The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspire Actions | Ngan Tran | Skillshare

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The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Stories that Inspire Actions

teacher avatar Ngan Tran, International Leadership Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Introduction The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation

    • 2. My story & why I teach this course

    • 3. Why stories?

    • 4. How storytelling helps in our ways of communication

    • 5. Psychology of human taking actions

    • 6. Full structure of a motivational leadership story

    • 7. Story of Self_ Story to the heart: Introduction

    • 8. How to build a story of self

    • 9. Debrief story of self examples

    • 10. Story of us: how to connect with your audiences

    • 11. Story of now: Story to the Head

    • 12. Student story Example

    • 13. "I don't have a story to tell". How to start?

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About This Class

Welcome to The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation by the Harvard graduate, certified international leadership trainer.

These are special skills taught for politicians, Harvard leaders, top managers and motivational speakers. Storytelling are “must learn” skills to become inspiring and influencing leaders. Now you can learn and apply these skills for every conversational and professional situation in your daily life and your career. When you know how to master storytelling to inspire others, that can change your life and you can also change lives of countless people.

When can you apply storytelling?

There are countless situations you will need these skills. You are students, corporate workers, start up, investors, or social media influencers, etc., mastering storytelling can help you make phenomenal presentations and motivational speech that will differentiate you from the crowd, and set you in a different level. In addition, you can also change your personal life by knowing how to communicate using motivational stories with your family members, your lovers, friends and people around.

I made this class the easiest to understand and the most concise as possible. You don’t have to take hours of class for getting the fundamental concepts. I go through key concepts in each lesson with story example debriefs and I guide you on how to start practicing it. You will also learn from my student examples, how I coached them and how their story get improvement after each version.

Key lessons in this class:

  • Understand why we need story and what influence human process of taking decisions and actions
  • The strategy to create a story to inspire actions based on science
  • Learn structure of an inspiring story
  • What criteria to make your story more engaging to build the connections
  • How to start practicing it after class and how to apply it in your life and career.
  • Learn from my student examples and my coaching process to get improvement.

By the end of the class, you will be able to easily craft your own stories that inspires actions in your communication and presentation for both your personal life and career. Practice makes perfect. Let’s start write down your own stories! I am very excited to listen to your motivational stories. I’m here to give you my comments and my coaching on your stories and I’m happy to answers any of your questions.

Don't just take my word for it, see what my past students had to say about the course

“I was listening to this, and i have in my mind "wow, that is exactly how were built stories that influenced my life, as well as many of TedTalks" Brilliant” _ Antkot

“This is a special learning experience for me. Writing story of self let me have a chance to think back all of my life. I'm asking myself what is the value that are important to me? I thought about the moment I knew that my dad passed away when I was far away from home. I realized that nothing is more important than my family. Thank you very much for this experience. And this is so helpful that I can use it for so many situations like when I write an scholarship application I will share more about myself and my feelings; or when I discuss with my team at work, now I know how to build a stronger connections among our team members. Thanks for this class! Appreciate much.” _ Michelle Tran

“I honestly rarely wanted to share my personal story to others. But I think I have to change my mind. I'm preparing for pitching my start up project soon next month. This gives me a chance to think deeply the reason why I really want to do this project and quit my full time job to pursuit it. I think the investor judges would feel my passion and determination on it. Great advices. Recommend it.” _ Daisy Johnson

“Interesting to learn new ideas! It's a smart way to always start with emotion part on human brain. I like the student example and how Ngan does coaching on her story. I think the concept could be helpful for different situations.” Nicky Jackson

Are you ready to move your communication and presentation to the next level with a less than 1 hour class? I don’t know which reason you are still procrastinate to learn skills that can help you change your life and your career? Now if you are ready to take your communication and presentation to the next level, I’ll see you in my class!


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2. If you want to learn about Productivity topics, how to change your mindset and strategies to create a break-though for your productivity . You should check out the course "Productivity Mastermind course: Work smarter not harder"  Have the right mindset & strategy to boost productivity!

If you have a questions, you can share it here in the discussion box, or you can email me at



Harvard Leadership Graduate

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ngan Tran

International Leadership Instructor


Hey, it’s Ngan here!

I'm an international leadership trainer, graduated from Leadership Executive Program at Harvard Kennedy School. I have been teaching leadership skills for thousands of students in different levels and groups such as student leaders, corporate management leaders, women leaders, etc. However, no matter what your profession is or your position is, you will need these skills for every conversational and professional situations in your daily life and your career.

With more than 10 years experiences as top managers in sales and marketing for multinational corporations, I have worked with top leaders worldwide. Besides professional environment, I have been traveling and doing volunteer and charity projects for NGOs. I have taught motivational speech for... See full profile

