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Street Smart Self Defense For Women

teacher avatar Richie Smyth, MSc., CPT-NFPT

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Hi, I'm Richie Smyth.

    • 2. Meet My Wife Tracy, A Victim.

    • 3. Don't Text & Walk.

    • 4. You're Approaching Your Car All Wrong.

    • 5. Beware Of Space Invaders.

    • 6. Defense - Single Wrist Grab

    • 7. Defense - Double Wrist Grab

    • 8. Defense - Front Choke

    • 9. Defense - Rear Choke

    • 10. Defense - Muggers Grip

    • 11. Defense - Bear Hugs

    • 12. Defense - Blocking & Striking

    • 13. Sneak Peek - Weapons Demo

    • 14. We Thank You!

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About This Class


You have to work late again.  It's dark, you got a lousy parking spot and you're the last one in the building. What do you do?

I'm willing to bet that most of you wouldn't think much of this scenario as you've been in this situation many times.  Lock up, check your phone and head out to your car while deciding whether it's pizza or burgers tonight on the way home.

The first 3 modules of this course are going to teach you the proper precautions to take if you find yourself in this scenario and others like it.  

This training has modified the habits of hundreds of my corporate clients. I highly encourage you to "un"learn dangerous behaviors such as distracted texting or unlocking your car from over 10 feet away.  Self Defense is not just the act of physically defending yourself against an attack, it's also recognizing a potential situation where you are vulnerable to an assault and preventing that situation.


You're working late again and as you're checking messages on your way to the car, you're grabbed from behind in a violent choke hold.  

Your daughter or your little sister is out on a date with someone you think is a little creepy and find out he grabbed her by the wrist to drag her into a room at a party she wasn't supposed to be at...

In this course, you'll learn how to protect yourself from these types of assaults. The methods you will learn to combat each of the 7 common attacks have been tested aggressively against women in my corporate training classes. Your homework will be to practice yourself.

This course is one of the only self defense trainings that prepare you for the actual violence that really occurs during a real life attack.  


I don't teach complex martial arts counter attacks that require years of practice.  You think you'll remember a three step counter attack if you're attacked for real?  No, and you're not supposed to. Attacks only take seconds and seconds is the difference between your safety or your tragedy.  

My mission is to replace your instinctive reaction from frozen panic to an immediate simple counter assault move to disable and escape the bad guys (or gals) out to do damage to you.  


On behalf of my wife Tracy and myself, we want to say thank you in advance for your time and we truly hope that what we teach you will never have to use. 

Riche Smyth

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Richie Smyth



Professional Trainer & Self Defense Instructor

Richie is a former competitive national bodybuilding champion, world ranked powerlifter and multiple degreed black belt martial artist & instructor.  He is well known in the fitness industry for achieving unmatched results for clients with damaged metabolisms and bad genetics.

His abilities include rehabilitation from injury and illness as well as other physical deficiencies.  His work with celebrities, athletes and models showcase a highly experienced transformation expert that brings your body to a new level of fitness well beyond that of losing a few pounds of fat.


