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Sports Massage Made Easy

teacher avatar Emile Dumont, All about the body

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction to Sports Massage

    • 2. Different Hand Positions for Sports Massage

    • 3. Anterior Tibialis

    • 4. Quadriceps

    • 5. Vastus Medialis Oblique

    • 6. Gastronemius, Soleus & Popliteals

    • 7. Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus & Biceps Femoris

    • 8. Pectorals, Anterior & Medial Deltoids

    • 9. Biceps & Forearms

    • 10. Erector Spinae, Quadratus Lumborum, Rhomboids, SupraspinatusInfraspinatus & Posterior Deltoids

    • 11. Trapezius & Levator Scapulae

    • 12. Head & Neck (Occipital Insertion, Scalenes & Sternocleidomastoid)

    • 13. Glutes (Buttocks)

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About This Class

This class is meant for all. Anyone that has a keen interested to understand how you can help your loved ones, friends and anyone that may be suffering with pain and aches in the body. This class will give you the basic tools to understand how to better manage these issues. You will be given step by step explanations as well as simple to follow videos to practice.

In this class, you will be learning Basic Sports Massage together with some Trigger Point Methods (learning how to locate these points with ease) through our easy cueing system. Also, learning what kind of massage strokes can be used for parts of the body. Dealing with muscle "knots", stiffness and other external factors that could affect the efficacy of the Sports Massage.

You can recommended to do the class with another partner beside you so that you can practice while the class is happening. It'll be partner based and is helpful to have some of these equipment with you to begin the class.

  1. Massage Bed or Solid Ground
  2. Massage Oils or Body Butters
  3. Kitchen Towels or Towel
  4. Pen & Paper should you want to take notes

As long as you are keen to learn and understand perspectives of how Sports Massage is applied. You can join the class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emile Dumont

All about the body


Hello everyone, I'm Emile Dumont a Sports Scientist by profession with a love for movement, theatre and understanding of the human body. I have always been interested to know how a body works and how it functions, with my own history of getting injured and getting myself back to training form. An amateur athlete that works in the background to help all athletes or sedentary individuals achieve their goals. One person at a time.

