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The Complete YouTube Course: Make Viral Videos and Rank #1 on YouTube.

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

51 Lessons (5h 53m)
    • 1. What do you want to make videos about? What have you done already on YouTube?

    • 2. YouTube channel success second step. Upload a new video now!

    • 3. YouTube channel success third step. What are you doing well? What can improve?

    • 4. You will be able to do anything you want to on YouTube after taking this course!

    • 5. 2014 Rapid Growth on YouTube Search

    • 6. Create and upload your first viral YouTube video right after watching this!

    • 7. Start on YouTube and then work your way into making Udemy courses

    • 8. Case study of how to make new viral YouTube videos + earn with Google AdSense.

    • 9. $2,500 per sale from YouTube tutorial videos with an "email for more help" link.

    • 10. Patreon allows you to get paid to make YouTube videos and more!

    • 11. Get paid to make YouTube videos by adding fan funding to your YouTube channel.

    • 12. I challenge you now to find a type of video you can make one of every single day

    • 13. Introduction to the YouTube video editor and how to get free videos you can use!

    • 14. How to make a niche topic video using the YouTube video editor + add your audio

    • 15. YouTube video uploading title, tagging, and description walkthrough

    • 16. YouTube title optimization tips for YouTube search and YouTube suggested video

    • 17. YouTube tagging tutorial in depth for maximizing suggested video views.

    • 18. YouTube video descriptions in depth. Long descriptions are WAY better!

    • 19. YouTube Keyword tool for expanding your description and making a better title.

    • 20. Adding a secret tag to increase suggested video views on your youtube channel

    • 21. Proof these YouTube strategies are working rapidly for me now making this course

    • 22. How to make a great YouTube thumbnail with Canva based on data.

    • 23. YouTube thumbnail creation simply with Fiverr

    • 24. YouTube thumbails in search ranking for branding consistently and getting clicks

    • 25. Introduction to YouTube analytics including views, minutes watched + top videos.

    • 26. YouTube analytics traffic sources explained for YouTube search + suggested video

    • 27. YouTube subscriber analytics tab explained for how to know which videos get subs

    • 28. YouTube search analytics how to get more than only top 25 entities available

    • 29. How to spy on your competitor's keywords on YouTube and optimize your video rank

    • 30. YouTube ranking secrets: how to push from third up to number one in the rankings

    • 31. Optimizing your YouTube video tags, title, and description based on analytics.

    • 32. See how YouTube advertising has been the key to my channel's consistent growth.

    • 33. YouTube advertising tutorial 2015 with Google AdWords for video.

    • 34. YouTube ads for Udemy course sales: Hands on YouTube advertising tutorial 2015.

    • 35. YouTube advertising for direct clicks to sales after making the global campaign.

    • 36. YouTube comments and engagement explained why it is valuable for growth.

    • 37. I try to answer every comment on my YouTube channel. Think 80/20 here!

    • 38. How to add your biggest YouTube fans to a Google plus circle with three clicks

    • 39. YouTube viral video creation fast tutorial and overview.

    • 40. YouTube viral video launch day 2 reviewing the ad campaign and initial views.

    • 41. Filming videos in 1080p HD easy with Camtasia Sutdio

    • 42. My new filming system using iPhone with iRig HD mic + screen capture software.

    • 43. Why I upload videos 1 to 3 at a time and try to do it each day.

    • 44. How to handle copyright claims and avoid getting flagged for copyright.

    • 45. YouTube live streaming launched my first viral video! See how to get started.

    • 46. How to setup your first live event or live stream on YouTube.

    • 47. Getting the live stream for a video game started with elgato game capture HD.

    • 48. Challenges: YouTube export error setting up my live stream. Twitch lagging.

    • 49. Copyright strikes on YouTube: how to follow up and appeal.

    • 50. How to remove a YouTube copyright strike and complete the counter notification.

    • 51. YouTube connected me with a way of living that is awesome. How can you do it?

