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Photoshop for Entrepreneurs: YouTube Thumbnails

teacher avatar Phil Ebiner, Video | Photo | Design

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Intro and Project

    • 2. Find the Right Image

    • 3. Adding Images and Text to Your Photoshop Project

    • 4. Make Your Text Stand Out

    • 5. Save Your Photo

    • 6. Exercise and Thank You

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About This Class

In this course, you'll learn how to create YouTube thumbnails that stand out and entice people to watch your videos. 

This is the thumbnail we'll be creating in this course. You'll learn how to find great, free images to use for your thumbnails, how to add text and make that text stand out, and other tips for creating clickable YouTube thumbnails.


Meet Your Teacher

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Phil Ebiner

Video | Photo | Design


Can I help you learn a new skill?

Since 2012 have been teaching people like you everything I know. I create courses that teach you how to creatively share your story through photography, video, design, and marketing.

I pride myself on creating high quality courses from real world experience.


I've always tried to live life presently and to the fullest. Some of the things I love to do in my spare time include mountain biking, nerding out on personal finance, traveling to new places, watching sports (huge baseball fan here!), and sharing meals with friends and family. Most days you can find me spending quality time with my lovely wife, twin boys and a baby girl, and dog Ashby.

In 2011, I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in Film and Tele... See full profile

