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Sustainability & Sustainability Design

teacher avatar Rakesh Potluri, Teacher, Author, Researcher & Learner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Lec 1

    • 3. Lec 2

    • 4. Lec 3

    • 5. Lec 4

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About This Class

Main Theme:

This is a course which is all about learning the basic concepts of sustainability and sustainable design.

Class Project:

Students will create a chart of different components of a product and try to asses which sustainable design guidelines are suitable to which component and why for improving the environmental sustainability of the selected product.

Class Outcomes:

The students will have basic knowledge of different concepts, Guidelines & Principles of environmental sustainability and sustainable design.

The students will be able to apply these concepts for conducting basic research into Sustainability & Sustainable Design.

The students will be able to apply these concepts for producing environmental friendly design projects for their college studies.

The Information obtained through this course can be applied to any relevant engineering field.

Class Target people:

This is a class that is targeted at the beginner level students with some prior knowledge of the basics of engineering (Design, Manufacturing related fields).

People Curious about Environmental design, Sustainability & Sustainable design.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rakesh Potluri

Teacher, Author, Researcher & Learner


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1. Course Introduction: sustainability and sustainable design. Our world is changing rapidly. Time. It is degrading investing, fashion. Many species and habitats are becoming extinct, A constant produce has decreased. Natural disasters and diseases are on the rice way that humans are. The reasons for these changes and our future doesn't look optimistic. So what can we do about this as a designer or an engineer? Can we change that situation? So if you are thinking the same, then you have come to the right place. This particular course is the right choice for you. So as a designer or engineer, what can you do so you can design products that are more and more environmentally friendly ? So in order to create more and more evident mentally friendly products are sustainable products. You should know some basic concepts off such terrible T design, then intention to that particular knowledge. You also need some tools that can help you design, evaluate and reduce the environmental impact off the products. So this course is all about environmental sustainability. Answer. Stable design. So what happens in this course is you are going to learn about the concepts off sustainability and how sustainability has evolved on what is sustainable design. Why the concept of sustainable design has come in tow practice in the design field on, then what are the guidelines that can help us to create sustainable products? Then what are the principles that help us to apply these guidelines towards designing sustainable products? So then, if you follow along and complete the course project, you'll be able to understand the scope off the guidelines and principles and how these guidelines and principles can be applied for designing new products or other ways in blue. That and run windows sustained will do off the existing products. So once you have completed this particular course, he will have basic knowledge about what a sustained will be and what is sustainable. Design concepts and it will be having are demonstrating knowledge about the guidelines on board principles regarding the sustainable designs. So I hope you are excited to join me in the sport and learning about sustainability and solid works. Thank you 2. Lec 1: through this lecture, I'm going to introduce you to the concepts off sustainability and sustainable design, which other main teams off this course besides solid works. So initially, when an engineer is designing a product, say, a product X, it was the design based upon the strengthening service performance requirements only. And once the product X has met all the strengthened in surgeries performance requirements, the next consideration was given to the form off the product, how the product look alike and how the product is the feeling when we test the product and other things were the second constellation today, due to the increase, the environmental concern, a number off stringent environmental rules or regulations have been imposed on the products that are being designed. Never this. So what happens that designers must also consider stringent environmental requirements addition to the strength and in service performance requirements? Farrah product, especially they need to concentrate on how the product will be handled once the useful life off the product is over, our say after its death, then, during the useful life as well, the products must be conforming to a lot off environmental regulations, especially see in terms off energy so the product that is designed another days or in recent times should be consuming as less amount off energy possible. It may be any form off energy. Let us eight maybe elect city or it may be feel. For example, if we take automobiles. Fuel is the source off energy. If we take the electronic, Salek City is the form off energy. So what happens is we should increase the efficiency off the products that we are designing so that they are going toe to reduce their energy consumption. Then they also have to reduce the pollution that are caused by this products and again during the production stage off this particular product, It should use as number off limited natural resources as possible. And the basic central portion is what will you do with the products after they end off their life or useful Life said that so that after product means once its useful life is over, we need toe. Either discover the product or we need toe, disassemble the product