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Sell Your Art Online with Print On Demand Vendors

teacher avatar Michelle Cooke, Owner Quick Brown Fox, Lifelong Learner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. INTRO Sell Your Art Online with POD Vendors

    • 2. Top 5 Reasons to use Print On Demand Vendors

    • 3. Comparing POD Vendors

    • 4. Caveat on POD vendor information

    • 5. REDBUBBLE

    • 6. Society6

    • 7. Casetify

    • 8. Zazzle

    • 9. Threadless

    • 10. Fine Art America

    • 11. Printful

    • 12. Printify

    • 13. Design By Humans

    • 14. Class Project

    • 15. Loading your art to a POD site

    • 16. More Learning Resources

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About This Class


Learn about the various print on demand vendors available to sell your art on merchandise online. This is a great additional revenue stream for any artist. Focus on your art, not the back-end ordering and processing. This is a low risk endeavor as there is no cost to start an online storefront and you don't carry inventory!  I will share my experience with the top vendors available so you can pick the best one(s) for you. By the end of this course you will be open for business!

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Michelle Cooke

Owner Quick Brown Fox, Lifelong Learner


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1. INTRO Sell Your Art Online with POD Vendors: Hi, I'm Michelle Cook, and I'd like to welcome you to my first skill share class. Uh, today I'm going to talk a little bit about my experience with print on demand vendors. I, uh, have always been a bit of a frustrated creative, and I've tried many things to sort of develop a little side hustle and little income on the side. And some of the things I've tried is Crow Shea. I even developed an entire line of ridiculous yoga bags. Um, and I create jewelry for a while, and I also do drawings of several of my friends, animals and things like that. But my problem was that none of this ever scaled. I basically became a one woman sweatshop, and I was always looking for what's next for me. And how do I take this much further and faster? And that's when I realized that there were these print on demand vendors out there and I tried quite a few of them. And I'd like to share some of my experience with that with you in this class, so that you can make an educated decision, hopefully a lot faster than I did, and I can tell you some of the things I learned about them, What I like, what I don't like. And hopefully this will guide you along your journey. And by the end of the class, you should be able to select at least one print on demand vendor and begin creating your own shop and start selling online today. So hopefully this will give you another avenue to take your creative work to a much broader audience. Faster, cheaper, with very little risk. And and I'll talk through some of the benefits of why I chose print on demand and why I think you'll choose it to thank you. 2. Top 5 Reasons to use Print On Demand Vendors: before we get started, let me first explain to you what a print on demand vendor is. It's a vendor who carries a lot of blanks of merchandise, whether that be framed art, art, canvases, pillows, mugs. It will vary by vendor, but they carry blanks or have relationships with companies who carry those blanks. And as you upload your artwork to these sites and a customer orders it, they will print it on demand for that particular order for that particular customer. That is the beauty, in my opinion of print on demand vendors, you're not carrying inventory. You have no risk. Where is when I've done other businesses, such as jewelry. You have to buy all that inventory to then create your product, and then you carry your product until such time that you sell it. Where's with this? You have that upfront investment in creating the art piece, but once you created once, you have the opportunity to sell it around the world, and some examples of what you can sell here is a phone case that I did this one. This one in particular, is from Red Bubble, one of the print on demand sites. I'm going to talk about in this class and I uploaded it and they had not only one iPhone model. They had several iPhone models and also Samsung Galaxy. They really have a selection of some of the top phones that are out there. The best sellers, if you will. I don't think you're gonna find blackberries, um, or even the Google phones. I haven't found those on a site yet, but certainly most of the most popular android phones, three iPhones and several models back eso. Once you upload your artwork, you're covered for all of those, which is really nice. Another example using the exact scene piece of art that I created is I also did a scarf so you can see it's the exact same design much, much bigger scale and really nice quality. And, uh, you know, another way for me to sell my heart that I didn't have available to me, and for me to find a vendor that had these cases or that had, um, these materials to do these scarves, I would be spending so much time sourcing instead of doing what I love, which is the creating part, so they really take care of all that sourcing, and they do come out with new things from time to time and add them to the site. For example, I've recently see and seen things related to the summer, such as drink coolers just added to some sites or drink trays. So they are adding new things all the time onto these sites, which is rather exciting for me to see what else I can apply my work. So let's dig in on why you would want to use a print on demand. Vendor Reason number one scalability has already mentioned you just take one piece of artwork that before you would just have the opportunity to sell that one original to someone you can then take. That is a digital file uploaded onto the site and apply it to multiple items, not just one. You can pick a selection of items, and you can sell it worldwide. Plus, you still have your original, and you could even sell your original artwork in other ways. Your traditional ways, your fares, your art shows things like that. But with the's print on demand vendors, you can hit a much, much broader audience with a lot less effort gnome or one woman? Sweatshops. Reason Number two. Focus on your art and let someone else take care of all the business with print on demand vendors. Once you've set up your online shop and uploaded your artwork from there, your hands off you receive a royalty when your items sell. But the print on demand vendors. They handle the sourcing of objects they handle. The