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Red Lotus and Kingfisher in Chinese Painting

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Petals and stamens of Red Lotus

    • 3. Red Lotus with color graphics

    • 4. Old Leaf with color

    • 5. Kingfisher and how it is looks like

    • 6. Kingfisher sitting in lotuses

    • 7. Hunting Kingfisher

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About This Class

Now we have prepared a Red Lotus flower with a draw with you in traditional Chinese painting.

Red Lotus is a bright, showy flower. And the little Kingfisher bird also sparkles in the sun in all shades of blue. This tireless hunter hides in the thickets of lots and looks out for his prey - small fish. This idea I propose to draw in this course.

At the class divided into six parts we will draw a charming moment of tropical wetlands.
Join us to learn many new painting secrets and draw your own pictures with two different lo
tuses and kingfishers.


The materials you will need:

-Brushes for xe-i universal of small and middle size
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat as an underlay

-Small round plate
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors, or another brand of mintral paints for chinees/japanees painting. (we will make turquoise color of blue and green)
-Paper for xe-i/sumie

Be sure you have much red paint!



Meet Your Teacher

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Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Introduction: Hello, I'd like to paint with you in traditional Chinese painting, a red lotus flower with the king fisher. The Red lotus is bright showy flower. And the little king fisher bird also sparks in the sun in an all shades of blue. This tireless hunter hides in the thickness of lotteries and looks out of his prey, small fish. This ID I propose to draw in this course. At the flood divided into six parts, we will draw a charming moment of tropical marshlands. Join us to learn many new painting secrets and draw your own pictures with two different lattices. And king fishers. 2. Petals and stamens of Red Lotus: Hello. Let's start drawing a red lotus flower Using this paint. We're going to use this type of red color much enough. Do not try to keep it. First of all, I need to take the paint into the brush. It is necessary to feel the full body of the brush from the base to the tip. Next, I use the common napkin to delete extra liquid of the brush. I need to fool the base of my brush by bright and transparent enough Fred, and very dense and concentrated to the TPP. I need to prepare the brush for gradient drawing. By the whole side of the brush, I may gradient from light enough rows one to deep. And Brian, Fred, we will use this way always. Now look how we draw a flower petal. I just place and move a little the base of the brush, but leave the tip on the place to have it sharp enough like this. If I need to draw a bigger pedal, duplicate this movement. That is how my battle is getting more wide. Now, I will try to make a flower from the same petals. In any case, the base is more like the top is Docker. Fine if the front details are solid and bright and the background outlying are lighter beat, I start from the front size. Hence, my paint is dense and saturated. Make the mass of petals, some have to be in front, some behind. It's important to make a difference, not uniform. Now I'm going to draw the outlying site or the flour to detect its size and proportions. Also different petals like in prompt. Now I turn one petal sideways and look how to show by dense and bright banes. It's sideline. Add more petals if you'd like. Check the flower is not uniform, not boring. Now, I add this term to it. Using another brush for black ink. I remove, as usual extra ink to have my brush semi dry. I do strong enough, confident black line pressing from the beginning to the end. The wake like in calligraphic light, opposite movement and then down with pressure, up and opposite direction. As My flower is here, I draw the line of my stem belt and curve with the little and some dots that typical to load those stamps. Now I draw a seed books, partly visible, covered by the pedals. With this specific seeds, it is on the stem, mind to connect it with the base of the box. And only a flower. And add some statements, yellow. To make yellow paint non-transparent and dance enough. I will mix it with white. Very thick and dense paint I use. The direction of the stamens is from out to the sanctity of the seed box. Much statements lattice has. If you'd like, paint, you sit box in, in green, mixed tone blue pains with yellow. That is the first style of drawing red lotus flower. 