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The Complete Snapchat Course 2017: Build a younger audience!

Michael Suppo, Your Superhero on Skillshare -

The Complete Snapchat Course 2017: Build a younger audience!

Michael Suppo, Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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16 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Welcome to Snapchat! What Will You Get Out Of This Course?

    • 2. What Is Snapchat? Why Is It Essential For Brands?

    • 3. Here Are The Top Reasons Why You NEED To Be On Snapchat!

    • 4. Getting You Signed Up On Snapchat The Effective Way!

    • 5. How to Create And Optimise Your Snapcode For Followers!

    • 6. How to Post Awesome Video & Stories! Full Overview of the Snapchat App Screens!

    • 7. Practice Activity: Add These 10 Top Brands To Your Snapchat Account!

    • 8. How Top Brands Using Stories To Optimise Their Snapchat Profile!

    • 9. How To Grow Your Initial Group of Snapchat Followers - You Must Do This!

    • 10. Use YouTube And Your Website To Build Your Snapchat Following Virally!

    • 11. How Do You Convert Snapchat Followers Into Fans

    • 12. How To Use Snapchat Stories To Build Engagement and Followers!

    • 13. How To Look At Analytics For Your Snapchat Story!

    • 14. Snapchat Lens - Sell With Snapchat's Greatest Innovation!

    • 15. Exactly How I Sell My Udemy Course Using Snapchat Stories!

    • 16. Conclusion! I Will Be Constantly Updating This Course!

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About This Class

If you are looking to reach younger fans for your business, this Snapchat course is perfect for you!

Snapchat is taking the Internet by storm... 

It`s one of the fastest growing social media apps out there. 

...and based on the current user base of 150 million active users and the speed of Snapchat's growth, it appears to be here to stay. 

Right now, you can generate some very highly targeted traffic for FREE or with very little investment using Snapchat. 

When you compare the quality of traffic and the lack of current competition when compared to other social networks, Snapchat is really starting to get attention... 

...especially as sites like Facebook get more and more difficult when it comes to generating high-quality, targeted traffic. 

NOW is the time to position your business and your brand on Snapchat... It`s wide open and the opportunity is MASSIVE!

Here Are Reasons Why You Need To Take A Close Look At Snapchat ...

  • Although mostly overlooked, Snapchat is one of the most powerful new social networks for driving traffic online...
  • Snapchat is all about socialisation and a great way to get followers interact with your brand
  • Snapchat was recently offered $3 Billion by Facebook... and they turned it down... this makes it clear that Snapchat is sure that it`s only getting bigger and better!
  • Engagement on Snapchat is MASSIVE, and growing... because all communication is focused on image and video sharing, your audience is very attentive and interested in anything you put in front of them...
  • Snapchat is adding millions of new active users every single month!

Virtually all social media sites out there have users communicating with text or chat...

...sure, some social media sites are starting to adopt video and there is some image sharing, but at the core, comments are left and messages are sent. 

That is NOT the case with Snapchat. 

You can't just send your friends messages if you want to communicate with them on Snapchat

Communication is all done through images and videos with the occasional small caption. 

This is how the younger generation likes to communicate... 

Short and sweet. 

This makes Snapchat great for building a HIGHLY interested and very ENGAGED follower base...

To See Success With Snapchat, You MUST Know What You`re Doing...

Unfortunately, you can`t just open up a Snapchat account and expect people to start following you and buying your stuff...

Although there are a lot of free methods you can use to begin generating traffic as soon as today, there are some things you must do to make sure you see results with Snapchat... 

And, this is especially true if you want to put together a COMPLETE Snapchat marketing plan and add some paid advertising into your plan, you must know what you`re doing... 

...or risk wasting both time AND money.

Many People That Try Snapchat...

Do NOT See Results? 

That’s NOT because it’s hard to get traffic with Snapchat... 

It`s because most people don't fully understand what must be done to see success with Snapchat. There is a simple, repeatable formula to success with Snapchat, but if you miss any of the important details, you will find yourself wasting a lot of time... and possibly money. 

The KEY to success with Snapchat is to pay attention to the details. 

If you know how to properly setup your account and engage your audience, Snapchat can be EXTREMELY profitable...

So take this enrol in this course now ... every hour you delay is costing you money and customers!

