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Paid Traffic Methods: How to get targeted traffic right now

teacher avatar Tom Wiztek, Marketing and Recruitment Specialist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h 16m)
    • 1. What are Pop Ups and why you should try them

    • 2. What is Display Advertising

    • 3. How to use PPC ads for traffic

    • 4. How to setup a PPV campaign

    • 5. Solo Ads Traffic

    • 6. The Growth of Mobile Ads

    • 7. How to analyze your competitors

    • 8. Why Paid Advertising is Important

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About This Class


A common problem experienced is not getting enough traffic to your offer.

You put all your effort into creating a website, blog, a product and then when it comes to promotion you struggle and hardly anyone sees your offer.


It can be so frustrating having a website with zero visitors.

One solution is to start online advertising and driving traffic to your offer … but there is so much information out there you may not know where to start!

Whether you are starting out online advertising or want to know the secrets to getting more quality traffic you have come to the right place.


  • What you are about to learn are the paid traffic sources that the best marketers use to get more traffic to their websites and offers.
  • You will learn how to setup ads in over 9 traffic sources. The process will be explained in simple step by step lectures.
  • Plus as a BONUS, I will share with you my favorite FREE tool for spying on your competitors. So that you can get a glimpse of what your competitors are doing and get so many ideas about advertising your offer!

After this course you will be equipped with the skills to run any campaigns using the major traffic sources. You will have the skill set required to get thousands of visitors to your website.


Looking for more? Explore How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tom Wiztek

Marketing and Recruitment Specialist


Hi I'm Tom. 

I have a keen interest in marketing and recruitment.

I have worked for over 2 years in the recruitment industry. I learned the ins and outs of hiring people. I decided to publish courses related to finding a job because I realized that a lot of candidates are professionals (in their field). But don't know how to present themselves.

Furthermore, I have always been fascinated with online marketing.

Over the past couple of years I have been involved in numerous projects related to traffic generation, online marketing, blogs, app creation and web design.

Hope you enjoy my classes!

Enjoy my courses!