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1. Introduction The Art of Storytelling in Communication and Presentation: Whenever we're participate in literacy for women, haven't. We were discussing about which trace of great leaders actually regulated. They work on emotion. And one of the most important tool for them to do so is storytelling. Story on the most powerful communication tool is happy to sell their identities, connects and influence others. You can use storytelling in many aspects of communication. It's now if you need to persuade someone to join you in your business idea, how good you do that. It's a skill that you need to learn and develop, expel. So everyone leaders. When I would participate in literacy program at Harvard, we were discussing about restraints of great leaders. You could think about the aggressive strategies IQ, but actually greatly that they work on emotion. And one of the most important tone for them to do so, storytelling. In this car, I will have you to learn to apply the storytelling framework from Harvard to their daily communications and presentation. According it's super happened for leaders. What do you actually don't need any leader tighter to be able to benefit from this skill. You can apply storytelling in any aspect, any different situation that you need to inspire other people to join the next highest Yan, I'm a leader CIF China. I graduated from legislative executive from Harvard Kennedy School. I have been teaching literacy for a lot of leaders in different cells, different countries. In this course, you're gonna learn one of the most important skill for leaders, but applies in different situation at work and daily communication. And you can think of so many different situations that you can apply this skill. For example, when you need to present a new business idea and ask everyone to join you. You picked those startup business idea in friendship though investor. You want to inspire and connects or team member. Maybe you want to find a better way for you to communicate with their family members and friends. Anytime. Like I said, that if you want people to love you, trust you, believe in you, and draw you in action. You need this skill. What are we going to learn in this court? In this course? First, we will go over to understand what scientists say, Why story can influence human process of making decisions and taking action. And from that, we will learn how to touch on both the audience and this isn't making percent. Then we will go over the structure of an inspiring story. Which component that make the story more engaging with the audience. I also debrief some of those, for example, for you to learn from that. Then by the end of the course, we win, try to understand how you can set applying and practicing this skill. So after the course, it wouldn't be able to create an inventory of donor motivation story with inspire action that you can apply in different duration at work, other daily communication. No prior knowledge is required for taking this class. I will try to go deeper to understand those cell, to make those story more inspiring. I think that it could be a very interesting journey for you to discover more about D2L, which you normally might not pay attention to. Let get started and discover about. 2. My story & why I teach this course: Before we start the course, let me say with you my own story. So we will understand a little bit more about myself and why I love teaching the course. I was born and raised in Vietnam then it got a scholarship to study in the US for my master and Doctor degree. Picture of me at University of Alabama at Birmingham public's health score. Whereas started not Alabama is very, very typical southern states of America, expressive in their English accent. And these are story as school, when I first moved to us, I took all my courage to go talk. When my TA at my social health class, I asked her why not have been chosen to be any group leaders. In our group discussion, we divide in a small group. And if class group gonna have one person to represent that group, to have the discussion with other groups. Are my member in my gross were chosen. But me. My TA said that because English is not perfect, we don't want our group to lose in the competition. My 12 school stopped. I couldn't say anything more. I couldn't believe that's what the reason I came home that day and think about what's he said. I felt I'm not belong to this plate. Why I'm here. I feel so lonely here. The next day, the next class, I will completely silent, never participate anymore. Then in the evenings, Midas we're calling me is before he went to work. He says asked me how study said to my dad, then it's okay dead. We're very proud of you. We own way ParaView, who were excited saying that to me. At that moment? I just wanted to hang up my phone as quick as I can so that my name Gordon, see me crying. Admits him. My desk were much intake worker who worked more than ten hours in the heart of 40 Celsius degrees in Hanoi in summer. Our city. This was saving a little bit of money for my school. I am proud of you. That's what he always say to me. After that moment. I make my DC then I decided the next day I wouldn't go to talk. And my TA I say to her, You know, my English is never perfect because I'm not a native English speaker. My Agnes was imperfect because I never have any opportunity to study English at any English Teaching Center. My parents couldn't afford it. I learned in lecture by communication with different warranties in the war. We say our purpose meeting house for homeland Children's in Hanoi, my city. I learned in which by covering a cage with international doctors to bring free medicine for children in rural area in Vietnam. For me, in which is this language to communicate never be a barrier for me to bring my knowledge and values to other pupil. I believe that I have unique experience to say with other people in the class. Let me have the opportunities at least once, you know, at that moment was happening, that my professor was sitting at the corners, had our conversation and he came to talk me that I will kind of be the person who present in front of our class about healthcare transformation in Vietnam the next day. And that's when my story, when I first moved to us, it took me a few months to adapt to new environment and everything got a lot more easier later. Go straight to our mesh object. In my master degree, graduated at dictation and they were chosen in the Pharm D degree, Doctor of Pharmacy degree in USD administrative, rank them with two in pharmacy school in us. Also got a scholarship for the literacy program at Harvard Kennedy School. And later, my days will pass away when I were in us. But I know that he always looking at me and proud. I feel lucky that I wasn't give up. I believe in my values and on weight trying to find my way to say it to increase others. That remains to what I am passionate about now is teaching leadership skill, including public narrative and storytelling for leaders. You know, YouTube. When you believe in dollar values worked for it, don't let anything to start. You could tell you that you are not good enough. They could say that you are just junior, or maybe that you won't be able to do it. But don't let it stop you from believing on what you are doing in DCG values. Let other people understand the values. And by that way they wouldn't understand more of you. They tell you that discouraged stories because they didn't listen or have a chance to listen to their story yet, let alone to set those stories, to connect and inspire others. When you can get the emotional connection with others, you are successful in the way of communication. Think a bit. Most of the time we start our presentation, our discussion and communication by going straight to the point, to the ECU, to the data. But also a lot of time. We can see that that didn't work. Even it could cause more tension in our conversations. Now then learn how to start it in a different way, our communication, presentation's and discussion by sharing their own stories. The score, you will learn this skill, how to build the old story that so the identity, the values, and connect with the audience who said the same values with you to be able to take action together for positive change. Now let us start our stories. 