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About This Class

If you want to be successful on YouTube, you might love this course! When you take this course now, you lifetime access to principles and strategies responsible for bringing me over 3 million YouTube views, over 15,000 subscribers, and 10,000+ sales. You can apply what you learn in this course to whatever you are doing! Students posting discussions in the course now are mostly using YouTube as a hobby or for business and hoping to eventually make money by uploading videos.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. What do you want to make videos about? What have you done already on YouTube?: thank you very much for getting started with this YouTube course. This is a course of action where you use this course to complement what you are already doing and to guide your action towards success on YouTube. Nothing substitutes for spending your own time and energy, actually doing things on your channel. So what I will continually offer you throughout this course are little things you can do to help focus your energy on YouTube, which will help you toe build any kind of successful channel you want to. So here's what I mean to begin. If you note these air the 17 viral videos I've referenced that I will walk you through making your own list like this in your channel, step by step. The first step is to post the discussion in the course Riel. Quick about whatever you would like to make videos about. It's a little concrete action you can do in a minute or so. You can then have concrete proof in your own mind that, yes, I would like to make videos about this subject, And if you've already made a lot of videos, you can just do it on what you'd like to expand with. The more you share, the more helpful it will be to all the students in this course. This is a good way to kind of introduce ourselves to each other. So if you would start by introducing yourself and making this concrete awareness within yourself off what videos you would like to make, Ideally, you might share exactly what videos you would like to make if you could just get paid to make each video another word. Share what you're really passionate about. Getting started with what you're passionate about will be a lot easier than trying to go to make a profit right away. Look at my channel here. I started on dating videos, which I had a huge passion for the Onley. One of these videos you see in my top 17 is a dating video, and the best part is I didn't even actually film it. I learned a lot starting out on YouTube, making dating videos because that was my passion. So I went through the painful learning process in the area I had passion about. Then I discovered what people wanted me to make videos about, and when I could make a profit with We're videos about Facebook and especially Facebook ads . So if you look my most successful video of all time Facebook second, most Facebook, third most Facebook down here. Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, Facebook, etcetera. Most of my videos are about Facebook. The thing is, if I had tried to start with Facebook, I would not have got through all of the pain that comes from learning a new skill. The dating videos I had so much passion about, I was willing toe learn. And I use that learning then to make much better and more successful Facebook videos, which then have brought in a lot of the money. So what you can start with, and regardless of how many videos you've made, just share with all of us in the course in your 1st 1 sentence here, title what you would like to make videos about, and that is, in your passion subject what you would love to just make videos about. If you had all the money in the world, what kind of videos would you sit at home and make? They could be funny videos, serious videos, whatever you want and then, if you'll share your experience with YouTube up until this point in any questions you have or anything you want to know immediately getting started in the course. This helps me to make a better course, and it's an introduction to all the other students in this course. The networking you conduce with other students in this course can provide you exceptional opportunities to succeed on YouTube to collaborate on YouTube in to get your question answered by both me and another student. So please get started. Put a one sentence description of what kind of videos you'd like to make and then introduce yourself as much as you want to in the next paragraph below and then click Post and that will put your discussion in the course. I recommend doing it in a desktop version. It's a lot faster. The idea is, then, once you've completed this step, you've taken a huge hands on step that will make doing the rest of this course much easier . I appreciate you getting started with this and look forward to seeing what you have to share in the discussions 2. YouTube channel success second step. Upload a new video now!: If you want to make videos on YouTube. Ah, critical thing to know is exactly what methods you have available to make them and which of those are easiest for you to do? Plus, which produced the best viewing experience. So the next step is to figure out exactly what methods you currently have available, so I'll start with myself right now. This is a Webcam video I'm making. I can Make 10 80 p HD Webcam videos using my Yeti microphone, my logic tech webcam, my computer while it's running Camp Tasia. Then I have a backdrop. I have studio lighting that's all set up in order to make higher quality Webcam videos. So that's one method. I also have screen capture and I can do screen capture with Cam Tasia. I can also use my other Mike my I rig HD Mike connected to my iPhone to record the audio that works better for screen capture, sometimes because screen capture involves running other programs, and that allows me to make the audio separate from the video, which often produces a higher quality experience. So that's two things I have. I can also make a video with my camera I can use that to film it and then put it straight on YouTube. That was the first strategy I used to make YouTube videos. Finally, I can also just simply use the YouTube editor, which is also called one of the big secrets in most other YouTube courses. I can use a YouTube editor to pull Creative Commons videos that other people have made and then simply mash them up into my own video. So if you want to just take other people's videos and make them into videos you can use on your own, you can use the YouTube editor to do that. So I have all four of those methods available to make videos. Now here's the action step. Figure out what methods you currently have available to make videos and then try making a video using whichever method you think will be easiest. Just a quick 1 to 2 minute video. If you have a Web cam, it can often be easy to just make a quick 1 to 2 minute Webcam video. If you do screen capture, give that a try. If you've already made lots of videos, you might try a new method like the YouTube editor. Or you might try something like using a camera instead of using your webcam or your screen capture. The idea is to figure out which method you're most comfortable with and figure out all of the details. With each filming method, you more than likely will be filming in one way or another. All of these filming details come with a learning curve. So what I'm doing right now is taking a lot of time and effort to plan out each piece in detail. Where do I put my webcam? Where do I put my mike? How much gain do I set it on which Mike works best with the computer, which lighting set up to I use? Should I have a drop cloth? Yes. Having anything in the background is very distracting and lowers the quality of the video. So as you can see all of this, learning took place over time. So if you can get started right now, film a quick video. Whatever methods easiest for you, and you can do it on your passion topic that will probably make it easy. Upload that to YouTube and then paste a link to it in the course. That way we can take a look at your video and give you some feedback. Things like, Oh, maybe you should get a drop cloth. Maybe you need a better microphone. Hey, we really like your energy and enthusiasm. I love the style of your tutorial. Your video looks really good and screen capture, but we can give you both positive and negative feedback toe help. You make the best experience What has helped me to make high quality videos that consistently are getting more views. Are all of the suggestions I've got from the thousands and millions of people that have watched my videos that have taken the time to say, Jerry, you should do this, Jerry, you should do that. And I just try the different suggestions out. So this is a huge thing. If you're going to be successful on YouTube, you've got to at least upload another video. Success on YouTube depends on consistently up loading more videos all the time. You've got essentially a show, and you've got to keep that show running. And the biggest way to be successful is to essentially have a lot of episodes. You need new videos all the time new videos all the time. So do one more video right now. Go to a video uploaded on YouTube and then share the link with us in the course so that other students and me can give you feedback on that video. If you've been doing YouTube a lot and you're trying to really hit the top, this can be a hugely helpful thing to get some honest feedback on your video. If this is your first video, don't worry. I have put up some horrible first videos. I think my first video was on different ways to say the F word. It was bad. It was really bad. So you're unlikely to make a worst first video that I did. Given where I'm at now, I came a long way and you want to go. That distance is fast is possible. I took a long time to start out on YouTube because I didn't share my videos much and get feedback. So make a video now, share the link to it, or if you are not able to put an external Lincoln, just share whatever you can to help us find the video. Thank you very much. for watching this. And I hope this practical hands on lecture gives you something concrete you can do to take one more step towards your success on YouTube. 3. YouTube channel success third step. What are you doing well? What can improve?: the third step on making an excellent path to YouTube channel success is to build on the 1st 2 steps you've taken. In the first step, you posted the discussion showing what you want to make videos. On the second step, you went and actually uploaded a video to YouTube. The third step is, Do then find what you're doing well, find at least one thing you were doing well and find at least one thing you can do better. So one of the easiest places if you actually have a channel where you're getting interaction, is in the comments. For example, I get comments like this. Your voice makes me cringe. I'm not sure what I can do about that, but there it is. There's feedback. Then I have in this video a clear question that I could add toe another video. That's one thing I can do in a future. Video is go through and show what I've already done in this video in that video. Another comment on this video is that I could make it more friendly for beginners. Another comment on what I said here. So you noticed I get a lot of feedback or when I could do better. But I also get some very good feedback on the existing videos. I'm doing amazing. Thank you so much. This video's great thank you for sharing. That's what you want to do is get an idea of one little thing you can do better. And one thing you can improve. Hopefully, in the discussions, you'll get some of this feedback from me and from people in the course. I try and answer every single discussion. So that's why I encourage you to post one has the very first thing you do in the course. If you're not able to find exactly something you can do better in the video, you might find something you can do better in your studio set up. So what I've gotten the next PdF is an exact set up for my existing studio. I have the exact products I'm using my webcam, the Blue Yeti Mike. I'm not talking on that one in this lecture, but I talked on it in the last one. Ah, foam windscreen lighting drop cloth. I'm talking on this mike right now and then a stand holder. It's in the standard as a phone windscreen And then I capture my video game videos on this so you might be able to find one piece of equipment you can use that will enhance your studio experience. All you need to do is just be aware, taken note and then take some kind of action on those next steps. So, for example, if you see that you could use better lighting in your background on your Web cam video, go ahead and order lighting. You can order the lighting I put up on here in the next PdF, or you can order it finding some on your own. If you get feedback, you don't have a very good mike. Try ordering a new mike if you get feedback that your voice is not easy to listen to. While maybe try doing your voice a little bit different way. I do my voice for a little bit. You for away. All right, Now, I'm not seriously going to do that. Try and do something a little bit different and take note of what you've done right. One of the biggest mistakes I've made is not noticing what I was doing, right. So, for example, people like what you have to say on a certain topic these dating videos. I get a lot of good feedback on here about thes dating videos. People like that. So I continue to do mawr as I can. Same thing on some of the video game videos. I get a lot of good feedback, so I try and make more of them. If you're aware of what you're doing right and you're aware of what you're doing wrong, then you can really get to a place where you can make exceptional YouTube videos. So that's where I'm going with you to a place where the files you select upload are excellent one step at a time, though one little improvement. One little awareness of what you're doing right will get you to an incredible place. So at this time, you can also just respond to any existing feedback to complete this step, Or if you need to actually order something or try a new video, you can do that too. So thank you for getting started with this course. I hope these 1st 3 steps you've taken get you started with a significant feeling that you really can do this all the way through this YouTube course to all of the advance topics that you really can take one step at a time into having an awesome YouTube channel. 4. You will be able to do anything you want to on YouTube after taking this course!: thank you for learning more about my YouTube channel growth and success strategies. You get to see the exact things that are working from me to do things like get paid hundreds of dollars to make a YouTube video and even more than that to make thousands on you know me off of the success I've experienced and learned how to do on my YouTube channel . Things like building up a gigantic global audience with millions of views. Thousands of subscribers. You get to see that right away. As I go in deep with my YouTube channel, I show you how to make money on YouTube, using four things that have worked very well for me and 1/5 strategy that's working really well for other YouTube channels. You get to see exact details on things like the YouTube video editor, which allows you to make videos out of other people's video fast and is often referred to as a big secret. With YouTube success, YouTube S CEO gives you exactly what I know that's worked ridiculously well for me to pull in hundreds of thousands of search results on very competitive terms, things like when you search for Facebook ads 2015. You get my videos first and second. I'll show you exactly how to do that. How to get easy thumbnails done without doing any. Work yourself how to dive deep in near analytics to analyze what you're doing that is working so you can do more of it. How to rank your video high with Google AdWords by getting low cost paid views through Google's ad service for YouTube, Then how to interact with and engage your power fans, and especially how you can use that to convert people from watching your videos into paying clients. Then I'll give you an overview, as I do an actual viral video launch for myself that's racked up over 40,000 views today, getting around 500 to 1000 views every single day. In a niche topic I love. I give you at the end of the course my video production process and then all bonus materials. So you get deep coverage on things like how I'm able to get people to pay me to make my YouTube videos. But better than that how I took what I learned and my success on YouTube and then monetized it on you to me if you look at my you know me or earnings. I had success on YouTube for nearly a year before. I made hardly anything on you to me. I translated that success on YouTube into making you Timmy courses. So you can specifically see that when I take you to the courses I'm teaching on you to me and I show you exactly how this course, my most successful course that's made me most of my money was one of my original, really successful video tutorials. That's how the course got started. That's how I knew I should make more of those. And this one little video has made an incredible amount of money first from client sales, then from being turned into a una me course and greatly expanded into much higher quality and more than 10 hours of new original content exclusive for you. To me, you can see on my YouTube channel. I'm doing everything I show you how to do. With limited exceptions and areas I've found from research that worked really well from other people, you can be confident this course will give you exceptional potential to do whatever you want on YouTube. YouTube now is the number three website after Google and Facebook. The thing is that so exciting. Google and Facebook have fantastic energy poured into both of them. S CEO. All these Facebook ad courses hello and YouTube is a wide open opportunity. YouTube is not nearly as competitive. Er's difficulty in most areas is Google and Facebook. And yet YouTube has gigantic traffic, gigantic opportunities. That's exactly what we're going to cover in this course. After taking other YouTube courses. After a lot of my own success on YouTube, you have begged me to make an exceptional you know, meat course for you. I'm grateful Toe have over 25,000 students. I'm you know, me and YouTube is one of my most requested topics. Jerry, will you make a YouTube course already? Here it is. YouTube course is coming up. It's for you. It's got awesome information in it. It's got top information delivered very quickly because I know your time is valuable. So thank you for learning more about my YouTube course. I'm honored you're here, and I hope you're going to absolutely love this course. 5. 2014 Rapid Growth on YouTube Search: take a look at this growth on my YouTube channel from January 2014 to December 2014 and compare that to the year before 2014. 943,000 views, 7.6 million minutes watched, and I turned off my ads halfway through the year, so disregard that lifes 2100 versus 4 77 dislikes Not that many more comments close to 10 times many comments MAWR shares. The sharing data was changed, then favorites times more, favorites added, and a ridiculous increase in subscribers. That's what I'm showing you how to get on your YouTube channel in this course. But take a look at this. This is even Mawr. Incredible. So YouTube advertising did very good at getting my videos. Watched more. But here's the really gold that happened last year that I'm helping you get to in this course YouTube search last year. Ah! 100 and 48,000 views from YouTube Search. Let's do that by day 179 48,007. Divided by 3 65 407 views a day from YouTube search That is just amazing. And look at the year before, only around 10% of that. So what I'm showing you is how to get gigantic increases in these things, and the suggested video had similar increases. And that's where the strength of all of the information in this course is for you is showing you how to get this gigantic growth on your YouTube channel. And the nice thing is, my videos are not playing around on terms that are just for fun or taken lightly. In other words, of these are terms that are very profitable to be on and you can do incredible things. So, for example, if you look for this suggested term Facebook ads tutorial, you can see I'm up there on the 2014 Facebook ads tutorial. But what's cool is it's not 2014 anymore is 2015 and you can see absolute utter domination by me on the's terms I've taken over this entire term before anyone else even knows it's worth taking. I literally have the top five videos on this term before anyone else even knows it's worth trying to take. And if you take it out and make it a little smaller, I've still got number one on just Facebook ads. And here, if you do even better, Facebook ads. Just the broad search term. I've got the third video ranking on Facebook ads, but here's what's really crazy. Now, if you see these, other people are ranking their videos, too. But I have to mawr videos in the top 10 search results. No one else has that many and Facebook ads. People will pay $2500 to work with me based on seeing these videos and search results. So these air fantastically profitable terms to be on What's awesome is this strategy works even better if you're in an area where there's tons of traffic. Facebook ads is an area where there's not a lot of traffic compared to music and video games. So if you want to do these strategies in areas where there's tons of traffic, they will work even better to get you views on your channel. I tried a couple of experiments on video game videos, and this is where you see these huge spikes in my traffic where I had thousands of views, 25,000 views in one day and on another day, 29,000. I tried these out in a couple of areas with video games, and the strategies work even better. So no matter what you want to do, you can count on this course to give you the essentials of doing anything you want on YouTube successfully when it comes to getting found in YouTube, Search and YouTube suggested video and Google search sending people your YouTube video. I'm happier here, and I look forward to sharing all of these awesome things with you in this course. 6. Create and upload your first viral YouTube video right after watching this!: you are ready now to take a shot at making one of your first or one of your next viral videos. I'll show you exactly how to get started with that and give you a few tips based on what's worked for me. So since 2013 this has been my top video in terms of views and inorganic minutes washed. This is not even a high quality video in terms of audio or in terms of presentation. So what that means for you? Just putting anything up there now will give you your best chance toe. Have a great video in the future. You want to actually do something because then you can build on this Almost all of the videos that followed this video built on it, and collectively, those videos have a lot more views, and there are a lot higher quality. This video was critical to getting all of the others done, and all of the others are on their way to passing this video. However, this video was the first that I did. That was really successful, and I'll give you a formula that you can use to do that. So first, let's take a look at the analytics and detail. One of the most key things you can see these huge spikes and views thes air advertising minutes watched. I put this into YouTube ads, so make a video good enough that you can put it into YouTube as and advertise it. That is a critical part of getting your video viral. Even if it's just a dollar a day, Add money will get you out of the majority of the videos and get you into the upper ranking ones. Ah, video that you could at least put in ads and then a video that really shows something useful. So taking a look at this video, it shows something people want to learn about how to get cheap Facebook ads, and it's based on experience I got. You have some kind of skill or experience or something related to your passion that people want to know about. It's an area of her life, for people often compliment you and say, Wow, you really know how to do that. Well, it's an area of your life that seems effortless, and that's challenging to be aware of sometimes because you cannot even know what you're really good at because you're just usedto having it. So find one area. One thing it could be dating. It could be making a popular YouTube channel. It could be making a song online. It could be anything you think people might want to learn about, and at some point you wanted to learn about. Make a video on that. And then the key thing is to start that video off immediately with what the key thing is. So you'll notice on this video, even though my mic audio quality is pretty bad, I didn't even start it right away. You'll notice this video makes it very clearly exactly what the point of watching this video is. Immediately all you have to do is watch the 1st 15 seconds, and I tell you exactly what you're here for. So on your video, do the same thing in the 1st 15 seconds, very clearly. Explain what you're going to tell someone about in the video. If you want to make a video on, say, how to sew something, you found a trick that works really well, too. So something easier than that should be very clearly focused on completely the 1st 15 seconds of the video, you could put something like how to get a better job out of getting a on a certain type of test. Whatever the video is, that's up to you. The format is what I'm here to help you with. So you start off very clear. 1st 15 2nd intro, then you want an in depth video on it. You want to see how possibly in depth you can go. So if you're talking about something like how to get an A test, you want to really give every single detail you can imagine someone could use to get a on that test. And if you need to use something like Power point in Google hangouts or a Webcam video, whatever you need to do, get this video done with the intent that you can advertise it even gently get it done with the intent that you're going to genuinely help someone. This video has helped thousands of people to get lower costs. Facebook ads and I barely even noticed I already knew how to do this. It took me a year before I figured out I had this valuable skill that people wanted to know when I put a YouTube video up. YouTube is full of huge holes of skills that people want to learn that there aren't good videos. Four. So if you want to really even do this to the next level, you could try and match your skills with what There isn't a good video about on YouTube. But the most important thing that I started this out with get that first video up. I don't care if it's ugly. I don't care if the sounds bad. This video of mine is ugly and the sound is bad. On 128,000 views on it. Tons of Likes comments shares 500 subscribers from this one video alone. It's not even good quality. It's not ideal. It's ugly. It was one of the first of these I did. It's got a really good things started. If you're going to succeed on YouTube, you've got to get a really good thing started. Whether you've already got something good started, you've got to get it rolling even better. So the hardest step is to really get the ball rolling. I hope the practical tests I've given you so far have given you the courage to try with this. I've showed you my YouTube channel. And before you go in depth on any of the S E O strategies or much more into the YouTube ads , you just want to actually get the video done. I'll show you how to set your adds up on it. That will be a task later. Just for now. Get the video done, get it uploaded and then continue with the course. Thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been helpful for you. 7. Start on YouTube and then work your way into making Udemy courses: by far the best way I've found to make money on YouTube is to connect and work with it into you. To me. I got started on you to me in 2000 and 13 at about the same time I tried to get started making YouTube videos. Now I did a very bad job when I first started on you to me getting anything to actually happen. So I'll show you my revenue from way back last year. So if you see I made no money on you know me for quite a while. But now, my you. To me, sales have taken off, and all of that's thanks to my YouTube channel. My YouTube channel was where I first started trying to make videos. YouTube is a lot easier to get started on than you. To me, YouTube has almost no quality standards except not use other people's copyrighted stuff. That makes it very easy to just get started making videos on YouTube. Then the more videos you make on YouTube, you'll get better at making videos. You'll get to know what people like that you make, and you can figure out areas like for me, Facebook ads on YouTube is proven to be a very powerful area where I have a consistent, reliable traffic source and of you search for nearly anything related to Facebook ads. Facebook marketing, Facebook power at her Facebook ads, tutorials, anything like that. My videos air going to come up all over. I discovered that on YouTube, but then look what happened. I moved over to putting a course on you to me. And at first I just used my actual YouTube video when I first made my course. And now I've went through and remade the entire course so that most of the courses exclusive to you to me and this course all by itself has made $17,000 almost now. And I would never have done that or got to this point on you to me if I hadn't started out trying to make videos on YouTube and then got the positive reinforcement from my YouTube audience saying, we really like thes Facebook videos you're making. Please keep making more of them. And then, as I got better at making them when you can see in March and April this year, I was just starting to put very serious effort into making mortgage would YouTube videos. And I started experimenting on you to me around then, and since then my income is went way up on you. To me, I've made all kinds. Of course, is now. In fact, I rarely make a native YouTube video. Now what I do if you see my courses, I make courses like my Facebook Ads course is loaded with all kinds of videos, So this course has a ton of different lectures. Got 69 different lectures in it all unique videos and a couple of pdf's. So what I do is I make a small amount of thes lectures available as free preview lectures on YouTube. So when someone searches for Facebook ads 2015 they see these long videos and their funneled back into my you Timmy courses. So I give them a free preview. For example, I'll preview some videos in a section, and then I'll put them into a YouTube video, and then the YouTube video goes back and tries to sell the unit me course. So that's how I've been able to consistently grow is then the same thing on my website. I funnel everything from my website to you to meet also. But all of this started on YouTube and ultimately you. To me, I think, is the most powerful way to make money. If you're trying to make money on YouTube, if you can start on YouTube, figure out what people like that you do on YouTube and consistently get better at making videos on YouTube. Then when you have polished what you're doing into, ah, point where you have videos you like to make and you know what your audience likes, then you can sit down and create a course on you to me, and you can make them a bunch, of course, is on you to me about the topics you enjoy. So I started with my Facebook course, but then I've continued to branch out. Now, this is for my YouTube, you, to me course, which will be my 12th you to meet course. And all of my courses that aren't free have made sales. Even things like my dating course of my spiritual course have made some sales, so you enemies very powerful. But YouTube is much easier. YouTube is much easier to start with, so you can start on YouTube and work your way up to you know me. And then the bigger your YouTube channel is you can funnel your traffic to your website to make sales on your you Timmy courses. Or you can funnel directly to your you Timmy courses. So finally, to show you more history on this thes are my videos. And if you scrolled, if you look by most popular, I started out with all kinds of things, like dating videos. I've got people make on fiber. But this was my first big, successful video that I made on YouTube on Facebook ads. If you'll note it has, I don't know if you can actually see the stats on here, but it has over 100,000 views on it. So if I take a look with you here in the analytics, this video was a event live originally. But then I branched it into a tutorial on my YouTube channel and five visit this video with you in the video manager, and I sort by most viewed you'll see it come up here. Ah, 125,000 views on this video. I got a bunch of clients off of this video And this was the first video I put in one of my , you know, me courses. If I had never made this video, I doubt I would be here right now with you. So when you make videos, you care about passionately on YouTube. You can get a good chance to see how much people like your videos if you like making them. And then you can work your way into making you Timmy courses from there and monetize and sell your you Timmy courses on your YouTube channel. So thank you for watching this with me. I'm honored you here, and I hope this has been helpful for you. 8. Case study of how to make new viral YouTube videos + earn with Google AdSense.: Here's a ridiculously easy way to make money on YouTube, and I say easy because you conduce something you might already enjoy already, like making top 10 Funny dog videos. Here's a case study from a channel that's doing this right now. It's called Top 10 Media. It's a fairly new channel. They make videos about top 10 things like here, their newest ones. 10 Dumbest iPhone abstain. Craziest lawsuits, etcetera. Now here's the entire production process. So Step one, you can find videos or images you can stick into the video editor on YouTube, and the best part is you don't even have to come up with the idea yourself. More than likely, someone else has already done all that hard work. So here's a video on their channel with 48,000 views. 10 famous peoples who have worked in fast food. Now look, go to the richest dot com. Here's an article 10 famous people have worked in fast food. You'll notice Barack Obama's on there, and if you scroll into the video, you'll notice Hey, Barack Obama's in this video to on. If you go back here back another one, you'll notice. Hey, that's Brad Pitt right when will scroll back a little bit in here? Look, Brad Pitts in this video to So this literally is taken straight from an existing blawg post and put into a video. And here's how much money that's making the channel on estimated 3000 of 46,000 now, that's not exactly very narrow range of income estimate. But the fact is, this channel is definitely making a good deal of money, just using Google AdSense on videos that are not original in terms of their content there. Taken from an existing popular blawg. The pictures are then put in from whatever source they used. And you can use the YouTube video editor to put all of this together without ever making your own video. Now the one thing they do a good job of on their video, they go through in narrate the video. So in order to do that, you need to use the video editor you need to create the video, and then when the video appears in your videos, you'll need to download the YouTube MP four, put in something else, narrate audio, re upload it, and then you might want to delete the original. So that's exactly what you can do to make a ton of money on YouTube doing something you like to do, which basically could just be reading existing popular blawg posts. Now you'd only want to do this if you genuinely enjoyed putting these kinds of things together and talking about these things. But the idea is you can simply go through existing content you already enjoy, narrated, uploaded on YouTube, using the video editor and then putting your own audio on it. So it's very personal, unique and new that way, and you can have the potential to be having hundreds of thousands of subscribers and then making thousands of dollars on autopilot with Google AdSense every month, even if it's a new channel. This channel is on Lee, a year old not even a year old at the time of making this so it doesn't even take that long to get going if you do it right. So I hope this has been helpful for you to share right away a strategy that's very powerful to make money on YouTube, and that requires Onley assembling existing content that's already available in the right way. So I appreciate you watching this? I'm Jerry Banfield. I make all kinds of videos on my YouTube channel. And I'd love to have you join my YouTube channel now and join me as I continue exploring thes topics and much greater detail with you. 9. $2,500 per sale from YouTube tutorial videos with an "email for more help" link.: my favorite way to make money on YouTube and that work. The best for me was to put a call to action email address directly in the video description , offering for more help. If you see I search for Facebook ads 2015 I'll scroll down past the ads so you can see my videos. What I would do is put an email address after this first sentence right about here, I would say form or help email and then usually the email you'd have to click on the video in order to see it. That worked great for both s CEO and once people then did go click on the video. What they do is read the description down here and email me for help so I would get emails coming in with no work consistently each day asking for more help and then right there, slam dunk into clients. I sold services as high as $2500 on the first order, a service with no costs associated with it. So, in other words, that's just a service fee for me. It doesn't include any ad spend or anything like that. That is the single most effective way I have found to make money on YouTube is to make a tutorial showing how to do something and then offer a service where you help out with what you're showing out of doing the tutorial. This works best when you are able to show great proof in your tutorial that you're very good at what you're doing. So if you do graphic design, you can put up a tutorial showing how to do something in photo shop. And that should be very good proof of your own ability to do good work. If you're trying to get people to visit you for any kind of service, you want to show that you can do a very good job of it yourself. So, naturally, this lends itself well to business services, where people are looking for help with things. Facebook ads, it turns out, was a perfect category. To do this in, people would be trying to do it themselves. And while 99 out of 100 people would continue trying to do it themselves, that one out of 100 person that goes down here and that sends an email is a potential client Now, the problem with this strategy. For every email you get, that's a paying client. You'll probably get 10 from people who just want free advice. But that's good, too, especially if you're getting started. It's great for learning, and it's great for growing in terms of building relationships. Like I talk about my entrepreneurship course. Now, you'll notice I do not have an email in my new videos here because I do not want people emailing me for help with Facebook ads. I have them going straight to my you to meet courses on my website so you can also put any other kind of link here. And this is another ideal way to make money. This is what I'm doing now because it involves no work. So when someone finds my video and then clicks to my website and then buys one of my you Timmy courses, that doesn't take me any effort. Right now, my entire business is based on you to make courses. So these videos, all my videos air trying to feed people back to my website and to my you know, me courses because that's completely automated income. I don't have to do anything for it in other words, I don't have to respond e mails or take clients, so the description on YouTube is your chance to make money. The best way to make a lot of money is by offering people the chance to email. You build a personal relationship with you. However, if you've got a big enough channel on a big enough brand online, then you can try and push straight to product sales. If you don't, it's very hard to do product sales because of the trust factor. So I'm often able to funnel people into my you know, me courses have been following my channel now for a year. If you're just getting started, it's much better to just collect email addresses, try and offer those people services and build relationships. Using this strategy, I got two orders for $2500 services in one month last year using this strategy, and then when I had the price is lower. I got tons of orders for 1 99 to 99 3 $99 services. This is a giant money making opportunity. If you just set up a video showing proof and do it yourself help and then offer your email address, form or help. People often are looking for help, and they're not as defensive against being sold to when they've reached out and invested their time with you. So you use the conversion in the description to get people to invest their time with you, and then it can be very easy to make a sale from there. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this has been helpful for you in figuring out a good way to make money off of your YouTube videos. 