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Michael Suppo

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1. Welcome to Snapchat! What Will You Get Out Of This Course?: welcome to Snapchat Domination. My name is Superman. Your superhero on you too. May on Today I am going to be taking you through how you can make Snapchat work for you. How you can market your brand, how you can have a greater online presence, how you can connect with younger people with a younger audience. How you could make yourself relevant. And not an old fogey like this snatcher allows you to be able to connect with audiences in the most creative way These days you're probably signed up to Twitter toe Facebook, Teoh Instagram. But no other app allows you to present yourself in a fun way that creates excitement on creates fun people of America on the world. I am going to introduce you to snap chur how you can get started on snatcher on how you can stop marketing on branding yourself in your business in a much better way than any other social network allows you to. This is gonna be huge. If you don't do this, you deserve to be fired. So take this journey with me Today I am going to show you how you can dominate snatcher. I will see you in the first lecture 2. What Is Snapchat? Why Is It Essential For Brands?: So what is snatcher? Snapchat started life about five years ago. Back in 2011 this guy called Evan Spiegel, a Stanford graduate, and two of his mate basically created this app where you could send a message to somebody on that message would disappear after 20 seconds maximum so you could set it any time between one and 20 seconds. So it could be 35 10 15 seconds on. You can say whatever you want it to people. And it was a way of just wiping away your footprint so you could message anybody anything and not be haunted by the repercussions. So let's say you flirted with somebody and you were with someone already on that person of them has proof. Once they received the message that you said that to them and that could get you in a lot of trouble. Snatcher was a way of being ableto wipe away. Any evidence is also useful for goto parties and things like that. Because when you're young, you are steep it when you're young, you gave partying, you know, you get very drunk on all the pictures that prove you're drunk and disorderly on was a real mess. All those things have a way of finding its way onto the Internet. When you're going for serious jobs in the future, they could hinder you. Snapchat was a solution to all of that. It meant that nothing was permanent. Any content about you or related to you was not permanent. It would disappear. And that was the whole purpose off snatcher. It was that your footprint would disappear. It's event like writing in the sand. Eventually it just goes and gets wiped away. That was the beauty of Snapchat when it was first accepted. What's happened since is it's become this colossal marketing toe. The reason why is because off the people that use snatcher, it is widely used by people between the age of 12 on 25. That is the target demographic. Young people, millennials teenagers. These are the people that used snatcher. Well, that means is that as a marketing tool you can reach young people. So whereas Facebook Twitter, these are the traditional social networks that cater for every demographic on, you know, one of the most common difficult and demographics are between 25 40 on Twitter on Facebook . But Snapchat goes one demographic completely below it goes to the teens and young adults, so as a tool for actually reaching young people. Snatcher is magical. It's so much fun. It's one of the few ups that are fun, you know, really fun. Most of the content is aimed to excite you, make you laugh, make you smile. It's know about serious stuff on that content that content. Marketing is what helps marketers of this day and age or businesses in this day and age to be able to communicate to the young people. Because these young people are the future customers of our brand. These people are going to grow up into adults on We're going to take him through a journey of being kind of in their teens veto adult hood, and it's key to be on Snapchat to take him. Three. That's early. It's keep on engaging them, enticing them, making your brand appear fun and exciting. So snatcher has become this monster has become this dinosaur in the social networking world . Now, in the next chapter, I'm gonna go through some useful stance on gay, really reiterating the reasons why you as a brand and as a personality should be on snatcher. I'll see you in that lecture 3. Here Are The Top Reasons Why You NEED To Be On Snapchat!: Snapchat is an APP phenomenon. It's an absolute heavyweight in the social networking world, and I'm going to go through with you. Exactly why in this lecture, Why should you be marked a on snatcher? Why, that is the essential question. Well, it's got a staggering 150 million active users. That means 150 million people actually actively using it today on every day. It's ridiculous. That is more than Twitter on. Twitter is the third largest social network in the world. What does that tell you about the growth of Snapchat that is just going bull? 25 to 30 minutes of time is spent per day on Snapchat. That means that millennials young adults are actually spending a large portion of their time on average on snatcher. If we're looking a fair half an hour as a daily average, that means some people using it for three hours, some people using it for two minutes. But that is a large part of the day that they are using snatcher. That means that any businesses on there has some great chance of visibility and being discovered on Snapchat, 30% of U. S. Millennials use Snapchat daily, 30% of all U. S millennials young adults. Young people are using Snapchat per day. That is insane. This is one of the fundamental reasons why Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for three billion about two years ago. It's because they have this really contagious effect on young millennials. It's a fun app now. I don't know if you know this, but Facebook have released to APS to try and compete with Snatcher. They have released Facebook Poke, which was this way of communicating with people in a way that you messages disappeared on. Do they removed it? They stopped using it because it just couldn't compete with Snapchat. Then they brought out Sling Shop, which was very similar to Snapchat on that also completely folded. Snapchat is the market leader and nothing has since even gotten colleagues to snap chur. 77% of college students user daily. That is insane. People in the kind of 15 to 18 category are using Snapchat daily. What does that tell you about just how contagious it is on just how much fun it is on that the communication that goes across student to student is fun engaging content. That's why people use it daily. It's the content that keeps them coming back for more. 10 billion video views are made daily on snatcher. I mean, this is something that is likely to compete with Facebook on YouTube in the very near future. That is an insane number of views. 10 billion that I mean, Snapchat used to be about snaps. Now it's about video video has grown enormously on. That's why you should put your video on snatcher because as well as you cheap on Facebook, it's got the potential to be widely shared on Dwight D. C. In addition to the video, 400 million snaps ascent daily. So people taking selfies people taking pictures of something fun happening with them on the thing is, is the creator thing about snatcher is what you could do with those photos. But I'll touch more on that later. Now the initial reason why people use Snapchat was because their content disappeared. Now only 35% use it. That means they're 65% of people that use it because it's fun is a fun. AP is an at the there's no real reason why they use it But it's not because their content vanishes on that again shows you the opportunity for marketers to come in because not just about content disappearing. It's about creative and fun content now more than it is about it disappeared. Now this is a massive statistic for you. 76% of users are online purchases. That means that 110 million buyers are on Snapchat 110 million potential customers for your brand for your product. So these are the vital statistics of Snapchat, which launched in 2000 and 11 and has now become a Goliath of the social media. Well, it's not becoming a life because necessarily of its disappearing content has become a Goliath because of