The COUNTIF Function – A Mega Useful Excel Function

Alan Murray, IT Trainer, Coffee Lover and Lifelong learner

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7 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using Cell Values with COUNTIF

    • 3. Count Values Between Two Dates

    • 4. Prevent Duplicates in a Range

    • 5. Compare Two Lists to Identify Missing Items

    • 6. VLOOKUP for the Last Match in a List

    • 7. Uniquely Rank Items


About This Class


This class will demonstrate six examples of the mega useful COUNTIF function. This function has helped me so much over the years in accomplishing many an Excel task.

I hope this class will help you understand the versatility of the function and how it could help you even beyond its typical use.

The lessons will include using COUNTIF to count values between two dates, prevent duplicate entries, uniquely rank items and also compare lists.

This function can be combined with others to extend its power. An example in this class shows it used with VLOOKUP to return the last match in a list.

So dive into the class. I will see you there.

Get in touch if you need any assistance.