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Singing Confidence in 30 Days. Premium vocal course with exclusive Spotify playlists.

teacher avatar Jayne Carmichael Norrie, Singing Coach JCN

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

21 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Singing confidence in thirty days Introduction

    • 2. Room Prep

    • 3. Find a piano app

    • 4. Support your voice: Alignment

    • 5. Shoulder Exercises

    • 6. Support Your Voice Breathing

    • 7. Breathing Exercise 1

    • 8. Breathing Exercise 2

    • 9. Breathing Exercise 3

    • 10. Breathing Exercise 4

    • 11. Breathing Exercise 5

    • 12. Breathing Numbers Pyramid

    • 13. Vocal Exercise - MMM Slide

    • 14. Vocal Exercise MMM Slide Piano App Guidance

    • 15. Chapter 2 - Advice On Voice Types

    • 16. Chapter 2 - Muscle Memory for Your Voice

    • 17. Legato Phrases

    • 18. Vocal exercise - Meee Pentascale

    • 19. Vocal exercise - Zeee Pentascale

    • 20. Vocal exercise - Laughing Exercise

    • 21. Vocal exercise - Tongue Twisters

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About This Class


In 30 days, we empower you with an instinctive knowledge of what your voice can do.

Know how to look after your singing voice.

Know what suits it best.

Know what songs it loves.  And which it doesn't.

Know how to find a song that suits - with exclusive, curated Spotify playlists.

Know how to show off the very best of what your voice can do.

Have you been here before??

Eyed-up a course but then kinda choked and didn't go for it?

Most people hesitate for a long time before starting lessons.

And I get it.  It's scary. 

You might be hesitating right now.  And that’s ok. 

❗ I was in your shoes just a couple years ago.

Trust me, I've been there.

I want you to know:  I get it. 

I see you.   And I got you.

What makes you dangerously promising..?

With Know Your Voice you're empowered in the foundation principles of singing.

Together, I'll hand-hold you through the process.

Discovering your voice. Unleashing your talent.

✅ I go through everything step by step.

Too many courses chuck you in the deep end.  Not here.

It took me years to figure this out, but you don’t have to work for years like I have.

Think of me like your singing bestie giving you the shortcuts.

TL/DR: You're getting the short-cuts by a sassy wee Scottish lassie :D

Too many tutors tell you what to do, but don't really explain it.

But none of them show you how to do it.

Wouldn’t it be great for someone to give clear, linear progression?? 

Singing-buddy hugs and encouragement when you need it.

Bestie-level advice on WHAT to tackle, WHEN your voice is ready, and HOW to do it..??


We don't offer magic.

Just a clear way.

To bring the SASS.  And the SAUCE. 

So you don't freak when you want to sing anymore. 

You are Commander-In-Chief of your voice, you are relaxed, and it flows.

Here's how we get to it:

  • Build Your Voice: Map our your Voice with enjoyable, structured exercises.

  • Notice problems,  and have a clear pathway in how to fix them.

  • Adapt Your Voice: You'll be like a Translator, fluent in  knowing how to translate Spoken English into Singing English.

  • Secure Your Voice: Exercises and techniques for more demanding Singing.

  • Feel at-ease  in choosing songs what will show your voice in its best possible light.

  • Spotify playlists created for each voice type.  Saves you months of trial-and-error yourself.  All curated by me, a professional vocal coach.

  • Improve ear sensitivity and notice little differences in pitch.

I can't wait to get started! - Jayne


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Singing Coach JCN


Hi Skillshare

I'm Jayne Carmichael Norrie, a singing teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

Since April 2019 I have also trained as a Full Stack Web Developer.

For 10 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom, to doing 3 minutes business pitches in front of over 400 people, and pitching to royalty.

Skillshare is a fabulous community and I love connecting with everyone here.  Please reach out if I can help you.  Can you believe I have over 9000 pupils on here now? 

I'm always on the look-out for new ways to help my pupils.  Let me know if you can think of a way that I can help you level-up!

