Sell your products using great photos by making your own easy & inexpensive backdrops. | Selina Hudson | Skillshare

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Sell your products using great photos by making your own easy & inexpensive backdrops.

teacher avatar Selina Hudson, Hudson's Holidays Designs

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Teaser class

    • 2. Intro to the class

    • 3. Making Backdrops

    • 4. Smart Phone Tips

    • 5. Photographing small items

    • 6. Photographing Larger items

    • 7. Using props for your photography

    • 8. Editing photos in free Pixrl X

    • 9. Summary of the class

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About This Class

Great Photos are key to selling your products.

Have you ever taken a bad shot of your products and it doesn't sell? Getting a great photo can be very difficult. Its so frustrating and wastes time.

Do you want to keep the cost down in your business and sell much more?

In this class you will learn:

  • How to make lovely backgrounds using inexpensive supplies.
  • I explain tips on photography just using your smart phone.
  • You will learn about props and how they help sell your items.
  • I will be explaining how to use a free editing photography program called Pixrl X.4e5b5ec14f76f2702cf8d7b183746278


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Selina Hudson

Hudson's Holidays Designs


I’m Selina from Selina Hudson Designs.  The details of fabric have always interested me.  Growing up in a very creative home, I learned from a young age the importance of designs, colors and the application of fabric in our lives. My designs are magical, romantic and are often cute...a dreamy world of carefree days. The love of photography and my experience in it has been instrumental in my surface pattern designing.  As a designer, I have also created a unique line of wooden pendants in many different sizes and shapes with instructions and patterns included.  They are sold worldwide in my shop and through Checker distributors, Brewer Distributors, Nancy Notion Distributors, Schenck Distributors.  


