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Photography Mood Boards - Models, Kids, Couples, Weddings

teacher avatar Angel David Weatherston, Helping Artists Grow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

50 Lessons (4h 4m)
    • 1. 1 Intro to Concept Photography

    • 2. 2 Creative director

    • 3. 3 Pinterest

    • 4. 4 Mood board

    • 5. 5 Creative backdrops

    • 6. 6 Transportation

    • 7. 7 Water

    • 8. 8 Holiday

    • 9. 9 Lighting

    • 10. 10 Fashion Concepts

    • 11. 11 Generation

    • 12. 12 Creative Wardrobe

    • 13. 13 Creative beauty

    • 14. 14 Animals concepts

    • 15. 15 Indoor

    • 16. 16 Outdoor

    • 17. 17 Fun concepts

    • 18. 18 Intro to Concept Kids Photography

    • 19. 19 Pinterest Kids

    • 20. 20 Concept Kids Photography

    • 21. 21 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas

    • 22. 22 Sports Hobbies

    • 23. 23 Creative Wardrobe

    • 24. 24 Home Creative Location

    • 25. 26 Animals

    • 26. 27 Special Effects

    • 27. 28 Outdoor

    • 28. 29 Fun Extra

    • 29. 30 Intro to Concept Couples Photography

    • 30. 31 Pinterest Couples

    • 31. 32 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

    • 32. 33 Outdoor Category

    • 33. 34 Creative Location

    • 34. 35 Home

    • 35. 36 Water

    • 36. 37 Holiday Season

    • 37. 38 Transportation

    • 38. 39 Creative Wardrobe

    • 39. 40 Fashion

    • 40. 41 Special Effects

    • 41. 42 Props

    • 42. 43 Fun Creative

    • 43. 44 Intro to Wedding Photography Mood Board

    • 44. 45 Ultimate Wedding Mood Board

    • 45. 46 Getting Ready

    • 46. 47 First Look

    • 47. 48 Ceremony

    • 48. 49 Wedding Photoshoot

    • 49. 50 Reception

    • 50. 51 Articles

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About This Class


  1. CONCEPT PHOTOGRAPHY 100 CREATIVE PHOTOSHOOT IDEAS: This course provides 100 different concepts for photoshoot mainly with models. Great for any portrait session you do. Each concept has a mood board with several images you can recreate.

  2. CONCEPT KIDS PHOTOGRAPHY 100 CREATIVE PHOTOSHOOT IDEAS: This course provides 100 different concepts for photoshoot mainly with kids. Each concept has a mood board with several images you can recreate.

  3. CONCEPT COUPLES PHOTOGRAPHY 100 CREATIVE PHOTOSHOOT IDEAS: This course provides 100 different concepts for photoshoot mainly with couples. Each concept has a mood board with several images you can recreate. Great for engagement shoots and wedding photographers.

  4. WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY ULTIMATE MOOD BOARD: This course provides mood boards for every aspect of a wedding. Great for photographers to show clients ideas of pictures for their wedding, and for photographers to have a checklist of pictures they should take throughout the day so they don't miss anything.