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1. Hi, I'm Richie Smyth.: how many was Richie Smyth on? I'd like to thank you for perfectly. In my self defense video called Tactical Self Defense, I started trained martial law school and I was around 10 years old. I've studied many different disciplines. Certain types of karate, my tie, Brazilian jiu jitsu mainly, and are called die too, right? Did you get so? It's a very rare art, the art of the Samurai. And I've been doing it probably for the last 25 years, 1/4 degree black belt in that I also have black belts and other disciplines. But I'm not really here about that. I've developed what I believe is one of the most comprehensive and really secure videos on women's self defense. I see a lot of those self defense videos out there online, and I viewed them and they simply don't work. The reason why they don't work is because a lot of them will work man against the man. I've tested him on women, and they just they don't work. The techniques that I've developed will definitely work for a woman because unfortunately, men are stronger than women and there's a lot of violent Attackers out their assailants that are looking for you as a victim. What I'm gonna teach you is not to be a victim to be an opponent. Assailants don't want opponents, don't want victims. And at the end of the day, you're gonna feel more secure. You're gonna be able to leave your work, feeling confident you're gonna get in better shape. You're also going to know what to do. God forbid, if something does happen to you, the most important is the preventative. And people are unaware of their surroundings. You're looking at their cell phones. They're they're looking at things from work. They're just unaware of what's around you. But what you don't realize that assailant could be watching you. And if he is, he's a professional at what he does, and thorough later, you could be a victim. The second part of the technique, the second part of the program that I'm going to dio is self defense techniques. That's from several different attacks that I feel are going to be something that assailant is going to do. That's how to break out of those holes and how to escape most of the holes that you see on videos today. we'll allow you to escape. But what you have to dio is totally incapacitate your assailant. You have to make sure that he cannot follow you. So I want you to pay close attention. I want you to practice tec techniques. And I hope that this video helps you, your daughter, your mother, your sister or anybody else that you want to give it to. 2. Meet My Wife Tracy, A Victim.: I. I'm Ricky's wife, Tracy. Uh, I'm probably the main reason he's putting together this instructional video, which, if I had had access to this, what I'm about to tell you would never have happened or I would have avoided it. It's not a pretty story, but it's a story every woman should listen to should pay attention to. I don't want anybody else to go through what I did. I want to talk to you about trusts and being distracted and thinking that it could never happen to you. I grew up in Vermont, a small rural town, and I felt safe. It was a great upbringing. I moved to Washington, D. C. And lived there for seven years, and I toughen myself up a lot. And I thought I was impervious to any attack, impervious and street wise. And so with that, I moved up here to an even more safe area than it was in Washington, D. C. The story begins with the best friend of mine that I had known for several years, and I knew her family. I knew her mother. I knew her father, her brand parents, and I also knew her brother and I knew him for quite a long time and was friends with family. I had a great deal of trust in this family like anybody would. I'm sure all of you ladies out there trust your husband's. Your boyfriend's your family members. Unfortunately, the sad reality is you can never be so sure you can never protect yourself enough, and you always have to have that knowledge to defend yourself against anything that might come at you from anywhere. This is why it's so important to have this knowledge and to have an instinct to be able to not only not get yourself in the position that I did, and I'm about to tell you but to be able to defend yourself if you do find yourself in that position to get back to my story. I started dating my best friend's brother. We had been dating three or four months and keep in mind, I had known him for almost a year. Prior to a stating one night, we had gotten into an argument and we drove home and we both went into the apartment. I was living in the time we continued the argument. It wasn't it wasn't a violent argument. It was heated words that a normal couple would have, and I asked him to leave the apartment and he said, Okay, no problem. Let's just talk about this another time and I proceeded to get ready for bed like I normally would. I went to the bathroom. I took out my come on tax and for any of you that do not have 2020 vision and you take out you take off your glasses or take out your contacts. First of all, that's that's a big disability because you can't see anything. As my husband will tell you. If you can't see you can't fight, that's That's one of the most important things to know. If you can't see you, you can't fight. You can't