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x

See full profile

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1. Singing confidence in thirty days Introduction: Hi, everyone. How are you? My name is Jane Carmichael. Naughty for loosely. You don't know. May I want to give you a little bit of it, I tell you. Every but but me and about my background and myself. Employed singing teacher. After our graduated from an owners agree music performance at Aberdeen University, I decided to go self employed and ahead of the lots of can a little jobs and couldn't work in here in my studio and have people that come and like after school times in the evenings have ah can't really broad mix of different people that come along from quite young people aged 90 10. The eldest person that I've ever had in the lesson is 82 years old, right? All of a seduced adult beginners. People doing as a whole be people that really CDs in addition ing for different parts or to get place in music, school and things like that. And this is like I really love about Why do they get to me all different sorts? People from different backgrounds really makes me happy to help people. It's brilliant. What if they look a Jobs have as well as a choirmaster with the shale workplace, Quiet and Aberdeen. That's been really good for me to get what experience so running adult choir. But some of them also do. The love is vocal harmonies. I think I got that from a dad love of music for things like the Beach Boys, Frankie Valli, The Four Seasons and Things They Like. My Dad inspired me the most and going down A of learning mortar mortar about music as part of my career. So this is, ah, brand new thing for me that teaching on lanes. I'm really excited about it. Have you guys maybe a little bit nervous and belly People's? They're coming for me. For our course. Know your voice is aimed at beginners, and people maybe have had always had a cattle for a singing, but take a bit of a break from it for whatever reason. A lot of kind of similar stories I experienced with adult learners is that the really enjoyed singing with a school. But when they made the transition up till late university and had more commitments but less spare time that their whole be slaves because while life is just far too busy but know that maybe they can ago, but further along there could hear they've Bean promoted in things the value. Ah, Holbein. That gives him a lot of enjoyment. So going back in a singing has been really good for them. Is a de stress saying, You know something, Teoh? Just cut a late not your day, and you just get just sheer enjoyment from it. I love May. People's Let's all learners don't necessarily have ambition. Teoh pursue music as a career, but it really helps them get top post of mindset. And that's what I love to see Ho a life changing, like getting into singing and being happier with your voice can make me people's. So it's really great for me to think about potential of working with people from all over the world, and we were going to do now is a couple of little bits of trepidation that I'd like you to do before we get started into all the different exercises. Can't wait to get started 2. Room Prep: folks we're going to look at now is a bit off room making sure you've got a sufficient space that you need because you're you've got all the can a bit some bulbs that you think would be useful for you. But it, like, can a mindset when I'm 70 about Rim preparation is to try as much as you can. T imitates what it would be like if you were actually performing on stage One of the bad habits see quite a lot when people are going to get ready to sing, is that no, Maybe they're tired after a long day at work and we'll sit down and practice. That's no good guys, especially if you're a singer. Sectors are expected to stand like pretty much all of the time. You may get away with it if you're maybe sitting down singing and playing the guitar same time or singing playing piano, those there on the circumstances when you're doing a second instrument. At the same time, baby people give you a couple of elevenses, but singer stand and actually helps you to fuel more confident when you do that transition into actually performing on stage, the more that you can imitate that situation and that in vitamin it just feels about less alien to you when you do actually get them to start to perform. Whether that's it, I open Mike night or just saying if with their friends, their family money mean perform, I don't mean a very formal thing, necessarily. It could be anything that you think will help the second front people was not. You obey. And that could be anyone who could be one person. That could be your performance at Kotoko Works do or something. You know absolutely anything. First Legs forest. It's gonna give yourself a little bit space thinking about in practical terms what people could do if they don't necessarily have an awful lot of their own space. But they're doing a Shia or your shit in your home. If your family so there's no one space that's just yours. Well, don't necessarily need tohave. Ah, huge mental space. Just enough space for you to stand. If it helps, you may want to have some kind of bake stand or something, or music stand. If you want to hold up some late, say, let ICS that you want to learn or his. So we're like a desk where you can have and you're no pod pan or pencil or wherever it's good, sometimes toe have that behind just because you might have some can a realization as your practice in order. Like it's that a analogy or something that some part of your technique just clicks and you don't want to forget it. So just sit down really quickly. It's good to have water or peppermint tea is quite a popular choice. If I should, you end the no, keep your voice hydrated. So like just having a little bowl of water or a cup of peppermint tea beside you begins like you to use some kind of recording facility. And that's because when you're practicing your songs Eliquis to get into the Hobbit off, recording your performance and your plat dissing as you perform so that you can play it back to yourself, you don't need to show it to anyone else. This is just for your own reference. You can perform a song, Comme practice it, record the whole thing, then go and have a little bit could have a cup of tea or something come back to it and just listen to what you've done in the performance. It's important to get into this practice of them, making sure we have good quality practice and breaking it down, and I'll go into further details about that later on. Recap what we're doing there, guys. Just a little bit of space. M enough room for you to feel that you don't have to be completely standing still and don't feel that you have to be able squashed up enough so the space so that you can feel like your feet could be roughly like hip width apart. You got no friend to do some testicular ation. If you feel the need to when you're performing a song, so a note pad, pencil or pen, some water, a smartphone or some kind of recording device so that you're ready to record your own voice on, then we'll get ready to go 3. Find a piano app: next we need to look at is Teoh. Find a way of who get reference notes. This is really important, guys, because a lot of the exercises are going to be speaking about. Start on particular North's notes that I know they're generally speaker going to be comfortable for most voices but appreciated No, everyone has access to keep it or piano at home. So your actions that for this whole section is to get a piano app on your phone and I could be android or IOS. I have an android phone, and there's lots of different free upset there. They'll give you a basic in a piano facility so you can get referenced knots, and now you get a little keyboard looking like this. For those of you, the aren't familiar with the keyboard limits show Year Far, Stratfor's no is going to be Middle C, so they might have a little tiny piano bits. We'll help you or something. If I go into the middle here with pianos, you have these kind of groups of black boots. They have a group of three on the grip of to What we're looking for is the note see and That's the left, mostly of the year. Two black notes here is the north is the furthest to the left. If I try, impress that make her for not meant may not pick it up because it's really good to isolate and stones. You may have heard that you might know, I don't know. And so a friend I see. But we're looking for one, is right in the middle of the keyboard and also has names. If you have different motives, motives have different numbers. So the Lewis one on a traditional keyboard go all the way down. The Lucy is like C one. If we go kinda into the middle of the keyboard, the start to know that we're looking for a C four that's going to be a really common started note. Like I say, it must be comfortable for most voices. And we're also gonna be used in Started star. They'll be the highest starting note. The other notes that were going to be using the ones that are immediately below that one. So you have C four BC b flat the A possibly a flat on G three. So you actually start for this one guys find a three piano up on your smartphone. I'll also give you a little work sheep of links of different ones I would recommend. 4. Support your voice: Alignment: No. We've got a room set off with garlic. Piano are ready by. Your side is getting ready on. We have our water. We have or no pardon, Panis stuff. Let's go into in the first and quite important aspects of energizing and study the Alexander technique and its fall a bit being really frugal about how you spend your energy and your body safer. This is if you had the stressful day, your shoulders make me tense and that's gonna come through in your voice. Anything that you do if your body is gonna master manifest itself and you're singing. If you feel stressed, your voice is gonna feel stressed. But if you feel relaxed, it's gonna comfort. Your voice is being more relaxed. You might feel more than control because you feel more stable, A sad for alignment. So let's go to go quickly If you're differently. Pointers. Making sure your feet on the ground Any time that you sing, that doesn't mean that you have to be completely still. You can still move it. I under dancer, do whatever you like. It's all about managing the weight of your body When you sing the door, fall into the trap of Zilly standing on one leg. If you feel nervous, you might get a little bit fidgety and knows what it's like when you feel never, sometimes you don't feel you have any control over the whatsoever. I used to be orderly, the world's worst, a bit. Managing Arabs of the whole body would shape, and there's that couldn't control it. Why? I felt like I could control it. And still some things get the old shaky leg. So I know exactly what it's like if you feel like you're never get in the battered of you. But the more you practice it, the more you can feel that you have some level of control over what's happening. So, like I said before, feet on the ground releasing, make sure that your knees are a lot if it ever not sure what's happening. This bob died a little bit remover lives around a little bit, sheet them about it, then the next thing. So look over your shoulder. Thank you for that straight line I mentioned. This should be a straight line from your ankle. You need your hit, your shoulder and your ear. What tends to happen because signals that's the thinking so often about singing out the way . And performing law tends to be offended and was going to go out of kilter. It's a top path for your body. That's because you feel like you're pushing the way all the time, but could also be another part of your body. Could be your You know, your baby. Put the baby in your legs, let onto your heels so that your legs are cannot eliminate. That s your body because they're too tense. So it's a good way of just having a quick could see what's happening next. Things that thank you. But what