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Angel David Weatherston

Helping Artists Grow


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1. 1 Intro to Concept Photography: everybody. Welcome to this course. In this course you're going to get ah 100 creative photo shoot ideas thes air portrait pictures that you can use for shooting with models you can do some with brides, couples, kids a little bit of everything, but mainly focuses shooting with single models in my mood boards and Pinterest. You're going to see all the pictures, have a single model in them because I am mainly a fashion photographer. So created this course with 100 creative photo shoot ideas, especially if you do fashion photography. This is also good if you're a model and you're working with photographers to come up with your next photo shoot idea. As I was going through my journey as a photographer when I first started out, there was no concept behind these photo shoots. After a while, every time I met with a new model, they asked me, What concept do you have in mind for us to shoot? And that's when I realize that a over time it's good to have ideas for photo shoots and revolve a whole shoot around the concept. So I created ah 100 photo shoot ideas for you guys to use. And throughout the course I'm gonna be mentioning all of them and certain things about them , the ones that need a little bit more explanation so that you know how to shoot them. And also, by signing up for this class, you're gonna get a length to the mood board that I've created with all 100 ideas. All 100 ideas come with on individual mood board for each idea with the mood boards, you're going to get all these images that relate to that idea so that you have that to reference. What I like to do is I like to re create a lot of these pictures, maybe add a little bit of a flair to it that makes it unique to me. But by having the ideas and pictures already separated, it helps me put together these shoots, figure out what to wear, where to shoot, how to shoot the pictures. So already that all the work for you as a student you get that and you can use them for your photo shoots 2. 2 Creative director: Now I'm gonna be talking about shooting with creative directors. Ah, creative director is a person in charge of the concept. They tend to be in charge of the styling, the makeup and hair. Or they get their hairstyles and makeup artists and work with them to fulfill the concept and the look of the shoot. Sometimes of photographers, the creative director. Sometimes there is their own creative directors. A lot of fashion designers, stylists are creative directors. I've had many models be the creative directors for the chutes, my creative. The doctor usually gets all the models, the hair makeup picks, a location does all the work for me and all I have to do show up and take the pictures. Whether you decide to be the creative director of your shoot or somebody else's is good to note that that person's role is fulfilling the concept and managing that. And then the photographers rolls to take the pictures if the photographer is the creative director than in do all of it. But it's really cool to look for people that want to be in charge of the chutes and give them the title of creative director, give them the mood boards that you gotta grab from this course or create a mood war for them and then work with them to fulfill that. Maybe the creative director is in charge of the mood board. So regardless is really good to have what, creative director we're gonna be doing concept photo shoots, because then you have one person in charge of making sure it fits the concept. And then when you release these pictures, everything matches the concept well. 3. 3 Pinterest: and I'm gonna be talking about Pinterest and mood boards if you're brand new to Pinterest. Pinterest is a website that you can download us an app on your phone or tablet, and a lot has. All these images of people have uploaded, and the main purpose and usage of Pinterest is to create what's called a mood board. A mood board is usually a series of images that are put together to give um, artists on idea off. What the project that they want to work on will look like. It could be colors. It could be outfits. It could be final images. It could be a lot of different things that you put together to really help put the shoot together. So throughout me, doing photography, I've created mood boards for all my concept shoots. Every time I had a concept shoot, I will create a mood board with that name on it on Pinterest and then from Pinterest, I will search for images that match that concept. I will pin them. That's what is called in Pinterest. You pin them. That means it saves the image and puts it on that board that you created and then from that board you can share with people. They're part of the shoot. So they have an idea of what you're going for for the look of the shoot. I do this whenever I have a sale going on for a type of shoot, and I'm telling everybody this is the type of shoot up shooting it's gonna cost this much. Or if a certain model wants to shoot something, we create a mood board so that we were prepared for it. And we could just look at the images and try to recreate them. Anyway, Um, if you're not using pinchers right now, it's a photographer or a model. You should check it out, sign up for it, um, create boards and looked for images for ideas. Also, if you have your own pictures, you can upload them to Pinterest and put them in your board as well. So it has a lot of great tools in there for you to create mood board so that you can create your photo shoots. So check it out. There's more videos about Pinterest and mood board Discourse is not about me teaching you how to use Pinterest, but it's essential here because you get a Pinterest board for your photo shoot. You don't need an account to access this board that it's good to have an account anyway. That way you can save some of those images and create your own boards. If you don't want to do that, just use aboard. I sent you then from there. Just look at the images that match the concept and use that for your photo shoot. But, um, that's it. When it comes to Pinterest and mood boards, check it out. Try it out and we have any questions. Message mere leva review, and I'll try to incorporated it and added it to this course to help answer your questions or link a resource online so that you can figure out how to use pictures better. 4. 4 Mood board: Now, I'm gonna be talking about using the mood board that I've created for this course. By signing up for this course, you get access to this mood board, you're gonna get a message when you sign up for this course. So check your in box on the you Timmy account to get the length to the mood board by having access to it. Now you can use it for all your photo shoots. Whether you're a model photographer, if you're a model, looked through them. Find a concept you like, find a photographer and send that mood board with that concept to them so they can see it. And you guys can go off of that. Your photographer plan your next shoot around that board, send it to customers. I think that with this board, you can easily if you have a model to shoot with and you guys can't decide what to shoot, you guys can look at it together. You could send it to them and say, What? Which concepts from the list do you like? And then you guys pick from them and started doing them. I know it's helped me out a lot. I've already done photo shoots with this mood board completed. I look at it together with the model. We pick one and we go to shoot right away. It's a lot easier than on the spot being like, What should we do if you have 100 ideas right there in front of you? So take advantage of this board, share it with the photographers or models and pick what type of shit you want to do next. 5. 5 Creative backdrops: Now I'm gonna be talking about creative background concepts. These three concepts that I have laid out all relate to a creative background. The 1st 1 is a magazine wall. When I was doing photography, I decided to create a wall full of magazines. I would rip out all the fashion pages, pages with models in them, and I will lay them out with tape on the wall, um, or glue and just make it like a big Kalash. That was the background for these images right here. And as I came out really, really nice, they were really colorful and creative background for my images. Every model love shooting with them. It was one of my favorite backgrounds ever created it. I did it three times in the past in different locations. It's really easy to do. Describe a bunch of magazines Rep. A mild him placed him on the wall. Another idea is the newspaper one. The newspaper. One isn't Esca Lodge. It isn't like scattered all over. The place is usually more organized in straight lines and very professional. You can do it for a business shoot. I've seen in the mood board that I was creating that people were creating actual dresses and outfits out of newspaper. So that's an idea to check out the mood board and see how you want to do it. If you want to go with that concept and then the next one is seamless color backdrops. So when I had my own studio and I was shooting professional studio shoots, I needed to get paper backdrops and paper backdrops are the best once because they don't show any wrinkles, and they look very, very professional when it comes to paper backdrops. Um, I went with the standard white, great and black, and then later on ended up buying colored ones colored once and all. Paper backdrops come in two different main sizes the photographers use and you can purchase . One is about nine foot wide, and the other one's about 4.5 foot white. The nine foot wide one takes up a lot of space in your room. They're very hard to store, put out, put away. You can't really travel with them, but the good thing about them is you could do full body pictures, wide pictures, and you don't have to worry about like not having enough route. You can even do more than one person. Um, though 4.5 foot once are half the price, their portable. So you can put a bunch in your car and take somewhere and take your stand and just put it up almost anywhere. They're easy to store. You could have a whole collection of them, and you can usually get about a 3/4 half body length picture of the person. You really wouldn't be doing a full body picture in the 4.5 foot wide color back drop, because then, by shooting the full frame, you'll get some of the outside that won't be part of the backdrop. And then you're gonna have to crop and is gonna crop really ugly. So those are great for, like, 3/4 half body. Um, and you could do that with a variety of colors and a lot of different shoots. So, based on what you need and what you want, try those out. Um, I put in a mood board a bunch of different want different colors so you can see having a collection off. All these different colors are really quarter half, So you could do a lot of different things with the chutes. And also, if you're shooting, was certain color. If you wanted to be a different color, instead of buying that backdrop in photo shop, you can just pick that color, change it and then you have a different color back drop, so you don't really need all of them. If you can just use mine editing and changing the color anyway, that's it when it comes to create a backdrop concepts. 6. 6 Transportation: now in this category. I call it transportation, and the reason is because I really didn't have any other name for this category that all have to do with something to do with transportation. The 1st 1 is the transit one, which involves buses, trains in the subway is. I've seen a lot of awesome images that have to do with models posing inside a bus inside a train or at the subway station. So I create a mood board around that so you can take a look at that and try to go there for a shoot. That's very interesting, a unique. I also have cars at one of them. A lot of models shoot around interesting cars or in the car and using car as the background or the main prop use for the shoot. I also have mortar cycles in there, which is very cool to dio. So if we have access to a motorcycle, try it out and then I have the bicycle born and I put together images of model shooting with bicycles that's more fun than fashion, but it's still a good idea to try out 7. 7 Water: now in this section, I want to be talking about water and snow concepts. All of these revolve around water and one shape of another or snow. I'm going to start off with the bathtub and the color of water slash milk backed section. Both of these air usually done in a bathtub. The bathtub concept is just models in a bathtub or with bubbles in the bathtub. And then the other one is colored water or milk Bats. Um, I sure many of you have already seen pictures like that. Check it out in the mood board. I've actually tried the color water concept. There's these Crayola colored water tablets that you could buy an Amazon. You drop him in there, and it changes the water to the color that you want very interesting and really easy to do . That being only cost me like $5 I could, and I did several that several models and several pictures with it, So it's really easy to do. Try it out, and it's not much to it, not much lighting that much. Anything. You just change the color of water and play with it. So that's a concept in there. The next to want to talk about is wet and rain. Um, if you get to shoot outside in the rain is recommend either, um, shooting when it's light, rain is not that heavy. Also shooting under the U S. A photographer under something. So you're not getting wet, and then just the models under the water I've seen many people do. Ah, fake rain using a hose and then the hoses just dropping water on the model And last finales have seen people do the shoot where the models just wet. And then they add fake rain and photoshopped many ways to do it. Experiment. Try it out. See what works best for you. And then the wet wasn't simple. You could do it indoors outdoors, anywhere but just the models. What? What? Hair? Wet skin. And it looks very interesting. I did that shoot recently, and I'm posting it on YouTube. So we follow us on YouTube. You can check out how the results came for that shoot. The next one is us. No, you go outside when it's snowing. You, um, the best way to do this. No concept, I believe, is to just be outside with a background that is no with the model wearing a sweater and then adding the snowing photo shop, I think would be really hard to shoot. With actual snow falling. You can try it out, but I think it's best done in Photoshopped postproduction, adding fake snow in there. I also have in their waterfall concept where if you have waterfalls near where you live, you go to them and you shoot by them and use that. It's a nice background. I also have a boat concept where if you have access to a boat or a big yacht or something and you're out in the water, you shoot in there and you have the water in there or I have a bunch of pictures with both related concept. I also have in their off pond concept, and that is shooting by near pond or river something and just up hanging by the pond or in the pond or on a tree top of upon. There's many ideas behind that. I created the mood board. Check it out and take a look and get ideas for it if you have upon. I also did a fountain one. There's a shooting by a fountain is very nice. A fountain in the background creates a really awesome images. I know a lot of college grads and senior portrait or done that way when couples are done that way. But having the fountain sprinkling in the background looks really nice, so you can use that for one of your concepts. I also have in There is a pool concept where you just shoot by a pool. Maybe you have access to a pool, maybe at a hotel or your backyard, any pulled unless you shoot in. There's many pictures. They're awesome. The shoot laid by the pool with your feet in the water or in the water coming out of the water. So I create a whole mood war for that to play around and get ideas for shooting by the pool . And then the last one. And the heart is one is underwater. Shoot. Um, I know that there's housing available for cameras. You buy this thing that covers your camera and you go underwater and you shoot in it. It seems very difficult to do have no experience shooting underwater, but, um, there's many to tourists of it on YouTube check the mouth, learn, try buy equipment for it. It's really cool thing to at your portfolio. And do I have a whole mood for it of it on that mood boards to check it out, and then those air hit those air, the water and snow base concepts. 8. 8 Holiday: next, I have the holiday concepts that is Christmas, Valentine's A and 40 July slash patriotic concepts. I create a whole mood board around them, shooting for those concepts. Just it's great to do during that time of the year and just have those images to show if you're into the holidays. So check out the mood boards and get some cool ideas for those holiday shoots. I know some people might try to do Thanksgiving. I don't put Thanksgiving or Halloween in there, but those are also concepts you could do and new years as well. Um, if you could make a festive type shoot, but these are the main ones I felt I could put a mood board together for and show you guys some ideas on how to shoot those. 9. 9 Lighting: now I want to be talking about lighting concepts, and what I mean by lighting concepts is that the light is the main source for this concept to come to life. You need good lighting for this or special lighting for this to get this lighting to work. And in these are these four categories. The 1st 1 is nightlife or night photography. I chose nightlife as a name for that category because it's fun, and I have background lights from the streets in the mood board, and it's not really like the shooting in the dark at night. So when I should a night, I go to places where there's a lot of background light. And even though the motto might not be illuminated, I use my flash and external lighting to like the model so that she's Letta's Well, you're gonna need, like preferably to shoot with prime lens that can shoot with a low aperture so you can't get a lot of light in your pictures or tripod and shooting with a slow shutter speed. Regardless, try it out. They come out really nice, as have neon lights is one of the lighting concepts, so neon involves you shooting by any sign or anything that has this neon lights in there, and you have the model be hit by the neon lights and light them up with it so that it looks very interesting in the background and shooting the model with it. The unlike pictures look really nice, and in editing, you can add a filter to it to create more of the neon colors in the picture. So play around with that is really nice. I also have in there. The high key pictures and high keep pictures are pictures that are mainly sharp way in white background, with a lot off daylight balanced lighting that's very bright. And it's usually done for beauty shoots, where it's a close up like a headshot and nicely done makeup. And it's all white like, mainly all white, so and very bright. Ah, high key, meaning very bright images. So look at the pictures board, um, and look up the tourists on lighting examples to get that high key. Look, it's really nice of your doing beauty photography, and then the last one is shooting. What color gels? Um, there's many, many, many tutorials and shooting What color gels. Even my other course involved shooting with color gels. But basically, if you don't know what that means is, you use flash or strop's so external lighting for your camera and you put a gel is the strip that changes the color of the light coming out. You pick whatever color you want, and then you have a shoot, and then it comes out and interesting colors. You do it for the background, or you do it hitting the model, and then you just playing with all these different colors in the pictures. It's very complicated to do. It's more advanced, so I would recommend really studying it, experimenting it until you get a right and once you know how to do it, well, then doing it in more shoots. But I create a whole mood board for it so you could see all these different images that match color gels 10. 10 Fashion Concepts: now I want to be talking about fashion concepts, and what I mean by fashion is that the whole concept is usually revolved around the styles of the clothes and the fashion behind it. In there I have a lady in red and the lady in white concept. The lady in red, inlaid in white is simply dressing up a woman in red or white outfits addresses. And using that for your pictures in any location really is just all about being in just one color with the lady in red. One thing that I did when I did that photo shoot waas I did a color pop, which means I made a black and white and just made the red, um, pop out. So you have black and white picture with just read on the parts of there were red in the picture, so I added that in the mood board, so you could see that as well. I also have a pink concept in there. Pink concept could be fashion driven. You wearing all pink or could just be a pink room peak pink lighting, pink backdrop, whatever pink, but I have a lot of ideas for you. in those in the mood board I created. If you want to go with pink, which is a popular color to do a shoot around, I also have the leather and animal print in there. So with leather is just them worrying mainly leather or a lot of leather in their outfit and then just shooting and like, rugged style. Look, I also have the animal print, Um, and that is, you know, incorporating a cheetah print or Seabra print outfits into your shoot and just doing the whole shoot around that there's backdrops and stuff you can put together that match those animal prints to make the shoot interesting. But that's a 90 of itself that I've done in the past. I also have in that category the Victoria's Secret Shoot on the reason I said Victoria's Secret versus Just Launch a Raid stuff is because Victoria's Secret seems to be very mainstream. I did a Victoria's Secret shoot before, during the time that the Victoria's Secret fashion show was going on, and I people already knew what it was about. And the whole clothing line behind Victoria's Secret has so much to offer. Girls own a lot of different clothes and that are Victoria's secret brand and just shooting around that is very interesting. So I added that into that list. I also have a business concept where women are dressed professional, so it's just a professional shoot where they're wearing professional attire and the shoot looks very professional to have some professional pictures to add to the portfolio. And that's it when it comes to the fashion pictures, the seven different concepts. 11. 11 Generation: The next thing is the generation one. The generation concepts are all the concepts that have to do with it back in time. So in there I have the pin up shoot, which is very popular to do as a photographer model. I haven't there a lot of pinup style pictures, so you can see and also incorporating the and as props in the background stuff from back in time. Because pinup is an old school style of fashion, I also have medieval times, which is really old school, which is nicely done in the woods and stuff. So I have many will style pictures in there in the mood board. I also have 60 seventies, eighties, nineties and the twenties in there as well. So you have an idea. Oh, what type of office there were, how the pictures looked like so you can try to do those types off shoots as well. So all of those are my generation concepts for you to try out 12. 