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Shopify Build Store: Create Themes & Market Your Shop

teacher avatar Sergey Kasimov, Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. About this Class

    • 2. Start your Shopify Store

    • 3. Picking Essential Apps

    • 4. Picking a theme

    • 5. Creating your Store

    • 6. Facebook Store with Shopify

    • 7. Starting a business

    • 8. Great Job, work well done

    • 9. Ending

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About This Class

Shopify Build Store: Create Themes & Market Your Shop

This course will teach you step by step how to create your own Shopify Shop business fast, easy and simple. Follow me in this simple and easy course of how to launch your Shopify store fast! This course streamlines the entire process, making it effortless to follow with a step by step guide. 

The hardest part of Shopify is using themes to design and customize your Shop and in this class I will do exactly that show you step by step how to pick the theme, import and customize it to make your shop unique and cool looking.

Start here -> 14 day Shopify Free Trial

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to understand the concepts and be a student in my course! My lecture are simple straight to the point and I explain to you in a way that is easy to learn and best of all no boring slide or cartoons with talking heads in the lectures. 

Even if you are a complete newbie, this course is for you! It will outline, from start to finish pick a profitable niche and even how to market your shop using Social Media and creating your own facebook shop with a facebook page.

As your coach, I will be guiding you step by step in each lecture! It is as if you are sitting right next to me learning with hands-on coaching. I promise you no boring slideshows and only practical knowledge.

Benefits of this course...

  • The focus is entirely on you the student with helping you launch your business fast!

  • Mac or PC? It doesn't matter! Plus, do this anywhere worldwide, no limit!

  • Learn to pick the right Shopify theme for your store and how to customize it!

  • Learn which are the best Shopify Apps to use in order to make the most out of your store!

  • How to build your Shopify store on your facebook page 

I have coached thousands of students and helped them create successful business online. Enroll today and learn from one of the top eCommerce coaches and teachers on the Internet which is myself.

So what are you waiting for? Every second you wait, you are missing out gaining knowledge from this course. Sign up today and make your own successful Shopify drop-shipping business from the comfort of your own home! 

See you on the inside!