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1. What are Pop Ups and why you should try them: and welcome back to the course before we move on to a different traffic type. I want to. I want to show you one more thing. This traffic source is called Po Pots, and it is much. It's completely different than any other paper view network. It only specializes in pop ups and pop unders, but this this network has got amazing targeting options. So let's open. Ah, let's log in and I'll show you exactly the amazing features off this advertising network. So what we do is we go to campaigns. Sorry, we go to new campaigns. So for the name, let's just right in Spanish lessons, the girl will be our offer page so you can paste. Are you? You're all here now. The quality of the websites. Uh, I just select all websites to start with, but you can play around the top 10% of websites is the highest quality. You will also pay the highest premium price for it. But for starters, I select all websites. Frequency cup basically means how many times a certain i p address. So how many times a certain user will see your your ad? So if we could If we said it's a one view one hour than every hour. If they are logged onto the computer, they may. For your ad, I I suggest you just select one view for 24 hours. That's that I find that works well for me. No, he other advertisement types. They have pop unders, pop ups top unders on Lee for a chrome and top up. But the good thing is, I said, I said it pop under as a default pope under or pop up, depending what I'm promoting and I always have this own. What is basically does is that if you're trying to get open to traffic and they don't have any traffic for you, they will naturally try to give you pop up traffic and top under traffic. Tub up traffic. So if your designated traffic sources not available, they will use these ones to give you the clicks. I think that's a cool feature, right? Let's go to budgets Now. The Max Bids has just said it at half a cent will change this later. Daily budget $5 full budget for the purpose of the video legislated at five now throttling . I have a disabled. What this means is that you can set the speed at which you're as are delivered. But I have a disabled so that my odds are visible throughout the entire day. Let's go to categories. We have a white selection here for these are adult categories. But then we've got General General Arts Weakened selector, General category. We are advertising Spanish lessons, general recreation. That may be suitable, you know, shopping. Yeah. There are many categories that you can choose choose to target to target people. Okay, I've chosen four categories, but general, that's the main category. So that throw that's that. You give me a lot of impressions now. Country targeting. I want to target that United States Oh, and the United Kingdom as well. Okay, that's done society targeting you. I just want to get English speaking people. So I'll talk. I'll target all of these. So what this basically means is say, ah, somebody bought a Canadian a computer in Canada and then travel to you, the United States. My They will see my abs so that it's not just English, United States. Anyone who's who speaks English lives in the United States or the United Kingdom. Wolfie. My ad populations. I just leave this empty and targets all the populations now. Environment targeting. Let's just remove them all and start from the beginning. I don't want to target smartphones, iPhones or or or tablets. I want to target anyone who's using Windows eight Mark operating system when the Seven Windows Vista So basically desktop computers. That's what I'm targeting. And I want to target the the most popular browsers. Sorry, removed Upper up and interest Explorer, Google, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But it is good cause cause your odds Will Onley display on the browsers that you want so well, I can even remove Internet Explorer Now Here's another cool feature. You can target screen resolutions so we know that tablet users range from from here. So we want to target computers. Let's just target computers that have high definition screens because we know that these these are popular computer resolutions. Okay, now connection targeting. Do you want to target somebody? Window at work winder on their phones if there are at college or in their in their home. So I just leave it blank to target everyone. Ah, connection speeds. We can target cellular Euler connections. Cable, corporate. Dial up anything you want. I leave it blank, just like target. Everyone at this moment now time targeting once again, you can specify when your ads appear website targeting. And if there are particular website that you would like to get more traffic from you, can you can include websites or exclude websites. For now, let's leave it a disabled. And let's have a look at the summary because this will give us an indication of how many clicks how many impressions we will get for the amount that we are bidding, as you can see for the average bid for the traffic, with our options is, well, less than one cent highest bit well, about 1.6 cents. But what we are interested in is this part. We estimate you'll receive 33,977 impressions per day, and we are in bidding que position number 40. So that is that it's actually fine, But what happens if we go to budgets and let's type in a lower amount? Let's say you want to bid 1/10 of a cent and now let's click on summary. We'll get 29 impressions. So that's that's no good. Let's actually, let's just change it. Let's just go for see what happens. Okay, well, get a load of bids over 19,000 impressions per day. That's fine. Now we just click on Create Campaign, and that's it. That's all you have to do. The status of our campaign is pending. Approval will have to wait a couple of hours and ah, it will be approved and then you're set to go. I hope you found this lecture valuable. 2. What is Display Advertising: Welcome back, guys. Now it's time to move on to our next traffic source. Let's talk about display outs. Display ads are mostly made up off Bonn Arad's. Now you can find Bana rods when you're browsing the Internet on computers, on phones, on tablets. Banner ads are literally everywhere on the Internet. Now, some common sizes of bon garage. We've got the medium rectangle, which is 300 by 250. A good example is the Euro Grand Casino advertisement that you've got to the right inside and not a really popular banner Size is their leader board, which is just like the Robbie Bingo banner to your right. Then we've got the standard banner 468 by 60 Find out on phones or I large skyscraper advertisement. These ones are really popular on blog's. So let's have a look at how these banners look in actual websites. This is your typical weight loss block, and you can feed it instantly on the top header you've got I leaderboard banner. Then towards your right hand side of the page, you've got another medium rectangle Ballarat. Now this is a warrior for him. This is one of the most popular interest marketing forms that exist when you access this page. The first thing that you will always see on the top is a leaderboard banner, and I think it costs about $100 to have this displayed for for one day or something like that. But it's always there, so I'm just logging and have a look what it looks like. And then oops, sorry, jumped ahead of myself. Now, on the on this page, we've got a business Blawg like seems a little bit outdated business block. However, in the main content area, we've got a leaderboard banner, and then towards your right, You've got the medium rectangle banner. So banner ads here really, really popular and they're all around us. So you're probably thinking at this moment, where do I get banned? Arad's Well, I'll give you three different places. Firstly, you can create your own banner rods with a photo editing software, so if you have under before the shop, you can create your own banners. If you don't want to pay for other before the shop, then you can download the free a gimp or paint, and you can. It's very easy to use those programs, but you can learn and create your own butters. But there is another easier methods to get