Product Photography Basics for Your Handmade Business | Kristina Turner | Skillshare

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Kristina Turner, Crochet Designer • Tiny Curl

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. Photo Studio Set-up

    • 4. Seamless Photography

    • 5. Flatlay Photography

    • 6. Styling Basics

    • 7. Photo Editing

    • 8. Final Thoughts

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About This Class


Learn the basics of product photography to take your handmade business to the next level! Crochet designer and photography enthusiast Kristina Turner of Tiny Curl covers everything beginners need to know to set up a DIY home photo studio and shoot seamless and flatlay photography to showcase their handmade products. This class is perfect for beginners looking to learn a simple and easy way to take their own product photography.

In this class, Kristina shows you how to take your own high-quality product photography. Over the course of 8 short video lessons, you'll learn:

  • Home photo studio set-up with things you can find around your house
  • Seamless background and flatlay photography techniques
  • Styling basics
  • Photo editing

For the class project, you’ll be taking seamless and flatlay photos of your products with and without styling. Grab your camera and let’s take some pictures!