Your instructor,


Meet Your Teacher

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Sergey Kasimov

Entrepreneur, Photographer and Teacher


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1. About this Class: Thank you for when going into class, start you on home-based business, on Shopify. Why you should actually start doing Shopify? Shopify is one of the best places for you to start your own business form, though is a few advantages that only Shopify actually offers for you, waltzes as locations. So let's go into it before you get started with this class. First of all, who I am, my name is truly a kiss them up and I've been teaching other people how to make money online. And specifically how to start you on home-based business from home beaches, something that they do since the year 2014, I quit my day job and they started working for myself and being my own boss. And I have been exploring a lot of different locations now probabilities, well, you can do the same. So those are the places where I've been finding some success. And because of that, I've been teaching it for you. So you can see Executive, what I do, you can emulate and do the same exact thing. So why actually shopify is a great place for you to start your own business from home. Because you put a stand-alone website. Unlike eBay, Etsy, or even Amazon FBA, where you compete with thousands of other cells and those ads and those things that distract people from booting and buying the things that you're sewing. With Shopify. You're all on your own, which is the good and the bad thing, that good thing about this, you're heavy on platform. You have a location where they're all going to go to the Business College, you give them all of the ads that you put in, or even if the traffic that you go and create a Facebook ads, those are some ideas. You don't have to use those. And when people go over there, they buy the products from you. In fact, if you want to get started creating your own drop shipping business Shopify is this appeal EOQ model for you to do this. If you have your own products that you want to sell, or even if you have white label or products that you want to sell yourself, regardless of what it is, sulfite is right for you. The only downside you have to pay a monthly fee. The good thing about this is if you click on the link in the class description, you're gonna get 14 days to access and choice Shopify and see if it is right for you. So what this suggests for you to do is to follow this course along. Create your own Shopify store using the free trial membership. And then if it is right for you, launched on Shopify and try it month to month or by the membership. Check it out, Shopify. Let's get started right now, we're learning more about how to create your own business with Shopify today. 2. Start your Shopify Store: I want you to take the challenge of stunning your own shopper for drop shipping and pile. You really have no excuse to get started. You can try Shop of life. We for 14 days, your risk and no credit card required. Why Shopify on Shopify? You can actually drop ship and it really easy for you to register with drop sleeping, you have to be able to sit the items to your client within a given amount of time on eBay or on Amazon F B A. When you're doing it on Shopify, you're playing on your own terms because now it is your own poise. So if it takes you two weeks, three weeks to the level this their client, it makes no difference whatsoever. That's why simplified is a perfect place to get started. So it's type in. Our registration had wets. Next step for us is the boys and get started. And now to start a 14 day free trial, all you have to do is to type in that passport. Next step after you do a step one is to study or 14 day free trial off supper fight. So let's go in that be no password. Remember the passport because that's the same password you'll be using toe go into and you Shopify again. So either down sample, including with your email address as well. Next step for us and this is pretty unique is the store name. You can't change the store name once you do could eat it. This should take the longest possible amount of time because let's say you want to keep the shop of my store. There was no other way for you to get rid off the store name and change it. And it doesn't matter how long you will be actually doing the Sabbath voice. Let's think of something amazing and let's do that so I'll knit. You will be cats. So let's do cats. Four fun. That's gonna be the name Obama Stone. Now, one thing about this and I'm gonna show you this is Let's say you could eight a stone age, and there was already one that exists. It's gonna tell you that it exists and you can actually do so so can't fund land. Nobody actually used that. I tried to be as original as possible and to use the least amount of Calvados as possible as well. After you're done with this or you have to do is to price unclean, eat your store. So it's plugging in. Wants us to see if the past four would make sure you place one save and sit tight. We're almost ready. And here we go. So it's asking us to tell about yourself. It doesn't matter what you say. Hell, but it's still fun, toe. And so? So they don't give you extra services to help you out in case you need Teoh. And if you want extra help, go ahead and sign up for all kinds off different things here because they're going to send you emails Weapon. If you don't want any emails, don't quick any of those here. We have a new settings. Well, how much you want to get started? How much money would make? This is a goal for you going to make a 1,000,000. Put this down like down here. You want to make zero, you're making zero it Now, that's what I'm gonna put right here. Now, what's the difference between them? One way you have to think about this is toe put your goes to the highest possible level. You want to make a 1,000,000 box, you're dreaming about becoming a millionaire. Put down all the way to a 1,000,000. That's gonna be your goal that you set for yourself. So just think about like this. On the other hand, if you place on zero, it probably will send your email is trying to tell you what kind of things you should be selling and so on to grow your business where I was. If you put a 1,000,000 that probably send your different kind of emails Just think about before you decide which one you want to go and put down. Well, for me, I'm gonna be down the rebel that I kind of expecting to make Oh, wanna make So let's do that now. Am I sending on for client? Not so I'm not gonna Preston. Yes, you. It's going next. Next thing you have to do is to fill up the address and are awaiting us for it. And it's also asking us for the business name over it as well. So this is optional. You don't have to fill it up, so if you don't want to, don't do it. And viel ready to get started 3. Picking Essential Apps: Welcome to the Semper Fi app store. The abso itself is the force destination that you should go into when you be actually signed Things on Shopify. So what things should you be actually looking for in the sap? If I abso forcible, go to the place where it's a spice it hell and pressed on free, There was a bunch of different maps that you can download and use and then enhanced ability of you to make money online, one of which is actually kid high recommend for you toe. Actually grab one of those. So when you find an app that you actually like we have to do is person get and look at the price, make sure it is actually free. Some things that you are getting in abso they start out as free. But then, if you want to get some extra subscription or extra features, you have to pay a higher price for them. Now, with supper if I It is required that you have a Mont Amman service in order to use those APS themselves. Another thing about the APP store is that it has a bunch of different categories off products that you can pick for. So if you're working to enhance your ability to market, to sell, use social media for shipping and so on, you definitely have to get some maps. Some APS are more