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1. Introduction to Sports Massage: Hi, everyone. Welcome to spots such mean easy. So chapter. While we were talking about the introduction of spot massage, many of your my no no. One is basically encompasses or different parts, so the first part will be called is called in French. So French music needs to warm up the muscles in the direction of the muscle fibers. So most of us therapists we will be running out down the muscle, just warming up to allow black floor begin or increased off black floor right second pot just called entry. Such ks PS represents meeting the 1st 1 second life squeezy followed by and sinking. All these things help to actually get rid off. Maybe, you know, if you got Scotty shoes in your, we would use dead mental to start to find different content muscles, which requires more work in the countryside. Rules is not which part of the muscles we want to spend more time on, spend less time, alright and just Cross Creek said is basically doing a popular action off your tongue or comes or finger or elbows against the muscle fiber in the action, depending that it will help to extreme get rid of this cop shoot is then, which you felt free sites and also help you get more blood flow into it, which will get into recovery as well. And last leading department with me Hechi, such as copping which is to put your hand in this action. And when you see it, I would give this up and then actually creates a vacuum that sucks up your blood to the surveys or satellite service Aerating flushed off system. As you can see, Step one to step. Treated the reason why this year, then, whenever we up to the next part of the muscle or muscles, and you want to continue to repeat this process, the reason why in days to allow increase of black floor relaxation because we always constantly doing cross fiction, it's gonna give you a lot of people and the recovery of all that person, my tens up to the point that you will not be able to do therapy anymore. So therefore, we always repeat the cycle one tree and when you're finally done, anything to step for. And so that's the introduction to spot 2. Different Hand Positions for Sports Massage: moving on. So now we're gonna be talking about how to use your hands when doing these therapy. So what we're gonna be doing today on the arms basically is gonna be using your and we're gonna be using your risk born here. And how do you actually place the board properly on the arm without injuring the person as well? Alright, So first part, that's what we have always been doing, which is F Raj for by Petrie size or for patricide on the arm is just to go in opposite directions to warm up the muscles. And finally, once that is done, let's have already warmed up. What do you do nexus to use a top? So this is the area they want to focus on, all right. And if you want to go deeper, you actually use the tip off your tongue off course. You need to make sure that your meals are also cut so it does not put him to the skin. But if your news I just growing in a way days, you know it's always shop like that. Any goes beyond the skin sometimes, like for mine. It's very thick, so there's a lower chance of you poking into the skin. And if your meals are slightly shopper like Earth, you can actually put into the skin without even trying. So days the difference and what you want to do first is basically place your total president so flat down, just a warm up to surface again, off course, fighting the stiffer spots and following the muscle fibers. All right, so flip tub doing the same action once you've done that, and when you want to focus, that's a fault of point. Now I want to focus and go deeper. I can just use a single top, angle it down a little bit and push into the point focus on that point. So by doing that, we already start the release and, as you can see, are going in circular motion. So for smaller muscles, we can actually go in circular motion still just up and down on site site, because there's not much baseless to release the muscles. All right, try not to bed in a time like that, because if you've been a Tom this way, you're eventually gonna get 10. The nineties, because you're placing a lot. President attended here Okay, so no action like that Don't push into the muscles like that, has to always remain street as much as possible and use your body. So you want to keep your entire arm straight service from like. Now, if I'm doing this, it's too high. Know what a little So you can angle yourself properly and pushed out, and this is using body weight. All right? So street, um, street tub and pushed up, All right. And because I know she's a bit I'm rubbing it out again. Flat, Tom. All right, so we're gonna be talking about all the hand positions that will require you to do sports massage. Their four they were gonna be discussing for first time, followed by the risks and then the elbow and the soft part of the for way, you'll be using it for certain areas. All right, so one to three and four. Okay, so for the 1st 1 using a tub, we'll be working on the back. So, as you can see here, will basically be doing warm ups first. So the f. Rajan, How do Asian warmer? You can actually use the reason as well. So this first position they can use. All right, so this for big muscles to warm it up, you can place your entire palm so this entire surface will be placed on the back. And all I need to do is just go into motion off the muscle fiber warm either. Okay, you can do this for a few types. Once that is done, The next thing that you want to do is that when you found those knots, you go to a cop and you please your top the bigger media portion on, uh, not a such and just rubbing it. Petrie such so site to site to release that muscle. It's the second step. All right, so this is why you can do for most muscle groups and because we also on the back, sometimes using a Tom or your wrist might be quite tiring. So just now, we were doing it flat down. Now, if you realize that the corner on the pinky side of your is your bone is jutting out on that site, if you bend it this way, you can actually apply more president on the bank. So angling it properly on the muscle. Same thing for poetry Sarge doing the same. Petrie. Such motion. Just rubbing out the back. This action will help you to release that muscle as well. This is if you want to go deeper, you'll be able to do this better. And you also cover biggest office, so it wouldn't hurt as much. Okay. All right. The next one, they're talking about his elbows. So there's two parts. First is the four before the elbow, which is the more media area. This is what we normally do for going up the back big surface area. Such as? Yeah, as the back. All right. So, look, what you want to do is place the entire elbow half of this. This whole portion here, all of the back, making sure that your elbow on this bone does not go and rather gets a spike. Still resting your weight and just pushing up, Down, reset. So you keep your supposed to ask again a few times. Do you want that? So this is similar to the pantry, such No, this is similar to F Raj. Okay, so it's similar to what? We