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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction to this class

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Adding Stems

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Creating liquid colors

    • 4. Which classes to take next?

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About This Class

Hey guys! Welcome to the class ;) This class will help you create the poster below.

Download the project images here


We will go through every and each step.

  1. first we will make our image black and white using adjustment layers
  2. next we will use a cactus image, delete the cactus itself and leave only the strokes.
  3. and last we will create this colorful liquid paint on her face (the most interesting part!)

So what are you waiting for? Join the class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Photoshop Classes By Fred

I will help you get PRO at Photoshop


My name is Fred and I will teach you the most advanced and modern skills that Photoshop has to offer.

Already after watching one class you will be able to create stunning artworks.

Make sure to check my other works and upcoming classes at my instagram @freds_gallery

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1. Introduction to this class: What's up, guys? For it here. Your father shop teacher. So in this class, we're going to create this amazing poster first, for we're going to take the image of this woman. We're going to make it black on right. Then we're going to add these things that look like characters. I don't know how they called, but it looks exact from characters. As you can see, this lions basically and then we're going to add this amazing colors this liquid cause I'm going to show you I can, actually. Crazies on. We're going to use three images. There were image of this woman. Then you're going to its damage over the cactus, actually. And then we're going to use this image here and transform it. As you can see into this beautiful collars, it's going to be pretty easy. It only takes toe video. Essence on is going to be marks on 20 minutes. I think that tutorial the class basically. So you're welcome, guys. See you on the next lesson by 2. Lesson 1 - Adding Stems: so I already Well, then let's get started. So let's go to file on New on. Make sure your which is one hopes, which is 1000 on height is one toe 50. Make sure of salted pixels Here. Make sure out but is not selected. Okay, results in 300 co motor vehicle unless purse. Crete Perfect. So we're going to use this three images and you're going to find them in your project first , of course. So you can follow up on first for Let's take the image of this woman on and put it inside. Father shop, Just place. It's perfect. Now we need to make sure there's no white spaces left. So we just press and drag first on drug, okay? And also let's make her a little bit down like it. So we see her head fully on. No express Okay again. So also make sure it's just right for sure. This with to the right, so she's more centered. So now when we did that first words Goto wears on, let's go to this background layer and read this. We don't need the first thing going into the we need to make her black and right. So, as you can see here for them, we consider trees black combined. That's why we go here and select here. Black and white Andrea going suggest the default process kick, but we also need to make sure there's high contrast or, for example, if you will cure. It's, Ah, high contest because, as you can see, it's bright and dark. So here is not enough is not right enough. So I was going to do. We need to go here on chose brightness contrast and make sure we pump up this contras. I also make sure before popular brightness, and this is much better. Good job, guys. So far easier. Right? So now when we did that, we need to go on. Take our second image, which is this characters. That's place. It's here on the Legis place plus press. OK, so what do we need to do with him? So first of forwards turn off off this filter images accept everything except the characters basically, now me to make sure we have only this cactus is left. How do we do that? Well, that's actually pretty simple regard to select, and here you're going to have cholera inch just selected. This colorants helps us to select the colors that you want. So for example, I have here As you can see, I I call a picker, right? Why did I want to say I color picker on for example? You can see you can present one and then go here and press on the say your press on the pink color And then you see this pas nous you just increased. And when you create the funds and see was going to happen, we see more and more off this basically characters things. I don't know what the single characters things coming up unless in Brazil's more perfect perfect guys, if you want to add more course, you can use this color picker plus on thinking just pressed Plus and you're going to have more colors or, for example, here you can press. Plus, you're going to have more colors. Okay, so this should be fine. Something that let's press okay now. And as you can see, it's selected. Now we just need to select the right cactus image and present create mask on, See, Boom. How cool is that? Now we have only they doctors things shown. So of course, me too, you know, Remove few things on DA, for example ruled that later Kay legit. Let's first full turn on or image on the turn