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SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners

teacher avatar Katrina Lee, SMART Mandarin

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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8 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 1

    • 2. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 2

    • 3. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 3

    • 4. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 4

    • 5. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 5

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About This Class

In this lesson, you will have a basic knowledge about Mandarin Chinese as a total ZERO beginner.

You'll learn the basic sounds of Mandarin, and how we compose the sounds

for a word and a vocabulary in Chinese.  It's a lesson certainly for an absolute beginner

who wants to have a taste of learning this language. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Katrina Lee

SMART Mandarin


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1. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 1: How was sick? A tree not minus Katrina. I'm the founder and the teacher of Smart Mandiri in the Speedo. Listen, I'm going to teach you mentoring from the very beginning. So if you are a total beginner, I mean, like, zero zero level, this medio might be suitable for you. So now let's get started. First of all, I would like to give you some sounds off Mandiri, and then you try to pronounce the cell elementary, See if yours down. Amanda ring is close to my All right. Let's see the 1st 1 How would you pronounce this one? Okay, um Mom. Mom. Okay, so what you see is MMA is that I am. That's the beginning. Sound off, Mandiri AMG. Um, it's the final sound off a word. So this word is consists up beginning sound and the final cell, and then you see the lie. Mm. Okay, Goes up. So you go like mom. Mom. Mom. So what is this? Me Emese Busy Mom. Second word. How do you pronounce this? Try play. Play. Play. Okay. Beginning. Sound low. Final sound A He eyes a So going down. You see, the tone is going down right? so play play what? ISS lay. He's tired. Three. How do you pronounce this one? This one is Oh, uh, all right. So you can see that the sounds very simple. Your Onley. One word. Okay. How do you say one letter? There's only one letter which is E and E Mandiri. We saw. Oh, like I don't know. Oh, you have to give it four tone going down. So Oh, you're Thanh plays relaxed, so Oh! Oh, Mies Hungry. Oh, next one. Okay, now you see the beginning of south. And if I know South and a home and told us the balancing tongue, right? How would you say that? Uh huh. Could you see the bouncing toe? You don't go really found seeing your tone. All right, so you go to the loi Strange off your boys. Uh, cool is a case out. Uh huh. Okay. Mies thirsty. Uh huh. How would you pronounce this NACA knock? Basically, it means that one. Not so. If you're pointing as something you would say Hanukkah, that one. I want that one I want not. That's how you say not. So you see, Good has nothing above their snow tone. Right? it's going neutral tone. You go really Like I know some people in China, they say good, but in Taiwan, we use good. So let's just stick with NACA. The new trato Knock that one next one. How do you pronounce this? You have good Ray. So Chuck Chuck this one. So if something is very close to you and you say I want this one, you will say I want sugar. Sugar Something is far away. Naka Not so to Z h two She okay? The e Sao is Uh huh Jurica this one. Okay. So far we have learnt Mom. Yes. See? Tire. Oh, hungry. Thirsty. Naka that one. This one and I want to put two more words. How do you say that? Gen John, A lot of my student have very difficult type pronouncing this word. Okay, so the initial sound is you okay? You're Tong curl and your lips like this Your tongue curls like that. Okay. Yeah. Okay. E m iss on Saleh. And I understand you. You Yeah, young knees, people or person. Remember to curry of time. Okay, Jen, judge people were present. The next one I want to teach ISS. Hey, uh, h sound. And uh huh. Uh huh. You see the bouncing tone Go the lowest range of your voice. Okay, so, uh, her her me is. Very So now we can make some sentence by the ball cap I just gave you. But before we make a sentence, I want to give you a conclusion. So what you see here the words here is the character, the Chinese character. And we have simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese Simplify Chinese use a china, the traditional Chinese used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. So I'm from Taiwan. I used traditional Chinese but on my bt. Listen, I also gave you with simplify one and then you see that each character has the sound the sound off a word. A sound is usually consists off initial and final and told Okay, so that's why you have oldest sound that I just gave you. And now let's make some sentences. Not so young, huh? Not go young. Huh? Uh hey, what did I say? Can you recognize what I say? Knock again, huh? Naka that one gen person So flock again. That person, huh? Oh, very hungry. So it needs that that person is hungry. Mac again, huh? Oh, that person is hungry, huh? Literally knees Very hungry, but in the structure. Not good, huh? Oh, actually needs that person is hungry. If you really want to emphasize that person is very, very hungry. We have another work, but we won't discuss it now. OK, so if you say not going, Huh? Oh, he's That person is hungry. Okay. Again. Have a month chilled again, huh? Mom? With us? That me Can you recognize sugar? This Jen is people or person. So Sugar Hama, this person is busy. Jigen, huh? Mom? So you could also say Children late Children lay This person is tired or mark again Hunker mark again. Hunker. That person is thirsty. You see, I spent 10 minutes to teach you a few vocabulary and the little basic idea off pronunciation Off Mandiri and also some sentences. I hope you find this video helpful to you. And if you lie this video, please let me know And I'll do some more video like this starting from the beginning and give you some vocab guy You how to pronounce the word and teach you how to may sentence this easy sentences with vocabulary. This is actually this video is actually how I teach my students in the very first Listen, my sky listen for my face to face. Listen, I usually have a flash car and I say you know what? Forget about pinging, forget about but home of But where you see this English How would you like to pronounce? So they used their instinct to pronounce the word the paining that they see and usually the correct You're correct or they're right about it. So using your instinct first and then try to understand the logic off Chinese pronunciation . And then after that you learned some vocabulary and in the sentences Yes. This is exactly how I teach my students in the sky lesson. And now I want to used this meta in my video lesson. And I hope you like it. Please let me know what you think of this idea or this method of teaching. And, uh, I'll see you next time. Eisenman tacit in by. Hello. Thank you for watching this video. Listen, if you will I the worst sheet off this media lesson, please go to my page from page where you can download the worst she and watch all other bdo less is. I'll see you in the next episode O n 2. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 2: only how will come back to super easy mentoring for a beginner at Brazil too, If you want to see Episode one up for the link down below. And if you want to download a pdf file and worse, she off Episode one also pulling down below. Now let's get started to this we'd listen. So for this video Listen, I'm going to show you how I teach my brand new student for the second Lexan off Mandarin Chinese. So basically, I don't teach pronunciation and pinging. I just gave vocabulary and use their insisting to pronounce the word. So now let's get started Stays. Words are number one. How do you pronounce when you see this? What hate according to your knowledge from our first EP is Oh, you might pronounce this us UAW Yes, war. I hope you got it right. Well, uh, he's I so whoa! Oh, get the second. How do you pronounce this one? Me? Me means you. Me, me And how very good. Next one. He pronounced this one first. Uh uh ha. I think it's super easy. Pa are at me. He and she So when pronouncing Chinese top you don't know the person is saying he or she But if you see the character of Chinese, you know this one? This girl, that one is a boy. Okay, Uh, next 12 words. Pahamin common Haman these day. Hammond. So men here just make it plural. Easy, right, Hammond makes one ni Month ni month You guys ni Month plural me