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Procreate Tips & Tricks: Symmetry Drawing

teacher avatar Lettie Blue, Architect & Digital Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Drawing guide

    • 3. Shortcuts

    • 4. Half symmetry

    • 5. Quarter symmetry

    • 6. Radial symmetry

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About This Class

Procreate is one of the most amazing apps for creating digital art on your iPad and iPhone. It totally amazed me the first time I used it, and nowadays it is like Netflix to me, I can’t live without it! :)

In this class, we will discover a new tool called "Symmetry". We will learn how to create symmetry guides and use “Drawing Assist” to perfectly mirror our strokes.

I will give you some tips and trick to get the most of this feature, and also I will show you how to create water reflections, patterns, mandalas...

I will try to explain everything step by step but you will make the most of this class if you have basic knowledge of Procreate.

In this class we will cover things like:

  • Symmetry tool options
  • Customizing QuickMenu
  • Making seamless patterns
  • Creating stamps
  • Different ways to add color to our drawings

And much more! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lettie Blue

Architect & Digital Illustrator


Here you will find my most comprehensive Procreate classes. They will take you from Procreate beginner to master in a few days. Each class is designed to teach you all the essential tools and techniques needed to master Procreate. You can watch the classes in order or jump into the specific tool or feature you want to learn more about. The choice is yours!