on all the other things as well. So now let's make sure we select this. We go to aged on free transform. We need to make first of full this smaller. So it treats her face lays is and also maybe want to rotate it a little bit so you can use the return rotated Just if you go here and then a little bit to the right. You can see this rotation. I can this circle and then you can use it to rotate. Perfect on. This is already nice. So it's not for us. Okay. Now going to create a second copy off her butt s. Oh, let's see. Maybe we should actually make his health with big eyes. You can see here. This are going into rise meaning toe. Make sure it's located here. So today they gave me Gotay. Did Free transformer can just use the whole chicken, which is contra plus t or common plus t and then can just make this a little bit bigger like this, you know, Just a little bit. Perfect. Now it's create a second copy off this Where? So in order to dredge it, just press right duplicate lor and press. OK? It's not what we actually need to do. We need toe. Take this where? I'm going to turn it around. So again, would you goto aided free transform on? Then we just need to go here on need to make sure it's ah, 180 degrees. So it's completely turned around and now we can move it. Let's move it, Donald. With So, as you can see, it covers her whole face exists on this should be fine. Let's for sake. So now I've gone to the for example, If you look here as you can see, we don't have so many things on the left right side here and also in the middle. So we just need to delete some of them for them, for this one is ah doesn't look nice. So what? We're going to the first fellas, Turn off one of them and have an assistant. Let's select the mask on this one. So make sure it's like Knott's image, but the mask. Go here first, right. Choose brush toe on, then Make sure you change the color to black, so just press ones as you can see the black now. Okay, Onda, let's increase our brush Size go here. Increased size Ultimate. A little bit decrease. Uh, that should be nice. And also make shortness is zero. No, Also, actually. Make sure this is 100%. Make sure floors 100% on the price is 100% smoke. Zing is zero unless start. So for example, we want to religious, so we just have to draw here. As you can see, we drove on estimating it because we're drawing on the mask with black color. So I disappoint you. Already supposed to know how masks actually work, if you know for sure basics. If you don't understand how masks actually work, then go to my YouTube channel, which is so I just go to my just go to merit of challenge and go here on press mask and you will get two wonderful lessons on her masks. Work the one and two and you can watch them if you wanted income. Come back. So now. But it is that Let's also delete some of the others. For example, we don't need This year is to this is this and also this coming from her eyes? Nothing up, Not enough. Thank you, but no. Here, hear, hear. Oh, this one as well. Doesn't look nice at all. Looks horribly hurry. Believe not horrible, but horribly. Okay, so nobody that let's turn this often Let's turn ons are zone on. Also being to to the same visits officer, for example, against, like, the mask over the hopes like the master was the second layer on. Let's start deleting, for example. Is this thing here? No, we don't need it. No, no, thanks, but no. Also, as you can see, here you have It's a bit more than just a line. So was facilitated as well. This one, Just one. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Um, So this reboarded actually find you can continue to think. Or you can live it like this if you want to. On the next lesson, we're going to create this wonderful pattern. The colorful one. Bye. See you guys. 3. Lesson 2 - Creating liquid colors: Hey, guys, hurry during. Good. Oh, thanks. I'm wonderful. So today we're going to create the colorful liquid pattern. So let's go here on day. Let's take this immature. You will find it in the project. Falls off course religious. Place it inside for the show. So the first thing we need to do is be into rotated Soldiers go here on do 90 degrees on Let's Bruce. Okay, now, when we did that actually takes his emperor it on the up. So make sure it's like it on the top on. Then we'll go here and choose Hue saturation what we actually need to do. So wait, what is a story wrong? One your situation. Click twice here. It's going to open his adoration. So what? The action into dont take situation and pump it up to the maximum onda also here, Just make sure you have something nice. Some nice colors. I mean something like, um I see This should be fine. So or you can just choose any other cars. Doesn't really matter. So I, minus 51 plus hundreds So it's OK now. Let's close. Is not it was actually into doing to connect this and this into one file, basically, in order that just select this and then hold control or refusing Macron comment on and so, like the other lair. And now click on the right. So you click on the right, not here, not here about exactly on some empty space and then choose comfort, too. Smart object. As you can see now it's one object. So if I turn it off and on, you can see notes. One object together. Perfect. Now let's take the first move to let's make sure you put it somewhere on her face. Okay, let's actually go here. Let's actually make that bitch Fuller. So we go to aided free transform. Amaze a little bit smaller so it's on her