12 Creative Wardrobe: Now I'm gonna be talking about a category I called creative wardrobe. The reason I call this category create a wardrobe is because mainly the models have to dress up in a certain way to match the mood of the concept. It is different than fashion because you're dressed more creatively rather than fashion. If that makes any sense, you'll see when I describe these, um, concepts. So the 1st 1 is sports. Um, you just dress up in a sports outfit, use sports, um, use different sports equipment for props and stuff. You can shoot at different, um, sporting locations, and I create a whole mood board around this. You could see it's great if you're shooting someone who's also it like I also have the nerd concept. I created this aside, put this as a concept because I found a nice series of images around it. So I thought it speak cool. Concept to do is dressing up as a what? A nerd. Basically, I also have a masquerade one where you play with, um, masks, like in masquerade balls. People go to I have a whole mood board about it that will basically describe it better than I could. I also have the angel one where you get fake angel wings and you do, Oh, shoot around that. Models like to do that, especially since Victoria's secret fashion shows do it. So we have your heads on wings. Doing the whole concept around Being an angel or with angel wings is really cool. I also have Army, um, and military as one. So basically, you have military attire. Army attire. Are you playing with fake prop gone guns and camel outfits? That's a whole costume type thing to do. Call the duty is a popular game. I called my shoot with that type of creative war, drove call of duty shoot, and it was very popular. So check out the mood board to try it out. I also have fitness in this category that's different than the sports one. Obviously, this is people with Nikes, outfits and all those different jogging and working out and anything related in a fitness. So I have a bunch of ideas in there for you guys to check out the mood board and see all these fitness related images. I also have the rave concept where if you're familiar to going to raves is very colorful outfits Very sparkly. Very, um, fun. So I haven't there. A lot of people dressed up and rave outfit so you could do is shoot revolving that I didn't shoot revolving that would fog and colors. So it's really fun. Shoot to try out. I also have in their cosplay cosplay of your de familiar with It is when people dress up as certain characters that they might have seen in comic books or in cartoons or superheroes or games. And it's just basically dressing up with something kind of like Halloween. So instead of doing a Halloween category, did a cosplay because cost plays a little more popular. Eso doing a whole cost plate deem is great for people that like to do comic, con and dress up for cosplay. Um, I also have in their a culture concept. If you're culture is very unique and you have certain outfits that match your culture, you could do a whole concept around that with flags or something in the environment, or shooting somewhere that is very culture driven. I'm I have a whole Siri's off images with different cultures so you could see it and see what I mean when I talk about doing a cold structure concept anyway, all of those are my creative war drove category of concepts. 13. 13 Creative beauty: now we're gonna be talking about are what I call the creative beauty category, and that involves mainly makeup artists and beauty shoots or even tattoos, because its beauty Through Inc has. So I in there you'll see beauty as one of the categories, slash makeup and basically of your new beauty photography. Those are really nice, close, close ups there. Emphasize the makeup. They do it in commercial work for makeup brands. So try it out with makeup artists and get just the right lighting to light a beauty shoot. The use, usually a beauty dish, is around light modifier. I talked about it in my lighting course that I created as well. But check out tutorials on how to light a beauty shoot so that you get it just right. Is also best to shoot at a further away from the model with a long lens at longer focal linked, then closer up for distortion. So those are a few tips wouldn't shooting, um, a beauty shit. I also have hair and there for those hairstylists. They want to show off their work and do creative hairstyles so you could do a whole concept around hair and then I also have in their tattoos and doing all these shoots that emphasize the tattoos. I know certain graphic designers. It's special effects. Editors like to edit tattoos in two models in editing, so maybe that thing to, but I create a whole mood board around, uh, girls with tattoos so you could see that in there as well. 14. 14 Animals concepts: now when we talking about animal category, and that is shooting with horses, shooting with pets and shooting with snakes. Now when shooting with horses, I've actually got to do that. Shoot. I did that shoot because I model that I know has a barn wood horses, and she allowed me and several models to come out to shoot with them. We put the models and dresses and we shall with the horses from my personal experience. Horses air very calm. A model can stand around them and shoot with them or shoot on top of them, and they come out to be some of the most amazing images that I own. So it's really fun to shoot with horses and you can find some calm horses or anybody who knows horses. I didn't go and say, Hey, can we use your horses? Is more like if somebody already owns horses or has a connection from my experience, I'm shooting What pats is very popular because people love their pets. So models that have their own pets and want to use them and shoots. I have a whole mood board around that and then shooting with snakes, something I would probably never do because of scared of snakes. But I know several models have shopped with them. I have a whole mood board around them. I don't know what it's like to shoot with snakes, but there is the idea in there for you to try it out. 15. 15 Indoor: The next thing is indoor shoots. This category is all the categories that involve shooting indoors, and it doesn't match any of the other categories I have. So the 1st 1 I have is a library shoot, and that's just shooting in the library. I create a whole mood board around there, check it out and see if that's an idea that you will want to do. I also have a bowling alley. I will. We stop that bowling alley would be a great place to shoot, and I find a lot of images Revolving bowling alleys. A lot of bowling alleys have interesting lighting, neon lights going on party lights. So using that in your background will look really interesting. And then I also have the laundry mat as one of the locations for those that are familiar with shooting at a longer math or looking at pictures that were shot a longer map. I've seen many photographers and models shooting them, and they all look very fun and playful and interesting. I create a whole mood board around there so you could see it if you're new to it, to see if this is something you will want to do, I think will be really fun to do so. Check it out and try it out. I also have the bed as one of the concepts. There's so many great pictures you could do as a late at night kind of thing or barely waking up playful, fun, cozy. Shoot in the bed and I created a mood board around this. You can check that out at sea. I also have the bar as a concept. I know a lot of bars are open to letting you shoot more like in the daytime because they're open and night. If you have a type of connection, you can get a model in there hanging out by the bar or on top of the stool or something by the pool table and just shooting in the bar because this has a nice mood to it is kind of dark. And then what? Your lights. You could make a look really interesting and fashionable. I also have abandoned place Bannon building as a concept buying me. There's this big church does abandoned Let's photographers enter and shoot it. It's gonna be hard to find one, but do your research and look around. Maybe there's an abandoned building that you're allowed to shoot in and you can try it out for your shoot. Ah, lot of awesome images are done at abandoned places. Do your research on yours and try it out on. Then I have their the mood board so you could see images shot at abandoned places. 16. 16 Outdoor: The next category is outdoor concepts, and these are all concepts that are shot outdoors. I have, AH, 16 of them, someone to go through them as quickly as they can, so you can try him out and check out the mood board for all of them. So you get ideas for how to shoot on the the 1st 1 in the 1st 2 are fall and leaves and flowers. Um, if you're outside and there's a lot of leaves, um, or a big bush behind you that you can shoot in front off. Those are really great pictures to have. You could also use a color of fall and the orange or brownish leaves to do a shoot revolving fault and then flowers. If you have access to many flowers outside place filled with flowers are holding onto flowers. There's many things you could do with flowers, and then you could also shoot, um, in a forest. I have a whole concept revolving a forest so you can shoot in a forest and have all these great images in the forest. Wind is another concept I created that you shoot outside, and the whole idea behind wind is having long dresses. They're flowing or your hair is flowing is just things air flowing in the wind. It's usually not caused by wind that you take that image. You create the illusion of wind by having somebody pulled address and move out of the way or your photo shop the person out. But that's usually the type of way that people shoot flowing dresses, and I called it a win concept in a shot outside. I have the born as one of them. You're going to a barn and shooting there. I have bridges as one out. There's all these interesting bridges that look really nice in the background straight lines and the model in the center of it makes the images look very interesting, which is also similar to an open road concept. If you live somewhere that has long open roads and you can pull on the side of the road and get the models, just sit there with no cars on the road. You could shoot there and use the lines to make the image look interesting. Junk yard is also another place that you can shoot, and I did a junk yard shoot before. If anybody you know has access to a junk yard that will let you come in and shoot it. Getting ah, model. I would like tools as if you working on there or very fashionable in just a junk yard. The contradiction of being dressed up in a place is very dirty makes the image interesting . So if you get to shoot a junk yard, that is very interesting. I also have a beach concept, which is just shooting at the beach. It's very fun to dio eyes in the summer. I'm shooting at the beach almost all the time. I also have this one was called Dresses in the Beach, where I usually try to shoot very early morning when there's like nobody there and get models with dresses and shoot them at the beach. Usually don't wear dresses at the beach, but it's a nice concept to do. I know some people done in where they get the motto in the water with the dress and just destroy the dress. That's whole concept for, like, brights to do and everything after they got married years later and the destroyed their wedding dress and then I also have a sand and desert concept, which is just shooting. If you have access to a desert, you live near a desert going there and just shooting a model there. If you don't have ah desert, you go to the beach and you used to stand there and incorporate your model to the stand in some way to make the image look interesting with the sand. I also have train tracks as one of the concepts. If you could find an area that lets you shoot a train tracks, I know there was this park that I shot by the had it. Open train tracks and the loss of shoots there during tracks are very interesting to shoot , and I also have graffiti and murals as one of them. There's many interesting neighborhoods that have full wall off murals or drawn out graffiti ease. And if you shoot a model in front of them, um, it looks very interesting. It's a nice background. I also have downtown as one of the concepts of you shoot downtown and you have the buildings in the background or the nightlife or the anything to do with downtown or cities . It's very interesting because it looks like a lot of stuff is going on in the cities and the buildings look very interesting. I have rooftops, is one of them which kind of goes with downtown, but you're shooting from the roof. You can use the background buildings as after your background or just you Hanging by the edge of the roof in a safe manner, of course, is as one of the concepts that you can do, and the last one is a sunrise and sunset concept and basically the sunrise and the sunset is called The Golden Hour and photography. It's called the Golden Hour because A it is right when that one hour time, when the sun is coming up or coming down, that the image looks very, very soft and warm and orangey. And and the sun just creates everything to look what they called golden on. And it's very, very beautiful. I know many photographers that look and try their hardest to shoot during the golden hour because it like the look of the sun going down shooting for that is very interesting. I've done many shoots at the beach when the sun is coming up, because coming up over the water and It's a nice background to have with the sun coming up . So planning for it and preparing your host shoot for that, Um, and getting it just right will create some amazing images. So those are all the concepts relating to shooting outdoors. 17. 17 Fun concepts: The next category I have for you guys is the fund category. All these concepts are playful and fun, and you could do them in a serious manner. But for the most part, they're fun. The first few are balloon candy and paint. So shooting what balloons Either would helium so they're floating or without, and just all over the place is very interesting to do. You can put them in the background. You can have a floating near you. You can have a bunch of balloons you're holding on to. There's so many ways people are shot with balloons, as you can see in the mood board. Candy is a concept that if you work with a makeup, artists can put really bright makeup on colorful makeup on the model and then use can visas props for the shoot and then paint is playing with paints and putting painful over the model and shooting with that is very messy, but fun to do. Also glitter, confetti and bubbles, so glitter and confetti. I know a lot of people used glitter and their make up, too. Do a beauty shoot where the makeup is filled with glitter or shooting confetti by blowing confetti or having confetti come down. It's something that you can do in the shoot. Bubbles is chewing gum and blowing bubbles. Simple is that I have a mood board for all that you could take a look at that sunglasses is a concept that you can try out for the most part people to shoot with sunglasses, using a lot of interesting, colorful sunglasses in different shoots. Close ups. It's very interesting. I have the amusement park slash arcade as concept. Having the background be something to do with an amusement park or an arcade game seems to be something that I've seen a lot recently that created a whole concept for that and create a whole mood board so you could see how interesting those images come out. I have faces as one of the concepts where you're basically trying to do a lot of different emotions into one Siris of images. So in there you can see all these different faces from the same person. Being shot is fun and playful. It's great for an actor or someone young who wants a lot off faces in a collage. Smoke bombs and fog are a concept that you can play with. If you buy a smoke bomb and you go somewhere like a forest or something, you let the smoke bomb go. You play around with it and you have all the smoke all over. The place is fun to do. Um, and you can get some really creative pictures out of it. I also have dancing in there as a concept. So if your model is also a dancer of you're a dancer, this is a whole concept revolved around dance. A lot of people who do ballet do this concept really well. I have a home would board around it. I'm shooting in all these different locations and being flexible and jumping and doing all this dance moves make this shoot very interesting. And then the last two are kind of like challenges and something fun to do with your photography that you can put on social media to, like get people's attention and test your abilities as a photographer, the 1st 1 is recreating images. That is where you find either untold image of yourself and you re create it, Um, a lot of people at humor to it and make it really funny. Some people recreate celebrity images, so celebrities put images on instagram and stuff, and they re created and put the original and the recreation on their. I put a whole concept mood board in there for you. If you guys want to try it out and do something fun, which your photography and then the last one is the ugly location challenge where you're shooting at ugly location, you take up behind the scenes picture of the location, and then you make the image look interesting by life, cropping everything out and zooming in and using a little part of that ugly location in your image to make the image look interesting. Um, I have all that in the mood board as well, so you can see the before and afters and behind the scenes and the final results so you could see Try the only location challenge and use that on your social media to drive attention to your work. 18. 18 Intro to Concept Kids Photography: Welcome to my course concept kids photography. Ah, 100 creative photo shoot ideas. My name is Angel and I am going to be your instructor for today. I've been doing kissed photography for the last seven years and thanks to working on concept photo shoots, I've been able to do all these create air forces. Would kids what I started doing as I was shooting kids throughout my career waas that I slowly started to do less just kids at the park taking the same picture over and over again and started doing more creative photo shoots. And in order to come up with creative photo shoots, I had to think deep into some creative photo shoot ideas. And then I started putting together these concept photo shoots where I invite a lot of kids out to do these ideas, and it really helped me out with my career. So in this course, I'm gonna give you guys ah, 100 creative photo shoot ideas for you guys to be able to produce your next 40 should ideas when it comes to kits. Now, when I mean kids, I'm talking about from toddlers all the way to senior year in high school. So anybody on the kids category and some of these ideas can translate to any type of photo shoot, whether it's individual portrait's families, couples and so on. This is part of my Siris of concept photography. I have several other courses with concert photography. One would individual models, one with couples. And now I have this one with kids, and in the future, I'm gonna be doing one with, uh, babies and maternity for issues. So stay tuned for those. If you haven't checked out the other courses and this category, check those out as well. It's just a lot of great ideas for you, no matter what type of photography do. So with this course, you get this Pinterest board with 100 creative photo shoot ideas and images that fit each idea. So you have them to recreate to inspire your photo shoot to create a mood board for that photo shoot. So you get a lot from this course. It's not something where you just learn something and you leave it something that you get to take with you and have which you throughout the rest of your career as a photographer. If you take images of kids. You want to have this in your back pocket to help you put together your next photo shoot to show potential clients that you're prepared and to have some more creative portfolios. So if you're ready to take your photography to the next level, to sign up for this course today and I'll see you there. 19. 19 Pinterest Kids: so to start off this course I want to give give you a brief introduction. A Pinterest. What it iss Why you should be using it as a photographer and a little bit of how to use it . Now, if you already know how to use pinchers, you have a pinchers account. You've pin images before then you can skip ahead from this section right here. Nothing related to the 100 creative photo shoot ideas are going to be in this lecture. This is just for those that don't know what Pinterest says and how to use it. So Pinterest is a website. You go to Pinterest dot com and you can see all these amazing images that all these photographers and individuals have uploaded to the Pinterest platform on the Pinter's website. You can search for any said a key words to find images similar to something that you might do when you go to Google images. And the great thing about Pinterest is that when you create a free account you can create was called a board to save all these images to the board to have as inspiration to for whatever project or for whatever reason, you might want these air called mood boards. So a mood board something artists use to let others know and themselves what they want their project to be inspired by. So it's usually a compilation of images. So Pinterest is great for that. Um, in photography, Where you can do is whenever you're putting together a photo shoot, um, you could create a board for that photo shoot and put together images that can inspire that photo shoot to help you re create and inspire all the images that you want to do. In that photo shoot, I use Pinterest ah, lot with concept photo shoots and photo shoots with clients. I put together boards that will help me out with that photo shoot, and I showed that to clients, and then they can add images to that as well. And then together we put together a mood board to fit what they want to do, and then we will go to the photo shoot. We just re create as many of those images or we do a photo shoot that looks like those images. So that's why I recommend that you use Pinterest. It's really going to help you out as a photographer. So this is what Pinterest looks like. This is a main website. When I go on Pinterest, this is what I see first. Now I can go and scroll down and see images that Pinterest thinks I might be interested based on images that I pin or look that recently, which is pretty cool, is like a news feed. Um, like on Facebook or instagram. Now on the top, I go to the search bar and type anything in I could type in kids photography, and then images of kids will show up, usually by photographers. Um, because I typed in the word photography. So because I put photography usually, um, photographer's work will show up in there now from there, other key words will show up underneath that It recommends that you might want to click on to add to your search so that mawr images and match what you're looking for will show up. So let's say I want, um, uh, siblings. Then images of siblings will start showing up in here, and then the key word will be shown on top. If I erase siblings, go back here and then change it to girls than images of girls will show up. So that's basically how pictures works now when I go to my account. So let's say I'm logged in and I go to my account. I can click on boards and then create a board with this little plus section. And then I would do something like kids photography in the park. That's what I'm doing. A photo shoot in the park I will put create a board name of that press create. You can also make a secret with, which means other people can't see it on Lee you. But I wanted to be a public credit press create. Then I would type in kids, uh, photography. And then I will add Park. Then it shows some some images of, uh, kids in the park. Here's somebody at the park If I want an area down like I like this picture, right? So I would go here and put kids photography in the park and savings. If you click on an image and you squirrel down, similar images will show up. So here's some in the park. I would save this one and this one. Now that's a one more image is a little like this one. I click on this one, scroll down and I will get some more images that it thinks it relates to. This is one in the part. And let's just put this one now. Once you saved all your images to that board, remember, you click save. Make sure that the board is selected. If it's not selected, find the board and click safe now. Once you saved all of them, you can go back, go to the board you created. And then here's your board. These are the images that I have, and then I can share it by clicking here and then clicking here, Give me the link. And then I sent that link to clients or on Facebook or whatever, and then it links back to this board. I can add more images. I can add more people who have Pinterest accounts to help me at images. It is great. This is what I do want to do photo shoots with people, I tell them. Look, you probably have some ideas or you don't know what what to do for your photo shoot. In order for me to provide something that you will want. Let's create a pinchers board, and those look for images that you're interested in. And let's use those images to inspire. The photo shoot will re create as many of those images in the photo shoot. So I would do a picture like this, a picture like this, a picture like this and so on. It's really great to have images saved in your boards as a photographer and to use Pinterest for that purpose. You can also upload images to Pinterest, and you can link pictures to websites. So almost all of these have a website linked like, uh, their own photography. So if you put your images and you want to share your work with more people, you can link them with your website and then when they click on it, it will take them to your website. This is great. If you care about people from all over the world seeing your work, then pinchers would be great for that as well. So that's it when it comes to Pinterest and why you should use that as a photographer, and now we're gonna move on to the next section 20. 