and use it for remanufacturing, or we can also extract material by the process off recycling we can do. We can handle a let off a product in number off. This Indian ating design is always inherently tied to the society and the needs. And it also develops over time because as a society perspective, as the society needs as the society priority shifter, the design off the product also is going to evolve over that time. On the basic example here, you see, is a Ford Mustang, which was designed in 1964 and this is the 2018 Ford Mustang. Initially, if we come to the gear shifting system, it used to be a manual system where you have a stick toe change against manual. But right now, in 2018 lot off people they prefer going for the arto get system. So what happens? There will be a system which in turn will be shifting the gifts on behalf of the human who is going to be driving the car. So what happens? Over the time the society has changed, the priorities have shifted. That is where the design also have shifted, not change. When the society secrets the globe have pushing for high quality products that are less expensive. You in the years off 19 eighties and 19 nineties we have developed the concepts such as designed for assembly designed for manufacturing and con current Injun ating. This concept were applied to initial production toe produce products in a larger mass scale so that products that are being produced are less expensive and in order to maintain the quality, it is the second requirement for the societies. We introduced the concept called Six Sigma, and it was concealed and adopted to the industrial manufacturing toe, improve that product quality and also maintain the product quality. So when the societies began to push for the environmental awareness and concern, our TOM, known as the Green Movement, has made its way into the design. So the time designed for sustainability DFS East, um, or the concept of VFA system. So the defecit concept is nothing, but it extends the broader concepts off the FAA present for assembly be affirmed design for manufacturing, concurrent engineering and six Sigma. Its activities have to address the current and you don't mental and so satay constants. So what happens if we are going to apply the concept of DFS star design for sustainability ? The products that are being designed will be more environmentally friendly. The DFS just accept the concept that we already have to get a product which is much more environmentally friendly, then coming to the concept of sustainable listen. It is nothing but a direct outcome off the strict regulations on the environment. So, for example, this particular sustainable design, it limits the usage of natural resources, and it also limits the landfills. So at the end of the useful life off the product, it just wants to recycle the product or other ways. We can also use it to the manufacturing or operating off the product instead off just going it and dumping it in the dump pad or a landfill. It also say the sticks a usage off dangerous materials which may cause any health concerns , and others that sort of factors that designers who are going to design sustainably must think hard about the product use and also disposal. So once the product is being used, the product should not create any health effects. Are environmental impacts on after the useful life or death of the product? Also, he should not create any health effects are the environmental effects So a good example is electron ICS and computer devices So in recent years, the designers are trying to face or components that are presenting some health hazards and by replacing these particular materials with new materials, which are more environmentally friendly and also cost efecto. So basically, the sustainable design addresses two major design faces in a product design. The 1st 1 is that during life, face or in service face on the 2nd 1 is the after life or and not service face. So what happens if we are going to do a sustainable listen? You need to first look it when the product is being used. How can you are they use the environmental impact of the product and once after life's. Also the product should not impact their environment. We are going to talk about what it sustainable design during life. So what happens is a product must meet the post off environmental and energy constraints. So, for example, if we are going to come to the environmental concerns, what happens while we are using the product, it should minimize the pollution. For example, let us take automobiles, so be automobiles with Bs three insulating. They cost more pollution when compared to the automobiles off Bs four rating. So what happens when we are iterating on when we are improving, that is, and we are going to minimize the pollution that is caused by this particular automobiles, which is an example for the unsustainable business. So what happens if the product is going to minimize its pollution? The greenhouse effect snow. We also reduced. So some of the pollution measures include carbon dioxide emissions on water pollution in the air pollution and then coming to the next two term what is known as the energy constraint. We should minimize the amount off energy that is being consumed by the product. For example, let s TV think again. We'll take the example of an automobile safe in auto Mobil, Exxon Mobil, Liza Consuming some one gallon for 10 kilometers, then Automobile VII's consuming for 10 kilometers. It is just consuming 100.5 gallon. So what happens is the energy is the Jews do between the sand. Viper energy, consumer by the product must also be minimized by making the product as efficient as possible. For example, in an automobile, if we are going to increase the mileage of the automobile, that is one of form off sustainable design. Then, if we are going to design and produce sustainable products, they required three main concepts. One is the sustainable design concept than the sustainable manufacturing concept and the sustainable waste management concepts. So sustainable design