face. Perfect. Let's pursue keen up. So what's going out to filter? And now we need to go to liquefy. This is a magic toe. You'll see what it can do. So here we just need to make our colors. So, for example, first of all, we take this tool, which, which I coat or not. A budget's actually called to our clockwise tool that it helps us to twirl anything on the image like like a to another. Basically, we'll see what I mean the second. So let's get closer. You can use this plus and minus signs to get closer or further. Okay, so now when you have this still selected go here, make sure you increase the size a little bit. Makes your pressures behind the densities behind it. On rate is 100. Okay, enough. For example, five. Percy was going to happen. It's going to tour. L sing like a tornado, you see. So if you want to turn it as a way around, you can just hold old are option if using. Mac, if you think witnesses alter fusing markets option so you just press hold it. I was going to 12 the other way around. So right now we just need to twirl our image. Basically, you know, just toe give it is interesting colors to mix the colors and so on. Let's actually decrease the size. Now let's make it now with the smaller size, because when you make it too small and biggest size, it's always different. So okay, so you may run into a problem that for example, if you do too much, you're going to have holes. So, for example, let me just show you. So you know how toe fix it from for them. But if I do it too much, he was going to happen. Let's see here I do too much. Oh, it's not happening. That surgery worry. Interesting whites, not by the decision happens. So okay, maybe to have on here, as you can see, For example, I did too much. And as you can see here, have Nari hole. In order to fix that, you can just take it is the first tool which actually forward Rafto. It helps us to move objects from left to right from right, left and so on. And then you can just press on, drag it exist city and then can close. That hope is actually pretty simple, You can tell you that. You know, I did hear a whole so you can actually use it to drag objects, you know, from the left to right and so on. So just, you know, play visit those a bit. Something like that. So now perfect. Let's press locate When we did that, Now we have this colors on our attraction to the words Go here and we need to choose a blending mode on the animals that were going to choose is going to be, Um, wait, what about the darker color? Let's see. Okay, that's against in the house. The colors are on her face and Florida looks awesome. But for example, if you look at the original project, where is it? Here. You will see that here. We don't see the colors everywhere. That's because actually, I have orange colors here on their kind of blended with the image. That's why we don't see them. But here on our image, as you can see, we change the course. And that's our cause. I don't orange, so I never to fix that. Let's go here. Press twice on your hue saturation. Just click twice on it. Now go to. So when you click twice on it, As you can see, anywhere is going to be opened. Okay? And again need to click twice here on the something not here, not here by the gate. Exactly. Under some new. And this is going to be open, not click twice on your hue. Saturation on. Now let's bring the hell back toe zero. And now, when He did that, for example, that Goto file and safe, and it's safe now on. I have to go to the original project. You can see that the colors have changed. So now between two is actually just turn off your liquefy on. As you can see when we turn off liquefy, we see that the places where she posts so supposed to have yellow cars. We don't see the You don't see the car, actually, because it's blending. So let's turn on now. Liquefy Okay, as you guys, right navigating here this kind of empty spaces as because we are yellow calls. Or if you want more of this empty spaces, but they actually have to do, you can just click twice on your liquefy tool, for example, here, just click twice and and wait until verbals and there, When you see this mix, just make sure you add more yellow cough. So, for example, you can take this toe on. Do you can you can see here that not enough your we can just present right and see what's going to happen more your color to be awarded here on like this. You can just, you know, President drag Friess and Rick on add more yellow colors to make sure it looks exactly like he wanted to look like. What's press? Aquino? So I guess, because he I got more empty spaces. So now what we actually need to do make sure you create a mask. So just press. Kerry created Mask go here, prostrate and chose brushed. Oh, now is a brushstroke. We're going to the lit some of the things that we don't need to. For example, we're going to do missing. Let's make our first bigger and we just started. The things is we don't need it exists legs is some basically make sure it doesn't go behind her face. Perfect on that already looks awesome. So the thing is that every time you're going to use this technique, every time you're going to have a different type. Of course. For example, when I was using, I got this type of colors because the ideas, the liquefy differently, I randomized. My car's differently. So again you can try this again, and you're going to have a different effect every time you use it on. Let's say if you want to, you know, I add more collars what he actually did