defend yourself to your full capacity. So I ended up getting into bed. Uh, he was using the bathroom, and I didn't I didn't think I wasn't thinking. I was trusting, and I wasn't capable of defending myself against what happened next. I was under the covers when he put his legs on my arms so I couldn't move. He looked at me and he proceeded to put his hands one hand on my neck and start crushing it downwards. I was finding it difficult to breathe. I was starting to get scared at first. It didn't seem real, and then I was starting to panic. He took his other hand and he beat me pretty badly across my face back and four, my ear was bleeding. My nose was bleeding. I had confusions on the side of my head. My lift was bloody. And then he decided to stop hating me and put his other hand around my throat. During this time, I managed to yell out one screen. That's all I got. I got one screen out before his other hand came crushing down on my neck. I never want anybody to be in this position where your life is being choked out of you, where you can't breathe. You're panicking. All of a sudden, you feel Oh my goodness, I didn't say bye to my mom and dad. I what's gonna happen to my cats that I had at the time and things started to go black on me? I could start seeing things fade. My next recollection our sirens because fortunately for me, even though it wasn't fortunate. Before that, I could hear everything in the apartment building. But this time, thankfully, someone heard me scream. Call the police immediately. And it is the only reason I'm here today. It's the only reason he took his hands off my throat. I rolled off the bed and crawled to the front door. He had already gone running from the police, and they caught him outside. Sadly, that that's only half of what was so bad about it. Um, I was a victim all over again. Being processed. I was taken out in a police car, driven to the station, treated not so much as a victim, but actually, part of the problem police they're treated is if it were. You know what? Maybe you did something wrong to cause this. That's how I felt. I don't want I don't want you to go through this. I don't want your mother, your sister, your aunt, your daughter to ever go through this. So please pay attention closely to everything Richie has to tell you. Especially part one had. I know. Had I had the mindset to prevent being in that position, that would never have happened to me. I would never have been in the situation where I was that I couldn't even defend myself. 3. Don't Text & Walk.: Hi, ladies may again. And this is, for me the most important part of the video Preventative. Right now you're leaving work. It could be broad daylight like it is now a beautiful day. But there's nobody around. You see a strange character walking outside just standing out, and he doesn't look like he's all there. So most of you would just think he's harmless would just walk out anyway, being unaware, maybe on your cell phone and that could be dangerous. My advice to you. Get a security God call someone. Don't take a risk. I won't buy her like I was going into the building because she didn't use precaution. She's on her phone. She didn't wait for the security guard. So by me doing this, she actually started the top out because it choked to that bed. One of the techniques that you're going to learn is to get out of this so that your balances are broken. But remember, time, speed, and these things have to be practiced that you can do them. Otherwise, here's the alternative start corner. Make sure you use precaution and be safe 4. You're Approaching Your Car All Wrong.: Hi, ladies. This is Scenario number Two. You saw what could happen if you're not prepared in the first scenario. Now everybody has cars. This is what you're not supposed to dio when you're getting into your vehicle and I'm going to show you what you're supposed to do when you're getting into your vehicle, you're unaware again of your surroundings. Don't think that you're safe. Most serial rapist. Well, just people that are looking to catch your money or watching you. If you're the last one to leave every day from work at a certain time, it's routine. They want that. They want people that are just constantly doing the same thing over and over again because you're an easy market, easy victim. So with that being said, my teacher wrote a book on Sierra Rapist and he interviewed them in prison and he found out what their m o was. They watch you for quite some time. You know where you live, they know where you work. Then away you go to lunch. Then they actually plan the time of attack. Then what they do after that, as they plan their escape route, everything is well orchestrated. They're professionals at what they dio you're not. So I'm going to show you what not to do when you get into your car and what you're supposed to do to keep yourself safe. So in other words, awareness that's key. Being aware of your surroundings, don't be the last one break routine. Don't always park in the same spot. Don't always be the last one out to do. Ah, and moreover, don't think you're always safe because you're not okay. What she just did was the wrong thing. She opened up a car around 20 or 30 yards away, and that's a big mistake. Most people do it. Yeah, it's somebody's cause a 40 50 yards away dance