important than as those so, for example, that after September on the tracks the liberally and actually creates the tracking for you , it is required for you to have some kind off ability to do so. So those abs are very important. You can't go without APs and sell things on simplified. So here is a list of all the Arabs that they use myself in her command for you to get as well, including the Force one, which is the better coupon box, which enables me to capture emails from people who just visit my site. Countdown time. Oh, is fellow cool feature where it actually counts down how much money people spend in my store. And if they spent over a certain amount, they get a free shipping. The fourth filter is a great way for me to make sure that anyone who buys things for my shop is a legitimate person, and they're not trying to rip me off. I can reset the photo in order to make it more enhance or less enhanced by Make it too much enhances. Gonna be harder for somebody. Toe make and buy things for May. Next day is the free pop up and battles by picks a pop. That's a great way for me. Toe. Advertise certain things if I want to create their squeeze Page White All My Sump. If I store this is the place that our actually do it. Free Shipping Ball by Hack Stone What it actually is and what it does. It enables me to give free shipping for a certain amount. It's really similar to a previous app that I used as well, and this one is more specific. So if they by over 50 bucks off items over 100 bucks, they get free shipping kit. This one used to be a paid app, available only to premier members who paid more than five bucks a month or something like that. Forward what it actually does. It's art official intelligence. It talks to you on Facebook, and you can run sacrifice ads, marketing campaigns and even postings on your actual Facebook page. Male chimp. This is very required for anyone who wants to do some mass email marketing off Mel Chip. You can go and start your email list. You can capture emails from people who actually go and buy things from your site, and then you can email them campaigns and off male chip. It's gonna organize everything for you when as a hand mail boat. Email marketing is very similar to melt him, but it does a lot off the ground work for you. It really depends which one you like more hope. Well Oh, this one is a very, very cool out, by the way. And this is essential. If you want to do drop shipping, you can import things. They're active from Ali Baba, but using this app itself and they'll be actually going into details how you can use this amazing up in order to start your own drop shipping empire. Next thing is, although 0.0 or tracking and delivery updates by after ship Bubba, those are actual essential. And I don't think you need both of them, but just one or another in order to track and the live early over the items that your son So every time you actually sells something you need to have some app to manage that. So you definitely need that product reviews. This is great because it enables me toe have with views for the islands that I'm actually sorry. So if you go about and enabled the reviews themselves, you have to pay a certain amount full month. Or maybe you can find an app that's actually it for you. And then it can review the products that you're selling in your sacrifice stall and definitely enhance their sales. Because people who have reviews this is what built Amazon Empire. It actually is right now. Product reviews. So it start for you to do the same exact thing. Quick announcement. Bow by Hoechst. Um, this is very similar to a previous one that is also made by Hagstrom. But this one has a small announcement that is all the way on the bottom, and you can write any message you want to your clients. Sales pop by Big Ting This one is kind of great as well. It's also a squeeze speech as well, and singing Ramos is another one of those abs that manages a comma is for you. The last one is visitors by and as eight or something like that. What it actually does. It actually tracks how many people visits your actual stop. And it just says, this is a visitor number 50 and so on. So now that you've seen all of the different APS that I am actually using and how to never get between them, it is now your tone to find APS that are good for you when you're working for APS. One thing that I want you to keep in mind is that they we've used themselves for those APS , including the monthly cost for each and everyone off the APS that you're getting. For example, let's say you want to get this specific output here. First thing I want you to do is to check out the reviews for the app and two with the reviews over here there is only 11 star review and a lot of great reviews for this specific part of their was as a products hell as well. You don't have to just grab one off them just because it's free those other ones that off we as well. One thing I don't command for you to do is to go where it says try one for free and then you have to pay money for them. That's not a great way to do business. Now, one thing that I do want you to do is to go about and compel and contrast the different kind of wraps and find one that's gonna be great for you after you find the app that you actually want Go Indo and get that specific. So here you have it and you're forced. The Simon here is to go and grab a bunch of maps that you can use and if we from your simplify APP store and then proceed to the next election. 4. Picking a theme: So the next step that will be a actually doing is going and picking a team for us to use for our own line store. To do so you have to do is to go. But it says sales channel, person online store once and now we have the corn team that's already in use. This is the one that everybody gets, and this one is not great. It's just a normal team. So you want to go and grab a different kind of team to get started. So to do this, you have to go all the way to the bottom and you can grab any team you want from the three teams that are available. All, of course, you can go to the supper fight team store and select some of the V A P teams and actually use them. That's what they actually did. But suppose go and export a free option because you're just getting started and here are the different teams that we actually are getting here with the three teams, so we have the minimum one. Simple one pop one. It was boundless French ill debate. That's the one we have going on right Now let's keep going. There's not that much selection for us to choose form with the three teams. This one actually looks pretty good a supplier one because we can build us into an e commerce store. Let's say you like the supplier. One we have to do is to quicken it once and then gives you how it actually works. Like he was a preview over it. Prostate was a preview. How it looks like on mobile. One of the great things about Shopify is that every time that you pick looks amazing on mobile. Since a lot of transactions are right now happened on Mobile, You want to make sure your mobile is Justus Good. And with Shopify, it covers it all for you. This one has two different styles for us to pick form. This one is right on Bull. So we tried to bowl one. You can see the boom and looks even better. So we have two different teams that are included. What say that we want to use this or we have to do next is to person in stall supply, and now it's gonna go about and install it for us. So now We have two different teams for us to pick for. You have the debate. That's the one that comes with, and we have a different kind off team right here. That's called supply. Now let's say we want a different team. We don't like those to go back to explore free teams, and I like the minimum one. So it's plus on down. One minimal one is kind of cool being a fully different kind off things wants to pick form . It is vintage music and fashion. Every one of those is totally customize. I'll be sure you wait. Oh, how you can customize every single one of those teams like the fashion one. But you get all those free, different