its fun. Engaging an exciting content on that is the key message from this course. You have to make your content fun on. As you saw in my intro video, there is no other app. I've been able to do an intra video like that for the Snapchat lenses are incredible thing . A marvelous thing on the Snatcher have really used these better than any other social network has been able to. So in the next lectures we are going to be going on about how you can optimize Snapchat for your brand, so I will see you that. 4. Getting You Signed Up On Snapchat The Effective Way!: Okay, So, firstly, let's get started off by creating on account. This is the boring stuff, but is the necessary stuff. So what you want to do is when you're signing up for the first time, is press sign up now? It asked you for a first name, and certainly and you do have to put this. So what I do is if you are signing up as a company, so you want to be branded as your company name. What you should do is put your first name as team on your last name as whatever it is you do. So let's assume you have a one name company. So let's say, for instance, your name is fuzzy ducks. What you do is you put team fuzzy ducks. If, however, you've got a two word company name you put fuzzy on, then ducks. Now, in my case, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put soup a man. You too may and impress. Sign up. You have to put your birthday. So put your real birthday. Why not? And then you gotta pick a user name Now. This is how people will identify you on Snapchat. This will be your user name, and this is the most important part. So this is where you can actually put a one word company name in here. Or you could put your own name or your brand it name. So if you want, if you're so if you want to put your own name, that's fight. If you want to put a company name, that's fight. But this is where you do it. So this in this one, I walk all this. So you pay, man, you too. May I already got the soup a man ones And it said, This tells me that my user name the selected user name is available and then press continue and you've got a power password, which should be at least eight characters. Law. Okay, I've got mine. And then press continue. Now you can sign up in one of two ways. The best way to sign up with snatcher is with your telephone number on the reason why is because people will be able to find you if you are in their address book. Under that phone number is the best way you can sign up with email instead. But it's miles of better to do it by verifying your account with your mobile number, you can then verify your telephone number by SMS or via phone. So what I would recommend is you do it by SMS. Okay, so the Snapchat code has come in so 3 to 5182 continued. There you are. You're signed up now you can look for your friends on Snapchat So if we breast continue, it will ask you for access to your contacts. So you say yet? Okay. And it will start loading up your contacts on all the people on your address book where signed up to Snapchat will appear here and you could just start adding them just like that Easy. And then press continue and they will be notified next time of a log into snatcher. And that is a quick way to get some instant followers. So now you are signed up on Snapchat. Now, what you could do is you could take photo, whole steak, a video, blah, blah blah. But I'll go into that in the next lecture. So I will see you that But you have signed up to Snapchat 5. How to Create And Optimise Your Snapcode For Followers!: So when you first sign up on Snapchat, one of the first things you gotta do is set up your profile picture. So you do that by going to the ghost icon on pressing on the QR code. Now this QR code is what's gonna be used so that you can share it all over your social media so people can snap your code on follow you. It's very simple way which you can get people to follow you on Snapchat. So what you do is you press this button and it will take four or five pictures off you. So something you can do is you can either take pictures of your logo or off your face, but not just doing one pose that's normal. Snapchats about Snapchat is not about having a boring pose. Snapchat is about doing something a bit more fun, a bit more original than you would normally do. So let's try it here, says I. Me falling asleep. Me for her like ha ha! That's trying to be more fun than you normally would be on a profile picture. But something else that you can do is that's just give it a try so What you could do is you could have you're logo coming into the screen like this. Try and make it look funny. Try and make it look a bit more created. That's something you could do with your QR code. It's really important that you make your QR code reflect your personality. Don't try to be too gregarious or to outgoing if you're not thou going but at the same time Don't be too boring. If you are quite introverted, you quite introvert to try and find a way in which people will want to follow you through your QR code picture. And then what will happen is now you've got your QR code. What you can do is you can share it so you can save the video or you can save the image on both of these. You can post onto social media on the QR code is an excellent way of building up your following because people will be able to follow you as a result of scanning your QR code, which they can do if they going to this question mark on the top left. You're going to the top left, allows you to press and hold on some snap code so that they so that they can follow if you don't want to deal with a computer screen like I just did purely for illustration. What I would do is I would print off a she of paper and make it look a bit better like that . But even so, it's never going to be perfect. The most ideal thing you could do is put a picture of a face, someone's face. So if your business has a lot of people in it, I would get the face of the company. I have a marketing manager or the founder or chief inspecting officer or the managing director. Get somebody who is the face of the company to be your pro personal profile picture. It's quite important that you do that and that you share off in a quite fun way. So I think this is really helped you with getting a great QR code and how people will be able to follow you through your QR code. But try and make it seem that your personality is one worth following through your profile picture. I'll see you in the next lecture 6. How to Post Awesome Video & Stories! Full Overview of the Snapchat App Screens!: Okay, so let's give you an overview off the Snapchat interface. So up here, this ghost icon is basically not the settings icon. If we go into it, you will be presented with my profile picture on my point. So you've got Superman. That's my name. Might. Super is my like Snapchat using a 619 are my point. So you get points every time your video gets you, your picture gets you where you send pictures. When you I upload videos and upload stories underneath me, you underneath that you've got added may which people are added mates. If we go into there, you can see all the people have recently added May. And then here you can add friends either by their user name from address book from their QR code or snap coat. Or the most recent one is You can have people nearby. People who you are have been in the general vicinity with. This is superb. So and then you've also got your friends. If you cook on my friend on the top right here, you've got the settings icon on. This will give you a lot of your personal information on the left hand side. This is where you can add a snatcher. QR code on that so you can have people on, then on the middle. This tray fee is your trophy cabinet. You unlock these based on the things you do, the activities, you do, the new activities you do. So if we look at this one, I said, Really Oh, snap growth. In the next one, my Snapchat score hit 500. The next one is I screenshot to the snap, and the one after that is verified my email address in the settings site. Let's come out of here on Let's go into the one down here, which is the chat interface. So these are people who have recently sent you a chat. So in this screen, you actually have the chance that people have sent you recently. If you click on the top left icon, you have got all the people you can chat with all of your friends. If you kick in the top right, you can get back to the main interface. So going back into this interface here, you contract with people. So if I wanted to send, let's say Gemma, a trap on the top left