professional banners. You can pay someone else to create your bundles for you, and I'll give you two websites that you can get quality banners made up fibre and $20 Panera's dot com. So, firstly, let's talk about 20 Miliband rights that come. I think they are a great company. What you do is you. You find some banners that you like on the Internet, you send them the designs say that you want something similar. They will create similar looking banner ads that are professional and words every dollar. However, they are $20 so each Bonner $20 can. You know if you can add up and that's where fiber comes in. You can get banners for $5 and you can get great boners for $5. The only difference is that with fiber, you may have to find the rice person first, because with fiber, you never know what you're getting for. For $5 you may get some really dodgy looking banners, but then, amongst all of these people, you will also find highly qualified professionals who who undervalue themselves and they just just $5 so you can get a really, really good value deal when when you find someone from fiber and now the third place to get bond Iran's. If you are promoting somebody else's offer they may supply, you would ban arousal. All you have to do is ask them for bond. Arad's now the pricing Pricing two different versions is can be either cost per click or CPM, which is cost per mile or also known as Cost Brain Impression. What this means is that say, you'll pay $2 or so or $3 per so pair 1000 impressions. But you have to keep in mind that on average, the click through rate for Bonera is 0.1%. So that means that for every 1000 impressions you'll get one click. And that being said, I do think that cost per click. Maybe more valuable for banner advertising, However, let's just ah little backtrack a little bit. If you're advertising the right product on the right website and you have a really, really good eye catching banner, you'll get a much hike electorate and the cost per impressions. Cost per mile can be really, really valuable. So now I want to show you a couple of different places where you can get banner ads from. So let's let's do that right now. So where were the browser window? We're going to go to the website. Buy sell ads dot com Now. This is a great website for display advertising, and we are on advertiser, so we'll just click, get started and get started again and click on Start their campaign. Now we're here on the marketplace so we can browse everything they have to offer. So let's say Let's click on pets. Let's have a look at the pets category. Now we can see the blocks that they've got here and how Maney Monthly impressions each blow Gracie's So the Labrador site receives 431 monthly impressions, is the largest one here is Rand spent, which to 5.5 million impressions. A judge is basically means how many times their banner ads are displayed per month. So let's look on, let's click on this one, a Labrador site. Let's see what they have to offer on here. We have the offers so they have. Ah, right sidebar. This is the dimensions off their banners. It's a really small banner, and we can pay $150 to have the banner displayed for 30 days. So this website you can purchase odds on I time period. So for 30 days, let's let's look at another website. Okay. Ah, cats paradise. They only have one. The Rafi offering one banner advertisement. And this one is a side bar at the top 300 by 250 Thoughts Middle Sorry Mediums size banner And their pricing is on our pair. 1000 impressions. So the pricing is $2.95 per 1000 times that your banner banner rod is displayed and let's have a look at another category. I want to show you one of the most health and fitness. Okay, these these blokes get a lot, A lot of monthly impressions. Let's see, Let's go. This one. Health aim 1.31 mil 1,000,000 monthly impressions. These are all the arts that they are advertising and we can see these air nonstandard banners like 300 by six hundreds Really, really big, big odd. But there are also charging much higher $8 per 1000 impressions If it says geo targeting available, this means that you can pay a little bit extra and Onley display your ad in a certain countries so you can choose Germany, France, Canada, Australia. Different blocks have different geo targeting options available. Okay, now I'm going to tell you, show you a really cool feature off purchasing these types of advertisements because it's there. They have this cart system that is just like if you're purchasing something off eBay. So let's say we like this one, this side bar, and we want to add it. So we just click buy now, which is add to cart. And then over here on the top, we've got a cart just like any bay, and all we have to do is specify how much impressions we want. So what won't 10,000 or 530,000 impressions over So cycle is 30 days. That's how many impressions will get over 30 days, so there would be 3118. Just click on 40,000 impressions. What this means is that the 40,000 impressions will be evenly spread out over 30 days and all we have to do is we have to upload the creative. So let's click on that. So it's Ah, 300 by 250 image. After we upload our creative, we add our link that we want whoever clicks on that banner, they go to that page and then if we want to, we can add on alternative text in what this is means is that somebody hovers over your banner, They'll they'll get on alternative text a lot. There you have it. See schedule this ad alternative text scheduled aside, You could change this to say, I know change, change your other something like that. But then you then you save your Ballarat. And once you upload your band, Arad's all you have to do is step number to check out billing information. And if you don't have account during this stage, you're going to be set up. What would an account? So it's very, very easy by salat dot com. It's ah, self serve network, Platform three, and you can purchase art just as if you're on on eBay Now, just before I finish off e, I would like I want to show you what the inside looks like, So I'll just log into my account and show you what the main dashboard looks like. Okay, I don't want to buy this. Not at this moment. Okay. That's, uh let's change this to a little bit earlier, okay? Just is, Ah, just to give you an idea, health bloke, we received a total of 9500 impressions. Click to rate was 0.32%. So this was above average above the standard 0.1. And then on this one, get holistic health. We had a leader board banner, $18. Received 5000 or almost 6000 impressions. Got seven clicks, so that was like the standard. So with banner advertising, it really depends on you have to choose their the right blawg, the right banner, and then you can be worthwhile. But I still prefer the cost per click banner advertising method. And that's what I'm going to be covering in my next lecture. So I'll see you then. 3. How to use PPC ads for traffic: Hey, guys, let's start off with pay per click traffic now D for tech, Start up your own search engines. And as the name implies, advertisers are Onley charged When a user actually clicks on their ad, so they are based on relevant keywords somebody types into the search engine knee pain. They will get a lot of arts that deal with knee pain as well as the organic search engine results. So by their pay per click, I am referring to ads that appear on being Google and the Yahoo search engines end. There is another source for really cheap clicks, and I will reveal just to you later on. So let's get started with our first pay per click campaign. Now I am going to show you being ads. No bank is an excellent source for pay per click traffic. You can get top quality clicks at much lower cost. Now it's not as biggest Google, but being is working together with Yahoo, and they have a combined market share off over 30%. So it's pretty significant, and this is what the Bing search engine looks like. I'll show you what being as local look like typing something really popular, So weight loss And now, as what we can see is the top two results our odds On the right hand side, we have three hours over here. So what? When somebody types in a term into bank, basically first thing that they see are just at now, as I mentioned, being