printing of objects of the manufacturing they handle the shipping. They also handled the billing of your customers. You just sit back and get paid. Reason number three. No risk and by risk, I really mean inventory. Um, any other business I've tried to do, at least in my personal experience, I have always had to have inventory of some sort. Whether it's the art supplies, etcetera, I'm now creating on my iPad. Primarily, I create direct to digital toe upload my items onto the sites some people will create, still on. For example, if you're doing watercolor, my do watercolor paper, and then you might digitize your art and then put it on the site and I will tell you I don't do it that way. But there are several artists to do. And in fact, there's some great ones on skill share that have classes that you can take to learn how to do that. Um, but really, the investment is, however, you are going to create your art. But then you don't have to hold this mass inventory of all the mugs in the hats and this not knowing what items going to sell best. You can try your piece of art on several items, and I recommend you do so that you find out what are those items that are really selling. And for me, what I've found is phone cases. That's a big one, especially the cases where you have the clear see through background with your image on it on. Do you show the phone through, especially the iPhones. People love to see their phone. They spent a lot of money. I don't blame them. And so you're not holding that inventory. You're not guessing what the public's gonna like. You can sample a lot of different things, and then over time you may choose not to bother loading for the drapery or the wall hanging . Because perhaps that's not what sells with your type of art. and that you can experiment. And all of that is really experimenting again with no risk. Um, it's like a B testing at its finest, um, without, you know, any investment. So I've kind of hammered the think, um, but it is something I really appreciate out of this, and that's what's made it absolutely viable. Uh, wait for me to get my heart up there. Reason Number four. Free to set up well, one cabinet on society. Six. There is a pay pal verification fee just to validate that your PayPal account is active and working, so it believe it's a $1 feet. It's perfectly legitimate. It's not a scam to get your $1 Um, but that's the only cost I've experienced so far in setting up multiple print on demand sites. Not many things you can say that about these days. So again it's back to no risk free to set up Reason. Number five. Jump on trends in today's fast paced Internet world and with social media so prevalent, there are so many things like means or expressions that air here today and gone tomorrow. But in that short time frame, you want to be able to jump in and capitalize on that. And maybe you have a really great take on one of those sayings or on something that's become popular. I know avocados have been a real hot thing lately, as have unicorns eso with print on demand sites. You don't have to take that long lead time to get something developed and printed and into a shop and foresail, you just really be on Lee thing that holds up how fast you can get to market is really how fast you can create the artwork itself. So if a soon as you have it loaded, you can get it up onto your site. It takes minutes, really toe. Upload your artwork to a site, and I will talk through that in one of the next lessons. And, um, you can get it up there, get it for sale. Some sites maybe 15 minutes after you've loaded the artwork. It's already in years in your sight hashtagged with hash tag unicorn or hashtag avocado on and you become a part of that social conversation and, of course, can promote your new artwork on your new items in your social media as well. So It's a really unique opportunity that we have today because of social media and print on demand vendors, uh, the to really go hand in hand beautifully and uh, can make it quite exciting to capitalize on those opportunities. So that's my top five reasons why you should choose a print on demand vendor. Hopefully, it's convinced you to take that next step and continue on in these lessons and find out how you can get started. And don't forget our project is to create your own shop on a print on demand thunder site and start selling online today. 3. Comparing POD Vendors: in this section. I'm gonna tell you a little bit about some of the print on demand vendors available. I'm not even gonna pretend that I know all of the ones available. There's new ones coming out every day, but what I can do is share with you some of the ones that I've experienced and some of my thoughts on each of them. Of course, you can discover them on your own to make your own decisions. I'm just trying to help you on your way and help you make those decisions faster. Hopefully, you'll learn from my experience. So let's get started. There are several I'm going to cover in this section. One is Society six will also cover Red bubble thread lis designed by humans. Fine Art America. Print. If I and Zazzle again, this is not an exhaustive list. I won't go as deep on all of them. I certainly have my preferences, and I'll explain why there's also some specialty ones that I'm not going to go very deep on . Such a spoon flour Spoon flour is specific for fabric or textile design, and for that you have to be really great at a seamless repeating pattern, which I will say there are several experts on skill share that can tell you how to create seamless repeating patterns. And once you've mastered that, you can certainly apply that to such sites like Spoon Flour. So keep that in mind. There's also other sites, like Den IQ, who make great notebooks. They've recently added sort of a call toe artists in the call for artists, if you will, and conduce some customs notebooks with your art as well. And so there's so money Avon's E Avenues for you to explore. I'll cover quite a few here today, but I do encourage you in the comments section if you are aware of one that I did not cover and you've got some thoughts about it you want to share. Let's use this class is an opportunity to network with each other and share information. I know I certainly I'm always on the lookout for what's new. And what new objects do they have for me to put my art on its? It's a little like, uh, hoarding in in one way, but it's digital, so you know it's not filling up my house, that goodness, So let's get started 4. Caveat on POD vendor information: before I get started on talking you through the various print on demand vendors that I've experienced. I