have the muscle. And then let's say we find a muscle. Not at this point, and you want to release it. How do you do? If the elbows, this is how you do it, your market If your figure so in between this entire area, this is where you want. Please. Your elbow. Why you need to do is raise your elbow facing that direction. So facing this direction. All right, So what? You place your elbow, make sure to support your elbows, make sure it does not sleep and then apply on the muscle I was holding in there. And then these and then the same thing. Hold it, my president. Yeah. So this 4.2 top risks bigger media area and the elbows will help you to release out these points. Like, for example, the time there's another one that you can release, which is also in the room. Voight's. We actually work on the area before. If you realize we placed our Tom in this motion and look to release the muscle so it can just a single time double top, please. Pressure on that point release. Okay. So if all that you must not pay attention to using a lawyer where each party replacing it to make sure that you know the person and then the risk. You place it on a point and focused the president and he's rubbing down. So imagine this is the best. How do I place it down? And I do not slight over too high, too soft and has equal pressure, like full of by warming up. So this way with motion And finally, the last one was Please, finally is to place your elbow back and apply President. All right, so this had four different positions off the hands they need to get used to so you can help the person relief all the muscle tension. 3. Anterior Tibialis: Hi, everyone. Welcome to Chapter Tree, where we're looking at the upper part of the lower limbs where they're facing up. So this is the endearing to be on this just to get familiar and then on your sites Here is your cops. All right, so this is to focus areas that we're gonna be working on today. So step one change. We already went through the introduction. We should get comfortable with French. So do the action across the purity of Dallas moving on the muscles. And this is your prerogative to decide when to stop, like, for me. All right, so I stopped and in top, and that had to be on this from the base all the way up, finding stiff areas off the muscle. And once you find a stiff area, the muscle go into the next there, which is Petrie? Such so for this, because the muscles very small. Or you can do just use the top run across that. To be honest, you actually feel something areas between which will require some work. And in those spots, once you've done your research, you can basically just go straight into cross fiction, please. Two times to get a place one, depending on the amount of president you want to use, go into the muscle and dude across freak. So where you do this cross section, you can start no. Just before 10 ends, which is around here. So for everyone is, it's different in a way up just about the end or the start of All right. So this two areas, this entire Asia is where can work so walking area should always be where you're standing too, and like, make sure you know, bending too much and applying just enough. President, Your plan Someone they were doing it for fuels it. And it should always be giving you feedback. Whether a few, all right or not, if they feel like soft can apply more pressure, so can apply. Come present this way or this way, whichever where you want to do. But whatever it is, don't bend your tongue as it can affect your 10 years as well. So you don't want to get in the nineties. All right, so this is for interior tbl is when you finish your cross friction again, you can go back, repeat your step on my time a French, that research and then make sport. All right, so that is for interior 4. Quadriceps: All right, moving on. We're gonna go in tow, doing the release for the courts. Okay, so for quartz is a few muscles, they combine to make it the court. So there's four parts. However, we're not gonna be, like splitting up the entire muscle. We're just gonna book on the entire muscle about here, which is the court. All right, So same thing if Raj, if you're unsure, watch my fingers and follow where you grab would be at the site and for the inner ties. You have to make sure you come in at least half way. Do not go into close as he could be uncomfortable for your client. All right. After you've won that the muscle move to Petrie. Such so facing the hands. Imagine your training. I need the door. So drawing circular motions. All right, because this is a big muscle. You can just use your fingers. You need to use the entire body. And Okay, once the muscle's all warmed up, I can go back to your if raja getting just to know that they relaxed, all right? And from here, you wanna continue feeling for the stiff spots all around the courts and then we move into the top. So all the muscle fibers are working up this way into the center here, this entire area going up. So once you found us, this spot, we go into cross friction, slowly releasing our every single part of stiff muscle off the courts. So here is one looking at it. So for bigger muscles, you can not only do a pen down, motions can do circular motions. And once you've done that, you can just go into F Reg again, just flash up muscle and repeat that process. So keep repeating to your comfortable and your thing. It's all right. And then you want to move on. Then you move on finding the next spot and a fraud and cross fictions that sorry full of by F Raj. Should a person be tensing up again and you want to relax them, you go into your Petrus such so this entire muscle group. You just have to repeat the process from the bottom all the way to top off the top all the way to the bottom. But depending on how stiff the muscle is, it just stiff on the top. And they're not really stiff on the bottom. You want to stuff our bottom working your way up. So relieved the tension before you ship this different muscles. If not, they will be stiffening up all the time and you won't be able to release the muscle. They're all all right and what you done. If Raj such and you could just shake the muscle to relax, Yeah. 5. Vastus Medialis Oblique: All right, so now we're gonna be working on the PMO, which is also known as like the teardrop muscle. So it looks like a teardrop. You to see it being flexed. So the shape comes around here in a way to and down, you actually have your doctors. All right, so for your VM, or there's a certain few areas that you really need to work on more to the other areas. So the most important here really want one, which is the biggest muscle talk Just close to it. Muck it up for you here. All right. And then the next point you want to work on is where the muscle starts from now away, the teardrops stops from. All right, wait till next. Which is around here, which you feel to draw the shape and trace it out. It should end around here. All right, in the last one is where doctors is, or it connects slightly to work your hip area and the rest of your muscles would be in this area. So, in this few areas that actually trigger point as well. You wanna If you know where the trigger points