styles as well. But to keep it simple, make sure you press on the one that you actually want, because after that, once you install it, you have to go into the preferences to pick the other styles that are included. That's a little bit more complicated. So pick the one you like the most and then pass on install minimum. So let's do that. So now we have two different teams for us to actually pick form right out. But now I want to show you one other thing that you can actually do here. What say we want to get the one that actually costs money, and why should we actually get that's more expensive. One it is because there was so much better. So I'm going to the Semper Fi store right now, and we're gonna go shopping. We're gonna go finding it, Dean, for us to actually use. So those are their expensive teams. That's how they actually work. Like it wasn't what for us to actually pick form over here. Great was small inventories vouch inventory. So those are for businesses. And if you're gonna be doing a lot of drop shipping, they want that is grateful. Small inventories is gonna look so much better. So I pressed on one of those and he'll a few examples of how they go quick. In fact, some of their Shopify teams are actually flee. So you can go in though, and take a look and see which one is actually we. So we have this one. That's weird right there. And we have another one that isf we as well down when I feel so that's kind of cool so they don't need a store. You can actually buy star for free in the store. So you should definitely export this one. I kind of actually like, Let's say you want that one that costs money. You go in hell, you check it out. And you present view demo after you've you demo. This is how it's kind of gonna look like in your store once you do clean ate it. That's how beautiful it actually is. So you take a look around and you see how it works, like then you decide. Should you actually go and pay the amount of money and by the steam for your store? And here we can go explore what kind of different styles that we can actually use and how it actually looks like with the different styles as well. Those are examples how sophisticated and beautiful it actually would work crack for you. We can look and see how it looks like on mobile as well. That's actually kind of cool. Now, if your story's already set up, you can present preview in your store and see how it's gonna look like with the pilots. You already have now It's time for us to go and check out some of the other things that we have in the team store, and I want to buy one of the free ones right now that is available. So let's go and explore the different teams like hell and find one that's free. Look at this blouse. Old teams. This isn't a snap of my store, and here are the free ones placing on them. We're gonna be so acting, one that looks kind of neat. We already have this one ideal. And let's see if we have a not a cool looking one that reconnecting grab. There's not that many over here that we can actually use. You might as well just grab every single one of them. That is for you. Why not? It is available. You have to pay extra for it. Let's get the jump Start one. So that's the one I want. It is free. You have to pay anything. It's installed esteem as well, and now it's asking us you're about to install that toe my store, or you can go and change it as their primary team for your story. Now I suggest you install it as in a published in Post, and then you can go back and figure out which one you want to install later want. So it's installing the team right now for us. So we have a bunch and the big collection off different teams for us to actually pick form . So let's go to the team manager right now and pick the one that we want to actually use, so we have a bunch of them. Now. We have 12 free for us to pick from, and we can customize each one of them. So let's pick the one we want to use for our stores. So it's pressed on actions and we can publish this one. We can rename it if you want to use her own name or weaken Garrido at City don't want anymore. We can just delete it. Let's go. And actually, probably shit wasn't published. It's gonna go and put this steam as our current one and get rid off the one that we actually used because most people who are newbies are going to just use that debate team, and you don't want that to happen. You don't want to be the same as everyone else when you be unique and you want to be different. So I just did, and I installed this team in here. That's how it's gonna work. Like, this is the bell bones, Rosen. Now what we're gonna be doing next is building our stove from scratch and in graphics, putting taxed, customizing it and making it so fun. So are you ready to start? Really Someone, Shopify. If so, see you in the next video. 5. Creating your Store: in this video, we're going to go into and edit own line stole what I mean by that you're gonna go into the online store itself and they're gonna be customizing it in its teams. So once we downloaded all the different kind of teams for us, it's not time for us to customize and create our own team and make it even better. So let's pick a team that we actually like and we have a bunch of them hell for us to pick form or we have to do next is to person customize. And now what we'll get in here. You're getting a custom team with a custom team itself. What we have to do is ended it and created from scratch. What I mean by this, you get to quit everything from scratch itself. You have to start from zero here, and by zero. What I mean is, you go into it and it looks exactly like this. It looks empty. There was nothing actually here, and because it's empty, you get to populate everything in the store it so it sounds kind of cool, but it's also a lot of work, So let's get started the head of itself is gonna be the force team. You have to so act in here. So the first thing we have to do is select an image that we actually want to actually use. So it's placed on an image that I created Minted Shop. Buy it. Now, that's the one that I'm actually gonna be using and we're gonna be passing on. So act next. Now, after we do this, make show, begin out of here. So we've kept a person save, and now we've been replacing on exit right here. Next thing we're going to be doing, they have this white show. The sideshow is something that just is featured in the forint page. And as you quick on it, it's going to keep on switching. So over here we have to figure out what we want. So forced below Tate, what about eight? They decide themselves. We have five seconds between side 7 10 or 15 years. Changes to 10 seconds. Next thing we want to do here is to change the images around. Suppressant image wasn't select image place on this 11 of my wig was sets with you, and now person select So we got one of them in hell. And next thing we can do is to press on the your wink to this so became president collection and find the direct product that army actually. Sorry. We can just type in what we want. So it's type in the cargo pleasant collection, wiggle customs. And now when somebody presses on it, it goes directed to the Wegel page and they can buy it for me. Same thing over here for the next image will be doing the same exacting hue as well. So you get the hang for that next section, we're gonna get out off this Rachel. It is the featured collection. So he would, as we can feature whatever correction we actually want and how many of those we want as well. He puts on which collection be one, actually feature type in the Lego again, and you're gonna be featuring Lego customs to the 2nd 1 that will be pressing on issues you conceive. You already did one. And the 2nd 1 you're going to be doing is adding the collection with you and porcelain collection. As you can see, we got a bunch of them in here. So we got 1234 and they don't want that many. So it's doing a few of them. He was another one, like there were gonna be deleting net as well. So we have We moved up here, so it's questioned Hell. And over here, we're gonna be actually doing exposing on the