just want to put it out there that all of this is my own opinion that I have formed by using the sites to set up my own shops or by researching these sites. I've not been paid by any of these vendors to give my opinion. It's just something I'm trying to do to help you learn about the sites in in a faster way than I did. Do your research, and I encourage you to try multiple sites. And in fact, many of these sites do not have any requirements that your designs be exclusive to their sites. So that gives you the opportunity to try your designs with different markets and different audiences by putting your designs on as many sites as you want. Currently, I'm on four of them consistently and not every design on every site, because I'm sampling a little A B testing, if you will 5. REDBUBBLE: not to play favorites, but I have to say Red Bubble is one of my favorite print on demand sites. There's so many reasons to enjoy it. Number one is you can upload one image to multiple items and, uh, the time to load the entire site and to merchandise your store with pretty much every item they have is just minutes. Generally, I will use a 65 100 by 6500 through 300 DP. I file size that alone toe almost every item, and one unique feature that red bubble has is that they also offer the ability for you to shrink your design down to a very small size and do a horizontal or vertical repeat pattern . Eso even if you're filed that you're loading, is not a repeat pattern, you still have the ability to repeat it. This is especially useful for things such as leggings, where maybe you don't want to take the time to download a custom template and designed specifically four leggings. Yet you think your design might be cute on a liking. For example, I do a lot of dogs is that I've mentioned before, and I will often design those with a transparent background. And if I put them on a repeating pattern quite small, you could have quite an interesting repeat pattern of leggings with dogs on them. So or with the scarves. I might do that with the dogs because you don't necessarily want this huge scarf with just one image of a dog. I think it's kind of cool if it's really super small and people compliment you on the scarf and then they take a closer look and realize it's a dog. Um, so that's something that's kind of fun. Um, also read Bubble gives you the opportunity to set your own royalties per items. You gotta watch out, though, because you are competing with other designers on the same site, so don't get greedy. Keep them within range of what you're seeing Is standard royalty rates 10 20% depending on the item? Maybe you want to have something lower, like a 10% on, say, a sticker to sort of encourage to get your designs out there. But then maybe for the larger priced items, you want to put a higher amount, such as your artwork. Whether that art is on, you know metal or canvas or or a frame piece of art. So keep that in mind. And the other thing that red bubble offers that I've not seen on any other site is water marking of your designs. So you've gone to all that effort to create it. You certainly don't want someone to just go up to the site, right? Click and save design as and then they've got your high quality image. So what red bubble does offer? Is this opportunity to click a button as you're setting up your designs as you're loading them? Toe have that watermark added. So I generally add the watermark to the original design, and I don't necessarily put the watermark against each and every individual item like a mugger a bag. Some of the top sellers that I've had on this site have been some of the cases with the zipper cases, artwork itself and also shopping bags. So those are some of the things that I definitely always include. But actually, I put my design on absolutely everything, uh, regardless because I trying to, you know, it doesn't cost me anything to do that, and I'm trying to see what might actually stick. What? What is, uh, the interest in the market? So, in summary, why do I like red bubble? Well, there's a wide variety of items. You can set your royalties across all of the items. It's easy to upload your upload one file, and you will get it across almost all items. There is that ability to do repeat patterns. Um, even though you may not have a seamless repeat in your digital file, they do have watermarks, and, um, they pay you through PayPal and I found the items to be a really great quality, and I've purchased several of them myself. For Children's clothing, you have to enable it yourself. You do that by going to standard print clothing. It's a little hidden trick. So go into edit your design. And there is the second tab here of the availability in Marca. Here is where you need to check off kids clothes. It's checked here in my case, because I had already said it, Um, but, uh, it is defaulted off because the site does allow for designers to upload mature content, and they want to ensure that the mature content does not automatically default onto Children's clothing. So that's why you have to go into standard print clothing, check on the second tab and select kids clothes. So that is definitely not something obvious. It's something that I had to search in search and finally found a forum where they talked about how to do that. 6. Society6: society six is another one of my favorite print on demand vendors. It's easy to upload. You can upload one file again. I usually use 6500 by 6500 pixels with 300 d p I and once you load it once, it will load to all of the items in the store, with the exception of a few, such as leggings or duffel bags or backpacks. Because for those, you're better off to use a template. Oh, and wall hangings. So for those, you're better off to use a template or check the file size specifically for them, so that you can make sure that if there's a pocket on the backpack, you your design isn't laying across it weird. Some people will just upload their designs, and I think it's kind of lazy if they just upload their designed to the backpack because the backpack, you really should go and use the template unless it's an all over design. Some of those will look good, and in fact, I've got an example of that in one of videos where I do have an all over design. It didn't look bad on the back back, so I let it be, but for the duffel bag where it has the circles at the end of it, you really want to sort of maximize what you're putting in that circle that have a riel designer. Other things I like about society six are that they add new items to their store on a fairly regular basis. I may have already mentioned it in one of videos, but for summer, they