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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. 1 materials

    • 3. 2 buying

    • 4. 3 preparing mold

    • 5. 4 preparing resin

    • 6. 5 pouring resin into mold

    • 7. 6 resin coating

    • 8. 7 last step

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About This Class

In this course, I'm going to teach you how to make resin jewelry made using leaf skeletons. The construction process is fully and clearly taught and everyone can make these jewelries and there is no need for any background. Join me and enjoy watching this training course and make beautiful jewelry.


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1. INTRO: tight. I am Jamshid. Welcome to my training course. In this course, I'm going to teach you how to make resin jewelry made using leaked escalator. The construction process is full and clearly tarts on. Everyone can make this jewelry on. There is no need for any backup. Join me on. Enjoy watching this training course on make beautiful jewelry. 2. 1 materials: the first month of your record is a poxy reason on hardness here, 50% epoxy resin is used, which is the ratio off resident hardener 2 to 1. The next record material is in color, which can be prepaid in various colors. On is one off the clear colors for raising. Here we use purple, green, blue and yellow. Silicon mold for is in generally used in five forms. The nurse who face off the more must be polished and smooth, and you can boy all the moves from the Amazon website. The national Leave skeleton is the next material we need to use inside the morts paper cup , wooden or plastic mixer. Oh, on digital escape. Used to rate their reason, we used atomic lighter toe bubble. There is 3. 2 buying: to buy silicon molds on escalation lives. We will do as you see in the video, - okay ? 4. 3 preparing mold: in this section, we are going to cut as much as a silicon mort from the lever skeleton and put it inside the moat. You can put any part off the leaf that is to your liking into the silicon. More. Here, we place the top off the leaf on the silicon mark on carefully marked the inside of the more using a marker. Uh, - then , using scissors, caught the inside off the line to cut the inner part off the leaf to the size of the mold. - After cutting the leave, we have to remove the ring from the leaf with its cutter or scissors. As you can see in the video, the leaf must be completely inside the fixed mold. Okay, we do the same for all Moz optionally. We can put several parts off the leaf in the molds, or just put apart off the leaf in the mold and the rest off the mold is empty. Instead, offerings we will definitely caught with the cutter 5. 4 preparing resin: first turn on their skills on place the paper cup on this case, and zero the weight off the container. They're very tough. The cop must be zero from the reason bottle poor, about eight grams off raising into the cup, then zero the S case, and from the hardener bottle, pour about four grams. Okay. Using a booth and mixer or plastic weeks there makes the reason and hardener Mixer well for 1 to 2 minutes off the desert in color way. Add a certain amount, for example, as a drop with the mixer to the reason Mr. We don't use much paint to keep terrorizing clear. We also makes the reason slowly. We've been paid reasons for different molds in different colors. 6. 5 pouring resin into mold: select the school more toe poor the resin into the mold according to the steps you see in the video. First, take the leave out off the Mort, uh, then for a little raising into the more using a mixer on desperate it inside the moat. Uh, not that we added a little amount off raising to the extent off. One millimeter, we take the bubbles inside the regime using atomic light. Gently place the leave in the mold on a stick it to the bottom off more with keeping the entire surface off the leaf into the residence. - Slowly pour the remaining raising into the mort until it treats the top off the mold and slightly blue the edge off the silicon Mart. Okay, we also do these steps for the rest off the moats. Just make sure the colors are into teak. Not that the leaves do not reach the surface after raising and are at the bottom off the mold or in the middle of the moat, and we do not feel the moulds to the edge off the moat after all, the more already put them more in a dry the last three place for 24 hours to cure the raising 7. 6 resin coating: after 24 hours removed the resin models from the Mort. As you can see in the video, the models are transparent, - Uh , for the next step. That's true. Face off. The models should be clean. Place the models on a flat surface and pull the prepaid epoxy resin on top off the models gradually at their reason, so that it does not fall off the models using a mixer or a piece off boot. Desperate the raising on the surface off the models. - There isn't on the models should be convicts on the surface after model should be prominent, as you can see in the video, if necessary. We used atomic lighter to bobble. A resident no re performed a steps wanted. The level after models is completely razed. Yeah, uh, leave the models in the dust free environment for 24 hours to dry completely after 24 hours there is in. Models are prepaid already for the next step 8. 7 last step: in this section. We are going to use leather straps to make necklaces with resin models for this purpose. We passed it to straps behind the models and performed the steps, as you can see in the video. - Okay . Oh, I hope you enjoy watching this training course and make beautiful jewelry.