men. Okay, Thanks. One war men. War men! War men, We okay? Next one. How would you pronounce this one? I won. I want Hi one Taiwan. Hi One. Get next one. Oh, easy, Mama. Mother My Uggla! My mom! Mama! Mother Next one. Bob. Bob. Father Baba X one. Okay, this one is Yeah, Yeah, yeah, for toe These want Yeah, for till, like, the Okay, Yeah, for until. All right, Two more. I think I say a lot of my other video lesson. This bull calf die Died a bag sides bag, Plastic bath, usually last one. How would you pronounce this? She won See, while I see one like all right, So I am going to combine the word that we learned today into sentences. First of all, you have to listen and see. How much do you understand? Okay. Send us number one. Well, bye bye. Yeah, that's it. Walk Baba. Yeah, that's it. War. Yeah, That's the Sami, huh? I hope you hear that, Will Baba literally Mies I, Father. But here it means my father. Exactly What Baba? My father. Easy. Well, Baba. Yeah, that's my father Walks a bag. Next one. Well, Mama should Highway alien. Well, Mama, shoot high wagon. Mama should Highway 11. What did I say? My mother is a Taiwanese. That's right. Well, Mama, shoot high widen next one. Naka High Wandera, huh? Mom? Not good. Taiwan. Dragan, Huh? Mom, I use the word vocab that I mentioned in my previous big a lesson. So please don't get the previous real lesson first and see this episode second. All right, Thanks. One Sugar Young Hun Shi Wan Tai Wai Chill Gordon, hon. She one high one Chill, Gourgeon hose. He want high one Guys. This person very light Taiwan to me is that this person likes Taiwan Very much. Juggle union, hon, See why we say very like a Mandiri. So Children, homes, she won Taiwan. See, I just gave you a few sentences off mentoring out these full cat This is just the second lesson and the second episode off Super easy Mandarin Chinese for beginner. Okay, if you want to check out the first episode Oh, please see the link down below. And if you want to see more off my Viel Essen and my able and podcasts, here is my able, by essential topics off Mandarin Chinese. You can get this able an audio file in adolescent off this able all my patron Page. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next Episode o chat since Ian Region. 3. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 3: Hello Me? How we'll come back to shipper. Easy mentoring lesson at Piso three In today's lesson, I'm still going to give you some vocabulary. But if you haven't seen the previous too big a lessons, please see the link down below. And I also have pdf file, which you can Daloa. So now let's get started. The first vocab iss How would you pronounce this with your instinct? I mean tear mean tear? I mean t and tomorrow Thanks One t p in seeing kid today. Next one Pyo Lee young. Okay, cause I support for a toast. I do this. Leon. Leo. Beautiful. Oh, with this beautiful, you can say someone. It's beautiful. Where the weather is beautiful or the landscapes is beautiful I smile. I means love I Okay, next one. Who? How would you pronounce that? Jerome? War G you Oh, good. War war The u. O. Is war some war, right? Drone war. Joel wore the country China Jerome More very good. Last one. Ma. Ma. Yeah, This isn't neutral tone, Ma, This is a party. Go. Well, I would say yes. No question Work I usually put at the end of sentence. So Ma Issa. Yes. No question Work. Now let's start making some sentences. The first sentence is meeting Kin. Huh? Veolia me Jingqian Hunt Power! I can't me. Jingqian! Huh? Veolia! Hey, where did I say you might look at your now? Trying now is searching for the word that I say and combine together and guessing what I'm talking about, Which is your beautiful today me sink in power. So here, cause our war order ni you subject Cynthia Tie Hm? PR Leon statement. So our basic structure is people time statement meeting Chea Scalia, you're very beautiful today. Next sentence me, I draw warm a me I drunk woman. That's real cities. Okay, Me, I jungle Roma when they say you look China Yes. Or now? So this is how you ask a Yes, no question a statement And then you put a mop at the end of sentence. Is that is a years or no me? I jungle you will China yes or no? Do you love China? Me? I drunk woman. Me mama seen here? Her B'Aliya Mi mama Jingqian hub. Yulia Mi Mama Jingqian Hump Eulalia. What did I say? I said that your mom is beautiful today. Me, Mama Indian, huh? Held up your mother today. Very beautiful. All right, that's all for today. I'll see Excite Tiote's it in. 4. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 4: only how welcome to smart meandering Vega. Listen super easy mentoring cereal Let's get started 1st 1 is if you see this ped will you be able to pronounce that? All right, it's pronounced Shi Tao Teoh Okay with the Z h I I doesn't do anything You can forget about how to pronounce the I sell true your lips Look side this and then you could curl your time so to two Okay 1st 0 sure, How sure Go needs to know No. All right, so to know something should that second word How would you pronounce this one? Okay, it iss Sure, sure. So the s h south is sure? Sure, sure And you owe is war sell war sound Okay, So she wore fool? Sure. Meaning to say Sure Next one raping that us This way Okay It iss trawl when strong When? So the first word zh is choose just that the first cab we learn Zh the truth The same sound So you have to curl your town So sure So Zhong yo Injury is old sound So she own strong The next one is easier is who? Um When? When? So troll When so the W is rue sound and E and this and won one drawn when Miss Mandarin Chinese next one. How do you pronounce that sigh ticket? So the Z sound is soon Two. Okay, it's kind of why the S sau the d s ending celled English. But you have to voice that so to die inside she means Dubai Sigh Teoh. All right, it's I see it j i a n I see. Okay, so the J is the t cell. See, by when you say Jeep maybe and you smile See smile t OK, so thi yen and I a n is yin sounds so t and did it's I ticket Good bye. Side side literally needs again and 10 means to see so again seat Meeskhobar See you again . Side to suit. Who? This one is hard. Okay, so the c I It's kind of like he s sound ending Sow English. So, Fourtou, sit, sit. Okay, the knees tie or times. Not time in general, but it's like I do something for how many times that kind of time. Memory. Okay, so suit suit. Next one. Don't home. Oh, entry. Oh, so the own go home the only to understand Don't won't Next one ni I think that's easy. Me that the iss kind of a possessive. Worse so need. That means your I need that I need that. I need that You're Gnida. How would you pronounce that? See, I entry Is that being sound so t e own? It's more nasal. So she she okay, these please t All right, So now we have old herbal cabs today Let's get to the sentences and see if you understand what I say. The 1st 1 is knee shoe Ultra Juanma Me? Sure. Joe Juanma. What does that mean? I can't I mean sure Joe Wilma sure is to speak or to say me. Sure, you speak Joe when it's Mandarin Chinese. Marty has no question. So me Schwartzel Wilma to use fee mentoring Chinese knee Schwartzel Wilma next one Not sure when Naka gin You sure John Wen to stop me Naka that Jen is people were person so not Julian That person Boosh War doesn't speak strong When Mandarin Chinese That person doesn't speak Mandarin Chinese. Not again, Boo! Sure Chongwen. Next sentence we'll put on either John Well, we'll put on me the Chongwen War I Bootle doesn't understand or don't understand. Nida, your Joe When Mandarin Chinese, I don't understand your Chinese soap. Maybe someone who's saying something you mentoring Chinese is you're like, Oh, I don't understand your Chinese. Well, good on needle, John. When next one. Yes, I sure it's it. Sigh. Sure, it's it. Sighs. Sure, it's It's okay. This one is hard. Remember, Sigh means again. It comes from the word cited so again side sure is to say or to speak. It's It is one time. So again, say one time used to say it one more time. So if you want somebody to say something one more time, you could say so, I assure you. Say one more time. Sighs short. It's say one more time. If you want to be more polite, you could say she sighs. Sure, you sit T side short. It's it. See? Please sighs. Sure, it's Please again. Say one time. Literal translation. Please say again. See size? Sure, it's all right. That's all for today. So now you know some vocabulary. You have a little bit understanding off the pronunciation and you kind of know the how we speak in Mandiri. So you could see that that we don't really have congregations. The tenses in Mandarin, which is easy for a foreigner to learn Mandarin because we don't have any like congregation Intense is Oh, you have to do at the moment is to