your shoulders air doing making sure that your shoulders a real locks is vitally important. Next things to think about what your head is doing. Your head shouldn't move any time when you're singing. That may seem really confusing some people, because there's lots of different things that you see on TV, whether that's X factor. Britain's got talent in lots of different singers tell us in their head up with saying, when they were saying Hi, how are they want to say Don't look, head comes down and I'll go to get a further explanation to why that's really important that you keep your head in the same place. There's a little violence point that just behind your head here and lately the top of your head meet. So the top of your Spuyten that's where you had should be in its ideal position. Bread. Athens managed really well, and your neck muscles could hold your head in place. So what happens when you tell your head up too high? It's It's no longer your neck muscles that are holding head in place for the lot in jail muscles. Here, these poor little muscles are designed to cope with the weight of your head so it creates. So the cat attention. And here in your in your voice, use your ellipse as a guide, and Basie will be but silly. But it is really helpful, actually, and if they're pointing to your shoulders, the head is in the right place. So if your head is too high, they would appoint forwards. And if they're too low, we're gonna point backwards. If it helps you see your eggs up. See people using little butts, a Celtic dangling down so they can feel it where their head is aligning with their shoulders. So your actions that guy's for this video is to go through the alignment like it's also a pre checks. Before we start getting ready to sing, I'll create a little worksheet so that you've got older and garden, and you can refer to that early time you're getting ready to practice. 5. Shoulder Exercises : we're gonna, you know, look at some Children exercise that we can do to help thes stress our bodies a little bit. If you don't know if it anything like me, you may fuel it. You get attention and your shoulders if your tool the stress diet If you didn't like me, it's always the shoulders. It feel like getting tempted and tighter and tighter. Sometimes my joys Well, look at what we're doing. For Jolie, it's a rod. So forced exercise I'd like you to do to help your shoulders if you put your hands together like is if you're going to pre. But I'm in front of you like this. What I'd like you to do for a turn it around a little bit so you can see moving your arms. Rome to the side. So the level Kinnally with the long side, your chest and never been to squeeze a shoulder place together. So we got a position like this. You should feel like your shoulder blades. Air school. Ask reason together, and you may feel looking a very slight pool across like your chest. Do you call a born and things for people that maybe like sitting behind computer a lot got 9 to 5 job. A lot of admin and stuff that people is a couple of two bit studio. They often have problems. Their shoulders bean far too forward because they become hunched when they've been sitting in the weather desk all day. And so we just have a little stretch for the community or something and make you feel a little bit uncomfortable in the first time that you do it cause you're trying to stretch your shoulders back into position. That should be, And they put their hands hands back together again, this time to go up over your head, swinging your arms around to the side. There were the drawings, him against the wall. I'm doing the same thing where we put the shoulder blades squeezes shoulder place together . Do you notice my mission? Olders are still relaxed or not like opera and mid years or anything like that. Keep him relaxed level. Can A room did. Can chastity at this time you feel it more around your chest. In your caller born, it is fueling the upper back initial depletes gonna work in to help you and put your hands together again. After roughly a minute or so, we just let them arms drop time. That should help. Gonna bring your shoulders back into the position that should be. Next thing is to put your hand on top of your shoulder. Let s and try and draw some circles with your elbow. It's a little bit of moving around. It's very gentle and go one way, and they go into the other way and repeat that for the other side as well. These are all very gentle exercises, folks. Just to help it really is yourself into making your body fuel relaxed, waking up very gently to get ready for the kuna. Active learning that we're going to do. And we're practicing more singing. So the next thing we're going to do is a think a bit Lee. If you would have told her through in your hands Lee and I'm just for fun. So we're going to swing your arms really gently. A lovely is gonna be exercises because we don't need any equipment or anything on something like this. It's imagine if you were a little you can imagine yourself doing something like this just for fun. You know if you have the space, everyone especially good toe thing to try and do this for your legs as well. But hold on to something with the last assigned of ah, desk or a table or something. Make sure it's really stable. You're not gonna nor Kenneth in the way Aaron him and that you can a swing your leg, the outside legs. If I was standing, hold in a desk or something right there. And so I'm looking across this way. It would be this leg here, the outside leg from where you're being supported because swing lots just like it's just one of your arms swinging them really gently. But any time that you do it, your feet connects with the ball, your ball of your foot Study connects with the floor, says scuffs along like this. So doing that for your arms, but then also for your legs can really help to feel like, Ah, if I am distressed, your body and you can feel a bit more comfortable 6. Support Your Voice Breathing: Hi everyone. We're going to go into the next little section. But just looking at breathe in. As part of our ABC of same, It's an alignment that light can exercise is to show you how to relax your body and get it ready. Next thing we need to look at the v then this is a, something that people get really confused about. And you may have heard a different template, diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing and things like that. Girl can aiming for the same thing. You just say, some people call it different things. And people can also be really a familiar with the diaphragm. And you may have heard things I recommendations such as use your diaphragm or tried to sing from your diaphragm and things like that. Diaphragm is important. Don't get me wrong. I think you know, quite a muscle. It's like surrounded by muscle liking of if you're being really specific benefit you call it something like cartilage or somethin that, that's very important for the inhale when you're breathing. The squashes, everything donate that way so there's more room for your lungs for you to breathe. So the diaphragm is vitally important for inhale of your breath. But something different that controls your exhale. Axial is controlled by something that we call a transversus abdominus is also referred to as the course of muscle goes right, right in the middle of your body. And if anyone's ever worn course it and give it does feel a bit like the, it's like somebody's Warner course and when you feel it be inactivated, it's like somebody's pull the strings like sucking and filling in your middle. Next time you see any footage from the Olympics. Look at the Olympic mill swimmers because they have really good stamina comes from Greek or UCI course muscle because that controls the x Hill. You might notice in some male swimmers that they have a very slight kinda V-shaped go in into their abdomen. That's because they have incredibly strong course muscles to control the breathing Euler underwater. Anyone on the planet has his course of muscle. And I guess we're half the battle comes from when people are land into saying that they don't know how to activate the course of Muslims who don't know what that feels like when it's being activated. And therefore they don't have any value then in knowledge and knowing how to control it. So you'd action step for this guy is have a look on lines. I might see if we can find a link or something lucky truly, Olympic swimmers have really shown course of muscles and other slight Vichy. And we will also try and find a link to show you this. To show the diaphragm is important for you inhale and the course muscle is really important for your exhale. 7. Breathing Exercise 1: I would like you to do their first pretty than exercise. We're gonna do a quick how longer, convoluted one books. And that's because I want you to feel really if feel this course muscle in your middle ear body being activated and seeing have it works. So what I'd like you to do and take your breath in. But then we just threw a very gentle Hess inside. And, you know, like if it was the same sound as if there is air coming out of a balloon like this, well, you're doing that. It's very gently you can let in ear of your body. You might feels a squeezing feeling in your middle member in the previous video, describing like if you've ever worn a corset in somebody's pulled the strings. But it's different for different people. You might feel it in a different part of your body. Compared to maybe see one of your friends or something, you the different places where people feel it is. Maybe right at the front here may feel it more like over your hips. You may feel like more of this idea or your Lord Bach. You might just feel generally motivated of your back being involved. When you sing, you might feel it more like your shoulder Blades are being more active and you sing as well . And generally speaking, when you're trying to develop a good technique for your voice, if you don't if you feel Maura weird of what your back is, kind of helping you with it. That's generally speaking a good thing. If you ever feel and it just comfort or pain, shouldn't ever feel like that means that you have to stop and it's a very gentle can, a stocking and feeling people feel in different parts. So as you're doing, the Hess spoke the way you may feel the squeeze in common in of your course of muscle away to get to the very end. So keep pissing away until you can't have anymore because you've run out of air. At that moment, I let you to think of it, really relaxing the muscles very, very quickly, and for me, I think of the word splats, and that's because our way to think about almost like letting the bustle splatter to the floor. This is the part of singing that people don't tell you about guys that sometimes it feels it can make you feel a bit self conscious, especially when you're trying to first establish a breathing technique because it's far deeper and the like than what some people would be doing before Ness's some point dependent and if they do an exercise or not. And but it's also not used to this constant movement in the middle of your body. It's in and in it and it with your abdominal muscles, while all the time it can feel make you feel self conscious is really the part of singing that they really know very glamorous, a tall part of singing. Sometimes you can feel that your bellies await to hear or something. Then it please persevere with it because you'll see you can doing the exercises and you'll see my body. Doing it doesn't look that bad, but it just feels really exaggerated when your first doing it. So I'm gonna show this first pretty than exercise. I'm gonna do the whole thing trying to get a comment when I can while I'm doing it and you can see the whole thing. I'd like you to try. Please be it remained everyone the adore notices, saying, Did the breathing exercise in that self the same time? Miss me. You have to stop when you feel you want to stop, whether that's before me or after me. Please don't get to the point