I work with my mom all the ti... See full profile

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1. Teaser class: and this classy will be learning how to make many different backdrops for a very inexpensive. Then I'll be showing you how to use your smartphone as a camera to take photos. Then I will be showing you on the program how to edit all your photos and finally then showing your final product. 2. Intro to the class: Hi, everyone. I'm Selena Hudson of Selena Hudson Designs, and I'm going to teach you how to make amazing backdrops for great photos of your products . And then I'm going to tell you a little bit of something about myself. I design in laser cut wood and Gortari blanks for jewelry, ornaments, needle minders and more. I started my business in high school. I learned so much from my woodshop teacher that hot is a laser cutting machine and I had some great ideas and they worked out great. So I decided to buy my own lease or cutting machine, and my business took off. I have a great website, a great Etsy shop, and I have four distributors that sell my products all around the world to quote shops. But nothing would have sold if I didn't have great photos. The photos sells the product in this class here, learned how to make amazing backdrops to sell your products, Then how to teen great photos for your smartphone camera master of free and easy photo editing program. And then finally, the end result will be several backdrops that make your photos look professional 3. Making Backdrops: you will need three foam boards of 20 by 30. You'll get need to get the wood, marble, then flower wallpaper and then finally a gray wallpaper. But these air all contact paper, and then you'll finally need scissors for this. Here I am on Amazon. I'm showing you that you can just type in contact paper and there's many different ones you can choose from. Like here's my murderball. Here's a different kind of wood that I don't have that you can buy many different ones like this. One's pretty que for a backdrop. This one would be cute to. So on Amazon, they got tons of different ones that you can order to make many different backgrounds in backdrop. See, No, they're the same. Like, of course, there is expensive Huns like this one is expensive, but that's, you know, it might be completely worth it to you, but a lot of these air pretty much, you know, from like $5 to maybe, like, $12 at the most, depending on which ones you're getting. Of course, you know the more detailed ones that you're wanting, they're going to cost more. But like this one's really cute like I love this one. It kind of gives the whole vintage look like this would be a cute background, especially if you hod, uh, save you were selling vintage stuff on eBay. This would be super Q with it, but yeah, there's just many different ones that you can choose from to make many, many backdrop. So I encourage you to definitely here and there by some of these because, of course, he only use a tiny bit of it to like. You will have a ton of this contact paper and maybe you can get your friends to join you. You, you and your friends can make some of these backgrounds and backdrops and make you know you guys could decide, Like, say, like, buying this rock background. You could just be like, OK, like all by this. And you buy like a wood one, and then you guys switch off with the contact paper and then you'll both have it. I got would be a good idea to do, so you can check here on Amazon, and then I'm gonna give a bulletin for you in a second. So I have figured out that a lot of the supplies that you can get the foam board and some of the contact paper that I have. You can goto Walmart. You can go to Michaels, Joann's hobby lobby Target and then Amazon so you can go to any of those places and they'll have all of that for you and, of course, and each place to they might have some different contact paper of like, you know, there might be some other different brands that they have or some different styles. I encourage you to make tons of these because they're just a great way to, you know, have many of them. I mean the, you know, and for so inexpensive. 4. Smart Phone Tips: here is the set up that I have. There is the window. Here's the background. I used books to hold the background, and I'm showing you just around the whole set up that I have. Then here is me showing some tips with my phone. You just push the screen to sharpen to the area that you want and then take the photo. I do tons of different angles for the photo taking, like right here. Now I have the side of taking photos. Thing here is me going on another part of the set of with taking photos. It's good to go in different sides to get all the best sides for your product. Then Now I am showing you two in photos of my necklace with the background in different angles. This is what you're finished. Photos will look like with the background right here. I'm showing you on Amazon. He just type in photography lighting, and there is tons of different options that you can choose from. That is only 40 bucks and you get one photography lighting. And this is great for at some point to invest in because sometimes it's hard toe. Always count on the natural lighting, so it's good at some point to invest in one of these 5. Photographing small items: hi, everyone. Now I am here to show you the differences from these photos on the left. This is would be the photos I have seen on etc. It's an OK photo, don't you know? It's It's, you know, decent enough for now. But then on the right is what you would be having of a photo with my class showing how you'd be using the background and using your phone correctly with taking photos. But I'm just here to explain how the left like what I said. It's good. It's good that you're, you know, I'm not trying to offend anyone. It's a good photo for starting. But the