Principle Crash Course

Amanda Legge, UI/UX Designer

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13 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Introduction to Principle

    • 3. Principle Interface Basics

    • 4. Make Your First Interactive Prototype!

    • 5. Top Level Sliding Navigation

    • 6. Vertical Scroll

    • 7. Floating Action Button

    • 8. Practical Features of Principle

    • 9. Importing From Sketch

    • 10. Creating Your Interaction

    • 11. Mirroring & Sharing Designs

    • 12. Exporting Your Animations

    • 13. Conclusion


About This Class

Amanda Legge, designer and creator of, will teach you the basic ins and outs of Principle. This course, aimed at beginners with little to no interaction design experience, will get you up and running with Principle in no time -- well, okay, in less than 30 minutes.

After doing a brief introduction to Principle’s interface, you'll jump right in to create your first interactive prototype. You'll build on top of this mobile interaction in three manageable pieces until you have a fully functional prototype.

Then, using a different mobile UI interaction, you'll learn a few practical features of Principle. First, you'll learn how to import your designs directly from Sketch. This technique will be the foundation on which you build your next interaction involving a log-in screen. Then, once you've completed the log-in interaction, you'll learn how to mirror, share, and export your work.

Once you finish this course, you’ll be fully equipped with the skills you need to create your own basic interactions in Principle. This course is meant to be hands-on, so download the 14-day free trial of Principle (if you haven't bought it already) and follow along!

Basic working knowledge of Sketch and a solid understanding of simple UI/UX concepts is helpful but not necessary.