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Pyrography for Beginners (woodburning)

teacher avatar Shirley Hooper

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction to pyrography

    • 2. Types of materials

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Safety

    • 5. Techniques

    • 6. Sketching/Tracing

    • 7. Class project

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class


In this class you will learn the techniques of pyrography to help you create artistic pieces to decorate your home or to create a gift for your family and love ones.

The class in broken into sections to help you go as fast or slow as you want.

¹. Introduction

². Types of materials

³. Supplies

⁴. Safety

⁵. Sketch/Tracing

⁶. Class Project

⁷. Conclusion

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1. Introduction to pyrography: no. Welcome to my studio. My name is Shirley, and I've been a professional artist for the past six years in this class. I want to show you the techniques of fire. Ah, graffiti, also commonly known as wood burning. We're going to start by looking at the different materials we can use to burn on that. Moving on from that, we're gonna look at the supplies that are gonna be specific for this. After that, we're gonna look at the safety measures with such a dangerous medium. I want you to be a safe as you can. And I'm gonna show you how to cheap that to keep you on your love ones around you. Safe. Moving on from that, we're gonna look at the techniques using paragraph. Once we have learned that I encouraged you to take a pause on practice. Those techniques I have show you for a while before moving on to the class project To start that project, I'm gonna provide a picture for you to follow along with me. We're gonna use to techniques. First is gonna be a sketching that I'm going to do with views that by step or if you choose I'm also gonna have the option for you to trace in, and I'm gonna trace it with you so you can follow along with me. After that, we're going to start our project on used Osborne Rocker for techniques that I have taught you to create our final piece. After that, we're gonna conclude the class, and I'm gonna show you how to sell your project. So let's get to it unless enjoy this project together. 2. Types of materials: Now we're going to start with the materials that you can use to burn. You can either use would or you can use materials like leather. The woods that you can use its Pam would. Seether Cherry. And also you can use gore. Scores are good for the creation Lobsters. A lot of tutorials where you can make lambs with them on leather. Preferred. Probably. You want something like color like these. You don't want something dark color. That color were not show as well on then, for the wood. We're gonna be used in this spoon today, so let's move on to the supplies we need. 3. Supplies: for the materials you're gonna need. You're going to need your paper with the drone when you're trying to make. This one is provided on the link, and this is the one we're gonna be making today. Now you're gonna get your piece off, Lord, or the surface you're gonna burn on mine is gonna be this one. Then you're gonna need your cover for your mouth to make sure you're safe. I'm not claiming all the fumes. You're gonna need goggles to protect your eyes. You're gonna need your heat gone on. I'm gonna use these heat gone because he's very informal for anyone. You can find it at any craft store. Michael's events, um, tone stores that sell like home deport and lows. Here in the United States, you can find an online as well on the range between $10 to $30 they come with all the tips . Then you're also going to need a pencil to trace or draw your picture on your would that he'd gone the vehicle you're gonna buy. It's gonna come with different tips. The ones that we Canadians in this tutorial is the fine tea that looks like this on. We're also gonna be using this thing That looks like a little leave on this. We're gonna use that for shade later on. As we progress in our courses, way might be end up using days. Kind of and not everybody or not every heat going comes with this plan off teeth. 4. Safety: I mentioned before. One of the main things is we need to make sure we're safe when we're using these machines. So first thing we need if our covered for our mouth they have different options online have very affordable. Even the dollar store in the United States carried them. So we need something for thes. And the recent to cover your mouth is because sometimes when you are burning, the fumes are coming out on it. Can you can help them now, the fumes that come out off a heat going like this one are the same off like, for example, a chimney. So you don't want to be inhaling all the the smoke out of your chimney. So that's why we want to make sure. Have one of these one will work with it. Not only that, but the room that you're working on it has to be very well ventilated. Even if it's possible outdoors, then please do so. Also, you need to protect your eyes because since you're gonna be kind of over the painting, trying to get the details, the fumes or the smoke, my getting your eyes done irritate your eyes, so you want to protect your ice moving on from these. Just make sure you're very safe. And follow all the instructions on your he'd gone as well. Every heat goal who have different truck shins on how to keep it safe. Mine has this little holders that you can attach to a table on you. Hold it up. Anything that gets