What? You have done it myself. What you have to basically, dio is not Put yourself as a victim. By doing that, you can end up in harm's way. And now I'm gonna show you how Dr oh, I wasn't paying attention. I just going about my normal everyday business like Ideo hopped in the car, started it. I never dreamt in a 1,000,000 years. Someone would, uh, it's very scary And that even worse, you're dead. Okay, notice that Tracy is now approaching the vehicle the correct way. She just wants to make sure nobody's around. She's not in a vehicle. She's safe now. She's gonna enter it. What? What now? Again, Ladies, the windows are open because we want you to hear What did she do differently? Well, let me tell you, most of these vehicles have a 15 to a 32nd delay. If your car locks away, lots of right away. Good field. If it doesn't what? She did differently to things. One. She surveyed the vehicle. She made sure nobody was looking around. Nobody was kneeling behind the tire. Nobody was walking by. Close enough that she could get in when she hopped into her car. She locked the car before she started it. These vehicles? No me. When you drive away 15 seconds later, when you're up the road at 20 miles an alibi, a lock That's not gonna help you. When you get in your car, lock your doors first. Don't worry about your phone right now. You shouldn't be on it anyway. Start your vehicle now. Your windows were up. Your doors are locked. You're ready to move on with your trip and I'm not in the back seat with a switchblade. This is the way that you're supposed to enter your vehicle safely. 5. Beware Of Space Invaders.: So we've spoken about this object, the cell phone. Most people use this all the time. It's attached them coming out. You're unaware of where you are? You're on your phone or your texting. Let me show you where they can use. It was a weapon, but it's something that can help you. Instead of being on the phone, set your phone to 911 That's all you have to do is press a button, Have it on you not to talk, but as a preventive measure. That's number one. Number two. We have keys. Notice on my key. It says panic. Everybody has a red button on the key. Might not say panic. Most of us use if you're attacked. Is it set off day along. The lights will go. The sales don't want that. They're gonna flee again. They only have a 22 over on 42nd window. Not even a minute to do what they have to dio. This was gonna make some a little uneasy and they're going to run away now. Number three keys. You've probably heard this before, but none of you I can guarantee you walk out of your home or wherever you are, you work and make a rake. I have three keys right here. I put them in between my fingers like so I can make them longer. I can get more keys. Using this is a rake, so I can use this the right to defend myself. I my panic button right here on my key as well. So I can use either one. Now, some of you say Well, you know my vehicle. I don't have a key. It's a push button. Then I suggest if you don't have house keys on it, you can get blank keys in the hardware store. Make a rake out of it. Use This is a weapon. Also. Last get pepper spray. You can get him in any hardware store. You can get him in a camping store. Have that with you. If you don't want to use pepper spray, I don't use hair spray. I use gel. Little hair I have left. You can get a small can of hair spray. A little aqua net. That is something that's gonna shoot sprayed in their eyes. Now a scenario would bay. My wife, Tracie comes over here, if you will. She has a rake. Okay, now I'm gonna sell it, and I'm about to approach her. I want to know what time it is or whatever, or she knows where building C is. Hey, do you know where building C is? And she just says me. No, I don't know. But she has a can of has braid in her hand over their small can or thing of mace. Now, if I go to attack her as soon as I go, her and things will be to spray me if she lets me get too close. That's a mistake. Now she's gonna have to use option two to rate my face. Stick me in the eyes. As she said before. If you can't see, you can't fight. If you can breathe, you can't fight. And if you can't walk, you can fight once again not to repeat myself. They don't want opponents. They want victims. She shouldn't even let me get this close. She she just say over there. If he continues to approach her and get closer and closer, why would he do that? If he's looking to get that close to ask you for the time I can hear from here. That means he's up to no good ladies. If he is one of Don't come any closer. You heard what I had to say. If he continues to, he's going to grab you. Then you spray many I with the spirit of the mace. And for some reason, he ends up lunch getting too close. You have this. You also have your cell phone. If I'm raped just like this, and I instantly just go away, she should flee. She could hit 9 11 Keep the hair spray. That is one of the things. If somebody gets too close to the ask you a question unless you know them intimately. Don't let them in your space. We all have this private space. We even feel too uncomfortable when someone sits too close to with on a bus will slide away . So why would you let him into your space? This again? Is this a preventative measure that nobody's gonna ask you for the time? Nobody's gonna want to get that close to you to ask you a question with whatever it may be . Well, that's a lovely watch you have on. Can I see it? Don't let them in your space. 