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1. Intro and Project: everyone Philemon air here. And in this series of videos, we're going to be creating our own YouTube thumbnails that are more clickable and get you more views. People are searching for videos all day long on video, literally millions. Millions of people are searching for videos watching videos, and a big reason why people choose to watch a particular video versus another is because of the thumbnail. And it's important to spend an extra 2 to 3 minutes to create a thumb. Now that is mawr engaging and mawr clickable, Not on Lee is a great to have a good thumbnail for the search results on YouTube, but also if you embed your video on your own website or if someone else takes your video and in beds it on their Web site, their blawg, that video player is going to show your thumbnail before the person starts playing it. And so it's important to have a thumb now that represent your video well and is just look looks professional. And so in this section, we're going to be diving into creating your own thumb. Now there's a project template in this lesson, so go ahead and download the project file template where you can follow along with the project we're designing in this series of videos. And also it's the right size for you to go ahead and start creating your own thumbnails as well. So the project for this section is to create your own thumbnail, and I look forward to seeing those thumbnails as you post them in the course, and I can't wait to get started, so let's dive right in. 2. Find the Right Image: Hey, everyone in these videos were going to be creating a great YouTube thumb. Now that is more clickable and get you more viewers than other thumbnails. So I have a question for you guys to start out. If you were to search on YouTube for how to pick fresh strawberries and it came up with this list based on just the thumbnail alone, which would you pick, Which one would you click just based on the image? You got someone picking strawberries? You have this big bull, juicy strawberries with the text. You have this great image of someone holding a basket of strawberries. You have this guy that looks like he's picking strawberries may be in the field. Same with this lady down here. If it were me, I would pick this one right here. The big, bold one with the text and the big bowl. And hopefully you would do the same. And if not, that's OK by hopefully you understand that this is a pretty solid thumb now, and that's the one we're going to be creating because this isn't actually one of the Thunder houses, just one that I created, and we're going to be creating, too. So I wanted to do this experience just to see what you guys thought. YouTube has done a lot of research, and there's have been a lot of Reese YouTubers who have done their own research, and they found that it images with text are more clickable. They look great not only in the search, but they also look good on mobile devices. And if your video is embedded in another website page, your video is going to be there in the player. And before they click play, your thumbnail is going to be that backdrop. So you want it to look good. And if it has text, it will be even better because people understand exactly what it's about without wondering , because this guy, while it's good to have faces in your thumbnails most the time, it's good if there's someone talking in your videos toe have the thumbnail of the person talking. You don't know what this is about. If it was this guy, maybe with a different thumbnail where he wasn't they have a funny face. Looks like he's about to start talking. If it was him smiling and then text that said how two picks fresh strawberries that would be highly clickable or even this top one is really good because it's the action of the person picking strawberries in the field but have had text. I think it would be even more clickable. So anyways, those are the main things to keep in mind when you want to create a thumb. Now, how do you actually find an image for your thumb now? Well, the first place to look is your video. Do you have a great still that you can pull from your video? If it is someone talking on camera, that's a great one. Find a place where there smiling, or you can find great images for free online. One site that I like to use is picks. Obey dot com picks a bit bay dot com is a free to use free site, and you can use them, their images commercially free. And so when you search for strawberries, this is one of the image is that you come up with, and they have a lot of them. I had to really work hard to find the one that worked well with the background with the text, but I thought this one looks very juicy and delicious, and that's why I chose it. So in the next video, we're going to be starting our project and placing our photos into that project, and after that we're going to be adding the text and everything else. Thanks so much for watching, and we'll see in the next video. 3. Adding Images and Text to Your Photoshop Project: Hey there. So here we have our project that I already did. We're going to recreate this project. So to start, open up photo shop and go up to file new. And then what you're going to do is create the size and it's going to be 1920 pixels wide by 10 80 pixels tall. The Resolution 72 is perfect. Up to 300 is fine. It's not going to make too much of a difference for Web. So 72 is fine. It can rename this strawberry some now and again. You could download the project file to follow along in the resource is from the first lesson. Okay, so click OK, and that's going to open up our image. So 1920 by 10 80. That's the standard size for HD in the future. This might increase So at the time, this is what YouTube is suggesting us to create the thumbnail size as and so you want to make sure that it looks great and all devices and in the future, when everything is four K or eight k resolution, it might increase the size of thumbnail. But for now, 1920 by 10 80 so we want to place our image first. So let's go back to our image of our strawberries. And basically, what you can do with picks obey is you can click on these images when you find one, say free download. Make sure that you choose the size that is the right one that you want. I'm going to just do the original to get the best biggest quality that they have, and then just click view. You could save it to your death Stop if you want, but an even easier way to just drop it into a Photoshopped file is to literally do that. Drop it in, just click it and drop it into photo shop. So now I can move it around and I can resize it. I'm going to zoom out by pressing Z on my keyboard to pull up the magnification tool and then option to zoom out so that I can then see the entire boundary box of this image. I'm going to go back to my move tool. Then I'm going to click the edge or the corner of this image, and while holding shift down, I'm going to resize it so that and then just move it into the place that I think I'm going to want it. I might move it a little bit later when I'm done. I'm just going to press return on my keyboard Z to bring up the zoom tool and then enter and then click plus plus again. Or just click twice to zoom in, then get back my move tool. So that's how you add your photo and move around. Now what we're going to do is add this tech so how to pick fresh strawberries. So I'm going to take my text stool. I'm just going to click, and then I'm going to start typing and I'm going to use caps lock to make sure it's all capitalize. How to pick fresh strawberries. Let me just make sure that's the right line, so I had how to pick fresh on the top and strawberries on the bottom. So now what I can do is resize this by either selecting that text and going to my character panel. If you don't see the character panel, go up to window character and we can click and drag the size of the font right here, or choose one from the drop down menu or type in a custom size. If you have a specific size that you know you want for me, I want the strawberries to be text to be a little bit bigger than the how to pick fresh. So what I can do is actually just take my text tool again, hover, click and drag over how to pick fresh. And then just with that text selected, I will drop down the text size to the with of strawberries text. I like a lining things and just I don't know. I think it looks better. So aligning how to pick fresh with the one word strawberries, I think looks good. So the one thing that I don't like about this is the spacing between how to pick fresh strawberries. So to change that, we can change the set, the leading of the text so we can drop this down to something that works better. Just click and drag until it looks good for you. So we have a leading of about 1 30 points, and that looks pretty good to me. So this is good. We're getting there in the next video. We're going to make sure that this text stands out by adding shapes behind it. Thanks for watching. And if you have any questions, let me know otherwise will seem in the next video. 