20 Concept Kids Photography: So this is my website right here. I'm gonna be talking about concept photo shoots a little bit more and show you, um, some of my work and explain to you the value of getting into concept photo shoots on the left side. Here, you will see what you might traditionally have in a photo shoot. Pictures the kids, mom, daughter and so on. Um, like, if you see, uh, here pictures of kids, pictures of kids, kids, kids. Now, um, in order, make my portfolio stand out a little bit more. I started to get into concept photo shoots so I would put together a concert photo shoot, invited many kids to come out, And then we will have all the parents involved, and we will shoot with one dean. So one photo shoot idea All these ideas and a lot more are in the, um, Pinterest board that you're going to get with the 100 creative photo shoot ideas. So I'm going to show you one, so you get an idea. So one of the 40 should ideas that we did was called eye candy kids, photo shoots. So on my website, it is right here. Another one was a Princess photo shoot. So the Princess photo shoot waas This one where all the girls dressed up as Disney princesses. And then we had, like, 12 girls, and they all dress up with Disney princesses. And we went to a park downtown area, and we shot there. Other one was called eye candy furnishing. So we had 16 girls between ages 8 to 16 would make up artist shooting. Um, this eye candy photo shoot. I want to show you guys this video, and then I'm gonna show you guys some of the results Bad. Yeah. Yeah, - I hired you to You getting ready ? That being Yeah. - Yeah , - I think. Okay, um, so now I'm going to show you guys some of the final images. So here we are, 16 girls, all these amazing images. Now, this photo shoot right here got me a lot of attention. It was this creative photo shoot that I put together with all these girls. That really sparked a lot of work afterwards because it showed that I'm someone is willing to do all these creative pictures, and it's something that I think every photographer's should do. Now. This video here is something I shall with my iPhone. And I added with, edited it with I movie on my iPhone and then uploaded his straight from my iPhone and never touched the computer. Um, this is to show that you guys can do really cool behind the scenes video with very little work. Now, I'm not saying that this video was that cool, but just any sort of behind the scenes video is cool toe Have they Don't expect you to be an amazing videographer because you're a photographer. Uh, actually, when I shot, this is it was so long ago I've gotten way better, and I even made a course about behind the scenes video is called you to for photographers behind the scenes videos. So if you want to learn about making behind the scenes videos for your photo shoots, check that course out. I recommend if you were to put together a photo shoot similar to this where you put a bunch of people together to create a behind the scenes video for your photo shoot, Because would all the work you put in the images are great, But having a behind the scenes video really adds to the value of your end result, and they're very easy to do. You can do this with an iPhone. So, um, I recommend doing behind the scenes video like I did here and to do concept photo shoot to get a lot of people together. Um, I was able to charge per girl, which made me more money that if I just did one girl at a time. So that's the great thing about concert footage is you can charge per person and make more money than if you were to just do a new individual photo shoot. So for your time, you make more money doing constant photo shoots if you invite a lot of people out. So, um, that's it when it comes to concept photo shoots. Um, I just wanted to share my experience, which you guys to hopefully inspire many photographers out there to want to do concept photo shoots with kids and put together foot issues with a lot of people. So now we're gonna move on to the next section 21. 21 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas: okay in this section, I'm going to go over the 100 creative photo shoot ideas that come with this course. I'm going to name them all to you guys. And also, I want you guys to follow along with me. This link for this course is going to be linked to this lecture. So in the resource file for this lecture, you can click on the link you can through this platform. Then check your messages or check the course description. Somewhere there, you'll find a link. If you're struggling to find the link than, please send me a message and I will get you guys the link for this course. So once you click on the link is recommended that you create a Pinterest account so that you can follow this board. You can always find it in your account without having to use the link again. A view Don't create a pinchers account. You can't follow this board, and then you're just gonna have to save the link and then go back to it by either book marking it or whatever. But high wear it is that you use it. Make sure you can get to it. You don't need a pinchers account to see this. You can see this without a Pinterest account. Now, without further ado, once you click on the link is gonna take you to this page here. Concept kids photography, 100 creative photo shoot ideas. So aside from the 100 creative photo shoot ideas have actually categorized them by sections . So a section and a board. So all the ideas are in the same board, but there's sections within the board for each idea. And within each section, there is individual images. Um, that you can look at to inspire you for that photo shoot. You can also download an app on your phone. And then once you saved this board, then you can always go to it on your phone, take it with you to photo shoots and just looked through the images or looked through them and to come up with your next photo shoot idea. Now, once you're here, um, you can't scroll down, click on any one of these sections and see the images inside. So I am going to quickly go through the list of the 100 ideas and then in the next few lectures, talk about all the different ideas that are in here. So we start off with baseball than basketball, soccer, football, hockey, volleyball, golf, bowling, cheerleading, gymnastics, bicycle, rollerblading, skating, ice skating, swimming, fishing, hunting, karate, ballet, Red riding hood, spooky angel Princess superhero, PJ's cowboy hats to to sunglasses, adult culture matching sisters. Matching brothers matching with mom matching with dad fancy dresses, Fassi suits home bad tub, cooking farm library, amusement parks, laundry school, beach, Christmas no slash winter patriotic slash, Fourth of July Fireworks slash sparklers fall animals, horses, pats, birds, butterflies, clone levitation, double exposure. Boca laying down art Black and white color pop reflection. Playground swings, open field kite train tracks, trees, flowers, dandelions, rain, rain umbrella wagon 10th slash Teepees moon dirt pain glitter balloon bubble gum ice cream Can the watermelon bubbles milk, bad instruments, favorite toy, teddy bear color, back drop newspaper eyes, faces, suitcase frames, chalkboard message, tea, party and cars. Now some of them are extremely random. These were ideas that we found based on images we were able to find on Pinterest. It was a team effort looking through Pinterest's what there was enough images off to create an idea out of and these were the 100 best. Once that we can come up with, you might be able to come up with some more and, um, go ahead and use that create our own boards already created 100 different sections for you guys. 100 ideas hopefully inspire more ideas, or you can just follow along. These ideas are enough ideas to get you through your whole career as a Children's photographer. Just doing all these ideas one after the other is enough to have a full and amazing portfolio for the rest of my life. If I just did all these ideas, I will have an amazing career as a Children's photographer, which is what's great about this course. And I'm glad that I created it that this pinchers board finally exists, and then many photographers are gonna be able to use this and enjoy and help them with their career in photography. Now, if you I just want to click on the link, look through these images yourself and get started, then you don't need to look at the rest of this course. The rest of the course is just me breaking down these ideas, explaining them some more. But if you just want to go in and grab them and just looked through them and use them and not watch anymore of this course, then you can stop right here. Um, if you guys want to see more about me describing all the ideas that stay tuned for the next few lectures. Um, Anyway, if you guys end up leaving here, Thank you guys. So much for watching. Check out my other courses where I give you guys ideas for other types of photography couples, models and so on. Um, and all those lead to so many more ideas that might help you guys out. So if you guys were heading out, Think you guys from watching and hopefully see you guys in another course. 22. 22 Sports Hobbies: hair. Everybody. If you guys are still tuning in to this course, I want to break down how they're categorized and some of the mindset behind some of the ideas that we put in this, uh, Pinterest board. So I went ahead and make sure that, um, I've created categories within the sections. So there's 100 ideas, but the kind of categorise within these next few lectures. So these next few lectures will tell you the categories, and I put them together so that they're easier to find within the board. When we first created this, there were all unorganized. And when I wanted to find a specific board a section, it was very hard to find it within the 100. Once I've categorized them, they were easy to find. So I'm going to go through the categories, show you the different ideas, maybe show you some images, and then, um, hopefully you know how to find the boards and know what these ideas are. If some of them are a little confusing. Okay, so the first category that I'm going to talk about and those are the image, the sections on top is the sports categories. There also hobbies. So it's sports slash hobbies. This is for the kids that are active toe have a hobby that play sports, and so what? They're all put together, So they're easy to find. Um, And there in the beginning, off the, um, at the board because I feel like these are the ones there would be the most popular, the one that most people will do. And then, um then on to the rest. Now, I'm not saying that the whole board is categorized by like which one is the most popular wish of the least popular. Just this category I feel, is the most popular. The rest are kind of random order. But, um, I put this one first. So the 1st 1 is baseball. Just a bunch of images of kids playing baseball, then basketball bunch of images of basketball, more like with special lighting in the gym. Um, and so on images of soccer players, boys and girls, just creative lighting created composition, the ball being hit and so on. Then there's football. So the major sports that you will most likely photograph are in here with the uniforms with the football and so on. Then it's hockey kits with their hockey uniform, playing hockey and so on, then his volleyball. So the girls playing volleyball, some creative shots that we found on Pinterest for volleyball players. Then we thought golf would be cool. We found some cute images of kids playing golf, so we put that in here to hopefully show you guys. It's mostly like kids in the golf field with their golf outfits pretending the play golf. Or if they can play golf than playing off, then is bowling. Um, some people are in bowling teams like Bowling Great for Senior Portrait, It's and stuff at the bowling alley. Then it's cheerleading, um, cheerleaders, very popular in high school, sometimes a middle school. So getting those cheerleading images, it's a great idea if any of the kids do gymnastics doing those acrobatic moves and stuff. Very great idea with, uh, gymnastic outfits and so on. Then we have, ah, bicycle. So people that write bikes with their bikes, um, kids, teenagers and so on. Then from bicycle, we have obviously roller blading. Um, it's similar, um, with skates on in the parks and the streets, and so on. A lot of great images we found skating. If they do with the skateboard I supposed to roller blading, which could also be considered skating. But this one, I mean a skateboard. So images we found with kids and skateboards than ice skating, which is in the ice. So for any of the kids to do ice skating, professionally figure skating and so on. This is for them. Then swimming. We found some great images underwater kids popping out of the water and so on. A lot of great ideas in here on then we have fishing. If your kid likes to do fishing, um, that this is some great images that you can use for fishing and then hunting. Um, kind of goes with fishing. Um, it is like, um, getting animals and so on. I don't really expect kids to, like be shooting guns and stuff. This is more like up for props and stuff. Fake hunting, um, and so on and then karate. Um, if your kids does karate or any martial arts in their costume and their pose. And then most popular death form ballet. We wanted ad dance, but we couldn't find enough for dance. So we just put ballet. Um as a category. But if they do other type of dance and you could shoot images of them dancing, that's kind of the same idea. Um, so those are the ones for sports slash hobbies. Those are all on the top, and now we're gonna move on to the next category. 23. 23 Creative Wardrobe: This next category is called a creative wardrobe. This is the one. We're kids. Um, outfit makes up most off the idea. So the idea is based on what they're wearing. And, um, it's usually something creative. Fashion cost you and so one. So the 1st 1 is Red Riding Hood. We just found a few images of Red Riding Hood we were trying toe complete the 100 ideas, and we were already doing and doing instead of just cost him as a category. We wanted to find, like, main things that people dress up path. And from all the ideas that we find on Pinterest Red Riding Hood stood out. So we added that there's so many costumes that you can base on idea around. Um, but we just had read writing her kind of like to remind you that you could do any like story, um, or any type of like Harry Potter could be one or something that you're a fan off you can create into, like, any story, character cartoon and so on. Could be an idea for creative war. Drove for a concept photo shoot. We have spooky, which is kind of the same for like Halloween. Um, but this is just, like dress up and more like a scarier outfit kind of idea, which is a zombies and so on, then in the other. And we have angels, which is Ah, nicest thing you contrasts up as we saw images of girls would wings. And without this was a great idea. Then we have princesses. Um, so, like Disney princesses and so on, you can recreate. Um, I did a whole photo shoot with a lot of girls dressed up is Disney princesses, as you saw earlier. So I know that this is a really great idea. Ah, superheroes for boys. If I would have done another photo shoot with just boys, I would have done superheroes, um, are mixture of boys and girls, just do superheroes. That's a really great idea. Now, with all these Marvel movies out and everything and Justice League and all that. So the superhero is a great idea. Um, we have PJ's, which we just found some pictures off and we thought was really creative. So kids in their PJs we have cowboy hats. We That was ah, really cool idea. Kids dressed up as cowboys with their cowboy hats, Um, and then girls with their two twos. Um, we fought a lot of great images online. So girls and two twos. I remember in the past, people wanted me to take pictures of the girls win it 22 on. So I know that was very popular prop for, uh, girls, um, and their photography, our sunglasses. We found some cool images, and we thought, It's cool if you do something with just a budget sunglasses, all the kids looking cool. Sunglasses. You don't see sunglasses unless you're doing it for a purpose. So an idea run sunglasses with That was cool. Theodore Category. Um, we wanted to call adult or fake adult, which means our kids pretending to be adults so you can name a kids pretending to be adults or the adult category or fake adult category. Um, it's the idea where kids dress up as adults pretending to do adults things. We find a lot of great images for that which that was really cool. The next one is culture, so if your specific ethnicity, different cultures and you have outfits that matched your culture than this is a great idea to have a photo shoot revolving the culture that you're based off off. Um, so a lot of great cultures and ideas around that, Then we have a matching sister. So their siblings and we have sisters, um, wearing the same outfit so that they all match was an idea than we did that would brother so matching, brother. So having them wear like the same outfits of the matching images, whether they're twins or not. I know we find a lot of images of twins, but they don't have to be twins or triplets or anything like that. They can just be of different ages matching. Then we have matching with Mom. So outfits were kids, their kids air matching their moms and the outfits. And then we have matching with that as another idea where the photo shoes revolved around on the outfits where the dad and the kids are matching. Then we have one where is called fancy dresses. So girls are wearing all these fancy dresses kind of looking professional. Um, just doing something very fashion forward with dresses. Then we have fancy suits. So the guys dressed up in suits, tuxedos and so on. And yet that makes up the creative war drove category. All these ideas revolve around the wardrobe. Does your easy to find their right next Teoh, Right after sports, um, and hobbies. So that's a when it comes to this category. Now we're gonna move on to the next category. 24. 24 Home Creative Location: um this next category is home slash creative locations. I'm gonna talk about both of them together because there's not that many for the home category, but it starts after creative. Um, war droves, home categories where you're taking images at home, in the living room, in the hallways, and so on different parts of the home. Then we have, um, in beds, jumping in the beds under the covers and so on. Then we have a tub. So, um, you know, kids in the tub and so on. Bubbles throwing water and so on, mainly toddlers and then cooking. We find some great images of kids up cooking at home, making a mess, and so on. All these are images for the home. Um, and then we move on to other images at creative locations. So we have the farm. If you live in a farm, this could be your home. Which is why the as the 1st 1 in the creative locations, if you don't live in a form, but you could visit a farm, take some images at the farm reforms a great place for some creative images, a farm or barn concept, then is ah, library library is a very popular place that I, uh, used as an idea for every type of photo shoot to shoot in a library. I think you can get some great images there than the amusement park. There's so many colors, so many things going on. It's a great place to do some creative photo shoots, amusement park or our Kate like if you had an arcade is kind of like an amusement park with games and stuff. So, um, I will say there's more like amusement park slash arcade, then is ah, like laundry? Um, so at a laundromat or kids pretending to do their laundry at home or whatever, anything that related the laundry but a laundry mat, mainly. It's a great idea. Um, people don't think about this when they go to the laundry, but when you look at these images, you're really gonna think twice about not taking images at a Laundromat. It's something pretty out there and creative that I found, um, lead to some awesome images. The next one is school. I'm nothing. You could do a photo shoot, a school, but a school concept. I mean, maybe you can do a footage. It at your school. We'll take some images there, like in the hallway by locker or something. Um, I couldn't really find almost any and Pinterest, but there were some school related ideas with the backpacks and the globe and, um, the desk and so on that they did outsider school. But if you can shoot in school, that would be awesome place, I think for some really creative images on and then the last one is the beach. Um, going to the beach leads to some awesome images by the sand by the water. And so on beach is one of the best places to go and get some images done. These air different than just going to the park, going to a field. I just thought, you know, this is a great place for, um so creative locations for some images. So that said, when it comes to this category, and now we're going to move onto the next one 25. 26 Animals: The next category that I've put together is animals. So all these relate to animals. Um, the 1st 1 is, um, it's called animals, but it's more like wild animals. I'm gonna click on this. You can see what I'm talking about here. Some images when elephants, um, alpacas, giraffe's, um, penguins, monkeys, tigers, um, doves, um, donkeys. So just like animals that you won't traditionally have access to or see. But since this course kind of goes worldwide, you never know. You might have access to some of these animals, or you want to shoot at the zoo at a petting zoo or whatever. If you have access to any wild animal that's friendly, that you can photograph with a kid or something like this, this is more photo manipulation. You never get a girl next to the giraffe in a field like this to taken image, or even this This is a fake. But, um, basically, where people do is the great and of image of a giraffe, which is like, these two images are like the same giraffe. Okay, that giraffe right there in this giraffe right there, the same juror. So what they did was they grabbed this image of this giraffe. They got this image of this field, maybe the girl in the field, and then the added the giraffe in there. And then they added grass in front of it. So looks like he was there. They added on over late, over the image. And then, um, it looks like the giraffe was there. But this is a photo manipulation. This is added in photo shop afterwards. And there's many images like that. The bear with this elephant in the clouds and stuff does giraffe in the beach. This is our photo manipulation. You can do that too. Um, And if you're good enough info to shop to do something like this, you can. But this is really what that's animal category is all about. Just like animals they normally don't have access to shoot with. The next one is horses, which you can get access to horses. Not that hard. You know, there's many places with horses. Um, that will let you take pictures with them. So horses was a great idea. I did a constant photo shoot with horses and got some great images, so I know horses like we really stand out in your portfolio. Pets. It's another great idea doing stuff with your pets. The next one, it birds. We found ducks, roosters, anything revolving birds would. That was a great idea. And then butterflies. We just saw some great images on Pinterest with girls and modern butterflies. So we added as a category, all these are animal related, so they're all together. So there you have it. This is the animal category, if you want to. She would animals. Um, this is some great ideas for you to go with. So that's it When it comes to this category. Now, we're gonna move on to the next category. 26. 