Professional Practice In Illustration: Following a Creative Brief & Executing An Assignment | Lisa Congdon | Skillshare

Professional Practice In Illustration: Following a Creative Brief & Executing An Assignment

Lisa Congdon

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9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Illustrate a Book Cover from a Creative Brief

    • 3. The Creative Brief

    • 4. Sketching

    • 5. Taking Feedback

    • 6. Making Final Artwork

    • 7. Additional Thoughts on Freelancing

    • 8. Wrapping Up

    • 9. More Creative Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Understanding the process of taking an illustration assignment from start to finish is is just as important as the quality of the work you create for your client. Join established illustrator Lisa Congdon for a 40-minute deep dive into the a typical illustration assignment: understanding a creative brief, getting all the information you need to execute an assignment, working professionally and efficiently with clients through every phase, and balancing your personal style with proper execution of an assignment. This class will give you straightforward information that demystifies professional illustration with frameworks to help you understand each phase so that you can execute assignments with grace and ease.

You'll follow Lisa through a mock client illustration assignment as you create a cover illustration for the popular children's classic The Story of the Three Little Pigs. Rather than teach graphic design or illustration techniques, in this class Lisa focuses on a step-by-step workflow with the client, including tips for email communication & question-asking, creating and concepting sketches to share with a client, and rendering final artwork on a deadline. Lisa addresses typical sticking points in the process and how to manage and work through them so you can accept your next illustration assignment with confidence.

This class is especially great for any artist or new illustrator interested in expanding or beginning their illustration business working for clients like book publishers, magazines, surface design and stationery companies, advertising agencies, big and small companies alike. While illustrators new to the business will especially appreciate Lisa's insider insights into the illustration world, the principles shared will be useful for every creative field working with clients.





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Fine artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon is best known for her colorful abstract paintings, intricate line drawings, pattern design & hand lettering. She works for clients around the world including MoMA, Harvard University, Martha Stewart Living, Chronicle Books, Rockport Publishing, Simon & Schuster, and Cloud9 Fabrics, among many others. She exhibits her work around the country, including in shows at the Contemporary Jewish Museum and Bedford Gallery. A selection of her abstract works ar...

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