at, I mean at less cars. By that, I mean that increase the number of empties present what you actually need to dio, for example. You want to convert some of the colors for samples this blue color, let's say to a biblical or how are we going to do that? So, for example, which has press twice here. And as you can see, we have this full color. Let's try to make it a little bit yellow. So how do we do that? We just create a new hue saturation. I came. Now you take this view, President is still here and you go impress with blue color. So not blue. So I said, And now we can change its colors to blow. So let's see if you can find changes to yellow and see if we can change it to yellow Yellow . It's a bit lightness. No, no, not the lightness. Okay, situation, because it's already yells. It should be fine. Now it's close. It's not to go to file and safe and see how it's going to look. So right now we're just experimenting. It may look good. It may look bad because we already finishes the artwork. And now just oh, see what's going to happen. As you can see now, we got more of empty spaces because now we have more yellow calls. So as you can see, you are just experimenting. And it worked out so you could do the same. You could just in the experiment on you could actually try do those the same protest again . And every time you do this, this process, you're going to have different and different shapes, different colors, and it's going to look awesome. So if you want to change the course of this one, actually, just go here and choose hue saturation. Now, make sure you make sure your personal this I can't because this icon is going to convict this effect on Lee toe the layer below. So if I press here, let's close it. She was going to happen. We see here, this kind of I come on now, he situations connected only to our color layer. Basically to this there. Okay, so now if we change anything on your situation will just click twice on it. If we change anything as against is going to ever going to slur. So when we change the colors on, see, it looks awesome. So I think I see when we change the courts now we have less. We'll have more color spaces because we don't have orange yellow colors right now. You can just play visit. Um, okay, just turn it off. I was just throwing. It s an example. And I think I would actually advise you to do For example Here is you can see it's toe strict. We need to make it a little bit softer. How are we going to do that? Actually, let's select Are a mask. Let's go here. Press right, Just brush toe on. Now that actually need to Dio is, for example, if I just go here and select hardness zero and I start going So what's going to happen? As you can see now we have here less basically bless strict borders What you also could do . Let's close this. Go here to brush that things. If you don't have it's here. Just goto window and find brush settings here Hopes? Yeah, brother settings. Make sure you should. You select this brush here. This brush is kind of random brush and for simply free press. As you can see, you're going to great. Let's make this a little bigger. We're going to get this random things here, for example, like this and this already looks much better that's actually rotates of Russia. It's a bit, for example. You can just press, you know, let's closes. So that's it, guys, Basically, for this project. As you can see, I showed you how you can experiment, how you can't create how it can randomize it basically and how you can create it from zero . I hoped you liked it guys on. Make sure to check other classes as well and see on one of my other classes because I create classes every single week by 4. Which classes to take next?: my guys right here. The guy will help you, Master Bullish on before you continue have electric a venue some other magical classes that you would absolutely love to see. And also don't forget to pull me as though I will miss all the unique projects and classes I create every single week at your my recommended classes for you Enjoy. This class is dedicated to advanced for the shop animations. I will show you how you can Really Any makes your images on. I will show you I can basically take your still photos and bring them a life is different options and this is just one of the projects They're going to be four really cool and interesting projects that you should take. This is in us animation from that same close as you can see, it looks also really colorful So we're going to animate the course here on after this project, you will be able to animate any colors on your own images as well. This is a really cool poster and during discuss, we're going to transform a normal image into something really magical. And as you can see, every creating this kind of liquid glitch on I will show you I can do that. It's actually a secret technique. On also, here we have this golden light. I also show it will show you that. I don't say we're doing some color grading to give it some really artsy look. I would say so. This just an epic project and is Goto Wydell on instagram? Make sure to check this out. This class is related to for the shop animations. So I will show you I can create this kind of interesting animation off poster on as you can see, here you have the text and the text is gone. Also appears this led the blue light, which is again on and off. It looks just really magical. That's it. I hope you found something interesting for yourself and you doesn't like Blessed by