specifically added, can coolers and serving trays and coasters all the types of things that people would be looking for in the summer months. So they also tend to have a lot of sales for your end user customers. So what they will do is send you as one of their designers and email a couple days before outlining the details of the sale, outlining the codes for your customers to take advantage of the discounts that you can then add room designs to it or promote your own designs as you mention the sale details out in your social media media. That sort of thing. I find Society six is probably the most engaged vendor when it comes to offering sales around weekends or special events for customers. Society six has fixed royalties on all of their items. With the exception of the art, you can set the royalties on your art and, in fact, in a later video for your class project. I do show how you can go and set the margin for the artwork on society. Six in in one of those videos. So in summary, some of the key reasons toe like society six are the great quality of the items. There are a lot of items available on the site, and they add new items on a regular basis. They also have regular sales for your end user customers to take advantage. That also will drive interest to the site in general. So they're driving traffic on a regular basis, especially around holiday weekends. I find they do that, um, they give you advanced notice, which is nice so that you can promote the sales on your social media as well. Um, easy upload the only upload one file, and it goes across a majority of the items. One downside. They don't have a repeat option like you'll find on red bubble eso. If you want to do a repeating pattern on something you have to actually create a seamless repeating pattern. File toe upload to an item which is really, technically the best way to do a pattern. Um, but on red bubbles, a little cheater method and you will be paid through PayPal with society six, which is great, which I think is becoming a bit of a standard across this print on demand companies. Society six is one of the few, though, that will have you verify your PayPal account. It will cost you a dollar because they want to see that the connection is made in a charge actually happens through a transaction. It's not a scam. Um, just understand that they're just doing it to verify your account. Um, so I do recommend society six. I use it a lot along with red bubble and probably case defy those air sort of the three I use the most. But please stay tuned and listen, Teoh my information on a lot more other vendors 7. Casetify: case defy is another print on demand vendor worthy of taking a look at. They do have, ah, limited scope of products. They're focused on iPhones, Androids, iPads, Mac books and iPhone Watch straps. They're the only site I've actually seen it from Watch strap available for you to design. So if you're looking to do that, it's certainly an interesting sight. The top seller on the site I found is Thekla. Hear cases where you put your design on the case, but you allow for the phone to show through. You'll definitely want to upload P and G files in order to take advantage of that, because you do want that transparent background. And, uh, the file size for this is very small. In fact, you can link it to your social media such as instagram and pull your images from Instagram . However, that does not allow you to bring in a P and G like other sites. Case defy does allow you to have a profile photo toe. Have a banner image with your brand name, your company name or even your name as a designer, and they do have some really nice bumper cases that are either a clear bumper around the phone, or they now have some colored selections those air great protection for phone. So I feel very confident in offering those to sail for sale to my customers. In fact, I designed one for my daughter, and she has it, and she's younger, So I certainly appreciate that extra protection on the phone, and also when you have your design printed on the case, it cannot. On the the uh, if you do a PNG on the clear case, it can have a bit of an embossed if act, which is quite nice and quite tactile, and I really like it on the case defy site. However, you do upload your designs for every individual item you want to offer for sale. I over time have realized that it is mostly the clear cases that are selling and not so much the Mac book items Thea Android or even the covers for the iPads. So I am exclusively designing for the clear cases and the watch straps because, as I mentioned previously, the only site on finding watch straps. So in summary case defy is a good site for phones, and I watches it also uses a lo file size. They have limited product availability, though, and you do have to load your artwork for each individual site. However, the site is very easy to use and is very quick to load. 8. Zazzle: Hi there. The next print on the man vendor. I'm going to talk about his Zazzle. Now. Zazzle actually offers sort of three ways to sell. We're going to talk today about selling as a designer, because that's really the model. I'm talking about this print on demand demand model, and you will find that Zazzle offers probably the richest and deepest inventory of possible products that you can sell your designs on, especially if you want to get into products such as invitations, paper plates, napkins. So if you wanted to, you know, design everything for a party if you wanted to design wine labels, hats, baby clothes. In addition, all the regular things such as pillows and T and T shirts and things like that. So and post it notes, this is the only side I found that has posted notes. I wish I could die. Cut them. I don't see that opportunity yet, but you can certainly put a design on them. And one of the things Asil offers that no one else offers, at least that I found so far is the ability for your customers to customize what you have designed. Now you may like that option, and you may not like that option, depending on how commercial you want your stuff to be. For example, if you're designing a cute little cat and putting it on a post it note when the customer goes to buy that, post it note, they also have the option to potentially change the colors. They could also potentially add their name onto the Post it note or the name of their cat, or change out other features of your design before they order it. So in terms of customers getting what they want in that ability to personalize, nobody else is doing it. But that may be your reason why you don't want to do it because you want your art the way you want it, so things to keep in mind. The one thing I find with this site, though, is you very much have to will not have an idea of what it is you want to design, whether it's a line of party supplies or a line of, uh, buttons or things like that. They even had playing cards. By the way, Um, the reason I say you have to sort of know what you're designing for is because you have to upload your art to every individual item that takes time. And if you're like me and you're sort of testing the market by using multiple print on demand vendors, um, you could spend forever loading Zazzle and never finish. So, um, I think it's really cool. I think they've got a lot of great items, but I'm not using it as heavily as I am some of the other sites, so that'll be for you to determine. 