like I sent her a picture I've already taken like on the next one. The phone call I can actually call her by a Snapchat. The middle one is actually to take a snap or a video. The one to the right of the circle is to send a video on the one on the right is to send I like an emoji and there are quite a few here. These are really quite superb. So I'm just gonna put something like now, young and then that goes back to you Her Now we can go to stories if we click on the button on the bottom, right. But let's go through it this way instead. So here we're going to get two stories, which is the bottom, right? I come here. These are the people that have sent stories on what you can do and these and what stories are is a mixture off photos on videos. So we click on one here. This is a fate a that is a photo. That's a photo on. And you can respond by clicking on the chat arrow here and you can send back and you can send a response. Here's another snap. Another snap. We've got video here, So as you can see, stories are a mixture of photos on videos, and you could just keep on having it, adding to it in 24 hours. So those are the stories from my actual friends on the top. Here are stories from advertisers People are advertising with Snapchat. The moment say, if we gave Teoh, Kendrick, Lamar and Puff Daddy, you can see a load off the different videos sent with regards to this particular festival. The Essence Festival on This is a story that has been created by one of the brands here, and it's great brand recognition. Now if we go to the top right, we've got the Discover for now. This is where brands get discovered by Snapchat users. So we've got cosmopolitan. Buzzfeed, We got the euros. We got the sun, We got Courtney car dash Ian, there you got a rowing got mail? Online sky sports. These are well known brands. Sky News is a well known brands are advertising with snatcher, and this costs a lot of money. But the recognition on brand awareness they're creating is high on is phenomenal. So If we click on the button down here, the circle in the bottom, we can take a snap now with this, Not what we can do is we can add Stick us to it so you can have stickers to make it look really cool. Latin. We can actually enlarge them if we pinch the screen. That's that one more. Now there's no other social network way. You can do this. You can add text so you can add a caption. So check out my city face. So something like that, that scenario. There's the caption. Now, if we tap on the text icon on the top, we can actually turn that into you. A big attacks, which we can enlarge Onda We can act and we can customize the color of it. So you look at that so much you could do it if you take press it again. It's centralized. Set our tens of back into a caption again, Really, really awesome stuff on. But we've also got here. We looked on the top right is we've got the doodler on. What we can do is we can change. We can edit the color off the pen so let's have That's that purple. And then we can actually draw or rights the again. We can change the color of the pen and really make a colorful picture. Look at best. Then on the bottom left, we've got what we can do with. So here we set the timer in the bottom left. So anywhere between 1 to 10 seconds song up in this to be visible from nine seconds now on the next one across the one to the right of the timer. We can actually save this to our camera roll. We could use that on Facebook, on Twitter or on anything else. Went to the right of that is to add it to your stories. So you don't just send this to your friends. You added as a story that people can see in their stories list. And if you go to the right here, you can actually select somebody to send it to some Senate. Gemma. And it's go. It's just been delivered. Something else you can do is video. So hey, guys, it's Superman. Here on you create a video by holding down the button we on then what you could do with this video is you could have text on it. You cannot stick us to it. You can a drawer in the still it it's fantastic. And again, you can send that where you can add it to your stories. So that was a quick look at the Snapchat interface. That is what you could do with it. And that is how you navigate around. Now, this button here on the top left, that is so you could at flash to the faith graph this one of the top right is to rotate the camera. So you're so you're using the rear camera. Or you can use the front facing camera. You can use the selfie camera on. That is the Snapchat interface. So I will see you in the next lecture. 7. Practice Activity: Add These 10 Top Brands To Your Snapchat Account!: right now you've got yourself. You are officially a snap chatter. Now what we've got to do is we're gonna start helping you build up some knowledge on who is using Snapchat me absolute best right now. Now, there are a number of brands be using snatcher in a superb way, really using the full functionality. All that fun stuff that you can do with Snapchat on. They are using it to communicate with their audience and a better way than they ever have. They're doing it to show their fun side, their creative site. So what we're gonna be doing now is we are going to be following some brands and it's really important you understand how certain types of brands are communicating with their audience Now the people that I've got for you to follow Ah, broad range. Okay. We got everything from celebrities who are the best snap chatters in the world to massive multi national organizations by General Electric. Now, when you think of General Electric, you think boring company you think stuck in the dark ages? Yeah, that's what you think, but think about them being on Snapchat on what that does for their brand on. We are going to have a look at what they do as one of some others. So now we will you set up. Let's get following some people on the way you do that is by going to this ghost up here ongoing Teoh at friends. So we've got some user names and I am going to follow these people with you. Okay. So, firstly, let's go forth. Sour patch snaps. No. Yeah. Now let's at these guys. Now. The thing about sour patch snaps is that this is a candy company is a young company. The people that are on sour patch snaps are gonna be older than the typical demographic off 12 to 24. But they do such a great job of communicating with this age group that they are definitely worth following and seeing how they come across in their stories, let's do the next one ever lying now, ever laying a retail company. Let's see how a retail company you snatcher. Okay, Next, General Electric, this is gonna be an interesting one. Now I have seen some of their snatchers and they are super interesting, not what I expected at all. So that's at General Electric. Next we have Warby Parker, now Warby Parker are makers of glasses and sunglasses, so let's at them and see how they market themselves on Snapchat. Next we'll go to Grubhub. Let's see how Grubhub Foods Company uses Snapchat toe promote their foods. At next we got D J. Khalid. Now this guy is an absolute legend on Snapchat. He's a deejay. He takes you behind the scenes. Now that is a great way on. We'll move on to this later is a great way of giving people a peek behind closed doors. And it's also a really good way of building. Your personal brand is because people are getting to know you. They are feeling special because you are taking them on a journey that nobody else really gets to see, except for yourself within a company or a brand. So we'll give him. That's right. Next, we're going to use another foods company, Dominoes under School UK. These guys are a leader in how they market themselves on Snapchat, so I get really good accounts. Follow this, then we're gonna go toe hub spot. Now. The recent Choosing Huts Hub Spot Inc is because these guys are sales and marketing people , so they sell sales and marketing software. Now, when you think sales and marketing software, you think boring, you think sales and marketing spit boring. You know, how can you really get across personality in that on? Then you think off software again. How do you really have personality behind software? Because you can't imagine geeky people pretty boring. So these guys are definitely wherefore and see how they use Snapchat creatively on. Then we are going to go to Kylie Jenner, which is kind Lizzie, my nizzi Macon at her, We are going toe ad Kim Kar Dashi. So you're probably asking me, why would we want to follow Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian? If you watch the