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Singing sound small?? How to Grow Your Voice: Create a bigger, sustained tone when you sing

teacher avatar Jayne Carmichael Norrie, Singing Coach JCN

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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2 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. How to Grow Your Voice intro

    • 2. How to Grow Your Voice Main

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About This Class


How to Grow Your Voice - Create a sustained tone when you Sing

What do you think is the worst thing about being a Singer?

For me, it's not practising and feeling like your Voice is not getting anywhere.
It's not even how expensive it can be to chase your dream; auditions, scores, accommodation, clothing, flights, aaarrrggghh!

No, the thing that is the worst for me is that many Singers (and some teachers) can't explain why something sounds good in their Voice or how they have a good technique. Some people "just do it" and it comes out sounding like cashmere.  It's so annoying!!

Part of the frustration people experience with trying to grow their Voice isn't actually anything to do with their voice; it's their mindset that's holding them back.

If you can't separate 'Speaking mode' and 'Singing mode' in your head, then your Singing technique is always going to sound speech-like and disjointed.

We are here to increase your options as a Singer. So, depending on what you are singing you can choose to sing in a short, detached way to express anger, OR you choose to sing with a far more fluid, smooth vocal line because you are expressing love, anguish or sorrow.  

In an ideal situation the way you perform shouldn't be limited by your Singing technique; with a good technique, you gain many more options.  You select depending on the appropriateness to the song you are performing.

In this chat, I give you practical advice on what exercises can start you off on this journey.  

There's even one here you can do with a friend!

This is an Intermediate level course.  If you haven't done any Singing before, I recommend you look at The ABC of Singing to get started.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Singing Coach JCN


Hi Skillshare

I'm Jayne Carmichael Norrie, a singing teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

Since April 2019 I have also trained as a Full Stack Web Developer.

For 10 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom, to doing 3 minutes business pitches in front of over 400 people, and pitching to royalty.

Skillshare is a fabulous community and I love connecting with everyone here.  Please reach out if I can help you.  Can you believe I have over 9000 pupils on here now? 

I'm always on the look-out for new ways to help my pupils.  Let me know if you can think of a way that I can help you level-up!