3. Why stories? : Now let us get WHY story. Andy Goodman, a person who have done a lot of work on storytelling once saved death. Even if you have a rims of evidence on those sides, no one could ever March on Washington because of her Pi chat. If you want to connect with the audience, tell them a story. You know, human brain loves story. Why? Because it's quick emotion. Even after the few hour long presentation, the audience might remember a few minutes those story. Because it's great emotions among them. And if it was setting the person whose story is could create door, personal, emotional connection with the audience. The audience will never forget how you make them feel. So that's why this fire mass multi-channel social media nowadays. You can see that storing, make it viral. I can say what he wanted, the example. You can see how story can create emotions among audience. And it actually can change how they react and change the decision to make action. This is a very interesting story about Choi library, book burning party. I put the link in the course description so you can watch the video in a few minutes. You can pause the court now. Then we come back here to this scatter about this story. We're basically a story of a very beautiful library in choice City, Michigan. And it will turn that the government did not have enough money to run the library. So they decide to create a vote for increased a little bit tux, like 0.7% in tax. But the non-task group they were against. Visit, vote no for it. They make noise. They changed the topic from library to stop. How did the government reacted to it? They was very creative. They create a campaign name, book burning campaign, the blending to burn Our of the library books. Their Facebook page got attention from all of the local paper, became to come in on their page. Crazy. How could you think about building library books? Then by the end of the campaign, there's a reveal debt. Averse against the library is a slight averse for burning books. Then on the local people's surprise. And they got their meshes. From that. There's a turn to really support the libraries project. So you can see that there were different ways they were telling one story and creating totally two different reactions from the audience fade. Very interesting to see that. You can see the second story, the Gutman group. We're creating purposely the anger, emotions among the audience for them to take action. By the end of the course, we also discussing some of the company motion among the audience that actually prevent them to take action and how to counteract it. 4. How storytelling helps in our ways of communication : We have another example. What good you tell someone if you want to motivate that person to overcome their own fear. I can take the example here, look at this mental health page. They give you some information about fear. For example, this is a definition of fear in sign language. What is the symptom of fear? And they give you some advice to overcome the fear. For example, this object that you should try to fade the feedback ourselves, try to understand ourselves more. Maybe try to realize and do some exercise. Now let me ask you how good you feel after reading all those information to have any kind of filling. For example, happy, excited, wow, moment after you reading this. How much of the information could you remember after reading all of the information in the patient? Now I have another example for you. A person telling a story that have you to motivate you to overcome the old fear. That's when Smith's story, he was saying about his first experience going skydiving and how it takes him about fear. It's a very, very funny, is an interesting story. So I put the link in the description. You go watch it. It was just three minutes story. And then we come back here and this cat about his intuiting story. How do you feel after you watching his story? His was so fun. They arrive very, very intuiting story. I love him and his very, very great storyteller. So basically he were talking about his experience of the first time. He tries skydiving. At the day before, he was hanging out with friends, having some beers together. If someone's a success that we should go skydiving. And everyone got excited. Yeah, yeah, we should go there at night when you were leading on best and he would think about what could happen next day. He would terrifying and couldn't believe what he could do so and the next day he came to the place. He was thin hoping that everyone was just joking their day before, but everyone We're ready to try it. And everything's he drove very details in front covers. What will happening in the airplanes or with the conversation express at the moment when he was standing in the age of the airplane with the door open and he will looking out to debt. You can fill the feeling that he had at those moments. I'm very scared the height. So I imagined if I stand in the age of the airplanes, lie that and look down, my hood could stop beating. So scary. But then the moment later where someone puts him out from the airplane and everything chain, his feeling also chain has that feeling so excited and he enjoyed a moment that you would flying. He will asking himself, then what would the fear that he had the night before? We had this feeling? What is this far? Then the lesson that he gave to himself and also for hours listener, is that God played the best thing in life in the, as a sigh of fear. What would the feeling when you were listening to history? We were both laughing and also learning a very headphone lesson about fear way. How it was as compared to the information in the Mender help page we will reading before. I didn't mean a saying that the cyan informations isn't a half-full. But in our way of communication and presentation, we have to find a better way more in trading and effective way to deliver our information and our meshes. Now for example, if you need to make a science presentation about fear, how good you think about statins are presented in a more into adding and effective way. For example, you could start maybe searing the own story. How did you overcome fear in life? Similar to winds meet experience? Then Westin can present in sign language later. I'm still in practice to a dead after the long presentation. The oriented Mises, remember, few municipal in trading story above here. We're gonna learn together how to create our motivation is story in the course. 5. Psychology of human taking actions: Now let us discuss about what influence humans for sets up, making decisions and action. Let me say where you an experience, for example, if you ever travel to Asian countries in our big city, you can see a lot of kids on the street who were begging for money. There's a lot of them that if you want to have one kid, but you couldn't have r of them. If you are local, maybe you know that those kids are used by a group of pupil making them at a tool for making money for them. I usually tell myself that I sort of gave money to dope case because not gonna have them in that way. You know, sometime I saw a little kid who were so cute and lovely. And I start my conversation with them. And they say as some of their story that was so touching my heart, I totally forgot what my head was saying before as it took my wallet, give them some money. At thus moment, my hurts worse, stronger and it's led to my DCS. And I have been studied a lot of publics paper or research about the psychology of human making our decision or action. I'm sitting with you here in the course description, one of those study publics in front Chair of Psychology been sold that emotion plays a very powerful role in our decision making process. You can image since our decision-making process at decided by two ways. The first way is our emotional system, and the other way is our cognitive system. Which way is stronger gonna design the way that we make our decision? We're going to take it into account when we're making our motivational story, we need to touch on board the audience. Hurt it mean the emotion system. And they had mean that they are cognitive system. But we also might take the advantage by trying to influence the emotional system first before we bring in our reasons or strategy. In a more simple way. If you can make someone who loves you, like you, and trust you at the beginning, is when we on way more easier for you to convince them to follow your story will have you to do that if you can know how to use and master this skill. We were talking about the employment emotions in our decision-making process. Emotion, the disease and making this thing something in the middle with could also influence our decision making process which our values. Let's see what else values and Y is also important in our way to decide to take action. You can see that there are a lot of time that you feel you have a lot of emotion, effuse a connection with the story or the audience or the pupil, but didn't take action. Why? Because if you see that, it seemed like it doesn't really align with the value system. Where the value system are beautiful. It's worth from Sydney will lead educate you growing up in the environments, for example, the contrast or heritage, this error, the families, countries of family environment, the childhood experience, score and experience. Our, uh, data that help you to build our own value system and is go grow with new SR. We'll litigate Antony growing up and is leading you to make