wearable art. Well, you know, don't ask them. Do you want to see this piece? Simply continue the conversation. Slowly pull that piece out of your display case and hand it to them or guide them to the mirror and offer to put it on them. Most people and I've done this a long time. Most people will be it feel flattered that you've actually taken that extra step that you are not completely guarding off your display case as a don't enter, you know, caution zone, you want it to be as approachable as possible. And one of the things that I always just like to mention in regards to the qualifying of your customer is that if you are selling pieces that are, let's save ah, $150 for a necklace and you just want to make sure you're on the right track with your customers. This is a great time to sort of add a little, um, qualifying. You know, maybe this customer is used to spending $1000 on the necklace. Maybe this person is used to spending $5 on a necklace, you know, asking them simple questions on how they heard of you or if this is a style of art, or if this is a style of wearable art that they've seen before. And if they're looking to pair up maybe a necklace with earrings, then you can start mentioning the pricing you will hone in straight away. Most people will look a tag before they try anything on, or, if you're if you're pricing is visible, that will also you can tell by their body language. If they sort of gravitate right toward that, then you know that you're on the right track, but the qualifying of your customer will really matter, and it will really help you gauge on if this is your customer or maybe they're not your customer. But these simple questions will help gauge your conversation into the right direction and start getting a lot of this engagement going with them. 12. Step 10 - Be Your Favorite Customer: be your favorite client. What do I mean by being your favorite client? Well, wouldn't it be amazing and awesome if everyone that came to buy your work was just like you ? They were just a Zen Thoo. Ze ass tickles you. They were Justus pumped up and excited as you. And you know, one of the things that I want to mention about this is treat your customers just how, like you would like to be treated with respect. Be joyful, be super appreciated and most of all, be genuine. You really only have one chance to make that first impression. So you better make it a good one. And if you want to be ignored or if you want to be this discounted or if you want to be just not taken seriously, then treat your customer that way. But you will not get returned business. If you want to be treated with respect and you want people to pay attention to you and give you undivided attention, then you are your perfect customer. And you want to make sure that you keep this in mind when talking with your clients. Get your customers excited about what you're creating whether it doesn't matter what you're doing. If you are a painter, get them excited about your process like we talked about earlier. If you were a jeweler, make them part of the selling experience and get them pumped up and totally enthusiastic about your work. If you're textile fashion designer sculpt or woodworkers, ceramicist or whatever, I want you to tell me what you are. I want you to tell me what cut kind of creative person you are. But whatever your artistic medium is, then be that favorite client. You want to make sure everyone is completely excited. You want to give it your all. And if, like I said, if you love that kind of attention when you are buying something from somebody else, especially if you're a fan, well, then this is one of the things that you will have to remember. Treat your customers like you would like to be treated. And don't forget respect and joyful. Be appreciative. And of course I'll say it again. Be genuine 13. Step 11 - Power of the Handshake: the power of a handshake. Yep, that's right. This has got to be one of my all time favorite lessons and I'm gonna tell you why. So the handshake and maybe some of you get it and maybe some of you don't. Maybe some of you see that this might be some old fashioned things and maybe even something out of a scene out of mad men. But I will tell you, in business, the handshake is not something of a bygone era. That's just not existence. The handshake is a powerful and respected tool. It tells your client that you are a modern day business person. You are a modern day business person with confidence and that you are rocking your business . You are rocking your creative business. But the most important thing that the handshake is is it's a confirmation that you are in business, and it is a confirmation of a sale that is confirmed. Now, this is what I'm gonna get. Raw and nitty and gritty. You can have the power of the handshake. A good solid handshake with a really good grip is such a viable statement. If you have never practice are really good shake than practice with somebody in business practice with an attorney or practice with a financial advisor because I will tell you they have some of the best hand shakes out there, the kind of handshake that tells you that they're confident and that they're strong. Now, if I'm gonna tell you this is one thing that you are going to have to practice with because if you don't have that good grip going on with your hand shake and you have the tendency to go in for the really great handshake. And for some reason, your hand goes limp and it feels is, though, that your hand feels like a dead fish and you need to practice. And I am not kidding. And believe it or not, that can actually drown a potential deal, A handshake that feels like a dead fish. Then you might as well have a dead deal. Now don't get upset. And don't think that I'm being mean. But if you have learned