Kardashians, these two are possibly the greatest snap chatters on the planet. Now, moving brands aside, right? You've got to understand what makes people follow you on Snapchat. You know what is that about the personal element that you give people? What is it about a fun element you give people? How can you use selfies on lenses on selfies to really capture people's imagination and make them laugh? Now Kylie Jenner is the social networking queen. She's one of the biggest accounts on Instagram on one of the biggest accounts on Snapchat on There's a reason why, and it's not just because of her celebrity. She's the youngest Kardashian on. She's probably much lesser known than Kim Kardashian. Yet she has managed to forge is Amazing Career because of her social networking profile on she is loved by people. Instead, Snapchats target demographics is a lot to learn that. 8. How Top Brands Using Stories To Optimise Their Snapchat Profile!: So if we get two stories, let's have a look and see some of the ways in which these brands are using snatcher. So we've got one from Warby Parker here. Just give that a look inside the Secret Room. I like it already. Brilliant. The seat, EOS daughter How could you ever imagine that office? This is G. D. J. Kallis, you know. So what I really like about D. J Khalid is that he's doing a mixture of two things he is selling and at the same time, a selling he's giving you a peek. Behind the scenes of these are things that you don't get from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Snapchat really allows you to get personal and intimate with your audience on because they are a young audience. They love feeling special. You know, some of us adults probably get, you know, a little bit suspicious when people take us behind. The scenes were thinking, Well, we know what you're up to, but people who were younger really appreciate it, really love it on. They do feel a lot more for you on the thing about Warby Parker is they are a glasses company, but how much of glasses. Did you see that? Nothing. Now they can use it creatively and I'm sure they were another stories. But what they really did was they really permitted the personal element. They got a young girl, the SETI over chief, technical officers, daughter to do an interview. Now, how much more personable can you get? People love babies, Toddlers. Young people really makes your heart wall on Warby Parker. You don't think glasses are They just marked it me a bunch of glasses. What you think is they really appeal to the heart on that is something which is a this is Jim is magic in Snapchat appealing to the heart. Where else would you see that you wouldn't see that on their website? But they are using Snapchat as their social channel to really get in the heart off their fans. Now that's like ever lane. Every lane is a re saver. Let's see what they do. They use it young people to present this particular segment. The guy is using a snapshot lens there with the cat. They're launching their collection. Now they use it. You see, what they're doing is they're using lenses to appear not like salespeople. They're using it to be fun, but they're selling. So they're doing to you things they're they're kind of selling in a nice way. They're selling in a way that you would continue watching if they were pitching to you probably would not be as interested. Next. Look how they using captions with presenting This is a proper story. You know, they have got quite a quite a few videos here join together to make a story, but because they're using the Snapchat lenses, you are completely at ease because they're making themselves look stupid. They're not like typical salespeople. Probably like May Ugo our right in your face, you know, you see right through. You don't like it, but when people do it in this inoffensive and fund away, you do kind of like it. Now let's look at Kim Kardashians. She's using stickers and she's showing pictures of her Children. So there we are, guys. Now you can see how these top snap chatters are using Snapchat. They are using it with stories and we're gonna move on two stories in the next section. So what we've covered here is to exercise is one we followed people. And to we're seeing how these brands air using Snapchat stories to really appeal to their audience. And you can see that they are doing it in such an inoffensive, fun and creative way on. That is something that you need to perfect on Snapchat. So you've got the tools such as insanely easy to use on. We're gonna meet Maura into the functionality, surely say I will see you in the next lecture. 9. How To Grow Your Initial Group of Snapchat Followers - You Must Do This!: welcome back. Okay, This is quite an important one. This is going to be about how you increase your following on. Let's build your initial followers on the snatcher now, in previous courses, you know, when I when I talk about Instagram and I talked about Twitter is much easier to create social proof and get lots of followers by following people who are your target audience because they will follow you back. Because their kind of people that are likely to like what it is that you do now on Snapchat that's different. There's no way of actually being able to look at a big list of people that are on Snapchat . There's no way of being able to do that. So the only way you can do it is by being proactive rather than reactive. So what you could do when already gone through this? So if we go to the ad friends but it so I've got two people have added me recently. So if we go to the friends, what you can do is you can have people by user name. So a good thing to do is to go on Twitter on, Look for people that a your target demographic. So we go into Twitter right now. It's a very easy thing to do. All we do is we go at me on Snapchat and you will see a list of people who report all tweets. You'll see all the people that have you add me on Snapchat on. What you can tell you is you can follow start following these people. But what you can see is peace. Someone who ain't born at me on Snapchat and these people are likely to add you back because they there is more of a chance of you staying connected with them. So look for people toe Add on Snapchat though within your democratic graphic on Twitter because people are asking to be added. So it's a perfect opportunity to get people that you are targeting or could be your target customer going back into snatcher something I would also recommend you didn't. I touched on this when we first signed up is to just add people from your address book so it will show you the snap chatters in your contact from your address book. So we have to do is just just but at at at, at at at the people who are on your phone but will be under this invite a Snapchat on These are people that you can invite if you just press an invite. I'm not going to show you that, because that will show you phone numbers of people in my address book. But that is a very simple way of just adding people. I've done so many. I mean, my fate, my favorite was a massive on. I have added a load of people on that. I'm not having any of these guys because I don't want to. Then we've got to add by snap code and what happens when you press that is, it will show you all of the snap codes that you've downloaded from Twitter. So if we get back to Twitter, if we save a snap code, what we can do is we can upload that snap code to snap chur, and that is what you do by ad by snap code. And people need to be saving yours, which is why you should save it. This which is why you should distribute it on all the social networks so that people could save it and then add to you by your snap coat and then we've got added nearby, which is very new. And what this will do is it will add people who have got Snapchat on in the general or have uploaded Snapchat in the general vicinity. This is really good. You go to a gaming convention or go to some cup of some form of exhibition where there are lots of people in your target demographic. Use this and have people here in their bite that is perfect. But also, if you're just in a group off people with people that you would like that you think would be your target demographic graphic do the at nearby because it's really good. Now this is where you need to be more proactive. Share your use a night. Now. What this will do is it will allow you to copy the link that people can click on to directly go to your Snapchat profile. So if we go to my Twitter account, what we've got here is I've done that at meal Snatcher. If you're a fan of