plays a major role in bitter mining about the sustainable waste management stage as well as the sustainable manufacturing stage as well. So, while designing, if we are going to take some considerations into account, we are going to control everything during the sustainable manufacturing state as well as a sustainable waste, management said as well. And then the next thing is sustainable. Manufacturing is majorly controlled by the materials we use for the design. So what happens based upon the materials we used in our design? Sustainable manufacturing is controlled by materials that are used as the materials dictate the manufacturing process in which they can be produced in practice. What happens is the sustainability factor is the and then you used for manufacturing your product and then transporting your product and use off the energy well, the product PC in service. So what happens is the major factor off concern for sustainability is the energy use. So while manufacturing Homan, chairman off energy is being used, and once it is manufactured, it should be transported from the manufacturing unit to the consumer during these transportations, how much off energy it is going to consume and the ones he treats us, the consumer. When the consumer is using this particular product, how much energy it is going toe consume and also the nation to all of this, once the consumer has used it and the top, the product has occurred. How much of energy is needed to dispose that particular product is also a concern in that sustainable design. The next lecture. I'm going to continue talking about the concepts off, sustainable, the and sustainable design. And right now we have learned that material selection is one off the major factor, which determines the sustainable design face and sustainable manufacturing face as well as a sustainable vest. Management are safe disposal face off for thank you 3. Lec 2: way. Previous lecture we had an introduction toe Sustainable is and why sustainable design is a requirement, not really is and other sorts of things. So we are going to continue the same topic in this lecture as well. So sustainable design After life in the last picture, we have operable this sustainable design during life's. Now we are going to talk about the same will design after life. So what happens is a product must. Equally media will stop disposal concerns as well. So while e the product is being used, it should operate under strict environmental conditions. But one cities after the useful life off the parties also worried, should meet a host of disposable consents. So what happens? The components of the discarded products must be easy to December and then sort of refurbished or recycled or disposed. So as I've the new previously So it's their party. Is that the Indus? It's sliced. What happens is one thing we can do is we can just Detroit a very in the Lancet, which is very dangerous to the environment. And the thing is, we can disassemble the product and use whatever the useful parts that are there for other products infection. Other product on the other thing is, we can be cycle opponent we can recycle upon if there is a minor issues with the correct we can. What what we can do is we can repair the product and we can sell it as every service to product. And better examples are the electron ICS. You see, there are a lot off sales on other ized refurbished products, so you can see in Amazon about that refurbished products, and on many products we see the symbol recycling the symbols. So what happened is it shows that a material has been extracted from a product which has come to the enough its useful life. Previously, the best example is the sore A can Coca Cola can. It is a thing. It is made up off aluminum. So what happens? You are going to bring the Coca Cola on. Then you are going to prove that scene in the garbage, and the garbage collector will take it. We're recycling band with the resection off aluminum will be done on this particular material will be used for producing another can so like ways we can recycle on a Morris materials, then refurbished. Refurbished is most common in electron ICS industry as well as the automotive industry. They're coming to the automobile industry. We hear about the terms that he for best alternator refurbish the water pump or refurbished of brake calipers for a car coming to the electron ICS industry. We also feeling for this laptop certified, refurbished, I paired or some sort off things. So as for the dispose of competence, we should be trying toe minimize the number of parts in a product that can be disposed. What happens during the design says if we take much care to minimize the disposable number of disposable components, what happens? These components will have a new life, and the environmental effects off the product will also be reduced. So coming to sustainability engineering sustainable being urinating is a broader context. Application of sustainable be very. It includes sustainable business for sustainable design is also known as a code is and are environmentally sustainable. Design or environmentally conscious design are green lizard and come to the concept of manufacturing. It is also known as a new environmentally conscious manufacturing or green man effect. So what happens? These terms promote less pollution by the stage off manufacturing methods which are more environmentally friendly. And the products, which are more easy to dissemble, are more easy to recycle, are more easy toe the youth, so coming to the sustainable living in the products while designing, we should be designed the product so that they can be easily the second are they can be easily refurbished and are re manufactured are they should be easily be used with the minor operates but coming to the manufacturing, we should use the processes and these are manufacturing processes should be be more environmentally friendly. And this particular manufacturer, Mattel's everything, are stated by the major sector, known as the materials that we used to design the products