where you're that ceiling where you feel lightheaded and whom , like that any time that you feel you want to take a breath. Thoughts when you should take a breath, you have to be very mindful. Is looking after yourself doing disc Reason. Squeeze and squeeze and squeeze to the point that you feel that you're gonna fall over or something. So this is the whole exercise you take your first breath in and they were going to do a hesitancy. Theophilus. Squeeze the muscles that you do it in the middle like, and then you're ready to start again. The important thing with this guys is think it a bit your middle of breathing for you. That's why I say it. But they think it's splattered to the floor because the quicker that you can release the muscles, the corrector that he can breathe again. That's really about people could a go wrong when they're first trying to teach breathing when I was young, when I was at school was taught Teoh Greg your shoulders up and almost like thinking about breathing from your chest. Well, I know that my lugs air place that I'm two years, but I find a lot easier to imagine. Like the my breathing is coming from a middle of my body, and that's because that helps me to feel like I don't have to worry about the shoulders rising up. If I do that, it's also easier to think bit deeper, Ethel Mrs coming into your middle and then it's easier for you to control it with the course of muscle seduction. Step for this one, guys, is to try that exercise to take a breath in hiss for as long as you want to. Please don't feel that you have to take a sustained the breath as long as I do. You can do to stop before or after me. You have to wait. Be aware of what your body wants to do and just go with that. Don't push too hard. Release the muscles as quickly as you can 8. Breathing Exercise 2: next time we need to do is to think it, but the same exercise, being more the weight of what we're shoulders or doing. When we do that, I se Teoh people's a lot of time and imagine if somebody just come through a door or come into the room. But there, behind your so they could only see your back. They shouldn't be able to tell whether or not you're breathing in or higher. It's because the possession of your body should be the same. This could be really difficult guys, but sometimes when you're getting used to this deeper breathing, if you're not familiar with it, sometimes when you're relaxing muscles, you feel like you're almost getting killed during a little bit and or the other thing might happen in that you feel like you're getting pulled down. So what you do is the overcompensate and the shoulders become tents. But that's what happens when your shoulders become intense. It's more difficult for you to control your breathing with the course of muscle, but you should just come up on their plight to play around your years like this. You can breathe, then build. It goes into the top part of your lungs, so you can I want to breather Teoh saying that day two boys, the second, if you do it, can control your breath. You're not gonna be able to sing for very long, so but it's just going into top pop free of your lungs. When you be there, it just comes out in a big along plate. Doesn't last very long at all. You're making sure that your shoulders air relaxed. There's some water little shoulder to exercise, assured you if it helps, you can do these there anytime. Guys, you know, if you feel that you're getting a bit tense, is a good thing to just have a little quickly break from what you're doing or what your practice in through a couple of shoulder rolls and things, and that can help you clearly get back into the eradicating intention. You know so the next, like free. It's do something completely because sure, that your shoulders air relaxed because that means that you can. You can go into the tall patent lower part of your lungs, and it's a lot easier for your course and muscle to be activated from the year another thing to do actually is to this. Think about what your arms will do when you sing. A lot of people get a bit Lee. I'm not too sure what should do for my arms were saying, and they feel like lead weights and stuff like that, that least two shoulders become intense because you're what did you're gonna kill yourself , tired or something? And if you're reading jeans when you sing, I would say like Use your thumbs, Trick women into those belt loops or evidence to put your hands in your pockets and stuff because that could make you feel that you're pulling yourself during a little bit swell and sometimes would do. But what I usually do I'm seeing It's pretty by Haden's like the top of my hands or my thumb resting on the top of Malaysia's that side. Bacon sure that I have the Kolber arms be impregnated, and that means the elbows pointing away from your body. So you're may feel a bit strange when you're first doing that. You're trying to create a very slight triangle around the side of your body and make fuel A . When you're for student, leave it like you're gonna be to have a whole down or something like that. But they give it is a really broad triangle. We're not talking a big guy, seriously saying like that. And we have very shallow angles. So you've got a very slight triangle. One side, a very slight triangle on the other that could make it easier for you to have big Sure that your shoulders a relaxed because your hands have somewhere to go, you'll feel more stable, more relaxed because of that. So you actually state for him for this guys? Yes. I think it by what your shoulders are doing. Check. What they're doing is triangle shaped on either side of your body. So you feel like you know what your hands are, Kingo? 9. Breathing Exercise 3: practice the longer breathing exercise. This time I want to use the hiss again. We're creating a little bit more movement in the middle. This time we're going to do three hisses and then relaxing muscles really quickly and was your during the camp breathing exercise. When I show you you'll see it, my shoulders stay relaxed. Top pop on my body doesn't move. This is a figure. Bits again, folks, that people find really difficult sometimes is the most of your body will be relaxed, but your middle of your body will be quite active and be doing a lot of work that sometimes think of singing. Isley. Other Imagine that can analogy of a sworn swimming in a river or something. From an upside perspective, you see how graceful and beautiful this one is, and they just seem to be gliding on the water. But what you don't see is the little legs problem frantically. To me, that's what second is. You know, the people that do the best they make it seems so easy. The thing that you don't see is how much they're working in the middle of your bodies to create a send that one It's all about building up stamina. Singers and Marath unraveled in a sprint. So guys way to put your hand where your diaphragm is. If you're not sure, think it full on your rib cage. You find your rib. Occasional leg was done over your longs within. It can't comes back up in the middle, find that little bit joins in the middle and put your hand there. Maybe it is a couple of inches higher than your belly button. Unnecessary. We're going through three Hess's and then we have, like, go the muscles really quickly. You beat the notice was late. Can a bench? Same movements is I do that in my middle. My shoulders of stayed relaxed. They're not moving when a relaxing the muscles. I'm thinking about that sport feeling, letting them dropped to the floor. Think of it is like a quiz ation of pleasure, folks, when you is but like letting it of a car tire, the air comes rushing it because in this equalization of the high pressures inside entire low pressure side, so some love thing that's happening here but can in reverse when you run out of here. This lower pressure relative ease, begin inside your body and higher pressure outside so you don't have to take a long, laborious breath. No, only is that not good for your breathing technique, but it's a bit and practical when you come to actually sing it as well. Sometimes in a song you have half a second to breathe. If you breathe like that, then you have no chance. You may as well get used to quick your breathing, utilizing these muscles of building up this domina as quickly and as efficiently as we can . So we put hands in the middle IQ and guys, Are you sure you little breathing exercise again with your three kisses and then we're relaxing muscles. Think it's flat and let them drop to the floor and he would go. 10. Breathing Exercise 4: next offensive, gentle breathing exercise. This might be an unusual one for you. Folks will think it's very important to help you to relax into your body and remained yourself the You're in control on the If it's absolutely vital, then your body's going to want to breathe. So, Kendall, it helps you to trust your own in this thing was trusted onboard AEA's Well, what we're going to do? It just can I have a little like in a breathing cycle is where I can, I call it, But we're pausing for a little bit of time intermittently as we go through it. So what I'd like you to do particular cannot breath and remember to keep in the shoulders relaxed. Then we hold it. Hold the breath that we've inhaled. We're gonna hold it for a count. Four disposing. Then we exhale for a count of four. Once we've exhaled because again, for the kind of four before we in hell and the more time will become uncomfortable with this, we can extend it for a longer period of time. You'll be surprised. Actually, the pausing and not doing anything can be It can be quite revealing. Actually, because it's only when you stop completely, don't end. He'll or exhale. It makes you realize that sometimes your your body almost feels it wants to be active all the time, like it become tense that your what did that you're going to somehow forget to breather. Forget to exhale or wherever it is that you need to do. You're not going to forget because your body is looking after you. This it's instincts are going to kick in. You know, worse ways on claims when you get toe end of, ah breathing exercise and you get was at the the end over it that you feel the course of muscle squeeze. And then it's very easy for you to drop of muscles because you have that the instinct to breathe again, you know, and it's gonna harnessing, listens things, becoming more familiar with it and trusting it so you can relax a little bit more than to your body entail for can't afford and for this is instance, I'll just gonna do late four clicks. Then we pause for four klicks. Exhale for four klicks, pause before clicks before we inhale again. So remember of sitting guys you have to be very, very careful that you trust your body. If you feel that you put yourself a bit too much, you need to stall. It's a little Futaba. Try ready for your take a breath in and he regaled, breathing in pause, Exhale, Pose those souls kind of easy, wasn't it? Okay, so let's try and do this time. I'm gonna go try and just gonna keep this click in going. And this time I think she's a little bit less in hell. Italy. All of the different sections were going to do for six beats in here for six. Pause for six. Exhale for six, Pause for six. Okay, so let's have a try of that. Ready will take an inhale 23456 Close. Exhale because let's see if we can increase the number. Your actions that for this good guys have a try of those little exercises, then take note. When your poison see if there's any bets in your body there. I just describe it. Is that the freaking night they're becoming tightened, getting worried, you know, little point of this posing exercises to remained you that you're in control, So travel is the exercises for four beats for sex beats. If you feel comfortable with it, try it for eight beats and tell me how you get on. 11. Breathing Exercise 5: folks are. So next, read and exercise. Want to try and help you, Assuming that we've got a shoulder is pretty much under control, that they don't move when