9. Threadless: Let's talk about thread lis threat. Lis is a really different model. From what I can see, you do have the opportunity to upload your designs and create your own shop, and in fact, they probably have the most customization options for you to really make your shop your own . To match your brand, match your fonts, match your color scheme and design in terms of your online shop within their site on day. Do have a variety of things. You can upload your drawings to your designs. Their file size is it varies by item, of course, as many do they do provide submission overlays for your submission. Would I find really interesting and unique about thread? Lis is they have this association or tie to a company called Bucket Feet, and this gives you the opportunity to design for shoes. I've not seen this on other sites. And being a vans kid of the, you know, late eighties, I really remember how you used to able to go into their short stores and customize your shoe based on designs they had. Well, now we can design our own. Now those you do submit for acceptance and thin based on that you can earn about $20 for a pair of shoes if they accept your designs and there's other prizes and things, you can win a swell. I've also included a chart from their website that will give you an idea of some of the other margins you can make on products that you designed for. Another thing that makes thread lis unique is their user community in their involvement with your designs. As a designer on thread lis, you can upload your designs for challenges, or you can just simply upload your designs for consideration. Those were then placed on the website for the user community to actually go in and vote. What's nice about this is you get this awareness of you as an artist on what you're creating, especially if you're jumping in on challenges. And it also potentially gets you a built in audience of people who will potentially by your work. So it's a great way to get promoted a great way to get visibility. But you do need some votes to get your items featured and to be able to cells on some items . Another unique thing about thread Lis is they do also give you access to your customers. Eso that you can email them about their purchase. You can add them to your database by sending them email and introducing yourself and finding out how they like their purchase. This is something I've not seen from any other print on demand vendor. So to sum up, here's the reasons why I like thread Lis Number one is probably access to shoes through bucket feet. I haven't seen shoes on any other site and hate. What girl doesn't love a pair of shoes? Another reason is access to customer data. No other print on demand vendor really gives you that access to your customers that air purchasing your products through their site. Eso that allows you to develop that relationship should you break off onto your own website or do other things. The other reason I like thread Lis is Thea Bility Teoh. Stay on Brand and customize your shop on their site to your fonts, your colors. In addition to customizing the banner and the portfolio picture, the other reason I like it also is this whole unique idea of voting on other designs and having other people vote on yours. It's quick and great feedback on Are you designing what is popular in the market and something that's gonna sell? So I think that's a really meet, uh, and unique feature. 10. Fine Art America: So this is fine art, America. And I've only recently stumbled upon this site. And I have to say I'm quite impressed with everything it can do. And how far Ah, it can give you reach with your designs. Um, here, I've uploaded my succulent drawing that you've seen on a few other examples. I've obviously put in some keywords. The medium, etcetera. You can watermark, as you can see which they actually discourage, because it could, ah, encourage people from not purchasing your work. I know. On redbubble you could You didn't have to put it across every item on REDBUBBLE. You can actually pick to just put it on the artwork versus everything. I'm gonna leave it off for right now. Um, you can offer free resolution preview. You might want to turn that off if you don't want people to download the full resolution image and they have a work safe. This is similar to some of the mature settings you'll find on other sites. Um, and it just prevents it usually from ah, from people seeing what they don't want to see when they're at work. Or, um not putting something on, say, an item that might be suitable for a child. Um, there's options for galleries. You can belong to groups. You can even outline your original painting and you can list the information here. I did mine in digital, so I'm not going to list that I have an original for sale. You can set your mark up on absolutely everything on this particular site, and I did load my standard 6500 by 650,300 dp. I image, however, with this site they want J pegs know PNG files. So that will make it difficult for, say, T shirts and things like that. If you wanted just your image and then have the rest of the shirt throw show through around it. Um, so anyway, I'm gonna have to figure out how to do. Transparency is in J picks because I haven't done that yet. Um, they do have greeting cards, pillows again. Set your mark up for all of these items. And one thing I noticed in their sight as I was setting it up is they also have ties with retail stores. There's over 150 retail stores that order from this site. So you get an opportunity to be to see your artwork get into some stores. They also had round beach towels. I haven't seen that on many sites. So yoga mats I can finally create my own yoga mat to go in my crazy crow shade yoga bags. How exciting is this? If you didn't see the intro, go back to the intro to see the crazy yoga bags that I make. Um, anyway, I'm quite