for coming to sustainable design . Until now, we have talked about the pollution and as a concept. So we're going to talk about sustainable design in terms off energy minimising energy, as I've previous we told you that minimizing the energy consumption are increasing the use off renewable energy are more important. Factors are the two most important factors further sustainable design. What happened, the less we depend on undeniable and a D sources such as fossil fuels oil, gas, petroleum, diesel we can better preserve. Our natural resource is the difference between the noble on non renewable resources Is the time required for generating remedy? For example, Every day once the sun rises and the solar rays are reflected on this particular solar panel, you can get deluxe city. But what happened followed feel. It takes millions off years to form and we must wait for the decomposition of the body that organisms under high pressure and high temperatures in the core of the earth. And once after millions off years, the fossil fuels will be formed. This fossil fuels contain high person dangerous carbon and hydrocarbons, which are the two excellence of the soft and a then in order to learn and perform sustainable design. It is not that difficult, but we should be aware off some concepts. Some concept rulers, the sustainability concepts onda. We also should be aware off the technologies, materials manufacturing matters on energy sources are energy resources. If we have ah would knowledgeable different technologies, materials, manufacturing methods and energy sources, we can apply these particular aspects towards the sustainable design off products. So, designer, for example, designer can only think in terms off what they know if you most more materials so he can select the better middle. For example, I'm a designer and I know only about battle. So whatever I design, I will use the metals as the basic media. But if I know about metals, plastics, ceramics, composite materials So what happens if I'm designing a product based upon the requirements I can? That's all from metals, plastics or ceramics and even in terms off environmental friendly, I can sell more, more and constantly materials. In this particular concept, the tool sex saltbox sustain will be can help us a lot. It is going toe set us in the right direction towards the 18 goal off Justin. But business so coming to the end of this particular saying collection to sustainability, we're going to define sustainability. There is no exact definition to sustainability, but we have different forms off sustainability or different interpretations off the world, sustainability in different reports. So coming to the 1st 1 and women to sustain will is nothing, but we need to meet the needs off our present generation without compromising the ability off our future generations to meet their needs. So we should be meeting our needs. We should not compromise on our needs. But we should also leave some resource is so that our future donations meet their own needs . For example, if you use all the oil that is present in the across in our generation, for what father feel that is going to be used by our father generations. So what happens is this a German sustainability? The border context can be defined as meeting the needs off our present without compromising the needs off the future. Our CJ generations. But there is another saying reputational sustainability. So the destination is usually interpreted us attaining the current state off well set closely related to the environment. So what happens is we should be by designing products are while choosing a manufacturing that are, well doing something. We should be closely relating this particular activity toe the environment. So what happens if we are doing some activity? We should see that the resources should not be depleted due to this activity. And more waste is not generated you So this activity and it should not be harmful for the biodiversity are it should not be damaging the environment. Then coming to sustainable design concept of sustainable living. So it's sustainable. Design is a design. We talked having any compliments. So, for example, if you're going to design a product, the initial considerations will be as I pull you the strength and then performance in performance requirements. So once the product design has met all these things, then the next two terms will be the cost. Because as a people in to buy higher quality products at lower cost and then appearance on quality, these are the important, so we should not be coming to the product. He should not be compromising on any off these things, and we talked compromising on any of these concepts. We should also produce a product which is more environmentally friendly. Are its environmental impact off the product should not be harmful arts and not me. More on this particular environmental impact should be calculated toward the complete lifecycle we're going to see. What is the life cycle. Rod is life cycle assessment. So, for example, logistic aluminum can. It's a sacred starts from the material extraction. Then it comes to the the sign of the end. After the finding, it is going to the some are manufacturing plant where it is going to prepare prepared in tow cans and that canceled Cento assembly unit, where the Coca Cola are some other liquid is filled into that can. And then the ladies still toppling the seal and it goes to the consumer. The consumer will open that cannon. He will bring the so that some that can. And then once they're thinking is over, he's going to throw it in the trash, and our trash will be going to the every second plant and the recycling off this total aluminum is done. This is a simple example of the LASIK loss an aluminum can. Okay, so we need to in every aspect. We need toe. Think that what are the environmental effects it is going to create without compromising one? The criteria, such as spend requirements, cost requirements, appearance requirements and quality requirements. Basically, sustainability is nothing