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Public Relations: Use Your Networks to Build Buzz

Peter Shankman, angel investor, marketer, HARO Founder

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Defining Your Networks

    • 3. Networks, Best Practices

    • 4. Public Relations

    • 5. Audience Interaction

    • 6. Social Media & Reporters

    • 7. Media, Trends and Outlets

    • 8. Missed Opportunities

    • 9. News Jacking


About This Class

Public Relations for your business isn't always easy, but it is a crucial part of any successful business. When you do it right, it can be a cheap and effective way to spread awareness of your business, create loyal and satisfied customers, and drive sales. 

In this class, entrepreneur and writer Peter Shankman teaches you everything you need to create a PR plan for you and your business that works! 

What You'll Learn

  • Networks. How to craft the best message for the right channels.
  • PR and Audience Interaction. Where your potential customers live, online and offline. And how to use humor and action to amplify your reach.
  • Media. The best media outlets for your business. How to identify the best reporters for your story, and how to get them to write about you and your business.
  • News Jacking. How to leverage current events to spread awareness about your business.

What You'll Make

By the end of this class, you'll be able to craft a PR and media strategy for your business that  will be able to tie directly to increased sales. Plus, you'll learn the crucial things that 99% of businesses don't do, which will put your marketing strategy ahead of the curve.

This class is for anyone looking to grow their brand and business in cheap and effective ways. PR is more than tweets, follows, and blogging; learn how to best leverage all the outlets that are available to you to grow your business. 





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Peter Shankman

angel investor, marketer, HARO Founder

Author, entrepreneur, speaker and worldwide connector, Peter is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about Customer Service, Social Media, PR, marketing and advertising.

Currently a principal at the consultancy Shankman|Honig, Peter is best known for founding Help a Reporter Out and The Geek Factory.

Peter is a frequent keynote speaker and presenter at conferences worldwide, and the author of three books, including bestseller Nice Companies Finish First...

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