6. Defense - Single Wrist Grab: second defense. Maybe it's not a double rescript. Maybe is a single one. Here's why he would use a single rescript. He grabs a hold of you. Now he doesn't have as much leverage. But this hand is free and he wants to slap you most of the time. What most people will do is they'll just try and pull away. She goes to pull away. It's not gonna happen and she ends up getting struck. That's what you don't want. What you want to happen now is you have to mail now of an order of defense is I go to Slapper. Hughes is a tight block notice that she's protecting her head. If she goes to reach for the block and she does it, block where she's coming out extending Haram will collapse for most ladies. I Tommy used that, cupping the ear. Just pretend you're coming in here. Boom here now, in order to escape. She comes from where my thumb is. That's the weakest point. Now she has an elbow that will come across my face into this way or this way. And now she also has a groin shot where she should come right in it works. She hit me one time. It wasn't pleasant. I was talking soprano for a couple of days, so I can tell you right now. And he got it known that he's been hit there. You're not going to be moving around too. Well. Sorry. Okay, correct. Way I go to grab her, I go to slap. She's up like this. She comes across, she comes back this way, she escapes and in eagles into the groin. So essentially, what is happening is you're coming across this way because your elbow is already in place. You're coming back, you're escaping. And indeed that is coming right up into the grain. So that is the best way to escape a single grip that's gonna work for a woman. Guys is a ton of different things. You, But I know what they are. But for your wife or your girlfriend, it's the easiest. That's technique Number two 7. Defense - Double Wrist Grab: Hi again, ladies. We just got done with a preventive part of the course and I hope you got some valuable information Insight. Now, unfortunately, your in a situation where an assailant is upon you, there's gonna be several different types of attacks that I've seen online that most perpetrators dio. We're gonna be going through a series of attacks. What he will do, what doesn't work, what I've seen online and what I feel will be the best recourse for you to escape the attack and also to render him incapacitated. One of the first attacks that a guy will dio is either a single or a double rescript. His idea is to pull you into a car. Most women, what they'll do is they'll resistant about the other way. I'm four much stronger and heavier. Most men are, and I'll just pull it wherever I wanted to go wherever it may be. So most people, most women, what they'll do is they'll try, resist, illegal pull the other way. We'll try and escape trying. Escape, please. No, it's not gonna work now. One simple level that you can use to escape double rescript will be very simple. I'm gonna grab Tracy with both hands tied as I can take notice. There's always gonna be some sort of a space. Even if it all the laughs. This is the weakest point being a thumb and middle finger. She's going to use that to escape Was a couple of things Sheikhoun dio. She could number one just escape what she'll do now. So I'm gonna be grabbing her tight notice that she's using 11 through both. Grab in both hands and pulling out. I can't hold on. If you don't think it's gonna work, try it at home. Once again, I'm gonna grab her really tight with both hands, like so as if I was going to pull her. She comes through, I can't home on and she can flee an escape. Now, that's only gonna allow her to escape. Now she wants to do more bodily hauntingly cell, which I wish you would. I'm going to grab her and I'm gonna pull now. Most people would just pull this way. So I say, if he wants me, he could have me. So as I go to pull, she's not gonna pull away is something that is unknown. Fact in judo. If you push, I pull. If you pull, I push. You don't want you go. Want to go? In the past, the path of least resistance I grabber Normally the wrong behavior would be She's gonna pull back and she's gonna lose. Remember I said, in judo, you push, I pull, you'll pull, I push opposites. Now, as I goto puller, he's assuming I'm gonna She's gonna resist me. She doesn't. I go to pull as I pull. I got a shot in the esophagus. If you get your shot in the throat, I don't care how big you are or how strong you are. And Adam's apple is an Adam's apple you're gonna get If you get hit in the throat whether you're 64 £300 or you're five feet, you got your Adam's Apple is gonna be crushed. You're not gonna be able to breathe. You can't breathe. You can't fight. You get hit in the Adam's apple really, really hard. That person's gonna be incapacitated, so she's not gonna resist me. She's just gonna come toward me. So you have two ways. One last by simple escape. If maybe she just it could be Ah, boyfriend that is grabbing a hold of your daughter and wanted to go one way. He doesn't want to go and I go to grab on and she pulls out and she leaves. Or maybe something worse. Where now you're getting dragged away Instead of hard pulling