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1. Introduction: Emmett Israel, adding a vice silence over probably now program is one of the most powerful digital illustrations. Asks for Apple. Nobody in the serious of short passes. I'm going to show you how to get them. Most of all the appropriate features, the less will be focused on symmetry. We will learn. Sure, get State Street's I'm all you need to know about these features at the end of the last things to your talent. For drawing on all these knowledge, you will create great symmetric illustrations. As you sure Proview I had open appropriate Let's get started. 2. Drawing guide: symmetry is a feature appropriate hus since its 4.1 version. To activate it, we have to go to actions. The spanner I can canvass, untangle the drawing guide switch, as you see when we turned the sun, Agreed, appears on the campus, and it also enables that Eddie Drawing Guide option. Let's see what this is. Yeah, we can customize our drawing guides. We have four different options now. The two dimensional option is turned on, and that's why we see this great on our campus. We cannot draw here. OK, we are in editing mode. Keep that in month on. Don't freak out. Everything is fine. We will be able to draw again as soon as we top done. As I was saying far options today. Isometric perspective on symmetry in these glass, we're going to focus on the last win. Don't worry, we will talk deeply about all of them. Throughout this series, we can customize our symmetry guide in half quadrant or radial libation. These land is our actual symmetry axis, and we can also customize it. We can change its color thickness on a pass ity wheat up on any of thes two words thickness or a pass ity. The value will taste you sewer person. And if we tap on the numbers, it will change to 100%. Okay, symmetry moods comes with assisted drawing activated by default. Deception is the one that allows us to mirror our strokes As we paint, we deactivate the assumption we will keep the access on our chemists. But procreate one mirror our strokes for us. You're maybe thinking okay, I will keep it always on then. Well, sometimes we will have to turn it up. I used that assisted drawing mode on to draw the body off this fish. But I will need to turn it up to draw its I on its fins. We will use it this way when we want to draw something that is not symmetrical. In this case, I also turn it off for drawing shadows. Dan Imani on the program Later on, I will show you how to turn it on enough Quicker. Okay, let's go back to the editing mood. What does rotation on symmetry do? Well, when it is off, procreate mirrors our strokes. But when it is own, it replicates on, rotates him. Do you see the difference. Tapping on holding on the blue point that is in the middle of the access. We can move it on, tapping on, holding on the green one. We can rotate it top on the GreenPoint to reset the rotation or tap W point to reset everything. This will be reset as well, in with set a different symmetrical mood when using the symmetry feature. We campaigned this much or erase with any brush, or do sit in conjunction with color drop or any filters and effects you can find in the adjustments. Many. It doesn't matter which section off the campus. We are joined on every stroke or if it will be replicated on the other section off the campus. 3. Shortcuts: once we thought done here, our currently will be assisted, which means that only the strokes we make in this layer will be replicated. The rest of the last will remain the same unassisted. We can assist as many lessons we nature simply it's happened on the layer and then on drawing, insist top again to disable it. We have a few more options to enable and disable the assist drawing mode, for example, on the edit Drawing Guide screen. We can also customize one off the quick menu bottoms. I don't know if you already use the quick menu, so I won't show you first how to invoke it. Go to actions, breaths on, then just the controls. As you see, there are several options to turn quick, many on just the one you feel more comfortable with. There's one is the best for me, so when I top here, the quick menu will appear. As you see, I've already customized it, not only including the join assist option, but a few more that I used a lot like symmetry civility. This will make the access disappear. Yes, stepping hole, and you will see a menu select the options you use more frequently or those that do not have a quick access. Once we have done that, we can Tuggle drawing assists on and off Super quickly. We can also set our apple pencil Oh, our fingers to draw assisted all the time. Even when the layer is not assisted on the drawing I is this able go to just controls and now tap on assisted drawing. If you turn this on, every stroke you make with your fingers will be assisted the same here but with your apple pencil I'm the same but holding the square bottom in these directions less Jews deception A warning sign has appeared here. That means that I was using that gesture to invoke layer select and you cannot use the same just a for different actions. So appropriate disables the other one Altamont. So, as I was saying, even if we're not drawing insisted we have this quit on draw with our apple Benson, our strokes will be reflected. We have disabled that drawing guide us well but you already know having 18 able only means that we have guidelines on our campus. We need to enable assist the drawing to see our strokes mirror. Keep in mind that our strokes will be reflected depending on the last join guide setting, okay? 4. Half symmetry: this directions have Onley one symmetry axis. In fact, I think it could be just one option because, as you saw in the previous video, we can modify the position of the Axis. But it is that it is so let's start talking about the horizontal option. It would choose this option appropriate will draw a horizontal line across the middle. Off the cameras, the DUP will be a mirror image off the bottom. I find deception quite useful for creating tax. If it's like this one really quick, you already know that you can combine symmetry with liquefied on other effects on If we use the selection to, we can modify justice part. For example, he's weighing. We can create cast shadows, poor texts or joins. We can even playing with the letter symmetry. I love to use this for creating warrior reflections. Once we've created a word symmetrical drawing. We just have to use the selection tool. She let this part three fingers downwards. I'm Cottam Pace. I'm now pasted again. Now select the top layer on apply motion blur dragging your finger from left to right. Now select the other way. Motion Blair again. But this done drunk your finger from top to bottom. Let's come back to the DA Blair on Decrease its a pass ity. You can also apply a blending mode, but I think it's not necessary this time. Easy, right? Let's make some examples. Choosing now. Vertical symmetry. We can draw using this axis anything whose two sides are mirror images of each other. This is the show, for example. And of course, this is perfect for Portrait. It's 5. Quarter symmetry: In this case, we have vertical and horizontal symmetry at the same time, which means that our strokes will be replicated on H. Gordon off the campus. Remember that you can rotate and move the axes if you need to. This mode is perfect for creating Parton's. If we don't touch the borders and the eggs is off the campus, we can draw whatever we want to so magical on. Answer. Magical staff. We just need to decide the way we want. Procreate reflects our drawings in the rest. Off the sections me worked are rotated. Let's start with the mirrored man. I've made this image for explaining what kind of drawings we can make to get seamless buttons. I put yellow dots in the parts off the cameras. Word. Your drawings must have vertical symmetry. Read for horizontal symmetry. Steel for does who must have both vertical and horizontal symmetry. I'm green for any kind of drawing, so following this rules, we get patterns. Life is win. The borders are the tricky part. We can decide to draw different staff, touching the borders or use the same drawings again. What's the problem here? Well, if we decide to use the same drawings we will have to draw them again on. They won't look exactly the same as the originals. Off