27 Special Effects: um, the next category is called special Effects. The reason I means I call the special effects is because you either have to do special editing and Photoshopped or you have to shoot this in a certain way that is unique to how you might normally shoot an image. So I called. I put this all under the special effect category is also the hardest I think category from all the different categories in this, um, and this 100 ideas. So these ideas here, I believe, are harder to do than all the other ideas. But if you you've really get a photography and you know how to recreate some of these ideas , then go ahead. You're gonna have some really creative images if you do these ideas. So the first idea in the special effects category is clones. This is where you have one person cloned in Photoshopped. You usually set the camera up in the tripod. You taken image of them in different parts of the room, and then you merge those images together and photo shop, so it looks like they've been cloned in the image. The next one is levitation. Levitation involves usually compositing. You have like somebody, like standing or laying on top of something and then that thing being erased in photo shop . I have a whole course on that. It's called levitation photography Master class. So if you want to learn how to do levitation photography, check out my other course where I teach you how to do levitation photography with all these different examples. So you want to do something like this and check out that course, Um, and you will learn how to do that. Ah, I will do something with clones, double exposure in another course in the future, double exposure involves, like the image of the kid and then another image merged together and then one with, like, lower opacity so you can see the other one. In the background is a composite of like two or three images together, and it's just really, really cool, though. Check those out. The next one is Boca. This is the one that most people, when they look at it, have no idea what this means. So, um, if you don't know what it means, it's basically those lights in the background that are blurred through shallow depth of field by using a prime lens, which is, if you don't know what this means, then just look up how to do Boca, um, online. And they will teach you. But you basically need lights in the background. Prime lens. Focus on the subject. Blurry background. And then the lights become like the big circle of lights that look really cool in the background. Uh, you might need special lights in the background to create Boca backgrounds, so really like research it before like getting your next client and trying to do something like this if you need a lot of practice. But once you get the hang of it, you get some really amazing images. The next one's called Laying Down Art. You really need to, like, be creative and kind of like put our together in the ground, have the subject lay down, shoot this straight up from, um above straight down and then just make it look like, uh, they were standing in your creating a story or an image with art, but actually laying down. It's really cool. Looked through the images. See if this something you want to kind of recreate. I have black and white on their special effects because you might take these images in color and then added them in black and white. Chances are you're not going to take this image in black and white straight out of camera. Um, but if you are, then you know, just make sure you have great contrast in there, um, the art of great black and White, which I will be making a course in the future about black and white photography and walls having a lot of black and highlights in the image and a lot of contrasts to make these images pop. So I chose in some of the best black and white kids images that I found on Pinterest. So you get an idea of what I'm talking about. What makes these images stand out from just grabbing any images image and turning them black and white and then talking about black and white? We have color pop, which is this idea of turning an image black and white and then something off color, having that color appear in the image. So like here we have black and white, and there's flowers and color than here. Black and white dresses and color the shirts and colored. This flour is in color, so just having everything black and white there's something in color is what I mean. You do this in photo shop, so you take the image in color and then you turn everything black and white and then you grab the color and just make that not be black and white. So it's really cool thing to do. I might do a course on that in the future, but I feel like it's very easy to do. But it's also like technical, like how to get a certain color to pop and not make other things pop making selections and all of that. The next one is reflections. So, um, the reason this isn't the special effects category, um, is because you got to shoot this in a certain way to really get the reflection. This show you can't just shoot at the water, and I hope that the reflection is that clear. You need the right lens composition, the right, uh, puddle, water lighting and everything to just be just right. Some people add, um, the reflection in photo shop, so they photoshopped the reflection. And because you can't get a natural So it's not that easy to do, Mom, really look at how people fake it. And then once you know how people fake and you'll be able to distinguish once lunch, which ones they're faking, which was a natural. But here's some ideas for reflection, and that's when it comes to special effects. Like I said, these air harder to do. If you're a beginner photographer, I recommend skipping these and moving on to the other ideas. If you have more experience than trying now one at a time and then, um, practicing to get better and more creative photo shoot. So that's it with this category. Now we're gonna move on to the next category. 27. 28 Outdoor: now in this category, I do ideas that involved, typically shooting outside. Now, maybe you find an idea in here that you can do indoors. But the chances are you gonna do these outdoors, so we start with the playground. This is involves images of kids playing in the playground, usually toddlers and younger kids. Then we have swings. Swings could be either in the playground or by trees, anything where a kid is swinging. Then we have open field. This is like for rest or parks, any area where you have an open field and you're have grass and all this open space create nice, shallow depth of field in the background, great images. Then we have kites, which is playing with the kites, running around with kites. Then we have train tracks. So finding empty train tracks of this, um, trains that used to right there, that right there anymore that you are allowed to step on and take images on. Then we have trees. So this is playing with the trees, climbing the trees and so on. Then we have flowers. So this is kids playing with flowers outside wearing the flowers. Anything to do with flowers mainly on the next one is Dan the Lions. We find a lot of images on Pinterest where, um, the girls are are blowing on the deadlines or kids air blowing on the dad alliance so you can look at the images there to see if this something you want to do. Um, then we have rain. So kids getting wet outside in the rain, playing in the rain just, you know, making a mess of themselves on the next one is umbrella. We didn't put umbrella under rain because we find a lot of images where kids are with the umbrella and it's not raining, so they don't seem to be always together necessarily. So we have a lot of ideas with just the umbrella. Um, the next one is or wagon seems to be a very popular toy for toddlers to have and play with . So we have all these images where they use a wagon two pose would sit on and so on. Then we have 10 slash t piece. Most of these images are mainly Teepees, but with that would be similar to have tents. So I looked through those images. You'll find, ah, lot of ideas that you could do some endorsed but majority of the time outdoors. And then the next one is, um, Moon. Um so we found ah, Siris of images where kids are pretending to grab the moon by claiming on something. Some of this could be photo manipulation. Some of it could be riel. Um, so just, uh, looked through the images. See, if you live in an area where you can recreate something like this seems like a really, really great creative idea, and then that's in when it comes to these outdoor images. Um, the next one is dirt, which could be outdoor, but I want to leave it for the next category. So that's a when it comes to outdoor images, and now we're gonna move on to the next category. 28. 29 Fun Extra: This next category is starts with some images are a little bit messy, but it's mainly just fun, creative and extra. So these were the ones that we didn't feel like there was enough ideas to create a whole category, so these were just everything else. But we try to put as many of them that were similar together so that, um, you'll be easy to find one idea over the other. But everything else that didn't fit These categories are towards the end after the moon category. So the 1st 1 is dirt where you play with dirt to get yourself messy. Then is paint where you play with pain to get yourself messy. That is glitter. You're playing with glitter. Make a lot of mess. These three, uh, you make a lot of mass wit. Um, so my recommendation. It's like you were doing painting glitter in the studio. Just make sure you have a paper back drop that you could just roll rip off and throw away. Um, make sure you like you're shooting somewhere. You don't care that it gets messy yet. This is very messy, a set of ideas, and the next one is ah, balloon and bubble gum. Um, so balloons is messing with balloons. Bubble gun is, you know, creating as big bubble out of gum, which is similar to a balloon in the sense that they're, like, balloon like, ball of air that you're making either with your mouth, our balloon. That's why there kind of together, um, And then we have ice cream and, uh, candy. So I scream is just related to eating ice cream. We saw a lot of images where kids are eating ice cream, and then candy involves just lollipops. Anything we can the earlier in the course, I showed your concept where I did these images here, which is eye candy, photo shoot. We have candy put on as makeup for the girls. So, um, this is a really great idea. If you want to do, you can check out that, um, and try to recreate something like this. Then we have watermelon, which is also food. So way have here, like treats and food. We find a lot of images and watermelon. Um, it doesn't have to be watermelon. It could be literally any fruit, Any food in the world if you find if you like a certain fruit, like a certain food. And you want to do food based concepts you can. We just found some cute images of watermelon, so we curated that. But I want this kind of to inspire you to do something with any type of food you could do a serial concept. You can do something with cake, hot dogs, anything. You know, Um, just, uh I didn't obviously want to put, like, every foot in here, because then it would be a waste of ideas, but I just wanted to leave this year. So you get an idea that you can do some cool ideas with food on the next one is bubbles, which is a fun thing to do. I saw a lot of images with bubbles, so that was fun. Um, the next one is Ah, moke bat. So this is where you put powder milk in a tub and lay a kid on it, usually with flowers or without flowers. Whatever. You can use water coloring and changed the water into another color, but this is usually in a tub of some sort and, uh, or kiddie pool and just laying the kid on them a lot of great images usually done with maternity shoots, but we find some images with toddlers in there, so we put that in here. Next is instruments. So if your kid place any instrument, I'm getting images of them playing instruments with the instrument as a prop. It's a great idea. And then talking about props. We have Kid's favorite toys. So this is where a kid makes a mess, lays out all his favorite toys out, and you take images with the kid and all his toys. Then talking about favorite toy. We have Teddy Bear, which is one of the most popular toy for a kid, a toddler to own. So we have all these images where a toddler is hanging out with this teddy where then we have, ah, color back drop where if you buy the Muslims, I mean the savage, seamless paper backdrops, medium size or large size, and you lay it down, roll it down and have the kid stand said lay on it. Whatever. You can get some really amazing images with the background just seamless, Um, and it's just awesome. This is the best look up savage paper backdrops I make sure that all these images were with savage paper backdrop. So when you look at them, the description will tell you more about the type of material that was used so you can find it through there. Another creative backdrop is newspaper Backdrop, where you create a newspaper wall in the background. Now I've done one where it's magazine backdrop when it's just magazine papers like fashion magazines, and I laid them in the floor and in the wall. But since I couldn't find many images of that on Pinterest, but I did a newspaper, I just added the newspaper category, even though I've done a magazine one. I just want to give you that idea in case you want to do a magazine one or a newspaper one . But it's just making a a set of newspapers or magazines in the floor and the wall and then taking an image of a kid on that, the next one of his eyes, we found a lot of images where they're really showcasing the kid's eyes. If the kid's eyes are a certain color, they have big guys, and the eyes are usually looking at the light and their eyes is really stand out. Then you can do a photo shoot. There really focuses on the eyes like you. So close up has shot with the kids either wide open and these eyes really pop. I saw a lot of people doing stuff like this. The focuses on the eyes, and it's just a really great idea. If your kid has, like, beautiful eyes or whatever, the next idea is faces. So this is kind of like faces slash expressions, because what you do is you combine a lot of images of the kid doing a lot of different expressions, and then you put it together in a collage off the kid, doing a lot of different expressions. So this is great for, like, toddlers having them do a lot of funny faces and then making a collage, something that you might want to print out and put in the wall. It's stuff, Um, the black and way once looked really cool, like this is a really great idea. I haven't done it yet. I've actually I've done it, but I've done it in like sweet sixteens. So it's sweet Sixteens. We will have a girl do a lot of different expressions and funny phrases. And then they will print those out and put him in every table at her sweet 16. So I know that this works for kids just doing this whole, like all these different faces. Is that like, a many idea for a photo shoot? The next one on the next two or props is a suitcase. I find a lot of ideas with suitcases. I've ever find some ideas where the kid is pretending to be, like leaving home in their suitcase. Um, we're just sitting on the suitcase or whatever. You're cute of into suitcases and looks really cool. The next idea is our frames. So if you buy a big frame framing the kid in the image, having the frame be held up with the kid inside, so they're creating this frame for the image. It looks really, really cool. Uh, next one is chalkboard. Where you, uh, if you have a wall is a chalkboard, um, you paint in it or draw stuff, right stuff, and then take a picture of the kid in front of that chalkboard. I'm not saying you're gonna have access to this very easily. Um, I've heard that you can install this very easily in your home chalkboard walls. If you ever find a chalkboard wall in a place you go to, there's many places that have you can go and take some pictures in front of it, drawing it like this one picture where this girl is like a butterfly. You know that something you could do. The next one is called Message. That is where the kids have, like, a message, either in their clothing, a sign or in the floor like you could do it with sand. You could do it with leaves. You could do it with anything. They just basically writing a message, usually something you could do like a maternity like the baby is coming Or, you know, something to do with Mom and Dad. Something to do with their birthday. Just look through them, what kind of messages you can create the kids to have and then a creative way to, uh, have the message shown in the image. Um, the next one is called Tea Party, where girls are having a tea party either by themselves with a teddy bear with their moms with their sisters. So, uh, tea parties or something that very popular for little girls to do. So doing a photo shoot around the tea party is a good idea and then for the boys. So for the girls that we have a tea party for the boys, we have cars. So kids pretending to be mechanics playing with cars Um, it's just really fun idea for boys to do boys like cars. Girls like the tea party. It's just a great idea. A lot of ideas in here could be for boys. Forgive me for girls could be for boat. So that's it. That's 100 ideas. Go through them when you find when you like, you click on it. And then I looked through the images and try to see if they inspire anything, that something you want to recreate and to plan for a certain shut. So that's a when it comes to all the different ideas in this whole course. Thank you guys. So much for watching. Hopefully this help you guys out, which our Children's photography taking creative pictures of kids check out. My other creative photo shoot concept, of course, is on this platform. I have several of them with ideas for different types of photography. Thank you guys. So much for watching and hopefully see you guys in another course. 29. 30 Intro to Concept Couples Photography: Welcome to my course Concept Couple photography 100 Creative photo shoot Ideas This is a course that I've created a few months after the success of my original course concept photography. 100 Creative Photo Shoot Ideas where I put together a board on Pinterest with 100 creative photo shoot ideas for portrait photography. And then after that success, I've decided to do it all over again and focused on Lee Uncoupled. I had a previous courses well, where I taught people how to oppose couples, and that was also very successful. But I figured another thing that will help people shoot couples is to create a course where I give them 100 creative photo shoot ideas. Four couples. So if you're a photographer who shoots couples, whether you do just couples, engagements, weddings or anything of the sort sort, then this course is for you. You're gonna get 100 creative photo shoot ideas to use to shoot for your next photo shoot With this course, you also get all these images linked to each idea so that you have idea. Would images that will inspire you help you plan your shots and help you recreate certain ideas. So you have 100 different ideas to play with in this course, and I can't wait to show them to you and hopefully help you guys take your photography to the next level. So you ready to have access to all these ideas that sign up for this course today and I'll see you there. 30. 31 Pinterest Couples: in this section right here. We're gonna be talking about Pinterest's what Pinterest's is, why you should use it and how to use Pinterest. So for those that don't know what Pinterest says, Pinterest is a website that you go to. You go to Pinterest that calm and you have access to all these amazing images that people have uploaded either to link to annoy article kind of for like, marketing purposes or just to show off, um, some great images that they either took or found. So all these images on Pinterest are usually of photographers, which is great for a photographer to get into, because when you're doing photography, one of the things that will help you guys out a lot is to have images to inspire your next photo shoot when you put together images that inspire a photo shoot that is called a mood board artists have been using mood boards for a long time to put together images that will give the rest of the people involved or themselves an idea what they want the project to look like. So Pinterest is great for that. Pinterest has been designed for you to be able to create boards, look for images and save those images to the board. And you can share that with people so that you know what you want to project or in this case, that photo shoot to look like says a lot of photography have been uploaded ready to Pinterest. It's a great place to find images that match a certain photo shoot that you'll be doing. I use Pinterest to put together images that go with a certain concept, um, photo shoot that I want to do. I share that with my clients, and they're happy to know what to wear, what these images might look like. And it really helps me out as a photographer. So now that you could have an idea of what Pinterest is now, let me show you how to use it. When you go to the website, um, you is recommended to create an account by creating an account, you can actually save the images to a board and then keep track of all your boards. When you create an account that looks like this, you have your name and such, um, and then you can look at boards and seaboards. You have created now, Once you create a board, let's say the idea that you want to do is, um, couples Images. Blessed are couples photography. I think it's a little bit better. You create it and then you search appear a couple photography, and then a lot of images pop up. Now, when you do this, it also gives you other keywords that it recommends. So let's say you want to look up images that are outdoors. It adds that keyword to your search, and then it shows you images that are linked to couple images outdoors. And then when you want to save them, you picked the board, so I would pick Supposing I mean couple photography, and then I'll save there. Then I pick another one, save it. Another would save it. And I looked through the images and I find all the ones I like. Say that one and let's just say this one now. Once you saved all the images that you like, then you go back to your account. You go toe boards, you click on the board you've created, and you can see all the images that you've created. You could then share it to your friends on Facebook, Twitter a messenger or just copy the link. And then when you copy the link, you share that liquid people and then they can access aboard. You can also make the board secret, and then Onley have people see it by private imitations and or use that just for yourself. There's also on APP for Pinterest, where you can see all your board, see all the images and find more images. So pinchers is a great great great website and tool. Um, some people can you can also link upload images to Pinterest. The reason you would do that is in case you want to create a board and the images who want our images that you have. You can do that as well, and then you could also link images to websites. So, like, this image right here will take me to an INSTAGRAM account. I'm guessing there instagram account. That way they could get more followers. So if you upload a lot of images to Pinterest, you can link them to your social media to your website and then get more people to see your work. So pinchers is great for that as well for marketing. So that's it. When it comes to what Pinter says and how to use Pinterest. Now we're gonna move on to the board that we've created for this course and then all the different sections in that board. 31. 32 100 Creative Photoshoot Ideas for Couples: in this section. I'm going to show you the 100 creative photo shoot ideas just briefly. All of them, um, and this board so that you can we can then go over and break them down, and I'll show you how they're organized. But, um, but in this lecture, we have the link to this board attached to it. So, um, in the lecture, you're gonna see a resource file section where you can see the link and click on it. You might have got in the link by message as well. So maybe through this platform you got a message with the link. Or it might be under, um, the description of the course, regardless of how you find the link, just make sure you find it and you can't find it. Then please send me a message so that I can send you the link. Once you have, the link is recommended to have a Pinterest account so you can follow this board, which means it will be part of one of the boards that you have. Or if you don't have a Pinterest account, then just save the link and then use that later on. You don't need a pinchers account to see this board, and you can customize and added this board neither. So would you have is when you get and you want to use these images and create your own board, you can as well. So, um, once you go on, the link will take you to a page like this. You see here that it has 100 sections. That means there's 100 different ideas for you to recreate with couples. There's also over 1000 pins, which means images. It's already categorized into these 100 ideas. So you have plenty of images to play with, um, and look at to help inspire, plan and recreate any of these images so quickly. I'm just gonna go through the list and then I'm gonna break them down and show you the actual images in those list. So the 1st 1 is tent, then sowing in hammock picnic than on the street. Open road firework flowers, wind, sunset, sunrise night, um rocks, canyon and mountains, desert field, train track bridge, library, barn groceries, junk yard, arcade, abandoned place downtown amusement park balcony, rooftop park playground, boardwalk, pumpkin patch fair and carnival forest, Home cooking bad through bad tub, fountain rain underwater beach in water, waterfall pond pool Winter fall Valentine, Christmas Halloween patriotic slash, Fourth of July motorcycle slash mo peds Bicycle boat course train car plane nerd rave fitness Military PJ's sports masquerades trash the dress. Old fashioned mashing fashion. White black red business Light painting, color pop, double exposure. Levitation, Boca reflection. Silhouettes on the ground Art candy, smoke, bomb paint slash messy powder bubbles, balloon notes, umbrellas, blankets, weapons, instruments, lights, dancing. Follow her tattoos recreating graffiti slash Miralles pat black and white drinks. Hide the kiss and eating so there's 100 ideas. Now you have two choices. You can either stop here, click on the link, looked at all these images and be done. Or you can go through the rest of the course where I show you how this was organized. We can look at the images and sites together, and I could talk about the idea behind putting together some of these concepts and also some of the special effects Once how to shoot does so your choice. You can just click on the link and look through these yourself or follow along with me throughout the rest of the course as I show you and explain more of these ideas. Thank you guys so much for watching the section. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 32. 33 Outdoor Category: in this section. I'm gonna go over the different categories off the ideas that I have. I have put them in categories for you guys. So that is easy to find. Um, these, uh, ideas if you know the categories. Also, any image, any idea this related to the other ideas are put together, That's why categorize them. So hopefully you can find an idea similar to the idea that you're doing and then just do that idea next or together. So we're gonna go over the first, um, category. The first category is outdoor images. So all these images you can do outdoors Um, some of the other ideas you can also do outdoors. But those air more specific to eat another category these are just outdoors, and I'm going to go over them there. 15 different once, and I'm going to show you the images inside of them. So the 1st 1 is 10th images. So these are just images. You shoot outdoors, Would a tent very self explanatory? The next one is Ah, swing or a hammock. We thought that we found some cute images with that. So we put together of some images with a swing in a hammock that you could do with a couple . The next one is a picnic. So going to a park or by the beach and putting together a picnic and had a pose and recreate some of those images. The next one is on the street. This is kind of like street photography. Were you shooting the couple, Um, in the sidewalk, Um, crossing the street, walking around these air a little bit of combined, of candid with like, um, just getting in the way of people, uh, just kind of showing like your neighborhood, um, some of the streets that you might normally walk on and stuff the next one is called Open Roads, where the focus is on the fact that there's nothing on the road. There's no cars, there's no people. So you usually shoot near the center and stuff. And you showed his long road kind of to show that you have a long road ahead of you in this relationship. Um, the next one is called Fireworks where, um, you show images, Um, with the fireworks fireworks in the background in case something's going on. There's fireworks. You take images with those, um, the next one is flowers. So you go wherever there's a bunch of flowers. And, um, you just take, like, big image landscape images of the flowers or like, um, putting yourself in the flowers and such. So, um, the next one's flowers. The next one is Ah, wind. So these are images that involved the wind blowing, usually the long dress or the hair blowing great for wedding photography. Next one is sunset and sunrise. Um, so these air like golden hour the sun, um, hitting the couple that is like an hour before, like the sun sets, or the hour after the first hour where the sun is rising, or the first hour when the sun is setting on. Then it's night images. So those are images that you shoot a night. Um, it could be like showing the stars in the sky with the car, um, top of a mountain in a busy street. Um, so on. Some of them are similar to images from other concepts, but these are all related to shooting at night. Um, the next one is a rock, canyon and mountain. So this is if you have any mountains or canyons canyons where you live, then you can shoot and really show off the canyon or the mountain or the rocks. The next one is Ah, desert. Um, this has, like a big open fields. You can see all the sand, just a lot of great images here. It's just if you live in a desert, if you have a desert nearby or something, the next one is open fields. So just shooting in a field, nobody in sight just show how big this field is. There's just you guys in the field. The next one is train tracks. So if you have a location where there said this continued train, you can shoot in the train track, then this is a spot that you could shoot in a lot of great ideas to shoot. And with the train tracks, the next one at the last one is the bridge, Um, any bridges that you see that you can incorporate in your images. Bridges create great frame ings for images, and you can use a bridge to frame your images. Um, just you walking on the bridge, kissing and so on. So that's a when it comes to outdoor images, and now we're gonna move on to the next section 33. 34 Creative Location: this section involves creative locations. All these next 15 ideas involves you going to a creative place and shoot an image showing off that place in using that place as the concept for that photo shoot. So when I show you 15 creative places, you can go in to shoot your images and and I'm gonna show you the images in those ideas. The 1st 1 is library. Um, I found so many amazing images in the library, it could have probably fill this section with, like, 100 different images. But just hear some for you guys. There's so many things you could do with books. Like using the books as a background for framing. Um, shall owed up to field creative lighting. There's so many things you can do in a library. Ah, the next one is a barn, just a lot of images involving a barn. If you have a barn and you can shoot their, uh, show off the bar and have the appropriate outfits for the barn, the next one is groceries. Uh, so if you're willing to attempt shooting at a grocery store, um, the main prop is the grocery cart. So shooting with that he gets a lot of cute pictures. Next one is Ah, Yunque Yard. If you want this type of images, um, junk yard ihsaa cool, rugged place that you can take some cool images in. Um, usually we're like old school cars and such. The next one is on arcade, So here you can, um, you some of the games and such to just show images of them plain posing them, um and so on there. So many koi ideas you can do at an arcade. The thing about our KEDO and like grocery stores is even the libraries that you can't really have a proper photo shoot there. It's not really allowed in many places, So you either gotta be sneaky or ask for permission. So I just wanted to give you guys a heads up before just going to your local grocery store and doing a photo shoot there. Next one is a abandoned place. Um, these are usually, like a bad thing. Churches or buildings. Um, I'm not saying to sneak into an abandoned place. There's many abandoned places. They're open to the public. You can go in and take images. I know an hour or so away from me. There's an abandoned church. Kind of looks like this one right here. And if I go over there, I can just go in and take images. There are a lot of photographers do that. So just look for one that's open and available for you. If you want to do something like this, Um, next is downtown. If you have a downtown area in your city with lots of buildings, you can show off the buildings. Um, just use that, um, to really have some amazing images. Next one is amusement park. So amusement park has a lot of great, uh, things that you can use in your background. Um, a lot of lights, a lot of colors. So it leads to a lot of great images. Um, hopefully this board can inspire you to recreate some of these images at amusement park or a carnival carnival would be the same thing. The next one is, uh, balcony. Um, if you have a balcony, you're at a hotel or whatever. You would take some images, balconies, a great spot to do that in. It looks really great. Next one is, um, rooftops. So you could find a rooftop from my building. You can take some great images there, which, if if there's like buildings in the background, if you're the highest ah, building, they're usually leads to some boring images because you just see the sky in the background . It's not really that interesting. So rooftops, where you're not the tallest building and areas really nice. The next one is, Ah, pumpkin patch. So if you're area where there's lots of pumpkins, a pumpkin patch, you can go there and get some images with pumpkins. I know this idea is a little random. We just found some images and then just create an idea out of it. It's really tough to come up with 100 ideas for couples. Okay, the next one is laundry. So this is ah, doing a photo shoot at a laundry mat so you can use the cart. Um, you know, just use leading lines to create a nice composition framing ah, places to set. Lean on. This is really great creative idea. The next place is let's see here, Forest that is the last one in the list of creative locations. This is finding a forest and, um, doing a picture. They're using the trees. Um uh, in the background, that little ponds, um, just green creates a nice background for images. So that's it when it comes to creative locations. Now we move on to the next section. 34. 35 Home: in this section. We're going to talk about the next category, which is images you will take at home. So all of these are related to home in different parts of the home. That includes home cooking, bathroom bad and tub. Um, home. How are the ones that aren't specifically about, um, these? These are just like other parts of the house and then, uh, these air images specifically to those parts of the house. So first, when you look at the home ones, here's some images in different parts of the house. Living room, kitchen hallway on. So on dead. The next section is, um, cooking where you take fun images, cooking. There's a lot of examples here. A lot of things you can do. What cooking? Um, you know, guy behind the girl. Um kissing, hugging, playing with food. Just a lot of great ideas for cooking. The next one is, uh, the bathroom, um, bathrooms a great spot for, like images like getting ready and shaving and with a towel and so on. So those are some great 80 is there. The next one is the bad, and there's just a lot of things you can do when you're in the bad, we have pillow fights. They're jumping on the bed, lay down together, eating breakfast in bed. It's a lot of a great ideas there, Um, and like you can do all of them if you're doing a home shoot. Of course, I just wanted to categorize them so that you have different ideas. Um, in case you just wanted to do, like, cooking or bathroom or bad and so on. The last one is a tub. That's where you take images of the couple together in the bathtub. They could be clothed or not close or whatever Bubble bat. A lot of great ideas in the tub. So that's it. That that's a smallest section category of all of them. I just want it. Once I realized I had enough that relate to the house, I created a category just for the house. Um, so that's it when it comes to house, uh, ideas. And now we're gonna move on to the next section 35. 36 Water: in this section, we're gonna be talking about water concepts. So all these concepts relate with water. The tub could be one of them, but that one I put under the home category but is right at the end of the home category. So you can yourself put it in the water category of the home category. But these are the ones where you might get wet or you have water in the background. Um, just water is shown in the image. So the 1st 1 is this fountain one. Um, so this fountain image, um, are images using a fountain. You're standing in front of the fountain. You have the water in the image in the foreground. You're in the fountain getting wet. You're sitting on the edge of the fountain. Just a lot of great ideas there. Um, the next one is, uh, let's see here. Rain. So the rain ones are, you know, the couple getting wet in the rain and so on. Um, great ways to do this is to either at fake rain with a hose. I think people do that. Um, you're either under an umbrella taking the image, um, or you're under something taking the image just because it's hard to take images with rain . And I know some people in editing add marine afterwards, so they have the people. What? And then they're not in the rain, but they add fake rain and photoshopped. So that's something you can do if you wanna have Ah, rain idea for a photo shoot. Um, the next one, um, is underwater. This one is extremely hard to do is probably the hardest, uh, want to do in this whole Siri's, um, you got to find a housing for your camera to be able to shoot underwater because most DSL ours can't shoot underwater. Um, and then, you know, get the couple to dive and usually is done in a pool like this one Here, um, and then just take some images and looked through them and see what you can make out of it . It's very hard to do. Um, I've yet to pull one off, but it's on my list of things to do for sure. Doing this, uh, underwater one. The next one is the beach with emphasis on the water. You see the water in the background of most of these images, um, so, yeah, showing the water showing in the beach is great for the background. Ah, the next one is in water. Uh, these are images where your is at the beach had upon, um and so on and or a leak. And then the couples in the water. And, you know, they're usually halfway in our most of the way in, and you're taking the picture either with a long lens or you're in the water as well. So these are some great images that you could take is usually them hugging each other for the pose. The next one is waterfall. If you live in an area where you have a waterfall, having that in the background make for some amazing images, so just showing a waterfall in your background it's awesome for, um, nice location for images. Um, and then let's see what else we have here. Um, we have pond. So if you have a pond, you know, a body of water is not a beach. Um, you could take images by there. You can be, you know, carrying the, uh, significant other, um, and being foot's in the, uh, just your feet in the water and such. There's so many ideas in here to recreate. And then I think there is one more left. Let's see here. Yeah, The last one is a pool that would make eight ideas for water. This is shooting in a pool of you have, ah, pool in the backyard. You're at a hotel or whatever. There's a pool. There's lots of great ideas to do at the pool. So, um, that's when it comes to water concepts, and now we're going to move on to the next section. 36. 37 Holiday Season: in this section. I have, um, next category, which is holiday slash seasons. There's six of them in here for you to use the great one. The great thing about the season once and holiday. So is that based on the season, you could focus, um, your marketing to shooting for that events for that, or just showing those types of images in your portfolio to book people in those seasons. Those holidays. So there's some ideas in there for you to your using any one of the season's their holidays . So the 1st 1 is winter. These are images in the snow. Um, the best thing to do is to actually shoot when it's nationally, and then what a lot of people do is they had fake snow. You can kind of tell here that the snow is added later on, um, here as well. You just have to tell what, like fake snow looks like, but this, like snow would be in the ground if it was snowing, but you can add it snow in photo shop. Just go to an era where there's snow on the ground. Um, have the couple stand there and then add fake snow. Um, in photo shop, you could do that. Um, so the next one is Ah, fall one right here. The reason the reason I didn't put a summer spring one is because they kind of look the same. And it's really hard to distinguish a seasonal, um, concept. But fall is very obvious because of the colors of the leaves. So this orange brown leaves are where you're going for when you're doing a fall photo shoot . Just going to like the park or the four is that you can show the leaves is what's really gonna make this fall concept pop out. The next idea is, um, Valentine. So these are for Valentine's Day. Couples hearts, balloons, red roses, stuff like that for Valentine's save. You get a good, uh, Siris of images in here. You can use those for your portfolio and promote this type of photo shoot every year. Um, the next one is, uh, Christmas. Once a year, you can get the images for a good month before Christmas. Just they're doing a lot of Christmas related images. Christmas lights, um, candy canes, the tree sweaters. Obviously, it's not snowing. Endorse fake snow, but yeah, great idea for holiday. Um, the next one I have in here is Halloween than another big holiday. Um, just getting couples dressed up in matching costumes, maybe a location that matches that costume that really makes up all for this Halloween idea . The next one is patriotic slash, fourth of July. And these air, um, images you couples might want to show They're in Fourth of July, and they usually involved a flag so you can get a flag for this. Then you basically have most of what you need for this type of for a shoot. Um, the next one is Yeah, that's it. Um, those are the holiday season ones there, six of them. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 37. 38 Transportation: in this section. This category of ideas? Um, I'm calling it transportation. All these ideas involve some sort of transportation from, like, a motorcycle to a train and so on. So there's sub seven of them. I'm going to show you all of them. They're all put together. You want to have creative images with transportation, things involved in these air, though. Ideas you can try. So the 1st 1 is motorcycles and mopeds. Um, you know, here's different ways that people take images with a motorcycle poses stuff to recreate. Um, the next one is bicycles. So this is, uh I find a lot of images for people writing a bike together, sitting in a by standing by the bike and so on. Uh, the next idea is the boat one. Um, these air, usually smaller boats that people write together on our bigger ones that you have access to those. This is a really great idea. Um, if you can get a drone and shoot in the air, something like this, that looks amazing. Um, but yeah, a bunch of cool ideas with the boat. Um, let's see, the next one is horses. So, uh, if you have access to horses. You could take images like this. Um, you know, you live in an area where there's lots of horses and farms and stuff. Lots of great ideas to do with horses writing together to horses, one horse standing by it and so on. The next idea and the transportation category is trained. Uh, this here's a nice long exposure of the train passing by. Um, obviously, you can't do this, so don't do this, but, um, my inspire something else from looking at this image. But there is lots of ideas that you can do with trains. You can just look through these and come up with some The next, um, idea is a car. So those are you sitting in the car sitting on the edge of the car? Um, Doro been sitting on top of the car. Ah, you know, laying on the car and so on a lot of great ideas there. And then the last one is the plain one. Um, so the plane one involved having a plane, usually in the background. So you have here, like the background, um, small private planes and such? Ah, not many ideas of like you guys sitting in a plane. This is not like a photo shoot location. But if you have access to, like, small planes like this, then you could do a photo shoot around that and that is it these as the last of the transportation categories. Now we're gonna move on to the next section. 38. 39 Creative Wardrobe: in this category right here. Ah, where? I'm calling that creative wardrobe. Um, this is the section where it's all about putting on a certain outfit to match the idea. So these are mainly focused on what the people are wearing to really make this concept, um, work. So here is seven ideas that matched this creative war drove category. The 1st 1 is nerd. Um, so you know, if anybody one person in the group or both of them are considered nerds and they have the nerdy glasses and such or the like comic books and you can do nerdy related images the next one, if a rave. Um, So these rave images are for couples that I guess, like to go to raves together and all the creative outfits that they wear for Rabe's usually matching each other images at a rave. Um, look really cool. The next idea IHS fitness. Ah. Usually, with the exception of this image right here, the couple is wearing fitness attire and then doing some sort of work out. Um, so this is fitness related images. The next idea is a military. Those are for people there in the military. Uh, either both of them or one of them images as a couple. Um, so wearing the military uniform, the next idea is PJs. Um, those are usually done indoors. Maybe you could do outside somewhere else. Um, this could also go in the home category. Um, but they involved boat people wearing PJs, um, and look better if they match. And then just cute images, candids, the stuff they would do in their PJs together. Uh, the next idea. IHS sports. This is where, uh, the couple is usually wearing uniforms. Or, you know, we got the football player and cheerleader. Um, you know, basketballs and soccer balls and so on. So just some ideas there for sports. Um, the next one is masquerade. This is involving masquerades wearing the mask that you would wear at a masquerade and then just taking images with those masks, usually like in a tuxedo and address and such. The next one is the last one is the trash, the dress one. Um, so this is the one where people they're married will bring the wedding dress out and destroy the dress. Either at the beach at a pond would paint, um, in the snow and so on. This is somewhat of a popular concept that married people do just on idea to dio, um, you could essentially do a trash the dress without being married and without using a wedding dress. But it's mainly four wedding dresses. Um, to do so want 234567 Um, I guess eight with the trash, the dress. Eight ideas for creative wardrobe. So that's it When it comes to the creative wardrobe section. Now we're gonna move on to the next section. 39. 40 Fashion: So in this section we're gonna be talking about the next category, which is very similar to create a wardrobes. Because you do. It doesn't matter what you're wearing but instead of maybe, um, more creative is more towards fashion. Um, what I mean by that is it really matters. Um, the images air shot, kind of like in a fashion photography style. Um, they're a little bit less, you know, fun and mawr. Um, like a fashion photo shoot. Thea outfits matter. Ah ah, 100% in this category. And, um yes. So I really separated them from create a wardrobe to fashion because if you care more about fashion, less about wearing kind of like a costume where? Something that this is a category. And they're right next to each other to so they're all related to wearing something. So the 1st 1 in the fashion one and there is six of them in this category. The first is that once in the fashion, one is called old fashioned. This is where couples are wearing clothes from different generations, you know, from the twenties on and just matching a certain generation. Um, so having the whole outfit fit that generation. It's a little cost to me. You couldn't put this in the creative wardrobe section or the fashion section, whatever, but they're right next to each other, so that's fine. Um, the next one is matching fashion. So desire the images where the couple is matching. I found many examples of people matching different ways that they're matching, and this is something that is very fun and trendy to do right now for couples to match and buy clothes that match each other. So doing images with matching outfits. It's a really, really great idea. The next idea in this fashion category is white, So in white, uh, they're wearing usually all white, so white, white, Um, why shirts? White dress with white shirt. Usually she's wearing the most white out of the tube, usually a white dress, and he's wearing a white shirt, maybe white pants. But it is all about white, and another good idea is to shoot this in black and white, in my opinion, so that's the white one. The next one is the black one. This is where the couple is wearing mainly all black black dress. Would the guy wearing a suit black black tie, black bow tie and so on. Very professional fashion with all black. Um, the next idea is read. Um, Read is a very popular choice for fashion red dresses. So the she's wearing a red dress. He's usually wearing a red tie. Red hanker Schiff and so on. He could be wearing a red suit as well. Um, Rose petals. So just it being about red, you can do a lot of things with red. And then I think there's one more. The last one is business. Um, where your business professional and the outfit. It's all about being having a business. Professional attire. The couple wearing business professional image is very professional images. So that's it when it comes to the fashion section, and now we're gonna move on to the next section. 40. 