away from me and she goes to pull away, which is going to lose, she says, Fine, I'll go with you and it's a strike into the esophagus. Once I get hit into that throat, I'm done. I'm not gonna have nothing left. I'm gonna be holding my throat gasping FRAPH she's going to escape. That is the double risk grip escape. That is one of the first attacks in one of the more common ones that you're gonna see out there, Practice it. 8. Defense - Front Choke: Okay. This is a scary one. Ladies. Um, front choke. Tracy told your story she was being choke laying down front chokers. One of most common. What happens is the salad close to choke. Most women will just grab a hold of you arrest, trying to pry it off. That's not gonna work. Now what you're going to see online? Well, I have seen many times. It just simply doesn't work, is coming over and trying to break the arms free. So she comes up okay? Not working. It's not working, is it? I was even grabbing all they want to choke that hard. Okay, now I'll show you another way. Here's the problem. Not as strong as I am. Most men off for strong and women, and most will say Well, hey, you're a bodybuilder. You're strong. Men are strong down. Four strong women. Sorry. So now we need something that's gonna work. Well, there's two things. One is just a simple escape. If you know you're safe and one is two. Incapacitate your assailant. So he's not going away. So big. Begin. I got a choker. She just turns away again. No matter how hard I'm choking her assumed she turns her body and pushes away. The grip is released. Even if I go with him, that's only going to get him off the one I prefer. There's a little bit more lethal now she's gonna do this slow. Otherwise, this video is not going to continue. So I go to grab and I'm shaking her and what she does Is she right into here? Notify? I got a shot in the esophagus. The reason why Tracy will choke me. The reason why you don't want to slap this. You want to just drape this here? As soon as I break a bounce, he gets a shot into the esophagus. Now, I might, you might say, Well, you know, I tried down my husband. He's really tall. Sorry, I'm not that told, but I'm going to try and make it that way when I'm sort of like a way out like this, OK, it doesn't matter. Okay? So soon as she breaks, I'm gonna come down. That's breaking my bounce. This is a key element in this attack. This shot ladies has to be a hard, hard strike. Don't just place it there. You're striking because your life depends on it. If you don't, you're dead. So once again, once I'm doing this, she places her arm, breaks my balance and that's it. Game over. That's an escape from a front choke. 9. Defense - Rear Choke: Okay. Next I get to choke my wife again. Um, the next technique. It's one that I don't see often. But I'm gonna entertain it because anything could happen. It's a re a choke, but it's not a really the one. I just It was called a mug. A script. This is a real RIA choke, which somebody is actually doing this to you again. They would probably do this, but you never know what crazy you're going to get. Right? So I come from behind most people, they're getting choked. They're going to try and pry it off. They'll do that whole thing. It's not gonna work again. I'm gonna grab a little bit more force. And she's just gonna do what you did before responding up. She dropped down a little bit. Now I'm gonna do it slowly. She's gonna do it slowly. So as I choke her and I'm choking, I'm shaking or whatever. She drops her sentence down a little bit by doing that, you slightly breaking whole boom coming up. I'm gonna catch that game over if I get caught in the groin really hard again. Guys know that hurts a lot. You need three minutes, three minutes. You're gonna be in your car by them. Calling the police. That is the next technique, which is a re a choke again. You don't might not see it often, but you never know. 10. Defense - Muggers Grip: one of the scarier holes. The chokehold. You've seen it outside. There is a lot scarier. The element of surprise. You don't know Someone comes from behind you. You don't see it coming. You saw Tracy outside. She went right down. I dragged wherever I wanted to. It gives the assailant really most of the leverage in the upper hand. In the front. Choke. You see what's coming at you. Now you don't. Normally what happens is he'll come from behind you. He'll grab here. How clenches hands tightened. Start to apply pressure to your throat. He'll drag you backwards where he wants you to go. His goal is to break you off balance as he break you off balance. Your own body is creating a noose on your arm. Most people what they'll dough and I've seen is they'll try and pry free. She tries a price free. That's not gonna happen now. What I've seen online is really sort of stupid. Now, a lot of times I wear timberland boots. I got sneakers on and don't much matter. I go to grabber. And if the stump, if you can find it and the scrape I mean, really, he's tripping me up. It's not gonna work whether you have a hell on or a shoe, and you're more awkward and you're more stumbling and cumbersome. This stump and the scrape is only gonna aggravate me. There's a very easy way to get out of this hold. Now I've heard people say, What if he doesn't like this? Unless he's in M M a fighter, most of them