stories, you'll love what I said and then I've got here. This is what comes up when you copy that link into your twitter. So other things you can do are you can go on Facebook and do the same Now, as far as Instagram is concerned, let's try Instagram now. He is my instagram account now, in terms of Instagram, you can't actually add that link in here. So what you need to do is you to get back to Snapchat, you need to press on your snap coat, okay? The top, right, and then say you can save the image RL safer video. I'm gonna put safety image now. What I'm doing now is I'm paying an instagram post with my snap code and people will be able to scan this on the Snapchat at, so just go put. It is normal because I don't want anything getting in the way. And I'm just gonna put at me on Snapchat guys for some awesome from 10 I will add you back . That's really important because you can end up adding a lot of people on Snapchat that helped Eddie back. And then you get frustrated. So I say I will have you back on. Then I'll put a load of hashtags and stuff and put snatcher snap code Snapchat may connect you achieve Minecraft These are the things that people will name me for on you achieve See you Puma And that way I'll just put that for now and share now Yeah, and then people can scan this code So I really would recommend you go to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, periscope anywhere that you've got an actual audience. It doesn't have a way you are. But even if it's on you to me, for instance on your telling people about you tell them to join you on Snapchat Now Snapchat isn't really one of those links that you will see that you know, because when Ugo and you sign on, do a profile on various sides, What will happen is is that you will have a little link that people can see your your personal profile in particular site so you can only put your facebook normal but you're linked. It normally put your twitter, but there's not really anywhere that you could put your Snapchat so you're gonna be a bit more proactive and just try and find and give people your direct link. Now there are two other APS that you can use to find followers. One of them is 5000 friends. Look for it in the APP store on what happens here is they give you some credit. So I've got 15 credits. Eight people give you back your credits after about our or half on hour on, then just basically, what you do is used ad friend. You have to look and see if they're the type of people you want to add. Now some of these people, they're not my target area, this one demographic and there's another one on another one. So that's a way of having people. These people will have you back because they have been all day on mine. Another one is yellow, which is a little bit like tender. It's a way of, like somebody liking York, somebody like in your picture and you liking their picture back on. If that match happens, then you can add them, so we will go Lisa area Now, she said, Boom. Now Lisa is your friend. You could just add on Snapchat, and then yellow wants to open Snapchat, and then it's going to start adding this person as a friend. Okay, here's another one. Yes. I don't stature again. Another one And then, like another one Keep liking. And basically, if they like you back, what happen is that they will be able to add view on Snapchat and we another one add on Snapchat And I'll add so really good ways of building your followers. And these are free, free methods. Leverage your social network and download those Tuapse. There are probably other maps, but I know these two won't get me suspended on Snapchat. Right. Okay, That is how you build your initial following. I that was very clear cut its not the easiest thing to compared to, like, Twitter or Instagram or other social networks, but it's a very worthwhile thing to do. I hate this Really help. I'll see you in the next lecture. 10. Use YouTube And Your Website To Build Your Snapchat Following Virally!: a snatcher is very much a photo and video social network. One of the best ways of increasing you're following in quite a viral way is to use YouTube . Now, YouTube is the number one video social network on. I have got quite a big presence on YouTube. I mean, if you follow my you chief course on you today, you will see I've got just under 10,000 subscribers on. I have millions of video views on those video views are what get me followers on all of my social networks. So if we go into this one, probably one of my most popular videos. Dan TDM sings his interest in school. This was an edit. I did. Andi, I actually go through in my YouTube course. But as you can see here, what I've put in the description is I've put you know, house, find me on social media, got my Twitter and my Facebook page when Google plus page my instagram page on my Snapchat links so people could go and they can add me there sense set similar on my other one which has 93,000 views. I've also got my link in there again This has managed to get me a load of fans who like Pop Umno's, which is one of the biggest gamers on one of biggest Minecraft Gabor's on YouTube. And of course we got my Snapchat another place to put it on your YouTube if you if we get in my channel now, is to put it up here in the channel Art. So you've got the Channel art banner here on Do you can actually overlay your social media icons on Snapchat is one of them, so people are able to be taken. It's directly to my Snapchat ling, So advertising your Snapchat on you chief is excellent if you've got a YouTube following. If you don't have a YouTube following, billed it as well as building your Snapchat following. Because video is the best way to build a presence online anyway, on as a business or brand, you should be on YouTube anyway. It's absolutely essential. And if you are, what you should do is you should any your videos, any your video. So you put follow me on social media and put all of your social media links so that every time you get a view you can capitalize on that view by getting another follower to all of your social networks. That's how I have built all of my social networks, as well as the other techniques have gone through and other and my courses. But YouTube is a great indirect way of being able to get a following now, as you'll see in the articles that I have posted for you to print off on make use off. What something that is pivotal for you to do is to put your Snapchat link on your website. Now why you'll see with this website and probably every website is that they don't have plug in. So if you go WordPress site or if you've got a simple HTML site, they don't have normal social media plug ins for Snapchat. So you've got to be creative. Now look what this company that they have put this massive area on their website saying, Join in the fun and follow us on Snapchat so that again is a great way of you being able to advertise your Snapchat presence on the Internet on your website. Now, for most people, businesses and brands, their website or product page is where they get the most traffic or where they direct the most traffic. So capitalize on having your Snapchat I carnal profile visible on your website because you want to make sure you are maximizing every opportunity to get these this younger generation into the sales funnel. So make sure that you do it on your YouTube on on your website. Those are two highly trafficked areas that you can build your Snapchat presence. Right. I have This is really helped on. I hope that you manage to get your Snapchat profile included on your YouTube in those two places on each video. Andi on your channel on also on your website. So have you do really well with this and I'll see you in the next lecture? 