Polish Your Voice recordings pt 2: Audio Editing for Non-Techie Amateurs

Ron Masa, Psychologist, Artist and Educator

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6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Case Study: Intro to Voice Editing

    • 2. Normalize & Noise Reduce

    • 3. Polishing a Female Voice

    • 4. Further Polishing process

    • 5. Special Audio Polishing Techniques

    • 6. Class Project: Polish Your Voice Over!


Project Description

The Class Project is for you to practice Polishing your own audio Voice recording:  
Record 30 seconds of your voice over and then Polish edit the digital file.


1. Write about what you learned when polishing your audio recording.


2. Post a screenshot (still-photo) of your file before and after polishing.


3. Post your audio/video on YouTube and embed the player code in the project.

A. You can embed codes to include a player here from:
YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Skillshare, and Facebook   

You can upload Audio or Video of the Before and After segments with a link to:
YouTube, DropBox, One Drive or Google Drive

Your project will give you valuable experience... and it can help others by adding more examples of how to Polish-edit audio recordings for different voices and issues. 

Click Enroll and join us if you want to improve your voice recordings... and your voice.

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