Reclaim Your Real Voice and Speak with a Free Voice | Tracy Goodwin | Skillshare

Reclaim Your Real Voice and Speak with a Free Voice

Tracy Goodwin, Captivate the Room

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9 Videos (44m)
    • Reclaim True Voice wmv

    • Psychology of the Voice

    • Muscle Memory

    • Reclaimvoandvul

    • Recnumboneexercise

    • Grounding Ex One

    • Grounding wmv

    • Grounding Ex Two

    • Wrap Up


About This Class

In this course you'll learn all about your real voice.  Chances are good that you've stopped talking in your real voice.  If you feel strained when you speak, don't sound interesting, don't breathe, don't like the way you sound or even remember when you didn't sound like you do now, chances are good you aren't speaking in your real voice.  In this course, I'll teach you all about why you are not speaking in your real voice and how you can determine if you are or if you aren't.  In addition, I'll give you step by step technique that will get you back to speaking in your real, beautiful and FREE flowing voice, the one you were born with that makes a big impact every time you open your mouth.





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Tracy Goodwin

Captivate the Room

I'm Tracy Goodwin and I own Captivate the Room, I help people step into their voice power and make a bigger impact with their voice. I've spent over 30 years working with clients all over the world teaching them exactly how to sound more confident and make a bigger impact with their voice. I hold a BFA and two MA's and have had the pleasure of studying under some of the greatest voice masters of our time. But, it's my clients that I"ve helped all over the world that have really helped me c...

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