10. Patreon allows you to get paid to make YouTube videos and more!: you can get paid to make YouTube videos on patri in dot com. You can get paid to make many more things than that on patriot dot com. And here's a quick overview of how it works. So Patri on allows creators and fans to connect in a place where fans become a patron off a creator they like. And then the creator gets paid for every creation. So this is my patri on. I get paid for every video I make the official payouts that is, 280 to 50 per video on 79 patrons paying me to make YouTube videos. How sweet is that? That's Patri on for you. It's a great environment to connect with people that will pay you to make videos. Now it's not quite that simple. Of course, you see have 79 patrons, it says. I get to 80 to 50 per video, but what actually happens is people can limit their contributions. Two monthly contributions. So what I actually get is around 83 50 when I make more than 10 videos. But before that, if you'll see down at the bottom of my charges for this month, every time I upload a video, then it gives me the chance to charge my patrons. So at the beginning of the month, I got to 57 50 pledged by 69 patrons, and then it drops consistently as I continue going forward. 11 50 here 105 50 There, 114 50 and then down 87 then down 84 as I keep making all these new videos. But the fact is, I get paid to make videos on patron by people who like my YouTube channel and want me to keep making videos. The real sweet part about Patron is its independent off YouTube, so you can make whatever you want on Patron, you can make comics podcast, blawg posts, e books, whatever you want to on patri on. You can make it there, and here's a quick way that it works. You set up your profile like I've done. You put a video on your channel, and then you go down and offer rewards like Kickstarter, except with monthly payments. Now the caveat is, people love one time payments. They hate monthly payments. That means patron is very difficulty to scale up, So the easiest way to do it is just do pledge for a pledge with people to get started because no one wants to pledge is someone who has no patrons. So you do pledge for pledge like I've done to get started, and then it's a lot easier to keep building up. So if you want to see how much money you can make on this, if you search for Google top Patri on earners, you will notice that, Hey, I've already written quite a bit about that. So here's my post on top a tree on creators on my website. When you scroll down in See my table on the bottom, I've got listings of how much money people are making and how many patrons they have. So if I scroll down to my list by money, this one artist is making $15,000 per video. Another guy's making 15,000 per month to do weekly podcast. Another guy 13,000 month to do podcasts. Another band. They're making 13,000 per music video. This guy's creating Internet videos and podcasts, 11,000 month, and here's a cool one. She's came up a lot recently. She gets 12,000 per quote. Two weeks to make art comics painting into toils. How sweet is that Now here's the catch. It says 12,000 every two weeks, but hers works the same as mine does per video, because Patriot has two basic options monthly and by unit. But all units can still be capped monthly. So that's what happens here. This is a unit. A video is a unit I set, and then it's capped monthly. So I've made $1600 off of Patriot already. This has been a very good month. With a little luck, I should make 500 or 1000 this month off of Patri on after just getting started with it for a few months and not even having that big of an audience online. So that's how powerful patron is and this girls having incredible success on her patron. Now she gets a minimum of 12,000 month, but more than likely she's making about 15 to 20,000 per month off of her patron. She has one of the most successful patri on accounts out there. The thing is, Patron is young. You can get in on this now go pledge for pledge with people get started, build your YouTube channel up. So if you can see, these are all YouTube video posts I've made where I've actually got paid to put the video up and then patri on e mails, all of my patrons every time I put a new video up in The sweet thing is I get paid. Rather I make a video about Facebook marketing or call of duty zombies. Or I make a YouTube video about from one of my you to meet courses so I can offer free preview videos on YouTube from my you Timmy courses so I can actually make a video and then put it in my you Timmy courses. Then I can use some of the videos from my UNI courses not more than 50% but a few of them as free Previ videos. And then I can get paid for them on patri on. So it's just incredible how many different ways you can get paid to make videos if you've got a clever set up and YouTube and you to me are great foundations to do that with. So I appreciate you watching this video. I'd love to have you come stop by my patri on page and give what you want to get 11. Get paid to make YouTube videos by adding fan funding to your YouTube channel.: Here's a sweet new feature Google offers called fan funding. Fan funding lets viewers make voluntary payments to you for uploading videos to YouTube. How sweet is that? You can single handedly use this if done properly, to support your creative activity on YouTube. I have just enabled this today after having made a pay Triana count before in order to get my fan funding. And I figure there's no reason I can't try and use YouTube's fan funding to see if it works . So fan funding shows up in your community tab once you've enabled it. And then you get a quick greeting message and a thank you message. The greeting message appears right here on the channel. How sweet is that? I just discovered this today, and I'm really excited to be sharing it with you. So that's where it goes right here and you click support and then you can contribute for each video on my YouTube channel. I love it now. The next question might have okay when I haven't got it enabled. How do I do that? Well, here's how you go get it enabled. So you go to your channel tab under status and features by default, and then you scroll down and you should see all green lights on your account. You scroll down, you do all the verifications on your accounts. You go through, get your account verified, give you two before number, give them everything they ask for. Then you can go down here in an able fan funding. In order to do that, you will need a Google wallet, a merchant account. So you go to Google Wallet Merchant. You can just search for it and then goto wallet dot google dot com slash merchant Get your Google wallet set up to accept payments. Google Wall. It's really sweet. They just instantly. When you get paid, they drop it straight in your bank account. The fees are pretty low on it. I love it, and I used it to accept payments before and now I've got it set up again for my fan finder . So that's how you enable fan funding. And to me, the key for fan funding is to find a message right here that converts. So I will be trying different messages here to see what converts and getting back to you on whatever I discover. Actually, works to get people to convert. Now this doesn't have to work on a huge large scale. Every single person, though, that supports me in this way helps me out. So there's no reason I wouldn't want to try and get as many people to support me in this way as possible. So I'm excited to share fan funding with you. It's a great initiative by YouTube, and all you have to do to get into fan funding is enable it there and then go to your tab here on your community settings and then work with your greeting text to get people to click on that support button. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been helpful, showing you the easiest way to integrate making money into your YouTube channel directly on YouTube. 12. I challenge you now to find a type of video you can make one of every single day: if you confined away to make YouTube videos, where you can do a little bit every day, something like a six minute 52nd video I just did Today. What you can do is consistently make more videos and feed the audience you already have. So I challenge you now to think of a type of video you would love to make every day, and that would be pretty simple for you to actually set up and do an upload. So for me, I'm starting a Siri's today, leading by example of daily inspirational videos. I read a book every morning, and it has things like this in it where you talk about life and how you're living and you think about it and then pray to be the best person you can be. So that's what I'm doing. I thought, How cool would it be to have some videos like this up on YouTube? The other people then that are following me? If they wanted a similar experience with video, then I could make these little videos every morning, and it would be good for me and good for the people on my channel. So that's a quick video I just uploaded it fast, and I put a image on it because my friend said it's very important to put an image on it. He didn't. He put it a little more colorfully. But if your friend tells you that you shouldn't use your faces, the thumbnail image, then I trust that. So I've got a quick thumbnail I made in can vote with just words. And then I put a quick description and title in just to describe what the videos about. So it'll come up in search results. I just copied mostly terms from a description into the keywords. This whole process took around 30 minutes, and I've got a six minute, 52nd video up on my channel. And then the cool thing is, I can also double that over to my Facebook page. So here's the video on my Facebook page, and then on my personal timeline, the video comes up to so that my friends and people following me can watch it. So that's the beauty of doing something like this is You can then share it on all of your social media channels, and I loved doing this video. It's helpful for me to think about these things, these spiritually principles. I'm working to practice every moment and talk about them. So there's more than likely something you are doing every day, whether it's some kind of spiritual work. Or rather, it's something like raising a child school work business. There's likely something you're doing every day that you're already talking about, that you could probably just set up your webcam, talk about it every day, a little bit. And the best part is when you do this, then you don't have to spend as much time telling the same people about things that you usually do. So my wife hears a lot about what I'm doing. And when I do this, I can then share this with you instead of just sharing it with my wife all the time. You see what I mean so especially if you're doing something like business or work that you've probably burnt everyone in your life out on. This could be a good opportunity to let that creative energy out on a daily basis and help people. Ultimately, people are only going toe watch it if it's useful to them and what you want to do is cultivate things on your channel that your subscribers can consume on a daily basis. So what I have not done as good a job as I could have is to build things that my subscribers can cultivate on a daily basis that my subscribers can check every day, find a little something new that's useful. I've done a decent job of getting a lot of videos up in getting some big videos up, and when I'm starting now is a new process off ginning. One new video up every day and doing just something simple I have to do is talk Quickly put a thumbnail uploaded and type two description out 30 minutes or less. That's a good service to other people every day. And the best part is you would think if you had this patriot, you'd make sure to make a video every day. Then all I have to do is also put this video on my patri on every day. So I go over to my patri on, and if you see this is my patri on, I'm grateful I've got 99 patrons right now. You can see they value having something every day, too So I click on the plus I click on the paid I copied the URL I dropped the You are all here I go back I click edit I can't be the title paste Copy that text down here And I just want the new I don't want all the old that I share all the time I click post And there this is upto everyone I'm patri on And this is probably the kind of video people would really like to have the chance to watch every day instead of some of my battlefield videos or things like that. So if you can find a way to cultivate this kind off video out of yourself, I think you can have some incredible opportunities on YouTube. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you in building your own channel. I challenge you right now to think about and try making a video that you think you could make the same type of video every single day. 13. Introduction to the YouTube video editor and how to get free videos you can use!: There are two basic ways to make videos on YouTube. One you upload your own to you use existing videos to make new ones. Using existing videos to make new ones is a gigantic resource, especially if you want to make viral videos. That will get a lot of views on YouTube very quickly and easily. All you have to do is go to your youtube dot com dashboard and then click on Create, and you then get to the YouTube video editor, which has an audio library and a video editor. The video editor is very sweet for both putting your own videos together. These are my videos you can see here. I can remix thes quickly. One of my top videos is a remixed video of two of my videos put together, but the real power of the video editors to pick up Creative Commons videos, especially if you don't have any of your own videos. So, for example, you might have seen popular YouTube channels like top 10 channels that just have tons of top 10 videos on them. This is exactly how you're able to make those so you can search for niche topics like funny dog video or anything similar to that, and you can then get thes dog videos you can take out here. This is a video I was doing. I can and drag this funny dog video into my timeline. I can use this in my own video now, and you don't want to use anything without changing it. Because if you use someone else's video exactly without changing it, that's in the Creative Commons, then YouTube will not allow you to monetize that. You need to make some changes to it. So to explain this real quick, this is the youtube dot com slash editor. This is the Creative Commons Videos Tab. Another words. YouTube channel creators that have licensed their video to be used by anyone who wants to use it. So you can do that if I take you to my video and I click edit on it. This is a setting that's in advanced settings, and it's down here on license and rights ownership. So most videos are under the standard YouTube license, which makes them just like any other standard creative endeavor. You own the copyright to the video. In this case, I own the copyright to this video so other people can't just use it. But some YouTube creators we'll go through and put Creative Commons attribution on their videos so that the videos have a chance to get watched and shared a lot more often. When you put standard YouTube video license on there, it's a lot more restrictive in terms of sharing. So this library is looking at Creative Commons videos where creators of the video of giving you permission to reuse and re make their videos however you want to. So look how sweet this is. You can take existing videos people have allowed you to use in this case allowed me to use and put them together into a new video. So, for example, I could call this top 10 dog tricks videos. All I'm really doing is dragging other people's videos into my video. So now I have five different dog trick videos that other people have went and filmed that I can now use on my channel. And all I have to do is hit create video to make this video pop up in my channel. So this is one I just did before this as an example for you so it's just called my edited video. I put together a quick League of Legends video and I'll show you in another lecture in my you Timmy YouTube course here, exactly how you can get this done for yourself quickly in a niche doing the research. The idea with this is you want to make videos. People enjoy using videos other people have already made. So sometimes putting things together in a new video can be a lot more fun than just using the original things like America's Funniest Home Videos. Tons of the shows you see out there, like Tosh 0.0, are often just getting other people's videos and putting them in context. And a really powerful thing to do with this is is to create the video and then download that video. So when you're in your video manager, you click on it and then you download MP four and then you edit it and put your own audio on it. So all of these videos are likely to have a lot different audio. Audio is one of the biggest factors for video satisfaction, because if you have inconsistent or low quality audio, it really detracts from the experience. That's a powerful thing you can do with this. Once you've created the videos to download it, put your own audio on it consistent across all the videos, then re upload it. Removed the original. You can't do this within YouTube, which is pretty frustrating. But what you can do is you can use this audio track option that YouTube gives you. You can drag free music into the audio so you can put music over the existing audio. Where you don't want to do is you something with a tag on it, where the owner of the song will be able to monetize your video? You want to be able to have all your ways to make money open in this. So if you want to do simple things like introduce the video what you news, drag a little centered title into here and then put it up at the front of the video. So then all I have to do and this is, say something like Top 10 Funny dog videos and then that will be introduced. Now you probably want a space in it. So then this will introduce my series of videos here and give it a unique, exact purpose and you can even doom. Or of that you can click off of it and make a little countdown on it, too. So I hope showing you how to use the YouTube editor just as a general introduction is really helpful for you and giving you the ability to make some sweet new videos out of existing videos. I'm going to be spending more time with the YouTube editor because this is something I have not used very much. So I'm really excited to share the YouTube editor with you and share more off exactly what ways you can use it most effectively. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope it's been helpful for you. 14. How to make a niche topic video using the YouTube video editor + add your audio: If you want to see how to use the YouTube video editor quickly to make a viral video on a popular topic, here's how you do it. You don't even need to actually have the footage yourself. All you have to do is find it So, for example, I'm into League of Legends. So one of the big things you can do in League of Legends is get a pen tick kill so there's lots of videos. If you just search for pentacle on League of Legends, there's tons of video and there's videos with tons of views on pentacle. So pentacle is a popular niche topic, especially in league of Legends. So if I want to make a Penta Gil video, I can even pick the most popular current champions to make a video with. So I type in Penta kill and I already tried this beforehand. There aren't any for these 1st 2 but if I hit Penta kill Ole off, I can see there are all these pentacle Olaf videos, all of which in the top have at least 20,000 views and then down here, the ones with around 10,000 dinner a bit older, so what I can do to actually make my own All have to do is go to the video editor the youtube dot com slash editor with the pound sign, and then I click on Creative Commons videos. I search for Ole Off. Pentacle or pentacle? Olaf in quotes. I've now found a video right here that has an old loft pentacle so I can drag that down. I can click out of it then. So I've watched a video before this. It does have an Olaf Penta kill. So then there's more options in here. If I really want to make a sweet Olaf pentacle video, I can look through all of these other ones and see if there's any more Olaf Penta kills hidden within these longer ones. And I can do that by dragging the video down here and then watching the whole thing and then editing just the Penta kill out. I can also try searching like this. I can put pentacle not pentacle pentacle, but pentacle Rohloff. And so then there's different search results for the videos. So what I can do is I could dig out a few more Penta kills and then have a nice Ole off Penta Kill video. I click create video and I did this before on a video to show you So then it comes up right here as my edited video. Now you can edit the video title right there. But then the rial sweet way to do this because you're likely to have other people's commentary on the video, especially if you mix and match. Say this video, which has background music with these two videos, which I would guess have commentary on them. Yes, so that one has commentary on it, and then this other video has commentary on it. So that's inconsistent. So putting three of these together, what I want to do is create the video and then going here to download MP four. So then I download the MP four of this actual video. Then I opened that video up once I've edited it, and then I stick it in something like Camp Tasia Studio. I put it right here where I can then edit it so I can silence the existing audio on it. And then what I can do is put my own audio on it re uploaded, and that will make for a sweet experience because it's consistent with my channel, then it has my audio on it, and it has some sweet video footage to go with it. So another example of doing that. I'm actually making XO Zombies videos for the new call of duty. But what's funny is I wouldn't even have needed to made my own video. If I just search for zombies, they're actually comes up. Another call of duty. Advanced Warfare Zombie video in here that has the Easter A done already. So all I would have had to do is grab that video, stick it in here, make some slight changes to it, create the video, download it, add my commentary and re upload it. And how much easier is that than actually having to make the video yourself idea is YouTube want sussmann much good content as possible? The people have listed Creative Commons are open, having their videos used in other videos, and then the benefit is the creator of that original video gets cited and linked back to in the YouTube credit section, at least when you to does it correctly. As you can see in this video, I made an edit before all it has his YouTube editor. It doesn't seem to have the credits in it, but YouTube has it set up so it can do that. The idea is you can make sick videos and then export them by downloading. Put your own audio autumn re upload, Um, have a really nice video with their own thoughts and commentary. So especially if you want to do a popular topic that's related to you and just put your own thoughts on it, you can go grab a sweet video, put your own thoughts on it and then have something that people will love. So I appreciate you watching this. You can always go to my YouTube channel just by searching for Jerry Banfield to see what I'm actually doing on my YouTube channel. And I'd be honored if you subscribe to my channel and continue to follow me online. So thank you, and I hope this has been helpful 15. YouTube video uploading title, tagging, and description walkthrough: forgetting videos on your YouTube channel. Having a good process for uploading those videos is important. I will show you my actual process to upload a video, and I'll start with this first. What I want to do is have a mindset of just up loading one video time. If you see all these videos that are published on my channel, even having one video that's not published starts to hold me back and slow me down. So when I want to do is just do one video at a time and get it actually published and uploaded without doing anything else besides that. So I get this video uploaded and when I want to do now is figure out how to give it a good title. And one of the things I have found for ASIO that works good is to highlight things people are searching for, such as Hello Bar Premium because hello bars a specific service so people will look for exactly how low bar. And then when I confined his hello bar tutorial use for converting traffic on your website . So there's very clear thing I'm doing with this video. I'm giving people a quick hello bar tutorial on my website. Then when I do is I And on the end, the paid premium version? Because I know lots of people will search for using the paid version and want to see that specifically. So I had that on the end and then when I need is a description in here. So a quick description reiterating the title is ideal for S e O. So I want to start right away with how to use hello bar in here. So what I've done in this now is give a basic description and then what I can do when I get this video transcribed is edited and put a longer description in So what you want is to have a very good description on your videos and the longer the better. So when I upload a video, since I have a transcriber, I can put then the text for the video they transcribe into the video itself. So I've got this short description with all of the essentials that goes back over the S e o terms in different specific terms. It was written to get clicks, So I want to communicate immediately why people should watch this what they'll get out of it and then what they should do for more, which is go to my website and I use the same thing to put it in a message on Twitter and on Google Plus, which is important to get the video index and shared. Then I go over here into advanced settings. I go into make sure every fields filled out at least, and a nice little option is to notify subscribers. If you're putting something up that's different than usual, you don't want to put up notify subscribers like, for example, not blowed video gaming videos. I don't notify subscribers because mostly people want Internet marketing stuff on my channel. So now that you've filled the advanced settings in filled the details of the title in the text in and the sharing option, then when I want to do a start tagging. So most of my videos have Jerry Banfield and band work, which is my company tag, and this helps may appear in more suggested videos next to my own videos because if you're watching one video, I want you to watch more than one video and I go through and tag other things that are related to this video. Things like hello bar and exactly what I want to rank for. Hello. Bar tutorial and things like the year 2015. Hello, Bar premium. Hello. Bar subscription. Hello. Bar paid and then website traffic, converting clicks and some general things that go up there. Now, what I also could do to do some keyword research. I can use the keyword tool keyword io and I go over to YouTube and I hit Hello, Bar. Type that in and see what keywords it recommends. So that way I can get an idea what I want to try and rank for, based on what other videos are already up on. So then these air good things to put in the tags. And if their specific phrases that I can put those in the description as well. So now that I've got hello, bar up, I can see exactly what some of the top things are for it. So I can put in all of these keywords, so I'll just drag these over to the other window and put in Hello, Bar examples. Hello. Bar log in. Hello, Bar WordPress. Plug in. Hello. Bar support and hello, bar separately. Hello, Bar Mobile. Hello, Bar Alternative. So now I've got all of these different tags in, and that will help me get the ideal amount of clicks on it. And I try one more. Hello, bar pricing. So here's the thing. Even though these may not perfectly relate in what my video is, it will help get people to click on it and watch it. Because if no one clicks on my video and watches it, then it's utterly useless to even have it uploaded. So you want to tag as many related terms as you can, and you want to tag things that are not as much common sense all the time, either. And I'm probably want to remove hell Bar out of there. But that's the thing with that. You want to make sure to get your video in front of his many place some possible give you tube as many options for sharing your video is possible. So hello, Bar WordPress and I can even do things like put you to me on there in sales and want to make sure that my video is there when people look for it. So now I don't have a thumbnail exactly on this, and it is nice to take the time to make a thumb now. But miss, I'm just showing you how to quickly upload and do the title description and tags, plus the advanced settings in here and the sharing. So I'm actually not going to do a thumbnail right now because I want to get this video published. It's taking a while the process, so I'm just going to hit publish now. Thumbnails are important, but here's the thing. You could go back through and do a thumbnail any other time. And if you have to sit there and wait on the actual thumbnail toe load, then it's better to just go ahead and get that done. Get it uploaded, and then it's available on my channel now. So even though there's no thumbnail, I've got the video up on my channel and I'm done with it. More importantly, when I go to upload a video, there's not one video sitting there that hasn't been finished yet, so all I have to do is upload one video at a time. Now, if you've noticed on my videos, if you've seen any of these. I've got over 400 videos up on YouTube, and the way I've done that is one video at a time is what's worked the best. If I show you in the video manager, you can see I know of 408 videos on my YouTube channel. And so to wrap all this up, you want to upload one video at a time, like I just did upload it, get it done, publish it, get it up there. You can always go back and edit things based on what's working. But what you don't want to do is upload a bulk bunch of videos at a time and then get stuck in this place where you don't want to do anything, because you know you've got to go through an edit, all those old videos and get them up. So just do one video to time and you'll have 408 videos up before you know it. Thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful 16. YouTube title optimization tips for YouTube search and YouTube suggested video: for optimizing your titles on YouTube. It's tricky to get it just right because there's two key objectives you want to do. First, you want to match your title exactly four search results. So as you type the suggested results up, this isn't often the easy way to figure out what you might want to rank on. So for me, I'm in Facebook ads. What I want to get on are those very specific terms, because I can always do more broad. So Facebook ads tutorial, and then it's 2015. So I want to show up exactly on that. So here's how you do that. Facebook ads tutorial 2015. If you scroll down past the ads, I have the 1st 2nd technically the third because that's my video. Someone else just uploaded it and then the fourth and fifth. So I have utter domination on this term, and that's what I want. When someone searches for that, they have almost no choice of anyone to go to accept me, and that's what you want is highly relevant recent terms in your title. Now here's the challenge. The challenge is to match these exact search terms with the most clickable suggested video terms. So here's what I mean on that. So when you click on my video, what you get on the side are suggested videos. So you want to encourage people to click on those suggested videos also, and it's challenging to make a title that exactly matches the search results and then is worth clicking on. So this video, Both of these highlight what I've done to try and do both. I've put Facebook as tutorial for Convergence toe website and power editor training, so I've tried very hard to capture all kinds of exact matches, plus, make my video worth clicking on Over Here and this video. Same thing. One thing you can do it started out with something very attractive to click on like 01 CPC that tends to work good to get clicks. But this video, then the actual words Facebook advertising tutorial 2015. It's trying to rank on or a little bit farther out there, so you have to just do your best to try and get the exact match terms you're trying to show up for and to get a really clickable title. As you can see Google thinks a few of these other videos will get clicked on and suggested video. This is another similar type of search ranking, but the value of having a title here that gets clicked on is obvious. You Google here is showing 10 dumbest Facebook posts that got people arrested. This video is not very likely to be exactly related to what I'm showing in my ads tutorial , but Google thinks people will click on this. So then Google is suggesting this. Now you can modify what shows up in your suggested videos by putting the tags in there. But because this video suggested this video of mine also has a chance to be shown on this video as a suggested video. Now I just went and clicked on this so you don't know exactly what will be on here. But this video then has a ton of competitive suggested videos with hundreds of thousands of images on here, and these air nearly all the same company or the same channels videos to view. So that's the power of picking a title correctly and picking a good clickable title for suggested video. So you want to try and do both and there. One way you can try and do both is toe. Look at your analytics. When you're in your traffic sources, look at the existing videos you already have and see what people are searching for. So this is on my complete Facebook ads tutorial. This is how I figured out people were searching for Facebook ads tutorial 2014 because I found them searching for it on this video in the same thing on this fear, I've went in and looked at it. And then I optimized this video to get search results. From that, I'm getting search results from or broad terms also, but I specifically went back and edited the title. To put this exact term in on this video is done very well in suggested video and not as well in search, because it's very clickable and suggested video, but the actual search engine optimization it within YouTube. I'm only getting up on Facebook ads and one sent Facebook ads. Now it might make sense to try and rename it to that, but this is working very well. So what you're doing is working well. You often don't want to mess with it, too much in terms of breaking it. If you have a title in a description and tags that are working very good, sometimes you risk losing more traffic than you do gaining traffic. So the solution for that is always to go through and make new videos. This exactly what I did with this one. This videos working great on a Facebook as tutorial for 2014. So I went through and made new videos to target 2015 instead of trying to edit this video into getting those new search results. So I hope this detailed look at how to make a good title that both gets featured in search results and that gets featured and suggested video together helps you to see exactly what you conduce you. In order to maximize the return and s CEO, you get out of your YouTube videos. Thank you for watching this. And I appreciate you going through this tutorial with me. 17. YouTube tagging tutorial in depth for maximizing suggested video views.: Now it's time to talk about tagging your YouTube video successfully. What do you do to tag successfully? I'll show you what I do, what other people do, and the result first, right here. The objective of tags to get views from YouTube suggested video That's the primary objective of tags, YouTube titles and descriptions. Do a lot for YouTube surge and your ties can help you tube search. But the main objective is getting those suggested videos. So if you look, this is one tagging strategy. This is where suggested videos are. This is one tagging strategy that you can use his narrow tagging. If you've gotta establish successful YouTube channel, you've got a lot of viewers. Lots of times, you might want to just tag yourself. So if you look at Top 10 Media's Channel, you'll note that most of the channels featured here are Top 10 media. So most of the videos showing here are the same channel to start with. And that's a very good thing, because if you've got a lot of traffic coming in, are ready. When people go to suggested videos, you want to keep those viewers on your channel. However, I don't usually recommend this strategy because it limits your options greatly getting started. I do not do that strategy myself. I use a shotgun tagging strategy. So, for example, you'll note on this Facebook ads video that's been very successful getting suggested views . My video is appearing all over the place. I've put a bunch of different tags in it, and if you go to the analytics here, you can see the actual videos I'm getting views off of. So I'm getting views off of all kinds of other channels and my own. But the main video this got views off of in the last 365 days is off someone else's channel . That means I've pulled 1000 views into my channel off their channel. That's what suggested video can do for you. Now, On this second result, I'm looking through the traffic source and showing you an order of most views. What suggested video views have came in. So this is telling me the refer. This is telling me what videos sent me of you. Now. My own video here sent me 500 views, and that's good. My own video here sent me more. I want people consistently watching my channel again. Another YouTube channel, This channels one video has sent me 426 YouTube views to my one video on a larger scale. This is what you want to do. You want to pull traffic off of other people's channels. And yes, that means, though you are allowing other channels to pull traffic off of you. So this is very cool to pull traffic off of other people's channels. And if you look in my tags, I've put a bunch of different tags in here to try and show up on all kinds of different videos. So if someone tags ah, video with advertising, my video has the chance to show up on it, and the best tags are more specific Facebook advertising. Whenever videos tagged with Facebook advertising, then my video can show up with it. But I always put tags on my channel for myself. Now, if you want to keep people on your channel, you can create a tag that's just specific, that secret that you're using that no one else uses. So I'll show you the same thing on another video that I've done a little bit different strategy with Again, This video is doing very well and suggested video consistently getting eight minute views in each, which is just about as good as search. So I'll go click in here another channel, same channel. Sending me views on another one is sending me views on this video also. And then I'm getting views on my own videos and pulling views in from other videos and other channels. Now take a look at hive tag. This one. I tagged this one a little more intentionally to try and intentionally get traffic off of other people's channels. However, what I've not done very well on is actually tagging the ones that are sending me the most traffic. So I put in several other channels that have been sending me videos. But I want to do is make sure those air match. So on this one, I've done some good with it. I intentionally match this one life on fire TV. I intentionally matched that. So if you look at my video suggested you can see, then I've got life on fire TV right here is sending me views on this video. Now the thing is, they already were sending me views on this video without tagging life on fire TV. So do I necessarily need to tag life on fire TV? No, not necessarily. I don't because I'm still getting views on all of these videos regardless of having tagged they're channel on here. It can help sometimes, though. But if you're going to do it, you want to make sure to tag the channels that are giving you the most views in your analytics and to remove the ones that aren't so. For example, I can take out Douglas Limb and I can put in Tom Bradley because that is clearly giving me a lot of good channels on there. So now I can intentionally target his videos and take out tags that aren't working. So getting tags done really well is an iterative process. So you want to look at who is actually viewing your channel and then optimize your tags so that you intentionally start targeting them. So from this, I might want Facebook app sky, because I'm seeing a good amount of traffic come in on this guy. So Facebook APS ninja. So I put that Facebook APS ninja and then I can intentionally target his videos instead of getting in on simply related terms. So now I've intentionally targeted that. And then same thing with Facebook. Mary. I already put Mary Smith in here, so if she targets are videos like that, but then I can even go Facebook Mary for the exact channel. And at the same time, I can take out videos that aren't sending me good things specifically. So that's how you just go through here and iterated your tags over and over again until you get a good tagging strategy down your remove tags that aren't doing anything. And if you see a certain channel is sending you good things like for example, I deleted Robert Davis before, but it turns out I'm pulling in good amount of views from his channel. And I did that on purpose before, so I'd be easily just put Robert Davis back in there. And then I just need to go through and find someone who's not sending me any good traffic that I've got tagged on here. So I don't see in the top some of these other guys I've tagged in here, so I'll take Chris ends off because I didn't see anything in there from him. So the power of this is to intentionally target other people's channels, and then shotgun approached the terms. So I get all these terms in here and that way. YouTube tries to share my video in lots of different places. So it's a combination of just consistent effort going in and changing up your tags and matching them correctly with what's working to you. Go in, make your tags repeatedly and just try and iterated out what I just did right there. You do that over and over again, and I'll show you one more video. This suggested video is the oldest that I've had successfully doing this, and you'll note, I'm pulling in tons of views from other people's channels on here. This one, sent F B clicks, is getting me a lot of suggested views. And then here's some more new random channels I haven't tried to target all along with my channels that are pulling in excellent views and the Facebook Mary Mary Smith's again sending me more views on this one. So in my tags you'll know I haven't put anyone else's channel in on the's tags, so I'm getting excellent views in on this one from other channels without putting in any other channels and specifically. So the way YouTube goes in to calculate this, the more tags you overlap with, the more it's likely to suggest your video and then, based on how people watch that it will modify it. So if you're intentionally trying to capture people from a specific channel, it helps to put their exact channel inner their name in, because you can see on mine what I do. I often throw band work and Jerry Banfield in on my videos, and if you have a lot of these other tags in common with my video, you'll likely get suggested next to my video while people are watching it. So tagging is an iterative process. You do a little bit all of these videos I've shown you here that have driven all of these suggested views each one of these I've made several times. I've went back and edited the video tags to try and optimize them and make them better So all of these have in common. One thing you can see big shotgun tag approach, so you want lots of different tags to try and capture that traffic for your channel. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this YouTube tagging information helps you to more effectively tag your videos and get more suggested video views on your videos. 18. YouTube video descriptions in depth. Long descriptions are WAY better!: for YouTube video descriptions. The short answer is you want to go in depth. You want a laundry list off things in your YouTube descriptions. And here's why. This will look at my videos by most views in the last year. So I've excluded these two video gaming ones, and I've taken a look at the three top videos, so I'll click right here with you, and then I'll go to edit. Now take a look at this description. Big long description. The reason this works is because YouTube gets more data. YouTube can. Actually, what see is in your video, So YouTube needs data. The only way YouTube knows what's in your video is by having text the more text you having a description, them or exact keywords you can show up on. So, for example, if someone puts in a long search term, ah, video like this is more likely to show up because there's tons of different terms in actual description. So this is one of my top videos in terms of views, so I'll take you to another one, this one again, Same thing. Now take a look at the description. Gigantic long description in it but not nearly as long as the other one. But here's what I didn't this one. I copied all kinds of terms I wanted to show up on. And so then I put things. This video helps with tons of exact terms I wanted to show up on, so it's like an extra place to use tags. Now it's better to actually write in exactly what you want to show up on and write it naturally so you don't want to just keyword spamming it. But if you can put it so it's into Senate's format like this, then you can count on getting good results. Finally, here's one mawr of my videos, and this one has over 100,000 views on it. Look at the description on this one again long description, all kinds of individual words in it, so that people could read the description and YouTube knows exactly what to show up for. So on your description, you absolutely want to fill this entire box up, if possible, with natural writing related to what the video is. When I do with my newest videos now, I actually go in and put a transcription in the description so that when I'm talking about in the video is in the description. This is absolutely ideal for YouTube S CEO because you're coming up all over the place on all of the words you're talking about and it's original content. It's my word. So I didn't copy someone else's words and stick it in there. It's my actual words. So for you to best CEO you and description specifically, you absolutely want to get as much as you can now. One thing that's important in the description is to try and reference what you want to show up for in the very beginning of it. You can put a Lincoln there if you want, but you should put the first few words related to exactly what your title is. You want people to click on your video, so let's go to YouTube search and see how this actually shows up, because then it will help more so Cheap likes with Facebook ads, you'll note my video comes up first on this and then a second, and I don't have but then third and fourth so you can see how well this strategy works to. This is a very exact term, and my newest video using this is already up to third. But here is exactly what you need to know about the description, the description. You get this many characters right here in the description that YouTube will give you, and these characters are to sell clicks on the video in search. That's the whole point. You can do it with different things, like you can put a girl in here. But how often do you think people actually click that you are L in the search description. It doesn't happen that often. And on top of that, if you put a girl that matches your search term in here, it'll actually break the URL. You want to make sure that you put a sales pitch for why to click on the video in the description. So this video's ranking number one you see exactly what's going on with that. You will like this free Facebook ads tutorial loaded with Facebook advertising tips and strategies for 2014. I hit. Unlike Facebook ads, Facebook advertising tips in bold keyword exact matches, and then down here, same thing Cheap likes Facebook ads. I'm hitting those exact terms in here and again. Same thing on this feeder. Cheap likes Facebook ads. All of these very clearly cell Why the video should be clicked on it. If you'll note the second results, start off with a visit link for more info that's not as good at converting clicks because it starts off talking about you first. So you want to sell. Why to click on the video first. And if you want to throw a link in the description than you can put it back here so you can see exactly how many characters this puts in. If I just copy and paste that and I go into Microsoft Word here and then paste and then count it with the there are around 125 characters with spaces that YouTube will give you that you can put in the beginning of the description and have it show up right here. So this is very important with your description. The main amount of effort you should put in your description are these 1st 125 characters. In fact, you should probably put as much effort into those 1st 125 characters as you put into the entire rest of the description. It should match your title closely and match your main search results closely. So I hope this tutorial for doing your description has been helpful. And in summary, you want to optimize the very beginning of it to get clicks. If you're going to put you R l and it put it at the very end of those characters, not at the beginning. And then you want a laundry list deep list, either in plain writing or you can put it in exact keywords. You want to show up on to get people to see those in search and to get your video to show up there. So I hope this has been helpful. I appreciate you learning Maura about YouTube video descriptions with me. 19. YouTube Keyword tool for expanding your description and making a better title.: keyword research on YouTube is much easier today. You can just find about any keyword tool to use. Here's one I used keyword tool dot io and then as Google YouTube And being when I do is I take a look at the key words I'm working on. So, for example, I put in how to stop hurrying. That's the title of my new video and see what other keywords there are related to this that come up on YouTube. So these then make exact things so I can put in how to stop worrying and stressing that looks like a good keyword. So what I do then is to take some of these exact keywords out and put in things like how to stop worrying. And I maybe could even re title that how to stop hurrying, how to stop worrying and how to feel this moment. So now I've got several different phrases up there. See how to stop hurrying, how to stop worrying and feel this moment each day, no matter what you are doing. So I had how to stop hurrying is the title, but it turns out how to stop worrying is much more of an active keyword on YouTube based on the title, so I can now show up for all of these and I can put in the entire keyword to or I can just put in things like and stressing to shorten up the actual number of key words I use. And I can put things in, like what others think, to get all those individual keywords in to try and expand on things like that. So I put in about the future and take the end of the words in here so I can put in about everything I can put in about death put in about school. So now I've got a much stronger set of keywords than I had in the original video with just how to stop worrying. And I could even put how to stop worrying and then put how to stop hurrying so that it's in that order now so that it's based on MAWR on what people are searched for. So see how to stop worrying how to stop hurrying and feel this moment each day, no matter what you are doing. So now it's a much better video description, but when I can also do is grab. I can go put all of these in here so I can go put all of these in here and see the answers to these questions. So now I can put all of those in there so all of these exact terms will come up. So YouTube knows this video deals with all of these basic subjects, and now I probably don't want to put something totally irrelevant in there. So I cut that one out, and then I just correct this so that it looks about regular language, and I can easily just put a capital H in there to make it look more natural and go down and do that. So then I just put that all these questions are answered because I want to show up on exact search results. And I can even go in there then and put things like Stop worrying in the exact search results and see what comes back and then expand my description. Even mawr. And they're now I can do things like stop worrying about things I can't control. And I can continually go down here and grab mawr things. So stop worrying about future and I can put some new things in like tricks to stop worrying about things. I can't control tips to stop worrying about the future. So now this descriptions got a nice set of key words in it, and I can even go back and do something like feel this moment so that I've got some extra keywords in there because the descriptions are the only thing you to BA has in order to figure out exactly what's in your video. So that's what I do is I try and give you tubas much data as to what is actually included in my video than in the future. I can do things like get actual transcriptions and so that what I say is included. So now I've also conveniently used a phrase feel this moment because that's an existing pitbull song. So then I can tag it. And when people are watching the field this moment song, they're liable to be wanting to figure out how to stop worrying or stop hurrying. And so then there, likely watching Pitbull Song to give me some suggested video views. So that's how you use your exact search terms to take advantage of what people are actually watching, and then I can do extended things in here like feel this moment for life, how to feel this moment for life and just build up like that. So the idea is you take advantage of existing things that people are watching on YouTube. By putting them in a title, you get a good list of questions your video answers so that when people make the exact search terms for what your video talks about, then they have it on there. You put things like that in tags, individual words. You get a thumbnail up that encourages people to click on it, and you can always change the thumb. Now if it doesn't work good and then you hit publish. So that's what I do with my keywords. And I hope this has been helpful for you in saying a simple way that you can go grab some or keywords to put on your YouTube videos. 20. Adding a secret tag to increase suggested video views on your youtube channel: How do you keep people watching your videos once they find your first video? And how do you get the most watched time out of the suggested video? So if you look on my channel, the suggested video is one of my best traffic sources, with 8000 views in the last month alone. From suggested video, let's look over the last 365 days, you'll see that trend is even bigger. So 74,000 views on my channel from suggested video those air free when I'm going to show you how to do is add a tag to all of your videos to make sure your video show on your own suggested videos more often. This is exactly how you do it and what you want to achieve. So when I go into a search results a Facebook ads, this is where someone's likely to find me. You can see if I scroll down above those two ads. I have the third and fourth video on here, so I will click on my video like someone would now say they're watching my video. That's organic. Search result traffic. As you see right here. That's where most people are discovering me. What I want to do is maximize getting found in a suggested video. And there's an easy way to do that by tagging all of your videos with a secret tag that is not used on anything else. This will help get all of your videos to show over here. So if you look, these are the suggested videos. Now, when someone searched for Facebook ads, clicks and starts watching my video YouTube first things to suggest another of my videos here, the problem is there. He also think to suggest an AdWords tutorial, a Spanish version. I think that Spanish, maybe Portuguese Facebook ads video another Facebook video. And here's finally one of mine when I go all the way down here. So in order to maximize this, what I want to do is add a secret tag toe all of my videos that does not show up anywhere else, so that my videos Wilmore consistently appear in search results next to my own videos. So far I've been adding several unique tags to my videos. The problem is that you can see it's not working well enough to restrict the videos on mine because my tags have been using things like Jerry Banfield. There's a lot of other Giris and a lot of other band fields on YouTube, so then it clouds up my suggested videos. So what I mean is a tag that nothing else on YouTube is currently using. And that way on Lee, my videos have that tag so Onley my videos will pull up on the search results. Now it's important to have other tags because at the same time, on other people's videos. So if you go to Jeff, use dinner, he has Internet marketing videos. Check this out now when you click on his video than it recommends one of my videos over on his video. So you need to tag your videos broad enough to get views out of other people's videos. So I don't recommend just using tags, restricted your own videos. But I'll showing example off where this is done really well, and then I'll show you how to do it. So if you look a top 10 media, you look at their videos that are suggested. Most all the videos are top 10 media video. So this this this the first several top 10 media. And then there's more Top 10 media. There are some other channels on here, but you'll notice that they have a higher percentage of top 10 media suggested videos on there, and the key to that is to use some kind of secret tag that no one knows. So how do you figure out what secret tag to use? That's the next step on this. So what you need to do is find an exact term that no other video is used. Something nonsensical can work like this. There's no other results that are found on this term. So if I add this term, which I'm not going that this term, I usually am transparent with everything. But the one thing I'm not going to show is the actual one I use on my videos, because then you can tag it that way to There's lots of unique terms you can use, though, so this is all you have to do is find some tagen, but I recommend something that's meaningful to you. For example, if you have some kind of password you use, I wouldn't use your exact password, but some little short phrase or something that means something to you. I mean, it could be your pets name, like I have a pet name, Peaches. But the problem is, if I try and use beaches, you can see there's a lot of other videos up, so you might need to abbreviate something like that. And now that is a perfect little tag, because you want it to be a short and nonsensical is possible. You don't want someone else to randomly use your own tag. You want it to be as short as possible because you have a limited amount of characters that you can use on your tags. So what you want to do is I'm going to say, for example, that I would use this one, and I'll show you how I'd add it. So you go. You figure out your little short phrase because which you want to do is make this a default tag on the rest of your videos. So you put this there, That's your little secret. Tagged then and now, In order to actually get this on your videos, you go up to the video manager and then all you have to do is select your videos with this check mark that only selects 30. Click. Select all of your videos. You go down to tags and then you click. Upend, upend adds a tag onto your videos. You do not want to set two or remove because if you set to, you will erase all of the other tags on all of your videos. You probably don't want to do that unless you have a big enough channel that you Onley want . You're suggested videos appearing on your videos. I don't recommend that, though, So what you do is upend you paste your exact secret term in here. Now, if you're up to the limit on some of your video tags, then it won't put this on there. But for most of your videos, you probably can spare six more characters, and then you hit. Submit YouTube will then stick this little tag on all of your videos so that then when you do search for your little tag, all of your videos will pop up. But the cool thing with that is, then you will have a unique tag on all of your videos that will help make it more likely that your video show up on your own suggested videos. So the idea is you want to capture mawr traffic out of the people already watching your videos. So on my traffic sources, I want to capture more suggested video views from all these people that are watching on search from all these people coming in from all of these other traffic sources. I want them to watch a second and third video of mine. I don't just want one view. I want them to go click on another one of my videos. So that's why you do this. That's how you do it. And I hope this strategy has been useful for showing you how to add a secret tag on all of your videos that will help you increase the suggested video time you get on your channel. 21. Proof these YouTube strategies are working rapidly for me now making this course: How did it actually work out for me showing you exactly what I did on optimizing my own channel. So here's exactly what's happened that when I made my YouTube course for you, it encouraged me to go through and apply the things I'm showing you more thoroughly on my own channel. One of the areas I showed was adding a secret tag. Another was optimizing keywords. Look at how huge of an impact this is made of my channel already. So I'm doing comparison I did in the last 28 days compared to the previous period. So if you scroll down here, you can see this is comparing my channel last 28 days to the previous 28 days when I've applied what I've shown you. So this is just a suggested video on Lee View suggested videos, one primary method of discovery and one and I focused on optimizing, especially when I talked to you about adding a secret tag to increase suggested video views and optimizing keywords. Look at the amount of increase in these views, and you'll note it's been a consistent increase, and this is where I made some of the changes, especially in these last few days here on the blue line, I made some of these changes in the course of making this YouTube video Siri's and then I've seen huge improvement. So this is from a new video altogether. But what you'll notice is my views are going up on nearly all of the videos, so I'm getting the secret tag. Specifically, I'm pulling a lot more suggested video views off of that video, and the existing videos I'm doing are pulling mawr off of other videos. So this is a nice video they made, and I'm getting tons of suggested views from it. I'm getting Mawr views out of the videos already was getting views from, and this one dropped a little, but my minutes watched on. It actually went up on average on this one, especially where I showed you how I found what keywords he was using and put them exactly in on my video. You'll note a huge growth in this one from doing that Facebook advertising. Same thing on this. So on both the videos above mine, I've nearly doubled on this one and more than tripled my suggested views on that just in it from a few days of applying the new tags. Same thing in the Facebook marketing. Huge increase in the amount of views off that. So what I'm sharing with you here is that I'm giving you proof that what I'm doing in the course of even making this course and further putting effort in time on my YouTube channel is working very well for me. And it's about putting the right effort in the right places. So if you do the things I'm showing you, you can get these same kinds of results. They're working very well right away for me, and I hope that you have the same opportunity to get the same results. So thank you for learning this with me, and I hope everything I share with you is helpful. 22. How to make a great YouTube thumbnail with Canva based on data.: thumbnails on YouTube are critical, and I will quickly share with you what works to make a good thumb now so you know what works. The best way to see what works is to look at your YouTube analytics and see where you're getting views on suggested video. If you're getting views on suggested video, that means the thumbnail is good. The title can be important, but the thumbnail is the key for suggested video. So I can see on this video my thumbnails really good. Now I've zoomed in a little bit, so the thumbnail appears pixelated. But that's the full size of the thumbnail right there. So a good thumbnail is very simple. It will have some words and a recognisable logo or face that matches what it's trying to do now. You can see the difference between this thumbnail, and I have a similar thumbnail on another video. Usually, if your video is doing well in search but not so much in suggested video. It's usually the thumbnail, so this one is doing well in suggested video. Also, you can see same type of design is the last one straightforward, with some words and a couple of related symbols. So it's doing well and suggested video. Now I go back and see if any that air different that don't work as well. In the thumbnail, I can go find about this one. How is it doing and suggested video? Now you can see this one is not working well in suggested video, and that's more likely. Ah, thumbnail problem because that thumbnail worked for Facebook marketing. But if it's showing up in YouTube search, I know it's ranking well on keywords. But if it's not getting clicked on and suggested video, it's probably not the video itself or the words. It's probably the thumbnail. So what I can do once I've found where I could improve a thumbnail? The main thing to do then, is to try and improve the thumbnail based on what's already working. So I've got an existing thumbnail that's working in the easiest way. I use canvas dot com to manage my thumbnails. There are easy availability off additional designs and stock photos, and then I have all my thumbnails here. So I see this Facebook add some nails, working really good. It's all I'm going to do is copy that if you don't have one to start from. What you need is accustomed to mention one 12 80 by 7 20 That's the size that you want to use for thumbnail. If you already do have one, you can just copy it and will be in the same size. Now when I want to do is change this thumbnail and it's hard to see here the 2015. But I can show you it in full detail right here. This is the original thumbnail. What I want to do is change this thumbnail into something more like this. So what people are showing they want they want some kind of recognizable Facebook brand symbol. And when I can do is actually shrink the text on this Facebook ads and then I can put something like four conversions on here, four conversions and then I can If I want a number, I could put the 2015 somewhere else. I could make the fun even a little bit bigger so that it shows up more clearly on the thumbnail. And then I could do something like put the light button off to the side a little bit. I can make it slightly bigger even. I don't know if I'd want it to be that big. I put it down here in the corner and then I could put something in, like 2015 to make sure the viewer knows this is a new tutorial. It's not something that's old school. It's new. So new proves toe work very good in areas like this and this risky sometimes to use a lot of text. But what I saw on my other video is that the one with a lot of text on the thumbnails working. So then I just put the like button in down here and now I've got a new thumbnail that should work better based on what the last thumbnails doing now, whether it will actually work better or not. Well, we can see. But this looks like based on the other one, that it should work better. So all I have to do with canvas dot com. Now I download the image from it. Then it downloaded. I go back, I go into edit the video. I click on edit Down here I go to thumbnail I click change image. I go to the recently downloaded thumbnail and now look at that thumb now. Facebook Ads for Conversions 2015. It's very clear exactly what value you get out of watching this video in the thumbnail now , so I hit. Save changes. I go back, and I can then refresh this page in YouTube, and it might not load immediately, and it doesn't so. Then I can see that the thumbnail at some point up there will be the new one, and what I can do is see how the suggested video views change from one to another. There. Now, the new thumbnail is up there, and you'll notice how much space the time takes up on it. So I'll zoom in a little bit here so you can see this. You'll notice, and it's a little blurry. It's not really that blurry when you're full size, but you'll notice that the time is overlapping on my thumb here. So when I might want to do even is quickly move the thumb a little more in here so that the times not overlapping and then I can actually download the image again. This is why canvas so easy you can do these things really fast on can va. I find this easier than photo shop mainly because you can pick the stock photos in there and seamlessly insert them with can vote. Whereas with photo shop, you have to actually go grab the image and put it in there. If you're good with photo shop, you can do the same thing with Photoshopped to. So now I've got my new thumbnail the like buttons off to the side so that when you look at the video, then the time stamp won't be over top of it. So this is how you look at what's working on your existing thumbnails, and then you optimize your thumbnails by what's proving to actually work instead of guesswork. And, of course, some of it can be titled. It's easier to get something to a title like one cent cost per Click Facebook ads, but the same time, if you have two videos that are very closely related, you need to have some different titles to so on this one, you can see them. The thumbnail fits very nicely. The times right here, the words right here explain exactly the purpose of watching the tutorial, so now I can go through and find wherever I'm not getting good suggested video views, I can go in analytics now. The problem is you can't go into traffic sources because if you click suggested video, then it just shows which videos air actually giving you views. But what I can do, I can actually go in and see where I have videos that are doing well in search. I can just go to views. I confined videos doing really well in search that are clearly not doing well based on the thumbnail. So that's what I will continue to do is to optimize and to make sure you should be able to get as many or more suggested views than search views. Search views are more competitive and depend a lot on the words. If you have a good thumbnail and you watch an entire video, all you need is a good thumbnail to get essentially free clicks. And YouTube has so much free suggested video view placement. It's a huge opportunity to get free views. So that's how you find and optimize a thumbnail, and I'll show you again doing this so that you can get even more depth in the how to find which thumbnails are working and quickly optimize them. Thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been helpful. 23. YouTube thumbnail creation simply with Fiverr: your YouTube thumbnails are really important for getting clicks on your video, especially in suggested video and search. But here's the thing. If you're not good at doing thumbnails, all you need to do is get someone to make you a good thumbnail. So if you go to Fiverr dot com and type YouTube thumbnail, you can easily find people who will make you a very good thumbnail for just $5. And I usually sort by high rating to see who's doing the most. And this right here is a good gig. It looks like with YouTube thumbnails, But then you don't have to guess, either. You can just try ordering one from different gigs on your videos, so it's that easy. You just go through, pick a gig, order a thumbnail on it and then stick that thumbnail on there. However, if you have 400 videos, you may not want to do that for every single one of your videos to get started. What I'm going to do now, because I have some videos that need some thumbnail help is order a couple off thumbnails for videos that are getting views. So if your video is getting views. And you wanted to get mawr views. Doing a thumbnail is a good way to do it. So how do I decide on how to do that? I did some basic thumbnails, and I show a little bit how to do that. But I want to do is find where my thumbnails air. Not very good. And where I m getting views. So what I'm doing, I'm in the analytics tab. I'm figuring out which videos need new thumbnails. So I'm checking out on these videos I have here that have got views recently, and I want to see which videos air actually getting suggested video views. And then I can figure out what I want to order a new thumbnail four. So I've tried these four first. When I do, then I go down a traffic sources. Am I getting any free views or suggested video views on it? If I'm not, there is no point in trying to order a thumbnail for it. So I'm getting views in YouTube search here and suggested video on this YouTube s CEO tutorial. So I would like to get one for that video. Same thing over here. I may not have enough data yet. Am I actually getting suggested? It only showed up once in YouTube search so far, which might not be too bad. So I can get a thumbnail for this one or I don't even necessarily need one. So I take that off. Here's one. My face could definitely use a new thumbnail, and I am getting a few views and suggested video on this one. I looked at it before, so I will definitely get a new thumbnail instead of my face. The problem again. Like with thumbnails like this. They're so bland, it's hard to get clicks. It's all I want to know real quick. Is is this worth getting a new thumbnail for the suggested videos? Not very good, but I'm coming up in the YouTube search for Hello Bar. So I do want thumbnails for these three videos. So that's all I do then is I go through and pick a gig and this one looks good. The thumbnail on that one looks really good, so I just click order now on it and I see what the order instructions are already had a $207 balance, so I grabbed my copy, the link address, and then I paste the U. R L in here and see what his instructions are. And all I need to do now is tell him the wording, the theme and the color scheme. So I've given the YouTube video link, and then I don't want any particular images incorporated. So then I just make a little short description of what I want, and then I can stick that thumbnail straight in the YouTube video. This is a lot easier than trying to mess around with it yourself, because I'm more than likely I'm going to consistently get good thumbnails out of this. That will look better than anything I try and do with much less effort. So for thumbnails, there are ways you can try and do it yourself. But, hey, if you're not a graphic designer, just get someone else to make your thumbnail. And if you have only a few videos, get thumbnails for all of them. If you have a ton of videos, pick out the videos that most need a new thumbnail and then put that on them. I appreciate you watching this quick lecture about thumbnails and hope it's been helpful 24. YouTube thumbails in search ranking for branding consistently and getting clicks: Do you want to see how to use your thumbnails on YouTube to rank higher and get more views ? Here's a sweet little trick I'm going to do live on my videos now. So what I've searched for is a search term. I'm ranking on and working to be top on. So if you search Facebook ads, then you scroll down past the ads. Then I have the third and fourth video down here. If you notice my thumbnails, though, if you just look at the thumbnails, you can't tell exactly that. I've made both of these videos instinctively. What I want to do is take advantage of having two videos in the top off the rankings because these two videos air on top. But what can beam or impressive is having two videos in the top? No one else has two videos in the top, and in fact, I have three in the top 10. So what I want to do is brand my videos so that they all stand out as mine. So if you scroll through these results, you can't help but notice while this one guys made three of these. So here's how I'm going to do it quickly with canvas a dot com. I have my canvas dot com and I go to my previously created thumbnail. I copy it and make a new one. Then I go down here and then I click on it to edit. So these are from different years. So this is a 2015 that's a 2014 and my other one down. Here's from 2013. So what I can do is just, at least for the 14 2001 switched the number up. So all I have to do then is switched the number up and make a new thumbnail out of it. Now that will perfectly line up with my existing thumbnail. So when you see these in the results, you see ones newer and one's older, but that both of them are obviously from me. So if you take a look again, that will make my branding consistent between these two. So now all I have to do its search for my Facebook ads, and you'll note, a lot of videos will probably come up here, and I just go grab that one that has number one listed on it, which I guess is way down there because I did it before. So I go grab this. I hit, edit, and now all I have to do is drop a new thumbnail in it right here. So I click, change image. I go to my downloads and I grabbed this new thumbnail here so that then I saved that thumbnail. And now I'll have a nice new thumbnail up there that's consistent with the other one instead of looking different. So this is the size. The thumbnail size should be exactly what that is, which is 12 80 by 7 20 So the thumbnail looks good and then for suggested video Andrew showing up in search results. It will be consistent with the other videos, and that's very important. So now what I can do is actually do that with my other video to. So if you scroll down here, this one is from a year ago, and that's got a good thumbnail. But if there are any other ones I want to put up in there than I can do that, but I don't see the need to do that on any of those. Let's take a look at Facebook advertising. Now the results come up a little different on this one. So what I might want to do then is just rebrand this one so that it fits in with the exact same demographic. But the problem with doing that is, then I might lose out, because what if this one's better than that one? So sometimes you just don't want to change anything in there, and that's OK. So when you look down through here, you won't notice right away that the thumbnails go together. That's fine. What I've done is I've gotten thumbnails mawr consistent, and then if I want to switch that up, I can do it later. But where I'll first do is see how it works on the new search term. I'll see if I get a better ranking with the new thumbnail that soon comes up in there. So that's a little trick you can do with your thumbnails. Help you get more clicks because when people see consistency, then they're more likely to have higher amounts of trust in a higher likelihood of wanting to go straight to you. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been helpful 25. Introduction to YouTube analytics including views, minutes watched + top videos.: if you want to have a successful YouTube channel. Getting to know the analytics is absolutely critical for finding what you're doing right and finding opportunities to improve. So here's how you find it. You go to your YouTube dot com dashboard and then you go down and click on analytics on the left hand menu. Here's your basic intro. Analytics You scroll down. This is your overview. Now. You can't find out a whole lot more than the basics here, but it's important to get to know each individual part of the analytics. So First views views is simply the number of people that started watching your video, regardless of how long they actually spent watching it fuses a basic metric that now combines with minute watched to determine ranking. So estimated minutes watched our how maney minutes YouTube thinks people actually spent watching the video. This, combined with the views, is where you get the power of your YouTube channel, and now engagement is also very good. You want people liking your videos and even people disliking some of your videos tells you to. People are at least watching and noticing you. It's funny if you see some of the most popular videos in the world. How many of them have dislikes? Comments are exceptional also, especially when they're done through Google. Plus, YouTube loves to see comments and loves to see shares done directly through the YouTube sharing widget, Favorites added. And subscribers are no also an excellent way. YouTube knows of people like your video. So here's what each of these mean a little bit more likes is when someone just clicks on the button and likes your video. So I'll bring up a video to show you an example of that here. So on my video, and if I go on to the video page and I pause it. So if someone likes a video, there is a little like button down here. The dislike buttons right here. The comments come up down here and share your thoughts. The share button, these air where shares are tracked, and then this is where you can add to favorites, and then you can go to the channel to subscribe. Or you can put a watermark, which I highly recommend on your channel to pull subscribers and straight on the upper right of the video. So that's how all of these metrics down here are generated the earnings you can see. I have Google AdSense disabled, so I don't have any off my videos monetized. But if you have a huge audience, I guess mine's big enough to do it. But you risk losing your organic search traffic by having ads. But if you do have ads on your channel, then this is where your estimated earnings air coming in from. If you've seen on another course or on YouTube about how much money people are making on YouTube, it's almost always through this metrics, which is ads. What I show you in this course will make you a whole lot more money than running ads most of the time, will. The reason is you are getting high quality, converting traffic out of your videos instead of getting less than one cent for each person that actually watches your videos. So if you look at that, I maybe could have made a few $100 this month if I had ads on what I've got instead, or thousands of dollars off valuable actions on my website and sales on my you know me courses and that's what I'm showing you how to do and get at through these analytics. So finally, on the Basic Analytics page, you then have your top 10 videos down here, and they only show by views. So if you're running ads on your videos, this makes it difficult to see which one actually is organically getting views. So I'll show you deeper in the analytics how to do that. But these are your top 10 videos. Simply vie views, and all views accounted equal here. And then you can sort by minutes watched if you click on it so minutes watch will help you see how much time people are actually spending on a video, which is helpful, especially if you have really long videos. So if you'll notice I had the views in here this video, how do you tell a girl you lover, which is a quick under one minute video? This doesn't come up in the minutes watch because people aren't actually spending that much time on it because it's a short video. Finally, at the bottom, you scroll down to the demographics tab shows you where people are watching your videos to the United States is number one for me, and that's almost all through organic search traffic and suggested videos. But then you can see I'm running ads in Thailand, Philippines, Mexico and Indonesia to get really cheap views to buff the minutes watched on my channel so that then I'm getting organic search traffic from the United States. It's an absolutely beautiful system that you get complete hands on details in this course you'll know most of my viewers are male, but that may be different for your channel. The discovery Very important metric here to see where people are actually watching your videos so people on minor, mostly finding it on the actual YouTube watch page, which is because I'm doing you to advertising. But if you have different traffic sources, you can see, for example, you might have embedded players on other websites that are driving most of your videos or some other type of YouTube. Watch now in the traffic sources. These are valuable for finding where you're getting people watch your videos. So 55% of my views on YouTube advertising, but I'm only paying a couple of cents of you, and I'm getting a lot of minutes watched, and that's resulted in this second metric YouTube search YouTube search and YouTube suggested videos are the gold mine on YouTube. You want those search and no suggested video views because absolutely nothing is better than getting found in search and suggested video for getting conversions through to your website, to getting subscribers to getting people genuinely interested in you and what you're talking about. So this is an overview of the YouTube analytics. As you can see, there's a lot more details you can go into on the left, and I'm going to go into those details with you right now to show you that getting to know some of these reports especially, can give you the chance to do some incredible things on your YouTube channel. I appreciate you watching this, and if at any point you want to actually take a look at and subscribe to my YouTube channel , I would be honored to have you come take a look at it because you'll find hundreds of helpful videos on my YouTube channel and any of my videos you're watching. You can just subscribe, so thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful 26. YouTube analytics traffic sources explained for YouTube search + suggested video: I think the most important part of the analytics are the traffic sources, because the traffic sources shows you where you're actually getting views from. So when I'm in the analytics menu, I go now on click traffic sources. And now you can see where all of my traffic is coming from by source. So if I scroll down here, this is where I'm getting the analytical value. If you see YouTube search, these are free views you suit to suggested video. Those are free views. External website, free, unknown, direct, usually free. Most all of these views down here except you to advertising are free. But if you'll notice all of these have went a lot higher because of YouTube advertising. So here's what I want to do. I want to isolate all of the other sources without YouTube advertising. So when I've done, I clicked on this to select all. Then I uninsulated YouTube advertising. So when I can see here is how my traffic is growing just organically, and that's really powerful. If you'll notice now, I just spiked up close to 2000 views in one day organically on what you want is the slow, steady march to hire organic traffic because the organic traffic is where nearly all the value comes from now. As absurd as it sounds, thes 50,000 views from YouTube ads air nearly useless in terms of actual conversions. Sometimes I get lucky and pull a subscriber, but also the time I get absolutely nothing the people who are watching ads or not in the mood to engage with me. But the YouTube searches where all kinds of good things happen. And since most YouTube channels don't run YouTube ads, all you have to do is run you two bads, and YouTube will rank your video high enough to get found in search and suggested video. So when you click on YouTube search, then you get keywords across your entire channel. Now this is very limiting, especially for long tail keywords. You'll notice I have very few individual views on anyone. Keyword Now my video gaming experiment with Wolf in Sign, an Xbox one and Destiny Xbox one tested some of these YouTube video ranking strategies toe limit, so those don't actually do much for me. But these ones. The Facebook ads and Facebook marketing searches are huge thes air where I'm getting conversions from. But the problem is you can only see up to 25 results in the search have at a time. So the actual search tab itself can tell you what you're doing right on the largest scale on your channel. But you're not going to find out much more detail than the top 25 terms. Now your top 25 terms are important for me. Noticing that Facebook marketing is one of my top 25 terms gives me a clear signal that I should be doing mawr Facebook marketing related videos instead of all Facebook ads related videos. And I'll show you how powerful using these analytics are right now. After seeing this in my Facebook marketing search results and going into more detail on that, I actually changed the name on my Facebook course to Facebook marketing and adds, instead of Facebook ads and marketing, because I'm getting mawr search results, more people are looking for things about Facebook marketing compared to Facebook ads. And now that's even with me not putting much effort into marketing. So that's how powerful these YouTube search results are. But another powerful thing is to go into the YouTube suggested video. This gives you an idea of what videos Air sending you traffic Now most of the time, if you have a lot of videos when you highlight the video here, you will see your own videos. But what's really cool is when you see other people's video sending you traffic. This video is from Jeff. Use dinner in this video in the last 28 days sent 101 views to my channel, and the average view was 9 48 So that means when you click on this video, if you search for the video, then what happened? You will show up in this shared results. So I will just copy this entire term, put it over here and started with an I. Now look, watch what happens when I click on this? I'll pause the video. Look what happens up here. Oh, there's a video by Jerry being Field and another one by Jerry Banfield right next to the video. So out of the six videos on the side YouTube suggesting two of my videos tow watch now that's really sweet, because that's giving me free traffic off of someone else's audience. absolutely ideal. Same thing on this video. Mary Smith's worked really hard to get herself an audience, and then when someone's watching their video, they're going over and watching my videos. Eli has an excellent, large YouTube channel in the same thing, so I'm pulling views off of his channel and then off of all these other channels are sending me YouTube views. And then what's really sweet is to get to know these videos and figure out what your audience tends toe like, So my audience tends toe like things about Facebook ads strategies, of course, but they also like steps to Facebook success there watching videos. So that's my video. They're watching videos about how to get free Twitter followers also there, watching videos about T spring. That's very valuable for me to know, because if I know what else my audiences watching, then I can make those things for them. If they're wondering if Facebook advertising works at all, that's good for me to know, because then I can make a same kind of video. Does Facebook advertising work? I mean literally the same title if I wanted to, so that's powerful between the traffic sources, YouTube search and YouTube suggested video. You can get a ton of data that I'm going to show you how to dive deeper into one last thing on this section is external website. Now. If Dr clicked on that, what do you notice? Google Search is up there on the top. Those air people putting things in Google search things like Facebook adds tutorial In 2014 when someone puts that in, Google is showing two of my YouTube videos in the top three results. That's sweet. When people are searching in Google, that is pretty much an ideal method to get found. So this traffic stat, When you go back here and do external website and you see Google search up there, that is an ideal method to get views. Now let's take a look. That's 3000 views. 19,000 minutes. Well, that's on all the views. That's in 28 days. So Google is sending over 100 people to my YouTube videos free every single day. If I had to pay for those in search that cost between a dollar to $10 per click and I probably wouldn't get four minutes watched for video so that's the power of putting all these things into practice is getting Google to give you free traffic. Those Google searches to my videos. I'll click on them to see what more detail ghoul gives. It gives country over 1000 of those from the US Those are very valuable search traffic and results that I'm getting and they're coming from all over the world. 118 different countries found my YouTube videos in search, and I'm sharing that. It's not about me. You can set all of these things up for yourself in this course. So that's how powerful this is. Getting to know these analytics and seeing okay, what am I really getting out of all these things I'm doing on my YouTube channel? So traffic sources is where you find your return on investment on your YouTube channel. And when I'm going to do now is dive deeper into the analytics with you to help you find mawr Easter eggs in your YouTube analytics. Thank you for watching this. I'm honored. You spent time on my YouTube channel and I hope this has been helpful 27. YouTube subscriber analytics tab explained for how to know which videos get subs: If you want to learn about the value of subscribers on YouTube, how toe analyze subscribers and analytics and to figure out which videos are getting you subscribers. This will be really helpful. So first, let's talk about the value of subscribers. I have almost 5000 subscribers on my channel, and that is really helpful for me because my videos get all kinds of free views from my subscribers. Every time I put a new video out, let me show you in the traffic sources how that works. So I hit show on Lee subscriber views when I'm in traffic sources under analytics. Now take a look. I have 5000 subscribers and those subscribers on average, watched 1/2 a video or were 50% of them. Viewed one video in the last 28 days with 18,000 minutes watched. That's over three minutes on average. Watched per subscriber Subscribers are absolute gold on YouTube now. How did they actually watch the videos? They watch it in the guide. The channel page suggested video, some of them in search, lots of different ways they actually watch. But the bottom line is subscriber views are gold because they're totally free traffic. And when you're making new videos, free traffic is gold for ranking. So take a look at a guy who's doing really well on subscribers. He's got a 1,000,000 subscribers over 400 million views, and he is one of the biggest video gaming channels out there in the world. What he can do every time he puts a new video out, it gets thousands of views for free from his subscribers. It then allows his videos to rank over top of all other videos. The only way you can rank higher than his videos if you don't have that many subscribers, is to get really lucky making a viral video what you're not going to do most of the time, or spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in ads. Here's the thing, though. If you have to pay for ads to go up against another channel, who's getting them for free? New subscribers. How do you think that's going to work out in the long term? It's not. Subscribers are absolute gold, and that's what I'm showing you in this section is how to figure out the value your subscribers air giving you and where they're coming from. If you don't know which videos air getting new subscribers, how can you know which ones people really like and make more off? So in the last month, you can see I've got 480 subscribers on my YouTube channel, and that's awesome. That's more than I used to get in several months before. Now I click on my subscribers tab. This is for the last 28 days, and Google says some of the subscriber data was not tracking correctly on these days Here, where you can see the numbers were really low. Now what's important in this tab is to see how your growth is going. How many subscribers you getting every day? Are you having days we get a ton of subscribers or you having consistent growth? So let me show you over the last year of my channel. This is what's amazing. 4000 Net subscribers over last year on my channel. So a year ago I was getting about five ish subscribers a day. Now, this year, I'm getting around 15 ish subscribers a day. Gigantic growth, because when I want to do is continue to get more subscribers every single day. Now, if you look back across the history of my entire YouTube channel, you'll see most of the 1st 2 years I had my channel. I hardly got any subscribers. But as I've continued to put more and more videos up, I've continued to get more subscribers every day on average. So if you want to grow your subscribers, that's how to do it. Now here's where I've got the most subscribers, and this is what you want to find out what videos are driving subscribers to your channel. You'll notice that I figured this out before and then I've been beating it to death. So I noticed this was one of my first successful videos showing how to get cheap clicks with Facebook ads. 564 subscribers from this one video alone. My next video in this same Siri's 364 subscribers Off of it alone. So guess what I did. I made another one, and I made another one, and I mean another one, and I mean another one and another one. I continue to make videos about topics people subscribe on because getting subscribers is gigantic. So if people are watching certain types of videos and subscribing. Then I want to make mawr of them. So I did a test on a video game video and compared to the amount of views I got, I did very little subscribers. So I'm not doing those videos anymore because they don't get subscribers when I ultimately want our subscribers. So that's in the total that looks at the subscriber's I've got since I started my YouTube channel. But here's another thing you'll notice. Sure, these top three videos I've got. All of which I ran a ton of ads on all of these. I've probably put about 200,000 views on these with ads, so I ranked them very high, and then they drove over 1000 subscribers. But here's another thing you might notice. Look at all of these videos that are getting subscribers, and if I go to just the last 28 days, I'll scroll up here and do the last 28 days. You'll notice those views are not up at the top. So this video even know it's got the most subscribers all time is third in the last 28 days . These newer tutorials I've done are actually getting more subscribers now. And this brand new one I've done is pulling even more subscribers, considering it's only been up for a few weeks. It hasn't even been up 28 days yet. But if you look on all of my videos, it only shows the top 25. But having more videos is really good for subscribers to. If you have a lot of videos up, you will get hundreds of subscribers, even if you just get 123 subscribers per video so you can see I've got a lot of videos. I just get a few subscribers on every month. So the more videos I do, the more subscribers I get. The important lesson the big take away out of this is use your subscriber analytics. Take a look at which videos air driving you subscribers and then make more like that. If you see the last 28 days all of my top videos, Facebook ads and marketing related that a driving subscriber's Facebook number one. Facebook number two Facebook number three. Number 456789 and here's an interesting one. The 10th 1 is actually on a website I did. Looking at earning money was sponsored tweets and then down here. YouTube channel of video gaming one WordPress YouTube twitter you to me how to get people read your blawg. The important thing to note. Look at all of these videos in the top that are getting the most subscribers. I've done that on a basis of positive reinforcement. So I get more subscribers. I find those top 20% of videos that are generating the most subscribers, and then I make a bunch more of that exact same type of video. So that's the power of using your YouTube analytics, looking at your subscribers, finding out exactly what you can know about them. The very last little thing I'll show you is if you look at my subscribers all time, take a look at geography. You'll note the value in these subscribers, especially. You'll get a lot of subscribers from the U S, Canada and the UK those air very valuable financially, but also take a look. 117 countries have sent me subscribers, and there's only 1000 tracked directly from the U. S. Now some geography is aren't tracked, so there's actually more But the thing is, you want to think global with your YouTube. Channel 1000 U. S. Subscribers is great. 2000 subscribers tracked is a lot better, and there's a lot of power coming from that globally. So I hope showing you this about the YouTube Analytics four subscribers has been helpful in showing you where you can go in your analytics to figure out what videos you should make and what videos air giving you the most important conversion metric, which is subscribers. 28. YouTube search analytics how to get more than only top 25 entities available: for YouTube search in analytics. Trying to dive deeper in your analytics is frustrating because when you click traffic sources and then you go to YouTube search as you can see up here I am traffic sources. YouTube search and I scrolled down, and this is frustrating. At the bottom, you see only top 25 entities available. So on my entire channel, I can only see search results with at least 200 views in the last 90 days. And that's really frustrating because it greatly limits what I can do in terms of looking at what search results I'm getting in. Total 200 is a lot of incoming search results. So here's a way around that where you can do is go into views on your individual videos, and then you can right click on the video and hit Tab and open a new window for the analytics on it. You can go just then into that video into the traffic sources and then scroll down into YouTube search, and then you can see just for that video what the actual search results are. And now I've got it down where there's only three results into that video. So the problem with this is I've got 400 videos on my channel. How do I compile a better list of deep search terms in terms of each individual number and what kind of traffic I'm getting? So here's how you do that. You two basic handy little feature called Download Report. You can download report, and then when you open the report, it has the traffic source detail with the views in the minutes watched. So what you have to do then, is do that for every single video. That sounds pretty miserable, doesn't it? Well, the nice thing you can at least quickly get all of your traffic data, so watch how fast I can do this. So that's one video. So let's take the next videos. And if you just want to do all of your videos, you can see this, but I don't recommend necessarily doing it that way. So then I just click download report. But on this one, I didn't do it right to start with, so I need to go to traffic sources so I'll just tab click through all of these and go to traffic sources, and you can do it by tab clicking, or you can do it individually on each video. So once I'm in here now, traffic sources. Then I click on YouTube. Search in this one video. I scroll up and I clicked. Download report. So now this one has this video specific search terms And then I can close that. And on this I go down the traffic sources and hit search, and I can quickly download this traffic sources. So now I've got the exact search terms on that video. Close it, and I can keep doing that again. Of course, this can get pretty monotonous if you've got a lot of videos on your channel. But you could make a little Scripture macro to help you out. Do that a little bit faster, depending on what other programs you know how to use for me. I have an easier way. I do it and it's just to figure out exactly close All those which videos I want. So what I really want to know or my Facebook ads ones. What kind of search results are the Facebook ads, videos getting and especially the new ones. So I can do that another way. I can go to groups, I can create a video group. So now I go through and do 2015 search. And that didn't work as good as I was hoping it would. But I can now just click on these two tutorials here. And I can also put this one in if I want. But I really want to just find out about these two. So then I hit. Save on that. And I have to name this Facebook ads 2015 on that group safe. So now I have these two videos grouped together in one set of analytics and that's what I want because now I can see just these two video search results that I'm most interested about. So these two videos are getting 1000 YouTube search results are ready, which is remarkable given these air both brand new, and what I can do now is dig in and see where exactly those air coming in from. So Facebook ads, Facebook advertising. I can see the tutorial results here, and I can dig down where I've got four results coming in instead of 200. So this allows me to see between these two similar videos. What's pulling in the most search results? That stead is still a bit frustrating because there's 1000 views on this from Search, and nothing has more than 100 individually. So if you go down this around 203 100 400 maybe 500. So I'm actually getting tons of long tail search results coming in both of these videos. But what's important is that you can group videos together into smaller groups for analytical purposes, though, so this helps a ton, especially in trying to figure out what you're doing right on YouTube. Search on a series of new videos, and then you can do things like this. Isolate the traffic sources because when I want to see here is how are these two videos together doing on organic traffic right now? So both of them are blowing up and I can switch toe last 30 days, so these have got a lot of views and organic traffic for being a new video. The organic traffic is very good on these. You can see over 3000 organic views, and then I can zoom in on things like Google Search, where I can find these videos are pulling in good results on Google Search, which is really sweet, so using groups and reports is very helpful. The dive deeper into your YouTube search terms because the default way the videos laid outs very frustrating. But doing groups or downloads makes it a little easier. And finally, if you want to separate in your groups and any point, all you have to do is click video and then you can separate, so I can see OK, this videos getting 100. But this new video is also getting a significant amount, and then you to will even show you the separate results up here for it. So this has been frustrating for me going forward on my channel. I just figured out the group's feature. So the group's features really sweet. I definitely recommend you give that a try, and if you really want to get into all of the videos on your channel, just go one by one, download every single video and put them all together in a spreadsheet using download report. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope it's been helpful 29. How to spy on your competitor's keywords on YouTube and optimize your video rank: Do you want to see how to spy on your competitors? Actual keyword tags in YouTube? Here's exactly how to do that. So I'm ranking on Facebook ads is one of the most competitive terms that I'm right up there on. So if I scroll down past the ads, you can see I'm number three and number four. The question I have is what keywords. What tags are these two videos above me using in order to rank higher. So all I have to do, right? Click new tab on this Pause A video. I don't want to actually watch it. And then view page source. So what I did, I right, clicked on the outside, then click view page source. This is totally free. It's available in any chrome browser. You don't need any tools. So then all you have to do is hit control f or go to find and hit keywords. So you want to hit keywords? Not the 1st 1 but then the 2nd 1 So you've got these in here. You can see the actual keywords that these are ranking on. So this is the entire list right here. And then this is where it stops. So if you want to bring these out into something like word, you can just open word up and paste them in a document. And they're now I have a complete list of the keywords. This video is ranking on. Now. I can do that same thing again. I can just close these two out. And if I want to see what this one's ranking on, I right click tab, that Pausa ad right click view page source. I hit control F keywords once, and there are list of a few of the keywords in a nice, neat way right there if I use this so I could copy this and paste it out down here, or then when I can do is hit keywords again. And then I get all of the list of keywords straight out of here directly. So these are the key words I've then ranked found that this new video above me is ranking on. So then, either way, you can take the actual keywords just like that straight out. Now the second way is a little more convenient. It's actually copied straight out of there, So what can I do with that? Well, Now if I want my videos to rank higher so I can go put thes same keywords in. So all I have to do is go over to the videos in my channel. So this is my channel. I'll show you what actual videos do I have. I want to rank up there. We'll have this these two up here that I'd like to rank up high. But I'll put the keywords in just on this new one first and delete some of the other ones. So I go into my video manager and I want to find that same one. Someone ordered a make sure because I have several video. So this is a Facebook ads tutorial 2015. So I scrolled down, find that one. Facebook ads tutorial 2015. I click edit. I go down here and you can see I may have too many different variations. I may have more keywords than I actually need, So all I have to do is go in here and delete some of the key words that I don't need so I can go take out some of these other keywords that you can see from these keywords these air all You really need to rank up there on the top so I can take out a lot of these other keywords. And I could, in fact, just clear all the keywords out of this. Now, the important thing is to make sure that I have these keywords duplicated in the description. This way, YouTube knows I'm not just spamming keywords, but that it actually makes sense in relation to the video so I can take out all these keywords. I can literally go in, copy and paste the exact same keywords from this video. And then this is why the 2nd 1 is Elise era copying going and do the exact same thing. So I now have the exact same keywords. Is both of those videos combined? Now I can put in some new keywords to make sure I get on MAWR directly related terms so I can do Facebook ads. 2015 Facebook advertising. 2015 Jerry Banfield tutorial and marketing on here if I want to. So now I've got the same ads and I want to take Nick Unsworth out, actually, So I have got almost the exact same keywords and I can't even put Nick Unsworth back in if I want to just easily going over here. Copy the tag. Paced. How easy is that? So now I've got new set of keywords. But what I need to do is then put these in the bottom. So there's an easy way to do that. I can again just copy and paste into the bottom of the description. And then I write it into a senate. So I go through down here, I take out the quotes. Now, watch this. So all these keywords aren't in the description. So are you looking for a great tutorial on Facebook advertising? Question Mark, do you like new videos on Facebook ads? Question mark. Want to know how to advertise on Facebook? Question Mark, do you need to know how to market on Facebook? Question Mark, You can see what I'm doing. I'm building these into organic Senate's type turns. You can use this video to learn more about social media marketing in 2015 especially on Facebook marketing. If you like videos by Nick Unsworth and a life on fire TV or life on Fire TV, and then I can go down and take these in like this. So I combine these up or Eli the computer guy and I want to remove those Commons because that looks pretty bad so you can see what I'm doing. I'm taking these tags and putting them in the description, so YouTube doesn't look at it. I'm just spamming tags, but then I'm actually going through here and putting tags that I want to rank on based on what my video already includes. Then you will and I take out that for common. Then you will find this video tutorial very helpful. You do not need a business coach for business coaching when you use the information here for yourself. So then I've taken those tags and written that organically into my description and then down here, same thing. Get more information about Facebook and the advertising industry, plus MAWR on social network marketing. See that there is not that much Facebook click fraud to worry about. Now I've now matched these new tags, and I've got a hell of a keyword stuffed description here, all written in natural language. So it's not written as if it's just like keywords stuff, but it is loaded with sentences related to keywords. So now I want to also make sure I'm tagged in there. This video was created by Jerry Banfield that so now I've got that in there, and I've got a powerful set of tags now that directly includes both videos ranking higher than me. So that's all I have to do. Then. To get a nice, smooth, updated description is to just delete those old tags. Use the tags that I literally copied out of the two videos ranking above me. Close that out, forget about him and then I go up here to save changes. My description is a little bit long, so what I can do is just delete some of the existing description in there, save it. And now this video. If I go back to my videos and I scrolled down and I always recommending copying it, because if I would have just lost that, it looked like it saved. But you could see me crying if it didn't really save scrolled on the bottom description. You can see completely written out description, completely matched tags. Now I've got a set of tags that's proving to rank the best on the video above me now. Is that all I have to do? All I need to do for ranking? No, there's a lot more that goes into ranking, then just using tags and the challenge is figuring out exactly what that is. But another big thing that goes into ranking is this little stat from traffic sources. So I have to go the actual video, and I go to this that I go to traffic sources. So I clicked on the video. Then I got a traffic sources YouTube search the amount of time people spend watching my video straight out of YouTube. Search is essential for it to rank high, so it also is possible I'm not. Ranking is high simply because I don't show up for his long and search. And if I click on the ads and I can see in more details on these two terms, I am getting these amount of you times and these air critical ranking ion search. So, in addition to all of those other search terms, it's important to rank on these. So what I want to do to make sure I don't screw my own video over after copying those tags is double check that. I've got these tags in that I'm ranking really well on there. So then I go back, go down into this Facebook power editor Now, I also can control find real quick to make sure it's in a description. It's not. So what I want to do is learn much more about the Facebook power editor in this tutorial. Damn. Now, if I click that it is in there. So I want to include Facebook Power editor. And then I want to include these other terms in here as they become related. So you see, I want Jerry Banfield in there because I'm showing up on exact searches for myself. And then I want things like this in here. So all I have to do then is put that in there, too. This is the best Facebook Power editor tutorial 2015. And if I have enough room, I can pace that in there. Exactly. I want to be upon these search terms where I'm getting a very long watch time. So that will make sure I rank high the Facebook power that I'm getting. Good watch time there. Facebook ads tutorial 2015. I want to make sure I show up on that too. So I put that in there and I'm pretty sure I've already got that in there. You can see I've put that all over in there. So I want that in actual tags and I'm showing up good on Facebook marketing 2015. So I search for that and you'll notice that's not in there. I can quickly dropped that in the tags. And what you also get great information about Facebook marketing 2015. So now what I do, I'll just copy this just in case anything happens. I hit save now my tagger too long. So now I have to go and figure out exactly what I want to take out of here. So one thing I can do is shorten this up and just say, Take out that last one and see if it'll save and my tags air still too long. So now I just want to put Tutorial 2015 in here because I've got the base terms in there. And then I want to attach 2015 in there. The tags air still too long. So then I have to take out. I'll take out marketing interest because that was not on my keyword validated. So now I've looked at my analytics to see what I'm actually showing up. Really good on. I'm showing up really good on Facebook ads 2000 and 15 and I want to make sure I keep the terms I'm on top of as well, so I don't slip and lose the things I'm already ranking on. I showed you the Facebook ads Raw search terms. But what I want to do is also show you the Facebook ads. 2015. I don't want to stop ranking on that because I've already got number one and number two on that. So I don't want to slip off on those terms. So I hope this has been a hell of a complete in depth look at spying on your competitors. Then cross referencing it with your own YouTube channel data to make a set of powerful tags and a massive description that covers absolutely everything my video could possibly include . So I want to stand this page until the changes are saved. Then I go back. So now that's how I'm able to push up and get my videos towards the top of the rankings. Thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been helpful for you. 30. YouTube ranking secrets: how to push from third up to number one in the rankings: do you want to see how to go through an optimize, your title and your description and your tags based on what your competitors are doing and what you're doing that's working. I'm going to show you exactly how to do that. Here's what I'm doing right now. If you search for Facebook marketing on YouTube, scroll down past the ads. You see there's Mary Smith's video, Amy Porterfield, Webinar Video and then two of my videos right here on these terms. So what I want to do is push this new video up to number one. So what I need to do is optimize it for search terms and for click ability. So here's what I'm already doing. A right Facebook marketing. The key term is directly at the beginning of the description and the video. It's pulled me up to fourth, even though this video is only a week old competing against my other video from four months ago and two other older videos. So when I want to do now is figure out what keywords these two are using to rank higher than me. So I right click tab, applause, the ad and then view page source control F to find, and I search for keywords. So now I have the exact key words they're using, and I find it's easier a copy from this 2nd 1 It set up to exactly copy and paste. So I go here open and copy that new word document paste those air, the exact keywords that video has tagged on it. Close, close, right click tab on this one. Pause the ad and then right click over here view page source Control F find. Find these of actual keywords this video's ranking on. So I copy these and drop them over into my word document. So these are the exact keywords I want to be able to put into my YouTube video, if possible. If there's room now, what I need to do is compare this with the two videos that are working on my channel. So here's actual video itself. And then here's the analytics for this video and what I also need, I also need the analytics of my other own video. So if you saw in the search results up here, I actually have to compete with my own video for number one, and I want that video to rank higher also, and I don't want to just verbatim copy that. So what I do is I grabbed my other video also just to take it into consideration. So I'm in my videos over here, and I actually need to go back to this window, dragged my other videos and then I go grab this and I click. I want to both have the analytics and be able to edit it. So I right click edit that in a new tab, and then I go to analytics and I will go to views to find that video so I can take a look at all of these analytics at once. This will give me the best way to see exactly what's going on. So I clicked on the video. I click traffic sources. Now what I want to know is where my search results are coming in, and I especially want to compare these and consider all of the tags together. So on this one, my YouTube search is coming in Facebook marketing, and you'll notice this one's a lot newer, not getting nearly as many views. Now here's this one. This one's been around a lot longer YouTube search. It's also getting Facebook marking and note just being one position higher. It's getting away more views, so I want to climb up even higher. Now this has Facebook marketing, Facebook marketing tutorial and then Facebook business page. You'll note 2014 is not in hardly any of them. The first change I want to make in this existing video is to take out 2014. That's now hurting me. Use this and I want to even skip that and just take this out to Facebook marketing. And now I want to match it with the actual search results. I'm getting so Facebook marketing. But what else are people searching for Facebook business page tutorial. I'm getting a lot of good views on that, and I want to especially see what search terms am I getting Watched the Longest four So Facebook Page Marketing for business Facebook Business page tutorial. I'm getting a long watch times on these, but I'm also getting watched on Facebook advertising, too. So this is tricky because I want to do that on both So Facebook, marking advertising tips and strategies complete free tutorial for business. So when I want might want to do. If you notice my search terms here, the tutorial in the four business tend to be more upfront, so I probably want to move the four business up to the front and along with the tutorial upfront. So I want Facebook marketing and advertising tutorial for business pages 2014 and then see what else I have in here that people are searching for and especially what people are actually watching. I want to know what people actually spending time watching so, like on this exact search term. Only minute. 