impressed with the selection of materials here. I do like that. You can set your mark up, especially since it will be in stores for mugs. I actually went in and customized because I needed to, um, put the image across the entire, uh, mug because they had just brought it in and sort of cropped it funny. So again, you do want to take a look at the previews. Now, here's something really meet and really sort of cutting edge and future so you can allow yours as part of digital picture frame streaming. I don't know if anyone seemed like the Samsung Frame TV, and this one is specifically stream to a canvas. Digital picture frames, um, so people can choose art from almost like on Netflix choosing a movie. But you choose the art you want displayed in your frames, and you get paid a percentage based on how many minutes it was actually displayed in that frame. So ah, really brand new revenue stream here. Another thing I like is this Facebook's synchronization and Twitter synchronization. So every time you upload something, they will promote it out for you automatically on to your social media sites. I'm doing this live right now, so I'm not going to set those up now. But, um, certainly an option that I haven't seen on other sites. So fine art. America, as I mentioned, is a very new site to me. But I can see a lot of reasons why one might like it ties to Social Media to help you with promotion of your digital art ties to digital frames, opportunities to sell in over 150 retail stores, um, ability to set your own margins on your products and a wide selection of products. Not a sight I'm super familiar with. But I have a feeling I'm going to be checking out. It had a lot more and seeing what kind of return. I get on loading my designs and see if they resonate with the audience that fine art America has so exciting new discovery. 11. Printful: So let's talk about plentiful print. Full, in my opinion, is for the serious designer, someone who's looking to get into this, creating their own design line and featuring it on their own website. It may not be the right site for someone who's just looking to develop a bit of a side hustle at no charge. The reason I say this is print ful is very much a site where you connect your own e commerce engine and offered the items under website. They also have services such as white label and packaging services. If you wanna have your own branded label on the back of the T shirts, this is the site for you. That's where you can certainly do that. But if you are looking to sort of develop or print items, sort of one off and handled, have them handle all of the shipping for you and then give you a site within their site. That's not really what this is. Um, this is a real full blown branding option. If you create your own brand of say T shirts, you wanna have your label on it, you want to have your own designs on it, or if you have specific quality of merchandise you want to use, they also have warehousing services where you can source the materials yourself that you print onto get them to approve it, that they can indeed print onto it, and then they will also warehouse it for you. So this is if you're going into a very serious business versus a side hustle. In my opinion. Now, having said all that, if you are designing for print full, you will want to have your files in the PNG format. They like it to be in 150 DP aye, for the resolution, and they do provide templates that you can use for your designs that you can down. You can save your files and P and G with the transparent background. In fact, it's recommended for things like T shirts where you want the color of the shirt to show through and then put a colored background for things like mugs. If you wanted to be a specific background color, otherwise it will be the default color of the blank. Okay, um, the other caveat to note with this site is if you are using text and say you're illustrator files Aaron Photoshopped. You will want to convert those text into objects so that if you're using a very specific font, it will come through in the design. So in summary print, Fel is really for the designer who is wanting to create their own brand of items for sale those that you're gonna white label, you're gonna customize it with your own brand logo on the tags, your own packaging. You might source your own materials and put them into the shop or use the ones they provide . But most of all, you're someone who has a website of your own with some sort of e commerce engine. Whether using eBay, Etsy, Shopify and you're going to link your commerce engines together to this site, this is not necessarily the site for a side hustle unless you're using it to print good quality materials and then ship them to yourselves. But then that gets into, um, not really taking advantage of a print on demand vendor because then you're back to managing the inventory, your handling, shipping to people from your house or your office location to your customers 12. Printify: the next vendor. I'm going to talk about his print. If I I'm gonna be up front. I have not used this vendor. I've only checked them out on the web and I just want to You can add them in as a comparison to some of the other ones just to give you a fully rounded picture. They're very much like print ful in that this is for people who are seriously going into business thistles, not a little side hustle. This is somewhere where you have your own website and all of the items you produce. You publish to your shop So you're working with an e commerce engine like Shopify or something like that. So that's why I have not used this site. But I do have to say having a look at it, that they have a very detailed list of items available and they have a lot of transparency to who their vendors are, so you can see what the items offered are. They do have shoes. They also offer things like bathing suits. They have more socks than I've seen on perhaps any other site men's women's crew, socks, that sort of thing. But you do really have to have your own website and tied to your commerce engine. And, um, you do set your profit margin. They can do drop shipping. There's a lot of great things like that. Um, definitely check it out. But for my model of this being a side hustle with very low risk for me, even having my own dedicated website at this point would be a monthly cost that I'm not ready to incur. 