Say it right! The course of English Spelling and Reading Rules

Daria Storozhilova, English Course Creator

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17 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Welcome to this course of English spelling and reading rules!

    • 2. Some important terms and an action plan

    • 3. Silent E which changes everything

    • 4. Practice Video: open and closed syllable

    • 5. Stressed and non-stressed vowels: IMPORTANT!

    • 6. How to read 'r' in the middle of words and vowels with it

    • 7. Practice Video: syllable type 3

    • 8. Diphthongs in English (syllable type 4)

    • 9. Learn the vowel сombinations

    • 10. Basic (simple) consonants

    • 11. Silent letters: what NOT to read in English

    • 12. Small tricks of 'g' and 'c' - two pronunciations

    • 13. Combinaton 'th' - practise it again and again!

    • 14. How to read some important suffixes

    • 15. Everything about the tricky 'w' in one video

    • 16. Thank you for watching this course! What's next?

    • 17. 5 top mispronounced words (BONUS LIVE lesson)


About This Class

I have collected the most important reading rules in English to help you with pronunciation and listening understanding of the top 1500 words in English.

As you probably know, English has one of the trickiest spelling systems from all European languages, and it causes troubles to English learners on different levels:

- there is a lot of confusion about reading rules, and most words just need to be remembered, which takes a lot of time and effort;

- if you don't read words correctly (because you don't know how), you mispronounce these words and your accent can difficult to understand for both native and non-native speakers of English;

- your pronunciation and reading influences MUCH on how you hear and understand English from listening. Your listening comprehension works only when you expect to hear the correct phonetic words, which are so different from the one written in English.

I guess I have made it clear that reading rules are very important for your English fluency. So, here is a short course of English spelling and reading rules which will give you confidence in reading and listening to English.

The course consists of 3 main types of classes:

  1. how to read vowels and vowels combinations (letters 'e', 'i', 'a','o','y')
  2. how to read consonants in English (with a special focus on problematic ones - 'r', 'c', 'g', 'w' and so on)
  3. practice videos for you to better remember the rules and increase your confidence.

The course is recorded in slow English and is good for Beginners to jumpstart your English skills.