you're breathing? One thing never but see if we could get the rib cage to be involved. More women breathe unless the problem is that what people think about breathing is open dying using your chest of fill your lungs. I'll think of it is like a sergeant major stance when people off artificially elongate their Spain and they'll end up feeling maybe attention room there. Baqer feel intensive and their shoulders. Second isn't about that. Fox is about maintaining the natural curvature over Spain, going back to where it should be as a nature, and your spenders have a couple of natural curves to it. Ruin to bring them back, work with what we already go. Don't add anything artificial there, so that's the type of breathing thinking up and down with your chest. That's like artificial breathing because it's creating unnecessary tension, and this really inefficient a way to think about when you breathe, think of it is not so much up and down is safe aside, but thinking no vertically when you breathe horizontally, I just great bit. But like if you were in accordion that you'd expanding the sides here. And this is where the ribcage comes in a way to think of that almost like accordion feeling over to see if we can get the rib cage to expand and to move with your breathing. This is something that is notable with that is more like a part of a classical like operatic vocal training. But I think it's really important because using the rib cage can help you to really going to control the movement is the course of muscle and help you fuel more than control. What like you to do is to find your site of your rib cage of the side of your body and put the palm of your hand into the site of your rib cage. Of the lost part of it will be roughly around here, but your hand the palm of your hand over that part of your ribcage under the same one that either other signed but the palm of your hand connected with the bottom part of the side of your rib cage here, so you can a likely you're doing about the power poles. You look a bit like Wonder Woman or something. Well, you got to do with this breathing exercise is so when you take your breath in Teoh do quite slowly on purpose. But to expand the breathing of the ribcage into the palms of your hands as you're taking your breath and it wouldn't be a huge movement, it won't be like Woo really big expansion. Think of it is a very slight movement like this. That's why I think it is good to put your palms of your hands here. Could feel it a little bit better than notice A bit better. So you like you to do this exercise. We take a breath and the leg for a can of four, pause for four and then exhale for four. So a factual Yamagata hands ready either side of my rib cage. I'm going to think horizontally relevant practically when I'm breathing. So here I go, take a breath and for for expanded intimately replication and pause to four X healing this try again to take a breath and for four, 234 expanded interrupt kids, then pause to see for Exhale, then impose weekend before and because star again with the inhale. So if it was, your action step for this one is to try that little breathing exercise. It's similar to the one who had previously, but this time we're trying to think it with the ribcage, expanding slightly from side to side, they. 12. Breathing Numbers Pyramid: Hi. Everyone got slightly different. I knew for you today. So flow is maybe like to see a bit more of my this did you? And so today what will continue what we're doing with our pretty than exercises? It's really important guys that before you start launching into mapping out your voice, give yourself some time. Teoh, think about how you control the exhale. We went through some of the exercises about how to control abuse them from your middle from your course muscle had to activate it. What it feels like when it's being activators. Never been to try and measure of the birth control that comes from that. So with that, I'd like it if I find, you know, the piano app on your phone. I let you just find the middle C and mentioned before, which was C four. That's gonna be our reference note for this one. If I will do that as well. So what we're going to do is just to see how long we can go and saying that I can a sequence of numbers, but doing it a Sfar as we can go in one breath and we'll do it twice so that the 1st 1 we think of just see how far we can go. Think if it is a creating a benchmark, Let's won't like it. But this little exercise everyone is like It's one he can fit around your day. I'm a second teacher. I love music and I love singing. I love helping people, but I'm not the kind of person that can have a long stint in the studio. Like, say, for five overs. I know myself, I get really bored and I would get distracted and stuff for me of of other things. I need to do it in my day, even if it's just like Boehner, things like household chores or something. It is good for me to have a couple of little exercises that configuring the other things that I'm doing. I'll give you an example when I'm back. In my student days, we used to watch lots of soap operas in the evening, but we always can. I did some activities during ad breaks, whether that was going clean about the house going motion, that he's or something. This is going to be something you can do really, if you're waiting on the boss or your commuting to work. Or it's the ad breaks and something your favorite TV shows or anything like that. See for I'm singing the notes as well or to through the sequence of notices. Well, if I just go through a so far as I can do it in one breath and then you can do for me for the first time. Okay, so I'm using my reference. No, see for a year ago. 11 Teoh one Teoh, 31234123451234 at his baby. So this time I like you say, sing along and don't really like most voices. They should be okay, I'll be kind of law for the spinal Voices can end a middle Throat voice is quite comfortable for tenor voices, so shoes. So most people, if not you, can find another. No, that's comfortable for you. Remember the reference those I'll be using the most C four going down Teoh a three in the notes. In between sets be natural, B flat, a flat or sorry, I'm going down to G three. That was what, Mitzi No, a three sort of want to make sure that your shoulders a relaxed thinking about the possession of your body and of your arms. Remember, that's more triangles that we're talking about. M elbows pro native points away from your body. And they were going to use her. Huh? This is a reference notes again. Let's see if you can try on See how far we go with one breath so ready. Here we go. 1121231234123451 to the 45612 nobody before that time. So you may have stopped. Do you before me? You may stop after me, please. By all means. If you able to go a bit further than me, then keep goo in. It's all about finding the benchmark that's comfortable for you. And why don't you find the place where you feel like this is where the natural want to stop ? Look, A. Our tax task for the next one has to be consistency, even get to the next bit on. Let's do a couple of times, and then wouldn't you feel comfortable with that? You might be able to go a little bit further. Generally speaking, if you're taller, if your meal you're probably gonna have an advantage, could have bigger longs in baby with a sink for a lot longer than me. There's a bit find in the, but that's suitable for you. What people usually do when they're eating they don't really think about activates in the course of muscle until it's too late. They'll feel that Gergely feeling is, if you know, tells you that you're almost out of air. What people usually do, then, is like they squeeze the era of themselves like try get lost bits of toothpaste of the trip or something. It squeezes, squeeze, squeeze until your muscles are way too tight and then, you know, is really difficult to recover from that. Once you get that girl really feeling that you're almost out of air, try and breathe is close to that. Time is possible, like language. The muscles remember this plot thing with mentioned Elliot on, and because it's easier to manage breathing, it's easier for you to recover from it. And so what we're trying to do, and that's exercises to activate the course of muscle, just like we've been doing before but relevant, leaving it to the better end until the point mover. Almost that very anyway. Where tryin see use, of course, of muscle as soon as we start singing and it doesn't matter what we're singing, if that's just a warm up or if it's an actual song at anything, are you in exercises that will delete it on anything that were singing? We're trying to bring the course of muscle in earlier, and they're Lear. But we have to be very careful about the balance of the use, and this is where a lot of people fall down and that the bringing the muscles and uses muscles in the middle. But I make them way to tight. We're not poisoned for Mister Universe contest. Here, guys is It's not really, really, really tight muscles. What is Afrikaner? I'd just great Billy for me. It feels almost like if somebody is standing behind you and they went for the arms around your waist and try to give you a really gentle hug, that's what it feels lightly and to me. And so the muscles are being activated that are being used by this value. Ready gently and as soon as we can start using the muscles. Teoh, start breathing exercise. The better it is for us. The pace are what we're doing to Pacer breathing. So they built to last for longer. So second time, return next size. Guys, remember your little benchmark Rate it down where you go to what? Which number? Which part? Or wherever this trend it a second time. So what you're aiming for is just to be consistent to get the same bit. Or you may be able to go a little bit further. And so those two things to consider Before we do this, we bring the course of muscle in but activated as soon as we start singing to be if it feels like you know I mentioned before, but somebody hugging you from behind very gently, but also has a feeling of almost holding back a little bit. And that's because your floor should change is well, this is where another thing that people get to do it too wrong to get the balance wrong. People sometimes think about if they want to control the airflow, you control it almost too much, and that doesn't get sold tight, you know, When you're trying control something, your body gets tense. But that's justice by does not control in the old guys. It's all a big in the balance. In the middle, you have a constant airflow. But both my friend said, I'm hunching. If it was like a little a piece of spaghetti, they just comes out of your mostly unbroken pieces. Forget it just comes out. Call instantly as last night's way to think about it. It's all about how to stay the airflow, but not being too tense. So when we start exercise again, you feel in course of muscle coming in like some of the hugging you from behind sense of holding back. Just let in enough air to come out to make this thing that you want, but no more than that. So let's try and do that again. Regar referenced. Don't remember. See, for this is our first note. I like you to try and do that along with me. So ready for Take your breath in. Here we go. 112123123412345123 or 56! Oh, they quit making that would it? But keep on Pat's and guys use your own way to get a benchmark for yourself, and this is a difficult thing about breath. Control is difficult to measure. Have you're doing. Just keep at it. Any time that you're setting for an ad break, that's a perfect time for you to do this. 13. Vocal Exercise - MMM Slide: no one has ever been trying to know it. Look a superb warmups, but we have to do. First of all, we're going into the different parts worth it. But muffin at our voices to get. And I know for a lot of people the struggle a special weather picketing todo what do you do when you're saying nearly where do your voice sit stuff. So some of these exercises will help us with that and took a batter