is working together with Yahoo and Yahoo has their own search engine. So let's typing Wait love here. And I'll show you what the ads looks like look like Immediately on the first page here, you can see ads related to weight loss. So we have 123 ads and in the main color column and on the right inside, we've got to us as well. And, ah, the natural organic content stars all the way down here. So basically the first thing you see is just adds Now I'm going to show you how to set up a being campaign. How easy this So just typing being ads into any search engine can be being or Google and we want to click here, advertise on being out. This is what the main page looks like. And if you haven't got a being as accountant, you will click on the top right hand side. Sign up. Now. I do have a big campaign sorry, being being account. So I'm just going to sign in. And while this is loading because we needed to promote on offer, So as an example for my campaigns, I'm going to be promoting this website here, which are Spanish speaking lessons. So it's award system that gets you speaking Spanish and loving Spanish culture speaking. Understand I new language buster. And yeah, this is the offer that I will be promoting. So let's let's go back to being at this is what the being at dashboard looks like and to create come campaign at the top. You can see that I'm already in the campaigns tub, and all I do is I click here, create campaign and let's give it a name, so I'll call it Spanish lessons, said the Time zone. It can be either where you are or it can be the country that you're targeting campaign budget, so I'll just leave it at five. I find that $5 is a good starting point. Now when we click here daily budget options, we've got two options a standard means that the $5 or whatever amount you enter here will be used throughout the entire day. Accelerated means that you will get as many clicks as possible in ask and as quickly as possible. So there's $5 for instance. It could be blown within half an hour. But I just go standard. Then I get the clicks uniformly throughout my day. Now we said the ad language. So it's English and I will just be targeting three United States and the United Kingdom. So I click here selected cities and I type in United Kingdom and then this magnifying glass and there it is, so I can target it. And United States. Okay, so now I'm targeting United States and United Kingdom. Now, this is very important. When you said about being campaigned advanced location options, you have to set it to this middle one show out to people in your targeted location. What this means is that your odds will only be shown to the country that you selected over here. If you select the first option or or the third option, then you may get clicks from all over the world. But we just want to target in this case. United States United Kingdom. So this option Show us to people in your target. The location must be selected. Okay, so here, let's just create a sample, lad. So it's Spanish lesson. So, uh, I learned Spanish now and some are text, so just right you see started and display your destination Euro it display u r l It's not as long as the destination your l but I'll get so this This is the patient I'm promoting. So I just copied the URL and destination. You are helped when I copied to the display u r l It's run out of cult, Richter. So I'll just What I'll do is how get rid of this part and yeah, because display euro is what what people will see. Destination Euro. That's the pace that they will be directed to. And now it's time to choose our keywords. So what we can do is we can eat either do our brainstorming session so we would write Spanish lessons. Oh, I spelled it wrong. Spanish lessons. Ah, learn Spanish. Learn Spanish language and then we click on odd and this will be added to our keyword list . Or we can click here referred keywords. And then we can either. Oh, it's really copy that if my destination you are all here and it's found old off the keywords that are related to my search. So speak Spanish language online, Spanish language lessons so we can just select them and then click odd. Alternatively, we can find keywords containing a word or a phrase. And then let's write Spanish language lessons, and we'll find all sorts off similar terms related to Spanish language lessons. So Spanish lessons, Spanish classes, and that's just select all of these. Well, we can select it. All of them are the ones that are, or what we can do is just select all of them like so next to the key word. Just click on it and it will select all the ones. Now, let's just add if key words okay, all the cures have been added. And let's just click on Save Now to the search network bid. What I do is I just typing 30 cents, but this is not what you actually will be bidding. This is something I'd say it's redundant. It's not really relevant, but I just typing 30 cents. I wish I will show you where to set your bids in a second. Later on, When we said the campaign now advanced targeting the demographics when we said the preliminary campaign in this stage, we cannot set this up yet, so we'll just leave it. The only thing you want to make sure is here, under at distribution, make sure that all search networks are selected. So this will include being and Yahoo searches and any other partners. They're working with them. And let's click on Save. Okay, As you can see on the campaign dashboard, our campaign is here, but there are still a couple of things that we have to do. So let's enter the campaign. Firstly, we go to the keywords stop. Okay, Phil loading and these are the actual bids that you will be that you will be betting. So as you can see, some of these terms or $3.3 dollars, $59 even just for for a keyword. But I would go towards their for four cents for 80 defense. But what I want to do is I would select all of them. So so then I clicked Select All Rose on all pages cause we have 98 cures here and I'll click Edit change, current bids and what I usually do it. I just set it to 15th 15 cents and then click safe because I don't want to be bidding $10 just for the record, I want to be bidding less. And I said I said it for 15 cents. Wait a couple of days and then later on I adjusted. Now, this doesn't mean that I will be betting 15 cents for each keyword. Some of these key words will be worth five cents. Four cents. This is just my maximum bid. Okay, Now that we have adjusted the cures we go, we can go to the setting stub. And here, if we want, we can set up on our schedule so safe. Just want to have your ads appear in the evening. You can set the time right here and the demographics. So if we want to increase our bits bid so if we want to bid more to two female users can say increase that by 20%. If you want to target, let's say students on a gap year we can gin it increased by 10%. Say we want to avoid anyone between 35 49. We can set that to decrease our bids by, say, 40% so we can specify the demographics that we want to target. And here, 30 devices. If we don't want to target Smart forbids its story smartphones. We can increase the bid size that Sorry the bid value. Same with tablets that we can decrease back that by 10. So if we're decreasing the bids for smartphones and tablets, that just means that we'll get more more clicks from desktop computers. Okay, with safe. And now the last part adds, in the preliminary stages, we just added one ad. What we want to do is we want to add, at least they have at least four hours because and let the ads run for a couple of days. Then we'll know which arts are performing. Witches are not performing, so let's create some more ads, um, turn to speak Spanish and we can collect the can go back to our offer page. We can collect what we want to. Well, we can for Mars based on this page, so this looks nice. Award winning system gets you speaking Spanish. Or maybe that will fit Spanish. I just write, Get started, came favorite Create another. And, uh, let's type easy Spanish weapons to speak Spanish at home sort No. And just one more thing, Ormerod, What we can do here is you can see here dynamic text click on it and then placeholder Key Ward. What this will do is that whenever somebody who goes to