their own judgments of what is right, what is wrong for you to take action. Why we are talking about values here? Because when you are selling those story own values and you want to connect with the audience who said the same values with you. That's how you can view the most new connections and strong connection with the audience. When I talking about this skill to leaders, it very important for leaders to really understand their own values and what really calm for their leadership. But it's not only for leaders, is for all of you. If you want the audience to really know you said a person, really understand, use, and trust you follow you. You need to say with them who you are, what do you kn, the life, why you care about this topic? The values could be families. As education, equalities, environments, could be any of the topic that you can't, but it's usually related to the topic that you are presenting to the audience and convinced them to take action with you. I didn't take one example. If you want to call everyone to join in a project that you want to view free school for disadvantaged kids in rural areas who did not have access to school yet. How would you tell them to motivate them to join you in this project? How about you said the own story too? So with the audience to let them understand why you care about this. For example, you could say, I don't own story when he will indicate maybe you growing up, you were growing up in error. That maybe the rural area that you didn't have access to school. And you dreams about one day you could go to school when someone's a scheme and happy you to make their dreams happen. Now, when you are successful, you want to bring back to the communities. I'll maybe another, another story. Another example. When you have an opportunity to volunteer at an, in developing countries and you'll have the opportunity to see by the eyes what the life of all of the disadvantage case. It's really touched you and urge you to really need to do something to help them. By selling those story, we can see the values of educations in life. Really understand the purpose in life. And that's how we build the emotional connection with use. It is more likely for the audience to support you and join you in that project. Maybe I have another example. There were a founders who were presenting his startup business plan in front of investor and try to convince them to invest in his project. He were founder of an apps similar to UB or app is for connecting of the housemates. He connects honor people who viable and can provide cleaning service in maybe a few hours making some money. And that before he presented his business plan in detail, is that searing his story? For us to understand why he really wanted to build this business. He talked about when he would've lead at this. His were raised by his mom, a single mom, but she didn't have a job. So you have to do cleaning service for all the rich family that seek and save money for him and his sister to go to school. There were a period of time That's couldn't find any job and his family's we're facing financially easier. And he had to stop school in for y. Now he also see a lot of unemployment woman who couldn't find a job and staying at home. He didn't want their kids also have to face the same challenge that he had in the past. That's why he wanted to help all of those women so that they can earn some money, but also still have flexible time to take care of their families and their kids. By staring history, we really understand why these men care about having all the unemployment woman. We know his purpose and we trust him. We believe that these men could put r of his effort to make this business successful. That's why we decided to invest in his project. 6. Full structure of a motivational leadership story: So now I'm gonna say it with you. The phone structure of a public narrative story, a leadership story. But you don't need to remember and apply are at the structure of the leadership topic. We will discuss a little bit later which element of a we could apply in our presentation and communication? In the leader says, Use me, they good stead with their own story or story of self. That's where the leader, so who they are? What is corn for their leadership? What are their values? I have been teaching this course in many times in a team at work. And for example, one person was selling his own story. And his colleagues say that, Oh my God, we have been working together for more than five years. But I never heard that story. I didn't know that you have to face those challenges in the life. And after listening to the story, now I feel a lot more respect you in a way that you can stand up and working over all of those challenge in life by team members setting their own story of self is helping them to understand themselves in a deeper level and build stronger connections among them. So after talking about the story is time for you to view the connection with the audience. So that means that you move from story of self two-story us. The purpose when you stand up and say a door stories not only about talking about dorsal Foley. Actually the audience can bound themselves. After you said that who you are, what do you care about? The audience could add. Why I also need to care about this topic. And you need to involve the audience in the topic so that they would feel like they are paths. Door, story. The purpose of story of self and story first is working on the emotional system. Now at time for it to start working on our cognitive system, it's time for us to start talking about what our Kubernetes you that we are on facing together. What could be the accident that we could take to solve the problem together? This path, usually the paths that we start, our presentation or discussion we use negotiate to the point. What do you see? What add the solution for it. But after discussing about the psychology of human taking action, remember, we realized that by working on only the head path, the cognitive path is not enough for convince someone to take action because we actually need to work on both emotional system and cognitive system to convince someone to take action. 7. Story of Self_ Story to the heart: Introduction : In this lesson, we will learn how to create their own story itself, the story for the audience to know more values and the values. Why story of self? What are the difference between the normal storytelling you heard somewhere and this leadership storytelling. Here you tell their own story, not anyone else's story. Especially eval leader. You tell about the leadership stories, sewing dollar values. To be able to emotionally connect with the audience, you need to let them understand you as a person. For example, when I started this court, you can see that I was setting my own story at the beginning of the course. I want you to learn a little bit more about myself, who had the chain of the course and YC doing this by listening to the story and my own story. Maybe you could have some kind of connection with the trainer and feel more confident to taking this work. Go back to another exam while I was sharing before about the founder of the housemaid apps, right? Before he started his own presentation about his business idea. He said his own story about his driver's, his families and why he's really care and want to have all of the unemployed Gorman. By that way, after we listened to history, our investor group understand gas man at a person and we build the trust with him and we have confidence that he could put all of his effort to make this happen. And that leads us to our disease in later to invest in his project. You can think of many other situation that you could start by setting the older story before you have any conversation or discussion. You can think also by setting the old story in daily conversation with the family members. For example. My mom was sharing with us her own story when seen with young to motivated to value education. Her story was 18 or 19 years old. See how to dream to go to college. But C had to give up her dreams because her families couldn't afford the education of fee at that moment was too expensive for them. So, you know, 15 years later, after my mom got married and having us having kids, says that going back to school and continue her educational dreams, by listening to her story, we understand her values and how much value education and all of that's passed to it. I wait. I, myself and my brother, we bought really appreciate all of our opportunity to get our education. Even when you talk with the liver or the partners, you can also learn how to sail door own stories so that they wouldn't understand you a little bit more. Even love you and trust you more. I can take example. There's some time that maybe they will not really understand. They were complaining. Why you care so much about this detail, this topic, and why you use the act in this way or that way. Because they didn't have a chance to listen to George story yet. Maybe you could say with them doors story what happened with you in the path so that they will understand why you care about this, why you act in Desk way. That maybe our UDL on annoying and uncomfortable feelings before could be replaced by the understanding, love and respect. I know that some of you would feel like you're not used to. Not very comfortable to open up door hurts to say a door, own story. Expelled. So he has sorry, a cell. We're gonna talk about it later, but we usually say about some of the meaningful moments in our life, very emotional moments or maybe challenge moment that we don't use to sang it with other pupil. I myself too, I went the same situation before. I was really hesitate about opened up my house and say my own story, my own life experience. But when I learned to do that, my life would change the order of our conversation. Representation, good chain. You know that, how could you can be able to view a really, really strong connection with the audience and when they really know you and trust you its own way, be easier for them to follow you enjoy you in Nanyang action story of cell here I said it again. The purpose is for the audience to know, use at a person, dog values and what do you do in life, who it does person. And by that way, they could use the emotional connection with you, build love and chest with you. So you can think that you can see that it's so important in many different situation for at the work or the daily conversation. Learn to say the old story. 8. How to build a story of self : Now we're going to learn how to build those story of self. However we ever talk about those cell before? Yes, we did. We do is kind of often in our daily conversation talking about our shelf. But now if I asked you to tell me a story of who you are, what are the value in front of the audience? How many of you could feel confident to do so? Not easy, but we will learn about it together. Actually in our life. We are so BDS and we didn't have many opportunity to really look deeply inside our self. To ask ourselves the question, who we are, what are our values, what we cared the most, inner life, busy life. We also don't have chan to loop back in the past to really appreciate all the beautiful, meaningful moments are challenges in our life, which shape it into who we are today. Now let's take a few minutes that take a moment. Let's close our eyes. Record the memory in the past. Childhood experience, the families, school. Recall all the beautiful moment or the meaningful moments that turn you in a totally different direction in life that safe you into who you are today. Dot story of services moderate, drawing on their beautiful and meaningful moments in the life. So that when you tell You say on of those moments, people start seeing youth. It's not about those CV or any title. And the achievement in life is about youth, who you are and what you care about. Now when we talk about building their own story, this story of self though own story, similar to you, I'm making a movie or writing a novel about ourselves. So the characters, the main characters here at the movies cell. We need to have a Frodo's story. What are the elements of the blocks? We wouldn't have three main elements that you will tell in the story of self. First, unexpected challenge. The moment unexpected challenge that maybe you have to make their own decision, which is ans prepare choice. Then we want to see the outcome after that, the outcome that you got APTA, you have the courage to make an unconvinced in your choice. That's outcome good, encouraged, or motivates the person to have the courage to make the decision like you did in the past. So when you setting those story of cell here is not just only for fun, but usually we need to bring some of the meshes or the lesson that we've learned from the story. And we want our audience to learn from that too. So there are three paths that we need in our story. The main characters themselves. What are the plus three parts of the Florida unexpected challenge and PPI choice and the outcomes. And thus story need a moral of that story mean the meshes that you want everyone to learn or understand for me. Talking about the plus with three parts. Unexpected challenges and prepare choice. Why unexpected challenge? Why we want to tell a story or Abdullah moments? Normally in our life, most of the time that we make our action, we do things by our habit. We don't have to think about it. We don't make choice in those moments. For example, he wake up in the morning, they'll better T's watch the phase. And then we have breakfast and they would go to work. That is the routine is our two routine with do it every day and we don't have to think about it and make choice about it. But only when our routines, outbreak of the things and not in the way that it used to be. We call it an expected. Are those moments is the time for you to make their own choice, that you need to make their own decision. That decision could change life and you become the creator of the own life, of their own destiny, their own future. Those moments goods sold our own values. And it would let him understand who you are, who you are, and who that person, and why you act in that way. So now we already had the characters, Applause and amora photo story. How good we put everything together to tell the story well, well-told story is a story that the audience could even see, smell, listens, and fill the way that the main character did in that last moment. To be able to do so, you need to bring every details so vividly in front of the audience. When I do caution story of cell use the I on whereas our participants, I want to see those moment clearly. What happenings? What would the environments wasn't in the room, in a coffee shop? And how it's looked like. What was the smell of the coffee, for example. Who sit next to you? Who did you have the conversation with? What would the conversation how did you feel at those moments? As detailed as possible for two really, I can emergence in my mind that I was in those situations and I understand what was happening at those deviation. By that way, you had the audience to view the connection with doors story or the main characters in the story. So let recall Will Smith's story that we were discussing at the beginning of the course. You can see how well he did by telling his story. Everything is so previously in financial barriers, even the sow. You remember he talked about their conversation his conversation with his friend the day before? Yeah. We should go skydiving. Yeah. Yeah, yes. Everything is so excited. And then moves to the detail the data the day after when he was at the airplanes. At the moment in here and look out, out to dance like you can feel his feeling at those moments like terrify, failing. But then when he will fry, everything is quiet. Everything is so beautiful that we can in machines in our mind that those beautiful moment when he would flying and look down to this beautiful city. That's the way that you suit on so beautiful story by adding as much detail as possible, focus on the moments and make it reversely in friendship door audience. 9. Debrief story of self examples: Now let the rip, one of the story of cell example is engineering and jewelry speech and submitted Wednesday, got an Humanitarian Award. Go to the course description, I put a link, YouTube link so you can watch the video for two minutes and come back here with this cared about her story of self. In story of cell structure, we were discussing three pathways, challenge, choice and outcome. What were her challenge in her story? She said her story by setting about her month, huawei, love her and support her in her journey. I was so lucky. But at the same time in the other side of the world, they are another woman who have the same wheel, the same dream, the same passions, or maybe even make a better movies, a better split. But at the same time, so you were at the refugee camp and C have no voice that was struggling inside home might sit it, understand why this is her life and that is the other woman's life. One will her choice. Even CCSE didn't know why. But C would do at her mother ash noting could mean anything. If sit-in make her life of uses for others. That is her choice and thus lead her to honor her for lunch to fill up later in her life. From her story, we understand how missense her values in life. Before I said mu antagonists at a very successful and beautiful and perhaps to listen to this story, I understand her more about what seek AS in her life, the meaning of honor of her financial fever. I feel I have more emotional connection to her. And I respect this woman even more, more than just a very beautiful and successful access. Using story of self to start their space is a way a lot of political leader