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x

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1. How to Grow Your Voice intro: everyone. My name is Jean Chemical, Naughty and a a little from Bonnie Scotland from Aberdeen in the northeast. The UK I want to give you a quick introduction into the next course which is Grow your own . Grow your voice. This is one is more about them Intermediate level a level course, I would say if you look one skill share and if you're not too sure if this is one for you, If you're a complete beginner, you should look at my ABC of singing. First of all, that covers some of the basic concepts and Lehman to breathe in and connection. This course is more of an intermediate level courts, but it goes a bit further. Dina topple hole as it where we can I get a bit more on things like looking at veles and continents and how tweak, um had they can be great different from May from speaking and singing. You have changed the shape of what we're doing and how to effectively change your techniques so that your roles air flowing a lot more many things and it makes it easier. Thanks. Nay. See later 2. How to Grow Your Voice Main: Sir Vince is. Look at what we can do. Teoh clear Morse's in Jordan and your voice when you saying and if you think indivisible, but go back a little bit as it were, Sometimes I see forward a little bit. And for those of you familiar with Mr you kinda got you yoga balls by here, you said, for teaching is not just my own stash of things using Jember actually uses from a chicken. This is my university. Assume a sheet music and things like that. But it doesn't if you can really see here that piano here and you can heat. In case you're wondering, where is that coming from this? Write them here. Let's use a spiral can demonstration of limits, advice that we can do all sorts off because I feel like I have to lean forward on and I want to score the door. So ever thinking about sustained a one for her voice, the first leg is to really look at our assumptions off our voice. When you were saying something, what usually people do with their complete beginning, they look at it, look at the words in the same room, but I'll be mimicking their normal speech patterns. A lot of the plane, no houses net so unnecessarily a pot. They depended in the context of what? Moving your transit envy. That could be quite effective, Member said in the earlier post. If you're trying to ensure their forfeited or angry, having this short bursts can be quite good. And if you're trying to actually being more expensive, U K obviously longing or something like that, then you want more sustained to one or the capitalists movements to your voice and it's snowing. Had to keep because But you're learning muscle. It separated that thing about them. It could be you're looking at words for athletics of a song. You have to set a date. Why call speaking? Moored on singing more delivered. Two separate things can get used to that thought that the thought process it was into it the holy would attempt to saying something can be completely definitely hiding. Speak it, and vice versa. It could be an example, and I was looking at tickets sold night and day, and a little People's Cole Porter does that cut. Remember, it is a little bit. It's been covered on what by loss of artists like Franklin Faxon at once looking backpacks , doing things. And but some of the Athens missing on the little very start bit I'll be learning and the gist of it and candy with starts. But then it starts with an E like the big, big big dog. No, not a there him. But when people think it is quite unusual faces, maybe a turkey, people are stopped singing it and think of that was being quite safe. It the words are like like the beat beat beat off Tom Tom. When the jungle shadows fall like the tick, tick, talk off stately clock as it stands against the wall, like the drink drip drip off the raindrops as summer Sherice do so a voice within me keeps repeating you. You you. So the last time I was just kind of roughly in the room. But what is the fate like that is home? I would escape saying that, but in a Sporkin wing, even though I'm singing with a Lord, I felt kind of got speaking board in my head that would be, in a speaking mood like to be to be feet off the top when you don't fall like the big tick took off the same thing again. So, like get over any hopes so many kids be Thank you. You You know that 90 day Everyone knows, But other departments are actually is right In the very beginning, that gonna be startling that the virus that does not like to be they're looking like even though you're saying it would still canon speaking mood. And I say that because the words of separateness 53 more in sending boards I mean by that is being more expressive thinking horizontally. Motorbike phrases always want to do this. You know, I think it phrases being hard until more expressive. It is about making the veles grow. So it's harder work. I can understand why people Theo Moore speaking inequality to their voice. Some people do it try some people do because they don't know any definite They don't know how to create the more singing, More smoother thing. I can understand that you like a little baby and you're tired. You still want to sing this old But my lapse into this like the word seen said, because it's more work and you have Teoh sustained notes more or injure middle, and you feel sick people. Quite a lot in the last is itself. You have to be able to activate your course of muscle when you're singing, because then that's a support. Pathetic, controlled. Exhale what you're saying. I will go back to breathing and stuff like that. People get confused. You're thinking diaphragmatic breathing. They die. Your family squashes everything, more proof