bank and say type sing learned Spanish, there will be our text for the headline Learn Spanish. If they type in Spanish lessons, the headline will be Spanish lessons. So you know, we can experiment with this, we can save it. And now we have four outs. You want to aim for at least four say, between foreign eight hearts, Let it run for a couple of days and then you know which ads are getting better clicks on. So then you can disable. The ads that are not working and create more are based on the models that are already working, but there you have it. That's how easy it is to set up a paper clip campaign on being outs and your odds will be displayed on the Bing search engine and on the Yahoo search engine. Thank you for watching this lecture. See in the next one. 4. How to setup a PPV campaign: Welcome back. Now we're going to examine a different traffic type known as PPV distance for pay per view . And it is also known a cpv ah cost per view traffic. Now what this means is that you pay every time your website or advertisement is displayed to a viewer, so this could be in the form of pop ups, pop unders or domain redirect. And this traffic source is very inexpensive, especially when compared to pay per click traffic. You can pay as little as one tent off ascent for a pope up in certain countries around the world. No, I know what you're thinking. These are pop ups, but these are not spyware. And here's how it works. Pay per view. Traffic networks give away free software and Internet tools to users by the millions. These users agree very clearly to receive keyword targeted advertisements for the privilege of using these valuable software or computer tools, or it can even be games. Now the users are also instructed very clearly how to opt out of the network and remove this software and advertisements. But until they do that, they will receive these type of ads. Now the pay per view traffic source. It's not suitable for all offers. If you have a local product and you want to do some local advertising, pay per view is not your best option. Also, if you have, I offered, it is really, really a narrow niche that you say you're targeting females aged 29 to 33. Well, would pay per view traffic? You're not going to be able to specialize, and and it's not going to work. Pay per view works better when you have an offer that most people can relate to. So when you have, like a must mass offer for almost everyone and it's works really good when you're targeting is limited. Say you want to target a country as a whole now some for with that being said, some great offers for pay per view traffic our way close dating and gambling, the two best sources for pay per view traffic, our Traffic Vance and lead impact. For a couple of years now, they have been the top sources for for For this, however, they require a $1000 minimum deposit, and when you're just starting out, you don't want to invest your hard earned money into just just to test out one network. But do not boring because I have another source. This source. All you need is $200 to get started, and this source is under arised. It's a large chance that they will raise their minimum deposit to $1000 within a couple of years. Because I I remember about six months ago, all you needed was $25 to get started. And but now it's still much lower than other networks, and for $200 you can get started. So let's see that source right now. Okay, we're here at Google, so the source is called zero park. Just agree to that, and it's a great source for pay per view traffic domain. Redirect traffic. You can target your campaigns to desktops to Mobil's, and they've recently also introduced a paper quick type of model. So let's sign up, and I'll show you exactly how easy it is and how quick to set up a campaign for paper of your traffic. That's what you do if you want to sign up. And as you can see, their minimum is $200. But I want to log in, so let's log in. This is what their campaign dashboard looks like you can see. Well, some old campaigns that I had are over here, but what we want is go to the top left hand corner and we click on new campaign. Now we have a choice we can choose. Domain redirect. This is basically when somebody types I domain that doesn't exist any more than they are redirected to one of the one of your advertisements. Premium pay per view. This is what we're interested in. These are the pop ups, the full page, pop up ads or search traffic. This is a new feature in Zero Park. It's based on a cost per click, so we're going to click own premium pay per view. Now we have four options for targeting Al campaign. Heroin is runoff network, and we can specify one country, and then we'll get as much traffic as possible. This is untargeted traffic, and it is also the cheapest traffic that you can get. Second option is keywords keyword campaign. So we basically enter a lift of cures and received more targeted visitors. This is a little bit more. It costs a little bit more than run of network campaign. Their adoption is a target campaign. So if we were not going to do this, we can do this at this moment. If if we have a list off websites that were already we want to target, then we would choose this campaign and then a multi geo campaign. We can target multiple countries. So what we're going to do is we're going to click on heroin. So let's give our campaign a name which will be promoting the same offer as we did for all . All of them is so Spanish language. Somebody just call it Spanish language. Now, if we want to target the United Kingdom and the United States, we would have to do to separate campaigns. So in this case, I'm just going to do set up one campaign for the United States for the bit that we were running are run off. What is it? Run off network Aro in campaign for the bit. I'll show you a cool feature that zero park is just go to Google and typing zero park volume the top search result. Just click on it and now we can see exactly for which country how much volume they have off , how much traffic and what is that average cost? Eso. What we're going to do is we just want to target computers, and the source is pop UPS operating system I'll you can specify what do you just want Windows, Mac OS, Line X or anything else? And then you can specify if you're an adult or non adult traffic. So I don't want adult traffic. Not for this campaign, and there we have it. Country, United States. That's how much. Volume. 0.46 That's the average cost per view. So now let's go back to our campaign and typing 0.0 46 So that's half a cent. Just for an impression, not a daily budget. Like always. I'll set it at $5 and campaign budgets. Well, that depends how much you want to set it for the for these purposes. I'll just set it at $5 so you can choose whether you want to trust target desktop and mobile phones or either desktop or mobile. So I just want to target desktops. I'm going to click on Advanced and I just want to target users who used the Internet Explorer Firefox chrome safari, nothing else. And I just target the most popular So Windows and Mac OS, so these months I can turn off frequency filters. This is basically it controls how often you're at this displayed to one user. So if you said it for one hour, that basically means that you're at is displayed to one person one hour and then after After that, our it can be displayed again to that person. You can experiment with this, but I found that usually either 24 hours or six hours works best for me. Adult filtering. Now we're targeting. We are advertising Spanish lessons, so I'm going to select non adult day parting. You can basically choose when your ads will be displayed, which times they will be running and which times they won't be running. So at this moment, I want them to be running all the time and destination you Earl the destination. Your URL will be our offer page. However, it's not going to let us used this because assuring assuring a second, let's just click on safe. This is what happened. What happens? Destination euro is not valid. Make sure that space and special characters are correctly encoded. What we need to include in our U. R l Is this feature C i d. Now what you can do is you can use 1/3 party tracking system