41 Special Effects: in this section right here. We have images that require some sort of special effects. It could either be in editing or the way that you shoot the image. Um, these are usually harder to create because they either requires some compositing, some special editing, some special lens, um, and so on. But if you can pull them off if you're familiar with, um, editing than you're really good at editing than you can try some of these ideas out. So this is a special effects category. There's eight ideas here. We're gonna start with the 1st 1 which is like painting. Um, so for those who don't know in order to do images like the ones you're seeing right here, you're basically painting with light to do this. What you have to do is such a camera on a tripod shoot at night, said a really long exposure. I mean, really long shutter speed anywhere from, like, 10 seconds or longer. And then, uh, just paint just moved. Ah, light is usually, um, the streak of light, the sparklers that you just paint whatever you want on in the direction of the camera, as if it was a two D frame, wherever the cameras facing. And then when the shutter closes, anything that the light followed is going to stay on the image. And then to keep your couple in the right spot. You can either have a flash go off at the end where they're at. Or, um, just hope that the light from the sparkler, whatever you're using, the paint wit is lighting them enough. So it's It's very difficult. It usually like, requires assistance. Somebody else does the painting while the couple is, um, standing still. So, like this one, the couple standing still, somebody ran by and painted all this. Um, in the 30 seconds that the image took to take while they stood perfectly still, very complicated. Ever recommend, like just looking up tutorials and everything in the future. I'm gonna create a course where I teach light painting so you can stay tuned for that in the future. The next category they were gonna talk about in the special effects is color pop. This was not as hard. Most people should be able to do this. What? Any editing software, But, um, these images involved taking an image with something that has a strong color like red, blue, purple, yellow and then turning the image black and white. And then just having that color not be black and white. So here you have the purple pants, the read and hear the yellow Here, the blue here, the blue and green. There, that is what a color Pappas. The next idea and the special effects category IHS right, Double exposure. So double exposure involves you having two images emerging them together. So you have usually the image of the couple usually really close together, like kissing or something, and then the image of like a forest. Oh, are in this case like we have fireworks, we have the beach, we have flowers and so on. And then you put in in photo shop and just, um, have on overlay of one over the other so you can see both of them in the image. It's also very complicated. I will have a course in the future where I show how to do double exposure images, so we'll play with that in a future course. The next idea is levitation levitation. I have a course on this is called levitation photography, where I teach you with many examples how to do levitation images. I showed behind the scenes of me taking the images and the editing of those images so usually to do levitation images. You have them like laying on something or sitting on something. And then you erased that in photo shop with the help of a second image of the background. So if you want to learn how to do levitation images, check out my other course on levitation. But these are some examples. The next idea in the special effects category is, um, Boca. So I would broke up. Um, it requires a prime, lets you need to shoot with a shallow depth of field. Um, so you know, 1.81 point 41.2 aperture, um, and then have lights in the background that when you blur them, they turn into these little balls of light. So that's what bulk eyes. You can have it in the background. You can have it in the foreground. It's very difficult to pull off. You need to find a lot of lights in the background and then have the right lens and composition. So, um, was you can pull this off. Um, it takes some practice, but that's basically the gist of how you do that. The next idea is the reflection one. Now, these images make it look easy. Just point at the water and the reflection will happen. But it takes a lot of, like the composition, the right lands and everything to get everything to look just right. You know, if you're using water, the water can't be moving. The wind can be like moving the water. Um, it's just very, very difficult to do. But, um, here's some ideas. You can try it out, and if you get it, it's gonna look awesome. The next idea in the special effects category is silhouettes. Um, not it's not a simple as just Oh, um, you know, it's very bright outside and there in the shade, I'm gonna take a picture of them. It's not a simple is that most cameras won't actually even take a silhouette, like if you shoot What? Your phone? Um, a solo. It won't happen. Naturally. The phone will expose for the subject, and it just won't go this dark. Ah, lot of the times you need editing and you gotta make, um them in the shade darker. And then maybe the the highlights brighter. In order to show a true silhouette, you need to find the right location with the background light with no lights hitting them to get a really nice Alouette. So, um, here's some examples of So let's so you can try out, Um, and I believe there's just one more. The last one is called Underground Art. I call this a special effect because you have to create the illusion that they're not laying down. So all this is like, this looks like he's holding her up on, uh, wall. But if you really look, here's the stairs and this is a floor and someone's taking an image from above. Looking down, all of these images were taken laying down, but to create the illusion that there leaning up against the wall and then sometimes some art painted on the floor to match what they're doing, it's a really awesome idea. I've been able to pull anything like this off, but looking at these images make it like seem like it's really easy, like doing something like this would be fun and easy to do. So that's it. when it comes to the special effects category A this E by far the hardest category two of images to do. Um, but I just wanted toe have them all together. So you know where they're at. You can either avoid them. If you're not that good editing are united really? Lenses. Or if you really wanna have something very creative in your portfolio, you can go straight to those ideas and recreate some of those images. So that's it. When it comes to the special effects category. Now we're gonna move on to the next section. 41. 42 Props: in this section, I'm going to go over. Ah, images that involve props. Now, I'm not gonna open every single one of these because, um, they're very self explanatory. And by you looking at the preview images, you got an idea of what they are. When you go back into the course and click on them, you can actually see those images yourself. Um, but I'm just gonna go over the 12. This one has a lot of different ideas. Um, this category is all about props. So the next 12 ideas all involved you requiring to bring props or the couple of requiring to bring props into the image and then using those props to get those images that didn't really fit any other categories. I put all the ones that involve props, um, in one category. So the 1st 1 is candy. This one involves just eating candy, having canning in the image. That's very simple. The next one is smoke bumps. So you buy smoke bombs of certain colors and you have the couple holding run around with them or have other people um, just hold the smoke bombs in the background or leave the smoke bombs in the ground. So many ideas with smoke bombs. The next one is paint slash. Messy. This involves, like playing with pain, getting paint all over each other, and so on. The next ideas powder, which is very similar on this involved up, um, powder. You can use flour you can use, um, this powder paint and get it on each other. So this was liquid. This one's powder. Ah, and they have, like, different looks to them in the images. If you like, throw them in the air, it's in such. The next one is bubbles, so this one just involves throwing bubbles very simple and easy. The next one is balloons, and all the ideas that you can do are holding some balloons up. The next one is notes. So you have here them holy notes or having notes in their bodies, like their hands or their shoes, and just using cute notes of their love to each other or whatever. The next one is obr ella. Either images that involve using umbrella. You can do this in the rain. You could do this without the rain and just have a nice big umbrella. Um, with the idea that is going to rain or something. The next one is blankets. These are images that you could do in the cold, um, by a campfire and so on, just wrapping blankets around each other. And the next one is weapons. Um, this one involves, you know, fake guns. Usually you don't really use real guns for this. Um, swords, um, archery arrows. So on anything that it could be considered a weapon. The next one is instruments. Um, so if they're musicians in the couple, they have guitars, pianos, violence and so on. You take images with instruments, and then the last one, it's lights Assure you that one, um, this one involves usually like Christmas lights or lights that you put up to create a scene with light or wrapping lights around each other. These are great for Christmas images or just a cute images and Walwyn late. You could try to do Boca out of them, too. So that's that when it comes Teoh ideas that involve props. And now we're gonna move on to the last 10 ideas 42. 43 Fun Creative: So these are the last 10 ideas of the 100 creative photo shoot ideas for couples. These last 10 I couldn't really fit in another category. They didn't involve a prop. They don't involve anything that fits the other categories that I put. So I put this last 10 at the end, and I'm calling this category fun and creative photo shoot ideas. And I'm just gonna briefly talk about each one of them. And then you can look through the images at the end by going to this board. So the first ones dancing this was pretty self explanatory usually involves, like, a turn, um, to show that they're dancing. This is great for any couple to do anywhere. The next idea is very, very creative Has popped up recently. Um, online under relationship goals. Um, it's this idea of shooting when you're traveling to interesting places. This image where um, the guy is behind her and she's holding his hand, and he's following her to all these interesting places all over the world. So at a theater downtown on this cave, to this hotel, to this field, to this door, to the window to the water, to the rave to the bowling alley to the beach, at the store, All these cool places. I mean, there's probably hundreds and hundreds of this follow her, um, images. You guys like to travel when you go to all these interesting places, This is something to do that's just look awesome. I've already traveled with my girlfriend to a few places, and I didn't do this, and I regret it. And after we created this Pinterest four together, um, we decided we're gonna start doing this, follow her images. Um, and you could do this with anybody. Women? Um uh, you could do this yourself. Um, you're dating somebody because the guys, the photographer and he's in the image. So you know, you're the photographer. You could do this yourself. It's just a really great creative idea. Um, the next idea in the last 10 fun and creative ideas is tattoos. That is just images that really showcase tattoos. Usually both of them have tattoos throughout their bodies. The next one is this recreating one where, um, you're either recreating what celebrities have done either in movies or instagram or recreating old images that you've taken again in the future. So like when you guys got married, and then when you guys are older, you recreate the images that you took when you got married or, you know, when you were high school sweethearts that now you're four years, 40 years old. So that is all in this recreating idea. The next one is graffiti and murals. So if there's any walls that you can use as a background that have graffiti or murals and I'm just standing in front of them, that's it. With that, just finding a lot of art in your city and taking images in front of those. The next one is images, which your pets that's pretty self explanatory. Dogs, cats and so on. Just a cute images with your pets. The next one is black and white images. We've all seen many examples of black and white images, so he just looked through here to get idea. So what looks good in black and white to do that? The next one is images and while drinking, toasting together, um, drinking, coffee, drinking wine and so on. The next one is hide the kiss where, um, use something like a hat. Leave. Um, a poll. Anything to hide the couple kissing and just having a compilation of images like that looks really cool. And then the last one is eating, sharing food together, sharing a pizza, popcorn, the spaghetti like, um, that dog movie where they're sharing spaghetti, uh, stuffing cake in the guy's face and so on. So those air it those are the 100 ideas. Creative photo shoot ideas for couples. Thank you guys so much for watching if you want another 100 ideas. But for individuals, for models and such, we have constant photography. 100 creative photo shoot ideas that one does not involve couples. And then coming soon is a concept kits, photography. Ah, 100 creative photo shoot ideas involving kids. So a lot of great, um, course this that we have and are coming soon. So check those out. And thank you guys. So much for watching Hopefully see you guys in another course. 43. 44 Intro to Wedding Photography Mood Board: Welcome to my course. Wedding photography. Ultimate Mood Board. This is a course where you get a really amazing complex mood board with all the images that you should focus on one shooting a wedding. We've given you a mood board for every category of every section of a wedding day, from getting ready in the morning all the way to the ceremony and ends with the reception and the partying. At the end of the day, this mood board has all the different sections of the day in order from the day so that as you start your day, you have images to recreate from the beginning of the day, all the way to the end of the day. And as you go into the day, all you would do is go through each section. I looked through the images and use those images to help you shoot this wedding. One of the issues that I found as a wedding photographer and watching other people shoot the wedding is that I felt that they were missing lots of images. They were missing important sections of the day they were planning for their wedding. This is gonna be the ultimate tool to help you as a wedding photographer to plan your shots out. This is essentially, like a shot list of everything that you should be shooting throughout the day Way have over 600 images in here for you to help you throughout the day. Would images they should inspire you and help you set up a shocked recreate a shot. You can look at how the lighting was done, how the composition was done. You'll have so many images to go by. This is gonna help you as a photographer and also help you book more work as you show off potential clients how prepare you are to shoot their wedding. This'd for every wedding photographer. Every photographer sure has something like this. Every wedding photographer should be using pictures to help them out to shoot their next wedding. I'm so glad that we finally were able to complete this'll Mood board. This should have been out and in every wedding photographers hands for a long time. Now, Um, it is unfortunate that it took this long for something like this to exist. I'm glad that we have it now. And for the low price of this course you can get this awesome mood board and this course we're gonna show you how to use Pinterest. If you're not familiar with it, we're gonna go over several portions of this mood board so you know how to use it and the extra added bonus we've added at the bottom of this pinchers board Extra articles for you to use to help you shoot better weddings, tips for great wedding photography. How to get perfect sparkler pictures. 11 Must have wore wedding detail shots and so much more. All of these are clickable articles that will take you the different websites that have been focused on how to shoot a wedding. Opposing brights. Um, just all these different ideas and articles created gear that you should have all the different things to help you shed your next wedding. This whole course is to help you be prepared to shoot a wedding and for the day off to have a tool to help you shoot better images in your next wedding. We've all spent a lot of time learning how to take images. But when it comes to wedding, sometimes you get stuck, just don't know what to do and this course this tool, this award is designed to help you not get stuff to make. Someone who just started in wedding photography seemed like a 20 year veteran. So if you're ready to take your wedding photography to the next level and sign up for this course today and I'll see you there. 44. 45 Ultimate Wedding Mood Board: in this section, we're gonna be talking about the wedding photography Ultimate mood Board, the board that comes with this course in this lecture, you're gonna have a link that you can click on to be able to get to this board. Once you get to this board, if you have a Pinterest account, you can follow this board, which will add this board to the boards that you have, um, in your account so you can always find it. If you don't have a pinchers account, then just save that link in your notes somewhere so you can come back to it whenever you want. You don't need a Pinterest account in order to access this board. No. Once you on this board look around on it. It might look a little bit different on your phone or your tablet, but this is what it looks like on a desktop. You have different sections that have been organized in order based on the day, so let's go over the different sections. The first section is detail shots of getting ready, those air, little close ups of details like the invitations, um, the shoes, the rings and so on. Then We have hair makeup, which is exclusive to the bride because the bright is the one who gets her hair. Makeup them. We have images that have to do with hair makeup. Then we have the bright getting ready. So all these images of her getting ready, whether it's just her, her and her brights mates, heard her mom helping her out. Any image that involves her getting ready. Then we have the groom getting ready, does their images that involved him getting ready, him and the groomsmen getting ready. Anyone who helps him get ready putting on his is closed his tie. And so what then? We have some images before the ceremony. Those are some images of either a prayer that you might do. Um, you're ready hanging out with your brights maze with your groom's men, which your mom and so on, right before you either head out to the ceremonial before the ceremony starts. Here's and then we move on to an optional first look, which is done before the ceremony. For those that don't know, a first look is the, um, tradition that, um, people are doing lately where the bride and groom show themselves to each other before the ceremony, usually following a photo shoot where they take pictures or shoot video of them revealing themselves for the first time. Um, is the first time the bride shows the groom her dress. A lot of other people believe that they should only see each other for the first time when , um, on the processional when the brightest walking, um, down the aisle. But some people want to do the first look to get extra images to just have ah, first look, um, because they think it's a great idea. So we have a lot of images to inspire you for the first look images. Then we have the flower girl in the ring bear. So these were some kids images, um, the flower girl, the boy who's holding the rings. Just some ideas for that. Then we have the ceremony venue. So the church or wherever you're having the ceremony, just images of the venue from the outside from the inside. Then we have some close ups on the set up how the decorations were at the ceremony to some images of that. Then we have the processional, so them walking down the aisle So all the images with that? We have images of the guests at the ceremony. Um, just like mom and that other people enjoying uhm ceremony. Then we have images of the ceremony, different angles. You can shoot it in different images that you can get of the ceremony just as the ceremony , um, is happening. Then we have close ups, shots of active union things that you do during the ceremony. Then we have images of the ring exchange. Then the kiss was done at the end, and then images of them exiting. You can go through all these as you're shooting a wedding. Um, to see you know what angle? It was a ceremony shot in that I might have missed. Um, how should I shoot the kiss and so on? Then we have the photo shoots, which is in three parts. It's the wedding photo shoot. Just writing room. Um, then with the bridesmaid groomsman than the family photos. Um, we have over 150 images between these three because this is one of the most important parts . This is where you get some of the best images. This is where you had to get creative, and you have so many ideas to work off. So we've added a lot of images to give you a lot of ideas of ways that you can have the wedding photo shoot, ways to shoot the bride and groom to shoot the family and so on. So there's a lot of images here to help you. Then we go to the reception, you shoot the detail shots, how the set up is of the reception, then, um, the entrance, um, or exit because they look very similar. So we put them together. But when you say entering the reception, these air, some images that some people take, they're also similar to when they're exiting. So you can use these for when they either enter or at the end of the day when the exit. Then we go into the dinner images of the dinner, Um, just them enjoying the dinner than speeches. So images of the reactions to the speech is people giving speeches that images of the guests. So the guests enjoying the wedding, then the first dance, um, great lighting and composition and ways to shoot the first dance that is the bouquet and guarded throw um, the tradition of throwing the bouquet and the gardener and different ways that it was shot , then cutting the cake and then some extra photo booth and props that you might have missed at the wedding that you could take pictures off. And then lastly, everybody party, Um, so just a lot of fun images of people having fun at the wedding, and then you have your whole wedding. Um, some people might also take images of the departure, Um, them driving away, happily married. There wasn't enough images on Pinterest to create a mood board for that. But I want to let you know that, you know, have that in mind. Um, those are images you might want to take. Um, and then underneath all these sections are different, um, images that are actually the all linked to the web site with articles of ways to shoot a wedding. So throughout this course, we're gonna talk about different sections of this mood board, and then at the end, we're gonna talk about these, um, articles underneath. So remember, look for the link that comes with this lecture. You're also going to get it as a message. So look for that link. If you have any questions, send me a message and I will send you the link if you weren't able to find it. And that's it when it comes to, um Ah, brief. Look at this. Wedding photography. Ultimate mood board. And now we're gonna move on to the next section. 45. 