that you're to come in. But what happens after that? Is that your course of muscle right now because of your body and your exhale that controls the pace of your exhale. So if you can control that, that's one of the most important things me that he can control in your voice. Once you go control of your exhale, it means you can like Teyssier the beginning. You feel it could benefit your saving overalls. Well, could you feel that your morning control over what you're doing? You know, just putting up with whatever limits you feel that you have. You feel you'll have a lot more options to be expressive. One. You're be able Teoh. Sustain the breath for longer basis, dictates whether or not you can sustain the north for longer. It's all of it. Everything. And so Wen Thio going to sending more So you lose from this one. Is it the bells of grown mystic? Inaudible is all the space that where was previously separate from the notes being quick, small sparks and six people way sometimes imagine that when you're singing the bells are like expanded form. Have you ever seen that? You know, like builders We've got captain of all in the discus description this stuff in it. Let's hear how you should be like, you know, messages from behind my head works as boots about something I really have to be. But this is what you're like. Necessary has to change the bells expand The constants are still don't get so very important Fishery Those take up all of them. Not so your voice him feel more connected and expensive because it's the voles. They take up all the room and is the distance between their souls also become smaller? I think of it. No pictures, stuff we have. Really? They worked. Remember and know that it's an athletics happened about something and then they can go around The track can have four or five athletes and have to go around. You get around in the right time stuff for me. That's what the connection between the goals is also important thing to remember, to shorten the distance between them, so makes it easier to be more expressive. So but he speaks Be so you. You you No way! That makes a big difference. How you called your house in, How do you change them? Depending on what way that he wants to saying It's all about your troubles. Eyes controlling the exhale of your breathing to control the bowels of hell about her. What? You could sustain them. This is with difficult bets. Come in. The guest is like God. To give you a couple of little exercises will help you to encourage a more sustained tone. And I see Well, I know for some people, a specialist there beginning of that stuff doesn't come easy. It can feel really, really weird when you first did it, and it could feel that you're almost attacks from what you're doing because we came from Yeah, when he like the tick tick talk the same thing, you can feel a little bit more. You're signaling Philip or inside, you can feel more vibrations. The change is, but you feel in your actually working with legs because you're relaxing your get nothing. It's a good my feet. More fellows are kind of it. It's been acting your audience are to the wild, does it where you go less for you to work with. So you can sometimes feel like when your first witness feel a bit attack from what you're doing. It could feel super weird because you go, you're my positions, and things will be quite definite sometimes set how you did if you're were speaking and there was a fine hold sensing people don't want doesn't edges of your news. If you can do that, then I can make a big improvement to your voice. And that's what held me back. For a long time. I didn't have any kind of a graph with my voice turned A is actually holding my draw this to time, and it was more less are fixed in please. Was it not used to this like slightly not over. My positions on my doll was a bit more relaxed. All of a sudden makeup here. Deference for me and bringing them within actual baffle my voice and my voice was in a group without me having to push its all of them make your voice go in troubles. It is more resonant stuff so that you can cover. This is why we're changing things and we have to go into, like second, speaking more with sending mortars talked with effort. And it can feel weird typical better if I was expanding and this on. But we also have to think about the connection between the levels being shorter, the smaller the better because you can sustain torn over what you're doing. So look, a parcel exercise I would do on then blow things like professes is really adaptable on. It's also what is a futile exercise. I recommend for people that you could have a drink with a friend. It is quite fun, actually, in this one of these, face it through the flexibly can, you know, do it with a friend to fans that take pardons. If you have access Keeper No good Teoh it was Google play or the App store were given The apse have been android footing. Well, it's piano something, but I can never remember today have a double jack. It's perfect piano. That's what I have on my android phone. The one report. But you guys, I'm recording with the night park so and how the app store There's a great free PR up called piano Infinity. I said. What? Just and so you use a person in your life and your records so middle C. So they could have been the whole expanse of the keyboard. If you're not familiar with you, were the piano. You have a bunch of the two dukes and have Bunches of three notes. What you're looking for is about to doze. Teoh Black. So So you got budget materials to hot moves in three bottles. What has stopped you go. What's looking for the bunch of to block those? And it's the white look on the left hand side of your bunch of black drugs that see? But there's lots of insulation. Don't see what Phil, your mother was right and I don't see