to create a our destination neural. But that is for an advanced class. So if you But I'm going to show you an easy way, what you need to do is you to open another browser and go to Google. You are L builder. Now you want to scroll down and go to this link? Google Analytics, Ural Builder. I will create a separate PdF and you will have access to all of these links. So let's click on it now. We can create our custom. Europe's Let's go back to our offer page. Let's copy this Euro and let's, uh, paste it here. Okay, Now the campaign source, we can fill it out as, uh, zero park company, medium Allegis right PP view, pay per view company name. We can leave. Leave that. No campaign term. Let's go back to our this one. Now, this is the token that we need for zero part to accept our campaign. So let's just pace that. Oh, and company names. So let's just call it something like that zero. And now Google Ural Builder has just generated ice Euro and C I d. Over here. This is the token. So let's copy this euro into our zero park campaign. And now let's click on Safe. No congratulations campaign. Your campaign has been created. Here we have a summary over campaign. It's a popular campaign. This is our bid, which is less than half a cent, $5 daily, $5 total but budget. And we're just targeting Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome Safari and Windows and Mac users. This is what our campaign looks like, and it's pending at this moment. But after, ah, a couple of hours, it will be approved and and we'll be getting pay per view traffic. I hope you found this lesson valuable 5. Solo Ads Traffic: welcome to this bonus lesson. I would like to introduce you to one more traffic method. This method has a massive potential, forgetting you're really top quality clicks. It is known as Soledad's, and this refers to email marketing. Basically, you pay someone to send your email message to their email list. This could be a massive source for instant traffic. The way it works is you pay for clicks. On a certain day, you find a person who has a list. Specify whether you want to say 50 100 or 500 clicks, set a date for the Soledad and provide your email message. The power of defeat clicks is that you have a potential for higher conversions compared to other traffic methods. That's because you're buying more targeted traffic. Ah, person on an email list has already shown interest in your subject or industry by subscribing to someone's email list. When your email message is sent, that person has to see your email, open it, read it, and then if they like it, then they click on it. That's when you get charged for a click, so a person has to go through more steps to qualify themselves before they get charged. For example, you may be seeing landing page conversions off 10 20% on pay per click traffic. But with a solar you can double your option rate. You may see opt in rates off 30 40 even 50%. There's one traffic source in particular that I want to share with you, and it's called you demon. It is a marketplace for Soledad's. I like you to me because you can browse through many different sellers, and it's safer to use as you can read a lot of reviews about people before you buy a solar rod. But now let me show you how it works. Here's the U. D Me home page, and you can sign up for free right over here. They do have I prime paid option, but that is not required to buy so lots. And if you're just starting out, there's no need to go for the paid option. You can use the service for free. All the functions are available, so I will look into my account and I want to show you how easily you can buy a salon. So this is the basic dashboard. Now, over here left inside. We've got solos. This gives me history off all the solar arts that I have previously purchased. Then we have the messages top. This is just like an instant messengers service. But just for you, to me, so you can talk to the people that you're buying. So lots from If you have any questions, for instance, then we've got money. And this is a list of all the transactions that you have completed on you D me. Then we have swipes. This is very important. I'll go back to it in a second, and settings settings just lets you change the passport and look out. So now let's go to swipes. This is very important. And over here you've got a collection off all of your email swipes. So this is the subject line and the body off your solo out. So what, you will be advertising. Now let's click on New Swipe to create an email that we would like to send out to people's list. And just make sure that the type selected is email Soledad. Now, over here, we enter the subject of our email. It could be whatever you wish it to be. and then below. Here we entered the text. We answer what our email will look like, and we conform it it as we like. Now don't forget to add your link. This is very important. So once we have on email that we would like to send out completed, we were just Quicken save. Okay, Now the next step. Let's find a solo add vendor. So over here we can either click on find sellers or solo deals. So if we click on solar deals, your data has not been saved. Okay, Miep. So we click on solar deals. We can browse through Solar adds on offer. We can view the Hall of Fame or we compute the movers and shakers. Thes are just different categories where solar ads are available. I usually click on find sellers. Here. We can customize our solar hot search so we can search bye bye number of clicks that we want. We can search by the price that we want to pay per click. We can search by a niche, but mostly it's the Internet marketing niche here, search by ratings type of ratings that the soul of vendors have received and what we see, here is a list off Soledad offers. Let's have a look at a couple of these offers. So we were a picture of the solar add vendor of their name, and the green take represents that their list has been verified by U enemy. So they even know the size off the list. The Red Star. That basically means that this is a promoted listing. So the solo add vendors they promote so that people see their advertisements ahead. So if we scroll down, see this one? This isn't promoted. No star now the lightning bolt. This means that they accept orders fast so that you do not have to wait weeks before your solar gets sent. If there's a lightning bolt, usually there's a high probability that your solo ad will be sent within three days. Okay, now, to the right, we feed their ratings so we can see that this solar add vendor has received 2148 positive reviews and only six negative views. We can see that he charges 44 cents per click And this thing over here this represents weather. People have generated sales by purchasing Soledad's from this vendor not everybody reveals this type of information, so the statistics are no dead accurate. But anyway, you get a glimpse as to whether sales are probable, whether there is a potential to make sales from buying from this vendor. And as we can see all of these ones, there is a good chance of generating sales. So let's click on a solo. Let's click on this one. In this case, we can see that the list has Bean verified. He has a list off over 45,000 subscribers. Majority people give him a good review, and I will show you how easy it is to actually buy ice a lot. First thing that we choose is a date that we want. Our solar had to be sent on, so today is the 27. So as we can see, the earliest listing would be the 29th. So that's two days from now. That's pretty quick. Then we choose. Select how many clicks we want. If you are starting out, I would suggest to go anywhere from 100 to 200 clicks. Don't go any less like 50 clicks. 