correction rectory want and selecting the one we want from a bunch of different choices that we have here. So it's bus on the one that we want to Lucky Charms. That's the one I want. And it just clicked on that so it should world up as well. And so on. You have another one like hell, you couldn't be pressing on a bunch of them find the one we want and they just pressed on it, and it gives me the correction itself to it as well. So now we're down to person, save gonna get out of this, and we have the collection woes like you. So this is the one that has the featured collection and what we can do over here, we can fix it up and feature which ones we actually want to have to collections and to woes in a world upto five of them in a row as well, Which collection that we want to actually feature. I just grabbed one that I wake from my traces and I posted in here. So this is how it's gonna look like so close that comes to this image right here, then goes to the next one and so on, as you can see, then save some of the images down. So what have to do is to go back in here and go to the slideshow. Have one of them that I selected. Two of them are still missing. So it's go and select a different image right here, and we can rearrange them as well. Just grab it and put it down so we can have this one. The Force one that comes up and I'm still missing one more. So let's go and select one more here. I mean, I like this one. Just post on it in person. Select. Now, that's how it's actually gonna look like. And I like this one. A what? So what's me? Move this one all the way to number one, and I will show you it on how you can create your own image that looks exactly like this. It's really kind of cool, by the way. So it's placed on save, and now it's escape this and pretty much real. Most of it done with this we have to do is to go to the food. Oh, in a few details that we want to this get in touch news. Waddle. And there was other settings we can add to this as well, all if they want to get at the content. One of the coolest things about ending content is rich text with person, which Texan que by poison, which taxed we can actually go here and write a message to our clients. Weaken right here. Anything we want to suggest, you use a different kind of for the white, the message and then copy and paste it in. Here you can bold it out and you can add winks. Tow it as well. So their wings themselves. I would suggest cleat a small article about what you're selling at the links to some of the things that you are actually sewing in the store in the which text an example. And here is the wings or this person it and it can go and link it to a product or even a specific page like about us with something. But I do suggest more to link it to a specific product. Then it wasn't safe. Makes you go four and change everything in here is you can see he was an example and get in touch. There's a few things that also need to be edited Hell as well. It's not done yet. So then after you're done saving and everything else, it should work hard battle. So he was how it looks like right now. It's not the way to yet, but it does look a lot better than it used to look before. The featured collection has not been saved yet, So we have to go back over there and see what we can do. Hell and the correction woes, those things need to be added to it as well. Sometimes when you're done with this, we're missing some details here. So the future correction of Hue is, and it doesn't seem like it is working yet, so next thing you're gonna be going is to general setting, you know, setting begin, customize all the bottoms in hell and make sure it is the cold cold. Victory wants to change. The core called you just person it ones pick the call you actually want and present save, and then it automatically saved it. Then we get out of here Topography. This is just to change the font. This is the default one. We can change it to a different one that we actually want and including a different size. Do it including they're heading the one for the heading itself through the droid one. That sounds cool. And we can change all the phones here too. If you don't like the changes, just get out of hell. Don't place on safe the count itself. We can go and change the way it actually looks like. Like page on. This is up to you to decide how you want to make it look like. So there's a lot of us little small changes that weaken dough, and once you're downplaying off it and fixing it up, Dan, are you have to do is placed on safe. Once you're done, we have to do is to go over here and placed on action and then go over the way. Well, it says preview. Then you can see how you walk Actually works like once you put on this. So it should go about and show you everything in here. If you did, person safe. I haven't placed on safe, so it's not showing up. So after you're done, you should be able to see exactly how talks like after you made all the changes that I recommended you to actually do. 6. Facebook Store with Shopify: So what do you have to dio? First of all, you gotta quit your store and that you can start sewing products that you haven't Shopify on the Facebook using a Facebook page. So let's go and get started. It's the first thing you want to actually do is to go about and create your own Facebook page. Now, take a look at all the different Facebook pages that I have created over the years. As you can see, lots off them that I have could eat it and some of them for myself, some of them for other people just like you. Now I'm gonna show you how you can quit your own Facebook page and use it and integrated Web Shopify. So the next thing they're gonna go and do is to could eight a Facebook page person created a Facebook page and we have six different traces. The best one, I think, is either worker business overplays or a bland or product. The problem is with using a local business or places gonna ask me for the physical address , since we are only going to be selling stuff online, so we really don't need that part. So Let's go into what says Bryant or Product says. Choose a category, and this one is not really that important. You can pick anything. You work here, and it's gonna make no difference. Almost what so ever. So let's pick the one that's most resembles the brand and could eat and doggy stylish shop . That's gonna be the name of my shop. Now this is more important because once you create and you put a name here, it is a real pain for you to go about and change it. Most of the time you probably want it's easier just to go and start a new one, so make sure you think about and bland and name that you want to present your business with and posted in here was on yet started. Now it's asking me toe add a Facebook profile picture to my actual Facebook page. To do so, I have to go toe pics obey and so much was something amazing. This is a fully so much engine, and it is without any copy light. The great thing about this is that nobody is going to sue me. Oh, it's going to get me in trouble for using their image. This is awesome. So it's choose one that presents my brand, who this one works. Super cute, where it's big, this one. You can pick whatever you like, but I do suggest you take your time in picking the image that's going to represent your bran. Nothing you have to think about when you're picking the image. Think about how this is going to represent your sales. Is it going to give you more sales? More people are likely to quick on your profile. Is it going to cope with and your brand that is very important so you can use those images off this one. Assuming brother. See, by taking a with a bit more time, I found an even better image for us that when you think that is missing, he'll in picks obey. There was no war go and for goes. We have to go to 50 on the here. We have to type in the logo design, and now we have a bunch of different choices here that we can pick for some of those what goes always cheap as 10 bucks and those all have them here so you can pick one that works best for you and start toe all the one that's gonna