for that's gonna be from the exercises will be doing , but what to start with. But more than that would stop one the able, but we'll see so a this like you find your middle C. It's too white. Most Vologda. So what do you say? Look at Doosan soulful if he could scale orbiting through the We owe, But it's Thomas. I've been through it a little bit differently, so and this is why it's good. If you could try, do it with a friend. Safer. This is your side. You start with the skill of a way. Theo. Be comfortable for Bush. Places you have. Teoh go up or down importante. What you find is more comfortable for your West. That's fine. Doesn't really matter where you start. Assam's is comfortable for you, and the way to be setting the extremes of your Ranger really lure really high? Find it. Slap bang in the middle, you know, Wanted to bet singing any of the North's not particular best how to build anything really comfortable right in the middle of your voice. So just a couple times, just to be familiar with Seoul, Fox sake is good. Free to get familiar with that. I find the morning would get into learning things of voice himself. I'm really, really helpful, and the apple pull silly when you go about them useful for under five chords of the better . And I was so relieved that pistol because let's face it, you probably be a lot more familiar. Result for the yard with parts and things. And just because we deal with maladies, that obviously gig is a singer and thanks for most of the year, but also the things we hear the books often when we're learning things but always dealing with melodies, Larrin, souls and things like that. You make your booking cards for the votes. Can't physically saying I card by itself. Kisito term or notes Played simultaneously? No, you go off on a super Qianjin stuff and take a foot signal. You could se Teoh simultaneously about your last point specialists. But so what? Teoh setting the seal turned up a couple of fines. That's like a complicated tried display is easily a divide yourselves into the late Peter with people. Everybody take tartans singing soul so personal you're gonna start do seven process you re and then me and say Fuck first soon second person, me Oh, you're taking turns with notes as you're going up to see And I like this because in its finger sneaky it is a lot more complicated to do that you think it's going to be. That's because when you're not singing, you have You can almost sing the notes in your hand because otherwise you're gonna lose your place and you get that you may know Okay on saying good night What? What is outside for going? I want to know And then you really have to be there in a moment focusing on what scale is your singing also can anticipate in the You're going to be singing heated in your head first and then me saying then so if I was the first person in this old my apartment so t think like a really said he temple to disappear. Fascinating. And if I was a second person in your pocket May uh so they alternate. This is where they interested That happens once a couple times to become familiar with Seoul. Far familiar will bet you're singing and feeling he can anticipate the in your head a little bit before using it. That's a crucial part with part where in the scale listen the next I guess it came trying. Sing it very slightly so they you're keeping the no going until you almost feel that you're a bit over a lot. The person coming in you like sequences If you person you would think the and almost up to the bit where you feel like the same process starts again. Really any second Nobody fraction of a second. But you keep one singing right to the very, very, very end bitterly for stop pissing the bed. You envious like overwhelmed. Everything I mean, is that because the end result should be a really smooth and fluid sending scale, I'm just gonna have to say a little bit. You get the idea. But there wouldn't be any separation with notes whatsoever, because they will be either, you know, right off to the very image of the star that I know. They're overlapping slightly. Yes, no way. That's what I think. No, you did for two people. I think that's a good one, because well, heavy types, signature practice. You ever get the chance to do a partner game, you know, and you can make it fun. You start like okay, but that could speed up movie steady, do a couple things, and I could describe it is people in it. You don't send that European diva Children. So we owe in the past comes in the second person. Ray, you're trying to step in. You tell her to get center stage or something. That's what the same way. But when you're doing that time, is that the notes you're singing a lot more sustained than when you first start just saying the steel and this is what it gets a war tax in their supporters. I forgot my dehumidifier. Do this, take it, becomes more taxes. And you might feel more a squeeze in your middle because you're sustaining the looks longer . It can feel tired and get fuel really dreaming. When you get to the end of it, You're like, Whoa, that was hard much of a couple of times and quite happy with Just keep on the same still little reason to move it. But he is all about Spain. North's doesn't matter, and that's what key that was sitting in. But the fact that make it even more difficult is this Lord that so if I try and do it in one stealing and floor and you're probably squeeze for everything, that's it, screws all the right and event assistant with you would be things anything I'll like to hold. Investigate Give me an idea. Exploited that First of all, so take a few D c. Well, wait a second. Bigger. Those are traveling along with me. They become expanded the distance if UNIFIL's is playing, Huh? Virtually nothing at all Because I'm not stopping just one straight on to the