but sustainable. Design is nothing, but it makes the designers environmentally conscious aboard designed. It just makes the design of why he was designing the product. He's going to be more environmentally conscious. So in the next lecture we are going toe, see what other basic guidelines you need to follow while you on to design now sustainable product. Thank you 4. Lec 3: way we are going to see about the guidance to be followed. If you want to design sustainable products are, say, the guidance that you need to adopt while designing a product to be more sustainable. The first and foremost guideline is we should be minimizing the energy consumption. So, for example, if you take the Hibri cast, they are for high gas mileage in comparison to the armored cars and then coming to the electron ICS example. We are going to prolong the battery life. The particular product is more environmentally friendly. In order to sow their efficiency, we have introduced the term known as a concept bonus and a dish stuff. This is usually given for household appliances like refrigerators, A sees TV's and for some things, for example, there is a product exit, and there is a product right. So here a product X is going to consume 872 kilowatts per hour for doing some amount of work. So here, for the same amount off what the particular product, why he's going toe can't do very much less energy. Let's say, set on 1 76 killer. What about our So from this competitive, and we can say this particular white product is more. If we in comparison, do this particular expert, we should be designing products as efficient as possible. So this is first sustainable guidelines. The next one is we need to use safe Medina, so using safe materials means whatever the product we are designing the material to said that particular product should have lawyer impact on the environment during the processing stage, off the product and after this kind of product. So processing statements extraction off that raw material and converting do the middle between use for the product and then producing the product during all these stages. It should have the material that we country for. The product should be having lawyer impact on the environment, and after that we used the product. Once we use the product, we're going to throw that its useful life is over and we're going to throw the product of it. So after discarding the product also, it's not create a lot off concerned with the environment. For example, if we take plastics, a spoon prepared by non biodegradable plastic and the spoon prepared by a biodegradable plastic, if he through them every what happens is this. A biodegradable plastic is the spoon will have lawyer impact on the environment when compared to the non biodegradable plastic spoons. We should be adopting toe the use off such tape off safe materials than use off nontoxic. And it's possible we can use a lot off recyclable materials that require less energy to process and manufactured. So what happens is the toxic materials on the materials which are in the world in state, the required lot off for energy to crosses on manufacture. But if we are going to do some non toxic as well as recycle herbal materials, so what happens is once the material has been recycled, the amount of energy required to process that particular the material will be very minimal . So we're going to see about all these concepts in the further lectures. Although use off Adidas comes from recyclable source like metals, aluminum are paper. See here it is the recycling symbol, and the most often this paper is one of the good example for the recyclable materials, and aluminum is also another good example off recyclable materials. So the third day we should be using efficient manufacturing processes So, for example, we have to produce a part exhorted product X. We can use the number off paid so far, processes like here. In this you made. They are using CNC machines to prepare the shaft like product. And here they're using three D printing technology for preparing the same self taper off product. We have a Charles between food fights off infection. So what happens is we should be contesting the manufacturing process, which is more efficient as well, less. We is more environmentally friendly, so we should use the process that is fast to complete as well as a request. Let's someone off energy then. It also has to create minimum amount off way state as well as minimum pollution, our decrease, the adverse environmental effects that are created by the technology. Then the next thing is we should be reducing the product carbon footprint. So if we are reducing the part of carbon footprint, we are going to protect our outdoor air quality are we are going to decrease the air pollution. So what happened? A carbon footprint is defined as the particle set off greenhouse gases that are emitted during the useful life off the perfect, So the carbon footprint also includes the calculation also includes the meeting, carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases. So this particular carbon footprint see here the symbol it can be defined for the company. It can be defined for the product it can be defined for. The organization can be defined coronation as well. So, for example, developing countries like Vietnam, other sorts off for small countries. They have a carbon food that is much a lawyer and compared to the developing countries like China and America. And they have strategies that are being put Sarver. So they do the carbon footprint off a product which includes infinite off, better processes on a better product management onda better energy consumption strategies and news off renewable energies. So if you haven't do instead of following fields, if you're gonna do renewable energies, it will be reducing the carbon footprint of the product. And also, if we are going to design products with much decision systems, that energy consumer by the product is decreased, which in turn increases the emission off the carbon are green house gases. Then what happens