piano out. We're going to start with the A middle C again on C four. So I let you to do a better do a very gentle slide up the way. And if I said it to you for just so just so you can hear what I'm doing. So the course of this we go from seeing legacy for up to the G above the get go e he the the time of you try We started in the middle. See, it appreciated that It's like people for your voice a little Well, you till it would be a good through. This exercise is all about you Stop. But you want to stop and then I'll kind of give you offered. They said, Their next with you a bit for cool ranges and things, but what we need to do. First of all, it's about play. What we think is what comfortable those are the most comfortable for you to sing. But we have to be specific approval. We would. Guys, it's not just that all of the notes that you can sing is the ones you feel the most comfortable singing. If you feel that you're pushing it, that that's really probably a step beyond so usually if you think of all the notes so you can physically saying you probably want to take the last 434 doze off of the very top on the very bottom because they're not going to be very comfortable is gonna be that you're really appreciate hard to achieve those those so that start in the middle. I'm gonna go up a little bit of time, but to be sure that you feel like you can stop at any time, stop and would you feel that you're pushing up the we don't want your to. You have to always look after her voice. Is it what I don't want you to feel that you have to push your voice up because we go back into the middle and then it will go that way. So even for the lower voices, what, you'll get your turn. So if we start to the middle, this is what I'd like you to do. Okay, to cycle on. First of all, now that everybody just kind of play but signage very quietly. So this is beak Italy. You get a full voice and do a home. This is the thing of it, dude. Holmes's while everyone don't Basha lips together like who dress and very ready lately together. It might be a bit particularly if you're not used to maybe a bit fuzzy, a bit meditating, but it makes a really good reason. And science or your home hasn't. Mm hmm. Very, very late together. So I'm going to show you are like it's dio have a good up quite high there. Bless for further some of the soprano voices. So what I did, if you have a piano up like I said before, good from Middle C, up to the above that but they go up the next key. We go to see Sharp and then to the T shirt is always in the same interval fifth, so they would go up the next one. So that would be de opt in a oversight in between the notes and we just keeping that part. And then we repeated as we grow up the way. So I used to have a trial for this, eh, Bridget Home slated out the way, excited between doors, rooms or image saying on the G, ready to go way, Theo, If you go any higher than that, that's great by the way to go up to how you stay. So let's go back. It's a middle with the same thing, but we're just gonna start to go down the way and make sure my again, we may have to move it. So for this, why they start a little bit higher than before I start or the d A off you see, going up the A. That's about that. That's 1/5 pattern. Good up the way. So, Billy, 70 today Mm. And then within the next one, that should be the seas drop in Asia and then from the CTG. That's a so I see for good up to the A G about that, and then you continue that pattern. So that's what we're started on the. But we're doing the home remembers very lately in your lips, going down the way and just go for a Zola's You feel kind, but don't push it door you to feel that your voices and your boots and your street and and especially if you feel that your head is what it started to try to bed Berglund. This is a little bit. And as we go along in the course, adopted the techniques of Learned. So remember that head position has to be the same. Doesn't matter what's notice that risk again. So let's put that away way I get to a certain point by cut singing he bore her kids is a bit too little for me if your second nobody out there that you're probably about to base it so I would like you to do for the SEC action. Step everyone open. Typical recorded this exercise on an MP three, so let you to add that to your collection. So you've got that exercise this could think of. It is your very first. They get bitten happened at your voice. I want you to take a door of your highest notice. On what? Your Lewis notice. Remember, it's not the extremes of your range in your valley. Highest knowing you're very Lewis. No framed able. Those notes are the ones, the the highest you can physically do the Lord's he can physically do. But then take maybe two or three notes off that if you're high in the highest note, take two or three off. Top the loss of take two or three off the bottom and tell me what you think about what your range is from the year and then we can go into different voice types. 14. Vocal Exercise MMM Slide Piano App Guidance: Hi everyone, this chain here. I wanted to give you an example of this exercise. So you can see when did the apps I recommend, but also just wanted to make sure that you can see exactly what I'm doing. And so for this exercise, I recommend the Center home. But you can also try singing to a kinda whites prescribers. And G can a sound. Thank you, it is silent. G, the sing, or you see at the end of the word Singh. So for example, for this exercise, you can go and if it helps, you can see the word Singh and then lead into it. Or you can harm. The thing is hominem everyone makes sure that you're not squashing ellipse together. When you're harming your ellipse, it actually present very lightly together. And it can take about getting used to be fair and it can feel kind of buzzy and connect, particularly in a bit annoying when you're first doing it. But I'd like to reassure you that it's worth persevering with because hmm, material lumps really lately pressed together as opposed to being squashed together. It makes sure that you're keeping your marathon ideal possession when you sing, even when you're harming some people, they don't even think is harming us thing anyway, totally is. So anything that resected guys, whether that's seen words are singing vegetables or the fur humming, We want to keep the ideal may have possession at all times. Okay. So hominem lightly pressing your lips together, fatty lately is totally worth. It. Can be about meditating, but it's totally worth persevering with. Okay, so this is not mine. Don't wanna recommend. It's the IOS app. Ng is piano infinity. So the reference note I've been going on for a couple of times now is S4. And press the Right now you can hear the notes. Okay? This is where a lot of our exercises will start because it seems to be kinda neutral territory for how your voices on, for lower voices is an overlap there. If you want some more advice because that knows too little for year, then please let me know in the group and I could recommend a starter note for you. Generally speaking, when started and middle C. For this exercise, we're going to go up a fifth up to G4 and then gone back down. And the thing with this exercise folks, to emphasize again that we're sliding between the notes. If I do it very slowly so you can heat it. And that's kinda what we're doing. Maybe slightly speeded up a little touch. We start on that. Damn middle C and reduce that pattern and the pattern stays exactly the same, but the distance between the node stays exactly the same. We just move up a semitone each time. So start with c four up to key for. And by. Then we go up a semitone, C-sharp for up to G sharp four, unbanked down. So let me just show you that pattern during a bit slower so you can heat it. Okay, here we go guys. And we go up to the next one. And then go open us up to him, default up to a four abiding an amino semitone platform by Dan. And you continue with this pattern all the way up to gone up by one semitone at time. So the next one to be the one after that, is seen as Y, F and C. And F sharp, C sharp, D, E flat, E. You might not get up as fathers thought, you just stop whenever you want to stop. And it's important to remember that if you won the stop singing, you stop humming before you feel any strain and your voice. If you feel like, oh, and the next one, I feel like it's going to be with a push for me is going to feel a bit of a strainer bag ever reach. Don't do it. We're all a bit protect and our lovely voices right now. Okay, so that's how we did the first exercise, where we're going up the way and say for instance, you find the highest one that you can do, just as an example, okay? The highest one that you may be able to do is seen by down. So in this exercise, the highest note is. And for work and I are vocally and deletes drawn folks, I'd like you to take a note of the highest note that you can reach. So in this instance it's C5. And thank you. It is the highest note as long as you haven't strained to get to that, then you're fine. Ok. So let's go into the descending exercise, which is the exact same pattern. But we go down a semitone each time. So let's give an example. Let's start off slightly lower. We start with E-flat for going up to B. And then we did that low excise, but then semitone dynasty afterwards dented. And so I'm going to do a bit slower, just we can heat it any here that I'm sliding between the notes. And you can see how the pattern is exactly the same. It just moves down. Okay, here we go, guys. Then semicolon. And then by ten semi-tone, tone, semitone again. And you get the idea folks system, same Pashtun going down a semitone each time. And this is the same thing that you'd be doing in this biogas or you go to unary and you see her little that you can go back and make sure the answer going down anyway, you're not straining your voice. Same thing again, if you get to a point where you think, oh, if I did the next one is going to be a push. Please don't put your voice. And so let's see. You could have, let's say the last exercise, it may be days. It could be that you go down a little bit, then C, B flat, D may have gotten there, you may have got lower. But let's use this as an example. So if this is the last part of the exercise that we did, and the lowest note you have song is done loop B flat three. And so I'd like you to take a note of that focus and that is a Louis notes you've achieved in this exercise and this race. It doesn't script but then some mere m so that we can work out where your vocal range is. Lethal drone. Thanks very much guys. Thank you for your feedback on the course so far that's little. Amendments has been added thanks to some really helpful feedback for some, some peoples that wanted some clarification. Thank you very much folks. I hope that this makes things a bit clearer for you. Please feel free to get in touch if I can help you anymore. Thank you. Bye. 15. Chapter 2 - Advice On Voice Types: folks, we're going to school from her, Action said from the CDs recorded there were going to have a wee chat. But what different voice types? Things like that and I don't like. Sometimes people tell, Tell you what your voice type is. Maybe if your school, if you didn't quiet or something like that something to bid online, does it? Sometimes your voice type can change, especially forget older and that that's happened to me. I don't mind telling, really. Pretty soon I'll be 36 years old, so but my voice is going slightly lure. I was called Qala tatooed, a soprano, which is like pretty high soprano like Second Super High notes lease. I see you know, even higher. And but because of a voice copy but older, it just always happens that when you do get older, your voice tends to drop. You don't necessarily lose range of your voice. It just cannot gravity done last time for me that you think left to right, you know, in terms of piano or wherever, and so that ever more like a quota to limit so so, so, so pretty high, higher