Saxophone Articulation: Legato | Marek Tomaszewski | Skillshare

Saxophone Articulation: Legato

Marek Tomaszewski, Saxophone Tutorials

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3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Saxophone Articulation: Legato

    • 2. Saxophone Articulation: Staccato

    • 3. Saxophone Articulation: Wide Tonguing


About This Class

In this class Marek will explain different types of articulation. He will explore legato, staccato and wide tonguing articulation, which will maximize your understanding of how can you better connect smoothely, each note.





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Marek Tomaszewski

Saxophone Tutorials

Marek studied for many years in Poland and then at the prestigious London Guildhall School of Music & Drama. He has gathered over 15 years experience playing in different environments, which has allowed him to grow as a musician and as a tutor. He is a part and co-leader of different music projects working in London such asJazzphrenia, The Colours, Jason Simpson Project, BB Collective, who have performed in various venues around London such as Pizza Express, Charlie Wrights, The Dignity, Oliv...

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