13. Design By Humans: the next print on demand vendor we're going to take a look at is designed by humans. Now, I'll admit this is a fairly new one for me. I do not currently have a store set up with them, and one of the reasons I don't is because of this wording of once approved, they'll offer you a storefront. I've been working on building up my portfolio online and things like that, and also this site does tend to appeal more to sort of the gamers, the YouTubers musicians. I don't know that my artwork is really what they're looking for. So I have held off on this, But this might be the right niche for you, so I did want to highlight it and let you know that it is available. They do have an offer to double your royalties for the 1st 90 days. They seem to have quite a collection of products available, and they give you a rough idea of what some of your profits could be on each item. Um, pretty standard items, though I I would say these air similar to the items you'll see on Red bubble or Society six um and ah they do have, um, licensing opportunities, which is something you don't see on every site. So that's certainly a reason you might want to check this out. And, ah, you definitely get a custom storefront just like some of the other sites offer. I don't know to what degree it's customized, though. So I really just wanted you to make you aware of this so that you can apply now and set up a site here. If you do, I would love you to put some comments to tell everyone else um, what it was like for you and maybe even give us a link to your storefront so we can check out your work. And, ah, why not promote yourself a the same time? So another option for you to check out again. I have not tried this one, but I do encourage you to try it out. If you think that's your niche market and I would love to hear more. Thank you. 14. Class Project : 15. Loading your art to a POD site: to help you complete your class project. I've done a quick video of how I upload some of my artwork into one of the stores. What I've chosen for this example is society six and I will show you how I upload the art and place it on objects and then eventually have some for sale to society. Six. Here's the site here. Society six dot com To get started, you'll head on over to this section here where it says to join or log in. I'm just going to jump ahead to join, and here you can either discover the art or uploaded art. This session is all about uploading art, so you'll create your own user name. You can put your company name there if you have one. Your email address Your password indicate you're not a robot and sign up. Uhm, I'm going to skip that stage because I already have a site. So I'm going to, um, jump into where I've already logged in. And, uh, my company name is quick brown fox, and what you conduce is immediately go to manage my posts and with manage my posts, you can add your art right here you'll see. I've obviously added a lot to my store over the over time, but you just simply click on art Post. You're gonna upload your artwork here. And, um, it could be a PNG or JPEG, and ah, they recommend at least 6500 uh, pixels at 72 d p. I I actually do 6500 by 6500 at 300 d. P. I is generally what my standard has been in terms of what I'm loading to the site. I find that will get it across the majority of the items. And then there will be a few specialty items that may require a larger file size. Okay, so I will just what you'll do. I often just browse from my computer, add the file. So I'm gonna do that quickly just to show you how easy it is. You want to click to say that you own the rights to this image, and then you're gonna go to the next and within seconds your artwork appears in the store loaded against every single item, then is just a matter of you deciding which items do you want available for sale here? I can turn the poster on for or maybe a determined. You know what? I don't like how it looks on wood art. I'm gonna leave that off. It doesn't quite go with the colors that I want. It's muting them too much. It's not his vibrant. Um, the wall hanging here did not load because this one does require a special file so size you can go into the upload and edit button, and it will tell you the file size required to load. I can then go back to my original file, resize it and load it for this specific item. For now, I'm going to skip that one. But it did load even at 60. 500 by 6500. It did load on things as big as wall murals, which you can see here. The wallpaper. I didn't create a seamless pattern. I could have, but I did not. Um, so it's not a seamless repeating pattern, so I'm actually gonna turn that off. Um, should I care to go back to my original design and create a seamless repeating pattern? I could then choose to load that for the wallpaper, but you can see even by the preview here. It shows the brakes in the design. And that's not the kind of quality I want to put out there. Window curtains again need a specific file size. Um, I can go back and do that one specifically, but you will see on pretty much loaded to every single item now because this is an all over design. Um, it did cover the entire piece. And I'm quite happy with how it appears on all of these items I find when I load images of my dogs, for example, though, I may want to play with the centering and you conduce that very easily. I'll show you just on one of these items here by simply glow going to edit, and you can play with the scale within this here you can if you don't like the way it's laying out on the item because this one, for example, is a rectangle. It's only getting a portion of my design here. You can see what is not appearing. Or maybe I want just this little top it. Maybe that's my favorite part of the design, and I want to feature it so you can see I just simply dragged it down, or you could make it a little bigger. Um, I would not advise for this particular item to go smaller, because then you will have blank space on the pillow, which I don't think looks good for this particular design. Um, but you'll have to decide. Decide for what you load. Okay, Once you've made the changes in your happy with how it's laid out, you just simply save in close. And I tend to go into the edit mode, especially when it's a transparent design, like the dogs when I bring those in, Um, because I want to make sure that, you know, I'm not cropping often here at a seem and things like that. So I will go in and just double check and make sure I'm happy with it. The previews air fairly reliable here, though they give you a really great idea. And, um, one of the things I really like is that society six off often adds in a lot of new items. Thes were items added for the summer here, the cutting board, the serving tray, the coasters, the can cooler. So it's very exciting to see that and I can go back now into other designs I loaded before and now turn those on