touched by this is gonna be burn are very hot, so be careful not to touch it. Keep always in mind that is gonna be hot Now. Also, these parties gonna get hot when you put it. So keep done in mind. On also in my some heat, guns might get very hot here. So if you have very delicate hands, make sure to put some gloves or something to protect your hands from the heat. Uh, my kiss. My hands are very rough, so I do not used them, but it doesn't get very hot. So once in a while, I just let it rest on. Then I will continue after my hand school down or just turn it off. Let her rest a little bit and then turn it back on and go back to it. Okay, let's move on to the techniques 5. Techniques: Okay, Now we're going to look at the techniques that you can use with my rocker if you can use hatching, cross hatching point a lace, um, scribbles circular motion on shape. We're gonna do these together. So I reheat my machine here is ready to go. I was We're gonna use thes piece of wood, which is vast. Would on you can find these type off would or products with this type of food everywhere in any crafts store. Michaels Jones five break even. Whoa. More has days in the States. So for hatching, what you do is lance is just lines everywhere. You start making your lines, I just make things indentation on them. So if you do it straight like that, you've got to start making lines on your custody. The color starts coming up now the way you use that, it's not just making lights, obviously tow line on stuff that what used for shading is the closer you get those lines darker is gonna look. I'm the farther you get those lines, then it seems like it's lighter from far apart. Yes, you can see there something you can see if I add more lines to it. It looks like it's dark, dark, but then assessed are going far harder than it looks like is lighting up. So this is for hatching. And as you can see, the fields are starting to come out. So I'm gonna put my protection in my mouth. I can't keep not The other technique is called cross hatching. Cross hatching is basically the same thing. You're gonna make lines this same way, trying to tilt till the tools to make starker lines. And then what you do is just You crossed them to create shading. So the closer they're gonna be the darker is gonna look the same thing attach. I'm gonna make an example close. And as you can see, you can tell that it looks like it seems like it's dark. You just keep and then you go That's cross hatch, not for pump point dualism. It's basically the same idea closer together is gonna make a look dark. But in this case, we're just gonna use that's so we're gonna make that's on this world. Make it like if you're doing that portrayed, this will be a good technique to use because it seems smoother than making nice and then the border. You put the dust from each other, then the library seems to be so. It looks like it's shading. Really start. I just keep working. You go. As you can see, it's a much smoother transition that hatch for scribbles. Well, it's literally just next scrambles to dark the area, then just make this cripple Selena for her. And then it looks like this technique. I don't use that that much because I feel like it's really disorganized. But it's someplace this is good to use and it's good to breath practicing as well. Now, circular motion be something more control. And then you just make circles like thes. These will be good to make once, uh, also to maybe some for for animals and then the closer together. Then the darker able look, the more you press as well make it darker because it burns more. Okay, now for shading, we're gonna use the different we're gonna be used. The one that looks like a leaf. I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna turn off Muccino, wait for it to cool down. Otherwise, if you change it when it's hard, you risk breaking the tape and then you can use your much so why don't tell the calls down to change the tips. Okay, I have changed my tip. Now we're gonna move on to shape with this tool. With this tape, you're gonna use the flat part off it. So you're gonna put a straight into your peace, your wood, Then you're gonna use circular motion. And as you can see, you're ready, Shady. The more you press, the darker is gonna go. So you're gonna start hard. If you want something, start on, then you stir lighting up, laden up on that circular motion on their new cup. Do you have a nice on smooth shape? I love this stool is released into use, especially this thesis tool I have here. I like it because it's very affordable and it comes with many tips. They said the main tapes I used the one I had before on these one on. It's because, um, I do a lot of poor trades on a lot of kind of really soon, But there's some occasions I used the other tapes for laddering on things like that. So what I wanted to do now it's practice. These techniques for a few days. If you can, or just for a day, And if you feel like you are comfortable enough with your match in now on your your techniques, then we can move on to the next. 6. Sketching/Tracing: for this part of the class. We're gonna use our print out off what we wanted. Do I'm We're gonna use our piece of food. I choose thes spoon because I want to use it at home for my kitchen. I want to put the garlic here I'm put family recipe on so you can download a sin. The make I provided. I provided a bigger version of it in case you have something bigger. If you're doing something bigger on a smaller version of it, which is the one I'm gonna use for