learn the vocabulary and practice the pronunciation and try maybe tried to practice. Makes some sentences on your own if you lie the Siri's. And if you like this video, listen, I have many more other speedy lessons on my patron page, which you can take a look a polluting gamble. Oh, thank you for my patron students and my sky student. Oh, my ally student some poor without you guys. I really cannot do this video. Listen and, oh, other media lessons. So in the end of this video, I really like to thank you for supporting me and my lessons. I know it's kind of cliche because everybody saves the Simba. Yeah, that's really true. Without the Patriots support without allies Sky lesson student support, I could not have time. I don't have time. I don't think I have time to maybe two lessons on YouTube. So thank you for your support and help to see you in the next video lesson. Cinnamon Saxes. Yet 5. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 5: How lonely How? Well, come back to the episode off Super easy Mandarin Chinese for beginner. In this episode, I'm still going to give you some vocabulary of Mandiri and we're going to practice. The pronunciation may sentences less Get started. First word. How do you pronounce that? Just like I say. Use your instincts, Joel. This one is tricky. Geo. Chill. Oh, and that I you Final is yourself. So, Joe Joe, which means alcohol. But the sin pronunciation Oh, so has another character. Which knees Ni So Joe Nye in alcohol, they share the exact pronunciation, Joe. Now let's stick to alcohol. Joe. Next word. How would you pronounce that? A P Joe P. Joe Pho? Which means beer, beer, alcohol, beer. Okay, P Joe next one. Okay, the swim pronouns. Whole Joe. I hope you guess a ride home show. Oh, makes one. Okay. Bye, Joe. White wines. The last one is Fred wine by show by show. Why color Why? So why, why By Joe Piao Zhou Hao Zhou Cocteau Literally knees mixed alcohol. But in these Cocteau because you mix things together, right? So how geo cow chill. Next one, huh? Huh? So her, uh huh? Dream, huh? OK, now I'm going to use thes vocabulary and the vocabulary that we learn from the last for periods lessons and make some sentences. The first sentence is Michy. One Who cow Joma Me see one hood. How Joma. What's that? Me? Do you like a drink? Cotto's again? Niecy One, huh? Cow Joma Nishi One hook. How Joma You like a drink, Otto? The 2nd 1 War Mama I by Joe War Mama I by Joe. What do I say? Well, Mama, my mother I is love by show. Why? Why? Well, Mama I by Joe. Thanks. One. Okay. Naca Taiwan onion See, while huh high one p Joe, It's kind of loan. Noga Taiwan Run! See one hook high one p Joe Naka pie wandering She one who high one page. Oh, What did I say? Naka that Hi Weijia. And by one person she won like who to drink. Hi one p Joe have a beer here in Taiwan, which is very famous. And then off the beer isco high one pho high one beer and then you should try it. It's really good. Okay? No good Taiwan. Is she one who high one p. Joe. All right, That's so for our episode today. Thank you for watching this episode. Oh, woman sat suited until next high margin. 6. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 7: Tony. How was capturing that? Well, Countess, my meandering big elicit this episode the same. We're going to give you some vocabulary. So let's get started. The first world cap is sign Ali. Eat Sign Ali. Which meas? Where? Sigh. It's kind of the proposition in English being on AC Nolly iss. Where so adware En where? Sign Ali. You can see that Nolly is actually to third tone. But when they're to 13 together, the first word should change to the second toll. The second hole. Okay, so now the e sign Ali needs where? But literally. At where? In where? On where? Okay. Sigh, Nolly. Where the next one is Notley, huh? Notley? The 1st 1 The first word is a four tone. So not no Notley me. Is there Notley? Ok, surely. Surely? Okay. You see the zh your cell again. It's a true to you. And you have the courage tongue. But in Taiwan, we don't really curl. Tells so much, So you probably here. So it's is it It's not too. It's true. Okay, So true. Okay, Charlie. Charlie. All right, knees here. Chili is one. How do you pronounce this one? Your needs to have You're a Cy Yo, yo, yo Hey, so your oh, you're oh, to have a negation off to half issue don't have and don't have a mandarin iss Nay, yo, remember, in this case, when you want to say, don't have you, do not say Fujio negation war boo is not used right here. So it's just may your needs don't have not Nay, yo, May yo Next one. How do you pronounce that? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. So the why is kind of you sound e out. So yeah, these want How about if you want to say you don't want I don't want you mentoring Hiss? Yeah, Yeah. Remember Boo Issa negation were. And if you have another four tone after boo So the bull has to change to a second Don't remember. So you don't say Oh, yeah, that's so strong. You changed the tone, you say? Yeah. Yeah. You don't want one? How do you pronounce that? It's kind of a tricky one with See there. Right c and e. Okay, it's pronounced swore the sea sound is like the p s ending sound English And the e sound is Oh, So uh huh Uh huh. Okay. I'm trying my best to pronounce. Where you guys with my braces. Okay, so uh huh. Okay. Took s you? Oh, you always the war sound so soon. War swore so So all means. Toilet bathroom, ladies room. Gentlemen's room. Okay. Took Swore it's sore washing bathroom took sore. Now let's make some sentences. Toast, warts and Ali. Tell your son Ali, what does that mean? Means where is the bathroom? Was the washroom so sore Sigh now, Ali. So So I I NA Lee says was an alley. So when next time wanna ask people wear Sebastian was the washing with the toilet. You say so. So finally makes one Julie. Male toast surely may. Also So showing may also soul chili nails hustle chili here. Mayo don't have not half its host floor is bathroom. So surely May Oats hustle. Don't have a bathroom here. There's no bathroom here. Chili Mayo tussle. Next sentence. Giulio Woman. Sure. Yours her, Salama. Surely. Yo, so Soma with the Stamey chili here. You old these half so school bathroom, Ma? Yes. No question. Is there any bathroom here? So literally is I hear has bathroom yes or no? So it's like, Is there any bathroom here? So surely your social my next one will Mayo chukka one male juggle We're male. Chika What? Stunned me? What? Mayo check war Nao not half Chuck this I don't have this war. Mayo choker war male sugar I don't have this. Well, Mayo Jacob last one. Me. Oh, come on. Neo Tacoma. What does that mean? He's Do you want this? Ni is you? Yao is want Chuck. This mark is a yes, No question. So do you want this Neo Tacoma? You want this neo? All right. That's so for today. I hope you learn a lot from this episode. Don't forget to review And the kiss supporting my beagle. Listen and, uh, how you have a great time watching this video and see when they signed shifting humans, shacks and 7. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 8: only how was secretary now? Well, come to the episode off Super easy mentoring for beginner The day I'm going to give you 50 cap and teach you have a pronounced him and make some senses with you. Let's get started. The 1st 1 is had to pronounce this. Okay, this is pronounced me and me and these new does so the initial sound is and and so it's MMA MMA and I a n is yin. Yeah. So, men with the four tone me and these new does me and next one Have you pronounce this All right, he went. Why I entry is you in with a Lebanese or sell you and w e and is rule on one. So you want meas English? English language. He won. He won Next one. Have you pronounced this? It is pronounced fly fry. So the initial s h is should a little curl. Overton right shirt. And you ai with a portal wise or why try Fry, Try Amis Henson. Why? How do you pronounce this? It's a little tricky. So with the why you is moves sounds we have to close your mouth. L a bit your e In the end, you had by losing your mouth a little bit, so yeah. Yeah, And it's fourth home, so Yeah. Yeah. All right. Knees, months must. Okay, next one. How do you pronounce this? All right. The first cantor it is she shin sigh. It's a 44 toll. She sighed. Mese Now here sat. So the first work, the X sound is And you have to voice that she okay? I am this year And some shin Shin z a I is soon I die. She and die she and die. Which hiss now Shen shy. So now I'm going to give you some sentences with these. Whoa! Cap. And also with a wool cap that we learned before and see if you understand. Okay. The first sent in this war brochure in one war brochure in one. But this that me war I You sure not stay or not speak you. When is English language so I don't