problem with the left is the number one thing I have noticed with people that have taken photos like on the left. They always use the flash. Don't over use the flash on your camera or phone. To be honest, I don't even know why that's still an option on our cameras and phones, because I never use it. You don't need to use it, so I don't know why it's still around. But a lot of people have the tendency of using the flash. It's just not good for photo taking. You do a weird shine, which you see not my table, but where I took the photo is doing a crazy shiny nous to it and then a roll around. It just is very dark, because even with having a little bit of natural lighting right there and then having the flash, the flash has a tendency of making not one Pacific area super bright and shiny. But then it somehow darkens everything else I have noticed many of times, so the left, like what he said, is a good photo of starting. But it's also the next thing is, it's not very attractive looking. It sounds funny, but your eyes do have the tendency of looking when you're looking at products or something . You know, it's sad to be the truthful on this, but on the left, it's just you see it and you're like, Oh, it's cute, but you're not attracted to as much on the right side when you look on the right side. There is so much contrast and different, you know, deaths of, you know, shadow even and different color going on where it's just way more attractive to the eye is on the right side. Like if I'm trying to sell this product on my Etsy shop, the left is OK, but people would look away from that. They would see it and then just be like all that's Q and then continue on while on the right they would see that be like, Oh, that's really Q And then they would want to buy it. So sometimes you just have Teoh. Also, ask your own self. Does the left look good to you? Compared to the right side, most people like the right side of how it looks, then added with I'm showing you this to the also. Having some props in your photo taking is even another like game changer to your products of showing that with me having this would heart shape, which I'm not kidding. A lot of my props that I have found have been all of 30 stores or things like that. And, um so you can just go like thirst shopping at some point or go to hobby lobby anything like that. And usually there's props things like this, where it makes your product even look better. Like this one is, of course, my favorite photo out of the three because I love the look to it of my cute necklace being on top of a wood heart. This is just even more attractive to the eye than even the other two. So, basically, I'm just trying to show you some examples of how different from the 1st 1 which was on the left, how it just wasn't that attractive. The right was way more attractive. And then this 3rd 1 is now really attractive for the eye to be looking at. So when people are going by my Etsy shop and they see this, they're gonna be extremely loving it and thinking it's pretty and wanting to buy it. So now I am going to be showing you another example of my stuff. 6. Photographing Larger items: hi again. Here is another example that I am showing you guys of this is a great way to show for, like if you're trying to sell something on eBay. This is just cute discord that I have in my Easter stuff right now. And I wanted to show you how on the left side, which is another thing that I have seen a lot of people do is they use that dirt ID flush on their camera or phone, and with the background, it's just on a shelf. And, uh, it's just not that great looking, you know, and it's super shiny. So it's like all you're focusing on is all where the flash basically made everything shiny on the product and then just the background is very boring. Let's a minute. It's just not that super attractive looking to look at. Compared to the right side. Now, the right side is the background that I showed you guys to make and how to use your natural lighting and with taking photos with your phone. And that's where it looks like without even any editing to it. That's just shows how different both of those have, you know, became and, uh, I'm just trying to show you how again. The left side's just not is attractive to the eye compared to on the right side is more attractive. And if you were trying to sell these, like on eBay, I mean, a lot of people on left would just think, Well, it looks cute, but it's a little hard to see everything because of all the shine happening while on the right side, it's like, Okay, it's just natural lighting. You can seal the details to everything of the bunnies so and then added with I'm here to show you two again of where props help extremely. And this is again where a lot of this stuff I have gotten from, like hobby Lobby Joann's even third store stuff. Um, a lot of just, you know, here and there have just found stuff. And this is again of where I'm showing you props make products look really great. And this is just another example of like, you know, Oh, you have to do is get some cute little Easter eggs and you know, some nature stuff to be on the sides, and it just shows how extremely different just from the one that was on the right side that I just showed you where it was just the background with its natural lighting. Now this is just showing where it's like, I have props with it, and this is again where it's like it's not even where it's been edited or anything. This is just what ended up when I took the photo. So now, since you have guys now have learned how to make your products look really great and attractive to a person's eye to want to buy stuff from you, the whole thing. Now I am going to be showing you on the picture. All express how to fix up your photos even more great and show how toe edit all of your photos. With that and it's free, it's just online. You