than many people and just know a super high used to be, but that should they sure, like this was always a tendency with singers Teoh one. What we don't have a supplied, all quiet like surprise. And when I saying people discover but sometimes is like is never more my body steeper love it or hate it, and they is gacaca agility. I guess you could scrape it. And some people describe is having almost like a metallic can. Equality tour is something like has got uniqueness that cuts through things. So my voice, I guess being quite distinct is maybe not the best for ensemble singing like, say, getting choirs and stuff like that, where the main focus is for the voices to blame together. But if you got something unique about your voice, it just stands our enemy. It doesn't mean that I'm not singing the load volume. Ordinarily, I compare tandem on Els and maybe I am a weird and my voice is partly sponsored. So maybe second quieter than other people, but it still can pick me out for some. For some reason, I don't get it. I don't really understand because I don't hate him a Salvador heater in my one voice. But I just give you an example. The please try not to be too envious of all their people have. I think, for them the whole idea for me. But mapping out your voice is they encourage people to work before the gold. It took me a long time, delayed by reasoning. When I want to learn to saying was that of all the queen of the night? And I was like, super amazing. And if I couldn't sing, that means I was a good singer. Well, if rightly, that I've tried to sink. That was always being just be a stretch too far for me in terms of rain, because it's a and but I've been able to pretty high but no hard. That consistency that guarantees are able to send his highs that all the time. So it was changing my mindset from my or kind of saying that all that means own over over singer. But it doesn't. There's lots of different things. You can say it probably, and earlier pieces like things that handle sit. My boys Onda also composers like Rossini because I've got kind of know them. I've got a little day But voices dropped slightly and means that I could sing a little bit lower than some other sopranos, so that's gonna interest in the brain, didn't and discovering new repertoire because of that. So guys remember Ashley Teoh in your actual step to think about like what ranges that you have in your voice so over its daily to give you an idea. The plan was generally speaking Lee for Middle C to the reference No use problem so that on a piano op, asi for that would be pretty little first panel that maybe one of their Lewis knows that's not the Louis know that they would normally do. The panels can go up to see, like comfortably towards the sea above that, going up towards like pasta like D E. If if g maybe even higher than that last when you get into a bit more specialists like Cola Toda, which is super super high, you know. But to give you an idea, that's where it's a proto voice would normally sit, and there's a lot of overlap with Ciel. The female voices so say finances an altar. I am the skipping. Mitchell's broke it to that in a minute and for cultural voices safer. Does this a middle? C? We go back to that. I don't know the reference not getting C four that would be pretty comfortable for an altar . And because they'll have this lure part of their voice. If you go to the F Balloon Middle C. That would be getting two wars in lower part of a notorious voice, but they'll also be of the same quick done. There's a lot of overlap with little voices being the Louis female voice. Let's say the the higher, like male voices, they'll have a lot of overlap in terms of the range. And then if you go up to the higher notes of an ultra typically Lacey, the we had the see above Middle C So go see foreigners to see higher than that will be. They near the top after in the top often alters range, and it's a minute so sopranos set in the middle. This is something. Remember, guys, the focal range isn't set in stone. Yeah, you get I can a rough guide from in terms of where your voice sets and range. But range isn't the only thing that you should consider. When you're thinking about your voice type, the other things you should consider is the uniqueness of your voice. What what does it do? What does it sound like? The rich and the debt depth of its thorn and things like that on a soprano. So my voice sounds quite light and agile, so heavily, musically see handle stuff with that suits my voice agile and I mean, like, if you did, they see ah, run. Uh ah, Italy's moving around Like anything. I am able to do things relatively quickly. Quiet, light, speedy voices. I guess it would you describe it? But the things that surprise was don't really have and maybe that every but really just over there are colleagues they have. The different vocal range is they don't have the love, the depth of thorn in the richness. The lower voices have em. That's what I think is until I'm a supplied it I've always kinda like. Obviously, the ultras admits this is all. The voices are so gorgeous, the sudden so rich in like the chocolate year, some that I wish I had your voice and become to terrorism. Just appreciate by voice for what it is. You've only got what you've got, isn't it? You know, I so like safer is another flip side. All toes itself will have this list. Lovely depth of tone and richness to their voice. You tend to find that the lower voices, then both male and female voices. So the equivalent of that and a male voice would be the body twin kind of base and stuff that the tend to be not quite as I'd trail. I can't really demonstrate in because when the artist and quite Louison a little bit and as a soprano, Saudi but also silly, I don't have the depth. 20 damaged it. If I may be trying to find our link toe recording oven a little voice, you can hear the difference in tone. My voice is very light. All toes will have a richness, almost can a darkness to their voice. And because it's so, could a rich em the detent and not be able to move around as much lower voices. A tend not to be as I jail, but then it'll Arnold on the other side. I'm sure some all toes are wish to be that they could be a soprano because it may be the first particular songs like they may be better suited to being a soprano voice or something like that. They may want to be able to make their voice a bit more. I jail, you know, And so come to mezzo sopranos. They're kind of the best of both worlds. In a way, mezzo Sopranos would be able to lay fever fare back to the middle. C. Mansell's air usually able to feel like that Middle C is quite comfortable for them, but that it also will be able to sing quite Lou like, Say, Like It Air the G below Middle C. And But they also got above over lock with the spaniels and that they'll be able to sing quite high around a lot of above middle C. Any higher than that against it gets quite tricky depends on the person, whether or not the kissing any higher than that and mezzo sopranos all's often get Lee and put into the soprano category, even though there no, that's because a lot of mezzo sopranos have a very similar really two sopranos. But the differences in the quality of their voice, the uniqueness off their voice. They have a richer depth of Thorn to their voice compared to sopranos, generally speaking, a bit more comfortable, cannot set in a little bit lure than Sopranos normally do in their songs. They also have a slightly lure range in Lord Extension, going from Middle C diane words that most planners don't have and this also think is relevantly mezzo sopranos. Will their voices sidings? Bet Richer is kind of in the middle of Lake Sopranos are light all toes or kind of rich, depth torn mezzo sopranos were kind of mix in the middle of the Imagine like a It's a vital supply. Does havoc in a similar thing with Save Body twins would be the male equivalent for them. M and can meal voices tenors The league Middle C Think of that is Connecticut reference of note for them as well. The Middle C will be Canel Lake in the middle of their voice. Be quite comfortable because it can sing it a problem. Chunk lure lady balloon Middle C. But they also probably be able like people that are quite skilled. Tenors can also sing up Teoh the C above Middle C but But it's ones it about lou it again and that they're noticeable. Their voices will probably start like, roughly speaking a bit if or the G below middle C, and that may be able to go about High River in Middle C. But they'll also be able to sing Lure than a Turner. Let's see, like even around difficult for middle. See the sea below that and then from there, even in the news below, that's a low air for something like that. And but by the twins have a similarity to Metz was in the They don't have the depth of tone say a base would have, but the voice is more agile. The little is a tanner's. They have the agility and likeness to their voice. There's also the same to his sopranos, and the Pretenders will, like, you know, same sopranos be envious of the other voices in other voices because they have this lovely depth of two new later voices don't have. And so what? We're gonna do that as it goes before the your action state for this is maybe they just go right there in a what? You think you're full Corange, Maybe from this from my general advice, if you have any questions or criticize right really related to this particular post, I'm happy for you to say B a d Bill. Or if you want to be saying that record and of your range and things like that and I could give you some guidance on what range type that you are, then next thing is, well asleep, it could have touched to this, like it. But your full court INGE, and have a look at the next little thing was actually gonna be a screen cast offs. Spotify playlists I've made for the most common a vocal ranges. 16. Chapter 2 - Muscle Memory for Your Voice: like I was never gonna go into this like a different section. Looking better. ABC if sick it again, This is a gigabit connection connection of your voice. We're gonna be better than map in it, what we're doing with our alignments and thinking about her body. Then I talked to the course of muscle and things like that. Never. What we're trying to do is build up. It's kinda like a muscle memory for your voice. I say, for instance, is a good example of weaken. Sit at the piano here for a moment. If you've ever be one of these people that try to learn piano A you know, just like when you first learned in the instrument, you have to look a total time like oh, or wherever it is that you're trying to dio it. Always look at what? Your fingers it up Teoh. Mr. Don't know. Feel of the sheet music in front of you here. You don't have to look at your fingers anymore. You can just look from the sheet music to play, and that's that. You can have developed a muscle memory for your for playing the piano because I'm you can make your fingers go to that? No. Are that no ever that you need, but the voice is a little bit more complicated and that we don't have any direct control over a vocal cards. Think of it is Lee. It's more noticeable, actually, in your teenage years when you're going for your adolescence, because your vocal guards know too little Kennelly clumps of skin than that makes and waves . They also late like this, and with the awesomely higher per second than not making a higher note if they do. Also, Lee make sandwiches a Lord eight per second. That's your lure, notes. What happens is that vocal chords can grow at different rates. Sick. You wake up one day ones longer than the alert, or they can mismatch, not quite connect together or something like that. And and it can be a bit difficult, you know, for that kind of thing. The problem is that we don't have any direct control. Control over four chords is not like our fingers where we can make it press, and we have control over their hands and fingers and stuff. So how to be build up a Muslim any? But for your voice. They reportedly to the bed