is there is a total known as a carbon off sitting So the capital sitting is nothing, but we are trying toe mitigate the carbon footprint off the product. Or it may be off a nation. It may be offered organization or some other things. Okay, so right number. In recent times, the carbon footprint has beena standard already. Take this on many products, for example, in us that you don't want to protect Turn. Agency has a carbon footprint printed on these people's plastic reports for Candies, glasses, cans, computers, carpets and exit and coming to the portion service it does address of the carbon footprint DC's regarding the meaning off letters and packaging it is tailoring and then coming to Australia. Another example. It has addressing the carbon footprint, the shoes regarding the lumber and other building materials that it is producing inside the country. Then you need to use it pull on as a life cycle assessment to calculate the impact off the product. Different stages off the product on the environment. So L C is nothing but a matter that quantitative Julius, a sister environmental impact off a product throughout it and diet lights like starting some procurement off raw material up to the production distribution, use disposal recycling off the product we are going toe. Discuss about life cycle assessment In some world leaders in the father lectures, lce off a product uses information regarding the product. Let's say what are the different stages in the particulates, and it also uses information about the an A D. Consumption and adornment impact off the product at different stages off its life. So design impact measures for L. C A. For any product used are increasingly required and available. So what happens is right now meaning off. The multinational companies are doing a life cycle assessment of their product, and they're also using it to design sustainable products. And it is being a requirement. Andi, it is also the use off. Elsie is also increasing. So then the next Galen is toe reuse and recycle. So what happens is whatever the products we produce, we should be our design. We should be designing it for to be able to easily the cycle are able to easily be used. So to really say, King is an important part of our daily life school Penis. So, for example, here you see the sort of cancer terminal off aluminum and this is one best example with the material is being recycled in a large scale at present times and then come into this particular example. Here are the paper cups the charter also a good example of the Recycle book products, and this particular recycling of paper cups is also being done at a large scale in recent times, the next great ladies to increase the quality and beautiful. So what happens if you are going with the durable deal off the competence off system? What happens? Components feel less often and that the requirement for replacing different components off the system will be reduced so that the particular environmental effects off producing a new product will be reduced, then saving the sources for whatever the design we do. We should be designing it for the public. The best example is the carpooling you see here instead of three neutral persons traveling to the office by three different past. If they are going to use the concept off carpooling and drive to their office in a single car, they are going to reduce the environmental pollution on that this is going toe pill that ended on me and then there examples company bus, for example, there are 100 employees, and it's enough going to the office by themselves on their own transport. There they take the company bus. So what happens is the carbon footprint off that particular transportation face off. That company will be the Jude, and it is very good, and we don't make then. So the final grade Lenny's You need to create healthy buildings for healthy living places on working places. The buildings may not be a mechanical product, but what happens is they are most important formal, sustainable design problem. So what happens is he should be designing. Healthy buildings that are not harmful to their occupants are to the environment but exam pull, say Lord Air quality control systems. High energy efficient systems that can be used inside the buildings to reduce the energy consumer are other. Ray's best example is considered for taking all energy from the grid. You can place the solar panels to offset some of the energy. Quiet means that coming from the far seal seal resources. So this is one example off achieving a sustainable building design. Then the next lecture we are going to see what are the principles that are being formulated by different societies or associations in order to achieve the sustainable design. Thank you 5. Lec 4: Theo way about the principles that have been formulated way to sustainable design. So to promote the design guidelines which we have pocketed earlier, which are very necessary foraging sustainability, they have created a principal Samonas hand our principles. This hand our principles are also known as below frights for the planet and they were adopted in the explore off 2000 which was held in Hanover, Germany. Sohan our principles the first principle is humanity and nature must coexist in a healthy and sustainable way. Then engineering design interacts with and depends on the natural world as such must constant implications on the environment. It is nothing. But when we are going to perform any engineering design, it should also consider what the implications off the environment will be. You do this particular design then coming to the third Prince apple unity design. It should be respecting the nature. The ingenious would be concentrating on protecting and conserving the air and water quality while designing a product than engineering design, easier responsible factors and the consequences off this engineering design will affect the humans will be on the viability of the natural resources and the right to coexist. Then engineering design to be held accountable for the future