because they won't automatically turn on if it wasn't something that was available at the time he loaded your design. So that's something to keep in mind that, as you see new items offered, go back into your older designs. And if you think they suit that new item, you can activate those items. Um, or if they don't leave, it turned off. And I do like that. It doesn't default to activate them, because you want to make sure that the placement of your design is correct for the item. Like I say when I do my dogs, I I don't want his nose cut off for his ears cut off. I want to make sure he's maybe centered in the design or or I choose how it's offset. They do have clear phone cases here to again. This is an all over design that's fully colored, so you're not going to see the phone show through in this particular design. But you get a good idea, and I do load for everything that it immediately loads for. Then, if I choose to do something like leggings. Um, in legging the case of leggings. Generally, you want to get the template and load it very specifically. So you know where the design lays out, Um, and same with duffel bags. For that, you generally have to And for most of my designs, I do not automatically load the backpack for that. You will want the templates so that you know where your design is. Landing on a pocket. But for something like a floral, that's an all over design. You can see it actually looks pretty good. So I'm actually gonna turn that one on, Um, because it did not default on the's. Carry pouch is one of my top sellers. So absolutely. I'm going to check and make sure hits activated. And actually, even though I don't know many bikers who were gonna wear the succulent I am going to activate the biker tank. Um, and all of the shirts. In fact, I love how this all over print with it. That's sort of fun. So I'm gonna go ahead and turn those on. Um, so it's really about you deciding what you want in your store. I generally turn on as many options so that I could get a feel for what designs hunt on which item. And I think it's something you can have a lot of fun with. Once you're ready, um, you can then simply publish, and once you hit publish, it will appear in your store. One thing I want to highlight that I didn't in the last section of the video was the ability to set your royalties. Now on society six, they do default to standard rates for everything except for your art prints so you'll see these little dollar signs here. And when you see that you can go in and edit these ones and set your mark up whether it's, you know, a dollar $100 you decide. Keep in mind you are selling against other vendors. But if the complexity of the art if it's gonna hang on a wall, um, you may want to, uh, change that up. The other thing I would recommend for the art prints. If it is something that you've spent a lot of time on and you want recognition for, I would upload a separate file, and here you can hear drag a different image instead of the one you automatically loaded to every item. This one, I would upload one with your signature on, because often, if it's an art print, you will sign your work. So I would recommend signing the work for these particular art prints. But in general, I don't. Generally, I don't usually load a file with my signature because I don't know where that signature is gonna end up where, if it's going to get cut off if it's on a pillow or a mugger, things like that. So for these ones, you may want to upload it with your signature. Set a higher mark up because it is really your original artwork, even though it can be obtained in more of a mass market way. 16. More Learning Resources: for those of you have watched to the end of the class. Thanks for sticking with me. I've mentioned before. This is my first skill share class, so I would certainly appreciate any comments. You can leave me on how I can improve for future, and I hope you've learned something through this journey with me. I know I have that, that's for sure. I also wanted to highlight several other skill share courses you can take to further your knowledge in this space. In particular, there's two teachers that I'll call out that I found their useful. I discovered them after I had already started selling my passive income. I sure would have liked to have discovered them earlier in my journey. One is cat Coca let she sells online using several of the sites that I use, and in fact, she's been able to make this really her full time gig. So certainly look at her classes, especially her classes around taking non digital art and turning it digital because that is something that I think a lot of you could take advantage of. There's also someone who has courses on passive income by the name of jewels Tillman and I would recommend you take a look at some of her classes. She also has someone about etc. And how to sell on Etsy. Um, so check those out. You've also heard me mention that several sites to get a really good repeat pattern you need to be incorporating or uploading a seamless repeat pattern. There are a lot of courses you can take on that, depending on how you're digitizing your your art, such as you could be doing in procreate, you could be doing in photo shop lots of different ways. So if you just search up seamless repeat patterns on skill share, there are a lot of courses on that. And as I mentioned earlier, if you're going to get into textiles by using a court sites such a spoon flour, you definitely want to see Most. Repeat and finally, don't overlook the help that the print on demand vendors provide for you themselves. Red Bubble, for example, has a forum where you can go on post questions and read responses from other artists just like you. They also have a Facebook page for red bubble creators. I recommend you join. It gives you an opportunity to interact with other artists and understand what's going on. Um, places like society six have a seller's guide on their site, and they're often posting new articles there to help you on your way. Um, fine art. America has a community. You can take advantage. That's for their cellars, for the artists and sites like designed by humans, have help section that has detailed help four sellers. So for every site that I've mentioned, they pretty much have either forum or help page or frequently asked questions Page. So certainly take advantage of those S O that you can turn this into your maximum opportunity to make money as a little side hustle or a full time job. Thanks so much for joining me. I really look forward to seeing your projects in the comments and, uh, having a look at all your art in your stores. Good luck