this one, So I'm gonna cut it out. I'm now. I'm gonna show you two options. You have to transfer it to the to the piece of wood. First you come. Just go ahead, sketch. And if you're good, Skechers. So you just I'm gonna start. So you're just gonna start looking at the shapes? So the first shape here, you have a circle right here in a circle right here, and then you find that So you're gonna do the same thing that I make the circle. Then another circle on the tips comes out somehow here. Okay, so now I have this little piece of garlic sticking out so we can drill that. They're now We're gonna give it a more fun shape. Was gonna start by the team. I'm going down to simulate this part here. There you go on. Then we do the same with the other side on the bottle. Start dividing. There is wanted 34 parts where it is divided. So we divided into four parts. Then we make that little piece at the back. Now, your sketch doesn't have to be perfect, because obviously, you're gonna go over, Would you? He had gone. I'm making. Now let's say you are not very good at sketching. So your other option is to trace. You can either use tracing paper or you can kiss my technique that actually my grandmother taught me this. You get your pencil, you flip your paper on the back, you color the whole back of it. And now you put out top of your pizza with another pencil or a pen. You go over the lines off your picture kind of redrew it on this way, you are precisely trace and perfectly. And if you're never good at sketching than this is gonna help you a lot on also speak you. So with that done that up. You can see it. There. You see enough? No. I'm gonna use my sketch to actually do the project here. 7. Class project: he goes on ready to go with fine point. Well, that heats up. I'm gonna write down family arrested. So with my hand writing, I'm just gonna right rest. Family rights. Now that my God is hot, I'm gonna move on to Tracy. Make sure you're safe. Make sure you know, you were given that your full attention on that. Nobody's around like kids or animals that can't get hurt. So we're gonna push hard for lettering to make sure those letters get very dark. And then you're gonna move. You're gone following your trays on the same direction. Just keep working yourself around. Roker fees a technique that you need to be very patient because it gets it takes time to achieve the results. Just make sure you have time. I'm just enjoy. It's really something that you don't have to think much. You don't have to be mixing colors or anything. And then you can just enjoy this satisfaction. Have seen something for pouches would heat for the dots. Normally, I go like this, like and around motion on that ticket. Dark that way. Just keep following tracing. You did. Sometimes I funded that My tracing was perfect. So I tried to fix those like the m I. I made a mistake. So I just fixed it when I went over with my heat gun and I just kept the same thing. Follow the path. Remember to keep your teeth kind of tilted to the size so it burns more. If you just use the very tip, then it's not gonna be very dark. Keep work yourself because of your piece. If you're able to it. If it's too big, probably you won't be able to do it. But be patient, uncle Slow, because remember, you're not gonna be able to your race. What do you do with the gun? There's no way you're gonna be able to erase it. I'm going to show you some tips in the conclusion off, more or less how to fix that if something goes wrong. But you wanna make sure you go in there right direction just keep working. Now moving on to the main piece, which is drawing off the garlic first, I'd like to outline it. Um, if you want, you can keep your picture there so you can look at it and then just follow the outline that you made. If you traced it the picture, it will look a little more clean that if you catch it as you can see in the back, I still have it. The line will be more define to be sure to follow. Same thing. Just follow slowly. Would your teeth tilted? It's the one piece I didn't trace very well somewhere. Just move your gun on the same direction. The minus going That's gonna help you keep some more control on the stroke. Anyone sleep and then you bring where you're not supposed to. Okay, there's someone here. - Okay , so now the out Lindus don't as you can seem this picture have some hatching here, but it's not straight hatching. He's in a curve. So let's do this same thing is just gonna be lines you're gonna keep your gun, tilled it and then you're gonna just making lines from the bottom closer at the bottom that they're at the top. So making shorter in Syria between the longer ones, so they create that shading at the back. Now we're gonna do the other side. We're gonna shape to the same way. No longer lies for the top on the shorter lines to make the shading at the back to the next . Let's make some long lines follow in the same direction off that side and then make some shorter lines closer together to create that shape. Leo Garlic just has so on this side. So which was make two lines and then we're gonna create somewhere shading on this site. So we're gonna make some no, once on their some short ones to create that shape on my work. Garlic starts popping up now, before we want to stay calm, take to create some actual shading with the other teeth. I want to finish up the rest of people here. If not, if you're not doing this part, then just go ahead. Turn on your machine, wait into until it cools down on change. Your take always followed the