be custom made just for your business. Now there's a few things that are very important here. For example, you can take and pick a top weighted posting Who does this. But here's the issue. I gotta pay him. What's the money for the police? Me in once for the basic. It might take a lot. Won't go for you to get it. And sometimes it's not gonna work as good as you want. But, hey, we're just starting out. So basic is gonna be great for you. You can also get somebody who has not designed as many workers themselves. He can probably get you even a better deal. Technically, well, depends like this guy, for example, then designed so many. But look at his whooping price for that premium. We just picked the wrong guy because I pick the correct dude for us to do this. So we have to go for another world. Go and this looks good. I would design a logo within 48 hours. The prices on your 10 the premium is expensive, but let's take a look at the world goes, Maybe we find something that we like. You know, I like this one. So next if you like the one that he's doing for you, you go to the basic one. And before you go and proceed, make sure you go and ask him a question by some. Contact me. Find out what is included and get a few World goes for your company. Now let's go back to the Facebook page and add the image that we actually wanted. So upload a photo. We wanted this one. So it's ended in here. That's gonna be the Facebook page. Next, it's gonna be the couple. So that's the big image to get the big image. You're going back right here, and we're going to be finding a better image for us to use. So let's see one that's gonna get us some attention, who this is. OK, but that's not great. You want a great image stuff for Poppy's. That's gonna be actual name of this, though. Not really name, but what? I was shocked well up with sense. There's not much you going here that are wakes. It's person. Next speech was 12 pages to go. You can go for this for a very, very long time. Do you find something? You awake? I think something funny or cute is gonna do it. Bring on the beach. That looks good. Him swimming. That actually, is what I like now. Why did they pick this one? This one looks interesting. You want to get something that draws attention and be careful here. There was the sponsor. Those images, those are not free. If you person them, it goes to the paid side where you have to pay actual money to get the license for this image itself. And that's not the wolf it for me, but maybe for you. It is so hell, you have to quit your account. We just we And it doesn't say how much you have to pay for this side them, but it's probably gonna be really steep. Now, let's go back to our Facebook page, upload the Kabul image that we just got. Here we go, the doggy swimming. And now this is how it's gonna actually look like. And the first thing it's asking us to do here is to publish our first post. So let's go and do that. Come toe something like that. President publish and we go. We have the force post up. Now when you have to force post up, you can go put it hell and then this all the way to the top. So it's always showing up and the fourth speech and all the way in the top itself. Now there's a few things we can do here, one of which it's asking us to do, is to tone on reviews. So let's go and do that about visitors to review this page, yes, and save changes since their way the hell let's go and present. And it, Paige. And over hell, we have the template forward. It was standard, but we can change it and change it to a different kind of templates. That is the business temperate. Let's go and use down one apart template and place in. Okay, next thing we have the different menus inside here. We have to go in ad and your tab, which is gonna be a shop tab. You see that? It's a shop and the tab right now wasn't okay. Go and move it all the way to the top. Movie reviews to the top and that's it. So well done with that in that automatically saves it for you. There's other things you can do here as well. You can go and instagram to this. You can go and do some extra things. He'll also such as messaging gives your extra settings. Hell, if you want to do this such as the response assistant, That is awesome. What stone this on. So yes, And it's going to respond immediately with already a message that was written, though if you don't like the message, go over here person change and type in a different kind of message right here. You can really post denies this and you can even put an email and to ask right here that they can go in contact You just in keys. The next thing that you back to be doing after we done this boat, we're gonna go, go It says, And the Barton like hell. And now what we want people to do is to make approaches. So one thing we can do here is press on book services. All we can do is make a purchase or donation. I want make approach is what sets up now and over here we can link this delecti toe all simplify store, so it's type it in. So at the bottom idol. And now we have updated this speech to say shop. Now that is great. So this works and what mobile fractional than it used to before. Now there's a few things that we can do here as well. Pedro's that's going to this begin a sign and a demand to go and edit this speech with ourselves as well. So if you have a partner, this is the way you go about this. So type in their name. Put it in here if you're going to be adding them as and with Taizo was wasn't end to use the password like here in presence. Admit this person is going to be in charge of this page along with me. So now that we did this, the next thing it's asking us to dough is toe add assault description. So it's present hell and put it in stylish dog shock. So here is what I actually did here I won't in exact sentences gonna totally describe what I'm selling here. Stylish talks up by awesome things for your favorite full wig it for end. Oh, maybe friends, maybe are more than one dog. So friends impress. Um, Say what? Here. So I did the description. Next, it's asking to quit a user name for your page next night. That's gonna be They use the name for this and cleat using it, I doubt. And there we go. When you did this, it automatically creates a shortcut for this page. And you can use something super small for people to visit it. This is our soem Now, next thing you can do is invite a bunch of your Florence to go about and check out with your son bought. It is not time yet for you to do so. You wanna have a 3000 people to like the speech part before you go about and get those 1000 people in here? You wanna have everything for sale posted on this? Now you can go and promote this also using Facebook ads, but it's not yet ready for that step as well. So let's go in person shop right here. So it's asking us to agree to the terms off. So this Oh, yes, I do agree. So person continue Now we can go and do check out the worked on Facebook or check out on another side such as shoppers. Why, that's right. On one. People toe buy stuff from simplify itself, and it is way most secure. Then just using it on Facebook now present. Continue us doors will be the currency and person save. Next thing I'm gonna be doing hell is posting the things that I want to sell. And it is super easy and simple for you to do this we have to do is person and products. And now here Is that our something about this? The most awesome thing is that not only you can add images. You can also add a video. Tell how awesome, despite of actually, is now you can't do this annual else. So this is one of the reasons you should definitely put a lot of extra effort in creating your own amazing Facebook page. So let's go into one of the things that I'm selling here is the product itself. I'm gonna be saving the image right here is not the one I doubt. I'm just gonna be picking a few of those saving it as well Now what I'm gonna be doing is going back in hell and feeling this holding up. So it's at the videos. Selected images like Hell, don't we go? I don't number one Image is selected. Use photo it. Heal him another image that we can use Hell as well. So let's go back. The second image would heal, and you can add a lot of images in here if you wake. In fact, what's your other 20 of them? But you don't want to put too much in here because maybe you want to direct them to the sacrificed. Or maybe that is what you want to do instead. So think about voice before you put a lot of images in hell, if it's not really necessary for you to do this in the first place. So let's go back in hell. And now, since we're selling one of those items in here, but I'm not gonna go and add that you can select four different ones when you can select only one in this West Thing. So let's go and one of them in Hill. And here is the price off the product that they're buying the prices. 