through this wonderful CSIs that don't have to sing words. So this is comes there into no shover. Second shaver Singing is good for you guys. I would totally advocate for that. It will if it helps set you up for the and help you feel happy. You just say you wherever you want in there saying as often as you like, when you're happen to show it. And that's good because you tried to find sons that air helpful for you create lots of vibrations in your cheap ones and you're joining things like so, say, for instance, like what happens if you're trying to build a most memory for your voice? You saying something and it's important to bear in mind doesn't have to be a note to be anything hum. Let's who, whatever. And when you make the sound, you're creating vibrations in your face and be in the top half of your body. Your brain could remembers what it feels like. It doesn't really remember. The North remembers what it feels like through the vibrations of making the note. So the next time that you come along, you want to sing a particular door. Uh, when you first try it, you may do a lot of noodling around to find the note like, uh, and eventually offend it. But the more that you practice, the more the you remember what it feels like to build up a repertoire of Newt's like in your body. So several later you'll get to the point where you don't have to search around as much to find the notes because you're already familiar with that. You build about familiarity to get to a point where you could go on and you can match it straight away because you've built that up the ball off the expedience MPC meeting. So the first thing I always ask people to do, but they're trying Teoh singalong with me with new exercises and stuff. Make sure that we don't singing words for just because words can be a wee bit skating, especially if you're a complete beginner or, you know, you may have had about expediency might be like you've had a nervousness and stuff like that when you've been performing before, so you better be the best put off a bit in there but instituted. But How can I start getting going again? So first, let it get to do because saying Mommy and me and actually a bit of starts like the lower we're going to the A below middle C members see four. So this will be a three we start off with and I remember going to a little pattern. We go up to Bill tones for for the 1st 1 radio holes, skill, intellect, duty me for so long patio forward In a particular pattern, we go for the 1st 3 Cybil like one too many of them into 234 to 412345 Believe more 50 believe not one each time until we get to the top. So But there's a lady saying, Mom, Amy, but we're doing in a particular week really emphasizing the homes. So remember saying about the homeless very lightly on your lips. But I want to really emphasize Ma May mee I think it is doing. Sutherland said something like, You have to taste the door before you left. Let it sit on your lips. I do it, but you'd be a bit meditative. Been posited, a bit annoying, but really helps a build of a muscle memory for your voice. So over the Denver ST for of Thing here. Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Me Mom! Amy! Mom! Amy! Mom! Amy! Mom! Amy, let me go up the next one. So I like to try and do that. 1st 1 the year that you could have seen me doing it, I'd like you to have a trying. So let's try really exaggerate your homes Because Mom, Amy. Mom, Amy! Mom A May Mama, me Mom, maybe. Mom. Amy never go to the next keep. But this time we're gonna try and sing his aides, ZZ Zetter. Absolutely brilliant, because what they do, you know, it was saying about the vocal chords can grow at different rates and they can mismatch and stuff. The full records close completely together when you do is so, it's almost like karaoke. Describe is recalibrating your voice. It's almost like resetting it. And so it's really good because sometimes I have been singing for the whale. Your voice Good vocal chords can be cannily sitting together big can also be can a mismatch in the same time So is good way to Could I help you get started, I would try to really exaggerate is adds to be Z things go Zzz zzz zzz zzz thing That may be a high first silly old tools and things like that. So we go by then to the A but then turned another one and then another ones the revolt in Teoh Luigi that's achievable middle c Remember first reference embassy for this will be G three were starting from the same pattern 1 to 3 to 3523 4/2 3456 I get confused with doing that too much So this time deceived Dio rolled are able to go Runners are brilliant because it helps you relax to draw a little bit later with lots of exercises with our array. Really? So you know have been practices are a little bit side We get up. So we're trying Teoh Guerrieri going up the way. He uh very, very, very, very, very really The person there. So go back to bay If you go by, don't f for reward for the lower voice, is it? And so let's go down the way for this one. So don't know robbery every blessed we started on top will be really, really every thing's value. So let's go talk, Teoh. Very, very fail Big video. Let's try Jodel wood this And don't because we're in case we have a lower voices. I'll get to the point rocket seconds. Much of ICANN bows. Continue playing with me. Oh, wait. Very, really very never going t o that Can you go? Really? Very, very I can't say that, Ludo. So if you guys get that in there than you're probably a, like a little bit sore alto, or like uh, maybe a tighter, But you're more likely to be about it. So what is a kid? So guys say you're actually step for this one is to listen to the recorder that'll touch this. What? Have a little try of Mommy. Me, ZZ RR Airy. 17. Legato Phrases: everyone knows me as Ive never been to try and perhaps a bit more like after we didn't really me, Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me. The sign of like to think it is one big, long e so side, a little more fluid so suddenly. Way more people usually do, and they're trying to practice cattle. Think is being like all of the bills are. Can I go in all together? I always want to do it. Actually, it's like it's freeze, Italy reported, but thank you horizontally. Try to think horizontally over the notes to the old. Join together, and it's a very fluid send. Well, people usually do, and they've been natural that they actually marked the notes too much note sent to separate . And if you were doing it wrong, this me be being your E. It's a couple scoop of ice cream person. Then you're just one big huge. So I officially again and, you know, exercise MP three things you can practice by yourself think of is like taking Horizon's living. You're saying over the whole phrase like here was flying over drink and start to grow its middle. C e way e me, me, me guys practice 18. Vocal exercise - Meee Pentascale: everyone started Endeavor Vocal range is also giving you some suggestions toe stock with, I believe to give you also some warm ups things that help you gently get into want to do so . First of all, I like to sink to me. We're just going up in a five notes. So strangles you start with a C for all Told you maybe start telling us slightly lower notes Missile, supremacist. Well, trying brings me tea. Bad eternity. If your public stop slightly lord again and a bit and jean near the floor find which is the starting pitchers best for you. I'm happy to give you some advice on that. If you're not sure, so taken the middle seat C four to start to Look, we're gonna go all the way up in the park notes that by the way, don't said like me. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me trance little things up between seizure. Me, Me, me, me, Me, Me, Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me 19. Vocal exercise - Zeee Pentascale: the air feels five note ladies, try again But we're doing it slightly definitely adding different things. So this sign instead of me like to sing Z and you aborted by daddy like science because they're really good for your voice. This something that you will see again I remember you might be slightly Lord, if your lower voice on the recordings lto for voices So for this zzz zzz zzz through the season e When you feel a separate your voice without being and hi Plan B natural or the high C which is the sea off the disease of C five. And there were critical parts of kids saying that version of Z this I like to try with the older re. I know that some people find this typical So if you can do rolled are rarer You can also do Bosnia Or you can also Teoh who is a boost Little time about Teoh vv vv way you e me 20. Vocal exercise - Laughing Exercise: this time we've been to general of exercise my side of it a bit silly. And but there is a point Teoh promise. Gonna make an exercise kind of sign. Zip it like often. So you know that the whole song how much does that? You know what we're doing here it goes. Is that maybe that way did that happen? But then what we do is we sing it like a hot like you do that you feel in your middle Really brightness in the wall. Imagine It's like I really, really love Like your sons or something. Oh, are you know, really overly enthusiastic fighting, huh? Point of this exercise is that you don't really worry too much about your notes. You just keep basing here. So especially in because it's there's comfortable for working voices. And they get this older for Hyatt on lower voices. So you actually set for this guy's? It's thinking bird in this life and exercise, just basing here all time. It can be quite a strong movements. You feel you're coming, going in that awful and get used to that field basing here. But remember everyone back, Teoh said previously keeping the shoulders. Relax. Head in the same position. Don't let anything drop her. Become tents, just Benson in your middle. But the rest of your body is relaxed. 21. Vocal exercise - Tongue Twisters: I do notice him looking at some interestings, so whatever this would, they can be tricky for people that would be for started things and open to start it for sure. Yet going into that, you'll see in the stark slightly Lord, so stock on a beef covered that scale from a little bit. So it's quite easy to find a periods in the piano. So we started relative with me. First of all, we launch into tongue twisters like Teoh is was your lips, baby, don't steal way Really be good for happened to relax. You're tall and this is part of the thing. Fixing things like your mechanic lifted on draw attention is an important thing that we need to look at north on how to fix it. So loathe. That's I am listening to some twisters when the ones I I enjoyed quite a lot is lullaby Lonely, If I get is this speaking? Seek feel little Impossible's was Lullaby lonely Coppolella by Lonely Lullaby Lullaby that something has never been to look at as well. Guys, it's really important is that you're talking a lot more when you're singing and keeping your jolly relax and no movie. Much told. Tom can take somewhere and it doesn't want more movement in sight. When you sing, it can feel quite different from when you speak words. When you're going into singing mood, the tongue is a lot more active. So you know this one. It is when it's actually in the town then. But that's one racing merely leading what you're saying. The areas chosen leaders knows what no well comes used to be in Italy and what I like that that's what makes you feel like you're always going back to same place. Me lay earlier. Yeah, so everything. Because I know sometimes people trouble with them pronouncing the Italian it's a little bit relaxing your toward the end of the words me lay li Let it cool. So when you turn these twisters, just take a breath whenever you want. Don't really have to be. We have to people, but more often than I have when I do cordons here, so I go back. That's because we're missing Mama. Papa, just stay looking. So this so yeah, Instead, everyone is listen to the recordings of twisters. I'll have different ones for higher on for your voices