46 Getting Ready: in this section, we're gonna be talking about getting ready all the images that involved the getting ready part of a wedding all the way up to the before ceremony before the first look. So I'm gonna open up thes sections so you can see the images in this video. And then I'm just gonna talk briefly about, um, some of the images, um, in this section. So first we go to detailed getting ready and here was very important to note is that you want to get nice close up detail shots of the shoes, invitations. Any accessories of bright wears the rings. The rings are very important. Um, and the groom and what he's wearing. So here we just compiled a list of close ups and how they were shot to hopefully help you guys set up your detail shots. Whether you're here or in any other section of this Pinterest board, you can always go back to Pinterest and look form or images. So you would just search on, um, ring images and you can see other people shot the rings. So this is just an idea of how was shot? Um, whenever you're shooting the toe shots. Just make sure you have the appropriate let's usually with a ah prime lenses used for these images so that you get a shallow depth of field and almost every example. Here you see a nice, blurry background, so these were shot with prime macro lenses, so make sure that you have the appropriate lens to shoot detail shots. Really? Look at which lenses go great with your camera to shoot a detail shot. So that's it when it comes to detail shots. Now we're gonna move on to hair makeup, hair, makeup. Not much is photographed. Um, my only advice is when you're shooting hair makeup, um, were works as, you know, nice tight close ups with a shallow depth of field. So prime lens when doing certain parts of the face, like the lips or the eyes. Reflection shots. And the mayor looked really nice, uh, images where you could show the people that are helping, um, look, great. Hairstyle is working on the hair. Get those close ups. The hairstyle is working on the hair. Make sure you got images of them getting their hair done and the makeup, and then for an added bonus. If you want, you can get images of the set up if you think that the set up looks nice, All the makeup in this shot here they have the bright blurry in the background, which looks really nice. So now we're gonna move on to the bride getting ready. Um, bright getting ready. You know, um, a really important shot is the mom helping the bride? Um, with her dress. So either putting the veil on or stepping up the dress. Um, we also have images of brights mates helping the bright getting ready. We have images of the bridesmaids or the bride not ready. And a robe. Those are also, uh, important images. Um, we have reactions of the bry of the bridesmaids or the mom with the bright as she's ready. And then also very important. The dress. Um, so you wanna hang the dress up and take an image of the dress? There's many images out there. Couldn't find many on Pinterest, but there's many images out there of how to take images off the dress by itself. It is very essential part of, um the bright getting ready. So taking images of just address by itself So that's it. With the bright getting ready. Now we're gonna move on to the groom getting ready. Um, here we have a playful image, Um, the groom and his grooms ments jumping around the groomsmen, all helping each other get ready. The dad helping the groomsmen, the groom, um, getting, um, putting on his tie. And so on. Close ups of the Thai being put on or the neck getting fixed. Close ups of their socks. Um, kind of telling a story through images without the jacket on, putting on the jacket and then fully dressed. Someone helping them. The groom put on his jackets, close ups of the shoes getting tied, and then the very famous looking out the window black and white image of them fixing their their tie or them just looking out the window. Here it is. Here, here it is. There is very popular to stand by a window. Um, the groom and just look out. You get this nice contrast of light from the window out to the shade, and it creates a really nice black and white image. Um, now we're gonna move on to before the ceremony. So in this section, for before the ceremony. We have, um, them praying, um, them huddling up Mom, Dad, like, you know, wishing luck, um, prayers before the wedding. Just those reactions of the bride before she walks on the runway. All of that is great images for before this era, boy. So that's it for the getting ready part. Um, and now we're going to move on to the next section. 46. 47 First Look: um, in this section right here is all about the first look. With this first look, I also have this article all the way in the bottom five reasons you should consider a first look. If you click on that, it's gonna take you to this article. Five reasons why you need to do a first look on your wedding day. Reason number one. You won't waste time hiding from one another. So, um so what? They're basically saying here is some wedding start way later in the day. And if you get a first look out of the way, um, earlier in the day, you don't have to wait toe, let's say let's say the weddings at four. PM You don't have to award each other and hide from one each other until 4 p.m. Um, because you got a first look out of the way. So now you that you saw each other, you don't have to worry about not seeing each other because you already saw each other. Another great reason. At first. Look, ISS, you will have some time alone together. Um, you know, it could be very stressful wedding. So having some time together before wedding can help somebody relax. You will calm your nerves like we talked about. Um, the guests won't have to wait. Um, So what I mean by that is that sometimes the wedding is later in the day. Guests don't get to hang out with the bride and groom together because, um, they haven't seen each other yet. So if you get the first look out of the way, you can have a cocktail hour or any get together in the morning. Um, because bright ng room already got to see each other. So now you can have little like get togethers and time, um, with guests before the wedding and the ultimate And one of the most important part for you is you will get mawr images. So you will get more portrait's, um, if you have a first look because you have time for wedding images, um, and those images of the first look to add to the, um, to the photo shoot. So now let's go back to this, um, to the board to look at the first look images. So we go back to the first look, and here we have images, usually the way that the first look is done. Either they don't look at each other at all, or the focus is on him not looking at her and her wedding dress. So we have the bride coming up to the groom and surprising him, closing his eyes and then having them turned around, hiding a door between them. Images of her walking towards Sam, Best man and maid of honor closing each other's eyes. We have some fun ones like them revealing each other through an elevator through balloons, balloons, um, blindfolds. Just so many ideas for first look, um, holding hands backwards and then turning around. You basically wanna have an image before they look at each other and then the when they first look at each other and has always usually revolve around his reaction to her, his gasp and his emotion and seeing her for the first time. So that's an idea of the first look. Um, hopefully these images might inspire you or the bride and groom to do a first look. You can provide them the article and these this section of the mood board, too, help them decide if they want to do it or not. I just wanted tohave. Ah, section in a lecture in this course where we just talk about the first look. So that said, when it comes to first looks and now we're gonna move on to the next section. 47. 48 Ceremony: in this section. We're gonna be talking about the ceremony and all the images revolving the ceremony. We're going to start this section by looking at flower girl and ring bearers. So these are images of just the kids of the wedding, the ones holding the rings, um, throwing the flower petals. Um, so just, you know, any images you could have, um, with the kids now much too, that you can look through these images to get ideas, Maybe the breaking get ideas, ways to, um, decorate or of dressed, the bridesmaid and grooms main props that they can add and so on. This is much for you as your clients. So now we move on to the next one, which is the ceremony venue. If you have a nice church, make sure you have great images of the outside of the church. If it is a wedding outside, make sure you could see the whole venue. All the set up. Um, nice. Big images of, um uh where the ceremonies happening. You know, a great, uh, angle to shoot it in is right from the front door, looking in. So not much about the ceremony venue. Now we're gonna move on to the ceremony set up, which is similar. But these air just close ups of, like, the flowers, um, the sides in the front, um, to chairs with the flowers of chairs, any decorations that they did in the ceremony. Most ceremonies are highly decorated. Do you really want to, like, show what makes this ceremony unique? Any time you taking images of setups? Um, was important to note. Is that the writing room? Mainly, the bright worked very, very hard to plan every inch of the wedding, every decoration, everything in the set up. Um, And you photographing every part of it were really give the bride something to remember all her hard work. They really want those images. Even if it doesn't have anybody in it. It's just something very important to a bright. Um, so now we're going to move on to, uh, processional. So this is Ah, um, bride groomsmen. Anybody who walks down the aisle, it is shot at very many different angles. Um, if you have a second photographer, the second photographer could be up in a balcony, shooting down at them. You've issued from behind and get a reaction of the groom looking at the bright for the first time, Um, bright and dad walking down, Um, the bridesmaids ready to walk down, Um, them walking down from behind them, Coming to the front, Um, the reaction of the groom. And so what? So very straightforward. But hopefully this gives you certain ideas of Anglo's composition that will help you shoot the ceremony. Now, we're gonna move on to, uh, guests. And here we have images. Uh, just a guest at the ceremony, all enjoying, um, the wedding, these air candidates of people they're not posing. Just like reacting to things that the wedding every time somebody smiles, laughs, claps, whatever. Just take images of important people. And they're sitting down usually Mom and Dad, Um, the wedding party. And so one. Now we're gonna move on to the ceremony. These are images of bright ng room either kneeling down, um, head down, shot from different angles, them standing, sitting, holding hands, giving ah, their wedding vows, Um, and and also the the bridesmaid groomsman. If they're standing up next to the bright ng room, just images of them. So you just want to show all of that, um, throughout the ceremony images. Now we go to the act of union these air The close ups of the acts of union that you performed during a set of ceremony. The people work. Ah, the candles, wine, whatever. Tradition. You follow the sand, anything that you perform during. Ah, wedding ceremony. You take nice close ups of that. Now we move on to, uh, exchanging of rings. So we have a different angle shot from below. Looking up, um, shots from behind the groom looking at the bride from the side. Ah, what a close up, Um, zoomed out and their reaction of the smiling a close up of the guy putting on the ring. Different things you can do dead. There is a kiss. Um, with the kiss, you have different angle and choices. You could do it from the side from right, Um, where the, um, Right on the stage. Looking at the bride and groom at all the guests. If you're allowed to take a picture from there from far away. Um, just not much with the kiss. Um, so just a few options for the kiss to consider. Then there is the ceremony exit. That's the last part. Um, this is, uh, where they usually do the rice, but neither doing different types of exits. So you have them doing bubbles, confetti, paper, airplanes, leaves, balls. Just so many ideas that a ways that they can exit. But you really want to show the emotion? Um, shoe would ah, fast shutter speed. So you get sharp images, take a lot of images, so you don't miss any moment. Um, make sure everything's in focus. Focus on the bride If we had to focus on one person. So that's it when it comes to shooting the ceremony Now we're gonna move on to the next section. 48. 49 Wedding Photoshoot: in this section, We're gonna be talking about the wedding photo shoot. Um, so this is Ah, images it a lot of times you take right after ceremony before a reception that is, of the bride and groom, the brights, mates and groomsmen together. So the whole, um, a wedding party and then the family images. So first thing I want to show you as a family images. So here you take pictures of Mom and Dad, Mom and bride with the groom sitting images, Um, so that you can get the whole family together. Um, just a whole family, um, you know, is usually just mom and Dad, um, so families on both sides together just showing that, you know, merger is happening. You have all the family. Now, be one big family mom, and that looking at writing groom, Um, usually, what you want to do is set up a spot usually at the church or right outside where you could take some family images. And then you cycle through important family members and you take those images with the bride and groom. Now we're going to look at the Bryce mating groomsmen in here. Usually you want to get creative and come up with fun ideas of ways that you could pose the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and the whole family, the whole wedding party together. So through these 72 pins here, we have all these different ideas that you can recreate. My recommendation is looked through them with the bright ng room and say and suggest things that you want to recreate. Tell them Hey, let's with the staircase here. Let's do something like this where the, uh, brights made are pretending to be men in the grooms and pretending they re women. Or let's have everybody looked down and make a silly face. Or, you know, let's do something in the elevator, are with costumes or let's just throw the flowers up in the air. Um, you know, let's create a heart it, um, and this shoot from above, or let's ah, pretend that you know where separating the writing room like just so many ideas. I mean, the ideas are endless. Using a frame like all the brights made, all the groomsmen, um, the Sox, the shoes, just one idea after another. I mean, so many weddings where you probably have shot. Are you gonna shoot where you don't have something like this. You're missing out in all these ideas. They're asking you, what should we do? And you think of something, and it's okay. You think something else is maybe a little bit better than you run out of ideas. But here's there. So many ideas of things you can do ways you can position everybody. Um, funny picture, serious pictures. Just looked through all these and use them to inspire this photo shoot. Um, uses many of them as you can recreate them, have fun with them and just have a great time and just have some images that stands out and gets everybody talking. This is one of the coolest images I found in here doing this whole Brady budge thing where everybody is looking at the bright and groom a different angles. And then you put this together and photo shop. That's something so, so cool. So that said, when it comes to Brighton groomsmen, and now we're gonna move on to the actual photo shoot. Here we have over 100 images. So 102 images, different ideas, um, shooting downtown elevator and a pathway like the forest at night, Um, using horses, using smoke bombs, using reflections, walking on the beach in a big landscape image. Um, with mountains, close ups with the veil just covering up most of the foreground the water in the limo, the horse showing the rings have a one person out of focus having both of them out of focus and have the shoes just so many ideas. I mean, the ideas are endless. And the whole point of this is to have these images and say, Hey, let's do this one. This one and this one or less do like 10 of these, you know, based on whatever location, indoors, outdoors and so on. Um, leaning up against the wall carrying double exposure, so many different concepts having fun, like the rings with phones, um, unique angles, like from the bottom. Looking up, it is raining just so many ideas. And the coating is a like When you have this many ideas, you can really have an amazing photo shoot where you re create at many of them, and you give bright and groom like the confidence in you that you know what you're gonna do that you have many ideas that you can do with them. And it just makes a bright, very excited for this portion of the day, you might not have that much time. And being prepared with a board like this is really gonna help you get these images and get an awesome photo shoot of both of them. Another resource that could help you, um, is if this wasn't enough and you want some more? What? I'm a course that I'm gonna be releasing soon is called, um, couples Photography. Ah, ah, 100 creative photo shoot ideas. So it is, ah, 100 different concepts that you can do for bright ing group. This is for those that want to do a photo shoot at the wedding or before the wedding engagement photo shoots and so on. Check out that course there's gonna be coming out soon, where I give you 100 different ideas for the couple Really creative concepts and then another course that could really help you out, too. Is posing models posing models is gonna help you post a bright, and it's just gonna help you pose the couple. I have opposing couples 12 where I showed you how to pose a couple. All those courses are out to help you as a wedding photographer would shooting, Um, a photo shoot of the bride and groom. So that's it with the section now we're gonna move on to the next section. 49. 50 Reception: in this section. We're gonna be talking about the reception. We're going to start with the reception set up. These are the cake, which is very, very important. Taking all these images of the cake before, like the cake cutting. You could do it again when it's cakes cutting, um or then But if, um, the slight chance that there's multiple cakes or they're not gonna do okay cutting, which the shirt. But if they don't, you have at least a cake. Um, the way that the tables were set up the chairs, decorations on the tables, entrance signs, all the flowers tables again. But there's a kids table just how the light shows on there. The mood of the setting. Now I want to mention something. When it comes to this, if you're shooting would flash. Um, what could end up happening is that the flash could overpower the lights of the room and you don't get this purple Look. You want the purple look? So was best to do is to just shoot what a prime lens, Um, at ah, open aperture 1.8 or something like that. 2.8 or lower, Um, and then just raise your eyes. So just lower your shutter speed and get these images with the natural light of the room, you can get other images with a flash, but to really show the mood, sometimes some of these shots should be shot with just the lights of the room. Um, just real close ups of everything in the room. Now, we're gonna move on to the next part, which is the reception entrance and exit. So a lot of times, the bride and groom enter a reception. Would like, um, like a lot of interesting things that the shoot like sparklers, balloons, confetti. Um, just like music plain and them coming in and people cheering. You want to shoot that? Um Okay, so that's it When it comes to reception, entrance and exit. Now we're gonna move on to the next one. Um, which is the dinner? Usually during the dinner. You're also, uh, eating. So you're having dinner as well? And not many images air taken certain images that you could take our, um just them together. Happy kissing a couple guests. Um, and you know, any time they kiss any time there, um, like something like this, where she's leaning on his shoulder. You don't even many images during the dinner. But just get a few out of the way and then, you know, relax and enjoy the dinner. I just wanted to leave that in there to give you some ideas for the dinner. Um, now we're going to move on to the speeches. When it comes to the speeches, the things you want to do is take pictures of the person giving the speech and take pictures of the reactions of the bride and groom them, smiling them, crying them, laughing when they do the toast. Um, And if you can set it up so that the person giving the speech, it could be in the same frame as the bright and group. So we have him giving the speech in the Breiman groom there, um, them giving a speech in the bride and groom so you can get the reaction and this person given the speech in the same image. You can do that as a photographer. You could tell them Hey, I need you to give the speech standing right here. So for the photography, so as a photographer, you can often tell them where the speech should be given so that you can get something like this Where the person giving the speech and people are reacting, the bride and groom are reacting in the same image. So now we're gonna move on to the next section, um, with, uh, guests. So that's just some images of the guest, um, usually, like during the speech and so on, Just, uh, like or if they're watching Ah, a slideshow of images or anything that the guests are doing Mom and that Laughing people cheering, people drinking, just images, people toasting images of the guests. You want to get as many guests to show in these images, So the bright and groom gets images of the people that went attended the wedding. The next thing is the first dads. And here there is many angles and lighting tricks. The photographers used to take great images of the first dance. Um, so you want to do things like having a light in the background? Ah, flash hit, um, the subjects to create a nice room light. That's a nice trick you could do with a speed light. If you have some light stands or an assistant So you see that here where they had the light in the background so usually, uh, this could be like a light bouncing off the ceiling and then one in the background hitting them. Um, here we have a lot of people putting on lights. So this was shot, probably with natural light. Here we have flashes coming from Looks like multiple directions. Um, one right there. One right there. This is a triangle lighting set up where they set the lights and stands in three different locations shooting the subject kind of to create a triangle. So you have nice light all around the subject. Here we have a flash hitting them, making everything else go dark. So some ideas of lighting and composition things to focus on close ups, things to have in focus and out of focus. Now, we're gonna move on to the, uh, booking and guarded throw. So just some angles in which you can shoot the bouquet and garter throw looking at the bright ng room or looking at all the guests ready for, um, duplicated be thrown or all the guests raising the arms trying to catch, um, the bouquet eso stuff like That is how you could shoot this. Um, Now we're gonna go over the cutting of the cake here. You want to make sure that you have the cake image and that you have just the image of both of them cutting the cake, kissing by the cake. And, you know, if they do anything where they like, put cake on their face and stuff, you get those images as well, or them taking a bite and so on. And then we have photo boudin props, just extras. Decorations that they did have. You said you're the one setting up the photo shoot. Are the photo boot that you have some images? Um, maybe a custom photo boot that you did just for the good ideas, in case you want to create your own photo boot at the wedding. And then lastly, to finish this section off, we're gonna be talking about the party in ones. This is just everybody having a blast dancing. You want to shoot like you know, you can tell here that they have a flash either pointing up a ceiling or pointing down at everybody having fun. Um, you could set lights up in different places and shoot some nice images would flash because usually when the party's that started, um, it's pretty dark in there. So you have to use your flash, too. Bounce light or point light at the subjects to get some nice images, but just a montage compilation of or collage of all these images of people partying and having fun. Not much to that. So that's that when it comes to the reception and now we're gonna move on to the next section. 50. 51 Articles: in this section. I have just the last part of the articles that come extra with this mood board. So basically, with this mood board, when you scroll all the way to the bottom, you're going to see all these images that are all linked. Two articles and different websites of ways to take better images. At a wedding, you can read the title usually in the image, so tips were great wedding photography. How to get perfect sparkler pictures. Um, 12 wedding photographers should be ready. Questions. Wedding photographer should be ready to answer how to shoot a heart light. Um, 80 tips before you shoot your first wedding, the Onley wedding shot. You need Ted wedding shoots shots that you don't know to ask your photographer but have to . These articles are either for the brighter for you, but anything for the bright that's related of photography should also be for you. You can really just click on any of them. Let's say this one. Once you click on it and click on the picture and it's going to take you to the website, you read the article and then hopefully is gonna help you prepare for the wedding. This is all part of the preparation for wedding photography. Um, all these articles here are made for you to take better images at the wedding. I really recommend to just go through all of them, just one by one study learn, get better at wedding photography. And you know, if you're doing certain aspects certain sections certain, um, photo shoots that I don't have a section for, then hopefully in this course you've learned I'm about Pinterest and know how to create your own board so that you can create one. You could share this board with all your clients so that they know you're prepared. They can read through the articles and they can look through the different sections, maybe plan their wedding a little better to help you as a photographer out. Anyway, that's it. When it comes to this, just click on all of these, um, and go to those articles, those air from websites and learn. Thank you guys. So much for tuning into this course. I have so many other photography related courses for you guys that you can check out all my page. Um, thank you guys so much again and hopefully see you guys in another course