do. When I teach this class for leaders. I could dig down into it. But here we will learn to apply and start our story of self in our conversation and presentation in different situation. We don't really need to start a very formal and political space lie on the leaders. But we can still apply this element to our daily conversation or presentation. I can take one of the example here is the speech from Obama, us pressured in and you can see how he used story of cell to start his speed. This is the keynote speech that he made in 2004. The speed that made him toward the way become the US President. I just wanted to note here that don't pay attention to the political views because I know that we have our different views in politics. But I don't want to mention about it here. This focus to the structures that we are discussing. I put the link of the speed in the course description so you can watch it to see how the US President's that his speed by selling his own story of self. You can see that even the US president on so you story of cell to cell and start his face. So why don't you do so. 10. Story of us: how to connect with your audiences : So in a phone public narrative or leadership story after story of salary wheel to store it. Meaning that it's stories that connect dorsal with the audience. We also learned the elements of story at first to apply to our communications and presentation. When you present a top, there could be two cases. The first scenario that you present or top, or the presentation among the group of people who you already know. For example, the team at work or the groove that classmate. But there's another scenario that you might be zen, top among a big group of audience you present on the state. You have a live view doors for all the people who are watching the videos. In both case scenario, how could you get the connection with the audience we're going to discard about, except the situation. The first k when you present or talk among the people that you already knows, for example, the team at work. So phi thing is command. What are the things in common that you guys sat together? For example, Sarah, experience serve values. When we have a thing income in its own way, easier for it to get connected. For example, in the team when you want to talk with the team. Of course, we know that we have a lot of things that we sat together and I say I experienced their value salable. But in our talk we need to mention this specifically. So our aggdata team wound feel like they are part of it. They are positive the project, they are part of what you are talking about. I could take one of the example. Now EUR talking with the team in case that in the scenario that DO team of facing a little bit of the target challenge. Now it's become the end of the years and you need to reach that target by the end of the years. But now it's thin. Have seen, have a little bit of a big gap between the Cuban revenues and find a target. You need to start the conversation to motivate their teams and start discussing later about their business plans for the last quarter to reach our target. You could start with something. Still remember last quarter we'll, we will also facing the same challenges of this water, the target challenge. I still remember married, he's told me that you think that you could never be able to read the target by the end of the quarters. And Thomas, you said that you could lose the biggest customer. But then after we have our discussion and we decided we win tries our bed and we supported have a chador. Remember? I still remember when I left the office. I always see married and Tamas were the last person at all fit. You guys were working really hard. And Henry, you were very creative in a way that you talk with the customer and work with the customer. Finally, one of the big gate, because the last quarter away. Together we did it, we reach our target by the end of the quarter, the last day of September. And you remember how extended and happy we got the news and we went out to have very happy hours together. And now this is our last Chan our last quarter. We had been working really hard together for almost eight years and we did succeed in the last three quarters of the years. So I don't think that there could be any reasons that we couldn't be able to succeed another time this quarter, the last quarter, to get our final yearly targets this year. Now let's discuss together our fourth quarter plan. It could be one of the exam or how you could start the presentation. Although discussion with the team member about the business plans for the last quarter of the year. Setting the experience, the challenge that we face together. And you mentioned specifically the name of everyone in the team happenings. So you brings everyone in the story so they make them feel like they are passed up the project and is the story that you are talking about. By talking about the sad challenge, the choice we make together, and the outcome regarding the past. It could motivate the team member to be a stronger connection and work together again. To reach our final target of the year. I can say what he wanted a tactic here you can learn to be able to connect with the border audience. By generalized or challenge, you could face some of the challenge that he was serving in the story of cell. But in particular is to us in new habit. But now you make it Zeno's that challenge to a kind of a common challenge that you can guess that most people could face the sky of challenge at least one time in their lives so that they can relate it to your own challenge. I said with you this video here, a story from Jim crash, the link on the description. So James Burrus, however, steering and he was selling history, talking about hitch challenge of being an LGBT person and corn Every want to support a project to bring the equalities for the LGBT group. I post the link in the description so it can watch the video in its were about seven minutes so we can watch it. And then we come back here to discard about the story. But when you are watching this story, remember to pay attention to the way Jame connect his story, his own challenges to the border audience who are watching Hit videos. Okay, so now we come back here to describe, did you figure out the ways that Jame this to connect history to his audience? What were his challenge in history? He said that you remember. He said, I feel like I'm so long anyway, I feel like I am the only one who had this problem. But how he connects with the challenge of music being lonely at an LGBT person, to the common challenge that everyone could face in our life. We could have the feeling of being lonely sometime in our life in a different situation. For example, you are to tone and people make fun of you. You have to sort. They make fun of you. You coming from a different group, different language. We have a different situation that we could fill the feeling of being lonely. It similar to his situation, his challenges of filling lonely, being an LGBT. That is how he ZnO light hits charlatans to make it a border coming challenge to connect with everyone so that every people who might not be in the same situation, but they can relate it to it and they feel the feeling that he had. That's how you view the most a new connection with the audience. You remember in history, Jim also did an other way to connect the audience. Make them feel like the topic is relevant to them. How does he do that? To do remember? He said that could be the friend's daughter, sister. It could be any one or value anyone you know and love. You don't want that kind of result happened to them. So even at the beginning, before I watch a video, I tell that might not have a topic that I could care about. I'm not into editing, it is not, might not related to me. But after watching the video washing his story, his doing really good job and make me feel like I'm part of the story. Made me really pay attention to it, care about it. By the end of his story, I feel like I'm ready, I can contribute, I want to contribute to his project. That is one of the skill and the tactics that you can learn to connect with the audience. Hi, I was sharing with news. There are two ways that you can coordinate with the broader audience. The first, make it like xenoliths are challenged to make it that a common challenge that everyone could relate it to. So they could feel the feeling that you have indoor story. The second way is make it relevant to them. Make it, make them feel like it's could be something that could happen for them or for the people around them or something that they can feel relevant, that they start pay attention to it that care about the topic and later wanted to contribute to your project. We were discussing about two scenario. How you present and get the connected with a group of people you already knows and say experience together. For example, a team member or the growth or the glass meet the teammates. But another scenario we, how we connect with a broader audience, who we know admit, does that is very useful topic that I hope that you can learn from that. Use those story to be able to connect with the audience for dog presentation and communication. 