course. We could copy, paste and place them where they should be. But we will have to do all the work because procreate won't mirror our copies. I suggested another option to create some brushes. Yes, in your drawings, we will divide our joins depending on its symmetry. If it has, for example, vertical symmetry, we will only need to draw the right or the left part of it. I usually create two stumps using the same drawing, one for a section off it. Dependent on its imagery. I'm another one with the whole drawing. Why it's that so? Because I will use the 1st 1 on the tricky part borders and axes under the one on the rest off the campus. Why I don't use the complete one for everything. Well, let's greet the stun brush I knew will see why. If you decide to start first and use them, you can best be sure to select the square one. Well, the wise you're drawing will appear distorted. Turn drawing guide on and choose your symmetry. Guides make the drawing as bigger and centered on Lee campus as possible. Why? Because our Uncle Point will always be at the centre off the campus. Now select a section of your drawing. Three fingers. Some works. Copy. Now go to your brushes. I'm create a new folder. Let's name it my stumps. Stop the plus sign to Great and you brush top on hold here until paste appears. I'm based your drawing. She's a great from pro library. You can to spunk. If you want to keep your drawing us, it is right now. Or choose, for example, brunch to add a bit of texture to your son. Now let's give it a name. I'm not just some Sutton's go stroke and said, spacing to mucks, We need to isolate our fish. We are not creating apartment brush or a calligraphy brush. So go to general answer. Let used to stump review. Also said these two Max, This way we can control here the size of our stump. I'm finally turn off Orient to screen these exceptional, full, complete drawing stumps, but mandatory when creating just half or a section of it, if we have is on the stump, will always be aligned with the top off our screen. No modern irritation of the campus. So in this case, we need to turn it off. Now that the brush is not dependent on the campus orientation, we will have to test it on originated here. If it's necessary, we will need the sense that instill create the complete drawing stump. So copy to join Implicate the brush. I'm basted here. Now we are ready to answer the question. When we stumped the fish, touching the guidelines, we are stumping it twice on. We will be stumping it even more times if we had a drawing with quadrant or radial symmetry . So in case you're drawing has transparency, you will lose it. Remember when assisted drawing its on everything you paint on any section off the campus will be replicated on the rest of them. If we decide to make different door wins for the borders, we can just draw them or create stamps for them as well. Once we have our patent done, we can make button on calligraphy. Brush is just based in it in the grain space. I'm not just in a few sentence or create a white range of brothers, for example, on Red Bubble. Now let's talk about the rotational symmetry mood. When we turn this on, we will be able to draw any type of drawing as long as we don't touch the point where they access inter. Set all the borders off the cameras. If we want to create a seamless pattern, we will have to come back to the mirror mood because, as you see, if this part does not coincide with this one, we won't get a seamless partner. So there will be no problem combining mirror and rotational symmetry when recon seamless buttons as long as the only touched the borders. When we have rotational symmetry, turn off. In this example, I created the stripes using the default guidelines on rotational symmetry off. Then I turned rotational symmetry on on draw a few star fishes and seashells. I could even modify the position of the access and add more things. Welcome, Mike Waldron. Symmetry was radio or half it's up to you 6. Radial symmetry: and finally, let's just radio. Now we have full symmetry axis that divides our campus into X sections. These men. It is perfect for drawing flowers, Mandela's and also seamless patterns. It's hard not to draw something nice. When these Modi's own, we can forget that the islands exist on Just Draw Without didn't thinking about what we are doing. We will get awesome results. I will show you a few different ways to add color to our drawings. The 1st 1 will be using a mask like I did here. These are the steps we need to follow. Create a colorful background. I usually some circles of different colors and sizes, using a modified version off the model and brush. To get it, you just have to duplicate the model and Brush said spacing to Max on increased the brush size limits. I also use a background I days to help me, Drummond, Dallas and Flora rates, but in that case, I decrease pizza passivity unlocked a late two aboard, drawing on it accidentally. Okay, coming back to the colorful background, I prefer a smooth transition between colors, so I usually apply lotion or perspective blood. Sometimes I create anyway, Ever just a great color, a brush with a nice texture. I'm select a blank bo to blend the texture with my color for Bagram, merch less and finally create a layer mask. Activate, join, assist. Select a brush white andro. Another possibility will be not to merge. The less create any lay above on, feel it with white or any other color black, for instance. He and we have to draw us in day Racer. Okay, I think deception is more flexible because we can change easily our texture and backroom list. In case we don't like the result. Off course, we can just create a new layer. Turn on drawing, assist cheers, a color on draw, then change the color on draw again and so on. Like I did it to create this Mandela. You can also add color once we have our drawing them turning on fellow on. I have it in my quick menu, but you can turn it on sweeping with two fingers or here we can use only black, for example, and then turn off join assist on at a colorful element somewhere like this M o. Sometimes I start drawing moment that I would join us a stuff this way I can draw on symmetrical stuff in the center of it. As you see, we can start growing pedals or dots. But we can draw a spiral if we have join assist on, Not even if we turn rotational symmetry on. As I said at the beginning of this video, this moment is great for drawing flowers. We can create them using the mirror mood, the rotational or a combination of both. In general, I think that combining both Moz the drawing looks more natural. In the previous video, we added color using color drop. But what did we want to act different colors to our flowers? Well, we can use this selection toe answer Let on Lee the flowers or the part of them. We want to be pink honey. A scholar Drop What I usually do is pain using a brush instead of color. Drop off course we can turn. Join us is on and off every time. We don't want something to be replicated or keep our finger here while we want to draw assisted I'm raising two drawn assisted Keep in mind that if we move a joining us in the selection tool. We will Onley move the selected one, not its reflections. If we raise these dishes, for example, we will pay raise their reflections. But if we select them, Anni raised them. We will keep the reflections. Yes, In this election toe we can also a boy are going to be reflected all determine where it will be reflected on where it wound. I think all these modes are awesome. But if we combine them, our demonstration will look even better. I drew this illustration using vertical and radial symmetry. First I sketched the head from then changed Miss Symmetry mood On day the tentacles I came back to vertical symmetry announced art ID painting the head in a new layer changed them mode again selected everything but the hand on started adding color to the tentacles. Well, now it's your turn comes up nature sketcher on instagram If you have any questions or if you want my opinion about anything also it tells me love you purely review of these letting you know why you like it or you don't If I want to pass it to slow whatever you want on, don't be shot and sure I seen your price section. Well, if you're shot, don't worry. Just send me a private message. Three server. Okay. Can't wait to see what you create.