don't know. And I can get out of that too. The whole thing is, when you feel a choke, don't wait. Panic will get you killed. DeLay will get you killed. It's still you feel the home. You have to instantly react to it. What you don't want to dio. He's not gonna sit hair, stand here and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. He's gonna take you off balance immediately. So now with that being said, soon as I come from behind there, I'm going to be grabbing her, trying to get her off bound. She's gonna pull down. She's gonna spend quickly the I'm going to get one right in the groin. Right now it's coming up. She's being careful doubt because she got me once with it. Now you place A. That's not gonna work. Okay, I'm gonna do a tighter and I'm gonna do it a little quicker. So I come around. You're I did it as tight as I could. Yeah, she struggled a little bit, but I want this to be realistic. I want you to say what could happen just by dropping down a little bit lower and coming in , you'll be able to escape. Okay? We'll do it one more time. Quickly. By the way, I just want to let you know she dropped down a little bit lower. Take notice. I just bit my tongue. Excellent job, Tracy. She just apologized. No big deal. Guess what? A little bonus. What? My teacher used to call the guys unca, whatever that means. She just took her shoulder. I got slammed into the chip. We're going to do that in slow motion. Okay, Slow motion. Now I come in of choking. She dropped down. Bam! I ate that. Now I get it in the groin boom. That's all you gotta do to get out of a choke, prying, stomp and scraping. It's not gonna work. It doesn't. That's technique Number three 11. Defense - Bear Hugs: The next technique is a real bear hug. My wife said guys not gonna do that. Well, we're watching the news. One day lady is going to get a male. She's on going to get in on the whole way. It's a male out salad, comes from behind in a bear hug, lets her off, throws around to the ground punch, is there a couple of times, grabs her Louis Vuitton bag and takes off. She goes, You better put that in. So I'm going to now. Well, most people are gonna dough is when they attacked from the rear about what we're gonna do. Arms pin, too, is they'll come from behind and they're going to try the stompin scrape or the head blood thing coming back from behind. Now you might miss. I doubt that's gonna work. My goal is to pick her up and toss it down. But she simply has to Dio is a couple of things. She has to number one spread of feet out. Drop a sentence down, prevent her from being picked up. I I'm strong and I can get her off the ground, But I can't orsa now she can use our head to come back because I'm in a position now to get cracked. And I just did right there. More than likely he's not gonna be doing that. If he does right from there, he then as soon as she does that can either do two things sheikhoun spin. So she's gonna spindle, right? Spin around like that and get out. Because right now, what if I just quote one in the kisser, which I did? I'm gonna be if he's not allowed to. If you can't get out to stand, she can use a knuckle and punched the bone in my hand. So by just by striking down, those bones are very, very sensitive. And she has a keys. She can jab her, raking in my hand. That's gonna allow me, but notice as soon as she drops down. Right now she's very She's became very heavy. Her head goes right up into my face. Pecos Nash's level. If she's upright and I go to grab her and I have my head here, it's gonna be a little bit harder or even let's do Sam told And she is. And I'm away up here. I'm 60 tall and she goes ahead but me and she gets me in the chest. But if she dropped down right from here, Boom. Which you also has is our elbow. She can come across an elbow being decided ahead on the other side. So she's got that. So she's got options. What you want to make sure that happens here, ladies, is that you don't get thrown on the ground. The next bear hug. So what if their arms append? I remember This is a woman strong as I am. Two things most men make. Just grab women just grab a whole year again. They want to toss you. The real way to grab somebody is actually lower over here. It doesn't really matter what ideo I grab a like this, okay? She's gonna drop down again. Okay, Now I'm going with her. But now arms up in case I can't torso. So that's the main thing. So that what she's gonna do, she's gonna come up. Is she? She had momentum. That's how she got away, okay? She had momentum. We're gonna do this slowly. So you're going to see it? Okay. If she didn't drop down and come back up again she's not gonna break the whole. That's what I said. You have to practice these. If you practice in the work, it's like playing a piano practice that you'll be good at it. It's the same thing. Practice makes perfect. When you get this video, do it with your sister duo your friend doing anybody practise the techniques. Okay, so once again, this is gonna be slowly. I grab a hall of her. My goal is to tosser. She doesn't allow that. Now she becomes very heavy. She comes up slowly and at the same time breaks free. Okay, so one more time. Have a good tight grip on her. She drops. She doesn't want me to toss it. She comes up and at the same time she breaks free like this. Now what you can