are, you can actually press on there to help relieve and relax the muscles faster. All right, so the same actions as we've all been doing for the rest of the muscle for the rest of the year is doing is basically Effron. So, Effron, what's my fingers full all the way down and then come back? However, if it's a male doing this for female, you want a just switch and in this way, all right. But for me, I will only use my fingers run down to about this point and I'll stop. They're after I was switching to my elbows and I just treated away and stop here, All right, so I will not go down with this area. I only work here all right, because the muscles moving this site not so much here. If you are working in this area, they will be facing down in were really work on the hamstring. So there's no need to touch the chemistry. It's when you're working on this talk. Sophie's alright, so f raj this way and then switching to your Tom's a French connection and then countryside so patricide for this, you can just use a tub around across. Okay, And then once we find the paint spot, so pain spots will be 123 Releasing this three points would really help to relieve the muscle. So, for example, let's say connects around here. Just face a Tom Cross friction. Single time pressure should be enough. If body build up big guy, this place, more pressure and then the next fragile Getting that research and repeat the process to you feel that muscle has begun to relax and always. 6. Gastronemius, Soleus & Popliteals: All right, So now we're gonna be talking about cafs in the public. Still. So this area is one of the most used muscles, especially because everyone decided something today. And you will always be activity on cars, no matter what. So whatever it is, we need to release the calf muscle. So for the calf muscles, we've got two different points. They want a place focus on one would be right in the middle off the cuff. Some way here. Okay. And the other, which is the guest drop. So on both sides, it's on the inside of the car. So sticking here, it should be right on the bunk, off the muscle hit on the side. And finally, the pop details. So the Beatles is right under the knee for you to find a bulk being literally and it was sink in in between toe tendons by the site off your knee. Sorry. Behind. All right. So we need to do basically is for the calf muscles When you're working the guest raw genius basically do the same woman action as you would for the bigger muscles. So warming it up f ruch and they followed by touch So this is all up to you and your prerogative when you decide that it's warmed up. Finally, once you feel it's warmed up in reading, Okay, use. It comes and ran down through the center, splitting the two best rock hits part. Okay, some speakers. Okay, we move, and just full true from the center of the calf away, you should start slightly above where the tendon is. So if you find this issue for you locating the tender franks and you can see that attended P s and you missed fuel, it's almost like a rubber been. And once you reach rubber band effect and feel you will go to a softer location, that location will be wear cuff stats from all right, and then time to get for true all the way to the top. Just close to the capitals and same thing. What? You found a point. A stiff point in the center just fiction it out. So this has to be done. A particular to the muscle fibers. All right, so this is for guests Trump Medias. The next time soldiers, as you can see on the site of the muscle what you want to do is based on Tumblr site just above the boy. So the bonus here, Just a book and flowing through a we now so you don't have to be just above the bone. There would be or soft tissue. Easy one. Just go slightly higher on the muscle bulk and do the same thing that you're doing for a guess. Trebly Meus And what we found the location you could I understand on this side putting your fingers for us second good here and basically doing the friction this week. If you find you've got nine strength with and you don't want to exert too much forces so you can use this locker, lean back to pull the muscle in essence, and that should help release. Once you've done that, then you can go into your garage. Get so F Raj This way you can just use one moving in across this, winning across the face and okay. And for the last one, the popular details so for probably tells how we release it. It's very simple for this. You just need to do a light warm up, so just do a little bit off Friction on top. Not too high just to get blood flowing into the area. And once you've done that, you just need to go over myself. As this area is very small, it's know much they can do other than just going around and doing a bit of freaks of my stature to release it. You know what I do too much at This place can be very sore as well, and the pain can be quite intense. So do it for a while. And once you feel that the muscle started to soft in up, then you can and yet it for the guest Romney, Mia's soldiers and pop videos. 7. Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus & Biceps Femoris: no one will be the bicep femoris full by the semi memory. No says in the semi 10. You know, sis. All right, so I'm gonna market out for you right now. So you're myself three. Morris is located along this area. Okay. And your semi member knows this is around this area. If you don't know, please refer to your anatomy guy. And the last one, your semi tendon doses is on the inner part of the time. So I was speaking. Generally, it's around this area here. All right, So what is gonna happen is we're gonna be what? You're this three points. You might not see much on the side. So what would you like? All right. So this is what we do. What we need to do first is to work on warming up the leg. So you basically do the same action. The f ruch full by the Petrie Such, which is massage milieu rubbing the door again. All right. And once you do that, the next thing that you do is to switch sides. And now you are working from this direction. However, when you work in this direction, you gotta make sure they are hands and fingers always facing outwards, never inwards. All right, so, placing a palm, we'll start on the semi member gnosis. This area. I'm gonna take it out now. All right. What we have to do is please your wrists in the middle portion, right in between the center, the center line, all the way up, basically tracing and warming up this area. So what you're doing now is really beginning to release the muscles. And for him, strings let me is quite hard to go deep. But however, if you find certain, like muscle not in there, you can actually use a top. Switched your Thomas. Place it in the center Four fingers here. Be careful never to go up to high. Keep it low, and basically, just do the friction massage as you trace it up Friction and then repeat the same process off, rubbing it out again to allow for black flu. All right, so that's every semi member noses. All right. In the next one, which is the bicep femoris. So for a few more is you can actually warm it up in a few weeks. 