speak English. Walk brochure in one war Bull? Sure. In one next one passage. Why pa Hood fly? Ha ha! Shut news. He's Hansen or he's very handsome, depending on the toner. You're saying if you're saying Taha's Shrine use. He's handsome, but use a home shrine means he's very Henson. Alright Ha shut is his hands it Shinsei Shu san You do? That's hard. She and I should sand your shins Ashes Sunyer Shin size now Asai iss san u E r science on his three What is three months? Actually Sandra is march. We used number to tell months in a year. So either it is January earlier. It is February and Sanit ISS march and so on to December Sang it so she ends. I should stand it now It's March War I Chunyan. What? I should do it. What does that mean? War. I shouldn't. I love eating news. War. I should me it I love eating news. I hope you hear that and understand what I stay in, Henry. All right, that's all for today. Don't forget to practice. If you want to make some sentences with the vocabulary that you learn from my video, please write on your sentences down below in the common out. Check it until them OSU makes science fiction much chats and 8. SUPER EASY Mandarin for Beginners 9: Hey, how was Katrina? Will come to another episode. Super easy mentoring for beginners was sued Katrina. And today I'm going to give you by Wolf Cab. Oh, so so let's get started. The 1st 1 is how they pronounce this. Okay, this we pronounce way. Go away. Why? Amy's expensive. So the u i sound If you have watched my previous video, you know the new I sell is way, way Okay, so it pronounced way so with the G Initial sound is good. So go away. Go away before tone Guay knees expensive way next one. Okay, that's so were you have two thoughts on the you and with the L. So how do you pronounce that? No idea. It's actually two dots on the use town. It is pronounce you in mentoring because its final the final sound off a work. So it's written us u with two dots but actually pronounced exactly the sent us Why you do remember that So with the l is love you blue and the next word is so new stuff lose So these green color literally green column me screen Ok, move. So move. So next one, how do you pronounce this. All right. A this pronounced sure shong show. The first word is X u e. So the X is she she sounds and you is Maria. Yeah, Your s is hard pronounced. She should s set. Injury is for all shown. Sure. Shong student or students? Sure. Shong Sure. Shong student Next one. How do you pronounce this? It is pronounced. Ciao, Xiao iss Smoke or little? You might seem this before Shao and Ch eyes should so south shout She literally knees little eat But it means loco snacks, loco snacks or a finger food that you see in the nine market. Okay, Shout shit shall shoot next one. How do you pronounce this? All right, so it's pronounced to walk in toward him. Ok, z you owe is these 22 and then you os I washed down war so to war, to war to war and p i n is p and P and so So what? Here yesterday. So what here yesterday? All right, so now I'm going to give you some sentence out these vocabulary and you have You can listen and see if you understand. So the person is is high one shout should Oogway Taiwan shout Should Oogway let us that me Hi one high one Xiao Shi Local snacks way Not expensive. So Taiwan local snacks are not expensive. I once out should Okay washy one Rusa washy one Louise What's let me Waas? He won alike moos. So green collar like green color light green Was she one Moussa next one. Not so young. She water Not good yen Shit! What? Tricia Nagarajan that person Sit. It's what? My Shirish young students. That person is my student. Knock again. Shoot! What? That she shot Well, I pi Wunsch! Ouch! More I high one shout should What does that mean? War I love Hi One high one shout Shit little eat I love Taiwan. Little eat I looked hard Locals next so Well, I high one shout shit! Okay, if we have tried a tellin shots that you love it there are so many different kinds of talent. Show Chu and I love time One white I want and I also look how many's next five how shots should I can't really eat too much because I had prices right now. Okay. Anyway, thank you for watching this episode. Oh, and the child. Yo, if you have sentences that you come out with from the vocabulary, you learn from my big a lesson, you can write it down and check it in. Tilden Austin the time she can, you login.