dio from here is spin around, face me and knee me in the groin. Or if she wants from behind, she could elbow me in the solar plexus Long Mom just gotta take one into the rib cage back and forth in the one of those attacks 12. Defense - Blocking & Striking: you have to start to practice striking a lot of things that I showed you. Indeed, esophagus was striking and blocking. Now for the sale of attacks you. Most men don't just start throwing lefts and rights into women like it's all roll. Guys, get the guys. The reason why there's a lot of grips and chokes and grabs and so on and so forth is because that's what men do. The women also One other one. I'm gonna show you this you can call an encore. This is one that more or less an assailant wouldn't do. This would be maybe a boyfriend at once. His girlfriend go with him and doesn't want to go on. He gives her a bear hug and he doesn't want to let go. More than likely, what she's going to try and do is maybe just push away when she's going to try and me in which he's not going to get. She has to prime back. So what, she's gonna do it? She's gonna put her hand on the mission, strike me when I'm gonna get pride back. Now my body goes back with Now she has a shot to the groin which is gonna come up. This one's running off on a salad. This is with maybe your daughter's with a boyfriend, and it sounds really not gonna be giving you a big hug and want to kiss you. Okay? He's like you're coming with me or, you know, I don't want to let you go type thing. That's another one for you. We can call it an encore. Now, as far as the blocking and striking if I goto throw a punch at her Like I said if I had her her best defenses, the couple here use a type thing like that. Now she has elbows and she has knees when she strikes. Okay? She's gonna make a tiefest like So you don't want to have this. You don't want to have this this You'll break your thumb. I've seen Ladies, don't do this. I know you might have nails. Try and make a tiefest like this, okay? You're gonna vertically strike into the throat fluff tissue. You don't want to hit on to the head. You're gonna end up breaking your hand on his head. Soft tissue strikes here. Zai Floyd process. She could make a hands open which will open up a hands and use a gouge of the ice gouging my eyes. Something gets poked in the eye. They're done. So practice striking, kicking and blocking it. So, like the blocks and strikes that I showed you once again, proper block is coming up using elbows coming across boom strikes. Okay, good connection on that one. Okay. If she keeps her hands up, like so striking back and forth, coming this way and vertical strikes these type of roundhouse type of open punches, very telegraphic. You're striking and vital, vital areas. And that's how you basically to be able to bring in a sound with Santos days. 13. Sneak Peek - Weapons Demo: one of the main component of my are I kid, you jitsu his weapons, sticks, bats, guns, knives, people carry knives. Don't carry guns as much because you do a lot more time, But a lot of more branch a knife, they'll attack with it. And I still love you with a knife. Now, coming in the future installments that we're gonna be having is gonna be night defenses on several different types of variations and attacks. Now, Tracy wants my money when she's already has it, but she wants my money. Um, and she wants to make a scary She could do it there. You want to even make it more threatening, Like she's gonna take my eye out. Now, I always tell people if you don't think he's going to really do harm to you give your money . How much could you have on you have? Stop your credit card, Let him run away. But if you think he's really gonna hurt you, a couple of things that you can dio Okay? You just say, you know, give me my money. She goes to take it. I'm gonna slightly them back. The knife is gone. There's a wrist lock that comes here, which I'm not gonna do because it's very painful breaking the rest. But notice where the knife ISS is 10 yards away. It's all the way over there. I don't have to struggle with that person when the knife is gone and that's what you're going to see in the future. I hope you enjoy it. 14. We Thank You!: Hi, ladies. I hope you enjoy the video. I hope you got a lot out of it. Remember, you're gonna need to practice everything that I showed you. Especially in section two. Wola releases chokeholds all the grips. Make sure that you reinforce your techniques. Practice makes perfect. As I said before, you got to rehearse is over and over again. Do with your mother, daughter, sisters, friends showing the video Make everybody aware of it. Also, to be aware of prevention, that for me is the most important part of it. Watch it over over again. Be aware of your surroundings, usual tools and all the devices and things that I showed you to your advantage. Make sure that you're not again. You're not a victim. You're in a point of sales. Don't want opponent. I also want to thank my wife, Tracie, for helping me out, being my throw dummy and getting choked around a little bit. And I really appreciate every time I hope you got a lot of video. We're gonna be also shooting another one, which is gonna be ground defensive knife attacks with weapons. I hope you never have to use it. But that's gonna be coming. Thanks, guys.