11. Story of now: Story to the Head: Now it's time for us to talk about the shaders IPAT, this spot a very common way. We did it on a time. We talked about our ECU and fees NO, about the solution. Clearly easy way for why this thin a lot of time that you see that after the representation, everything very clear, the Stratasys very clear step-by-step what people need to do. But it seemed like they are not interested and they still didn't take any action. Now here we will discuss about some of the common emotions among the audience that prevent them to take action. You need to understand all of those emotions among them endorsed story. Doro is create a story that creates some of the emotions among the audience that counteract with they're always in emotion. This is a little bit advanced, but it could be very helpful for you if you know how to use this and expensive. For example, if you have a marketing person and you need to work on the emotional customer. When we need people to take action right now, we need to let them see the urgency. Sometime for leaders, we might need to create the urgency and why that? Because people are inertia, which means that they have a tendency to do nothing or remain unchanged. If they don't feel urgency, they probably don't take any action. So you need to bring the urgency for them to take the action. It could be something like if you don't make it today, things are gone. Similar to the way that all of their marketing pupil doing, making their SEO campaign. We say everything in our store, this for one day, come to get it today, otherwise gone tomorrow. It's one of the very simple example, but in the story, you need to find a different way to create the IRS and among the audience for them to take the action. Sometimes you might need to bring the anger Amanda EA motion that make them feel anger to be able to take the action? Because they are a lot of times that people feel a party's mean that lack of interests, concerns, or enthusiasm. We can go back to the perverse example at the beginning of the course, we were talking about the story of trial library, book burning party. You remember the government group? They were purposely create the anger, emotions among the audience, among the local people when they're talking about the book burning project, they were planning to born out of the library books. And there's crit, so anger, emotions among the local people get their attention too involved in the project. By the end of the project, all of those local people supporting to preserve the library. One of the example that you have to create the anger, emotion through those stories among the audience so that they wouldn't decide to take their action. An ADA reason that they don't take action because they have fear. The fear of doing that batting could happen. They fear that they're going to fail. They feel like they're noting good chain. Then you need to bring up the hub among the audience. Let draw among them the brighter future. We could do it together for them to have the motivation to overcome their fear. Sometimes we also feel isolated, like I feel alone. You need to bring out a solidarity. Mean that you need to let them understand that they are not alone. We are here together. We work on that together to make it happen is very, very common in this direction. Into a team member that you need everyone feel like we are passive, the team, we are doing the project together. Don't let everyone have to fill in that they feel lonely, they are left alone. Could be another situation when people fill self depth about themselves. If you know that what prevents them to take action because they are not confident in about themselves. Don't think that they have abilities or the skill to be able to do it, then you need to motivate them, encourage them by sewing them that. You can do it, you have the ability to do it, and you can make a difference. No contribution is small, laid together. We can make a chain. For this fast is good. You need to pay a lot of attention and be creative in the way you create those story. And when I do caution with them, our participant in this course, we spend a lot of time to discuss it together, which are the best way for us to create the emotion among the audience says, really push them to take action. Now we talked about the last part is the cone to action. You want to ask everyone to join you or if you want to ask for a social chain project, you need everyone to start there. First step to make the chain. Don't dreams too vague and make it to center also, after they feel really connected with those story they want to contribute, but they don't know where to start with. If they don't start it today or tomorrow, they wouldn't forget about it and we'll never start anything. To change your habit is always the most difficult, is doing the first step, the first action. So when you call everyone to take action or contribute to a chain, you need to think about what could be the most practical thing that for them to start with, then that is the way for you to call the action in the story. For example, if you want to ask everyone to joy you in a project to protect environment, it uses say that now less protected environment together, they don't really know where to start with. And we hear about protecting environment all the time. But how many times that people really start taking any action, we need to be very specific call to action. For example, there could be an counteracts. And so today, after this presentation or after this meeting, come back home and buy to chest been to be able to separate. One is for biodegradable wish. The other four more non-biodegradable, which we can see. That's a very specific call to action. You can see that the time when you asked for the action today, just right after the meeting, you come back home and you start doing it where they'll do it at home. And what the action by two chats been to separate the wish. That is one of the exam or how you set the cone to action needs to be very specific locations and how they can do the action so that if they want to join you in the project, the business idea, or for social change, they know where they start with. Alway, remember, the first step is always the most difficult, challenging, but also the most important step. When they start getting in the first step, it will continue to convince them to be more enduring indoor project. 12. Student story Example: If you are leading up an NGO projects for social change, how good you tell those stories to motivate everyone to join you in the project. I'm sharing with you a story from my student was sharing her story to motivate everyone to join her in her social chain project, Zen dough equal project. Let listen to her story. I came home a little bit late from Liberty Party and it opens the door. I saw my dad. He looked at me, we just saw Oscar a little bit heavy makeup and retinue colors. He's a slob over my face. I didn't realize what was happening yet. He was shouting angrily at me. Look at you, look like a prostitute. You're not my daughter gets out from the house. I didn't know what to say. I was describing running out from the door since they moved to my scorn town. I grew up in a very strict Asian American family. In my childhood, the image in my mind was my mom's staying full-time at home, doing housework and cooking. And my dad was a souring at her wherever there's food doesn't taste like what he wanted. I knew I don't want to leave my lifeline, My mom's, but it was struggling to knew what I had and my mom deserve to have the right to ask for. I finished my colleagues and got a fellowship to study in humanity and Zeno's equality, from which I got opportunity to travel around the wall, listen to thousands of women story, and got inspired by a lot of women leaders. Now I'm supporting for Unite and UN Women project to end violence against women around the world. You know, there's some static takes from WHO? From the Beta, over 80 countries felt that one in three women, one in three women have experienced sexual violence. And the prevalently is why reigns from our regions from high-income countries to Western Pacific, eastern Mediterranean, to sow it. Asian reasons mean it can happen anywhere away, leave. It even worse when some woman were fighting suicide at the solution for them to get our funders scenario. Some of you might experience the violence in the family or you might see it happened to the woman around you. Or could be their doll relative, the neighbors, their friends, or the woman, you know, you don't want that outcome happened to them, right? Let's