51 seconds. Not very good Online marketing tutorial. Only two minutes 48. Not very good marketing on Facebook. So that's what I can put that Facebook marketing and advertising tutorial for business pages 2014. Learn marketing on Facebook fast. So now I've got the actual search term in there twice, and what I want to do now is go back into where I'm getting the most views so and make a clickable convertible description. So Facebook Marketing for business. It gets a lot easier when you watch this free video tutorial created in 2014. Get Facebook marketing and advertising stick tips and strategies completely explained in this. They're so now I've made edits to the description that help explain exactly what's going on . So now what I want to do is remove all these junk tags in here. So I actually just want to go through and re tag all of this based on what's working. I want to go through and actually delete every tag on here right now and re tag it. So this is the easiest way to just purge all the crap. I want to just purge everything that's not working. The only way I can be sure to do that is to totally purge all the tags. So it's the same way the stomach approaches eating. If you ate something in your stomachs really upset, it just throws up and says, OK, clear everything out and try again. So when I want to do is clear everything out and try again, just clear every single tag out right here. Now it has no tags on it. Now what I want to start with on the tags are what is already working. And so I'm showing you this first video and I'm going to do this gallon, second video. So I want to start with what's working Facebook marketing, Facebook marketing tutorial. And I want exact tags for things that are working the best because of these air working the best that I definitely want them in. And so I'm copying all of these verbatim to start with. So then when I want to do is copy these tags and when I want to do is mix these together so that they're both in one. So now what I do, I'm deleting the duplicates, and I'm going to put the tags in from both of these. So now I have the tags from both of the top videos above. May I copy them? Dropped them straight, and I have the exact tags from both videos above me. Boom! So now there's no question about the tags. Now what I need to do is make sure I've got these organically in the description because usually on my own tags, I'll make sure to do that. But sometimes I miss it. So all I have to do is verbatim paste these in here and I'll right click copy and capitalized Facebook over and over again because I want to make sure that I don't have to do that bunch of times. So now all I have to do in order to make sure these are all in there, is go through and write about thes naturally. So Facebook marketing in 2015 gets a lot easier when you understand the Facebook news feed and you get help from me, a Facebook expert exclamation point. Now I put things like this in If you enjoy videos by Mary Smith and I'll copy and take out Amy Porterfield to here and Amy Porterfield. Then you will probably love this social media marketing tutorial explaining Facebook and the best Facebook marketing secrets you can use for your Facebook page. Now notice. I don't want to risk being listed for YouTube as just spamming these tags, and I've done that wrong in the past. So what I do is I right into the description, naturally, the exact tags I have so that I get all of these ranking terms pulled from the description . So when YouTube looks at the description, it says, Okay, I see exactly what you are talking about, and I notice you're trying to rank specifically on the's tags that you've already explained . You're not just throwing in random tags to try and get your video ranked higher or if you are, you're really doing a good job convincing me that you're not. So that's what I'm doing here is giving Google information. It needs to verify that this video actually is about what I'm talking about. If you'll notice I talk about all these things in this video, I mean, it's five hours and 18 minutes. How could I not talk about all these things in this video? So the idea is just to make sure I've got these listed properly in the tags. So that's all I have to do is take the two videos above me. I don't need to mess with one's below me, necessarily. Take those and then put them naturally in the description. So Facebook promoted posts and your and this might be a terms they're using just for their channel will consistently go up and be more successful on all of your Facebook offers. And now I want to make sure I get my own terms I used in here, so I want a copy all my own terms that I put in here and for this I'm just going to use note pad and I mainly just need this Facebook page for business tutorial when you use this Facebook page. Business tutorial 2014. So now I've got that in there and I want just then Facebook Marketing for business makes more sense after seeing these successful marketing strategies. So they're now I'm building the description. I've got a set of power tags right here that I use from my competitive videos, and then I've pulled from my own analytics. Now what I want to do is grab some of these existing terms that are farther down, and I want to save these first to make sure I haven't went over. So I already went over on the title. So now I can try and just plus sign and condense the title down a little bit. There the title is perfect and includes Facebook marketing twice, and it just fits completely. So now I want to spell successful. Right now, I paste this from there and I paste that straight in the tag. I want to show up on these exact search terms because these search terms people are watching the video, how to market on Facebook in 2014 and then I want an exact thing and Facebook advertising get a lot easier because this free video tutorial is over five hours long. How could it not get easier after watching this? So the idea is, I've got these exact terms in from my competitors here, so there's no questions or doubts. And finally, what I want to do then, is if I'm having some of these individual words in here that I want to try and put them in , if possible. So when you see this long term, I just want to do tips and strategies because I've already got Facebook advertising in here so I can do Facebook advertising in here also. Now, if you search on Facebook advertising, this video is not ranked right up in the top, and it's not even on the first page anymore. So I don't need to try so hard on that one on Facebook advertising because it's proving to do better on the marketing. So what I might want to do is actually go in and switch this thumbnail up, because if I'm showing up on marketing terms, I want to make sure I'm showing up on the thumbnails to so all I have to do to do that is go back down and edit my thumbnail. How cool is that? So when you do your thumbnails in can via the nice thing is that you've got it saved here for later, whenever you want to use it. So then all I have to do is go through an edit, this tutorial in here and I will just copy this one and make it say 2014. So the best part about that is then when someone sees both of these in the text, they'll know I've done both of them. So then how cool is that? So I take this new thumb now right here, download it as an image, and I'm using canvas to do this. So the this gives me a massive advantage then because when I put this new thumbnail and so it downloaded So I'll go back through here and I'll change this thumbnail over to Facebook Marketing 2000 and 14. So now if you remember that search result I had research for Facebook marketing. Then you'll notice both thumbnails will present an obvious branding image that, Hey, these are both my videos. So then I've got both of those in there, and now I'm in a position to absolutely dominate the search results. All I have to do is double check that I haven't missed anything. So if you look marketing on Facebook was one of those. So I've got marketing on Facebook up in there already. And then I want to make sure I've got marketing on Facebook in here. So all I have to do is control. Find, put marketing on Facebook, and it's not in a description. You can learn marketing on Facebook, pasted straight in there. And then I can actually go the tags and peace, that exact thing in there, too, by watching this and then read mawr at jerry banfield dot com. Because I, Jerry Banfield, created this video, and now I put Jerry Banfield in the search results here to now, you'll notice the other videos had pretty short tags, So what I want to do is just stick with that then. So I saved changes to make sure I haven't went overboard on the tags. Now this should be a good set of tags right here. I don't want to go too far overboard, and I just want to ultimately move this up a little bit. So a new thumbnail. And if you go back to the video manager, then it's got a fresh new title, a fresh new thumb down. I'll have to do scroll down through my videos to the point where I find it and you'll see how. Then it will look in the search results. So that's what you want to do to optimize and move your video rankings up. Now look at that. It's got a nice, consistent title with the one above. Now I don't know little update in the search results right away. But imagine when I've got that here. Then I'll have these nice to clean title so that, visually, people will automatically know that both of these videos are mine, and that's what I want because these two other people up here, But there's very few things more impressive, then showing two results in the top, and that should help both of my videos go to the top so that I've edited this 1st 1 now in order to edit the 2nd 1 I will need to somewhat partner with what I did in the 1st 1 so you'll notice. That's how I went about editing the first video. And so I will base my editing of the second video on that and continue showing you exactly how I'm creating both of these together. So I appreciate you watching this. I hope this has been helpful for seeing exactly how to optimize your videos to rank higher , how to spy on your competitors and how to do your title description and tagging for optimal results in YouTube. 31. Optimizing your YouTube video tags, title, and description based on analytics.: If you want to see how to take the first and second place when you've already pushed up to third or fourth, I hope this will be helpful. So here's what I'm actually doing to push up to third and fourth into first and second on terms that I'm already doing well. And so if you look at some of these more niche terms, I've already got a lock on both of these. I've already got first and second on both of thes. So all I have to do now is try and push on more of the general terms so that I can get up there and take the top. So I'm searching around to see where I'm already at to make sure I don't mess up what's already working. So I'd like to push higher on Facebook for business, especially on this one. So I'm going to do now is go back to just Facebook. Marketing squirrel down past the ads when I want to do is push up to number one and number two with these videos that are third and fourth. Well, the first thing I should show you is that I'm already working hard on Google AdWords to push up there. So im already in my AdWords for video. I'm running a bunch of ad campaigns on these videos because there's simply nothing that substitutes for minutes watch. So I'm running ads on all of these videos now, and I'm pouring minutes watched in from the ads so you'll notice on here the video. That's top ranking as a lot of views, and so does the 2nd 1 So what I'm going to do is quickly push past these in the amount of views, and then I'll push up higher. However, what I want to do, in the meantime, is make sure my video is set up to rank high in the first place because one of the worst things that often can happen is you'll have Mawr views and watch a video rank higher than you. So if I do my tagging right, I can actually rank higher then these videos that are already up there. So I do that. I've shown a lot already on how to do this, and I'm going to show how to quickly just polish the surface on this one. I'm already ranking up there higher, so I'm just going to show how to kind of polish it up a little better and push up more. This video is only a week old and for it to be fourth already, it's doing really good. So here's what I'm doing right. I've got Facebook marketing listed first on both of mine, and then when I want to do is optimize by the keywords that I'm seeing in my search results on this video. My search results on my third place video and implement the keywords I already took from both of the competing videos above me. So if you want to see this again, I right click tab to get these keywords and then I view page source, I get fined and I go to keywords and they're the key. Words are, So those are the key words on there that I want to rank, too. And then these exact keywords I copied and put in my word document, and I did the same thing on this other video. So I actually have all of their keyword tags for free very quickly, without needing to use any other tools. Now, what I want to do is see what I'm already showing up on. I want to make sure to get these keywords into the video as soon as possible. So I opened this video up to edit it. And if I look at here, it looks like Facebook Marketing Strategies 2015 for business Seems to be the strong point , so I don't want to do Is Facebook Marketing Strategies 15 2004 business? That seems to be my strong point of what I'm searching and showing up on. So I start off with what I'm doing the best on, and then I want to look over here and see what else I'm showing up on. So especially, I want to see what I'm already ranking on on both of these existing tutorials. So I then go up here and I want to make a good call to action, and I take out for business and entrepreneurs. That's not coming out that long. So Facebook Marketing Strategies 2000 for business completely explained for maximum for marketing on Facebook successfully. So let's see if I can get away with that entire title. No, my title is too long, so I just go back here and try and shorten it up. Facebook Strategies Marketing Strategies 2015 for business. How to do marketing on Facebook successfully. So I saved changes. Now that title works. Now I've done a good job. I've got marketing on Facebook and I've got marketing strategies and I've got success in there, so I've kind of got all of those in together. Now what I want to do is try and get that same thing into the description. Facebook marketing and I want to mix the words up a little bit. So Facebook Marketing 2015 gets a lot easier when you use the strategies. So now if you see what I've done, I've edited this. So it's both readable, clickable, and then it has all the keywords. So if you look the title Facebook Marketing Strategies 2015 for business, how to do marketing on Facebook successfully, and I'll see flying, slipping exclamation point in there. Nice. All right, so then the description says, Facebook marketing for business in 2015 as a lot easier. When you see this strategies I use to get thousands of people to find me every day for free . Then I've gone on to explain much more in this description of what exactly is covered in this Watch this free video to Tora showing you the strategy is proving the work for business and entrepreneurs on Facebook. Then I have a link to my website. You don't want to start with a link to your website because if you'll notice in these search results, links actually will get broken if you have the exact term in there. And so I'll show you on Facebook ads how this happens. So the link actually gets broke when you put an exact match link term in there. So it broke. The Lincoln didn't even go to where it's supposed to go. So you don't want to do that. You want to get your link in so that it shows up on the description. So when someone's on the watch page that the description actually shows up for it then so I'll show you what that looks like. So if you're on the watch page, you just want the link down here. You don't need it in the actual search results. So when you edit this, then you want to make sure you get exactly the right terms in here, and I've shown you repeatedly before on the tags, how I just went in and junked all my tags because I did not put tags that were working as good as I wanted in. So when I'm going to do is just go junk all my tags and put the new tags in based on what's working now. When you first launch a video, you can go straight from competitors tags as I've shown you how to do. But it's a bit easier sometimes to just throw your tags on it. Whatever you think might work and see what actually happens, you don't necessarily know what people are going to like. Toe watch on this. I'm going to start my tags with what people are actually watching. So I go paste these tags straight in these air What people are watching, and I want to make sure I'm exact tagged on the things people are watching. And so you notice I'm removed Facebook 2015 because that wasn't working. I want exact tags on what people are watching because then I can count on getting the most minutes watched in search, and that's what will help me rank the highest. So I'm pacing these tags straight in from search results because I want to get exact matches on those. So now I've included everything except this once, and I've got that in. Now I want to go take tags in from the competitive video. So I put those in and then I'll save that to make sure my tags aren't too long. And then I want to make sure and include my name in there and my company so that that shows up on my related suggested videos. But now what I need to do is put all of these into the actual search term description box because I can be accused by YouTube. And it's not like someone comes in. Points out that I'm spamming, but you will get lower ranking on your video if it looks like your keywords banning and keywords. Bombing happens when you put keywords in here that are not in your description. So all I have to do is take thes straight from the description and just sticking in the bottom of the video. And then I can capitalize. Facebook's you've seen. I've done this on other videos, and I actually already did this the first time around, if you'll notice. When I first wrote this, I already have Mary Smith in the description right here. So I already have Mary Smith in the description so I can actually take her out of these that I need to write about. I put if you enjoy watching these other people in here, so then I don't need to put them in a description. Get when I want to make sure I do is cover all of these things in the description. Facebook marketing, by showing up in the Facebook news feed, makes it easy for anyone to be seen as a Facebook expert. When you use the social media marketing strategies on Facebook, then I explain in this video. Now see how I just used all of those terms in a natural organic sentence for Google search . You want to use your terms in the natural getting sentence, and now, because I did another one before similar to this, I'm going to pace this higher up here. So Facebook marketing secrets are revealed in this video showing you do not need a Facebook page and that you do not need to do promoted post in order to have a huge Facebook influence you and even skip Facebook offers. And just use the marketing strategies with marketing on Facebook 2015 to succeed for free. Now, if you'll notice then writing it this way and I do it lives. You can see mawr exactly how this works in real time. If I just try and show you, it's kind of hard to imagine how you're doing it yourself. But I've shown you this in real time so that you can get a riel hands on idea of exactly how to do this with no guessing. Now when I want to do is cross check that I've got all these terms up here. So I do is I search for business on Facebook. I want verbatim terms, So I've got that verbatim on Facebook. Now what I want to do is searching for Facebook groups. I want to get that in the actual description, and so what I can do here, start with Facebook groups and learn searching for Facebook groups. Exact copy, and they're now I've got that in there. I wanna make sure that I haven't missed out on anything else. So then I can just take this tag out here and I can click Comma, I actually didn't want to do that you to So I just put that back in there that way. And now I've pasted up here Facebook marketing for business. I've got it exactly in there. That way. That's perfect. So now it looks like I've got everything completely delineated in here. I've got a thumbnail I'm already happy with. And what I want to do then is encouraged this to go up to the top. So I just saved changes. And then, as I showed you before, I'm continuing to advertise this on YouTube ads. So I've got this showing in YouTube ads and I'm getting tons of minutes watched on this video. So all I have to do when you're on these Facebook marketing terms, all have to do is keep advertising this video every day and sit and wait. And this video should come up higher up towards number one because if you'll notice the top video has the most views, the next has half the views and then mine as half the views of that. I still have two videos up here, but the thing is, I want to just push to be number one. So I hope you've valued what I've shown you about how to push video to number one. How to optimize your existing video That's already doing well how to optimize it, to push towards number one by looking at your traffic sources, your search results, your competitors keywords and then putting everything together to make an awesome description and set of tags for your video. Thank you for watching this. And I hope, as with always, everything I do and show you how to do is useful. You can consistently see me applying the things I tell you about on my channel at youtube dot com slash user slash do case. Um, if you haven't subscribed yet, every video has a red subscribe button in the upper right hand corner. And then all you have to do is keep getting these videos from my channel. I appreciate your time and hope you've enjoyed this 32. See how YouTube advertising has been the key to my channel's consistent growth.: the entire key to success on my channel, has been using YouTube ads to get my videos higher in the organic search results and using the positive reinforcement from my audience that finds me in those organic search results to decide which videos to create 5000 subscribers, with over 4000 of them in the last year nearly two million video views. I'm grateful to have this in areas where there's not a lot of traffic. Video games and music have a ton of traffic on YouTube. Internet marketing topics. 10 of a lot less views on YouTube. So here's exactly how I've been able to get all that. This is my channel in the last 365 days. 4100 subscribers. 2300 Likes 2098 dislikes, 2400 comments. 23 shares, 7 15 Favorites added seven million minutes. Watched. That's 13.5 years people have spent watching my channel or, in other words, every day at any minute. There are, on average, 13 people watching my video. So right now on YouTube, there are 13 people watching my videos at all times, and this consistently grows. Here's the entire key to all of it. Look at my traffic sources. YouTube advertising. I've got 2/3 of my minutes watched and about half of my views with YouTube advertising that has given me gigantic rank boosts that I never would have got these next traffic results without So you tube search 162,000. Those views are gold. Those views are competitive. Those views air very valuable. That is the strength of my channel. That's where I've got nearly all of my subscribers from our YouTube Certs in YouTube suggested video. So YouTube advertising has made all the rest of this possible. If I had not advertised my YouTube videos, I would not have got hardly anything in all the rest of these. And here's one that's really cool to Google Search. Now this is an actual Google. Not in YouTube. 29,000 views from Google search. If I had to pay for that traffic, it would likely cost 15 to $50,000 to pay for that traffic. That's what I'm getting out of. YouTube ads free organic traffic very valuable, and it continues to grow. If you look at all of the traffic sources over the year and you take out you two bads. Look at the beginning of the year where my organic traffic went. Notice that I did YouTube ads all year and look how high the traffic has gotten up to. I tried it video gaming video right here that caused that traffic spike where I got tens of thousands of organic views in one day. You'll see my organic traffic now is gigantic. At the end of the year, compared to the beginning at the beginning of the year, I was lucky to get 3 to 500 views a day. Now, on average, I get around 1500 organic views every single day. Again, if I had to pay for those at a minimum, enough to spend several $100 to pay to get shown and clicked on in those search results that I'm getting for free and more than likely, I'd have to spend probably, ah, $1000 a day in paid traffic to get the exact same person to go to my video by doing it directly. So what I'm doing is in direct. I'm using YouTube ads to bump the organic ranking and then I'm getting these very valuable search results for free. So take a look at my search results, and these are video gaming videos I tested and pushed a lot of these concepts to the limit on. But here is where I'm getting really good quality traffic, and I'll take you into an incognito window to show you what that looks like. And I'll just go to youtube dot com. So the thing is, look at Facebook ads tutorial. I'm actually influenced the search results so much that people are starting the look for Facebook ads tutorial 2014. This was not a big training search term before, but now Facebook shows that up. So when I click on Facebook ads tutorial and I skipped down below the ads, then I'm the number two tutorial right now, and these results always change a little bit. But not only that, I'm the number five tutorial down here also, and if you notice there's no one else that's in the 1st 5 twice, so that tends to create an incredibly positive impression. But not just that. Then I'm number six and then I'm number, whatever this is, and I'm have that one in that one in that one and that one. And look, someone actually copied my video and stuck it on there, and they're even getting views on it. I have utter domination of search results all over the place on Facebook ads on YouTube, and the whole key to that has been Facebook adds videos first and then advertising those videos on YouTube that gets the organic rankings up. And if I show you a little something else when people start searching for 2015 0 look, I'm number one in two on that already, and I'm also number four and five on it. And this is my video. So, technically, my videos have all five of the top results on Facebook ads. Tutorial 2015. Now starting off the year, that's a pretty sweet position to be in. The YouTube ads are the key to that, and I'll show you one more thing. Look at the individual videos on the traffic sources. YouTube advertising number one traffic source, followed by suggested video in search on this one. Another one of my top videos, same thing. YouTube advertising followed by suggested video in search and another one traffic sources. And you can see this one is one of the few videos that I advertised for a long time. And you two bads have actually died down because I hardly ran any ads on it. So I ran most of the ads over a year ago on this video. And now this year, the organic traffic is carrying the video all by itself. So that's the purpose of doing YouTube ads is eventually you don't have to run them anymore in the organic traffic will continue carrying the video all on its own for you. So if you're not convinced about the value of YouTube ads after seeing this, then one more thing I will show you. Subscribers. Look at this one. Video has got 100 and 14 subscribers in the last year from the U. S. So I paid for low cost global views on the video. And then this one videos pulled 114 subscribers from the US, along with 20 from the UK and 10 from more than several other countries. Same thing on this video. 128 subscribers from the U. S. Same thing on this video 152 subscribers from the U. S. And if you look at all of my subscribers across the board and you go to geography 16 hundreds of scribes from the U. S. If I had to try and pay to get thes subscribers directly and be very expensive, all I have to do is get global views to rank all my videos higher, and I will pull US, Canada and UK, India, Australia and a heck of a lot more. You'll note, I've subscribers from 136 countries. In the last year. I will pull Aton of subscribers off the organic traffic on my videos. YouTube ads absolutely essential for ranking your videos higher. You have a great opportunity to run you two bads now, before this strategy gets out to everyone. So thank you for going through this, and I hope this has been helpful for you can always go to my YouTube channel and see more of these things in action for yourself at youtube dot com slash user slash duke ace Um, or you can just search for Jerry Van Field YouTube anywhere in YouTube and then my channel comes up right here. If your not subscribed are ready, you definitely want to subscribe so that you can see thes YouTube principles being done in actual practice on my channel. 33. YouTube advertising tutorial 2015 with Google AdWords for video. : If you want to make a YouTube ads campaign using Google AdWords for video, here's how you do it. You start by going toe, adwords dot google dot com slash video, and that'll take you into your video campaigns. If you haven't signed up for ADWORDS, you'll need to do that. And then on the bottom, there's a tab all the way down here if you're in the regular campaigns to go to video campaigns, So here's my screen and now I click plus campaign to get started and when I need to do this . Also, I need the video and the channel. So in another monitor here I have the YouTube video link, which are copy and have available for this process and my YouTube channel link. So I've got that for below. Now what I do first is named the campaign, and just name it short so that you'll remember where exactly it is. I put $10 a day and then advertise it for a little while and then quit. I put accelerated delivery method to make sure the ads get delivered fast. Instead of having the risk of them not getting shown enough, I turn off the Google Display network because you will get a lot of just clicks on it and not a lot of actual watch time. Now. This increases the ad cost globally, but you get a lot more watched time and ultimately need minutes. Watch to succeed. Now I advertise in all countries and territories by default if I just want to get more minutes watched because that's the cheapest way to get the most minutes watched, which helps four YouTube ranking the actual as themselves rarely do actually anything. So why pay more to show them in the U. S. Or Canada? However, I do advertise some videos in the U. S and Canada. The views are a lot higher costs, but I actually have a chance to get subscribers and get mawr good actions in terms of sales and things like that. But for the main thing I want is just the rank, the video high, and that means I just want to count the YouTube. Actual ad traffic is a total loss, but then get the video watched for the most minutes. So that's why target all countries and territories and I explain this Maurin my YouTube you to me course here is exactly what the video looks like when you put it in to advertise it. And so then in stream, then I need my channel link. So I go over and grabbing pace my channel link, and I take that stuff off in the beginning to give it a shorter You are. L Now I go down and display and turn that off because I don't want to do display ads. I come down here and I decrease the bid by 50% because mobile traffic does not tend to watch as much of video. Since I'm trying to get the most minutes watched on a video so ranks higher, the mobile traffic is not desirable. And then finally, ad delivery is important. I want to limit this campaign the one impression a day I don't want you tube to beat someone over the head with my ad. So then I click saving continue to make a new ad, and I go in here and put two cents per viewing. And YouTube, currently at the bid prices, thinks that will work. Just targeting YouTube. Now, if I put one sent in, YouTube generally will estimate it won't spend. So I want two cents in, and I actually get views a little less fan two cents each. Now I target by interest. And while some topics it's desirable to target more broadly, I don't want to target to, specifically because my ads won't show it all then. So what I'm going to do is just put this in on education for this category, and I know that's broad. But again, we're figuring that the actual ads aren't going to do anything to start with, So there's no point in trying to spend a lot of time in the targeting. I want thes adds up is quick as possible, and I want thieve use on it, so it'll rank higher on YouTube. So now I've went and submitted my ad. Generally, the ads will get automatically approved pretty quick. If you use your YouTube channel, you are l. And if you put a YouTube video up that doesn't have any keywords, YouTube considers bad in it there. I've got the new ad campaign right there. You can see this ad campaigns by running for a week. It's got 4000 views, and this is an over our long video So those watch that's are very good. I'm getting a lot off time on that video and that will get me a high ranking organically. And then the organic search results is where I do my work with getting sales and getting great opportunities subscribers and nearly every other desire over action. So the only point of making these ads is to bump your organic search ranking. Think of this is the easiest thing you can do for YouTube s CEO. You just put some ads and get people to watch as many minutes as possible on it. And then your video rank our many organic traffics where you get the rial golden. So I appreciate you watching this showing how to make a you tube video ad campaign, and I hope this is useful for you in getting your videos put into ads. 34. YouTube ads for Udemy course sales: Hands on YouTube advertising tutorial 2015.: Do you want to see how to make an ad on YouTube so that you can sell your you Timmy course or other product? Here's what I've done. First, I've taken my promo video straight from my you to me course here, the same video that's up here that I just made. I've now uploaded it on YouTube. I made a nice course title that is both simple for trying to get search results on you to me and then is clear for providing the value I talk about, you know, me online teaching, success course story, an introduction. And then I go into more detail on you to me with putting you to me in the keywords three times in the beginning to help optimize for search. I then have a code straight to my you Timmy course. And then the my website have been copied by you, Timmy sales pitch verbatim from my course to help optimize for search. I then went through and tagged with all of the most likely you Timmy searches. I put a thumbnail in just showing my course image up here so that you can see exactly what you're getting in the course. summarized in the thumbnail. Now I hit Publish, and then all I need to do is go get the actual video. You are l. So I go into my creator studio and then I go to video manager. And now I right click copy this link address to get my video address. Now I go make an ad, and for this I'm going to make global ads and adds that show in countries where I'm likely to get sales. So I start with you, me instructor, Success Global. And I'll do that $10 a day. And I put this on accelerated. And because of the video short, I'm going to include the Google Display network. The Google Display Network is good for low cost views. And now what I'm going to do is use my you to me course coupon I've got right here. And I'm putting that in as the actual display. U R l So I take off the coupon code and I just put the short link you to me dot com slash instructor. And then I put the full code in right here in the actual link so that it's the same mural. But then it adds a code in, and I want to put W W W in there to make sure there's no problems with you. Two means you are all not working, so I do that easiest by just copy and pasting. So then the u. R L looks exactly the same, and I will take off in display ads because I don't want to use those, and I want to decrease the mobile bid adjustment by 50%. I also want to optimize for conversions and limit this campaign to one impression per day. I don't want to beat people over the head with it, and then in the max costs for view, I put a one and then I will go into keyword targeting and see what YouTube thinks in terms of the keywords. So I'll put you to me and is a key word. But there's not likely going to be many videos, but I can put online classes and then I can start loading up similar things like just teach online and various things like that. So I put these keywords in until I've got enough views that Google thinks it can give me out of this and The idea is, I just want to put in enough keywords where I can get similar things, and I want to watch videos where people are likely to be learning. So especially if I can put something in, like tutorial. I want to catch people who are learning online. So I just go through and put as many things as I can like that in tutorials. And I just keep adding those video tutorials online tutorials, and I just add keywords until Google predicts that the budget will be spent. So I can't even put things in like course. So I wanna make sure I've got enough keywords to guarantee that I will get actual impressions. So I will put more keywords in and then I'll continue with you. So now I've got a good section of key words that should work on the Google Display network . I hit done and I hit save targeting group. Now what I'm going to do before I actually make any more ads is make sure this first ad gets approved. Now my ads consistently do get approved. But one of the worst things I could possibly dio would be to go through, make a bunch of ads in the U. S. And Canada and other countries without verifying first that this original ad gets approved and it generally takes an hour to several hours, especially using a new you're also since I used a new URL on this, I'm going to have to wait a little while before it gets approved. So I made this ad. I will come back in several hours, check on it, and once it gets approved, then I will make a bunch of ads for this in the U. S, Canada, UK, and countries where I'm most likely to get some actual sales out of these ads. So I appreciate you watching this with me, and I hope sharing how I make an ad on YouTube for actual sales is helpful for you. 35. YouTube advertising for direct clicks to sales after making the global campaign.: when you're making you two bads. The first logical step is to just make a global ad to get some views. I've spent $33 on this video, and it's got 3000 views that helps it rank higher, organically, very valuable. Now, if you're doing ads for actual sales, then it makes a lot of sense to try and make some ads in countries where you're likely to actually get sales from. So if you have your sales data to start like I have my sales data broken down by country, I can see which countries to make my ads on. And then all I have to do is set my adds up to run in those countries. So that's what I'm going to do now. I'm matching it with my sales data from Google analytics that have on the other page, and then I'll make a new ad campaign based on country. The easiest way to do that is to just go back to my campaigns, and all I need to do is hit today, so it loads fast. I go to the campaign I want, and actually, I can copy all these because I want to make sales campaigns for all of these. So I'm going to do. I copied all of them and then I'm just going to paste all of them straight in here. Each of these videos promotes one of my you to meet courses, so I want to try sales ads for all of them. Now, the trick is to actually get these ads set up correctly once I've copied them. So I go into the first ad when I need to do is actually edit the ad. And I need to change the landing page on the ad because I don't want it to go to my YouTube channel if I'm going to go for sales. So I need to do is make a custom YouTube code just for sales. And I do that. I'm in my you to meet pricing and coupons is I get link on that copy and paste the link over here and now it's too big to go in the actual display, so I just take out everything except you to me dot com. Then I paste it back in here, and then it works just right. So I've got the u R L in from you to me. So now these will go straight to you to me dot com and that's what I want to do. So I edited this video ad, so I save it. And then I changed the name of the campaign, so I know that it's four sales. So now this ad has to get reviewed again. So when you copy an ad, you want to make sure you get it done right away like that so that it does not go into the approval process before you edited the URL. So the same thing on this one, I'm going to put the same promo code on this. Except I have a different course link. So I need to use the course link on this other video. So I put that on this one and again, I need to just take off the rest of this so it fits, and then I paste it down here and I don't need the https on this one. So I've got the Lincoln right there. Nice good link for YouTube. Same thing here. So then I go to safe and that's edited. And now one more time I go do edit the campaign name. I want this name sales, and then I go to the Facebook marketing one, and I'll use the same code is before, but you can easily use a different promo code to track individual videos. Always a good idea to do that. But for me, I just want to see if this works at all. So I'm not as worried about tracking the individual videos I want to track. Just rather either of them make sales. Then I can go into more detail. So I've changed both of these. So now I changed the campaign again. So I made three new campaigns, and I go back now, none of these air serving. Now I need to edit the actual targeting on all of them to so I can do is click on here. And what I need to do is at it the country targeting. So I'm cross referencing from my Google analytics, so I'm putting the country's in an order of sales. I want the cheapest views. I'd like a us on Lee. One separate because most of my sales air coming in from the U. S. So what I can do is segment this a bit and just put us in on one of these and then I want standard delivery, so it shows all hours of the day. So I've got that set up now and all I need to do then change the bid price because it's not likely to bid successfully at two cents of you in the U. S. So I'll put it up to eight cents and see if it runs there. A double check my targeting. And I got this in business targeting. That should be fine. Now, that's one. So I'll change these out to do a similar thing. And so then I can call this a sales us, and then I can play around with these two. So since I've just made these three, I don't want to go crazy and make a whole bunch. Yet I just want to play around with ease. So I'm going to make this than, uh, top five so that instead of us So I'm testing multiple things out here which speeds up the iterations on this. So I contest the cost per view and I contest the different countries. So now I'm going to do the next countries in sales without the U. S. So then I want based on my sales data, Israel, UK, Canada, and I actually want to exclude combat because I almost never get sales from Quebec. For some reason, Australia and I've got Germany on here also. So these air countries I'm making established sales from so then I save on that. And then same thing. I changed the delivery method to standard because I do accelerated on the global views. And when I want to do is put the cost down and see if I can get a little cheaper than the U . S. Because I'm pretty sure I can in Canada. So I put this down the six cents per view and now I go back to all campaigns. So now I'm testing. These are the same two types of videos here, so they're both Facebook marketing videos. The same course. So I'm testing different countries when I want to see is how does the cost per view and to actually get any sales. So then the next thing I'm going to go here to the uni Instructor one and do global sales and make a much more expansive list of countries under this. So I go in the settings put standard on, and now I want to dig deeper into a lot of the countries that I've got sales on instead of just the US all at it. And I'll put us in here and then I'll go down, import all of these other countries in. So now I've got all of those in one and now have to switch to target out again and put the cost for view toe like eight, which is where I'm hoping around the bottom of it will be. So now I've got three new ad campaign set up when I want to do is see if I can track conversions for this on either of my courses. So the idea is, I've got these videos set up, and now I can use Google AdWords to track actual conversions. And then if I make a sale out of any of these videos, then I can see that. So with all of these ads, it's ideal feeding set up conversion tracking. But the nice thing is, even if I don't make any sales out of any of these videos, I'm still showing ads that are getting all of these videos watched more and from the video's getting watch two more. Then I get a higher organic ranking on my channel. So these ads air guaranteed win no matter what the actual outcome is. But if I can even make any sales on the ads, then that's a really good scenario for me. So that's what I do. I work slowly, one step at a time. The next thing I'll do analyze the data from how these ad campaigns come out, and then from there I will decide what I should do next. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful for you and planning and making your own YouTube ads. 36. YouTube comments and engagement explained why it is valuable for growth.: engagement on YouTube is important to build your community off subscribers and of your most enthusiastic subscribers. Your most enthusiastic subscribers will watch many if not all, of your new videos, plus often be their toe like and dislike them. Engaging with them is very important because you want to always get feedback right away when you upload a new video so you can see on my video manager. Ah, lot of these likes and dislikes on my videos you see over here are often from the most engaged subscribers, so I get likes and dislikes from them immediately. And that's very good feedback, because what I ultimately want to know is, what kind of videos should I make? Do I want to keep making the same type of videos or for like this? I try some video gaming videos, and then my subscribers, especially the regular ones, consistently end up disliking that. But when I make a video like this thes tutorials on Facebook ads, then I get lots of good likes from my existing subscribers and then on some of these videos that don't get watched. His months the subscribers air absolutely key for figuring out what videos are worth making because you ultimately want to make a many good videos as you can. So engagement happens through your community on YouTube and provides very valuable feedback . The main place you can actually interact on YouTube when you're in your creator studio is in your community tab under the comments section. Now a lot of the comments are likely going to make Mawr spam, but that's okay. What you want to do is to interact and try and reply to us many of these as possible. So you can see it's been a few days since I've replied. But if you scroll down far enough, then what I've done is I go through here and I update my comments about once a week. So I try and go through and actually answer as many comments as I can, because this is good not only for engaging with my subscribers, but it's very good for S CEO. So when this activity is happening on Google plus, especially with different peoples Google plus accounts, then it's excellent for S e O. So you definitely especially wouldn't your channels young. You want to use this community tab. Comments go through and click on reply and try and reply to every single person. The worst, the dumber, the negative. The comment is, the bigger the opportunity. You have to make an awesome response that really pleases your subscribers, and that's what you want to do is make a response that your subscribers love and get people to see that you're really there to interact with what is. The worst thing that happens to most people on social media is they get ignored, especially engaging with bigger brand pages and people there are big fan off. How many times is it happening? You where you just love a page or lovely brand? And they never respond to you? I've been able to build a very active, enthusiastic community because people know I will talk back to them, and that's been a big success for me on YouTube is just getting in keeping these comments going as I've shown scrolling down. I've got a lot of comments just in the last week, and these comments are loaded with valuable feedback as to what I can do in my videos that people like what people don't like in my videos and what kind of person is following me. Daniel Bath is from Nigeria, and he has made an excellent example, and I found him primarily through the comments and interacting with them. He is an excellent example of who I'm trying to reach someone around the world, often in a country people ignore when they're trying to create content. Who was very enthusiastic about what I do, who checks every single day to see what new videos I've posted. That's very valuable information. So this is what you get out of doing and interacting with your community on YouTube, especially in the comments. So if you've got a channel up already, go check your community and your comments now see if you actually have anyone there to respond to. I appreciate you watching this. I hope it's been helpful. 37. I try to answer every comment on my YouTube channel. Think 80/20 here!: I try and answer every single comment I get on my YouTube channel. The reason I do that is for the 80 20 principle and because I love what I do, and I want to connect with the people who most love what I do also or who have critical feedback that can help me. So, for example, here's a good in detailed question. If people are willing to spend time to ask questions, these air likely some of the more enthusiastic people watching my channel. I have had millions of views on my channel. I've only had a few 1000 comments. So these are the top 1% of people on my channel. It's very important to respond to these top 1% with a genuine, authentic answer. How many times have you posted comments, questions on social media? And you would have loved to have gotten a response? Well, people love getting a response. If you have a YouTube channel, it's critical. Try and respond to every single comment you get, not just for your love of what you're doing, and not just to get more subscribers, but to provide a genuine interaction with someone who spent time watching your videos, someone who's taken their time to watch what you've created, give them a little something back with the comment. The longer and deeper your comment, the more it can be appreciated. And if you want even more reason to do this, Google Plus notices all these comments. You will get your videos ranked higher on Google when they have interaction. Google wants people watching good YouTube videos and another reason you want to see questions like this, especially where someone's posted critical feedback. You want to be able to learn from what they share. Sean has reinforced points I already had in mind about this video and encouraged me to make sure I don't just leave this up there without putting a better version of it on YouTube. You want to see what people are thinking about your channel and the best comments. When someone shares a very personal comment, it is worth it to take the time to share very personal response. When you share yourself honestly and openly on social media, the best options you usually have will be to genuinely connect with people for riel, not trying to put on a face, but to provide a genuine, honest response. You have the chance to inspire someone. You have the chance to just be yourself without worrying about what people think. I know there's lots of opportunities for fear. Well, what if this happens? What if that happens? 99.9% of the time? That won't happen, and the other 0.1% of the time, you won't be able to have prepared for it fully. So I just try and go through an answer. All the questions as best I can. If you can see it takes a lot of effort, the bigger your channel gets to go through an answer and respond to everyone I'm scrolling down. These are all just within the week, and I've tried to go through and respond to all of these. Now, sometimes I miss some of these follow up discussions. What the easiest response to give is just a thank you. So at a bare minimum, you want to try and go through and see I miss this comment. If you want to go through now, check your YouTube comments and try and respond to each one of them if you have any. If you don't have any. I plan on being willing to respond to the comments. Often you'll find what you're trying to do in life produces a lot of unexpected results. So I just wanted to make a huge YouTube channel. I didn't realize how many comments I would then have on that channel. So no matter where you're at, you always will have work to do. The bigger your channel gets, you literally could spend 10 or 15 hours a week responding to YouTube comments. If you make a huge channel that can make you enough money to make a full time job, you might be willing to respond to those comments if you could get paid. But the thing is, you aren't likely to get paid until you've responded to a lot of comments already. So if you want to get paid to make videos on YouTube, go through and respond to all those comments or at least most all the comments. As you can see, I've done back through the last several weeks on my channel and you can get your most active fans engaged because most of the views on your videos will come from the same people watching them. You want to really cater towards that top 1 to 10% of your audience who will sit there and watch every single video you make. You can find out who that is. Get to know them, learn what they want you to do. And much more than that, all in the YouTube comments to get to the YouTube comments. You go to the Creator studio, you click on your name and you go to your creator studio and then they are the default thing. When you click on community, comments come up now. Messages. YouTube's retiring them messages are no longer something that is an area of interaction on YouTube. So you want to focus on comments and answer those comments as best you can. Thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been useful for you. 38. How to add your biggest YouTube fans to a Google plus circle with three clicks: for engaging with your fans and getting your videos ranked high. Google Plus helps a lot because Google plus often integrates directly with YouTube comments , which then Google counts a social sharing and will likely rank your video higher. Well, in order to grow your circles on Google, plus is often quite time consuming. However, Google offers a really cool function where you can add all of your biggest fans straight into your Google plus circles. So what I'm saying is when you're on Google plus like, over here, I'll show you my Google plus page so I can share on Google. Plus, I can share all these things that create on my website, and I can get people off of my YouTube channel into my Google plus circles, which helps massively with consistently growing my brand and my S CEO and my YouTube channel all on Google. So you get there by going to the community on your YouTube channel. When you're in your creator studio, then you go down insights. Then Google will offer you a top YouTube fans circle, and you always want to use this on. What's cool is you can also directly share or create with this circle to get more connected with those people. So I'm grateful. I already have 325 people in this circle now. Not all of the mad me back, and that's fine. All I care about are getting as many people in this circle is possible. But the rial sweetness of this is Google has 156 new suggestions for me, so all I have to do is click on view, and then I go to the Google Plus Page, showing me all of my fans that it recommends for this circle. Now all I have to do is click this one little button, add to circle, and then I click OK, and Google circles, all of them at once. So you can imagine in social media whenever you can do powerful things like that, where you can add ah, 150 people to a circle at once when you can take those bulk actions, especially on Google. Plus it's gigantically helpful. So the idea is, you check this insights tab within the community once every month or so, and you just keep doing that. You just keep building mawr and more people in this circle. And then what happens when you look at my Google Plus? Then if you look at my profile, more people keep circling me all the time. And especially from that biggest fans. Those air people that Google knows are the most interactive with my channel in those people , the most likely to circle me. So I've now got 357 followers on Google Plus, which in the Google Plus world is pretty decent. The idea. I want to be able to share all of my links on my website and share everything I create my new you Timmy courses with that core group on Google Plus, especially because I already need to do it for S e O anyway. So why not have them there on Google Plus Two, a very helpful feature, Google offers one you definitely want to take advantage of. So thank you for learning about how to add your top fans to a Google plus circle and then the benefits of that. I appreciate your time here, and I hope this has been useful 39. YouTube viral video creation fast tutorial and overview.: Do you want to see how to make a viral video on YouTube in a very hot trending topic from start to finish? Here's exactly how to do that. I'm doing it right now on the new call of duty. Advanced warfare, XO zombies. I'm putting my video up, which is about an hour long. I've went through and done everything on it right now to give you a little bit of background or what? I mean, So here's two examples of when I did this before and I mainly just did it to test out and see. Could I do it? Wolfenstein a new order game Play Xbox one. Got it right up there. Number two in this very competitive term, and it has the lowest amount of views that is in the top five, and it's number two, and this video's up against heavy hitters. Same thing on Destiny one. I managed to get destiny. An Xbox one up there, got thousands of views, got my video viral. It got a bunch of free views right away, and you can use thes same things. I'm showing you in this video to do this on any video game trending topic or niche you want to get into on YouTube. If you're trying to do something timely, this is exactly perfect for it. But this will work even better if you have evergreen content. So here's what I did. I first filmed the video, and I'm up loading it now. You want to do that as well ahead of time as you can plan if you're doing something that may require repeat filming like a video game. I filmed all of my different shots individually, so I made each game individually. No commentary. And then I recorded it on my mic on my Ira ghd while I watched it in Camp Tasia Studio. Then I dropped the audio in right here and saved it together than uploaded it to YouTube. I uploaded it to YouTube with all the keywords that I'm planning to put in a title, including spelling game. Polite properly, I put that is the file name, so that helps Maximize S CEO. I then went through and wrote a hell of a description and tried to both right it useful and keywords stuff it with everything related to this video, answering very specific questions in the video so that the description is useful all by itself, and it's got a lot of niche keywords in it. Like if people search for who are the actors in the new zombie DLC map that I've got that if they search for these very specific terms, my video has that, So YouTube's likely to pull it up more often. Then when I can do that, I haven't done yet. I want to actually include all of my links on the bottom of it, so that's what I'll do. All I have to do to do that is going to another window. I go over to my existing home channel video, and then I can just edit that, and I've already done the links in it before, So if anywhere else you've already done the links, then you can just pull them off of an existing video. So I've already got some good links on here so I can just grab those and I just want to stick them in the bottom down here because the video should have good link side on it so that I've got links to my you Timmy courses and I've took out a couple of irrelevant links and subscribe to my YouTube channel is in down here, too. So I've got good links and at the bottom, it's good to have links in your video. So I've got several in there to my website, another page on my website and to my channel with the subscribe button. So doing all that, then I've shared it on social media when it goes live, and I've got a custom thumbnail I did down here for it to, so that it will have a thumbnail that sticks out is very noticeable. Just a couple of words on it. X zombies with one of the actual characters from it. I went kitchen sink on the tags. I dumped all of the exact specific tags, and I put in the relevant games, the relevant video game systems and related things, especially if you can throw a little short tags and sometimes you will search for WR instead of world record. Very helpful. So I uploaded that. I got it all of it here and then I'm creating ads for it and launching it live. So that's how you do it. I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this is helpful in seeing exactly how to do this 40. YouTube viral video launch day 2 reviewing the ad campaign and initial views.: So here's a review of the initial results of what I've done after showing you how I set up this video yesterday. So today videos got 35,000 views, now mostly from ads, but thousands of organic views already 22 lights on it. Zero dislikes. I'm very grateful. That's really good stats for a video getting started and comments on it, sharing that it's one of the only good videos on the topic. That's awesome. I'm grateful that the fans have received it that way, and I've been ambitious. I've been taking a bit of a risk. I've put this video out there so it'll get high enough now to rank organically. And it probably hasn't had much time to get organic traffic because the ads just went up in the middle of the night. So if you see, I've spent $579 advertising this video already, and I turned the budget down to 50 a day from 2 50 a day in YouTube ads, put 33,000 of those views on it and dumped a ton of minutes watched Intuit. 13% watched all 50 minutes of the video, so you know I've got an average watch time of probably close to 10 minutes on the video, which is really good. That's how it'll rank high. You can see it's got around 2000 organic views already, and considering the ads probably didn't get it up there until the middle of the night. The rial opportunity to see how it performs starts today, and I can't see much more in depth on the analytics, and I know this is scary. You're looking like, Oh my God, I wouldn't spend that. I can't spend that If you want to get yourself out there, it involves taking risks. Sometimes you've got to put yourself out there if you're trying to get to be a big journalist or you're just trying to get some recognition or you want to get paid to play video games or you're trying to get your brand noticed. If there is a timely opportunity, you've got to go for it. And sometimes that might mean spending $500 on YouTube ads to push your video up high enough in the search results to give you a chance. What I've done is get my video in the door. This gets my video in the door. It gets it in with all of the biggest channels in the world on the topic gets up on, and now it's as if I've got my video in the ring. I can see how it will stand up and lots of my other videos. I did the same thing I learned. I learned I learned and keep going. So this an interpretive process. I've spent more each time I've done this also. So on the other ones I spent maybe three or 400. And then on the 1st 1 I spent a couple 100. So I consistently scale it up a little bit as I learned to make better videos based on feedback. So the learning is very valuable in this. You might think while that's crazy, you on Lee spent $200 so far on your Facebook ads video. Well, the thing with that is, I'm continually spending the money on that, so I'm going to leave the ads running for that for a lot longer. Where's this? Zombies Videos. Mostly done. I'll probably turn the ads off tomorrow or the day after, so I've spent most all of the money up front to get it ranked high. That's the thing with when I'm sharing with you in this YouTube course. Doing these kind of things are giving me the best chance to continue to grow and build an exceptional YouTube channel. And there's always risk involved in the things you do. Ah, guy work with Jordan. He started his business by buying several $1000 of websites on flipping. He had a very successful business running AdSense websites, and now he's changing to a different business model. That's the thing. If you want to be big on YouTube, you've got to start out with ads today because there's too many other channels that are already big. That will blot you out from ever being seen, especially in the video gaming world. So I hope this has been inspirational on useful for you. I like to show that I lead by example on everything I will not ever tell you to do something I wouldn't do myself. So that's what I'm sharing with you. Here's what I'm doing that's working and how that's progressing. So thank you for watching this, and I hope this has been helpful for you and seeing what your best chance is to get a video up there in the organic search rankings and get your video viral on YouTube. 41. Filming videos in 1080p HD easy with Camtasia Sutdio: How do I use Camp Tasia 10 80 p screen capture Recording from start to finish. This has been challenging for me in producing my videos, and I hope by sharing my system for recording and capturing my screen in 10 80 p that it can help you own. I've struggled a lot to get my videos down into a good format and a system so that I can quickly record high quality content fast and then cheer it with you. So to get started, here's who I am, Jerry Banfield. You can get tons of free things on my website and you can look at my you to meet courses to get the very best of what I have for you. My YouTube channel has tons of videos on it that are really helpful. So let me show you exactly how I make all this with Camped Asia. So first on my desktop, I have a Camp Tasia icon. So I opened Camp Tasia Studio up and then I hit record the screen. Now this little screen recording pops up on my second monitor and you can see that I'm recording this live for you right now. So once I've finished recording it for you. Then I hit. Stop and then I will show you what happens after that. And I actually have to break this into two videos so that I can show you editing the original part of it into 10. 80 p. So as soon as I hit the stop button, then this window comes up to save an edit. Now, this is kind of funny. I actually have to use some work arounds making this video because I'm using the software to show you doing it live. So as soon as I hit the end button the stop button, then this came up to saving edit. So then I hit saving edit. I have camped. Asia puts the capture in a location and I hit save. And then this window comes up and you can see the default editing dimensions are 1920 by 10 80 which is 10 80 p Now. That was hard for me to get right originally, because I searched a lot on the Web on how to get the editing dimensions to come up like that. The problem is, whenever I imported with another medium, the default editing dimensions would go to 7 20 So I want them to be 10. 80. So I am showing you exactly how I figured out how to do that now. So then the next part of this is to edit the audio because in the audio, I'm likely tohave noise in the audio in the background. So what I want to do is enable noise removal, and then I go into manual noise training on selection. I select this beginning part. I manually train on that and then I play it back to make sure it didn't make meal ai sounding. How do I used Fantasia? Okay, so that sounds pretty good. So once I've got that done, then when I do is going and produce this. So right now I'm just reading it it. But what I want to do is click, produce and share, and now I don't know that there's a way to change this. But here's what I want. I want the MP four only in the editing dimensions, which is 10 80 p. So I do that. Then I hit next, and then I have to put this into a fuller I UN click produced files in the sub folders because I don't want a whole bunch of different files coming in and folders created so that I just create this so camped Asia studio tutorial and I hit, finish and note that I'm actually using snag it to capture this process in the second part of this video. Because the way I normally do it with Cam Tasia, I can't do this on Camped Asia while I'm showing you how to do it. So I'm showed you starting with Camped Asia. And then when I had to edit it, I split into snag it. So what I will do, then all I have to do, I'll show you what I have to do in order to get the snag it video in there too. And what's cool is for you. If you're using anything else to screen capture in tandem, then you can see how to add that in there. So now you can see the videos done. It's in 10. 80 p and I hit finish. And so now the question is OK. If I want to add another clip into this, how do I do that? So I'm actually going to save this. What? I've just done with you and added in to show you how I do that. Now I'm adding the media in that I just actually created with you, which is really cool. So I used snag it, which is another product by Text Smith, the same company that makes Camp Tasia Studio. And I bought a package to get them all together. But the cool thing is, so I showed you this first part in Camp Tasia M Tasia is ideal for recording the screen and then editing it in producing it. But snag, it's helpful for little things like this where I wanted to show you how to use Camp Tasia while I was using it, so I couldn't really record at the same time. So now I can easily put this snag it video in the editing dimensions are already 1920 by 10 . 80. Because this original video I brought in using Camped Asia is in the correct editing dimensions already. And now I have the file. I showed you live that I created. So if you scroll down here, you can see you just watched this part of the video. And here it is in here for me to edit. And what I can do now is go and do noise removal again on this part and make sure that I've got the noise removal down for this part of the clip to. And then I go back in and play it to make sure it didn't make me sound weird. That sounds good. So now I've got two clips right here from start to finish, and you can recognize that was the first part. And then I broke right here When I clicked Stop on this part. I switched to snag it to show you the editing in Camp Tasia. And now this video shows you everything I just did. And one more time I'll show you how to produce this part of it. So then I go, you can either go and file, or you can go in produce and share. And now, since the last time, it's in MP for Onley already by default. But if you need to change it, MP for only right there I hit next. I'm just going to leave this in the folder. Kim Tasia Tutorial full. Well, I'm not gonna actually do full because then I will put this in, so I'll do part two. I hit finish now will render the video and then when the video's done, is going to play it. So this is so much easier than the nightmare I was doing before. I used to use audacity, which is very good audio editing, but I used to use snag it to capture the screen than use audacity to edit the audio and then put that together and windows Mooney, a moviemaker man that took a long time. All this time I had camped Asia Studio. But the reason I used the other ways that I understood how to do it that way this way took a little bit toe learn. Well, today I finally figured out exactly what the problem was, and now I fixed it. I wanted my videos to come out in 10 80 p, and I didn't want them to come out all pixelated or having slightly off size funds. So that's what I've solved with this here. So now you can see I just again took a separate format from snag it and put it in two this format right here that you see from what I just did before. So now I combine two together and if you have audio and video you want to combine together , you can do things like that too. So I hope this tutorials been helpful for you is taking me a long time of painful learning as with most things to get this simple system up so you can use this simple system. I've just shown you to use Camped Asia to record the screen at it in full HD and then produce the videos and MP four and then you can upload them to anything you want from there . I hope this has been helpful. And I appreciate the time you spent with me. Today. If you want to see more of what I've created, just go to Jiri banfield dot com. You can see I have a ton of things on my website. Just a ridiculous amount of things on my website. Most all of these our 2000 plus word posts just gigantic value in them and then you can also see things like this are quite common where I have a post with a matching video and I have you to meet courses up here that the U to me. Courses show you a lot more on how to go into everything. They have exclusive content and they're filled with things that are meant to help you through the best of what I know. So thank you for watching this. And I hope to see you soon on my website, YouTube channel, and you to me courses. 42. My new filming system using iPhone with iRig HD mic + screen capture software.: for filming videos. It's important to have a system that works really well to make high quality audio, especially and to do screen capture. Now what I do is when I'm showing you exactly in the lectures in this section of the course . So one way I do it is to straight up use camp. Take a screen capture with my mike that I have connected to my computer. But that doesn't always work good. Sometimes sometimes the audio doesn't come out good. So I've got another way. I do it that the audio consistently comes out excellent that I'm showing you here right now . And if you'll take note, the main thing in this section is to have multiple methods to record so that no matter what's going on or where you're at or what you're doing, you can record successfully now. Step one. I have a screen capture program camped Asian. This is what it looks like, but the important thing is you can substitute nearly any screen capture program into this system and use it with almost any free editing software to put your audio and video together. That's what's really cool about this strategy, so I start with the screen capture program. I use Camped Asia, but you'll notice the Webcams off and the audio is off on this. I'm actually Onley recording the screen. I'm not recording the actual audio in Camp Tasia. So then you wonder. Ok, well, how are you recording the audio? Well, that's a good question. So I'm filming this course right now with you on YouTube or this might even be in another course by now. What I'm actually doing is using the I rig Mike HD plugged into my iPhone because the audio quality comes out really good that way compared to using my computer, Mike, even and especially compared to plug in the IRA again of the computer. For some reason, the I rig does not work as well. With the computer, it gets distorted. So instead of trying to fight it, I just work around it. And the easiest thing to do when you're filming is just do what does work, get feedback from people? I found out my mike I was using before echoed a lot. So I'm using this new system. So when I use the eye rig Mike HD and you can see I purchased this on December 24th and then you can go over here and C. I also bought a foam windscreen to put on it, which helps a lot. And then what I do is I plugged the I rig HD Mike into my iPhone, and as soon as I hit start on the camp Tasia to start recording, I hit start on the voice recorder on the iPhone at the same time. So what I'm doing is recording the audio Onley in the iPhone on my rig Mike HD, and then I'm using screen capture to record the actual picture. So the cool thing is, you can use this with almost any screen capture program. And just by having an iPhone with the IRA gauge D mike. And then, when I do is I use Evernote premium to share the file over on the voice recorder. When the voice recorders, I click done. Then there's a share option. I click share straight to Evernote. Then it goes into Evernote that all have to do sink. Ever note on my iPhone with my desktop, I pulled the file off of Evernote, and then when I do is I bring the audio up into Camp Tasia and dropped audio in on here. So I've got the audio recorded. I just hit record and then stop and produce it on Camp Tasia than the screen is on the bottom and then the audio tracks on the top. So this is my preferred method for doing straight screen capture, because I know the audio is going to be good. When I recorded through my eye rig ht Mike and do it through my iPhone, I know the computers not going to distort the audio. And then when I put the audio together, it sounds really good. I also record still using what I showed you in filming just with Camped Asia Studio. And that works, too. But if you find a system, any system you can put together that consistently works for you minimal friction to produce good quality videos than just do it. Keep doing it and you can always try new things on the sign. So I hope this lectures been helpful for you in giving you some ideas on how you can film beautiful 10 80 p HD videos with excellent quality audio. Using almost any software set up 43. Why I upload videos 1 to 3 at a time and try to do it each day.: are you wanting to know how to get his many videos uploaded on you? YouTube channel is possible. Here's something that is a little trick I use that helps me get many more videos uploaded. It is to not leave videos unpublished on my channel. So if you'll note all of my videos when I scroll down are published any time I've put a bunch of videos up at once, I tend tohave a bunch of unpublished videos. And then it is a big roadblock to me, putting more videos up so a You don't want to upload a bunch of videos at once. You can see on days like yesterday actually uploaded to videos, but most days I just upload one or two videos at a time. The days have uploaded a bunch of video start to feel unmanageable. They start to feel like there's a ton of work, and then my YouTube channel gets all backed up. I start feeling guilty that I haven't finished my videos, and it discourages me from uploading Mawr videos. So if you want to have a successful YouTube channel, upload one or two videos every single day or of the other day and then publish them immediately. If you have to make them a little bit half fast or they're not just perfect fresh CEO, what is description is not just perfect. That's okay. Just get the videos actually uploaded and published on YouTube, even if the video is not perfect. Like I wanted a better Easter egg video here, I wanted a better video with commentary on these two zombies videos, and they're not perfect. But I at least got them uploaded. Just getting them uploaded makes a big difference. It's better to put any video all on your channel than to put no video on your channel. You can always delete videos that are crappy. You can always delete or edit certain things from the titles, descriptions or tags. You can change thumbnails if you don't like it. The bottom line is, it's much better to have something than nothing. And it's much better to do a little bit every day than it is to have big periods of time where you don't do anything. One of the big reasons for this is the views you get from subscribers. So if I go to traffic sources and you see the subscriber views. You'll notice my subscriber views tend to be pretty consistent, and these air some of your most valuable views because these are from subscribers that already like your videos and give you free traffic. So your note. I'm getting 80 to 100 ish views a day for my subscribers. Well, the thing is, if you have periods where you don't get new videos uploaded, your views from subscribers will drop and you do not want your views from subscribers to drop. So if I show you the last 365 days, you'll note, I pretty consistently have views from subscribers every single day. And you'll note at some points. When I didn't upload a lot of videos, my subscriber views took a big dive. You'll note the more videos I uploaded them or views I have from subscribers. And you look a year ago when I wasn't up loading that many videos and I didn't have as many subscribers a lot less views. So the idea is to keep up loading MAWR videos all the time, consistently so that your subscribers always have mawr. You don't want to do big bulk up loads on your channel. I've done this several times. I've put 10 20 videos on it once your subscribers get overwhelmed and you get overwhelmed. So just do what you can see me doing here to videos yesterday, a video the day before a day without one video that I put up a little imperfecta, not quite the way I wanted it. But I've still got 184 free views on its six like so it's a lot better than nothing again. Then the day before I did one. I missed a couple days. I did a big one right there. And then a day before that, I did one. I missed a few days, and I'm still working to get more videos uploaded quicker. You can see I consistently upload new videos every few days. My subscribers consistently have new videos to watch and even up loading three videos at a time. Get to be a bit of a chore, so consistently upload new videos all the time. Just one or two a day. If you say How hard is it to just do one or two videos a day? It's not that hard, but if you think about doing a bunch at once. It gets really hard. So this is my up loading strategy for YouTube that works for me to get the most new videos uploaded on a daily basis and to not get a backlog of videos I need to publish. So this is something I haven't seen it on and other YouTube courses as much. So you want to consistently upload with your YouTube channel. So thank you for watching this, and I hope it's been helpful for you in deciding how to plan your YouTube marketing strategy. 44. How to handle copyright claims and avoid getting flagged for copyright.: How do you deal with copyright notices on your YouTube videos? So here's the one video I have that's had a copyright notice. Copyright notices usually come from music in your videos. This video was filmed on a zombies map where I played a song that popped up on copyright notice Copyright notice. As you'll see, I can't show ads on this and I cant download this video. It makes it very inconvenient and not ideal to use it all. So on this video, people have washed it and it's got some like so I just left it up. Usually if I get a copyright notices soon as I uploaded, I didn't notice this one right when it came up, and it was one of the first ones I had. What I will do is just find where the copyright issue is in the video. So you can see here. It tells me exactly which point I have the content in there. So what I will do is go back into my video, all deleted off YouTube after I figure out where it is, and then I will go in here to edit the video in Camp Tasia or whatever software I'm using to edit the video, and I will silence that part of the audio track so that then I can re upload the video and it won't get a copyright notice. So, as you can see, when I click on my videos and I'll search for other origins videos, I've made a bunch of videos that did not have copyright notices. So I learned my lesson after this 1st 1 And then I went in here and made new videos that do not have copyright notices, because when I uploaded him and a copyright notice popped up, then I found where it was and silenced the audio in that portion of the video. And when I knew that would happen beforehand. Eventually, by the end of these three, I just figured out where the music was before, out bloated. It's silence that section, and then no copyright notice came up. So on this one, same thing before I even uploaded the video, I didn't want a copyright issue, so I found an remembered when I filmed it, kind of where it was. Then I went in and silence the audio on it. Now you can do the same thing. If you're in the game, you can just turn the game sound off. But in some of the things you're going to do, songs will pop up. If you learn exactly where the song pops up, then you can figure out where you're likely to get a copyright notice in the video. You can then deleted, immediately edited, re uploaded with no copyright problems. And then you'll be able to use AdSense or anything else to monetize your videos or use the editor anything you want. That is possible so you don't want a lot of copyright notices on your account because there's a little good standing option here, and you want to be in good standing on the copyright in community guidelines. So one or a few copyright things will not give you a problem all by itself, especially if you get your account verified. But you don't want to have a lot of copyright violations on your account, because then some of these green features you see here like monetization like fan funding can get disabled, and you don't want to get anything disabled on your account by YouTube. So you do your best. Keep all these things green. And the best way to do that is just to see when you get a copyright notice. Delete the video immediately off YouTube, silence audio and re uploaded. So I hope this quick section on how to deal with copyright and how to avoid getting hit with copyrights been helpful. 