75 quicks. That's not enough to get a decent, decent data to analyze and over 200. I just think it's a pretty expensive test. If you're just starting out, just started smaller. Unless you have a really good offer and ah, highly converting landing page, then by all means invest and get more clicks. Now we can set some filters. First, we have the T one only filter. T One means that you get traffic on Lee from countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore. As we concede, this solo add vendor has 93% off his traffic from T one. So that's a really large percent of X traffic. I wouldn't highlight the t one Onley in this case. It would cost a little bit extra just f t one. But he's got a list off 93% from T one, so I would just leave it as that. Then we've got no proxy. If this is not selected, it will mean that a certain percent off clicks in this case, 4% will be from people who use a proxy server. Now, a proxy is some form off network that a user connects to first prior to getting access to the Internet. So just to explain it, for example, instead of a person connecting directly to the Internet, they may 1st connect to a computer, which is which is a proxy server. And then that computer get connected to the Internet. So a proxy server could be, for instance, a virtual private network, or VPN service. No proxy is better because the clicks can be trucked and you get accurate data where the clicks are coming from. But in this case, 4% is on a proxy. So this buyer has really, really low rating. And then if we hover over the no proxy text, we also get a recommendation. Whether it is worth selecting this, this feature or not, it costs extra 50% extra bus. As we can see here, it's not recommended to check for this seller because price increase is 34% quality increases only 4% and then the Teret filter is no mobile traffic. We can see the distiller has 40% mobile traffic. If our pages mobile optimized, then we can save a few cents and leave it as is, which in this case would mean that 60% off the traffic would be from desktops, and 40% will be from mobile phones. As a general rule, the less mobile traffic the better as more people still convert on desktop PC's. But if if we're sending them just to a landing page to capture them as a lead, I would just leave it us is and just enjoy the lower cost per click, which this moment it's just 44 cents per click. Next we have type email Soledad or Web Soul art. Now the email. Soledad is what you're after. It's someone sending your email to their list. The web Soledad is different. It involves the vendor posting your link to the website. Now this can be the Blawg website can be a Facebook page, a Twitter page or any other page that they own that they will generate clicks. It's something that you contest in the future, but for now we are interested in the email Salat. Now we choose the swipe file now This was added earlier, so I have to swipe files available here so well, I would select the swipe filed that I want. Then we move on to extras. If you want to upgrade to you, Timmy Prime. You can, but I wouldn't. If you're just starting out, you can buy solar arts for free. You get plenty of statistics about the clicks that you buy. Prime status is about. You get some sort of ah, solo at calendar, so it's easier to plan out your solar hearts and you get some extra tracking options. But at this moment, let's just keep it simple. Then we see the total price would be $25 then we click. Add to cart. Payment for solar huts is always via PayPal over here. And then if we scroll a little down, we can see the data about this. Sellers quality, off clicks and their reviews. So we see the proxy, the top tier traffic, the mobile traffic and we see all these starts and how this solo add vendor compares to the marketplace average. And below this we've got reviews so we can see how maney opt ins they've received. We can see what they've received any sales. So over here, zero sales are this one generated a sale, so it's a safe service. You get a lot off testimonials, and these are true testimonials that you can see how much clicks they ordered, how much clicks there received. And then you can see there how much they're opt ins on some of them. The more this solar add vendor sells, he's at the more reviews that I get and then dig more clarity. You get about the quality off his clicks. Okay. I hope you enjoyed this video training. I wanted to show you just how easily and safely you can start buying solar out today. 6. The Growth of Mobile Ads: Welcome. Bye, guys. Now I want to talk to you about mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is happening right now. If you ignore mobile lots, you will be left behind. It's still growing, and mobile marketing spend is predicted to hit 65 billion by 2000 and 19. Many market is the focus, primarily under website, with Mobile seemingly as an afterthought. But I am about to suggest that you do the opposite. And here is why in this chart we can see that the number of global users based on what it is desktops or phones and what we can see is that in 2014 for first time ever, there were more mobile users than the word test abusers. So what this means for us is that when we set up our mobile advertising campaign, we can target much more people than just limiting ourselves to desktops. And this trend is still growing. Here's another piece of interesting information. What we can see is that when somebody spends when somebody used your mobile phone, they will spend most of their time on the APS. So as we can see here is that for 2000 and 14 86% of the time spent on a phone or spent on ups, compared to only 14% on a phone version. Web browser. So once again, when we set up our mobile advertising campaigns, we are going to want to make sure that there are ads appear on mobile apps, and I will show you how we can do that shortly. Now I want to talk to you about conversion rates. Now that I have here, it's valid us. Off the fourth quarter of 2014 it was found that smartphones, on average, have a 1.5% conversion rates. Tablets had nearly doubled that which 2.3%. Not to put this information to perspective, the desktop computer has an average conversion rate of 2.7%. Now. This represents an opportunity for you because what it means is that you can set up a mobile advertising campaign. You can exclude smartphones, include Onley tablets and paid less for advertising and have ah conversion rate very similar to decked off my desktop advertising campaign. However, there is one caveat here. 50% off mobile advertising clicks are accidental clicks, but it's for tablets. It's lower because mostly disconcerted smartphones, where the screen is a lot smaller and people accidentally top on I banner ad. Now let's talk about traffic sources. The first source is lead bolt. They're mostly display advertising in the former. Out of these three traffic sources, I would start with in Moby Odds. They have a lot of lot of impressions, load of traffic, and it's not just banner ads. They have a couple of at four months, so let's look in a on example of setting up a campaign. 7. How to analyze your competitors: in this section, I want to introduce you to a really cool, spiteful. If you have ever found yourself soon in front of a computer with a massive blank, then I am about to show you a really amazing online frito for spying on your competitors. You will discover how your competitors are advertising online and what they are using to get traffic. You know, once you know what your competitors are doing, you will get a lot of ideas about advertising your product. But the really cool thing is that you can use the traffic methods that you learned in this course and create similar campaigns. I mean, why reinvent the wheel when you can follow something that is already working? So the online tool is called similar Web, and there's a paid version to it. But I am referring to the free version. That's what I use, So let's see how it works. This is similar web dot com. All you have to do is typing the website that you want to spy on here and click search. Similar web will only give you results back. If the website that you're researching is a big website, it's a popular website. This application will not work. If you're trying to research are small website that doesn't get much traffic, and when you type your website here, do knows type in www or on HTML cause it won't work that way. Just typing the name off the website and click search. I want to show you a popular website for the demonstration of a similar Web. So what I'm going to do is show you three week diet dot com. This is a really, really big waitlist site, so this is the affirm. It goes directly to a video sales letter, and it's really, really