1st 1 placing your hands here and your risk openly a palm and down, pushing up. So be careful not to go down to low because he'll be on the TV, You know? I bet you don't want to be dead. You're gonna go up slightly and pushing up with views, okay? So just do this for a few times. Want me that you will definitely feel the walk because your hand will get warm as well. Once you've done that, the next thing they can do is to use your elbow. So using this part of your elbow, what you want to do, what you want to do is basically to aim your elbow right at that point just above the knee and trace it up with all the way into the start of the glutes and then repeat the process again. Right now, my president, no very high. You can increase the President off course you need toe. Have feedback from your Ryan, whoever they doing it for and know when to stop. Know when to reduce your pressure in control. All right. And then, at the same time, you can do the same thing once you found the knots. Now for this fingers when you're trying to do a friction. Massage can do it this way. But be careful off fingers, keeping on top of off tight and then release all the other option. Use your fingers, fingers both facing out and just rubbing friction again to go time, double time and then rubbing out. All right, so that is by some margin for the next one. Semi 10. The nurses. Sorry. Semi tender. All right. Basically, what you can do is actually the same thing as what you've been doing on your bicep. Femoris is the same action. Just what you're doing is working in this direction up. What's the beauty as well, you know, looking in a straight line because this Air Asia begins to get quite sensitive as well. So you're limited about half, half the distance. So what? That works with flutes. All right, so comes all fingers just right up and out. All right. And then when you find a muscle north, two tops, can I don't leave her finger in this way or two talents this way. This might feel be awkward for some of your If you're not tall enough or the bits too high . So the most comfortable one is clear. Fingers here. Friction it up full of by rubbing it out again. So rubbing in our love Let's flu. You can even do the Pepsi such kid. Same thing. And then finally, you want to switch over to the side and rubble everything. So, f. Rajan, they want you dead. You're done on the streets, all right? 8. Pectorals, Anterior & Medial Deltoids: all right, moving on, we're gonna be working on a pecs and delts. So for a pecs, they're basically tree trigger point there will be working on is not really a lot off massaging. And also, we'll be working on the dealt. But for this, when you're facing up, we'll just be working on the interior dealt in the media deals. All right, So for the pecs, what you want to do is basically split. The tree points from the point enriched folds. So where the muscle fools all right, from this point all the way until the end of the collarbone, what you want to do is split this in tow tree different sorts. All right, so want, want, want. And most of the time, the 1st 2 points are pretty close together, where the last one is right where the muscle for. So this point tends to shift either right or left, depending on the person's anatomy and how they are using a muscle. So the more habitual sinking off the chest, you could go in closer. Oh, if you're using your arms. Michael White. All right, so that's about figuring out which wears the exact point. All right. So for the first trigger point, where you want to do is write at a corner where the border is the color born, followed by sternum like this entire stone. So they sent into line. All right is right in the center. So into that point, what you just need to do is please, like, pressure find a sore sport. Soft sport. So also sport, and then it just dropped into it. Okay, Right on the point and off us. Look at official expression off for the screaming, right in the pressure in control. All right. I want to finish this and just shift down. You can include Just continue moving a time down on the skin, on the surface feeling, and you a few hubo feel the next sport. So you appear like a button to you. And why do is just do the same thing, place like pressure and go up and down. So in this direction, up and down. And, of course, if you can see my Tom placement, it is placed my Thomas here. Well, my four fingers are better direction this week so that your fingers are no in the dangerous situation. All right, So if the guys doing this will go, this is how it should be. A female. Maybe if they allow you to use their forefingers, you can apply a little bit more president and slight over biggest office. That will be a lot easier for you. Well, all right. So once you've released out there, that area, we move on to the biggest boat. So this is where the pecs basically comes to and inserts, too. So this area has the biggest amount off, like as well. So you want to be careful there. So how you actually open up this area like you see, when you move the arms, this entire muscle here lives up. So this entire area from the collarbone down all the way to the shoulder joint, all right, is the pets. So the point here, closest to the collarbone, is where you want to work. But you can walk all the way down, all right, from here, all the way to the end. But most of the time, you attend a few more attention, right on top. Okay, so we'll let her rest up, okay? And basically place some pressure. So for this one, because It's a bigger, wider area. Can use to time, please. Like president. Just so because the packs come in this direction form in this direction. This week, what you want to do is rub in the perpendicular direction out to the sites in this direction. Okay, so, Rob, make sure they're breathing. Not panicking, not filling up. All right, So once that is done, you can actually also do the F Raj technique. So just rubbing across the muscles office so the muscles offices outward in that direction . What you want to do is place your fingers here and just go across. 04 guys, You might use just two fingers and go across all like use a top. Go across just to relax. Other police. All right, allow for blood flow. Okay. Okay, moving on. We're going to go and do the anterior deltoid now followed by the middle dealt So interior adults is easy. What you want to do is hold their head up 90 degrees, okay? And how you trace this is from where the pecs stops, there will be a joint. There be a concession point, all right? Why you would do also from here, right at the top. This is Bring your calm down. You'll feel like this. Some rubber Ben ish feels feeling that area. You should not be robbing and should go slightly lower, and then you'll be a few that are muscles there. So you might feel that same rubber band effect, but slightly softer. Okay, so why you do something? Some pressure, and just up in all can come pressure and moved a hand to fruit. All right, because the deltoid is about this ice. So you don't want to be doing too much either, because it's quite a small muscle in this area. Unlike for guys, it could be a little bit bigger training a lot. Jimmy could be a lot bigger. So for that, you can use to Tom's himself one okay, and then disrupt