just type in Pixar all express. So in the next part I will be showing you how to do all the editing 7. Using props for your photography: Hi, guys. I'm here to show you some more examples. I have it on the left. My mom took photos of her Que Arte bunnies with the two would backgrounds that I've been teaching you guys. And she says, This is really great for, like, art pieces off, like you're definitely focusing on the product that she's trying to sell, but it has such a great background to it. Then I have it on the right where again explaining my like, props air so great to for your products and photo taking. She has it where she has her cute little pillow bunny and bird ary, and it's an acute basket that we actually found Hobby Lobby. And it's a very like Foresti basket thing. But throughout the time you know, we've bought in tons of props from either thrift stores or craft stores like Michaels Hobby Lobby, Joan's. They always have really could props for photo taking. So we've collected a lot. This is one of our newest things that we have gotten of this Q basket like with Moss, and it just looks very like chanting, you know, and you can see how this prop is helping where you're focusing on her cute little pillow, but it still got this like, pretty whimsical look going on to it. And again, she's got the wood background, which helps with just, you know, you're not seeing tons of stuff. That's why these backdrops are so great for everyone that it's you could be anywhere in the house. You can take the photo and they don't even know that you might have stuff right behind a or anything like that, which is great. Then I am going to show you more examples. Now here is another couple of examples for the photo taking. This is the gray wallpaper background that I taught you guys, and this is where she made and cute April pillow of a cat. And it's adorable. And again, both of them have, you know, different kinds of props. On the left, she decided it's just a wood plane. Then she put the Easter like stuffing stuff, and then she just has some eggs that she colored with paint, and it makes it look really cute. You know, that's why the props do extremely help with it. Took, you know, it really makes you feel like okay, you can imagine this pillow in your house as a decoration or for just cute nous. You know, the whole point with the props is almost like mimicking of like, this is what it's gonna look like in your house. Like, Have you ever been to like an open house? And they got the whole house set up in this perfect furniture and the whole thing. And then, of course, then when you're like, Oh, I really want that house and you get it and then there's not really Then it's, you know, changed. It's like it's kind of like that in an example, slightly in a way of that. You want to be able to get them to understand that it's like all of this could be in your house, you know, this is a great way to make it like, OK, this will look you, like on my shelf or this will look you if I had something like on the left, where I got a plate in Q or just Easter stuffing to be around that and then on the right, she has a tiered, um, cupcake cake stand and, uh, you know, and again, she has the Easter stuffing the eggs, you know, some flowery stuff behind it. You know, it gives, you know, a great look for like, you know, like, literally you. You know, anyone in their house could have all of this. And that's the best thing about the props is just basically showing that it's like it could be in your house and it could be an adorable decoration. So I'm hoping that me explaining more about the props helped a lot. 8. Editing photos in free Pixrl X: Hi, everyone. I'm here to teach you the pics. Toral X. This is the free program that I wanted to teach you guys. That is easy. And it's really actually fun to play around with. So I'm gonna be all you type is just picture all X and then it will come up to this and I'll make sure that the Lincolns down below in the description or, you know, now we're gonna open image. Go to where you want to edit the photos. There they are. Okay, let's say this one. So this one, I did kind of more of a side photo take. So this is what it originally looks like right now. Now, for each tool, the properties, it just shows you how big or small you can change. The size is like what it says. You can change the background color. You can do some different stuff like that. You can change that kind of stuff to me. This this, you know, properties is just mainly to resize her image and fix. You know, if say, you were trying to instagram it, sometimes I've had it before. We're photos are just too big because I took it from my camera. So that helps. Sometimes with that their range button just lets you move anything that you might have put like if you had text or something for it to actually move. Now, the crop tool is my best friend. Um, now the crop tool Just love all you do is you click the crop, you can go right here, and you can just go to where you want it and save. I'm like, Okay, like, yeah, I want it close to the ears. I'm gonna get this a little bit right here, and then you just push, apply over here. Now, see, it's, you know, getting rid of the extra stuff in the background in your focusing more on your products. Now, the cut out is ah, very interesting. This is the kind of thing which is a little hard, but, um, this you basically can go around your prop or safe there was like, say, somehow we get a smudge like somewhere, and you just do not want it to be there in the background or something, even on your product. You can cut out certain things like I can go like this and see it just like I can purposely focus may be on a certain thing or get rid of it. But of course I'm gonna close. So now you've seen what the cutout does. Then here's the adjust. Now I love the just. Now there is this button that's