damage to the environment. So whatever the designs we are adopting right now, it should be held accountable for any damage that is going to be created to the environment . So what happens is the initial thing that they should not be broadening the future generations with the potential damage or danger we create. Do toe the designs we create Harris. And the next thing is we need to eliminate wish you need to optimize the light site as much as possible to eliminate the concept crawfish. So in this particular context, I won't go tell you about a term known as a circular economy where there is no stage known as the wasted. What happens is when the product is going to start its life. It is we're again go through the sighting or remanufactured and this is going toe Saturdays back once again, and it has many life's instead offer ending up in The Lancet, then coming to the renewable, and Andy sources you to use more amount off noble energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, title and Andy. Instead of relaying on energies coming from that fossil fields, then insulating design should be expecting the nature as a super port. So how brilliant a human being? Maybe. But still, it has a lot off limitations, and we cannot solve all the problems that America didn't design. Sit. So what happens is we should treat the nation as a whole mortem and our momentum on we should be using those principles in our engineering design. Then we need to promote communication and knowledge sharing, which is very important. So what happens is for the product one person doesn't see and another company and the person doesn't see if they are going to share this knowledge, they're going to improve the world process and that the shading and communication of the knowledge increases. That's with Tunis off the process. What happens all in malignancy and product opens would communicate openly to integrate sustainable conservations who in degrade the natural processes with the human design on activity, Then come into other one. There is another report. Let us a report known as a declaration of independence. So what happens in addition to the below fights for the planet? 1993 the World Congress off International room off. That's just on the Y and the American ensued off Arctic Air signed the declaration. Bonus the club ation off independence for a sustainable future. The declaration states that professionals are responsible for environmental and social sustainability on they should be promoting sustainable design by are developing and improving practices products services on standards. Then disseminate the value off sustainable design by educating the general public. Help support sustainable design practices by working to change policies, regulations, standards in governments and businesses. Then bringing the existing built environment toe sustainable design standards for what happens is the professionals who are going to design the mechanical parades. It maybe say buildings and other things. They are responsible for the environment. They should take the environmental as well as a social responsibility. Then once they have taken this, they have to who designed and the improved different sets off practices and products that are sustainable. And then they should also educate the people or general public regarding the and 100 to safety and sustainable design. And they should be supporting the government and the people and that they also work to develop the sustainable design practices by changing the government policies and this time . Let's then he should take up all the standards that are required for the sustainable can bring them to the existing business and government or design environment. So these are the principles that were created in the declaration smells in their dependence on foreign assistance with future. In the next video, we are going to see what is life cycle assessment. Thank 6. Skillshare conclusion 1: way have come to the end off the part one off this course in this class, we are going to review about the topics you have learned and how to continue learning further, then coming to the things you have learned. So you have learned about the basic concepts off. What a sustainable tea and sustainable design. Then what are the different guidelines that I use full for achieving sustainable designs than what are the principles that are very much useful in adoption? Off this a sustainable design toe design and improve the existing as well as a new products ? And then, once you complete the project, you will be able to estimate the application off different sustainability guidelines to various existing as well as new products in orderto improve the environmental sustainability off that particular product. Then what are the key capabilities you will be having once you have completed this particular class, so you'll be ableto them on ST basic knowledge about sustainability and sustainable design , so you will have knowledgeable the concepts of sustainability and sustainable design. You will have knowledge about different guidelines on how this different guidelines can be applied towards the development off a sustainable product. You will be having knowledgeable, different principles that are helpful in promoting sustainability design. So I hope you had a good time in learning with me on my class. Onda, please stay motivated to learn further from here on day, I'm going to thank you and congratulations on successfully completing this part of the course. So in the next part of this course, we are going to learn about what is the life cycle assessment and whole life cycle assessment can be applied towards producing sustainable products. In addition to this, will also learn about the impact factors that are calculated to determine the environmental impact off and new or existing product. So the next part of the course is nothing but life cycle assessment in sustainable design, and you need to goto that particular class in orderto continue learning about how to design a sustainable products. Thank you