3. Red Lotus with color graphics: Let's go in on withdrawing red lattice. The way is similar to the previous lesson, but with some extra graphic, we will add to the flower. As before, much paint into the brush. The teeth has more concentrated collar and drawing the shape of the flower by pressing this brush. Making different size and contrast of the petals on the front side and beg ground. Big petals on the background and some small ones. Now, let's add the graphics using the same paint, but maximum dance and bright. Unlike the battles drawing, I take the paint, brush. Both the Bayesian TPP with no gradient. Remove extra water, make tip very sharpen theme. Your brush has to draw like a pencil. The line is dry. That's the shape of the petals. I start drawing while it is still wet. The brush is Dr. Bach, the flower painted before it, but some places my dry line may dissolve into the web background. Always vertical brush. More graphics to the petals, some streaks from the top. Draw the line with pressure from strong to lie to NADPH. Only to the front Petals. We add streaks. That brush is vertically only. That was the graphics and the stamp to the flower, same as before. And the C box in the middle of the flower use dry thin tipo the brush with black ink. The box is on the stamp. Whenever you see the connection onto the pedals or not. You might colorize it are not up to you. And I add some statements, yellow. To make yellow paint non-transparent and dense enough, I will mix it with white. Stamens may look like dots in the front must cross each other and be different in size and direction. Now we will draw using the same techniques that flower bud. This same gradient drawing starting with the front petal and 12 extra, it's enough with a BAD first small one petal and dry graphic after. Dry your brush. And this step. This is the second lesson trained to draw red lattices, waiting for your sketches to discuss. 4. Old Leaf with color: Now we will draw a lotus leaf in color. You may do your live as colorful as you'd like using all shaders or green or blue. My Leaf is in green and brown. Gamma for C paint is essential not to the right definite colors. Just green is not good for the Spain's style. It make its two primitive. So using it have to be in your toe, like heres, tone green, Applause brown, and some black ink. And use wildest and biggest brush you have. Mix brown and green for such an interesting shade, much enough for the whole brush and black ink to add. I start with a front leaf. It have to be dark contrast. It is looking like they wither or nearly dead. It is looking down side Cities movement wide enough. The leaf wouldn't be the same from all these scientists. Some parts are smaller and it had to be very dark at one side. Next, I dry my brush, add some graphic details. We need to find a place from this, this shrieks of the leaf are growing like down from the centre. Despite the large size of my brush, I dry it and use the dry tip over to draw this tree. Like buy a pencil. And the stamp. It have to go from the center to the leaf to if you'd like to escalate to the effect of nearly died partly spoiled leaf at some dots or Oh, of different size or color sports to the wet surface of leaf. Now an opens repped leaf. It's the shape of this leaf. Littles 3x coming to each other from opposite sides. And thus stamp in C, we draw it so hold the brush vertically. Make two parallel lines. Small parts at the sides. The stamp. And when decorate by dry streaks using smaller brush and brightest ink. That is how our leaf is looking, tried to practice. And the next lesson, we will draw a bird cold. Can Fisher? 5. Kingfisher and how it is looks like: Here is a little bird that's always haunting in lattice mash lands. King fisher taking a middle elastic brush or thing enough to draw thin lines first. A specific Gulf king fishers is long beak. It has holding my brush vertically, I draw the main central line of the beak and the EI upon the line of the beak. The form of Kim Fisher has, is flat and beat, not around the proportions of body and the head is important. Big hat with a beak. Small bodies in the form of the body is like an egg and tiny tail. This is a very specific pose of the bird. Twister delete will full of dynamics. We will return to it later. Another one is a flying king fisher. Now I show both Bose's sitting and flying. I use paint blue for the body, light blue for the sports, and stone Brown to the chest. As I've shown before, I begin with, the big brush must be dried. Absolutely. I will show the flying bird first. Did blue may be mixed with the ink to become darker lead to the head of such a form. And the body expressive enough, like a bullet. And the Winx. The first one. The second. Black elements that deal. And fly feeders. And big brown with rose to the chest. And the legs are small and we do not draw it here. When the bird flies. And many sports on its head and back. Once again, that when I press this side of the brush and move and take up at the end. Once more. The flight feeders drawn by black ink. The main one complex, the line of the wind. Always hold you brush vertically and draw with opposite moving. Make them regularly. For the tail, we do two strokes. Important that it's comes not from the same point. Like here. Now, I draw this seating on the branch, king fisher, Big and I first. Then I take blue paint for the wings folded on its back. And then I'd take black ink for the, this, the tail, then the Rose Brown chest, bright red legs. And of course the spots. Then branch member is sitting on. The last pose, is bent a little. It is common when the bird is going to get your fish. The head is looking down and decide that body is looking. Car would admit it's the body and the wing, which is close to the body. Now we see two legs and that branch he's sitting. And of course, bright blue dots. Again, try to learn this important movement with the reverse of drawing. It may be used for the chest or back. If the spouse that had luck. So this same kind of move for both news is chest and the head is in this position. The same kind of move for the both views. Study to draw king fishers. Next lesson, we will combine lattices and births to the composition. 