popular, so I'll close this. Don't want it loading up bucket. Similar Web. We typing three week diet and hear this. So let's click on it. The first thing that we can see here is the global rank, So this page is ranked 93,000 and 86. That's pretty pretty high. Then we've got the country rank based in the United States and I category rank. This is a traffic overview, and we can see that on average, the three week died dot com gets 350,000 visitors per month, then we've got the time on site here. The average paved dreams here and the bounce rate here. The bounce rate is an indication of how many people jump on the website and then quickly close the browser or visit, not a website. So the lower the better. Then we've got traffic by countries and as we can see 54.46% off. The traffic comes from the United States and anuses, followed by United Kingdom than India, Canada and Australia. Now the traffic sources, this is the most important part. We can see here that 48.65% is direct traffic. One dispenses like what I did before to show you the three week diet website was I opened I browser type in the website and visited website. That's direct traffic referrals. Traffic, which ripped is is represented here by 36.65% is when, for instance, it's somebody reads an article and on the article, there's a link to the true week diet. They click the link that's a referral or if there's ah banner on the website, which is linked to the three week diet. That's also a referral don't we have search traffic, which is search engine traffic? So this is through Google Bing and Yahoo search engine social traffic. So Facebook, twitter, those type of services So we can see here that 7% off the three week diet, traffic comes from social networks, male traffic. So this is when you're when you receive an email and there's a link in the email and you click The link in pleads to the Truitt diet, so that's mail traffic. So that's not too popular for this particular website. And then last one is display advertising. These are bona rots, so let's scroll down now for more details. So these other referrals and over here on the left inside, we've got the top referring sites you can have a look at, decides and see what type of sites are referring traffic to the true it diet. So if we were to go to this one, Lindsay Reviews would probably find articles with links to the tree diet and perhaps even banners that loss also linked to the three we diet and then we've got the top destination site. Let's go down search. So this is search engine traffic. 4.67% comes from search engines. And then we've got a divide here among organic search and paid search. And then we've got the highest ranking keywords here that wants to get the most free traffic. And then we've got the key words here that are also their bid against for traffic towards the three week diet social. So the 7% from social networks here we have it. More details. So we concede that almost 80% off that comes from Facebook fan pages and Facebook posts. And then we've got other social network sites over here. Then we have display advertising. Not a good thing about this feature is we can have a glimpse off which networks they used to get their banner ads. And as we can see here, Pope odds represents quite a significant part of their advertising. And here we heat feed some of the most popular banners that they use. Then we've got some audience interests here. Let's scroll down and some similar website, and then when we scroll down, we've got related mobile apps. Yeah, so this is similar wept that come any major website or many major competitors that you want to research. You can just other website here, and then you have I break down off their traffic where they're getting their traffic from and what type of traffic active. Thanks for watching. I hope you found this really valuable and definitely Logan play around with it because you will get a lot of lot of insights a lot of the time. If you're just stumped, see what your competitors are doing. Whatever they're doing, display advertising pay per click advertising. Whether it's true email clicks do your research. You get a lot of different ideas just from doing this exercise here. 8. Why Paid Advertising is Important: Hello again. Good to see you back. Before we start, I thought that I should let you know why. I am focusing on pay traffic sources One of the weakest positions to be in if to rely on free traffic. Firstly, free traffic is, um it's and I will tell you why in a second, But first, here is my view about your own land ventures. You want to be profitable fast. The quickest way to start seeing results is to buy traffic. Now, we do not want to be reliant on free traffic by free traffic. I am referring to forum advertising, article writing, social media, fen pages and of course, s CEO S E O. Meaning search engine optimization. And this is what takes place when you try to get your site on the first page of Google and it takes a long time to get working, optimizing your site for free clicks, maybe something you work on. And I am definitely not saying that it doesn't work because it can be valuable and can be very profitable. But I believed that it should not be your primary focus. And here are four reasons why I am so strongly against relying exclusively on free traffic methods. Number one free traffic is not free. It comes at a cost of time and a lot of work. You could spend weeks working on articles or videos, optimizing your website for keywords, posting on forums, creating social posts and then wait for the results to come. If they come great. If they don't come, then you have just lost weeks of work and you have nothing to show. What we're interested in is instant results. With pay traffic, you can start a campaign tomorrow today and see if it works tomorrow. Now, the second point when you do s CEO, you are at the mercy of Google. You see, Google releases updates to its search engine algorithm. Now, what if Google releases an update and it turns out that your website is known compliant? What if you get the so called Google screw up and get banned from oldest search results? Being at the mercy of Google is not a good place to be. You risk putting all your hard work all your energy into a traffic source that can disappear overnight. Not the third point is that with pay traffic you have more control, you have so much more control. When you pay for online advertising, you can target your ideal audience. No, you create that you designed the heart and you just exactly how you want it to look. Now, secondly, you can choose who sees that you can literally target your potential leads from the very start. I will show you the traffic sources that let you specify gender, location, Internet connection type, age interests and just about any demographic you can think off. The best part is that there hands off pray, paid traffic sources. You couldn't set up a campaign today and by tomorrow already be receiving thousands off ad impressions or clicks. That's the beauty you will get a better education off which ones work and which outs don't work When you spend on advertising, the money you're investing in ads is also investing your ability to choose the best formula for creating outs. Now, the fourth reason why I prefer pay traffic is that pay traffic is so much less costly than traditional advertising methods. You wouldn't think of starting a business without any advertising. Now it was a look at it this way When you place a newspaper ad, you spend a lot of money for a full page out. People may see it, but most people will not be interested. You're hoping for a small percentage of those readers to read your ad and take action on it . Now try creating a video and buying a television ad. You will spend a fortune. You're even less likely to ever see a return on that type of investment. Now put a video on a on a website and by traffic to your that side. It costs less and more people who are interested. We'll see your offer. So as you can see, pay traffic sources over instant results and are highly targeted, that's the advantage. I will be going over pay traffic sources so that you can start getting quality visitors two years website as quickly as possible.