11. How Do You Convert Snapchat Followers Into Fans: right. You've aggressively acquired your followers. Now what you do leave Snapchat alone given to your instagram Twitter Facebook Simpler days ? No, you persevere with snatcher because that is the way to truly dominate it. Now, in the coming lectures, I'm gonna show you what you can use to dominate Snapchat. You've got photos, videos, stories and you've got the Snapchat lens on. They take you through all of that. But what you've got to do is you have got to dominate Snapchat by using it every day. The thing about Snapchat, which are a lot of marketers, have not grasped on a lot of people that run businesses don't get is that it is quite a tough app to use because nobody really knows what you use it for. You know, it's just having fun. That's all it is. And I think that the company's of brands that really grasp that are the ones that are going toe succeed on Snapchat. So you have to go live every day on snatcher. You're gonna have your friends, all the people that have been nice enough and trusting enough to sign up to you and figure Okay, let's give this person a job. Let's see what this brand is all about. And then they have you as a friend and you offer nothing. They well unfriend you. You need to be active on Snapchat and I'm gonna show you exactly how in the coming lectures . So make sure that you watch, but you've got to be active. So brands like D. J Cale it Kim Kardashian ever lane Warby Parker Period. All these guys go live everyday. Look, there's a story from each of them on. There's one every day and they have to do you have to keep themselves relevant. Let's look at this one from Peoria. This is him using Snapchat art as a way off expressing himself he uses are he uses the dude look, but he uses it in a more sophisticated way than most of us will ever use. The doodler. And we've got this one cakes to Doe. His stories are all about his cat. Every day his cat goes live is cute. Look, he's got quite a few stories, you know, you can see here in the top, right? You know where it goes down. You know, there's another another story coming up because There's a great out segment that says There's another story. Once you get to the end of that, that is the end of his stories. So it's something that you need to grasp. You need to be active every day. You have to do something and I'm gonna show you all things that you can do. So stick with me. We are going to convert those followers, those friends, inter loyal fans that you can subsequently convert later on. So buying your products. But they just go on there and sell, sell, sell, sell in a aggressive way cell in a normal way. You've got to use the fun element on. We are going to touch on that in the coming lectures. So be bread alone. Have you pet signals? Because this is going to be a brilliant I'll see you that 12. How To Use Snapchat Stories To Build Engagement and Followers!: Okay, so now we get to the juicy part in order as a marketer brand company, wanting to get their name out there, build their profile on snatcher. You've got to be creative. This isn't Twitter or Facebook where you put something on your time. This isn't Instagram where you just post a really cool photo. This is an app where you have to be really created to build a following You've gotta use The resource is available to you on Snapchat to help you build something very engaging. Help you build some people engage with people, respond to on people ultimately like and therefore will follow you for So I've already taken you through pages on videos on how you cannot stickers and text on doodles to them in order to make them look great. Colorful, creative fun. I've also taking you through lenses all the different faces you can have that make you call making look more human, make you look more fun as a personality. So other than that, why you need to do is you need to stop making some great content. Now, if you've seen my periscope course, you'll see that something. I'm really well known for on Paris Cape is guess my drawer a game where I basically do along the screen on People have to guess life what the drawing is. And if they guess it correctly, they get a point on the person with the most points at the end wins. So if you're going to be building your brand, you've gotta make your content fun but consistent with what you do as a business, this is really going to get your creative juices flowing. Now I'm going to show you an exact example of something I'm going to do because this Snapchat account is related to my guest, my drawing account. A lot of the people that have added May from periscope on my Snapchat. So I am gonna bring them something very similar that they can guess on on. This is going to really build my credibility on snatcher. So let me show you exactly how I do that. So what I'm gonna do is I am going to our fee would guess my drawing, but on Snapchat So let's give it a well. Hey, guys, can you tell me what Vicks drawing is? Ah, now what I'm gonna do Now I've got the audio. Part recorded is I'm now going Teoh drool something. So I'm gonna draw something quite challenging. Okay, so if you haven't guessed that this is meant to be Google Chrome So I am now going to put a relatively darkish arrow, and that is what they need to get. So I'm now gonna add it to my story. So now anybody who comes online in my friends list will see my story, and we'll see that come up. And what will happen is if we get into the story, the people leave you. It will appear on the bottom here where it's got the I icon on the bomb left. That is the people that are viewed it on the people next door. That's the people that have replayed it. So they replayed it to have a look and see. Right. Let's have another guess. Okay, So that is how you can use Snapchat creatively to expand your brand on. Make yourself appear fun at the same time. I'll see you in the next lecture 13. How To Look At Analytics For Your Snapchat Story!: Okay, so let's have a look and see how the story that I published yesterday has performed and you can see the analytics, and I'm gonna show you exactly how so We go into my story, you can see the video that I published. Now there's a little arrow at the bottom of that story. You can see it just down there If you press that it will show you all the people that has viewed your story. So I've had 18 people that have looked at it. Now, has anybody actually responded? Teoh, Let's have a look. Let me give into my chats. You go on from Emma Crime, and you can see here that she has answered the actual story. So she has pressed the arrow of the bottom of the story that says chat. And she's guest prayed. I actually hope she put Google cream, but hey, then we got one from Megan. She's put Google cream, so she got it right. Well done, Meghan. You got Rebecca Google. Cramer Lego. What's really good about this is that you have to pay stories that get engagement that get people commenting and liking. And that is the kind of thing that you need to do for your Snapchat audience. Whether it's this kind of thing, will know something that allows them to comment. It makes them more of a loyal fan to you that is very important. They're loyal to you, because if they like what it is that you are sending via Snapchat, it's a good sign that you're doing things right. But it's also a quality of your Snapchats that will get them talking about it with their friends. Now, Meghan on Emma actually know each other on that shows just how this can travel. Good news about your Snapchats can travel, so that is how you get on engaging story. And that's how you look at the analytics of your story. So in the next chapter, what we're going to look at is how you can use your snap code to increase your following. So I'll see you that 14. Snapchat Lens - Sell With Snapchat's Greatest Innovation!: One of the greatest innovations that snatcher has ever come up with is the Snapchat Lenz they recently introduced into one of their updates on what happens is that imposes a filter on your face, and there's normally an animated filter on one of the greatest things about It is not only its simplicity, but the fact that makes you look fun on approachable, even if you don't have the face for. So let's say you're a very professional person. You wear a suit and all that kind of jazz every day. You know, you may not think that a 12 to 24 year old would find you a very suitable person. Toe follow approach connect with, but Snapchat lenses saves the day completely. Now let me show you how you couldn't go live with a Snapchat lens. It's so simple. All you have to do is basically put your finger, your index finger and hold on your face on. Then these Phillips has come up, so let me take you through them. This is one of the most popular. This is used by order of the Kardashians sisters on. It's also used, quite popularly, across the Internet. You know this one. Now most of these are trying with a friend, so they're really trying to get you on your friends involved on. The great thing about that is Snapchat are making efforts to grow this quite organically. So by getting your friend involved in your friend liking it, they got also going snap chest. There is a very good viral quality. They're adding to Snapchat. Huh? Oh, my goodness. Oh, my God! Look at my eyes. Oh, my gosh. I'm like a bridesmaid or something. Strawberry face, I got that city is okay. That's okay. It's quite