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Sketching at Work: Stop Boring Meetings!

teacher avatar Ruth-Ellen Danquah, Growth Engineer |

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Sketching at work intoduction

    • 2. The Bridge Instructions

    • 3. The Bridge Example

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About This Class


Want to get your ideas at work heard? Join thousands of successful influencers who have learned how to influence through sketching at work,  learn how to use various collaborative visual problem-solving tools with problem solver Ruth-Ellen!

This 10-minute class is broken out into inviting, step-by-step lessons that clearly explain how to transform problems into visual solutions for use in various scenarios. You'll learn:

  • An introduction as to why you need to sketch
  • A way for you to sketch at work using the Bridge to help with planning, meeting and communicating
  • An example of how you can use the bridge

While a basic understanding of mind mapping is useful, the instructions are clear enough that many students have jumped straight in!   By the end of the course be more influential and be able to collaborate as well as come to decisions more easily

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Growth Engineer |


While working with large brands (Egencia, Hutchinson 3G, Epson, Hewlett Packard etc) as well as 100s of SMB and 1000's of individuals, I generated them over £120m in new business. I learnt a lot about relationships in business and now I want to help YOU get results from YOUR efforts. My mission is to help 10,000 students get results from my sales, marketing and personal development courses. 

Join my group so you can be with like-minded people

My name is Ruth-Ellen and I am the CEO & Founder of Celebrated Not Tolerated. I have been in the sales and marketing industry for 20+ years and started XavieTime in 2015. At XavieTime I have worked with several large brands and startups. I help our clients in creating an engaging brand and then generating leads.

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1. Sketching at work intoduction: Have you ever attended a boring meeting? If you're anything like me, then model like you have, whether you've been in a work meeting or even at an event where there's been a meeting it and their training you on something and it's just going off tangent. It's become a meeting you no longer want to partake in. Thank you actually know that 47 1,000,000,000 per year was spent in unnecessary meetings. Meetings are great and are necessary to advance a project organization. However, unlike many things to many meetings is bad, bad for morale but for productivity and bad for your bottom line. Good meetings are good for morale company culture, overall financial performance. And that's great and 90% off me in the 10 days actually very meetings as an opportunity to contribute to the organization. But unfortunately, 50% off us also believe me in time is wasted. Researchers actually found that the more meetings and employees attended, the more exhausted they fought on the Hyatt. They perceived the workload to be. And if you've ever been in a start up environment, you know that meat has been going for a long time, and they can go off tangent. Are you more than likely or disengaged? 47% of all considered meetings? It's the biggest waste of time. So now you know something you probably already knew. Amount meetings. So what my saying? Am I saying you should stop having meetings? No, not at all. I'm saying Consider or imagine a different way of having your meetings. Consider hand Joran's using hand drones to provide a collaborative environment where decision making is much more clearer. Using analytical Joran's analytical you know those ones that don't exclude you just because you're no artist ical but a technical drawer. These drawings are helping you live up your communication much clearer in a much more fast , seamless, immediate affect way. The's drawn to help you have a high quality response, right, as well as lead to better listening recognition off the issues discussed. If you want to engage people and keep them focused and concentrated, then sketching at your meetings, sketching at work is a much more productive right to do it. Even psychologists agree. Face I sketches served as an easy reference for words and gestures, so directive they make communication easier and precise. The so many times we were in a meeting. We've come out of the meeting somebody right on agenda, follow up minutes to the meter and tell us what's our action points? Because it just wasn't that clear or sketches are memorable. Their natural at all automatically can be understood. So they bring benefits to an organization when 40% of your colleagues throws off because the means got gotten boring. Sketching helps to energize people because they're so analytical. Keep people focused and engaged, so they are captivated. Much more importantly, they're able to revise the sketches, so I don't feel like it's a holy ground and they don't need. They can't change it for the input into it. Bottom line scheduled at work is the way forward. You really have nothing to lose by taking this course that you have everything to gain game by and moaning on my new course that help you with visual problem solving and communication . The case was sketching at work is fundamental in the understanding as to why you need to sketch meetings. A good reasons of sketches are even brutal. Please involved 2. The Bridge Instructions: so the first sketch we're going to run through is called the Bridge. The bridge is handy for communicating, meeting and planning. It's the gap between a current state at its desired future state on bridging it through identified steps. It's really great for team leader leaders, project managers, consultants and cultures. So use this when there's a need to bridge the gap between the current state and its decides , and you use it to visualize the elements needed to solve a problem or reach a goal. Now, just how the first means you're gonna do is drawbridge on the left side. Describe the current state on the other side, the desire to go and then right key steps on the bridge. So first of all, draw a tanker bridge of 1/2 circle arch left with the bridge described the current situation right off the bridge, described with desire situation. In the on describe the gaps are missing elements. A bus abridged list, the main steps needed to reach the desired goal, if useful above the bridge as guidelines Oh God rails for guidelines on the left Stairs list activities required to begin on the right step left up to list activities that simplify implementation 3. The Bridge Example: in this example. I've used the bridge to solve the problem about employment when it comes to being a graduate. So imagine a graduates just graduated from university or they're just about to the current steps on the current situation at the moment is on the left side. Andi. It's all about how competitive the marketplace is and how rejected. And the jet faithful. And then you've got the tools that they can use in the middle so they can use linked in. They can use their own personal site that can use a graduate sites in order to stand out about competition. Now is the time frame that they're working from, and when the future is the date that they wanna get their idol career, the gap in between is the experience or lack of experience on the fact that they need a recommendation. So what? I'm looking at the guidelines on how to get there. We're looking at the point of difference, which is another technique we use when it comes to finding employment down and out amongst the crowd. The first thing is to research. I'd also job specter you want, and then Teoh get that mental who can give you that recommendation? Possibly a corporate in the corporate world and works in that arena could good cloud, which you could find. Arlington Once you get connected and you've done some work as it work its print, the first thing is Teoh okay, feedback as this to your interview skills and then fallfest implement changes. So because in between all this, you've got guidelines on steps that would take you from possibly just looking for a career and that she finding a job. So if you research in the idle job spec and then getting the mental to make sure that you can be like things at the jobs specifies, you're also learning how to get experience. Enough situation Sanoma. The end goal is to get the placement. Lots of job offers more opportunities on offer. So that sister bare bones just just the bare bones. Looking at how you use bridge is coaching somebody in their career. You could really throw down when they need to be doing this. Could be fished out. Change this one, I think way down. I'm looking at the steps. You have to go home, Frank. One. That's an example of the way