called auto Fix. You click on it and it did it, um, you can't really tell much of a difference. Sometimes when it does do the auto fix, sometimes they will actually change a lot. Like I have noticed. If your camera is seeing extremely a lot of pink or blue, it's I've noticed that even when you auto fix it, it just makes it worse. But surprisingly, here actually did not make it too bad. So down here you have the color, and this is what the auto fixed did to itself. So did make a little bit more pink, which is fine because pretty much they do. You have a lot of pink to them now. In each one he can do different things like a Hugh will literally change the whole entire thing and to either more blue or more whatever color you want. The tent is kind of nice sometimes depending, Like what I was saying about if your cameras doing a crazy thing of focusing with pink or blue too much. The tent kind of helps with fixing that, but since I took a pretty good photo here, doesn't need that now. The temperature isn't more interesting or good for a photo that is more like a landscape like you're taking a photo of nature or something. The temperature is really good for that kind of thing of making it where you can change the look a little bit and then the saturation. You know, it was just more of like, Oh, you want to get a Pacific Color Mawr coming out than the others And, of course, that we don't need in the vibrance the I just did it already by itself. So down here is now the light part. Now this sometimes you do have to play around with, like you can see how, like if you go this way, it's super dark. You go this way. It's extremely light, so sometimes you just have to play with it as much as you can. Exposure does more frightening or lowering, then the contrast I love cause it kind of gets that your guys colored or like this saying makes it just gray that makes it way too intense. So sometimes you have to play with that to just getting the right amount enough than the black gets. Anything that's more dark, you know, either more darker, lighter thing with the white. You just go here like CEO goes crazy or not much. And sometimes sometimes you do end up going a little bit backwards on some of this because you're like, Oh, well, I don't need any more light to that. Photo highlights Nice. It basically grabs like shiny parts that air, say, like on the bunnies. You can see some shine. It kind of helps sometimes with that kind of things and the shadow, the shadow would be like right between the bunnies. It just gives them more of a look. Then toning is another kind of thing. That's just like the saturation and stuff. You basically can tone different parts of the product that you might like safe. I was wanting to make that years more pink. I can pick the pink and then add more to it, and then the Phil is more of, Ah, the same kind of thing of just you know, if there's a certain area or you're really wanting to add color mawr to it's another tool of that, then the curves is very interesting. Um, so basically, you take a color. And, like with like this is like a grayish white. It has helps worth making more of the gray white things going on. More intense, I thought, makes sense. Um, it kind of just is a little weird. This would I haven't really played with much because it's a little. It's just not really meant for any. Like, it's not really useful. Let's just say that it's the tool. That's not really much to me now. The filter. This is great. I love the sharpening tool you can see. So see how this is what it looked like. Normal. I can go so intense. If I really wanted to see everything off their face, E, I just only go maybe 10 or 15 at the most. Even sometimes not that much. It just kind of depends on what your product is. Then The clarity kind of gives more Z, huh? Gets fuzzy too, like intensely sharp. Um I usually just keep that at zero because it's just kind of like ink. And then the smooth gives this when you really can't tell unless of here, working on a person's face that it just smooths the image of, like, safe. He did have some ones. A photo of someone's face. You could see that more with products. You're not really going to see it that much. It just smooth out certain parts of it. And then the blur is funny looking like I never understand why anyone would want, But it's an option. It's a tool. I just never understand why wouldn't want that. And then, grain, it's the same thing. You can either make it, uh, just it's weird. The grains, Another one. That's kind of just like I don't understand. Like, if you were trying to make maybe an old fashioned photo that would work really Well, then I got the scene area, and this makes it where, like it gets dark around or lighter around the edges. Then this. Okay, this ah, makes a crazy saying there. Um, that one's kind of a fun one to play with. Like a lot of these tools, I'll show you what they dio. But I would say on the scene part for here, they're kind of meant form or like, an instagram photo. Or just to be kind of funny with certain things like this is, you know, you can kind of just mess with stuff like each one kind of does the interesting thing to themselves, which is funny, like, look about so you can make it like, super like you do or pixel like in this last tool. Oh, God, Yeah, like, that would be kind of cute for like, if he had an art piece and you were just like, Oh, I just want to make it now look like that. But we'll push apply for all the extra stuff. Now, the next area is the effect area. This is another tool that I would say would be really great for if you're gonna post it on instagram or something like that, Like you wouldn't really want this on your like none of these, um, effects. You would want to be on your Etsy shop or eBay. It would just confuse everybody but like this say, if I was like, Oh, I want to make it look old fashioned, as