ReactJS and Redux - Build 4 Web Apps [2/4] | David Katz | Skillshare

ReactJS and Redux - Build 4 Web Apps [2/4]

David Katz, Software Engineer - Coding Instructor

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15 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introducing the Course

    • 2. Wireframing MusicMaster

    • 3. Setting Up MusicMaster

    • 4. Creating the App Component

    • 5. Styling with Bootstrap

    • 6. Searching for Artists

    • 7. Preparing a Web Request

    • 8. Fetching Data with a Url

    • 9. Building the Artist Profile

    • 10. Styling New Components with CSS

    • 11. Expanding the Fetch Requst

    • 12. Building a Gallery

    • 13. Playing Audio with JavaScript

    • 14. Pausing a Track

    • 15. Animated Styling

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About This Class

Become a highly-demanded software engineer by following this tutorial on React JS and Redux. As one of the most highly-paid skills for web developers, learning React will open doors and jobs for you.


This project-based course will have you coding right away. Building four carefully thought-out example applications in this course will sharpen your skills in modern web development.


First, learn the principles of React JS by building two applications. One introduces ES6/Babel, and the other how to handle HTTP Web Requests in React using an API. With the third application, learn how to manipulate browser cookies. Finally, you’ll create an entire app with full authentication and a real-time database to finish it off.


Also, learn the engineering of Redux. You’ll find that Redux boils down to three simple steps!

Don’t worry if you’re new to web development. Some JavaScript experience will help, but this course makes sure to explain every new concept thoroughly.

Take the dive into React JS and Redux. Let’s get started coding!

Also, here’s a link to the online repository for this course: