Share Your Story: Shooting An Epic 'About' Video On Your Phone | Linda & David | Skillshare

Share Your Story: Shooting An Epic 'About' Video On Your Phone staff pick badge

Linda & David, A couple of creative folks

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15 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project Showcase

    • 3. Presenting Yourself

    • 4. Turning Your Story into a Script

    • 5. Recording Your Narrative

    • 6. How to Record & Trim

    • 7. Exploring Footage Ideas

    • 8. Composing and Planning Your Scene

    • 9. Mobile Video Gear

    • 10. Setting Up Your Filming App

    • 11. Shooting Your Footage Effortlessly

    • 12. Finding a Soundtrack

    • 13. Editing & Exporting Process

    • 14. Where to Use Your Video

    • 15. Now Go Make Some Magic!

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About This Class

Bios, about sections, and selfies get the most attention for a reason - it’s because your audience WANTS to know more about you! Sharing about yourself is such an important part of creating a connection with the people who support your creative journey - and that truly applies to everyone, no matter what you do or what your business is about. But wait: there’s something that’s even better - having an “about” video! Videos are the kind of content that gets the most attention online, so why not create one for yourself? 

Join creative couple Linda & David (Kinlake) as they demonstrate a super fun process of how you can create a beautiful video that will hook your audience and truly tell your story in a compelling way. The best part? No tricky equipment needed! All you’ll need is your phone to get it done - from start to finish.

In this course, David and Linda will take you through a complete step by step process of how you can write and compose your story in words and images, give you guidance on how you can capture the best kind of footage to represent your personality and process and of course, how you can put it all together to create a beautiful video that will represent you in your authenticity. 

  • Creating a narrative and knowing what you want to share about yourself (worksheets included!)
  • Turning your story into a short but intentional script worth recording
  • How to plan & capture beautiful footage of your personality, space and process
  • Composition tips so that you can shoot awesome videos regardless of your experience
  • Optional but fun mobile video gear suggestions for you to try out 
  • Tips and suggestions on where you can find the best soundtrack for your video
  • A full and complete step by step process of taking all your content, editing it and turning it into a beautiful video.
  • Useful intros and showcases of mobile capturing, recording + editing apps to streamline your process
  • How you can use your “about” video to enhance your online presence, pitch ideas and get noticed as a creative.

This course will be a fun project and experiment for any creative soul or small business owner who would like to find a truly engaging way to tell their story. With the whole process being on a phone from start to finish, anybody can give it a try and create some amazing content. There is something to learn in this course for every creative entrepreneur, whether beginner or advanced.