12 way 98. But you're going to go and put this product on sale so forcible, we're gonna hike the price up. Whether bet Then say this place off. The pilot is on sale. So have the bite on Facebook. It's gonna be 23 bucks. Why is that? When? If we it has to be the same price is over. He'll because they're gonna go here anyways to check out what's going. Put that in. Description off the product. Go back in hell and just copy and paste. Since you already could eat it, hopefully all the description gonna go and copy and paste it in here just like that. Now, next thing is check out your well Jaka tol copy and be straight here. Now One thing I want you to know is that you can do this and it doesn't have to be just on Shopify. When you're selling on Facebook, you can go and sell this in annual directory. Awake. So this shop could be a motor level shop. It could be selling. Things won't Shopify. It could be selling things on eBay. It could selling things on etc. All combined in one location. So that is great news for you in creating the shop. You're actually directing people to more than one place at the same exact time. And next thing is, show this product on your page and it's gonna be public. Now, we're gonna be pressing on safe, so there will be go. We have clean ate it are forced. Product will sail. You're gonna be adding another one up. Now, I'm gonna be ending this one for my Etsy shop to Let's go into and see itself. Me picking this part of it here, pressing on down one. So let's go about and pick the ones we want to use. Same image as like hell one. Number two come off. We number four. You can just grab, Have we single one of them if you want, But I want to grab the best working ones from copying the description going back to the shop. It was the name. Now you don't have one as long as the one that stays on at sea. So don't knows. Magnets go. I'm gonna be ending. That might kill. So like the file. You know the images and you can have a lot of images using Facebook. That's the cool thing about this here. I just got the long image on Check it. We don't use the photos actually want. And over here, you can go and add it. The photo. So it's safe. For example, one of their pictures we have here, this one we're gonna be editing at on awake how it works. I'm gonna look, if I can make it work even better by changing some of those things in here. So work this desolate battle than the original. Georgina was dark. Now it's so much vital. Next thing we can go, we can corrupt this. We can make it small if you want to be the one to do that. Have we have a stick or Hugh to work out of? Stick owes, Okay. In love. Oh, yeah, of course. Doggy putting this All right. You I don't know. I like the way you know, Maybe we should have this, so just save it like that, Okay? I did this. And it looks so much better now. No, the poise. So let's go back to our edgy shop. It starts at 15. 98. So it's going to put this in also Since it's gonna be on sale, we have to mark the price of a little bit higher. So the manufacturer's suggested wise for me, it's gonna be 21 in 88. But since this product is on sale, weapon ago can put 15 98 right here. Next thing we will be doing is ending the description off this product. So let's go in here. But it says the details were gonna be camping. Almost the entire description in here is going copy. I want the rest of it, which is Instagrammed with Facebook and all those other awesome handles that's going to get people to our shop. So let's put this in. No, we go, we have everything else in hell. But now we have to make sure the Description ISCO act, and we're just selling one product over here. Now we're gonna go back and get the entire twisting domain out of it. We're gonna be copying that and placing on base late here. Now we got over out, I'm gonna go and put on save. And now we have a second pilot that's going to get the wife and show up right here before that, You probably seem there was a few lag in few moments off real excitement here. Well, nothing was showing up, and I thought, Oh, what happened? Do I have to start again? We'll know you didn't or I have to do is the first page. And here it is. It is processing like now. So what we're gonna be doing is adding a bunch of cool products to the shop and getting a lot of them in here. Now, here is another cool thing you can do here is to organize it by corrections. Let's go person by correction and add a new collection. This collection is gonna be called dog Merrick Nets and press on and product when he'll dog magnets and person ad. So it is gonna be organized now by the different kind off corrections in here, the featured products and the dog magnets. Also, we can get other dog featured stuff in this speech as well. So that's the things that you can do here. This is really, really cool things that you can do with Facebook Now we're not even done yet. We're just getting started with the publicity with Facebook. So what should you do next. Well, you gotta get a bunch of dog wobbles toe. Go and check out this speech. So to do this, we just have to type in dog in so much and press on groups. So what we want to do here is at a bunch off groups that have something to do with dogs. Now, if you're selling something else Brokenness. Wow, Look at this group. 459 1000 people joined this group. Unfortunately, it doesn't let you advertise in it, which is not cool, because that's what I really wanted to do. But there's always a ways to sneak around this. Look at the publicity will come. Many people are gonna be stopped talking to you if you start posting. So it's has just dog pictures. Well, now that's not gonna work what I wanted. So this group is not the white for me. That means I have to go and find a group that's right for me and join it. There's a lot of different groups here that I conjoined here, and it will let me advertise in them now one thing before you go enjoy one of those groups such as I joined right here. Check out how many people are members of it? This one has 13,000 people. That's a lot of people still, and we can go and put a post it here. You see? One pending approval. Well, sounds groups, they go and decide if the item is right for you others. Don't you want to find ghost in which you have instant approval? In fact, he was moguls that they were commended by that men. But those groups are quiets most. I'm not gonna actually use them. What you can do here is very simple. You can go and white opposed In some of those groups, you can ask them kind of different questions. You can post a photo, you can engage with the group itself, get them interested and eventually get them going to your Facebook page. In fact, one thing I totally suggest for you to do so is asked them to like your Facebook page and get his menu X as you can. Eventually, when you get over, 1000 likes it is time for you to go and grab a bunch of your friends to check out this page all. Of course, if you're not Del. Yet you want your friends to help you out and link this page up, get your friends to go about and say that they like this page itself so you can definitely do that as well. So there we have it. We totally finish creating this awesome page. And now it's time for us to go and boost it. That's right. Boost the page. And if I boosted its gonna reach upto hunt. So there we have it. I finally finished