stop that. Don't let this happen to the people you know or you love. Joy us in our campaign by simply first step, like our Facebook page, say, I oppose and spirit the worst about women and gender equality. It doesn't matter where you Firm a will leave American or European noisy. One contribution could bring a big chain until society. Let's start action from today. How does he do that? How does C tell her story? Was studying with her own stories historian cell. We understand about her family background and the reason why we really care and want to work on Zander equality. We start seeing this person and understand why CK above this project, we build the connection with her, the trust with this woman and pay attention to what she talked about. Was this really vivid in front of use and make you related to how filling at those moments in the past was sharing her story and talking about January quantity, then you ask why I need to care about it. How does he do that? How does he make it relevant to you, the audience? You see that C, C was saying some of the example that some women, they facing this issue, they will finding suicide at the solos and for them to get out from the situation. And you don't want our desk consequence happened to all the woman's rvalue, the woman you love. How about the cone to accident and strategy path, the head part. C, we're bringing some of the data's that it takes data that create the urgency among the audience. You can see, remember the number one among three woman's, one, every three woman's around, you are facing this issue by themselves. So it's really a big concern and we need to contribute to solve this problem, to prevent this happened to all the women around it. What about her call to action is as very specific call to action. What does CIS you just come to their page, lighter project and say, their project so that it's raising awareness of gender. A point is a very difficult task that C, asking you to do. After you feel very justice Coleman, have the connection with this woman and feel relevant to the topic. And at the end was just asking you one varies. Very small and specific contracts and could you say no to it? I think that all of us who listened to her story, who want to contribute to her project. That's how we apply some of the skill and the tactics that we were discussing in this class about story of self, how to connect with the audience and how to bring out the Stratasys and come to the axon in a more specific way. 13. "I don't have a story to tell". How to start? : Now let's discard about how you can start practicing and applying this scale. I think you could think in their mind now, I don't have a story to tell. My flyers is a simple life. I don't have anything special to talk about. I have that I've taught in my mind before when I started learning this skill. But believe me, just suppose that you need to start with the first story, the first draft. Then we think more about it. Revise a few times and you're getting better and better. And until it become those skill, it wouldn't be more confidence. And automatically using this skill in any kind of conversation, a presentation you have. For talking about story of self cell. You can think about using story of cell in any situation in the world. Although daily conversation, when you need to build trust with the audience or the person that you are talking with. You want them to understand you at a person, what you care about, why you talk about this topic and build the trust and belief with them so that they would enjoy your later in your project. So that is where you could think about what story of sale, I should say here, what values are relevant to the topic that I want people to understand for myself. Then think about going back to Dar, history to memory. What will happening in the life. What were the challenges or the moment that so the value that related to the topic that you are presenting, pick out those moment. What would the challenge, the choice, and the outcome that you got at those moments? And fun desk, what were the values that you want to so to everyone, all the meshes that you want to deliver to the audience to learn from the story, you can start practicing about creating some story, about some of the main values that you have in life. Now take a time. For example, in the evening, tonight or tomorrow morning. Asking yourself, what are my values? What I'm cared the most in my life? What would the moment that saved me as who I am today? What would the special moment that TEN my life into a different direction that now when I look back, I would be proud of myself. Write down all of those moment. Think about all of those. Challenge moment in life or at the special moment. Make the story among all of those moment to solved or values. You can ppm inventory upto our story of self. Then later you can apply it in a different situation that relevant to that values. At that moment, you need to present a talk or a presentation that related to that value is a need to bring out that story from the inventories of story. And then we just need to adjust it a little bit to more suitable to the Quran audience. That's how we practiced using story of self. And I also said in the material of the course, the worksheet for you to start practicing story of self with a guidance in detail that some of the things that you could think about when you make those stories of self and the component of story of cell that you can have their first trap about it. Remember, we need to revise those story a lot of time to make it getting better extent. So don't expect that you're going to have a perfect story at the first time that you try to riot. So for example, when you first make the first draft, you can say with some other people for them to get some comments from you. You can see it here at the cost, here in the project so that I can get some of the command for DOS story. Then we talked about the story is mean that you need to mute the connection with the audience that you need to apply as in any conversation of his orientation. You want to talk with the audience. How you can view the connection with them so that they can feel they are possible. What are you talking about? And they get by attention to the presentation rather than this is not my things. Another thing that we live in to me. Whatever you talk about this, talk about it. I don't really care about it. We're doing one. Does KaiA feelings among the audience way? We all went one them to pay attention and feel like they should care about what we're talking about, how good we do that. Remember to difference, deviation of the audience that I were discussing in the class. How about in the spawn group? Who said the same experience with you? How could you connect it with them? How about when you make a top among the big, broader audience? How could you use the different topics to connect with the audience? Remember Jim Carr story, a different way that he lives. His challenge may lie his challenge to make it more common challenge that everyone could face so that they feel related. And also, how did he make everyone too relevant to the topic that he talked about? Come back to watch the story again if you want, and learn from the tactics that he using to connect his audience, the border Adrienne who never say experience with him. Then we moved to Stratasys and counteraction. This path we usually do very often at work. We go to make a presentation about what is our USU and present about what ADA stall loosen or strategies that we need to fix this full-blown step, 1234 was as really working all the time. No, Ray. There's still a lot of time that we have a very clear strategies for. No one will listen to us or take any action. We need to understand the audio and emotion and what prevent them from taking action. When you creating door story is create the emotion among the audience that counteract with their reason or emotion. That makes them one chain them and make them want to take action. That is the act of storytelling that we need to create. So think about a different situation that you make the presentation. There are communication. I think it could be really helpful for different situation. And you don't really need to make a full formal public narrative or later stiff speech. Liar leader, startup sales study of Earth's story of now in corn to action. But you can use different different elements of eclipses story to apply for the presentation and make it more effective presentation or communication. I hope that you have learned some of the useful topic, skill and information about storytelling that you can apply to improve and make a presentation or communication more effectively. And I'm very excited to hear all of the story that you're going to say after this class. Different situation that it was successful and apply this girl in the world under communication. Let's see you and adequate.