is sure, like a cowboy like it kind of reminds me like when you go to a fairgrounds and your there's always thought, like cowboy photo taking you can take and it makes your photo look like this like that's what that kind of reminds me of. So in each one has a different different kinds of things. And then these four right here are kind of cool because yeah, if you're doing a portrait, it has some cool effects that actually, like, help your face like of pimples or certain things like that. Like, I don't know if you guys have ever heard, like on instagram or certain things you know, having those filters that that's what Basically, this is where it's just they're all like filters for certain things, like they know what. Like if you took a picture of food like, why likely figured out certain filters would look better, and it's the same with all of them now, over on the retouch. Now this. I love this tool. This is my favorite tool, but I only love it mainly for like if I'm doing a poacher of myself. But this is great. So there's this hell in repair. So you see how my mouse has turned into, uh, like a circled, you know, kind of. Look, you can basically push on certain things of, like, the forehead sane, and you can actually hill the area. Let me just do right here. Maybe I don't know if it's gonna do anything. Oh, it did do something. So see, there was a line right there, but I decided to push it right there and see it do that. So this kind of is great for, um again, like if you're doing someone's face or if he did have something on your project likes Hey, have somehow you got, like, if he's a dust on it or something weird like that, you could actually use this to get rid of it. And then the clone stamp is pretty cool to, um, on photo shop. They have the exact same thing, but it's great that this a posit and you can clone anything that you're like likes he some reason, like her ear just, you know, disappeared. Say you can actually take his ear and clone it or, you know, or do you know this is also to where it's like safe. There was a dot right here, and you're just, like, hate and save the healing tooled and due to great, you can actually grab from his forehead and bring it over there. So it's very interesting. And then the sharpened Ambler is the same thing off, Just like you can sharpen a Pacific area. See, if you were like, oh, I want her eyes to sharpen more You can click and near her eye and make it more sharpened. And then this you make it where you can actually like, blur some of the areas or make it not so, Um, sharpened. So the retouch tool is pretty fun. Okay, Now, this tool, you can draw whatever you want. You can draw like a mustache if you're really felt like or different things like that. I don't really use this tool that much. Um, I just never need to really draw anything on any of my pictures, but they have the tools. So if you want to, you can draw. I mean, you could try Teoh signature your name if you want Teoh. I mean, if you really wanted to attempt that, then here. I got the text tool and see right here. You can, you know, move it wherever you want And you can, like, sometimes eighties. Like if you're doing, Ah, a photo, say of like, a coloring book page per se. Sometimes it's good to put this text on it because it cut. You wanna water market? It's a thing, and it makes it so people can't just, um, still like the color page that you did or the photo. It makes it hard for them to like, you know, say, if you made some cute coloring book of like, a bunny, you know, you don't wanna If you were taking a photo straight on from like looking at it, you would want to put this writing on it and put a watermark for it. That's like a pro tip that I have of like, I do do photography. That's my other, uh, shop that I have. And I used this program all the time to water markets so people can't just take my photo and then just be like, Oh, I'm gonna buy Aiken, just save it and then use it. This thing is like a lifesaver of making it where it's like, No, you can't. You can't, uh, do you that And here is where you at adds an element. So you can put like an overly and this is kind of fun because, like, you can odd Well, you have to be, ah, premium person for this. But, um, it is fun to actually be able Teoh Odd effects and with the effects and overlay like these are the kind of things where it's like you'd have to pay some money for it. But a lot of this is really cool for where it's just like Okay, like, I want some shiny effects to my photo. It's like it is a really fun way with this. And then this. The last very tool is where you add an image, and all you really do is like, say, if you're trying to show two images, you would browse and then you'd add another image. But you just won't really use that when you're trying to sell your products. Um, it's just not this one's just not as useful a say again. If you were maybe doing a photo of someone's face and you, like maybe said you were just trying to add some extra photos around them or something that anyways, this will be a good way of showing you guys. Hopefully that you did like this. I think that it I covered pretty much everything for this program. Of course, that has an advanced program. This is the easy program. And the advance program is Ah, yeah, very advanced. Um, it's a little bit too much where it's like they're almost photo shop. And sometimes photo shop is definitely annoying to deal us. But anyways, hopefully you guys liked this explaining of this program. 9. Summary of the class: I hope you enjoyed this. Plus, now you know how to make an expensive backdrops how to use props in your pictures and can edit your photos. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them down below. I also would love to see your products using your new backdrops in the class project area. And thank you for joining me in this class.