all you can get them to move face swell. So site and I can't stand to flex up a little bit more. And insecticide, you feel slightly more and okay, then we just have a lot of blood flow. All right? And then now, locating the middle point, the medio dealt Okay, Middle dealt. What you do is from the shoulder joint. The boat Okay. What you need to do first is to open up, make sure that the chest is flat, not round it in. You need to be flat open, then control. From here, you feel that it drops off like a cliff on the site and then just face down. Same thing you feel it going toe not empty notch and comes out The point, everything comes out is where you want to be working on. So at that point seems thing again. Just please, Tom. And because the muscle is in this direction, you wanna put your Tom perpendicular direction and up and remember that it's a small muscle , so you don't need to place a lot of pressure in Congested is. However, if you do want to go slightly deeper, what you can do is least the time president and just pulled. I'm slightly again. Still. Come and relax and pull and relax. Cool. Everything all right? So we have debt. You're really released. The anterior adults in the middle dealt last picks. All right. And finally remember sick. Allow them to relax. Let the blood flow, and you're done 9. Biceps & Forearms: now moving on, we're gonna be working on, um and we're gonna be focusing on the bicep and tricep in such a point. So here, 12 you can see and the forearm as well. So first we're gonna be working on the bicep. So by saying we're not going to differentiate between the long shot hit, we're just gonna be working on a bicep in general. So how do you look in the bicep? Easy. All you need to do is blacked out head, and you'll basically be able to fuel the bicep muscle bicep box. So where you want to place the time is right on the bicep bulk. And then what you do is just gently moved arm up and down to get a few of where the mean about his and when attention off the muscle is most of the time, it's worse. The lower part way sets the elbows. So you want to please your time slightly lower just sitting down with your pressure and go up and and a fast get feedback form the person you're doing it for, and as you work it, slowly move it up. Still trying to release and if you do find some Not that you feel is not releasing any ago side deeper, but the head down two times or one time, find a point, freak shit. And then you can just gently push on the muscles in the direction of the muscle fibers. So up towards the shoulders. All right, so bulls just get relief shifting so up here. Okay, so just gente above the bite. All right, so the next part is the incision point. So we've got to Why I want to do is raise your palm and then use the time to find this point. It's a buff, the elbow joint as you go up and then you shift your right. It should be right in between the bicep in the bone. This is the point. Ways very soft. And I don't how to exactly despite this but the person that fuels this. So you feel like electrical shop, go through you. So why you want to do is gently air pressure and flexed up and up and down all you can get them to do it. So I will press and flex up and, uh, up. So this is easier because they can control how deep they go rather than you controlling how they go because he will set a lot. So take a time to release this point. This helps to relax out the entire bicep, all right? And then followed by the other side. So why you want to do is placed on this way so that they relaxed position as well controlling. So don't read on just gently. A whole same thing, Tom, How you located is from the elbow joint up here, the ball shifting in slightly towards the bicep tricep right in the middle. So there's a middle line. You told her that middle line. Please come there. Your final stuff, sport, is Bill that saw sport is very one replacing pressure. And then for this is not fixing. What you want to do is now extending, so you have to place pressure and then get them to extend contract, extend and contract so you can ask them. How bad is this cause for this issue like know me on the inner part? It is due to holding handphone using your mouth. All these issues is all in this here rather than outside. So I want to do is release out this point if people complain about elbows, elbows, pains and stuff like that. All right? Okay. One of the points drums. Okay. All right. All right. Okay. So moving on, we're gonna do the four hours. So for a forearm, why you want to do is that you flex up slightly, you'll be able to see the full here, this full and where the muscle, but is if you can find a muscle buck but pushed up and your contract so you'll be able to see the big muscle. Bulk way, please. Your Tom Brady will be right on their muscle about just after the joint. All right, So placing it there, you just slowly extend. So this is a trigger point. It helps to release the forearm. And most of the time is towards the top, this mean bulk will be toward the tongue. And as your shift and as his shift slightly out, you will help to release up the rest of the fingers. All right, so you just have to place president and extend out contract and extent. All right, so it's a very simple point, but if you find it like on the top here was Tom still stiff? You can basically just use a Tom Rupp gentle pressure upwards following the muscle fibers. Because this muscle fibers very small. You don't want to over do it as well. Overdo it. You might cross information to the muscles so you can actually you can actually make it worse rather than better. And as you walk around this for, basically can rotate the the head to pump pieces up and just do the same thing all the way and you will be able to see the fingers movie. And this is because the muscles they're attached, the fingers also moving at the same time you push so you'll know what fingers you're actually working on. And you can ask the person my fingers to the fuel you actually pressing on, and it is a specific finger. There might have certain issues. You can also pinpoint that problem and release it for him. All right. So just do the gentle motion or pushing up towards the direction off the shoulders for your bicep, for it's all the same. All right. Oh, let me finish up and much of done, you can just I don't hold a hand for the rest like that lift and gently shake so they allow , like black four and everything to happen for him. So there will be more next. All right, and with 10. Erector Spinae, Quadratus Lumborum, Rhomboids, SupraspinatusInfraspinatus & Posterior Deltoids: All right. Next, we're gonna be working on the back, so there's a few areas that we're gonna be working. So we've got erectile spin eso from the law back all the way up here. That very reckless money. Okay. And they got a que l, which is just under your lower back under your director spinning area full by the room right here and then on the under scapula is going or suppress been a tous and basically talking about this area's first before we move onto the rest. So for this one, the stroke and the motion in which you warm up the muscles is basically to place