anything, then you are going to learn how to do the best handshake ever. And another thing to do is, and this is gonna take a lot of practice because many, many years ago when I worked for Mitsubishi Motors, I sold automobiles and I was not confident in my handshake. From the very beginning, I I had to really work on it. But it really makes a huge difference when you are having a transaction. When you are engaging in this type of transaction, it's really it's really, really a thankful process. Trust me, it is totally thankful making eye contact while conducting the handshake that will even add as a more trusted asset. I learned so long ago everyone that when I was in this selling arena that this was one of the things I never thought about. And a lot of artists don't think about that. They just think, Oh, by my art stick in a bag right up your ticket, Take your money. See you later, blah, blah, blah. Well, no giving that extra. Thanks for this customer that you have just built a relationship with will completely set this into motion for future sales. I am not kidding. So please, if you have a chance, find somebody that is been in business a long time and ask them Hey, can can you shake, shake my hand and Tell me what you think, and they will, and they will tell you what you think and just work on it. Now, don't give the giant vise grip kind of handshake where you're gonna crush the bones in somebody's hand, but something nice, solid, steady one shake release. You're good to go. I wish I could do this with you right now. Um, but since this is an online course, it's a little hard, but go ahead and give it a world. Find somebody like I said, who has been in business a while, and you will be a complete rock star when you get this mastered. 14. Step 12 - Homework: So here we are. We're at the conclusion of this lesson, and we're gonna talk a little bit about the homework that I'm going to give you. It's just a little homework. Nothing that will strain your brain. Trust me, this course is designed to get you more familiar with branching out and feeling comfortable and uninhibited by the scariness of in caging with customers. Your homework for this course is going to sort of be in sections of three. We're gonna talk about three things to improve. We're gonna talk about attitude and gratitude and, of course, practice, practice, practice. The three things that I want you to improve on is you tell me what are three things that you know for a fact that you need to be that you need to be improving on. I want you to write those down, and I want you to listen again to these courses, and I want you to go through each slide and figure out the top three things that you know you need to work on to make your business completely rocket. The attitude and gratitude. So my thing is, attitude is everything. You have a great attitude than it should be. Smooth sailing. And if you are, if you have things that you are truly grateful for, which you should, you should have at least three things that you're grateful for. I want you to write those down, and I'm gonna be coming back with more courses and more lighter. Siri's like this one to help you completely catapult your business into that next level. And of course, we have practice, practice, practice. There are a lot of things in this course, everyone that I talked to you about. There's the engagement, the customer. There's power of the handshake. There is working with another friend or family member on how to sort of practice what you're talking with your customer about so that you can completely engage. That is kind of it. Maybe it's nine things total, but Onley, you can answer these questions. I will give you the fuel to make it happen. I will give you the kick start that you need to make it completely workable for you. But you are the person with the magic behind the madness. To get this going now, I would love for you to all connect with me on other future courses that I have going on. And I am really thrilled to be able to offer these to you. I would love to know what you are struggling in. And like I said, I'm working on a whole library of courses. But what do you need help with now? And what are you struggling with? Please let me know. 15. Connect with me!: stay connected with me. I love helping small businesses brand, and I love helping folks just like you market yourselves. And this is what I have been doing alongside of running my own art business for quite a while. I also have a podcast that is close to 100 episodes right now, and it's Ah, two years old. It's called the Rock Star Mentor Podcast, which is available on iTunes Stitcher radio Google Play and tune in. There's So Many great resource is on my podcast, and I also have interviews of artists just like you telling their story of how they got to where they are today. So this segment of this course about selling your art with confidence is one of many courses that I am working on. Um, be sure to check out the links below so that you can stay connected with me. Tell me what you would like to learn more about so that we can make you more successful. You can reach me over on my websites, which are Sonia pass dot com, Sonia Pads, design dot com and rock star mentor dot com. You can also visit me on Facebook at Sonia past Design Sonia Pads Gallery and at rock star mentor dot com. Thank you all so much for joining me on this amazing journey on how to get your business rockin and rolling with my new online courses, the Creative Guide to Selling Your Art. And we will be focusing on so much more in regards to selling and pricing and commissions and a whole variety of other things to really make it so that you can be successful in what you do creatively. Thanks so much, and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care.