next fellow. Go away. See the border Utkan Great beggar hell sends the goal for longer and you connect the dots between them and they go straight on to each other. That's where more sustained tone comes from. So this time I go to the same speed A Sikh, I think. Go up the whole steel together and see What do I need to take a breath? But what I assure you, this is what the end result should be. If you're doing it with the partner privacy for this lady and if you want to do it by yourself, make sure you go for the whole pull says again. But then, by yourself, this is more difficult by yourself. So you start with the scale, first of all, but then you do the more stained with almost overlapping with yourself. Do like three or four months and then take a breath. Don't do the whole scale. That's a bit too ambitious. Go to the far door in the far. Take a breath. So Tito and way oh was there. They see Major said, Really fluid like that. So you go recommendation guys started exercise. Okay, you that you're being Morley Lend a If I was X find and if you could do that a couple times taken that learn in into soul to see, for example, went back to the exception night and day this has been have been. Today it's the middle of the tech tick talk of the state. We clock as science against the wall, and this is what I think if you look at a particular bit as signs against the wall, we went back to the beginning of what we're talking about thinking like second with, but you're itself feels spoken because the notes are quite separate, and I think it is almost understanding a woman. Imagine, before that peaceful closest your It's like a good spot with your first. A lot of things you think about the individual party thing more practically saying getting adults in the right tools, right? You know, really thinking a bit the song as a whole. Then, like the tick, tick toe compensate Lee soul those seconds. But we were trying to think about have you adapted to develop sons, explained sides against the wolf in feeling So this doesn't make a say, just might be singing a shopping, less tourism, and they're still expression of emotion or personal thing with your your singing. And it's all be having the ability to express the abortion or the partners to the soul. Also, when you get further along with people, calling him a piercing and bringing your personality to swell, I was really Teoh Google Maps. Then get street view thing. You could zoom right into something and you look after it for the past like the old building. I think eyes well, that's what you do when you're first learning sold you're looking at in the parts of the street. Okay, whereas the rule tired get here to raise a lot poor started, like where's my from? Science only get directions, but when you feel more confident about what you're doing it's time to zoom it so you don't have to get a better particulars of song because you know all the components where that's a malady of the rhythm or thinking about that sport can stop thinking with partners of the soul related to your character. You've done all that could people his whole market stuff. No, this is about what is my intention with the song in terms of what emotions that want to be , what feelings that people have when the dinner when they listen to me singing about this thing, what I most desired with my audience, I want them to be agreeing with me That wasn't think. Oh, that person's like, horrible or something, you know, like if you were saying something trying t and pride, some people, the studio. And also given the purpose behind what you're singing, both from a character. But how you want the audience to feel when you're singing is well for the important. If you think about it from the other side. Busy where And so with that sons against the wall, then you're saying the Google you have to assume demanding, assume it's it's been thinking about what's my intention with this and learning all the components of soul. I mean, okay, test level gets a point. You made a good but me, I feel like if you don't do this extra work thinking the bigger picture of the soul, that's all about intention, bringing in personalities off. If you don't think about the bigger picture, zoom your song. You never get to that point where you're really excellent in your city because it you get to put your almost still a bit garden did. It's a little bit, but you're Stop doing this. You can make you feel equate vulnerable because you're letting one of your personality shaped doing what you're doing and join your own thoughts of Seoul, where your own interpretation and things like that, and so yes, you can win first. It can make you feel like oh, stay can make it if you like. Oh, I don't really know her people. Going back to doing it right necessarily excludes something to Dio song like this. Have fun in whatever with your friend during the skills because then you can work together . Just don't really informally. You yourself have coffee and you're sitting beside is the food. You get your piano, you try to exercise together because you used to have a more sustained worn. It builds up this time around your middle. Once you go, that's under control. What if you can fill your course of muscle and everything opens up more opportunities, your way, ability and choices of expressing yourself? You're not respecting. This is the one week I saying, because they officially capture in and give you more choices and walking emotions and things that you want to convey and you're singing. So this is a lot from resuming at net, you know, thinking about the bigger picture, the bigger themes in So so stayed off speaking sons again stole. But it just feels like Sporkin doesn't it? And to me, I feel a little bit like Borden, and it will be like going get milk. And so I