nice. It's got quite a nice effect on May. Yeah, I like that. I think some of the Snapchat filters are designed to make you prettier so that you're happier to take a selfie. So I think what this does is it basically makes you look youthful. It, like young defy easy on duh. Yes, and takes all the wrinkles away. And it tries to make you that you kind of spotless, almost like a Hollywood star. I like this filter. You got this one? See, this is a perfect example of you could be a professional on our irritable to the young market. But when you put one of these on your face, it really does make you look approachable and can connect with them. That's what's so great about Snapchat lenses. Oh, my God, It. And about this I looked like that. That character in Sweeney Todd or some of it on what I like about these lenses that they are animated. So when you take a video which you can do, you can capture the animation, which is great. This is face what a lot of people do face what? So let me show you how this works. So you've got my face on it. Let's have Steve Jobs up there is that area that is so I'm Steve Jobs on my God, Look at poor Steve. That's how face swap works. Another one is it can actually face swap you with a picture in your camera roll, which is awesome. So here are five celebrity faces. So we go, I'm using currently Justin Bieber. Andi, you can use, you know, like Bruno Mars. A lot of people say I look like Bruno Mars. I'm not sure necessarily how right that is, but, you know, just for yourself, for the evening. Now we've also got Barack Obama here. So like I said, when you use Snapchat filters the Snapchat lens, it really does make you look so much more fun without even having to try. You know, a lot of cases, you know, especially previous. It's orations of Snapchat. You have to do something fun. Yes, do something like a dance or something stupid or film a prank or something. But nowadays, if you actually just use the Snapchat Lin's it's a great video. It makes for a great video on. The thing is, is that you can present as somebody health, so it's just see purpose remarkable. I'm not necessarily sure how popular this one would be. I'm Donald Trump of the Maybe you're five. Brilliant. This is the greatest innovation snatcher has made, and it keeps people coming back on a daily basis, which is another reason why you need to be on Snapchat because people come back every day. People are spending more time on Snapchat, which means the more time you can get in front of them, the better it is for your brand, because these filters get updated every day. So I hate that you've enjoyed watching this. It's so simple to apply the Snapchat filter on your face. My son uses this lots of people. When I showed this to you, them they started using snatcher. This is a function in Snapchat which is allowed it to grow very, very fast, very, very quickly, very recently. So, like I said, now is the ideal time to go alive on snatcher because more and more people coming toe everything just because of this feature here, this innovative feature on As I said, You can take a picture or a video so you can say a picture with one face, a video with another face, a video with another face and that couldn't complete your story that's visible. There we are. This is why Snapchat lenses is possibly one of the greatest inventions on Snapchat site. I hope you enjoy using this. Have a little fun with it. It gets updated every day and I'll see you in the next lecture 15. Exactly How I Sell My Udemy Course Using Snapchat Stories!: So now that you know, hamsters, stories take pictures and all of that awesome stuff I'm now going to show you exactly how I created a story for this snatcher course. So I want to pre face this by saying to you that you've got to be fun. You can't be serious. You can't have a serious faith. You can't be. Give Ira. You've got to make it fun. You're gonna be smiling and you've got to be excited. You gotta generate that excitement and that fun. So have a look at this story which I created, So if we go down to see pay man U to me, check this out. Hey, I got a surprise for you. My cause on Snapchat has just been released. Welcome to my inner sector. Where I called my uni courses on the head is my course in the background. I only for today You can get this course at a reduced rate. Do is just go to you know me and dot com search for Snapchat on. Then we are jobs. Good. I can't wait to see you there. I'm so excited spewing rain bows So as you can see that story was completely tailor made for the teenage and young audience, and I made it free because I want to get them into my funnel once they got one course on particularly, of course it's relevant to them because they're on Snapchat viewing it. So the way to make the most of Snapchat is to actually get to this course, and then they come into my sales funnel on. Then once they're in there, they're on my you know, me mailing lists, and I can mail them about new courses. So that is how to sell on Snapchat. And that is how you create a story. And it's so easy. It's so, so, so easy. Each story is about 10 seconds. So in those 10 seconds as you saw it there, that was four times 10 seconds on what I did there is using the best practices have really gone through review. I made it fun and exciting. I gave them a look into my inner sanctum, which is where I record all of my you know, me courses on I use the filters thesis nap chap lenses. Plus, I also use the stickers so you can see how that is an ultra fun story, and it's much better than just having a camera on you. A new picture. That is how you make a story look good. Repay it, replicated. It's so easy to replicate. Let me just show you how I did one of those stories. So how I did was I pressed on the circle. I got this filter here on. All I did was I press down on it and I Hey, guys, I've got some exciting news today. My Snapchat course has just been released. Whoa. Got some exciting news today. My snatch, of course, has just been released. Who? Guys. I've got something. Let's meet that. And then all I did was in this caption here. I've got a little surprise, and you have to choose the appropriate filter so that it really does generate the appropriate excitement. Syria. We've got that, Andi. And then what you do is you just press on the one of the icons of if you look at the bottom , the one off the 3rd 1 across repressed that and you add it to your story on. Then you do another one and another one and another one on that completes the story symbols . So very are great lesson that. And I hope you learned a lot. So good luck with it. I can't wait to hear how you do. Let me know in the course question and answer session. See you in the next lecture. 16. Conclusion! I Will Be Constantly Updating This Course!: Okay, This is the final lecture on the conclusion of this course. I want to thank you very much for purchasing this course on being part off it. I want to thank you for taking part in the video lectures on the articles, and I hope that they bring you a lot of tips that you can use to build your following on Snapchat to position your brand on snatcher on to make the most of this huge opportunity. Right now, that figure of 150 million users is only going to get bigger and bigger on Snapchat has grown so fast in the last three years that I can see it quite easily overtaking Twitter on Instagram. And the reason why is because as more and more people get wise to the fact that you need to be on Snapchat home or hypergrowth, it's going to experience on. I think brands are. A lot of friends aren't using snatcher at the moment, and this is a prime opportunity for you to get in their on being part off the early movement for companies Now, something that you'll see right here right now is that there is some live stuff happening on snatcher. So I am gonna be updating this course with all of Snapchats recent updates on the latest updates as they come out because I was tennis coming on. It's going to get bigger as the technology that is given to the lovely guys that Snapchat improves. So keep an eye on this course. This isn't the last You will see off May for the snap shackles, but I do want to say thank you so much for being part of this on being part of my heroes group. I've been seep Amen. Your super heroine. You too. May I hope I see you in another course on I hope I see more in this course site. Good luck with Snapchat. Hope you get some great follows on. Make sure that you follow me on Snapchat at Mike. See? Pay right. Good luck. I'll see you again. Suit by for now