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Resin jewelry in the brass frame with glitter

teacher avatar Art School, Became a better artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The introduction of devices

    • 3. Safety

    • 4. The First Materials and Devices

    • 5. Preparation of Frames

    • 6. Measuring resin and hardener

    • 7. Mixing resin and hardener

    • 8. Pouring Resin, Part One

    • 9. Cleaning the back of the brass frames

    • 10. Mixing resin and glitter

    • 11. Pouring Resin, Part Two

    • 12. Pouring Resin, Part Three

    • 13. Prepare a chain

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About This Class

They are made of glitter and resin in the brass frames. During this training course, you can create your own jewelry at home without any background knowledge and get surprised by the results. This course will help you create beautiful jewelry and earn money from selling them. I hope you have enjoyed watching this course.

What will students learn in your course?

  • The easiest way to create and craft a beautiful pendant and resin jewelry.
  • In this course, we will teach you to step by step tutorials with full details.
  • Learn how to use resin jewelry tools.
  • Making any resin jewelry in the least time.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • A bit of creativity and tools that we will let you know how and where you can find them in any local store.
  • Resin , Hardener , Brass frames , scales.

Who are your target students?

  • Absolute beginners with no resin art experience.
  • For those who want to start a new business in the resin jewelry category.
  • students with no experience of using the tools that we are using during the course.



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1. Introduction: Hi, everyone. I am jump ship in this training course, I'm going to teach you how to make Rosine jewelry. During this training course, you can create your own jewelry at home without any background knowledge on. Get surprised by the results. This course will help you create beautiful jewelry on air money for I'm selling them. I hope you enjoyed watching these course. 2. The introduction of devices : now way are going to introduce the essential device for this course. The first device is a digital escape with a measurement accuracy off wontons or more, which can measure 500 grams to work with resin and hardener. We need to use the precise scale to measure the amount of material accurately. Next device is a needle loans pliers, which are used to work with the chains off surgery. This possible container or glass is also used for working with prison. We try to use small and transparent containers. Wouldn't mixer is also used to mix resin and hardener. The next device is the Trooper Flame lighter, which is an essential device for working with books. Raising on on is used to remove bubbles from the resin on Harmon. As you can see in the field, the white adhesive tape is the next device. You could be about five centimeter. Why then, preferably transparent on clear. In the end, the disposable gloves are used to protect hands on it is explained in the next section 3. Safety: on in this part, we're going to review some points about how to work with a book series in safe. The reason is as pokes reason, which is mixed with Hartner, with ratio off to 21 when working with reason. You should use mosques on the gloves to prevent a skin and for a spiral three sensitivities . You can also use latex gloves. It is recommended to use the appropriate size off gloves so that you can work properly with raising on other devices. 4. The First Materials and Devices : as you can see in the field, a book citizen on hardener, are the first matter we all used to make resin jewelry. The epoxy resin is 50% type, which should be mixed with a ratio off 2 to 1. Hardener is your usually Tina dam raising. What reason is ticker? Their proxy reason should be clear on colorless. The next material is the glitter powder at the sizes are fathers are relatively lush in three different colors and can be separated in the reason the's powders are light on and should not be exposed to wind when working with glitter. Because they will be scattered on stock, two different surfaces. Eso it is difficult to gather them again the next. An important devices are open back raise frames used to make resin. Julie The's frames are available in a war et off shapes that you can prepare them based on your taste. Be sure that the hate off the frame is less than for 25 millimeters eso that it does not become too Harry on does not. They made the beauty off the frame. The thickness off the frames is about one millimeters. The next devices are the essential devices to make the change. The brace fish hook off gearing is used to attach the frame to the ears. The brass lock is used to connect the two ends off the chain and has a different size. The brush group is also used to connect the lock to the change on. As you can see in the future, the breasts or Estill chain is used for as injury. 5. Preparation of Frames : in this part. We're going to cover the back off bra sprain using avoid Atis if tape to close the back off the frames on Prevent Day admission offers. Thus, we cut a piece off the white adhesive tape. Andi, we attached the frames to it from one side. Carefully. - Be sure the adhesive tape is a small on Does not have any wrinkles. 6. Measuring resin and hardener : in this part, we are going to measure and makes the raising on the heart. First he turned on the scale on. Put that this possible container on it. Remember that we do not calculate the weight off the container, then pour 16 grams from the bottle off raising into the container. - The reason is thick in the container on must be diluted. Therefore, it must be heated by to blame lighter as you can see in the future. We turned on the lighter while keeping it away from the top off the container on the star, hitting the reason to get warm and palate. - When the reason is diluted, add a heartless Be careful not to overheat the resin. It should be slightly war. We put raising container on this cape on at the half amount after raising which is eight grams off hardener into it. 7. Mixing resin and hardener : after measuring the resin and hardener, Uh, we start to mix them with the wooden mixer on. As you can see in the field, you start mixing them slowly in two directions. Mixing time is about three minutes. In the end, we leave the mixed raising on hardener for five minutes. 8. Pouring Resin, Part One: After preparing the raising on the hardener, we pulled the raising into the frames by using their wouldn't missile. Remember to level the stool face off the table before about two millimeters off, raising into the frames. People raising into all frames on esprit them completely with the wooden mixer to eliminate the surface bubbles off raisins We used to do flame lighter. As you can see in the field, the lighter should move quickly so that the Sufis offers and does not there. 9. Cleaning the back of the brass frames: after 24 hours from pulling the reason we remove the frames from the excessive tape on a place it on the table. - We use acetone to kill in the frame, as you can see in the feeling we put a double under the frame on clean the frame completely with their asses. - We clean other frames off sticky materials. 10. Mixing resin and glitter : we prepaid three this possible container and pull a certain amount off powder into their country. We have, ah, already prepaid Racine on harden and pull a small amounts off them on the glitter containers so that the glitter on the reason can be mixed. We mix the glitters on the reason a slowly by using wood and mixer. 11. Pouring Resin, Part Two: we put the brush around the frame on a piece off boot that is sloping down on. Then we pulled their desperate out Mr Off, raising on glitter in the frame. - We also do these four other frames. - The amount off Port Racine should not be too much on at some, so that the weakness is about one millimeters. - After the end off the world on a spreading the regime by the mixer, we try to remove the bubbles off, risen with hair like hers, so that it is completely clear on without bobbles. 12. Pouring Resin, Part Three: after 24 hours on drawing the reason. Inside the frames, we start to pull the reason on the edge. After frames, we pulled the raising slowly into the frames into a steps on, then remove the bubbles with their lighter. - So we pulled the raising into a steps. So that's the bubbles off raising. Do not stick to the end off the frame. - Okay , - we leave the frames in the dust free environment for 24 hours. Be sure to level the table to make the raising smoke. 13. Prepare a chain: in this part. We want to link the chains to the jewelry. So we prepaid a chain luck on two loops as we described before. The fishhook off the earrings has bean prepaid before. And, as you can see in the food, it does not need to be made again. On can be used because 50 centimeters off chains with needle nose pliers, all royal Qatar's be polluted. The two ends off the chain on the table way opened the brass hoop with hands or middle nose pliers. Onda. We closed it at the beginning on the end, off the chain. After attaching the hoop to the chain, we should attach the luck to one end off the chain on passed on like one off the hoops from inside the luck. The chain is ready after 24 hours. Resin jewelry is prepaid, which is clear on without bubbles. We passed the chain through the upper hoop after free on the reason jewelry is completed. Now, I hope you have enjoyed watching this course