think it is more like the fellows growing. So first say, let's liver just to show what stands against the wall. I do this all tied and no kills it. But if you speak it really slowly, it's easier to hear the vote should be landing on. Believe the North for deciding to speak the words that didn't really slowly so you could find about any stands against the wall when they try thinking about it. Steve Bubbles interested in they grow on the distance between them small, most of the point of African. There's no gap between them whatsoever, they almost feeling overlap. So it also helps if you think of baking time war. But when you speak the words cyclical back, it sounds against the wall. Someone great final this well, when you put it the lyrics is what you're working on. And don't just get a pinto and you know when you have something that you googled it or something and this likes me tiny my attention in the left time. Colin, there's all these ads and stuff, you know. It takes a little bit more about its work. Doing is what they would it off put into. Your word Docker is that you're doing and just take the copy of analytics, old ones you need and your probably easiest. If you call the car open up in. You don't command place the words back in, but there's not even a word. Everything. This is where you can take all the formatting. But if he knows you're going to do that and just find really used to form the Opto 14 or 16 change is facing a swell kingdom. So it's stubble station or one hand for something. You keep the one page. I so want to be like huge gaps. And then you got four pages practical, and it's really good if you can do that because you can put your slated no notes. I'm saying gee or whatever, but you're a little late in the mornings to help me remember. So if you're trying started against the wall, it happens. If you get a pencil in on both of those words, right, then, which tells you should be singing places for stuff. If you're not used to it, it helps you to remember, because you're good for us. On so many things to remember is exponentially sometimes and so happen a little quicker visual cue Volvos and keep saying can really happen Law. So science against double what was in that s so give God a against a your time for something and then all four walls. Oh, yeah. So what will we do with it? She you know it needed a Y A w above those words. So you're definitely looking. That's it. I'm tired and I still remember you've maybe got the words off to the side, Not in front of you. Get used to know having crops in front of your in practice. Guys here have off the side. So if you have a thing, this double check what you're doing. You've just seen a R I A. All so good for the face comes easier because the rebels, that's where your notes. Six. Most of time, when you're singing, it's on a bubble and the six people time Something's when you're singing You could be sitting on a constant loop. No, the ball was kind of being Paxil. That hope her common is that couldn't so actually most the time. If I was gonna ask a bit and say 85 90% time you're singing, it's on a bubble. So this is why I was incredibly important. And that's where your sustainability off your notes and your local like comes from this from growing the vessels. And that's why I said to this little child, it's all that grew in your bells and you're being technical better and be more specifically , had to sing with a more sustained tone. But let's see what we're trying to achieve here. You're thinking it's a lot easier when you're you know the words already, but sometimes it's difficult, Teoh that practically into okay, what bubbles Most of the time you get this again either a r e or something to get a or something. But those figures are by far the most Coleman even think when you look all different logics and where's that you have in a soul? That there would be far more different valve signs that could be saying most of the time. But actually, most of the time they decide to boost the and then from there laid the Travolta come last night's Coleman, so they called in a favor in your practice. In people coming bills, I E. And I really feel more worthy. A. So they started three the and taxes that so that you can connect easily. I e. A reporter keeping your door relax, and your problem was takes over the position of the goals. So that was a stacked against the wall. Go back to that. You're a all. So let's investigate again. This you could hear the cells. So it s so usually if I'm small freeze, like, be a good shirt Because in this so popular anything, this will be a loss of different copies of beer and she is a place that I got. It was I think she using that UK and that's a good place to find sheet music. I don't have any affiliates or any commissioner. Just my parcel recommendation other and get and get back from or anything. It's just a service I've used for years and years and probably caution doing here for price ticket and a piece of sheet music. But good to get votes. It is that you can select what you want. So if you were to look at from a safe from today, if you look at this this old night today, you can buy on that site. Well, the key that I have been working it what you see in S and D major, so they sure that if you're a copy off you select nd because of the additional pieces pretty high and little people usually second ticket that trump card for something Look I so full today, and please be sure to send the message. Have any more questions specifically about this course I'd love to hear from me. Bill is a game that musicals are for kids. Okay, If there's any things upset you, it'd be more specific About what? I mean, if you're not sure how to do the exercises and I'm happy to give you have a great rest of your I'm gonna catch up with the time.