Sketchbook Practice: Grow In Your Art Everyday | Ohn Mar Win | Skillshare

Sketchbook Practice: Grow In Your Art Everyday

Ohn Mar Win, Illustrator surface designer teacher

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10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Your Motivation

    • 3. Art Materials

    • 4. Your Safe Place to Explore

    • 5. Record your Progress

    • 6. Room to Experiment

    • 7. Do this for Yourself

    • 8. Your Ideas and Style Will Emerge

    • 9. First Steps

    • 10. Final Thoughts and Homework

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About This Class


I have been keeping sketchbooks since February 2015,although I had no prior watercolour's true! Almost two years down the line and 10 sketchbooks later I can confidently say it's one of the best ways of feeding my creativity. I have just completed '365 days of paint' and have been sharing my sketchaday on Instagram everyday. Along the way I have found my own painting style and many other techniques that have been developed as a result of my sketchbook play.

Keeping up a daily sketchbook practice is an invaluable. Think of it as a creative journey down a path with unexpected benefits,a few detours, but ultimately a fun one if you stay on it long enough!  Sketchbook Practice : Grow In Your Art Everyday is perfect for folks who have never kept a sketchbook ( like myself prior to 2015 ) or are just painting for pleasure or to improve your skills. In this class I will help you discover why sketchbook practice has so many benefits, they include:

- quick guide to the art materials I use

- they're a safe and fun place to explore your art

- chart your progress as an artist

- experiment with new techniques and mediums

- to feed your creative soul

- in time your own unique style will emerge

I will also talk you through a short watercolour tutorial to get you started on your sketchbook practice, with some basic tips. Don't worry there will be further tutorial classes in the future.

Even within a few short weeks and months you will most likely have a body of work that will chart your creative progress and see the strides you have made improving your skills. This in turn will boost your confidence and help in other areas of your creative life.

USE THE HASHTAG #ohnmarskillshare or tag me on Instagram if you wish to post your progress

You will need

A sketchbook 


Watercolour set

Objects or reference to draw from