Polymer Clay: Fantasy Crystals | Blue Moon | Skillshare
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6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Sketch Idea

    • 4. Clay Prep and Carving

    • 5. Glitter and Seal

    • 6. Finished Project

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About This Class

 In this class I will teach you how to mix together clay colors to make a beautiful fantasy design on polymer clay. We will start by doing quick sketches to get an idea of how we want our final product to look. We will finish this project with some glitter for extra fantasy details.

 No special skills are necessary for this project. You will need to be patient and careful when using some of the materials we will use in this class.

You will learn:

  • How to quick sketch and add notes for your project idea.
  • How to combine clay colors to make new colors and prepare to cut your clay.
  • How to add glitter to your clay after baking.
  • How to glaze and seal your creation to protect it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Blue Moon

Welcome to my magic & fantasy filled imagination.


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1. Class Introduction: Hello. I am Blue Star. In this class, I will show you how to make fantasy crystals using polymer clay. You don't need to have any special claim making skills for this project. First, you will quick sketch so you can get an idea of what you want to make because you can always find the color clay you want. I will show you how to make the primary colors to get your desired clay color for this project. Then how to cut and shape your clay before baking it. By the end of this class, you'll know how to quick sketch an idea and then how to bring it to life. Using Clay joined my class and we'll get started. 2. Materials: Let's get started with our materials. You will need a paper to sketch your crystal, a pencil and eraser. In case you need see race, you will need polymer clay and any brands that you choose. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of clay colors, we will talk about how to mix clay and blended to get the colors You want it. He will also need wax paper to protect your desk or a table. To cut your claim, make sure tonight use it on food after use on clay. You will also need glitter any kind of glitter you want to use. There are many kinds. They can be fine, glitter, chunky, hollow or really cheap glitter. You will need mod podge to help stick the glitter to your crystal and also to seal everything after last. An old paint fresh to use with the mod podge. Also a total or toothpick for small details way. Have our materials ready. I will see you in the next class 3. Sketch Idea: Hello. Welcome back. Let's get started with her. Clay. If you don't have all the colors you want for your crystal, it's all right. You can always use the primary colors to blend into the colors who want working on our wax paper. We're going to start to make our colors using the three primary colors red, blue and yellow. We will make the colors we want. Like, for example, mixing yellow and blue claim. Make crinkly looking at the color will. I can see what other colors I can mix or blend like red and blue to make purple and the red and yellow to make orange. Also, the more you out of one color, the darker or lighter it will be, or it will show more off. From my crystal, I chose blue, pink and purple. I took a piece of my light blue to make a light purple. Lend well to get the colors really makes. I added more red to make my claim more of a red purple. Also, you can add white or blackly, to make her clay lighter or to make pesto colors. I wanted to have a kind of bubble gum pink. Take your time making your click. Lear's If you don't already have the coders you wanted, I decided here. Instead of having just light blue, pink and purple, I wanted to also have darker shades of them. Added to the inside crystal colors, I added more blue to a piece of light blue and purple and more red to a pink to make it a little more dark pink. I started to roll my claims along cylinders and stacking them in no particular order. Then I softly rolled them so they could stick together. I had chosen to use Blackley as the outside color for my crystals. I saw often day and then shaped it into a ball stud. Then I could flatten it and wrap it around my colors. I use the tube of glitter to help me roll and flat into clay. I carefully wrapped my clay around the coded clay and then just cut off the extra piece, softly rolled everything together and let it stretch out to however long you want it to get . What I do to make it easier to carve is I put my clay in the freezer for 30 minutes. Use this time to take a break or get your work area ready for the next step. Now that it has hardened, we can start cutting or claim to smaller cylinders of different sites is careful not to cut yourself. We'll start with the sides of the cylinder. Take your time to carpet crystal. I decided to go with the cuts of my first sketch and use more angled sharp triangular cuts . I used the black clay as the base for my crystals to stand on. Remember to look at your sketch as you're putting your Krystle together. Doesn't have to look exactly like your drawing, either. It's just there to help you remember what you have thought of making. Put the small pieces of clay at the base with your tool or toothpick. I use the small pieces of scrap Klay that I carved from the crystals. I added them to the base and to the small cracks in between the bigger crystals. This makes it look like they're still crystals growing. You don't have to add the scraps like this. If it wasn't part of your sketch idea, remember to be careful with your fingers when you are a use in the blade here, I added a crystal from my last sketch, a straight cut rectangle crystal with a little bit of appointed top. Once you're done carving the big crystals, you can blend small pieces of clay to the base using your tool or toothpick. Blend a little pieces of clay carefully so it won't ruin the scrap pieces connecting to the base. If you don't have scrap pieces, just blunder crystal carefully to the base. I added small scraps together to make a new crystal based off my first sketch that had a lot of short pieces. You can also just roll the scrap pieces of clay together to make a new cylinder