6. Kingfisher sitting in lotuses: Now they can position with the red lotus. I am going to start with the flower. The leaf is additional Here. The males bright object. So the leaf was always the center of the previous slaughters compositions. But here, such RED bright Flour makes the main Excellent. Take enough situated, read to them, brush and delete extra water. I'm going to make my flower puffy enough, magnificent, with many different petals. Here is the flower facing to the left. And now is the, but it will be too bright points or the composition. And I place my king fish up to the left side. Brian, black stems. Active tonal, excellent, a must. And one more, the following, Dr. Young leaf. It is right when the pots of decomposition are crossing with each other. I will finish with the flowers drawing the pot of seed books. I may seem behind that battles. Some statements with a black ink, very bright black ink, and some graphics. You may draw those details or skip it depends on your flour and your imagination. Keep your brush dry. Very bright red color. Now, I have to arrange the place for my Berg and it have to be not in the middle of the page. You may draw the bird first and next, the lotto stamp. It sits first a bit lower than at the, at the middle of the page. I will start with that big and I buy black ink. Then I take blue paint to draw the head led enough. Then that body would this same color. Some blood details. That tail and a one black sport NEA that I, I take the rose color and make a chest and it beak and much bright blue spots. Let's decide where it sits. You may mark as catch of the branch shape our king fisher is sitting. It will be dry, rough enough and sit books at the end of this branch is also dry. Use dry brush and leg into show that died stamens. Now our legs to my birth and some leaves to the background. Finally, black ink is for it as I have used enough color already. Then drawing leaves, I need to dry it using a common head Ri. So it is dry. I will draw the leaves like big sport, like beg ground without details. Important not to cover by black, the elements drawn before around the main broad, bright details. Like the bird of flowers over wise, it's boils. Use wide big brush. You use crate inc, not very bright. And some sports dots points to show the Watson nature. That is how I offered to complete that picture. You might add some graphics at the end, if you'd like. 7. Hunting Kingfisher: Now one more with the same details, logins and king fisher. Now flying. First, I need to mix ink and blue color to draw the main detail or the foreground, the leaf, brighter than large enough. It has meant many car would folded parts. I use the biggest brush and ink into the form gradient drawing. Each time I touched the paper, I tried to find interesting not round form for my leaf. Some parts may be dry enough. For this, I need to form sharp North TPP and delete extra ink using the napkin and dry streaks that are going from the central the leaf. Now I mixed red color for the flower, dance unsaturated as before, with the same gradient decision we have already started with many different petals. Mind to the dynamic of your composition. That flower is banned from the left upper corner. It's makes the picture expressive. Front petals are darker and brought. That's a further Vidar, more pale and throws combined small and big petals. Would the different positions. And some graphics Don by dry brush and bride threat. Small details. Sides of the petals, streaks. It is necessary to add this graphic. Ran your flower is but the black Stam that is also forming the diagonal. Small half opened Flour, more like a bud. This same principle of drawing, we have started with a stem and thin details also. And now flying king fisher, failing rapidly from the branch. I began as usual from the beak, the body, and the winks by dark blue paint mixed with the black ink. Try to recall the way we do it using that one touch of the brush. Remember? And the dark black details beat I feeders and the teal. All done by Dr. Raj within TPP. Special color to Confucius chest road with some blue and bright blue spots on the back and head. And another sports, but led to the stem. Dry slightly by head dry and go on with the seed box partly visible in the center of the flower. With Dr. leg ink. May the statements then make yellow statements on the black background. To prepare this color, we mix white and the yellow with less water. Then we mix transparent enough inked, drop some sports, those points. It is wets and dissolves fast into the paper. Now, our main peak, choose ready, waiting for your pictures to bills the results it how achieved.