45. YouTube live streaming launched my first viral video! See how to get started.: one big opportunity. You have to be successful on YouTube and more generally with your videos online. It is called live streaming or live events. A live event is where you actually broadcast live, the same as you might have watched a live sport on TV or even online. When you broadcast live, you have the potential to reach and engage audiences in a new level. The demand for online live video is growing rapidly, which is why YouTube is added the new live events section on the website. How you have to have set up this on your profile. You have to enable live events, and you have to agree to YouTube's terms and conditions for live events. And you also need to have a verified profile. So I'll show you where the link is to that right now. So here is the information for live streaming on YouTube. What you need to do is have your account enabled for live streaming, so you can literally go to this link. Https youtube dot com Live underscore Streaming underscores Sign up. You go straight to that, and if you've got it enable that will take you to live events. If you don't. You have to have a channel in good standing, you apply for it, and then Google will give you the chance to do live streaming. So once you have live events set up, then you can create and make videos that will upload straight on your channel. This has been very successful for me in making viral videos. My best videos in terms of views. About half of them were live events. So if you noticed this one that you've seen in the course before, this was a live event. If you scroll up farther, these were all live events. Also consistently successful getting organic views on YouTube. Live events have an advantage if you have us established. Channel, especially YouTube, gives you options to put a notification on all of your videos to funnel people into the live event. And what I'm seeing a lot of now are people that are going to create a new live event, and what they do is use a Google plus hang out. That's what I did to make the live events I showed you before you use Google plus hangouts on air to make the event you go live and then it's automatically added to your channel. Not only that, but then you can send people the link to the Google plus event in it, which is really good for S E O. And it's much better than using something like Go to Webinar, which I used several times to do. Webinars The thing is, go to Webinar gives me no long term s CEO benefits no long term benefits for my channel. I advertised the live events you see below here as well as then the video afterwards and you can see this video then did very well on my channel. It got hundreds of thousands of views and that has been a huge success for me. So if you wanna have that same kind of opportunity, you can see right here. This is the Video Analytics in the last 28 days, this video was uploaded a year and 1/2 ago. It got 1600 views free in the last month, and it's got 100 and 29,000 views. Lifetime. It's not even that good of quality. So live events have huge potential on YouTube. So you definitely want to go to video manager if you don't see live events set up their use that link. Youtube dot com slash live Underscore streaming underscore Sign up. And now I know this may not be available in every single country, but I do know it's available in my country and do us and many others. What you can do is an alternative is used another streaming platform like twitch to it, boost or increase your streaming abilities in addition to YouTube. And you can also use a local streaming platform. If you watch someone else's live stream videos on another platform, then you can use that. But what I've done is mainly YouTube, and I've gotten a lot of my channel growth by doing live events. So I challenge you to figure out a way to do a live event on your channel to create one of your next viral videos. Have you been wanting to do a webinar? Have you been wanting to just sit down and talk about something? Reach out to existing audience, try having a live event, and as you'll see in the videos that follow, make sure you get everything tested out beforehand. Live events can be tricky to get right The easiest type of live event is to do a Google plus hang out. If you try and do an advanced where your streaming a game or something, it can be challenging. So this is the live events feature on YouTube, extremely helpful for making viral videos and extremely helpful for the long term growth of your channel. 46. How to setup your first live event or live stream on YouTube.: one of the newest methods for getting tons of views and attention online is live event viewing, especially on video games. Things like Twitch have gotten very popular, especially off of live events. So what you want to be able to do is know how to make a live event on your YouTube channel . Here's how you do it so you can go to video manager. And then there's a live events tab if your account is in good standing and if you have everything set up right, which there shouldn't be too much to do. But I know in mind I've got live events, so this should be there on yours if your accounts in good standing now what I want to do is create a new live event. Tomorrow I'm going to try one of these live events on my channel. I'm going to try when the new zombie map releases for call of duty, Advanced Warfare. Try doing a live event on my channel to see what people think of it in to see how it works . I would love to be able to do more live events on my channel because I have the advantage of getting all the people actively watching my channel into the live event with the advanced settings promote through featured content when event is live. So you have the settings on this page that you can drive all of the people into actually interacting with you in an event. Very good thing to try. I've done some live streaming on twitch, not too much twitch dot TV, and I've seen a lot of other people who have had big success with having a live stream audience. So I'm going to try that, too, and this is where you do it. It's just like setting up a YouTube video in terms of getting the information up. So there's the title, and then you've got the description. You've got the key words, and then you've got the message you can share a Google plus, and then you can need to do a quick one using Google hangouts. Or you could do a custom one that has more encoding options. So if you have something like I'm doing tomorrow, that is going to be a live stream with the new zombie map release, and I've got hours scheduled for it, and these things are very important for me to be able to test out how things work on YouTube so I can use them for my business to You want to try and do it before the actual events live. Same is doing a webinar or anything else similar. You want toe test it out to make sure everything works once you've got it all set up before your audience actually is sitting there watching. So I did a video before and I thought I had the commentary on and then three hours of video . No commentary on it looks so you want to test this out beforehand. So what you can do is just create an event here and do it like that. So that's what I'm going to do. I will just create a quick title and description. I will run through the advanced settings with you, and then I will click, create an event. I will get this event started at 9 a.m. And just run it for a little while. I want to see how the entire event comes out for Riel, so I'm going to actually play the zombie maps on the day before. Test this out and make sure it actually comes out right, So I'm going to do exactly what I'm sharing with you to do. So this is your opportunity to test out a live event, and you might be able to make your next viral video out of doing it this way. I believe live events upload straight on YouTube, so it's a lot faster than trying to stream something on your own or recorded on your own and then upload it. So if you've got something time sensitive, that's very important, And what then you can do is advertise it or make whatever else you want to out of it. So I'm going to make this event and then finish it off and show you what happens when I hit . Create an event. Now you can see I've went through and added the description and the basic info, the same as I would for a regular YouTube video. I've set up my Google Plus to share, and now I go into advanced settings. I want to enable live chat. Live chat is where I can actually interact with people while they're watching. Very cool on a switch, my category to gaming. Put the recording date on today. Make video stats available out comments. Users can view ratings enable DVR so that people can go back. Very good idea, broadcast delay, the amount you see in the player and the amount the viewer seem introducing. The delay helps ads inserted, but I'm not running ads. So then I'm not going to worry about putting a delay on it. And I can put this on my channel page when the events live and I can promote through featured content. But however five something like a webinar want to do in the future, then I could put it as early as a week beforehand. So this will be an opportunity for me to test out some cool stuff on my channel when I'm going to do. Right now, it's 8 24 AM I created two started at nine, and I'm going to give this a test run to see how it comes out. And I'm not clicking on modernization. Then when I do is I click create event, and now what YouTube can let me know is how exactly I can get an actual video feed in here . So what? I have time to do now is figure out how I can get my as U two calls it ingestion settings. Oh, that's not a good way to do it. So what I can do then is select a bit rate and get an actual image working on my life stream. So, what I've got already I've got my Delgado game capture HD. I've got it over here. So then when I want to do is set that up so that YouTube will create the stream in there. So when I want to do is do this test l llegado game capture h d and then I can just put the title in there and what it says on my bit rate on here is 5.5. So I should be able to run it in this window and I hit save changes and now I've got it in here. But what I have to do is set up a way to actually get it in right now. I don't have anything. I'm actually streaming in here Now. YouTube has a program called wire cast, and that might work good. But I'd rather do is try and see if I can get it's straight in there from what I'm actually using. So the nice thing is, I've found exactly where the setting is. So if I go to my Ogando game capture HD and I click on the little live streaming button, then it's got the event set up right here. So all I have to do is click start streaming to that. How sweet is that? So that's a nice thing when you're doing this for video game. Capturing now at the same time, you could always just use your camera to do this. If you're trying to do a webinar or you could use any other kind of thing you've got set up for, you could set up a screen capture. But however you do it, this is how you get your live events set up on YouTube, and then what I'll do is let you know how this actually went, and eventually I will continue to provide more details on how to set up different kinds of events. So if you want to set up some kind of video game streaming or streaming from another device like a TV, then this Delgado game capture HD works really good for that and it's in my filming equipment set up, and the coolest thing is you could theoretically even watch something on TV. Now you might have copyright issues, but you could still watch it and comment on it. Live and do. That is a live event. So there's all kinds of cool things you can do with this, potentially. So thank you for watching this. And I hope this has been helpful in showing you up how to set up a live stream on YouTube. 47. Getting the live stream for a video game started with elgato game capture HD.: on my L Godel game Capture HD. Here's how I start the stream first, I've got to get everything set up and I want to enable live commentary, which is using this microphone. And then when I do, I have all the rest of it set up and configured already. I get the title in there and I click on live streaming. And then I have advanced Warfare X zombies right here and I hit. Start streaming and I make sure it gets sink. Tup. They're so I click. Start streaming. I actually had a little error. I had to work through It said the event was invalid, so I had to go back through and creating event. And thankfully, it had my previous version. I typed while recording this before saved, so I was able to go back and click on the created event again. So the live streaming you definitely want to get everything good and tested, and then you can do things like turn on live commentary like I've got now. So this is my livestream test, and then when I want to do is figure out exactly what it's looking like and how it's working on YouTube. So I want to go to live control room and it says I'm live, so that's good. So this is a nice setting. You can see I'm in the live control room now. I've got the event set up. I've got the event settings right here. I've got it connected with my Delgado game capture HD and YouTube says in the live control room, everything's working. Okay, It says, I've been going on for a minute now. So since this is just a test, what I want to do is just try this and see how it actually works. And what I will actually do is create another event and then try and stream that for Riel and see how that goes. 48. Challenges: YouTube export error setting up my live stream. Twitch lagging.: If you want to do live streaming, make sure you've done everything you can beforehand to make sure everything's working. You can see right here when I did this test Livestream video to YouTube. What's happening is the frame rates going really slow? It's not actually working. You, too, messed up the render somehow, which happened inthe e forums. Also, a lot of other people are saying that happened. So live streaming tends to be filled with a lot of technical glitches and difficulties. You have to have absolutely everything working right in order to get your live stream done . So I also have the option to do my live stream on twitch and twitch. Seems like a good place to do a live stream. You can easily export it from YouTube there. The problem is my life stream on twitch. I just did. I had to put the band with quality down a lot lower in order to do these. And then I got zero views on my broadcast with Twitch. So I have a bigger audience already on YouTube, and if you're on YouTube, it might not make sense to just switch over to twitch right away. If you don't have an audience because it's hard to get started. And then I kept having the load. I saw my broadcast. Even it three megabits went really slow on twitch, so it takes patients to get live streaming, set up correctly if it won't work right away. There's so many different things involved in doing it just right, so just playing out to try a little bit of a time to see if it actually works for you, and then you can try and scale up there. So don't try and plan anything too much before you've tested it out on a smaller scale with very low emotional investment. So I appreciate you watching this and hope sharing the things that have went wrong with me trying to set up my live streaming will be useful for you and understanding that live streaming may take some effort to get set up when working just right, but that it is a huge opportunity based on who is actually watching the millions of people that are watching live streams online 49. Copyright strikes on YouTube: how to follow up and appeal.: What can you do if one of your YouTube videos gets flagged? Four copyright. I will share what I've done with you and continue to update you on my channel as I go through the process. First, let me say having this just happened to me. The copy, right? Standing hurts. If you see your account under status and features and you see bad standing with copyright strike, it hurts. You're liable to be paced off, frustrated, sad, hurt or just raving angry. I had a huge emotional response out of this. And I hope what I can share with you is that that is the single worst part of this is the emotional response that comes with it. It hurts. I've had a YouTube channel over four years now, and it really hurts to get a copyright strike to know that someone went in and took the time to try and destroy my YouTube channel because of something they didn't like in one of my videos. It hurts, and I'd love to know what I could do not to have it happen again in the future. The thing is, I don't know almost anything about what I did. I talked about a person. Basically, that's what I did. So I only thing I can think not to do is talk about them. What I'll show you is what to do next to try and get through this so you'll see. Submit a counter notification on here. That's what you want to do now. You might want to wait a little bit on doing that. If you're really mad or frustrated, you might want to try and cool off a little bit because you Onley have around 80 characters in the counter notification. So here's the basics from YouTube, and then what you want to do is seek a retraction to get your video reinstated. Now what that does is tells YouTube that I am allowed to use this content. What you'll see once you've done that is that your video has a counter notification pending , so that's important to make sure you do that, if you believe you will had the right to use it. So what rights do you have to actually use a video if you know you outright copied something? If you know, for example, you just completely copied someone else's video or song. If you know you're probably in the wrong. It's best to just let that strike expire and not submitted retraction because as you'll notice the form requirements, this shows you what's required in the form and I'll zoom in a little bit. You are giving the person who filed this everything they need in order to go through and file a lawsuit against you. So you must be pretty confident in the ability of you to stand up in that scenario. So the idea is you want to make very sure before you submit that you're comfortable with going forward with any problems legally. So if you know you outright copied, if you know you're completely or likely mostly in the wrong, better to just not go through and submit the form for a retraction. You can just wait for the strike to expire, which I know is forever. Six months is forever, so you it's like a short jail or prison sentence. You can just wait for it to expire. If you are pretty sure you don't want to submit all this information if you don't want to give whoever filed this your full legal name, email, physical address and phone number. You will not want to go through that. If you are pretty sure as I was when I filed this and am now I'm sure I used my information in the video under fair use. What I used in the video was the same as you might see on the news to report on the current status of something and the same as you might see in criticism or a review of something. So I submitted all of this to the person that made the request because I am confident that there are no copyright issues I should have to worry about in court. Now, you, too will actually make a decision on this. And you, too, will give the person who initiated it a chance to withdraw. So you also want to try and contact the person directly and work out a solution with them. That's the second thing you can do. If you can actually contact them. That's ideal. So I did that also, if you know you're in the wrong, contacting them is a great idea, because then you don't have to submit all this. You can just say, Look, I'm sorry. You know, I'll make whatever restitution you want. Please take this back and I will not mess with your content again. You might be forgiven in that instance, so it's tough to work through this, especially the emotion when you put your heart and soul into your YouTube channel the emotion that will come into having something like this, especially losing access to longer videos, losing access to external annotations, using access to live events and unlisted in private videos it really hurts and can ruin your YouTube channel. So if you've never got a copyright notification filed, the best thing you can do is just make sure you never outright copy anyone's content. And if you ever tag people in your videos, if you go through when you're tagging people in your videos in the tagging section, be careful about who you put. This is not the video that got removed, but I'm just showing you where the tagging is. Just to make sure on the same page. Make sure you don't tag anyone. You would not want to be looking at your video or who might get offended by watching your video, because the copyright process on YouTube can be used punitively the person stands to lose very little by getting your video removed from YouTube. And if you don't submit that counter notification and they submitted a false copyright against you, they can simply do this to your channel as long as they're willing to submit that information to YouTube and stand up the possible repercussions. So if you have made enemies with someone, they can easily go hurt you this way. And I would pray that that doesn't happen to anyone here. And if that does happen, then you want to make sure that you don't tag. You want to avoid having it happen again if you haven't had it up. And yet avoid tagging or writing about anyone that you may have mentioned in passing in the video that you wouldn't want to come take out a punitive action on your channel. I hope watching this is helpful for you to know that other people are suffering through this. I am grateful. I have a pretty big channel and established channel. Millions of views, thousands of subscribers. This happens all over YouTube. It doesn't just happen to you. It doesn't just happen to me. It happens to lots of people on YouTube. So I hope by sharing this with you, you can have the strength to go forward with whatever it is you're going to do. If you are sure, if you're certain or fairly certain your content does not violate copyright and you're willing to go through the legal process, then submit a counter notification. If you're not sure or you can just wait it out, you can simply wait it out and then go back to what you were doing before. With your enabling on your account, however, you still no matter what will want to stay away from anything you can possibly do to provoke someone or overlap with another person. If you are sure and you want to submit the form, be ready to submit your contact info, your full legal name, your physical address, your phone number. You must agree that you consent to this statement by YouTube, and you must have tried your signature to it. So this is the process. It's not so mysterious now, and I hope I can share with you A little inspiration at a time you might be considering is dark or struggling, or that you might be really frustrated with. So if this has happened to you, this is what you can do about it. And I hope this video will help you and me feel a little bit better about what's happening with an existing are pending or past or a possible future copyright strike. Thank you for watching this. And I appreciate the time you spent here with me. 50. How to remove a YouTube copyright strike and complete the counter notification.: have you received a copy? Right strike on YouTube. Does your account status and features Page, Look, something like this. I will show you exactly how to get through this. Based on my experience getting through it myself. This was my YouTube account for most of the last two months. It was frustrating. It was difficulty. I was aggravated because I think at least I have a great you tube channel that people love . And yet here's what it looked like. This copyright strike, my counts in bad standing. I couldn't upload longer videos. I couldn't use my external notifications. I couldn't create a paid channel, do unlisted or private videos. It was really painful, especially to my ego. I felt a lot of pain and frustration on account of this, because I have a YouTube channel that people like you can see. I've got millions of views. Thousands of subscribers. I was really frustrated to get hit with a copyright strike when I had not used someone else's copyrighted material even. And so here's what my count looks like. Now everything's back in good standing. I successfully went through the counter notification process. I got my video restored. I'm going to show you exactly what to do in order to go through this process successfully, because this process has been the most frustrating thing I've went through on YouTube by far. There's nothing I've done that's been so frustrating. And so I'm going to take you to the place where you get this email from YouTube. I'll show you the email right now. I just got this. And do you know how happy I am to receive this? Email copyright at youtube dot com Hello. In accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we've completed processing your counter notification. The content has been restored. Your account will not be penalized. Now that seems like a miracle from looking at when my account looked like this before. And so it's really not that hard to go through and actually do this. I'll show you exactly what you have to do, starting right now in order to get this done. So here's the beginning of it. I got this email and this is where the night Meryl started. I received this copyright strike, and I got this email and to keep the person who submitted it private. I'm just showing you the bottom part of the email, which is where the most critical thing you need to do is also, but it will show you that your video has been taken down. It has an awful title like copyright takedown Notice Rial Nasty title on What you need to do to get your video to restored is go down to the bottom of the email where it says what to do next. And if you don't have this email for some reason, when you're in your status and features as you saw right here, there's a submit counter notification button in here also, but it's right in the email. You just click on, submit counter notification and you go through the process and submit the counter notification. Now. With that, said the video I had up on my YouTube channel, the copyright owner actually said there was no copyright in material in it. They did not cite any actual material. That was copyright in what they were is frustrated that I'd put up a video that talked about them and it showed up on their search terms for their name, and they hit me punitively with the copyright strike. Now that can happen. But if you've got hit with a legit copyright strike where you know you use someone's copyrighted material without their permission, then you risk losing your entire account if you go through the copyright counter notification process. So if you blatantly and knowingly took someone's video, for example, if you took someone's video completely straight from their YouTube channel and uploaded it directly back to your YouTube channel, you do not want to submit a counter notification your unless you're willing to risk losing your whole account and you're risking getting sued. Here's what's going on with the counter notification process. YouTube took this video down because the person who filed this claim against me said that they were willing to initiate a lawsuit and that this was their copyright video. And so YouTube takes the video down. What you're doing when you go through the counter notification process and I show you the steps later in this video, I'll take you through the actual process in order to submit your video. If you submit your copyright counter notification, you must give them in order to remove this from your count, you must give them the party that submitted the copyright strike against you. You must give them everything they need in order to file a lawsuit against you. I will show you right now from my channel and then the counter notification. I got my email. So it says, do your jury Banfield. This is what you get. A soon as you go through the process where you see that submit counter notification button . This is the email you get. Once you've done that, if we receive no response, your material will be restored to YouTube. That's how my material got restored. Now, why this happened. I provided the person who submitted this copyright claim with all of my personal information, my email address, my address, my physical address, my full name and my phone number. I gave them all of that information because the point of doing this process is YouTube. This sets both parties up to go through a lawsuit. Now, most of the time, that's not going to happen. But submitting this counter notification, the idea is you give the other party everything they need to file a lawsuit against you. Submitting a counter notification basically tells the person that submitted the video go ahead and sue me. I didn't do anything wrong. And so you give them all of your information that they would need to go file a lawsuit if the person who filed its out of the country a lot less of a concern of this. But if the persons in the same countries you or they can have legal presence in that country and you reasonably expect they could do a good job in court against you might not want to go through this process. In any other scenario, you absolutely want to submit this copyright counter notification as soon as possible immediately. You want to go submit it as soon as possible, and what you get is a little tiny thing in here. I will zoom in on it. You get a little tiny blurb to explain to them exactly what went on. So you can see this is a little paragraph I wrote. All you have to do is explain exactly why the copyright notification was wrong and or why you had the right to use this video. I thought, because the profile picture of the guy talked about in this video was included. I thought it was a good idea to mention that I had the right to use everything I did under fair use four news reporting and so you can find things like this. Few search fair use for news reporting. You can search the fair use rule on Wikipedia. Wikipedia dot org's wicky fair use. You can look under this and see in what circumstances you have the right to do this. So you go through and submit something like that. Whether you want to reject that they had any right to it at all or if they may have had copyright to it and you've used it in a way that's fair for news reporting, for example, and again, this is an example. This is not legal advice or anything. This is just a rough example. You took someone else's video they made and commented on it in a way that's relevant for news reporting. So you took a viral video and then you commented on it the same way you might see the news doing the same way you might see on a TV show. And you did that That's fair. Or if you used it for educational purposes, you took, say, a viral video pointed to several things in the video and said, Okay, here's where they do this and that's why this video might have got viral. That's fair use. Also, where you can't do is just take the video verbatim and upload it with the music and all, and then try and say That's fair use. So what you can do if you want to learn about fair use a little bit before you go submit your counter notification, but it's really important to go through and submit your counter notification as soon as possible. That was the main thing I did, right? Almost a soon as I saw this, I went through and submitted my counter notification. And so here's what you need to submit your counter notification. You need your contact information. You need your full legal name. You need the specific earl of the exact video, so do not go through and delete the video. You leave the video up there and it will show them, like so the video will look like this and you just want to leave it like this. Once you have submitted your counter notification, it will look like this and say counter notification pending. So you just leave it like that and you can get to all of this by going to the copyright notices in your account and going to the support information on YouTube about this. So that means you'll need all of your personal information is I've showed you towards the end here. All of your personal information. The u R l You must agree to the following. You must swear that this is exactly what you're saying. And then you give your physical electronic signature. So that's all you have to do to submit your collar notification and you want to go and do that immediately. And now. Then you get the most challenging part of doing this and let me show you why it was challenging. So I submitted this, and this all started on the date I got that original email, so I'll show you that again. So here's how long all of this took. So I got the copyright notice on April 5th 2015 I got the email confirming my counter notification on April 7th. So this was a Sunday. So then two days later, I got the email confirming they received and forwarded my counter notification. Then, on May 22nd 2015 I got the email saying my video was reinstated. So I hope the most helpful thing out of this is that it will take patients and that that's normal for it to take that long. I know I was frustrated because when you get this email when you get the one here from YouTube, it says 10 to 14 business days from today. Last time I checked April 7 to May 22nd is not 10 to 14 business days. It's a lot longer. The important thing is the video did get reinstated as you saw the penalty did get removed from my account, going from a place of frustration and getting these emails over to now we're my accounts in good standing. It did get removed, and I think the default seems to be if you go through and do this process. As soon as you get the copyright takedown notification, you go in and submit the counter notice with as much relevant information you can have on fair use or on how you own the copyright. You get your counter notification, received email and then you just play the waiting game. Now the other scenario, you can actually get the other party to retract their takedown notice. So if you see that in the email YouTube sent me, you can also contact the party that remove your video to ask them to retract their takedown . Now that's not likely to work. And that did not work for me. I had been in communication with the person who initiated this process on my channel prior to them doing this. They did this. And then, even though I sent them an email Facebook message, a message on another platform, they ignored all of them. And so it's worth trying, at least to politely request that the other person retract their take down, and that you, in return, will do something for them, such as delete the video or what not. So it's much better if you can get them to retract their take down. So that is a much faster option, and I will bet lots of times this does happen the same way it happened with me, where I actually had some kind of relationship with the person who did this to my account. They did it knowing it was purely punitive. And if you can repair that kind of relationship, you can get a retracted take down also. Otherwise, you may have to sit through and wait through all of these process. You just show me, show you here. You may have to wait nearly two months from the time it happens, but it's worth the wait. If you've got a YouTube channel that you're using the features on, it's worth the wait. So I hope this can help you if you're in the middle of a copyright counter notification, understand that. Yes, it might take a while, and I've included the links in this video to the things you'll need to know about relevant to submit encounter notifications. And I hope this video is useful for you because I know this was a very challenging thing for me on YouTube, and so I hope this is useful for you in what you're doing with your YouTube channel. I hope this gives you the courage and the motivation to go through and do that counter notification right now to get that process started. Unless you're in a place where you know you totally just copied the other party, and you don't want to actually have any repercussions legally from it. So I hope all of this is useful for you. I make all of these things because I teach you to me courses on YouTube, on Facebook s C o things like that. So this is a part of my you Timmy course. And I've also put this particular video on YouTube to help people out who are struggling with the same things that I've struggled with. So if you haven't got this course already, go in and grab it right here. And if you already have some of my courses, you can just go to jury banfield dot com slash you to me, and you can get lots of my courses at a huge discount here. So thank you very much for going through this video with me. I appreciate the time you've spent here looking at my nearly two months through the copyright process, and I hope this is useful for you in getting through any copyright takedown issues or copyright strikes you have on your count 51. YouTube connected me with a way of living that is awesome. How can you do it?: thank you for enjoying this course with May. I'm honored for every minute you've spent here, and I hope what you've got out of this course is a way to produce your passion on YouTube. I am honored and very lucky that I can start every day off making videos, and that's my job. Now that's what I do. I work for myself. I have my own company and I make videos every day to put on my you Timmy courses. And then some of those videos I put as free previews on my YouTube channel. I absolutely love it, and that's what I'm offering you in. This course is not a system to do exactly what I'm doing, but an idea for what might work to find your passion for what you want to do. The magic and what I'm doing is that I love doing it. I don't do it as a means to an end. I'm not trying to go anywhere. I'm happy right where I'm at right here talking to you today, and that's the miracle. I'm not trying to use this so I can get somewhere else. I'm not trying to make this in or stepping stone so that I can then do something bigger. This'll is the big thing I'm doing and I love it. If you want this to be the big thing you are doing, then you've got the basics in this course of exactly what you can do to make that happen. Ultimately, exceptional things through creativity happened. When you love what you're doing, your present when you're doing it and you're not doing it as a means to an end, you can see a lot of courses and videos everywhere, where it's just a means to an end where there's not the rial passion there. You often it have to struggle really hard to create things like that, too, because you have to work against your inner self. You've gotta fight by making scripts and forcing everything together. Somehow I make things nearly effortlessly because it comes from the soul. It's passion. I love doing this. There's almost no resistance to what it just comes out. I don't have to use the script. I don't have toe plan, hardly anything out. It just explodes out of me into existence online. That's the power I'm offering you by what I've shared I've given you a lot of the technical details on how you can go through and do some of these things. I've given you the gateway in the excitement into the world to do this. Now, if you want success with it, it's up to you to find an area you're you're passionate about. I haven't seen this covered in other courses, and this is why I conclude with it. You can do an infinite number of things, but there's Onley. One thing you're going to do right now that you will be fulfilling your inner purpose that you will feel is the right thing to do, and when you match up with that, everything becomes almost effortless. That's not to say your whole life's perfect. You don't have some downtimes, but your work becomes a flow of creativity and passion. YouTube is a great venue to explore this by doing webcam, video screen captures or even just putting other videos together. If you love making top 10 videos, then give it a try. If you enjoy watching videos on a certain topic and you thought you know what, I could make a better video on that, then go for it if you enjoy doing this, if you do it as the thing that is the big thing to do and not a means to an end. So what I've given you is a powerful set of tools where you can use this to work and make videos at home full time. But if you're just doing it to try and get somewhere else, it's not going toe work. If you want to do this, find your passion in it and that can be scary. You can have to make changes to your life lots of times to get things toe work exactly the way you want them to. I had to take $50,000 out in loans last year to make a full transition into doing this that I love from what I was doing, because I felt like I should do it because it paid well off just serving as many clients as I could. You can see you can feel I love doing this, and I took a big risk in borrowing all that money. In order to make this transition happen, you might need to take some kind of risk to make this happen. You might have to quit your job, you might have to move. You might have to buy a whole new set of computer and recording equipment. You might have to take a risk to get the enjoyment and fulfillment you want out of your work every day. This is well worth it. You contest out all these things, usually without taking much of a risk. But if you want riel consistent fulfillment and what you're doing, you've got to give your all to it and you've got to commit to. And you've got to trust that whatever you're doing is right and just let it happen so kind of. Let go in the mind off all of the thoughts and plans and schemes and just let yourself do what you're supposed to do. That's what I'm doing now, and I just love it and you can tell that you can tell you can feel exactly what I'm saying , and so I hope this course has been useful for you in getting and being where I am cause ultimately a place where I am is now, and it's the same place you are in a bigger sense. And so it's all about organizing the practical things around you and being in the moment and enjoying and doing what you love to do and communicating that. So I'm honored. You've taken my course. I hope if you found this course helpful, you will leave a great review. So that other students No, this is an exceptional course worth taking loaded with motivation. I would love to see your thoughts and suggestions posted in the discussion on this course. So you can interact with me because I commit to answering every student question I get each week. So thank you for taking this course with me. I'm honored you're here, and I hope this has been inspirational and helpful for you.