this awesome page, and now it's time for us to build this into a brand new, awesome new business. And to get started, all I have to do is to person boost post. It's gonna reach upto 660 new people for money free box. That is super cheap. So I'm pressing on Boost posted here. So there we have it. I've totally finished this page and this is how it's gonna work like on Facebook. If I do decide to boost this post so people can go in person like the page that can comment in it, they can go and type in something or they can go and shop and buy something that is awesome . in my page itself. The easiest thing for them to do here is to go about and start buying things in here and before we can go and start getting people to buy stuff. We got to get some publicity using Facebook ads. That is the quickest and fastest way to get really cheap publicity. So let's press on boost post right here. And it's only gonna cost us free box to get this featured for over 660 people. This is just for one day. Imagine how many we can get for what, more than one day itself, the minimum budget for one day is a buck. The budget itself has to be around seven doors for us to be able to pick up this ad. Now, the spending limit is goal than the budget. For this promotion, we have to increase the limit by 10 box. But look at this and increase the budget. It went even higher. 2400 people for 14 days. You have to increase the project once again, and we're going to choose our own night. Hell, we're gonna be putting into his 50 bucks in hell 12,000 people. So Definitely. The more people that you're going to be showing this toe, the more likely you're gonna get a lot more responses. Eight million people that are interested in dog and dog aerated kind off. Stop here. 7. Starting a business: hello and welcome. And you're probably one doing if you're starting a business, should you actually start an l l C. And is it required, Especially if you're gonna be to doing online to doing, imposing, getting students, and so on forcible? Their real reason you should get an L. L. C. Is simply to protect yourself from getting sued in the United States. If somebody sues you, there was your company. You can declare bankruptcy off the actual company entity and all the assets off this company is going to go all the way to zero, and you can start a brand new loc, which is kind of to say that it's a great way for you to limit your liability toe almost nothing. So if you always take out the money from your company and you always just put it aside away from the business company, you're pretty much safe. You're not gonna lose much if somebody does decide to sue you for a lot of money. That said, this is not for everyone. And if you're gonna be doing to doing consulting and studying something this small most of the time, it is not very required, so with L L C. Why should you actually do it? There was less regulation. You can pass the taxation right into it. It is and your own business. You own management, you can go ahead and you can file things as expenses. Also posting that asset protection. And it is a separate entity from your own entity or money management and so on. So this is grateful people who want to start doing business. You can start your own bank account. That's gonna be L. L. C. In a separate bank, all you can do it in the same exact being. Just open up a different kind of a business account. So those are a few things for you to keep in mind. You can also open your credit card under loc as well. Before you get, start with Elsie. You can also do something else. You can start a db a. So it's good Simple D B A. Which stands for doing business as and this is the easiest and fastest thing for you to actually dough over db A. You're just stunning your own business under your own name or under an assumed name on all you have to do is just to file this in. And the cheapest way for you to go is United States. Just go to your workers state to the country and just fire within for 25 bucks. I think it's a little bit more expensive. Wait now, but this is the easiest and fastest way to get started doing business. And what we see is just more complicated because you have to submit special recommendation . You have to put two different newspapers and put the ad in the O that you actually have and never will see. And I did this myself, and one of them, actually unfortunately went out of business just as I did it. So I had to find and different one to put the end as well. So this is it. This what you have to do? And there is many different companies you can get started. And I used legalzoom for all this stuff. It is the cheapest and one of the fastest Wait for you to get all your Rego needs. So we go zoom that come. This is the site you should actually go into. And over here you can start doing business very fast and you can decide which kind of business you want to start stunning with the sole proprietor tell and going all the way to ever see cooperation on profit and so on the one of the command. If you're just going to start with to doing this one and you can do down 10 you can do it d be a So those are the ones that have the least amount of paperwork for you to get. Start the easiest and the simplest way for you to get started with could eating your own business And it is grateful for your tax purposes. It is great to keep your finances separate and also you have the legal protection just in case somebody goes about and tries to sue you for anything. So I do recommend for you. If you're gonna go into this and you're going to be doing a lot off different kind off things and you want to go right away to the professional level, I will see is the way to go. And over here you have toe, find your name, and you can just type it in here and see if it is available in your area. Packages start as low as 80 bucks pass filing fees, and it takes around 5 to 10 minutes to complete. For most people, if you're just getting started doing business, as is what you should be doing this one over here with we go zoom, it's gonna cost you actually more money to get started. But keep in mind that loc to do every night you have to do is gonna cost you. Sometimes in the neighborhood of 500 person box, with all the expenses, fees and everything else comes together, D B is the cheapest one. And if you're doing it on the line with the convenience and simple as that, it actually starts at 99 bucks. But you can go to your local state county and you don't have to do it online, and I'm so it is gonna be so much cheaper 8. Great Job, work well done : Thank you so much for taking this course. It took me a few months to actually create this class. Since you're taking this course, I want your feedback. I need to live use for me. I need to know what you think off this class. How well it was. How much did it help you and what you think in general, about this class and about my teaching method? If you like, this goes make sure to what others didn't know what you think of this class itself by writing your own honestly view. So let me know everything that you think this class is all about with that said thank you and see you on the inside, But 9. Ending: Thank you so much We're in the growing and finishing this awesome class. Hopefully you learned something new and you're excited and pumped about cleaning on business while your journey has just started, but your job has not yet ended. What you have to do now is not only to click the thumbs up button, you also have to, or you don't have to. But it is a cool thing for you to do is to review how these glass helped you out because it helps me as well. Now if you did enjoy this class, check out my other courses on Skillshare. They'll really helpful, easy to well, and step-by-step guide how to start your own business online, all cooking or other awesome things that are teaching such as photography, checkout, master classes. And if you're not a bulimia member yet, make sure you ablate. It is really evolve at four, you get x is now And you to this course, you get access to everything that skew. So actually offers you.