your head Afghanistan in this direction, going up towards the hit. Oh, you can do it in this direction with your hands on the scapular moving down and you know me , start on one side or the other. Do not go across the back from right from the left to the right. You have to stay on the left or right. Just release up from that time. All right, So fingers down, warming up the muscles. So for women, if they were exposed for us, sometimes you need a rounded figure a way out to relieve the muscles under. And if you can get, you basically have to work over to release that era. All right, So once you've warmed up, you can actually already fuel certain spot off the record, spin a stiff and then during the same friction on such just place your Thomas this way to release and the other option is a risk placing your stiffer part of the wrist. Sure. And I'm pressing down and really think that here, right, But for slightly stiffer points, what you want to do is mouth out the area with your fingers just enough for your elbows to go in. And then you've got the option off idea. Keeping this not as sharp or sharp elbows so sharp elbows means is gonna be painful, a lot more fearful or release. So it will be a reduction off. So we start with it's like the loose grip and Hellboy basically relaxed elbows so that it doesn't put as much and then want to feel that point and you've already landed on their point. They're gonna go slightly de place, just flex up, and those people just hold it. There can you a shift slightly, too, and throw prophetically into the muscle. Reuse that point, Okay? And basically, this entire process can be done from the bottom, all the way up to about this scapular area before the methods. That's to change, All right. And the next part is to find out when a que l s r Q elegy for traitors. Laborious. So let's normally under the director spinning what we would do is place to come on the record spinning traveled out this very ship bonus. So you're rioting in for you? Bring your time down As it drops it almost feels like a cliff drop what you've reached that cliff drop. What you want to do is basically to rotate your palm inwards and then pushing into the director's name. So it goes up at this angle slightly upwards with the director's name. Just hold it there and freaks of Besides the point everything? Yes, and then for the area. You can't really do much toe really. The era, because deep so I can do is just wrapped him on that point. And then you have released that point already. Okay, for the next spot, which is your room boy here. So on the room, Boyd's. It is basically your scapula here, the wrong boy. Pleased. Right at a corner in between the spine and skeptical. So imagine the spine scapula, this muscles, this muscle area will be aware on weight. So how do you do it? The length of your scapula. Normally, you please your come or your wreaths right on the center. Bulk off the scapula. Not pushing down to fire on board, but using sleight, President. Just moving up in the so up on nine this direction. So what's the other scapula? And towards the spine. And try not to push too hard. Sometimes, if you push too hard, a slight, you might shoot the spine, which can hurt as well. All right, So once you've warmed up the room, boys, the next thing you need to do is that the robot area has two points. They need a release. So the same thing that we did in the front for Texas the same rules. So the scapula here, what you do is pretty in the tree pots. One to no. Three at the intersection. Points would most likely be where the trigger points. You can either be closer or further apart, so you have to feel no way it is. You will feel like it's a button or like a muscle bouche. That's the point. You have to press on. So same thing once you found a point, push down on it into a freaks in my thoughts. Fight, please. Okay, So if you find it is still breast if and they also struggling to maintain what you can do is just to massage out, relax it out a bit, and then go to go to the point and continuing friction massage so they don't need to think they can do one is to keep doing the f araj followed by fixing my such. And that's for the room, boys. So we have two point here. You reckon speeding is the entire empire? Bic, followed by Cuba. All right, so now for the suppress spinnakers, how do you find a suppress Panetta? So it is on your scapula. Basically find it from the tip. The bull riding in off the shoulders and basically brought I go lying like 45 degrees down . You basically let on a muscle bulk here on the scapula. You basically want to find the biggest boat on the on the scapula. You also fuel like there's a small, little small buttoning and press. But you should've press it too hard because this works in number the hand. You have to slightly go in a frictional direction this way against the fibers, as the fibers are coming up in this direction toe words to show the okay based on my fingers, this out of muscle fibers are moving. You want to go against it? All right. So, like you, Robin, for a while, uh, finally get shot by, like, peel and shifting their arms a lot. Reduce the pressure a little bit. And then Robert out again and we didn't this point. What you can do is that when you re just a top, there's like a bony structure here. Patrol, straighten out, everything goes out. What? Your arm. What was the arm? Where you want to do is also just place a time on that point just before the border and then push it up to us the direction of the delta. He will also help to release the tension for the Dell tights here. Okay, so just now, we did release off the interior and medial del tights for the posterior deltoids is very easy. Why you need to do is make sure that our mistreatment as well, hanging off a bit. All right, So how we trace is basically from this point where the bony structure is already to do his trace with straight line down, you will in right on the deltoid. And all you need to do is you can want me that first. So the delta direction is No, it's so I just want me that for by friction. So for us, for me, I'm more comfortable with two times and friction ing up and then just rubbing it up, and that is all for the bank. 11. Trapezius & Levator Scapulae: All right, now we're gonna be talking about it. Traps and Leviticus capital. So the trip in Leviticus Capital locations are very close. So what you want to know about the Levinson's captain basically is from the scapula that muscle lives? Stop your your scapula. So work says living skeptical. All right, so how do you find it is from this Captain where? Whichever part of the scapular life on the midpoint middle of this capital, you just bring a little bit you'll find it drops off the board. Once it drops off the board in this area here, all we need to do is trace it up. And And this whole area is where the levee just kept. However, what you want to do is be able to trace all the way to the end. You'll find that there's a notch day where you're basically move anymore. And that's a point that you want to just saw Free massage. This is the concession point off the muscles. All right, so, Robert up. So you can actually woman