direction of your hope. You hand around to make sure you follow in that direction. Be patient rushing to it. We're only lead you to mistakes that might not be able to be fixed. There you go. On this Born. Since we have everything defined, we have turned on our machine to change the thieves. We can get any racer on the race. Old pencil. Up This way, you can see better. What? You have stuff. Okay. At this point, we already did our island. I already have my other tape on the one that looks like me. Um, now I'm gonna do my shady, so I'm gonna first look on my picture. Where is shading locator? Look, that there is some here on the top on the stem from the left side. Then there is some shading on the bottle. There's some shading on the back right here on. Then there is some shading on the little piece of garlic here on the site. I'm obviously the bottom right here on the little stem part. So that's what I'm going to start now. What I'm gonna do, it's turned this boom tores this side on. Then my god towards the side kind of tilted a little bit towards me, and then I'm gonna use the side right here to start shape. Now, I'm not gonna put too much pressure because I don't want it to be super. So I'm just gonna lie me, touch it in circular motion and then stir going. Oh, and that's gonna step create my shading. Send day on this site. Not for these. Parsons is so small on your tip. It's bigger. So I'm gonna use the deep of it and just do that part. I'm not pushing car at all. Under you go. Same thing. Use the deep of it for my step up here, remember, is just one side of the whole thing. Now I'm going up there is, like, a circular motion here that is created with the shading, not with the outline. So I'm gonna do the same thing. Kind of moving electors. And they want a dark in the bottom here. No pushing harder, but I'm only push harder on the corner. That's the only part that is touching my wood. The side right here is the only part touching Like what? Okay, now with the tape again, I'm gonna do the bottom from them with the tip again. Since it's a little space here, I'm gonna to the shading for the piece of card, huh? Going somewhere shady here on the site. They really touching. I'm gonna dark in these parts of Makes it pop out more here. I'm only touching the corner. This little corner right here to the good do they would. And as you guys can see, the shading is what makes it look like it's popping out like it's three dimensional. Just a sketch and that Sit, guys, they're seller car like Now let's say you did something wrong on something. Do you think you are right? Like me Here I went a little bit too far. So I'm gonna get sandpaper a little piece of sandpaper because this is so small, I'm gonna stand that part if it's shaded is gonna come up now in the case off, when you viddy outline If the Allen comes out wrong, then that's gonna be more difficult because it kind of runs into it and makes kind of like carbon, not just a superficial burns. So that will be hard to do with stand paper. Very fits, just the shading off it. It's a lot easier to get it out with the stamping. You can just go right. Make sure everything things fine. You also can use the deep of thes one. Do go over your outlined If you folded this way so you don't have to change your team. There you go, guys. That's all 8. Conclusion: Okay, guys, not to conclude this class. We're going to see how we can seal the wood. Now, there is different, uh, things you can use to steal the wood. In my case, I I used a spoon, so I need to steal it. In a way, I can use these to cook, so he's going to go in my soup so it can't be anything harmful. So what I'm gonna use it's actually some oil extra virgin, um, olive oil on with a piece of cloth or paper towel. Just put a little bit of it on it, and then you're gonna rob it all over your spoon on your piece that you're gonna use for edible, just like that. Make sure soaks all over. Also, that's going to help the pain in football. Morris, you can see you can see it clear now in the beautiful on. Now it's all ready for you to use it in your kitchen. Now, if you're used in a piece that is going into wall art or if something like these other projects I've had, then you need something that is gonna be UV protected. So there's many options out there. You can use an acrylic ah spray. Now this pray, please follow all the rules that you need for your safety. These brain never sprayer indoors, always outdoors with a lot of ventilation on. Let it drip. Follow all the instructions off the manufacturer. Also, there's other options, like there's other ceilings that are UV protecting if you're gonna use that a peace outside on things like that. However, even with those UV ceilings when it's wood burning, a very strong some, like the Californians, some here, if it just it's up the whole piece, so it starts fading with time. So I recommend if you're gonna do biography to always keep it indoors, use your ceilings to protected on. Try to keep it out off any straight light or UV light towards guys. That said, I hope you guys enjoy this class on. Please share with me your projects. Leave some pictures on the section for the community. If you have any ideas or any feedback for future class, this priest talk to me and leave me those ideas that don't try to bring it as soon as possible for you guys. Some please sign up for future classes. I'm going to do some classes. Also, watercolors and other mediums that I haven't some knowledge on on. I hope you guys enjoy it. I'll see you next, Glass.