4. Make Your Text Stand Out: So here in this project we have our text. We can move it around to see if we can put it in a place that stands out. But just with this image, I know that there's not really a spot in the image that will look at. There's so much going on. There's different colors and the text, especially when you're zoomed out. It's hard to read, so this is something you want to do. When you're creating thumbnails for YouTube, you want to zoom out to the size that it's actually going to be and see if it looks good. The strawberries look good, but the text doesn't look good in this. So what we're going to do is make it look like this and have it stand out. So let me just zoom out to show you this one how to pick fresh strawberries, and then this one will zoom out again. How to pick fresh strawberries? Which one looks better to you? I think this one looks a lot better. The text is just pops. So what I did here is I have this red bar at the top, and I have the white bar at the bottom. So to do that, I'm going to take my shape tool down here. I'm going to choose the fill up here, and I'm going to use white. So you have these pre selected colors or you can click this color picker button up here and choose the exact color that you want. Click. OK, You want to make sure the stroke is offering us or no stroke right there and then we're just going to click and drag, click and drag around our text. And there you go. You have our white rectangle, and I'm going to move this behind our tax layer in our layer panel over here so that the text is actually above this rectangle. And then what I can do is select the how to pick fresh tax. So I'm just going to take my text tool, hover over here and pick that text, go to my character panel. It's like my color and then pick a color. One thing I like to do is actually pick a color that is in my composition, so I can actually just hover over the strawberries and see if there's a color that I like that I want to use. I think just the the combination of choosing colors that are within the photo make it look even better. So the Alex pretty good. The next name thing I'm going to do is create another shape layer for the background of strawberries. I could do that either by taking the rectangle tool and then clicking and dragging again to create a new tool. Or what I can do is duplicate this rectangle layer that we already have by right clicking it in selecting duplicate layer. I'm going to just say OK, or you can rename it. Now we have these two layers. I'm going to select one of them just like this one in the bottom, and then press down the down arrow on your keyboard or shift down to have it jump a little bit more. Then I'm going to choose the color first, so I'm going to double click down here in this little box where next to the rectangle one text and then I'm going to pick the red color of the font so that it matches that color. And now I can resize this box because it's not perfectly aligned. So I'm going toe with my move tool just going to drag up a little bit and dragged down. I can use my arrow keys to move it around a little bit. Then when I want to apply it, I can press return on the keyboard or just click the apply button when it pops up. And this looks pretty good. The one thing I don't like about this now is that the strawberry text is too close to the white bar up here. You see how it's too squished up next to how to pick fresh. What we have to do is make it go down a little bit, lowers. I'm going to just select this text again and then increase this leading. So maybe if it's something like that, like me 1 50 and then with this yellow or the red rectangle, I don't know where I got yellow and just make that a little bit bigger and then apply it. I think that looks pretty good now. I could zoom out again, pressing Z on my keyboard option clicking, and then I could select all of the rectangles, the two rectangles and the text, and then with my move tool, I can move these around. I can even resize them now, so they're locked together. So I resize them. They'll all resize together, and whenever you are done moving them or re sizing them, press return on your keyboard toe, lock it in place. And then I could also move my strawberries around if I want to move those around at all and then again return on my keyboard to lock them in place, and I'm pretty darn happy with that. So in the next video, I'm going to show you how toe save it for uploading to YouTube. But for now, you know how to add texts and make it look amazing. Make it pop out. 5. Save Your Photo: in this video, we're going to be saving our image for uploading to YouTube, so it's pretty easy. What you're going to do when you're done is just go up to file save as there's a couple ways to do this and I'll show you and then save it wherever you want and save it as a J. Peg Click Save. You have different options, and you have a prediction of how big that file is going to be right now. You tube Onley allows up to two megabytes, so this is 1.3 megabytes, so that's good. But if you want to decrease it to ah, high quality, that's totally find to. I want to go block below high. If you can do maximum even better, if it's under two megabytes and then just click OK and that will save it to your desktop or wherever you chose to save it. The only other way to export is to go export save for Web, and this opens up a new module that has different options for J Pegs, P and G's or gifts or gifts. If you pronounce it that way, we're gonna be learning how to do gifts in another part of the course, But you can just click J peg High. You can choose the quality, and then again, you can see thesis eyes that it's going to be right there. And then you can click, save, choose your location and save it, and that will appear on your desktop as well, to upload with the video that you upload. Thanks so much for watching and we'll see you in another lesson. 6. Exercise and Thank You: everyone. I hope you liked this section of videos where you were learning how to design your own thumb. Now for YouTube videos. Now the exercise for this section is to design your very own thumb now. So either if you have a YouTube channel, pick one of your videos that you're posting now or something that you've done in the past and you want to improve, go ahead and design a thumbnail for that video and then post it. In the course of that, we can all check it out, see it comment on it, give you any advice or just praise, because I'm sure by now you know how to create a great thumb now, and you are going to create a beautiful one. So I'm excited to see your projects, and I look forward to seeing them and just thanks so much for watching this series of videos. I hope you enjoyed it. If there's any other things that I can add to it or any questions, please let me know otherwise. Check out my work at video school online dot com, and we'll see you in the next Siri's