warming up for a while. So just rubbing in this direction, all right? Running it for a while and then what? You do is this entire area above the scapula is why you should be working on. So just like massaging functioning. So you'll be easy. I just single time double top like me all the way across and French again on that will be for your living this capital here Now for the traps or your trapezius. How do you find it is basically you can find it from the bottom. That means at the end of the shoulder joint. I can't find it from your the year in this location. So what you want to do from the year, basically is to find the bony joint, okay? And one of the year and just treating it down basically goes down all the way to the center , off your neck and on to the center of the shoulders. Yeah, the way they can do it is to find from the shoulder joint here that means where it drops off to the middle, dealt the same thing from from the same point, just traced her finger up, and you will find it. It's things down. There's a small notch again before the muscle appears. So from where a point off the muscle appearing. That will be the trigger point You wanna press on. So for this one, gently press in before you go deeper. For some, they have, like, stiffer shoulders. You don't want a shot Them again. If not, they will be screaming very lovey, or they will be tensing up. So gently apply, President, go deeper and deeper and deeper. They will help to relax out trapezius. And then all I can do as well is that when you got into the point, you just go up and up and down in this direction. This way, up and down, not to the sites to release the trapezius, Okay? 12. Head & Neck (Occipital Insertion, Scalenes & Sternocleidomastoid): right now, we're gonna be talking about a hit and next. So the head and neck never talking about basically be covering this four year and basically another point. Right bottom, just whereas capitalist. But no wonder Scapula. So the area that you want to work here, how do you trace and find a point basically behind your skull back? Well, spine joins up to you can basically trace it downwards towards the year. You'll find it as a notch back, and both sides of the hit will have one notch each. What you phone. They're not traced dull, and you'll find there's a little muscle boats there. There is a point you want to stop it and just like you rub it so you can I don't rub it in this way in this direction using two fingers. Oh, you can use this way on the point and also fiction such up. And so for this one, you should never go too hard. If you go to heart, you might actually give this person feeling off nausea, nausea or the mayor thinks, because it can affect their breathing. In fact, a lot of different things and you should not go down too low, as there's a very important here. You don't want to be pressing on enough my feet, so do not go there. So be very careful when you're working on the neck. All right, so raising this point, you work your way down Still on the point, you'll find it. It stops right bottom. The name here is the next point that you want to press in tow. So facing a tough and in the direction, like diagonally in you just place your body weight or very like president and pushed. This will also be another trigger point where you might shoot up all the way to the temples , my shoes all the way up to the back of the head. So be gentle when doing this and make sure you you take those precautions, need it before going. Impressing this point if you're unsure, do not press the point. All right. And then finally from the from the notch all the way down, you can just you can just eff Roget all the way down to the shoulders and you just repeat the process on the other side, doing the same thing and not forgetting. There's one more point. Sure, which is where the notches you being. You just wanna do, like, pressure friction on this area Releasing another point here they connect connecting to your skull. So also, take precaution when you're doing the friction such not to overdo it. So when you're rubbing or friction ing out this area, do not do the left side. Do not do because he came also cost them to feel nauseated. All right, just look on one side, and then once you've done your this, then just if Roger get all right, So same thing. Repeat the process all the way down. All right. And that will be for your hidden. 13. Glutes (Buttocks): now for the last final here we're gonna be working on is the glue. So for the glutes, we basically got three main areas that we're gonna work on on old trigger point. So you don't need to do any responsible Such all you need to do is find a point. All right, So for the first point, what you want to do is find the FEMA bowl a few more bonus here. Right? So shift up, find where the blue starts, which is the battle. So this is where is that shift your location? All the way up until you shit the hips. All right, so the ship's hit boat should be just about a buff. The point you want to be on. So it should just be slightly above that point. And what you do is Tom pressure press in for the on slowly released, and then you find it as another source support around that. Go in breath. All right, so this point here, the ships start about here. All right? So you what you want to do is to work on the area slightly below that, so you can work on this whole area here. You'll probably find quite a few stiff spots. All right, for the next spot. It's basically like like a little point which are searching for So how do you find it from the knee? Oh, let's say from me here, Right. What you do is traced up where there's basically a ledge that's where hamstring is the entire let's connect away one street light. We just freeze that away up. Still point a few that there's a connection between the buttocks to this muscle here. And from this point, all you need to do is just place president dollars and works. But okay, boots and then fiction. However, if Tom is not enough elbows, just place it on that point. What you wanna do if you can do it this way for your elbows out slept in it. So place president with full of pushing all right. And hold it, Carrie, beat this process on last one. And if you feel that you follow point, then you can shop elbows a little bit more. So if you're going people, you have to go on to the glutes in this direction into the glutes away or pushing words go into the booth all right. And the last point they want to work with recipes from the center here. So from me, right from this point, destroyed ST like all the way up to where the beautiful is so beautiful is where your hamstrings. All right, You feel elbow there to see and pushing up into the boots. This vital a few steps pushed up into abuse. Then it was darling to the hamstrings while pushing into the boots and repeat the same process a few times up into the group's down into that. Once you've done that, you phone the point shift a little bit your right and left. Find the exact point in a place like more president up in for some people, they might feel it. Travel all the way down to the off your neck. All right. And once that's done, man lease on Lex out entirely.