piece that you can cut to make a new crystal shape. When you're satisfied with the way your crystal looks that it's time to bake, make sure to look at the baking instructions that are printed on your clear rapper use this time to take a small break before the next class. I'll see you there when you're ready 4. Clay Prep and Carving: Let's get started quick sketching your crystal idea. I am made four different quick sketches of different shapes and sizes taking our paper and pencil. We will start with an idea of how we kind of more or crystal slick are finished. Version might end up having a few extra things or details. You thought of law Working on your project. Sketch Helbig. You want your crystals? Write notes on the site for the colors and how you might want to cut it to get the shape you want. Remember, this is just a quick sketch. It doesn't have to look perfect at. If you want to have glitter on a certain part of the crystal or how many different kinds of glitter she wants, add ASL Long as you understand your own idea and added notes, then very good to go. Don't think too much about what you want to add to your crystal. At this point, you have plenty of time to come back to your sketch and addicts. Your notes when you're working on your project, make us many sketches of different crystals as your heart. The first sketch might not be the one you choose for your project. Of course, you can also look at reference pictures to get an idea of how they look in their shape. You can get ideas from a lot of different kinds of crystals and mix them together to make a whole new crystal. You can also makes your sketch ideas together by taking what you liked more from each sketch. My first sketch is more sharp and triangle shaped has more angled cuts. I also added notes for the scrap clay that can be added at the base For this crystal, I added the colors I wanted at the bottom. I added black as outer color blue, pink and purple as the inside colors. The second sketch was more of a rough triangle. The cuts for this one are more messy and not straight. Also in my notes, I added for the base no small scrap pieces. They're all bigger, sharp pieces. Instead, the colors for this one are clear as the outer color and pastel pink and yellow. For insight, the third sketch was inspired by an Opel reference. This one is just one cut down decide, exposing the inside colors. The outside is stark and bumpy. The base has scrapped colors of the insight. The colors for this one are rainbow colors. The last sketch is just straight cuts, and it's more rectangular, except for the top for the base. On this one, it's mixed with scrap clay and bigger pieces of crystal. The colors I added for this one are clear outside blue green for insight. When you're done with your crystal sketches, I will see you in the next class. 5. Glitter and Seal: all right. Now that our clears baked, it is ready for the glitter and mud pot. Look at your notes to refresh your mind of the idea you had for your crystal. Take your glitter in mod podge and mod podge on the wax paper to make it easier to dip your old Pete brush on for my first crystal. I am choosing to add fine glitter. This kind of glitter has a different color, depending on the angle that you see it from. Brush a thin layer of mod podge before adding your glitter to the crystal on my crystal, I am adding a little off the fine glitter, mostly to the booth. By adding send layers of mod podge. You won't have to wait so long for it to dry. Still have some patients in this part. And remember, glitter can be really messy. Have fun with this part, and don't hold back on the glitter If you want to add more. I kept turning my crystal over and over that way I could see what parts I had already added glitter on, and also to see what parts I wanted to add more glitter on. Remember you can mix different kinds of glitters together. This is a fantasy crystal, so what you are creating probably doesn't exist. So go ahead and have fun. Be creative when you are done, adding all the glitter that you wanted. Go ahead and add one last thin layer of mod podge to seal everything in. Don't worry, mod podge dries clear. I really wanted to make sure my crystal was sealed, so I added an extra layer of mod podge. That way I wouldn't have glitter every time I picked up my crystal. Make sure to turn your crystal over and over so you can see every part that you haven't added Mod podge to you went to the little cracks for the chunky glitter. You can choose to add it on Lee on the cracks or only on the base so it won't crowd your crystal or hide the colors from inside. Remember to clean your brush when you're done with this project used warm water and some dish soap to get the mod podge off. This way, you can keep using it for future projects. I will see you in the next classed with our finished project 6. Finished Project: Congratulations on finishing your fantasy crystal. I hope you had fun experimenting with your claim. Glitter. Mine didn't turn out so much as sketch. How about yours? I really liked adding the chunky glitter and the star glitter more than the fine glitter. I really like how this glitter looks like It's extra little pieces of crystal stuck to the bigger pieces of crystal. I also like how this glitter catches the light and it makes it turn different colors. Here you can see the fine glitter showing only a little bit as you turn it in the light. Go ahead and write notes on your experience that you had so far in this project. That way, next time you know what you want to do or what you didn't like, that you won't do next time. Like for example, next time I'm thinking of adding more layers of the fine glitter so I can show up more. Or maybe you didn't like the color combinations he did for your clay, and you would like to practice better combinations for next time. And just remember, relax and take plenty of breaks during this project. I hope in my class you were able to learn a new way to be creative. Create as many Crystal says you want in any shape or size, you can give them to someone or just keep for yourself. Share your sketch ideas. Clay Prep, Painting process. Final product in the Project Gallery Congratulations on making it to the end of this class . Hope you enjoyed it and learn something new. Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you again in a future class.